The Amityville Horror (1979) - Horror

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Newlyweds move into a large house where a mass murder was committed, and experience strange manifestations which drive them away.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Stars: James Brolin, Margot Kidder
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 74 out of 291 found boring (25.42%)

One-line Reviews (197)

Read the more entertaining novel that was "based upon a true story".

Alternately dull & moronic haunted house film, some love it, some don't.

Director Stuart Rosenberg had an amazing knack for finding intriguing angles for shots and imbuing them with beautiful colors.

Attention horror filmmakers, industry moguls, and anyone who gets paid to scare the hell out of people: In 1976, Jay Anson penned one of the most frightening and fascinating accounts of demonic persecution ever written.

There's not a whole lot here that works, and nearly all of that is tied in with the different supernatural antics on display which are only mildly suspenseful and thrilling.

It feels like every camp and childish haunted house cliché has been poured into this movie that is actually based on a hoax.

It is NOT factual, is a greatly exaggerated account of fairly mundane vents.

Roles like these are often seen overplayed, but the cast of The Amityville Horror, play the parts at just the right level, making the film a much more convincing and exciting experience.

A solid, creepy, well directed movie well worth watching.

Huge hit spawned a disjointed franchise that is still going...

There's a pointless detective staking out the Lutzes after they report a disturbance one night.

This is a desperately dull yawnfest that, in light of recent reports on the internet exposing it as nothing more than a very elaborate hoax, is rendered even more ludicrous than it already was when first released.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more even when the final credits are over.

but a somewhat enjoyable one.

The reason I never watched it was because I heard it was a bit of a bore.

(THE EXCORCIST, THE HAUNTING etc.) It's pretty much like they took every annoying horror movie cliche and then compacted them together into this film.

When watched with this in mind, it may prove out to be an enjoyable experience, even if it's not ultimately quite as great as the horror classics mentioned in the previous paragraph.

From what i've seen and read I definitely believe something happened in the Lutz's house but the book and the film overexagerate some very mundane events.

Brolin gives a performance so intense that the "South Park" boys likely fantasize about him going Amityville on Barbara Streisand.

You have the Waking Up Screaming scare, you have the inexplicable Screeching Cat scare, the slamming doors, the mysteriously locked windows and doors, the bumps in the night, the cold rooms, the empty rocking chair, the constantly sweaty father, the list goes on and on.

If only they hadn't stuck with that rather lame, uneventful ending.

It is his performance that makes the film worth watching at all and his growing mental deterioration and stress is particularly stirring.

The Amityville Horror: An Entertaining Haunted House Effort .

The first hour and a half at least are boring, and when it finally does begin to get exciting; you're already too bored to care.

The pacing of the film is so slow too.


That said, there are still some effective scenes and there is a fair amount of suspenseful tension throughout.

my friends told me how scary this was and telling me i won't be able to sleep for days and all this other stuff, and all i did through this 1 hour 1/2 yawn fest is ...

The movie takes the book, jettisons almost all of the scary material, and ends up being a VERY dull mess.

From the title cards telling us the days of the week (building up a fine sense of foreboding) to the constant weird things going on, this film is predictable and entertainingly so.

But it is, in fact, very boring indeed.

Like The Exorcist, pretty damn boring and funny in my opinion.

For one, though interesting, I do find the story to be… a bit… boring at times.

Really, the film is fascinating--all the more so since it is obvious that its fascinating qualities are entirely unintentional.

Two boring hours, with the cheesiest effects ever attempted, a movie that made me crave a refund…… I can honestly say that I was disappointed with this movie.

For what it was though I enjoyed it.

Bizarre, Bad, Badly Bizarre, Bizarrely Fascinating.

Dull .

The film inspired a slew of dumb sequels, some of which were admittedly more entertaining than their predecessor, as well as a Michael Bay-produced remake that is actually pretty good.

A lot of this film sucks you into nothing happening scenes that could very well be omitted.

Rather dull and much too long at 2+ hours.

Below-average horror film that drags at a snail's pace and has no pay-off by its finale.

It leaves an impression that the days in between were just too boring, or they were too similar to the first days, or that the filmmakers recognize that the audience would just be getting bored.

Other than that, it's a waste of time.

Slow, Boring, Stagnant, Stale, you name it...

The fact is, it's so boring!

is boring)...

A grinding bore .

It's plot less, and as so many here have pointed out pointless.

Final verdict Really really really boring, Stay away from this movie it is a drama not a horror.

Silly but entertaining horror movie .

The movie was boring considering the length n nothing happens.

Basically a dull, big-budget horror movie.

Whereas some of the other horror films of the seventies have qualities which still make them worth watching today, such as Gregory Peck's excellent acting performance in "The Omen", "The Amityville Horror", to my mind at least, now looks like a dated period piece, a relic of the seventies horror craze and a record of a now-discredited book.

Acting is both bad and banal, and the satanic theme must have looked out-of-fashion even back in 1979 - after all this film was released after 'Exorcist' or 'Rosemary's Baby'.

I do remember thinking though, that it was a very slow paced, very boring movie.

What I can say is; the movie manages to create an eerie atmosphere with the score (the main theme in particular), and throughout some situations (the priest's attempt at blessing the house, or the infamous 'babysitter' scene), but the actors seem to have no shame about overacting (especially Margot Kidder, who seems to practically act Kathy if she was a cross between Nancy Drew and that dement Nonnie Parry from The Poseidon Adventure), and the ending is a total letdown (the kids look like they're bored instead of scared out of their minds - and why is the girl smiling when George runs back to the house to get the useless dog?

overrated snoozer .

Final Thoughts: Boring and overlong to boot.

Tedious in the extreme...

Flaws and all, this is still a fairly entertaining film that may motivate intrigued audiences to look into the "real" story, the topic of some debate over the years.

The pacing of the film is horrendously slow.

Very entertaining, even in 2004 (well almost 2005)

An entertaining film for when I was 13, let me tell you.

More boring than scary .

This is the never ending movie, two hours of boring acting and choppy scenes.

The movie is also not exactly without atmosphere and gets more and more interesting, and amusing, as it goes along, with the best parts tending to be reserved for the second half (although that beginning is great), with a reasonably intense finale.

Awful, boring, unscary horror film.

When not providing laughs, it's The Amityville Snore...

Every scene is so phony and contrived, it was not frightening in the least bit.

The biggest problem with this film is that the narrative for the most part is tedious and repetitive.

Instead, it concentrates on (trying to) make itself frightening with one ridiculous and boring scene after another.

James Brolin and Margot Kidder star as newlyweds who move into an empty home on Long Island, and are gradually affected by the legacy of a murder committed on the property.

I found this movie really boring and was relieved when it was over.

In my humble opinion, the film is definitely flawed and I am uncertain that it will actually scare anyone or change their opinion on hauntings, but I find it undeniably enjoyable and fast-paced.

The Lutzes and Their Bogus Experience Make for a Dull Horror Movie.

Margot Kidder is bland and spooky looking.

this movie was incredibly dumb, incredibly boring, and very very predictable.

His part in the film was basically pointless.

Flawed, but surprisingly entertaining .

' combined with the intense music, this will wipe the smile of anyone's face.

As we get roughly just over half way through the film we hear about how the house is built on an area with a dark history of devil worship and sacrifice, I think this is a very intriguing connection with the events that go on in the house.

My main problem with Amityville Horror is that it's way too boring.

A slow pacing also benefits The Amityville Horror, showing the gradual transformation of Josh Brolin's George into a territorial madman.

They seek the help of the church and their family priest, Father Delaney (Robert Steiger), but this only creates more problems as the horror grows into a creepy and exciting horror flick.

A haunted house film for the 1970s that bores more than it scares.

But the film presents the horrific events in ways so intense that it makes this movie stand out above the others in its genre.

After this though the priest keeps turning up and I have to agree with the one reviewer he seems kind of pointless.

"The Amityville Horror" is nowhere near original, since it borrows nearly all its good elements (including every cliché) from earlier successes such as "The Exorcist", "the Omen" and "The Haunting".

The dreary Autumnal setting, while it isn't OTT, creates a sensation that these people are alone, that their lives have suddenly taken a turn for the worse, that time is running out for them, while Schifrin's understated score has now become a classic in the history of horror movies.

In fact, Steiger seems to inhabit his own little side movie, complete with long, pointless arguments about theology with Murray Hamilton, who was at this point clearly typecast as an obstructive twit (see also "Jaws").


Was this kind of abstract horror something different and thrilling ??

Even so, it's an enjoyable yarn, especially any time Steiger's character is involved.

It's very slow going and poorly acted.

Even though it is filmed in such a straight forward, documentary-esque style (with little artistic appeal beyond those glowing windows and the repetitive shot of the house with some flowers), there were so many different story lines that were not pursued that one is left to ponder a great deal of the film, that apparently happened for no reason, after its over (whether you wanted to or not).

Nothing is resolved, the house didn't even seem haunted for god's sakes, and nothing happens.

Its also repetitive seeing people showing up and then running away from feeling the malevolent force.

A boring, unscary movie about family members who are always vaguely unpleasant to each other, even before the allegedly evil house starts possessing them.

I felt this movie was somewhat tedious to watch and also lacking "action.

So numbingly dull if defies description.

I was thinking that reading the book may widen my appeal and understanding of the film (same thing I did with THE EXORCIST), which was muddled, pretty dull and mostly weak when it came to actually tell the story.

Director Rosenberg directs like a made-for-TV film & it looks rather bland & forgettable, there certainly isn't any style or visual flair to it.

It's not great, but at least it's fairly entertaining.

If you want my advice stay away from this film as well as the remake, they both suck and are a waste of time.

In a film that focuses on having the horror moving at a slow pace, you've got to expect a lot of it's running time to focus on building it's characters.

There's certainly a lot to admire, but the repetitive and tedious nature of the narrative was a problem for me (and may be a problem for others) .

The Amityville Horror, based on the purportedly true bestseller by Jay Anson, focuses on the Lutz family, whose dreams of home ownership after purchasing a rather stunning waterfront home in Amityville, New Jersey, quickly change to horror when they realize that the house appears to be haunted by a malevolent presence, which ends up driving them out after less than one month.

(with the cops surrounding the area) Amityville Horror is on the long side (2 hours for a horror movie is unheard of) Its coverage of events (like the imaginary friend Judy, the basement, and ooze is tedious and lacks action.

this film is a waste of time, very disappointing

And still the movie is a tad on the dull side...

According to this; its silent pace, simple look and plot-less condition seem harmonic, and work finely, being close to docu-drama more than the typical haunted house drama.

Truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Just like another 70ies-movie that has been remade recently: Assault on percent 13 which is even more boring than this garbage.


The Amityville Snore .

The Amityville Horror is a drag - a boring, amateurish slog through unimaginative horror tropes that seem quaint and dated by today's standards.

Shatner on adrenaline!

However: the film is a good version of the book in which a family is nearly torn apart by malevolent spirits, and so is worth watching from that aspect.

In others, such as many exterior shots near the house, we get intense combinations of fall foliage colors.

More boring than scary .

The dull picture doesn't help.

The storyline deviates from the book in a few places (which is to be expected, I suppose), but it absolutely lacks the gripping, real, gritty quality that the book possessed (a film having the same feel would be "The Blair Witch Project").

This movie was boring when I thought the story was true, and even more boring now that I no longer believe that it was.

It ranges from James Brolin's boring lifeless portrayal of George Lutz (perhaps he realized he was in a stinker?

don't waste your time and money.

The movie has quite a lot of boring parts in it and it seemed like 3 hours to me(117 minutes).


Now i jus forwarded some boring scenes.

Fans of old school haunted house films will consider this a classic, newer generation ghost story seekers may find it boring and dated.

Every imaginable cliché of the horror film in supposedly true story...

The horror, as a whole, relies on an unpredictable environment.

And even during the few parts of the film that are actually exciting, they only last about five minutes at the most.

Based on the engrossing best-selling novel by Jay Anson, this haunted house tale is set in the Long Island area of Amityville, 112 Ocean Avenue to be precise, where George & Kathy Lutz(played by James Brolin & Margot Kidder) come to reside with their children.

And this made it all the more compelling because it was actually about something so unearthly as a haunted house.

the amityville horror is a movie worth watching and it just might hit you where you live.

To be honest, i found the movie to be tedious n tame then.

It is relatively slow, uneventful and meandering--with a modern perspective, the pacing and "subtlety" are reminiscent of some recent Asian horror.

From his constant complaining about being cold, to constantly chopping firewood, snapping angrily at her, the kids, family or anyone around him and turning everything around him into the biggest deal doesn't come off as scary despite being set-up as the main scares here, as well as being boring and quite unimpressive at building an interesting story.

A Been-There-Done-That Haunted House Movie Kind of Worth Watching .

Rod Steiger is embarrassingly over-the-top as a priest, but at least he distracts from the tediousness.

While it is your typical haunted house movie, its ties with the real-life murders by Ronald DeFeo and the claims by the Lutz family is intriguing enough to keep your interest throughout.

Well I did, and well it was just downright boring.

And the wife Margot Kidder who just plays the part of a sweet, careing mother who you just want to smack around to get her back into reality and to stop makeing the movie even more boring and slow why is she even chosen for this part?

very boring, don't waste your time + money .

Zzzzzzzzz .

After a promising and essentially fact-based start dealing with the murder of the house's occupants, the De Feos, the film kind of just tapers off into a mind-numbingly dull trot through every haunted house cliche imaginable.

The kid locks the babysitter in the closet, some flies attack a priest, James Brolin (the actor who plays the central character) looks "malevolent" etc etc, and it gets boring fast.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

And the movie uses at least one cliché & it was predictable at least two times.

It may not have held up as well as others from its time, but "The Amityville Horror" is an intriguing story that is worth re-visiting from time to time.

The film is well produced and visually very effective as it conveys a feeling of conflict, hope, confusion and of course fear.


The use of atmosphere makes this film enjoyable.

If you like James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger,Don Stroud, Murray Hamilton, Helen Shaver, Val Avery, James Tolkan, the rest of the cast in the film, Horror, Mystery, Thrillers, Dramas, and interesting Action packed scary films then I strongly recommend you do what I did and buy this film on DVD today!

It's an enjoyable piece of entertainment that, when viewed in the proper conditions, can still give you a few scares.

Maybe it isn't the most original plot ever, but it is efficient for the haunted house genre and the fact that it was based off of supposedly true events makes it more engaging.

Movie is well-paced, keeping you on the edge at all times.

Creepy But Slow .

I watched it again last night, and I realised it IS boring.

Because it focuses on and develops the paranormal events, instead of wasting time on a bunch of pointless subplots which have no relevance to anything and contribute nothing to the story.

Then later in the film when the father sees a red eyed bore inside the house sent a chill down my spine.

From what I researched from theinternet pertaining to this story and topic regarding..there has been several owners of the house since the murders, may have been vacant for months between new owners..but from what I understand,the only discomfort and strange annoyance the families experienced is tourist trying to get as much information they can and trying to intrude visits unwelcomed/unexpected.

either way,it makes for riveting,disturbing entertainment.

An obvious highlight is The Haunting (1963, not the remake) and a film called The Legend of Hell House, a British chiller I find immensely enjoyable and suspenseful.

And holy hell, did those 118 minutes go by slow!

But there have been so many superior and and far more suspenseful films since, I found myself usually rolling my eyes.

So, what we have here, folks, is the mega-dreary, and totally un-scary, original, 1979 version of The Amityville Horror (or TAH, for short).

The kids are boring, they didn't match the expectations of the book, especially `Missy'.

empty inside.

The first half of the movie scares the viewer with empty rooms and distant noises while the second half is just a jumbled mess.

Big Yawn .

This has to be the slowest 118 minutes I have ever endured in my life.

Also, the "rules" aren't established well, which caused me a lot of confusion.

Yet they collaborated to make one of the slowest, most boring, most amateurish, and most childish horror films I have ever seen.

That epic beard to go along with his creepily intense show was great stuff.

The atmosphere is flat and boring when the true story had much more potential.

Some of the sequels, while still idiotic, are more entertaining so I'd suggest seeing those instead and skipping this one.

Mean-spirited instead of scary, hammy instead of intense...

I also think it's overly long, and quite boring in some parts.

Why the pointless scenes that go nowhere?

Margo at least has a half undressed calisthenics scene, which is about the only thing worth watching in the entire movie.

I was so bored that I found myself laughing at the 70-ies haircuts.

This movie is BORING!

Well, I paid good money to be frightened, and all I did was yawn.

Case in point The Amityville Horror = Boring not Suspenseful.

At one point their hollering at each other like football coaches, in some vain attempt to ham it up and make their arguments more intense.

Right off, I could imagine a more effective movie being made by moving the camera through empty rooms in the house as the taped Lutz narrative rolls with flash-cuts to emphasize the various "hauntings" - which by the way really don't seem much like leave the house and move out of state hauntings.

Yes, it's based on a true story (at least that's what the Lutz family claimed in the book they wrote), but it has been turned into the kind of horror film that keeps repeating every cliché of the standard horror flick we've seen over the years.

Seriously, this is the most boring couple I've ever seen in a movie.

It looks cheap and badly-produced, the performances are unconvincing (Rod Steiger is the worst offender, hamming it up big time as the overwrought priest Father Delaney), and the legendary house, while it looks the part, has to be the most boring haunted house in the history of haunted houses (a few mild rumblings and some dodgy plumbing are not what I would call scary).

However, a lot of things are either done poorly or surprisingly really bland.

this movie was so boring and unscary that i watched most of it in fast forward, like a porno.

Enter Father Delaney (Rod Steiger), who stops by, walks right into the empty house unannounced, and is quickly overcome by pure eeevil!

At least this cliché is from the 70s (thus attempts to be artistically portray silly horror stuff like the Stepford Wives) and relies more on suspense than weak effects and has decent continuity.

House Where Boredom Dwells...

Jay Anson, the author of the book, has since come forward with the "Lutzs" to verify that they contrived the entire story.