The Amityville Horror (2005) - Horror

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Newlyweds are terrorized by demonic forces after moving into a large house that was the site of a grisly mass murder a year before.

Director: Andrew Douglas
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 125 out of 538 found boring (23.23%)

One-line Reviews (340)

Enjoyable reworking of an iconic dud .

Definitely one of the worst movies I have seen in a LONG time.

The original is OK,but really rather dull.

This remake is dull, lifless and even confusing in parts.

Did you waste your time?

True, it was well written with a good story line, and had some interesting parts, and good actors, but I was bored the whole time I was watching it.

I have to admit I was pretty creeped out for the first hour, mainly just because I'm easily scared, and the mood was so dreary and oppressive.

This failed on every level from the terrible pacing, confusing narrative and comical 'scarey bits'....

But for those of you who have read the true story as told by the Lutz family themselves, save your money and wait for it to come on video.

Please people, if you are sick or feel like you're going to be sick stay home or leave the theater silently and go home.

Anyone who liked this boring and non-flinching horror movie probably only said that liked it because they believe that the story is true.

it has so many unexpected stuff that you just can't stay calm....

If you want a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and jumping out of your skin every 5 minutes through the whole film, this isdefinitely the flick for you.

From sound to production design, editing, the new Amityville Horror is quite compelling...

Dull, stupid and didn't even bother to follow the book.

If you are up for a thrill and have a weak stomach then go see this movie, but if you are going to see it because you think it actually happened, then don't waste your time or your money.

This movie is trying to disguise the fact that the director have lost control of the story with a nice trendy colourgrading and some snappy editing.

The movie was fast paced and no problem keeping up with the storyline.

*The Amityville SPOILERS* 1975: George Lutz (Ryan Reynolds), his wife Kathy (Melissa George) and her three children with her precedent husband (who I understood killed himself) move into the house on Ocean Drive where a year before a whole family was murdered by the oldest son, who claimed to have heard voices compelling him to do it.


I'm not sure if I prefer this version over the original, but I wouldn't say it's a waste of money to go check out.

An unexpected hit.

But this really is a waste of money unless you want to be scared with a couple of girlfriends and a bowl of chips.

The film plays out like a typical horror story, about a Haunted House but it's still frighteningly entertaining and the cast is amazing.

Ryan Reynolds does well in the role, he has some very witty one liners during his slow possession.

it kept me on the edge of my seat and those are the kind of movies i love....

At any rate, it's worth watching and could be a great date movie.

Where this movie goes wrong is that absolutely nothing happens until the last ten minutes of the film.

Reynolds is quite affecting as the tormented protagonist in this beefed-up 'reimagining' of Jay Anson's bestselling book, though the slow accumulation of details doesn't build to a satisfying whole.

Save your money.

That's because there is no real plot in this movie.

The movie was enjoyable as far as horror flicks go, and I was impressed by all the actors.

Also, less "gotcha" moments, and more suspenseful eeriness.

Based on the 1979 original that was inspired by the infamous true events of the 1974 murder of DeFeo family, the film boasts a re-imagining of the fateful events that took place following the notorious murder, but find itself plagued in a tedious wasteland of abortive scares and cheap thrills that never quite land, at least until the final fifteen minutes.

having more than a few genuinely creepy moments kept it somewhat entertaining.

Once I got into the movie, and realised I was stuck with the 'slick' editing and boring characters, I gave up caring.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

I don't know why, but despite some glaring mistakes (the 'eye' windows and the front door are NOT on the same side of the house, the address is not 412 but 112, and none of the Defeo girls' name was Jodie) this movie managed to be better than the lackluster original, which sure had its charms, but also had serious overacting and a very boring ending, which shot down the suspense created in the rest of the movie.

The scene on the roof with the daughter wanting to go 'be with daddy' again, was gripping, the shot of Kathy sliding helplessly down the roof holding onto her daughter was filmed superbly.

All in all though the remake of the Amityville Horror is enjoyable.

Instead of a long, boring start sequence, the action kicks off around 10 minutes in, and i'm sure a lot of people will appreciate this.

I kept a running commentary with myself about how pointless calling the film the Amityville anything was.

The ever-present sudden whooshes that indicate something horrible is close-by, formulaic and worn out.

Snappy, flash editing; the layering of images, and particularly dirty pen-scribblings on paper.


Its still well worth a look on the big screen though, and is definitely a cut above the usual boring, formulaic horror fare that we have to put up with.

Fortunately the film maker only throws it in in the last ten minutes for those who crave something more compelling as modus operandi than the ghost of a serial killer.

What made a film like The Shining (which has obvious thematic parallels to this one) so scary is the slow pacing and attention to detail, which allows Kubrick to fully immerse you in the eeriness.

The writing is really jumbled and pretentious because it tries to come off as well thought out, when it is really something I could dribble out with a felt pen on some computer paper in an afternoon.

This was a great sequence that really perked my interest at a time it needed it (as I was starting to get bored at that point).

It is my hope that someday, someone will produce an Amityville Horror movie that sticks to the original unsettling story, rather than try to cram every horror cliché into one cheap-scare B-minus piece of crap.

I expected this movie to be an average horror movie, in other words a few scary and jumpy scenes then a couple of hours of boredom, with a slow start showing how lovely life is getting you all happy for when the terror begins.

Ryan Reynolds, whom I sort-of love and hate depending on the role (sometimes he's great, sometimes he's tedious), is fantastic as George Lutz.

It uses every cliché under the sun.

Complete and gripping...

I saw this film 5 times, dragging with me a very scared group of friends who were even more terrified as they walked out.

It serves as a reminder that Hollywood is only interested in a quick buck and with this pointless junk they succeed in delivering a film that is about as enjoyable as having your stomach pumped.

Boring, laughable, waste of time .

The one or two scenes in the original that scared me where completely ruined by predictable jump scares, which the film relies on a lot, as well as bad special effects.

the beginning had it's shakes, but it was a bit slow.

A complete waste of time.

wayward, confusing, and awesomely extended .

It's worth watching for it's cast and for the doomy vibes it gives off, and – at the very least – it's more than a few notches above those ridiculous made-for-TV sequels of the 80's and the 90's.

I do applaud this film because I left the theater a lil' afraid I might say.

2 things totally cliché, the babysitter (yeah was that obvious or what) and the boat ending (that was weak).

All around, this remake is an enjoyable and occasionally shocking horror film.

really worth watching!

I enjoyed it a lot.

It was exciting when need be and it made since in a imaginative realistic way if u get me.

Much like films such as The Ring, it tries to direct our attention to something in the frame and then not deliver the expected scare, but instead hold back a little longer and payoff in a more unexpected way.

I cannot quite realize what made the producers revitalize the idea; however, this necrophiliac act produced an awfully boring movie.

the father drifting into madness is played well by reynolds, the famous fly-scene with the reverend is very entertaining and the little girl is frightening.

Mildly entertaining, like cinematic potato chips, not scary, not interesting, devoid of subtext.

Hollywood have made some right stinkers when it comes to horror, and I was expecting this remake to be cheap, tacky, waste of time.

In another words, every horror cliché in the book.

After seeing this movie I had to admit it was the absolute worst movie I have ever seen (Battlefield Earth included).

A film that paid more attention to the DeFeo family in particular the rumours about the family themselves would have made a far more compelling and interesting movie.

When i left the theater i was feeling quite shocked up.

Yawn .

In the midst of the contrived drama and juvenile scares, she brings something human to the role of Kathy Lutz.

He has been coupled with the legend of the Native American Indians to create a somewhat fascinating narrative to the heavily debated origins of evil dwelling within the house.

The best scene is when the girl climbs onto the roof and is on the edge of falling.

The Amityville Horror 2005 is a well-directed and rather gripping little ghost flick.

With that in mind the film can creep you out well enough to make it an enjoyable horror flick to catch at night.

Skipping the main phases, the plot is so short, so predictable and so unoriginal (by modern standards), the actors are so unmemorable and the suspense is lacking to the extent that this movie literally belongs to good 'ol VHS horrors shot on a budget of at most 100 grand.

While the original is probably too slow paced,this remake is so fast paced that the effect is deadening.

The Amityville Horror is a fast paced, and raw bag of nerves.

Like this movie there are "100 in a dozen" available It was AGAIN your typical American scary movie, too predictable, dumb characters and AGAIN that same plot construction.

"And so, I left the theater, not really caring if some of the people thought I was leaving because I got freaked out.

Surprisingly entertaining and well-made .

With this being a newer horror film, a haunted house movie, and a remake(which also have been seeming rather light and bland lately) I thought I was going into your typical trying to make you jump movie.

Jump forward one year later & happily married couple George (Ryan Reynolds) & Kathy Lutz (Melissa George) buy the Defeo's large house, it being very cheap after standing empty for a year because of it's notorious past.

And that in its attempt to chill ends up boring you.

Hard to believe that a film this loud is dull...

There is the recycled concept, an extremely brief back story, but no real plot other than a bunch of spooky things happening.

What a piece of empty crap.

Don't waste your money or your valuable time on this film.

Don't waste your time.

DVD has an entertaining commentary track by actor:Reynolds & the film's producers:Andrew Form and Brad Fuller.

Hard to follow in some places and others drags too much.

While the 1979 version has not dated well, it at least had a slow build and true atmosphere, neither of which are accomplished here.

What a waste of time.

awesome, intense movie.

Actors' interpretation is boring, with the praiseworthy exception of Ryan Reynolds, who plays George Lutz.

But, i still enjoyed it.

I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes horror movies!

Classic horror films like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or "Psycho" didn't require a remake because they were already brilliant and not dated at all, whereas "The Amityville Horror" didn't deserve a remake because the original screenplay already was rubbish and totally uninteresting when it first came out.

It's one ghostly haunting after another and keeps you on the edge of your seat, not wanting to miss a single second.

Boring .

Also the scene where George chases his family through the house and out the front door it is memorable and keeps you on the edge of your seat because you don't know when George is going to jump out at you.

Those who scare easily may find it a lot more entertaining.

They were very predictable.

One of the better horror remakes of the past decade, "The Amityville Horror" is still a tedious, over-made mess...

Soon the family finds itself in the middle of a loud, tedious horror movie.

The actors did a superb job and told the story in a riveting way that to this day still captures the essence of what "I" feel is a good suspenseful horror film, leaving just enough to the imagination.

If someone wants to make, as in this instance, a haunted house movie (and in the case of 'Dawn of the Dead' a zombie movie, etc), then just make a damn haunted house/zombie/vampire or whatever movie and stop pretending they're ridiculous, stupid, pathetic, pointless f****** remakes of classic films!

Worth the watch though if your a horror movie fan it probably won't even wrinkle your feathers and given the history the ending may disappoint those who've watched the previous versions.

The original '79 The Amityville Horror was a pretty drab & lifeless affair that ran for almost two hours while the remake is a really pacey fast moving supernatural haunted house horror thriller that runs for a much more manageable ninety minutes.

A bland, cardboard cut-out All-American family move into a scary haunted house, and of course weird things start to happen, namely ghosts start appearing and whispering, the walls bleed and the step-dad goes crazy and tries to kill all of them.

Don't waste your time/money on this movie.

I certainly enjoyed it and hope others do too, though it's definitely not a movie to be taken seriously and it's not for anyone interested in the argued actual history of the case (from the DeFeo murders to the Lutz's ordeal).

I watched this movie with my 9 year old nephew and neither one of us found it to be "on the edge of your seat" thrilling.

But it takes more than that to make the movie entertaining.

The movie must rank as one of the worst movies I have seen ever (with the obvious exception of "SAW" that is).

Like it or not, films like The Ring and The Grudge have set the standard for today's horror, so for me bland movies like this that don't even come close just aren't worthwhile unless they contain substance of some other form.

The ending is confusing, oh god, so confusing.

Instead of adapting and remaking the Amityville story in a subtle and original way which would have driven home the spooky reality of its "real-life" resonance, Mr. Douglas bores the audience with one 'movie' reference after another - from blatant homage scenes to "The Shining" and "The Exorcist" to more annoying and less obvious tributes to "Poltergeist", "The Ring" and others.

Here some face or creepy something appears on screen with a crashing noise every five minutes, lest anyone get "bored.

Unoriginal, uninspiring and bland.

My point - don't waste your time on this film, not even to rent it.


With all of the resources to reprise the original idea and turn it into a wonderful re-read of this true story of possession, the remake is as boring a remake can be.

And surprisingly, they did, and I enjoyed it more this time around.

The screening I saw was filled with laughter at the trite dialog and "hand on the shoulder, oh, it's just my husband" fake scares.

the original amityville horror is easily one of the best haunted house movies, apparently based on true events that have turned out to be false, never the less its a story that makes a good movie and the original is that, the second installment amityville 2 the possession was a good but a bit bizarre sequel, the third installment amityville 3d is a well made, creepy at times but ultimately boring movie, the rest of the series i didn't bother with as they abandoned the house and backstory, until last years 'the amityville haunting, and the less said about that the better.

The original also dragged in a detective who maintained surveillance on the Lutzes.

Unfortunately, Michael Bay has now taken two iconic 70's horror films and managed to make them boring.

And it's very predictable, too, as they tell you what will happen again and again.

After the debacle earlier in the year that was "Cursed", I was really looking forward to this,not only a chiller that was proud enough to wear it's "R" rating on its sleeve but as the first remake of a film that, I saw and loved growing up and got me so immersed in the world of cinema and of horror in the first place.

Now and then we get horror movies that bore us and then throw a loud noise on the soundtrack to keep us awake.

At some points the horror was so intense I had to pause the movie and take a break.

It's an enjoyable horror film.

The Amityville Horror is just another addition to the collection of dull horror remakes Hollywood has provided, and makes for a shamefully forgettable experience.

If you are looking for a scary and entertaining movie, I highly recommend this one.

Axes being dragged along the ground.

Worth the watch...

but overall a very scary and thrilling ride!!!!!!

Amityville bore.

"Amityville Horror" is a slightly scary movie that give you a jump or two, a few tense moments, some overacting and a predictable storyline.

For some, this is far more enjoyable, and unfortunately, I believe a lot of critics only value this type of horror while overlooking other aspects of the genre.

It's predictable, typical, unoriginal, and forgettable.

Your film only drew from past works and was very cliché.

By "borer" I mean that it will bore you to death before it horrifies you.

I recall having to fall asleep to The Disney Channel, if that tells you anything.

Doing something stupid like giving millions of dollars to a con artist would be one thing, but then to make a really boring movie that's not even remotely entertaining is just a plain disgrace.

Granted some of the things that happen are a total rip off of such recent films like "The Grudge" and "The Ring", but it still makes for an entertaining horror film.


Worth Watching, Not the Best .

The cinematography is confusing and annoying, and whoever edits the film should be fired (in a car scene they show the Lutz family pass the same car twice while driving straight.

He plays the nice guy so well and makes you like him so much, that when he turns – and he turns badly – it's all the more engrossing.

I was not gripped by the film i found it slow in most parts, but the girls where on the edge of there seat and found the movie really scary (?

When you walk out from a film and you were ready to leave because the movie was good enough to make you feel as if you were part of it, it was just a good movie.

If you've never seen the original or haven't read the book, do yourself a favor and do one of those two things and forget about seeing this waste of time.

It's boring and the characters are complete voids with no personality.

It is as though Bay and his cohorts somehow hit periods of creative boredom and go searching for a classic story to rehash and, once done, they twist it thoroughly out of proportion and accuracy.

Even the ending that you could tell was coming was just, so utterly predictable and boring.

What can I say about this movie, other than it was completely unwatchable.

He does a convincing job of being intense and messed up in the head.

But once the adrenaline starts pumping it's only a short-term thing.

It keeps the premise of the original film, but wisely makes a new and exciting plot of its own, although it does keep some scenes that are reminiscent of those in the original film.

All I'll say is this: Think of every thriller you've seen in the past 10 years, then put those memories into an Amityville Horror mold, and you've got this highly predictable remake which embodies everything "wrong" about modern movies.

Enjoyable and sometimes scary blood and thunder remake .

This movie was thrilling throughout the entire film.

The reactions of the characters are slow and they seem to hardly take interest in what is plaguing them until the very end of the movie.

Perhaps the only workings of this abysmal, derivative, and pathetically predictable mess are some clever editing work in scarce areas.

The babysitter scenes in the movie seemed to be added in to extend the movie but I enjoyed it.

I was sat on the edge of my seat throughout, screaming at the top of my lungs at all the right moments.

Save your money and see another film.

Yeah it's a movie, sometimes things have to be unbelievable to move the story forward, but everything is unbelievable, for me it becomes unwatchable.

The main mistake, in my opinion, was the writers/producers trashed many good elements of the original horror story and substituted them with cheap scares and cliché' rip-offs from other well-known horror movies (The Shining, Darkness Falls, Dark Water, to name a few).

The last horror remake that I enjoyed was Dawn of the Dead, though this film wasn't scary, it did pack a punch that made it one hell of an entertaining film.

If you get bored, start counting how many times lightning strikes in the film, how many times they show the boathouse doors moving back and forth or how many times the director closes up on the "spooky" air vent.

Inexperienced director, Andrew Douglas, avoids the slow building tension of 'The Shining', which this movie so clearly apes, in favor of one cheap scare tactic after another.

And this is the first movie in a long time that actually had me amped up as I left the theater.

But the movie is intense!

Intense cuts (not literal cuts) and sounds make you jump and your heart race...

The film suffers from a bland feel, wooden performance from the lead Ryan Reynolds and scares that have been repeated a million times.

In summary, I would recommend this to fans of the horror genre, and to cinema-going regulars who want an enjoyable night out.

It's a bad movie, it never really fears the public, it fails by being absolutely predictable.

One last thing that annoyed me, was when i walked out of the theater and saw 5 year old kids walking out to.

The original "Amityville Horror" failed because it dragged on for 2 hours and very little of what happened was interesting.

The original was a long and dull film with very few scares.

Those who believe this story is real will be on the edge of their seats.

That is one tired cliché.

This remake of an older horror classic (1979), though inspired on true events (that should make it more fascinating) lacks certainly on suspense.

But the story has no go forward, the plot plodding along in neutral and occasionally stalling, until the third act when we go straight into top gear with little warning.

Much better than I had expected on all fronts really & certainly an improvement on the vastly overrated & dull original.

The film was interesting and entertaining because of how many random scares that you're going to get when you watch it.

It's definitely more entertaining than the average film, and a good one to watch if the Red Sox are down by 6 in the bottom of the eighth.

The result instead has been to empty Hollywood's (and Japan's) vaults, hire the young hotties of the moment, up the gore, and edit the holy hell out of it all with enough jump cuts to induce epilepsy.


Even the terrace scene when that little girl is walking on the thin terrace was thrilling enough !

I can imagine a movie that uses these clichés and is still effective, but this movie has nothing but clichés; although they are based on real people, the characters in the movie are provided with such dull dialogue that we never care about them whatsoever, which is perhaps why I found the film so lacking in scares.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to spend 2 hours excited, on the edge of your seat, and over all just plain scared :)

Despite the ridiculousness of the movie, it is still worth watching – especially so close to Halloween.

I was sad to read that, because I thought the previews looked good, even though I thought the original was boring.

What horror (the genre) has devolved into as it becomes more popular—essentially a bunch of empty "Boo!

It was also written by Scott Kosar, who has an ability to put more action into the remakes, making them much more enjoyable than their originals.

Gone is the priest trying to convince his superiors that something sinister is happening; here he gets two scenes that are really quite pointless, except to set the pacing for the conclusion.

This film is brilliant, it has the gore, scares and sharp soundtrack which will put you on the edge of your seat and keep you there.

(hide and seek, the ring-II, sixth sense)2) at the exact same time every night something scary happens (hide and seek, white noise)3) (the worst cliché ever) house is built on an Indian burial ground (f**** poltergeist!

He makes George Lutz a fascinating, frightening, sympathetic and also quite amusing character.

Melissa George is a vast improvement over Margot Kidder, but how can this stunning beauty possibly have a 12-year-old son already?

It has an uninteresting script and the special, visual and sound effects are not remarkable, using the most rehearsed recipes of horror movies.

) I enjoyed it very much.

If you must see this film, save your money and get it for change on netflix.

I watch the trailer and it seem interesting and it was very trilling and exciting after a real watch.

Remake of the 70's cult thriller is a solidly-done supernatural thriller and actually becomes a more effectively entertaining horror movie than the original film.

A decent effort that could have gone really well if not for a string of been here-done that, predictable horror show.

cant people just sit back and have fun in a scary, intense movie???

He also introduces new scenarios that in some cases are among the best material of the film--such as a breathtaking sequence on the roof of the home, and the extension of the mythology behind the "haunting".

Despite the fact that he has yet to make his mark on the genre, and the fact that he is working with weak and contrived material, Douglas knows how to deliver a good looking show that doesn't skimp on atmosphere and disturbing visuals (save for some bad C.

Well worth watching.

With their characters themselves well-versed in horror conventions, such films would seem to have challenged the genre to raise its game, or at the very least to create a new body of cliché.

And I am glad I did, for the climax is so intense, that i could not turn my head from the screen.

Waste of time....

I think the script for the entire film is probably around 5 pages - as usual its just shallow characters creeping around with unfrightening things popping out at predictable moments.

The total atmosphere is scary, the story suspenseful, the actors well enough and the cinematography is a hit.

My suggestion is save your money.

Usually the scares come when you least expect it that makes the movie fun and enjoyable.

It was only afterwards when I realised it was thrills and jumps all the way through with no REAL plot.

Not only was the movie scary and filled with great special effects, but the humor was unexpected.

Also someone noted the confusion of the story by having the girl hanging at one point.

It's honestly a lot better than the original which was a bore fest with no gore, swears, or any real scares.

First and foremost, what the original and the 1982 prequel " Amityville 2:the possession" did was take their time, flesh out the family, let the house slowly work its dark magic tearing them apart from the inside-out, the terror manifesting itself psychologically, before going for the jugular in the finale both had a near 2hr running time, this feels like little more than an extended commercial or an Alice Cooper video, all quick fix jump cuts and shrieking music cues, no story, no care.

The remake to this not-so-good-to-begin-with original, is very scary but pointless too.

Jay Anson, the author of the book, has since come forward with the "Lutzs" to verify that they contrived the entire story.

So the writer's of this remake add a torture chamber in the basement, and quick-cuts of gruesome tortured souls to add spice and horror to this very overdone classic tale of suburbia gone awry.

The characters are pretty but dull, and the children of the family just irritating.

Bottomline: don't waste your money, don't waste your time.

And what's even more insulting to a viewer with any expectations whatsoever for a decent horror picture is that here is a film that is ostensibly derived from a myriad of far superior horror pictures (that it is a remake of a mediocre horror is enough to be said), while supplanting the most awfully banal and contrived "scares" (bathtub horrors, closet snatching, etc.) for a potentially engaging story of a family demonized by a possessed house that, if handled even at modest cinematic value, could've made for a psychologically exciting horror.

Other than that, this was one HELL of a movie - I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will highly recommend it to all my friends, and especially my sister, whom I'm sure will be very scared when she sees it!

Compelling acting from Ryan Reynolds and Mellissa George made this 'Based on a True Story' movie even more real.

and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Other than an opportunity to cast a youthful, shirtless, Ryan Reynolds, there is no storyline or substance to the film.

PREDICTABLE-From the first 20 minutes of the movie you know the whole movie.

But don't let this sway you from going to see this extremely spooky, highly entertaining movie.

Real good photography and some pretty intense scenes.

It's definitely worth watching, though.

what a piece of empty crap .

*cough*WHATLIESBENETH*cough*This movie didn't have any of that and the suspense was well layered, though the story was a bit slow at times.

I think it's more suspenseful than the original and gets a better climax (for what contributes the fictional elements!

Naturally it's as bad as ever, and now you're twice as mad because you've now you've wasted 3 hours of your life instead of only an hour and a half?

It made for a fast moving, thrilling emotional experience.

I've seen the original and decided that this movie was just as scary and just as thrilling.

The remake however has so many differences from the original film that it becomes trite and stupid.

Everyone works well together which adds to not only a touching film, but also quite a frightening and suspenseful film.

The original 'The Amityville Horror' was a pretty generic haunted house movie, lifted to something reasonably entertaining by excellent performances from James Brolin and Margot Kidder.

****end spoilers****I don't know how the film compares to the original because I haven't seen it, but if you're in the mood for an intense horror film I think this could be the right choice.

4) There never was a possession, and I thought that was completely pointless.

I guess for the teeny-bopper crowd this is a new story and for them it might be enjoyable, I suggest these people read the original book or rent the original movie.

It's thrilling to see how the house starts to haunt the family, the father cracking down bit by bit, reality melts with illusion and the once happy family becomes a gloomy and desperate lot.

Like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake scene where Leatherface takes off his mask, somebody decided to put a face on the mystery of Amityville with added exposition played incredibly cliché.

Whether the story is true or not, it is a good story and I really enjoyed it.

Many people have found that this was yet another horror movie remake they could easily complain about with an abundance of computer effects and a few scenes involving far too much snappy editing.

For instance, Reynold's character making that angry expression all the time and director building a suspenseful atmosphere.

This was very confusing for me.

If you want to laugh or fall asleep see this movie .

Awfully boring .

VERY VERY BLAND like eating something without salt or ketchup.

The climax where they are trying to escape the house was brilliantly gripping and had me on the edge of my seat (although it was a little annoying the family running UPSTAIRS in the middle of this - why do they make people do that in films?

8) Despite all the blood, thunder and ghosts this movie is very dull.

Screenwriter Scott Kosar hopes to tell us that what overtook the original murderer is now possessing the patriarch of this latest family, but his explanation--blaming a vicious killer of Indians named Jeremiah Ketchum--is sketchily presented at best, confusing at worst (the wife reads about it at the library in the same moment the husband is discovering the atrocities in a wall behind the boathouse).

In short -- this is Amityville-lite for anyone who doesn't want to watch the original, itself a rather bland rip-off of the haunted house genre and purportedly based on facts.

These issues hold it down while the bigger positives make it enjoyable.

spooky faces at windows, erratic plumbing, moving furniture, clocks stopping etc but does it with a brazen panache and lack of pretencion that makes the film enjoyable for what it is.

If its mystery and on the edge of your seat suspense that the viewer craves, then this is the film to see.

All in all though an enjoyable hour and a half.

Rather than immersing us into the psyches of the inhabitants of the estate, "Amityville" plunges us into a catastrophically disheveling, incoherent frenzy of camera distortions and grotesque facades, desperately plodding for one shocking sequence after another, entirely lacking the psychological/character development of nay, a classic for the genre, "The Shining".

As pointless as they are, the scenes in the basement near the end visually look pretty awesome.

it tastes bland and ambiguous.

The movie was mildly entertaining, as a comedy.

Oh yawn might as well say the dog told me to do it.

The acting in the 2005 Amityville release with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George was about as Boring as the first release.

Nicely done but totally uninteresting .

Andrew Douglas's new Amityville is typical Hollywood-remake formula garbage: bigger, louder, faster, flashier, clichéd, contrived & pointless with no substance and plenty of predictable spoon-fed scares delivered by loud musical cues and strobelight effects.

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR is a fast paced film mixed with lots of turns and twists and where the running time is okay.

This movie was NOT scary at all, and the jump scares were predictable and very cliché.

creepy house—and I hoped that they would throw out a lot of the "adherence to the facts" that made the original such a bore and retool it to make it actually scary.

because it was really enjoyable and a great movie.

Rent this exciting movie on DVD based on the true story.

A bit bland, and not very scary.

Don't waste your money -- this is not even worth a rental.

Not only was it not scary, but I remember being bored out of my tree.

The last thing I would want to do is recommend a bad movie, so take it from me, this movie is for those who love unexpected moments and scares.

It's even worse and more pointless than the Psycho remake.

As the story continues on, it does get a bit repetitive at times, until the ending.


The acting was uninspiring, contrived, and unoriginal.

I found the feeling intense, as the film concentrates tightly on the life of this family that moves in to a new house that has a tragic past.

boring and dead .

Its the kind of movie id buy on DVD to watch a few times when i was bored or check out the features.

It's boring, stupid and very annoying.

What they tried to pass off a re-imagined film is just another boring, soul-less, clichéd, piece of tripe using the same tired FX, shock treatment, and "hip, edgy, sexiness" that's been overdone to death.

The beginning is suppose to be the scariest part, but in this movie it was just pointless.

It was just over-the-top, which actually made the movie unwatchable at times.


Most of the scary scenes were predictable and played very little with my fear.

What a bore.

The acting and drama is pretty dull.

The set pieces are all there, brief back story, quick introduction to characters, camera showing off the exciting sets and then on with the show!

The interesting parts of this film were few and far between and even then adhered to cliché done better before (why do possessed children always want to go somewhere high and dangerous?

The story predominately focuses on him as he is incrementally lured into this state of predictable psychosis.

In this film, the plot was unimaginative, the lines trite and foolish, and the acting was laughably bad.

This is a very unnecessary and dreadful film that surely ranks among the bottom-worst movies of the year 2005.

This horror movie has been a real refreshment among other similar titles, because has some nice thrilling moments shown and the directors job is done really well.

The wife and husband is having sex and it is shown with her on top moving slow.

Things seemed to gather too much momentum and the expiation of what is really going on in the house coupled with the maddening climax of final reel comes across slightly disjointed from what has come before it.

it was very predictable on what would happen next like when the priest looked through the air vent.

He kept the film shorter and he was able to build up a few suspenseful scenes.

Beyond Boring .

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of haunted house movies, but I recently saw one on Syfy that I thought was pretty entertaining, part creepy and part campy.

Where does it mention some ignorant Indian killing preacher that lived in the house and had a torture chamber in the basement?

This movie is really confusing when you watch it for the first time.

Let's be very clear about the aim of this movie; it's an entertaining horror and not meant to be an accurate depiction of something many people are already very well-informed about.

to leave an ominous feeling when I left the theater.

Barely competent film-making and a very dull viewing experience.

Of "The Ring"; the photography is the same (monochrome; yawn) will they ever get a new technique, or are we destined to see copies of The Ring for the next ten years?

During these 90 minutes, viewers are forced to spend the majority of the time through tiresome jump scares and images of ghostly figures we've seen more than enough times.

The story that is the movie based on, is fascinating, and if the real factors of that maybe we will never know, is still a mystery, the Director do not care about the real factors he just wanted to make it interesting, making the story a paranormal movie, full of ghost, and family split.

The problem with modern horror movies is, they all use the same gimmicks to pull the audiences strings, and ultimately they get a little too predictable.

The biggest sin the movie commits is in being boring, I think.

While this is a somewhat enjoyable remake of a not so good movie, it is also a somewhat unnecessary remake of said movie.

This movie was VERY predictable.

Amityville 2005 is a rare re-imagining whose adding of more modern horror conventions and special FX actually makes the newer version more entertaining!

The Topic of the Movie:This incredible movie was memorable, interesting and entertaining.

a solid horror film with intense feeling .

This is but another pointless remake by the same basic team of comic book nerds who subjected us to "The Day After Tomorrow", and their other pointless remake, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

The film is pretty much devoid of the element of surprise, right down to it's ho-hum ending.

Don't get me wrong though, I thought the overall quality and feel was great - fairly good cinematography, good soundtrack, etc. - it's just that the plot was confusing and boring, and no character was given even the slightest chance to evolve.