The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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The flightless birds and scheming green pigs take their feud to the next level.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Thurop Van Orman
Stars: undefined, Jason Sudeikis
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 16 out of 114 found boring (14.03%)

One-line Reviews (54)

Just boring.

Mind Blowing Movie .

It is predictable as Red and his friends as the birds that are without any kind of wings to fly take on their nemesis at the beginning of the first film the green pigs.

Despite a predictable plot The Angry Birds Movie 2 is great fun.

Super enjoyable .

Waste if time...

A very enjoyable movie with a decent plot .

In this sequel it is not funny at all and i actually fell asleep twice due to it being so boring.

Surprisingly Funny Sequel to a Bland First Attempt .

We enjoyed it very much and definitely will go and have a rewatch again soon.

Boring .

The first act is perhaps the worst and has the least funny jokes of the entire film and just feels very slow.

Bored to freaking death.

Bored to freaking death!

They did try to replicate what made the first one good, but to me it felt a little over the top sometimes and some other times just dumb-repetitive.

Halfway through my daughter wakes me up and says, Dad, I'm bored with this movie can I go home.

A boring movie, no thing funny on it .

rest of the movie is boring, go watch something good instead

Don't get me wrong, there are some sequences that were okay, I mean the movie didn't insult or humiliate adults, it was entertaining sometimes.

The animation is still just as strong as the first movie, it looks gorgeous, it knows how to do animated cartoony slapstick very well, every character looks unique and colourful, the backgrounds looks beautiful and creative, it's just a all around wonderful animated film, Eagle Island is so fascinating in how it looks with all the ice and the giant volcano, the new characters look great like Zeta, Garry, Sliver and the rest of the eagles, the characters from the first film look just like their video game counterparts, I like how they use slingshots as transport which is quite clever, It show that Sony can do great animation much better then most animation studios, heck it's even on par with Pixar and Disney's animation, the speed and energy it has especially with Chuck is so fascinating, Bomb exploding, when the weapon shoots ice balls, it's so cool and visually spectacular to watch, pretty much the only element in this film that reminds just as strong as the first movie is easily the animation and it shows!.

Basically my 7 and 4 year-olds dragged me into the theater, so I thought it'd be a great way of taking a quick nap.

First time full feature directors Thurop Van Orman and John Rice, bring the well known birds back to the big screen, expanding their world and characters to keep everything fresh and exciting.

Dont waste your time or money .

It also rattles along at a good pace as well with little time for anyone to get bored.

I enjoyed it and I guarantee the targeted audience will too.

Enough said if she even found it to be a waste of time.

Mind Blowing Movie .

Save your money.

It's a little too simple in terms of movie overall, and thanks to the trailer ruining much, the film holds little in coming to the theater outside of seeing the predictable ending.

Super entertaining.

As I said, the movie, sometimes, was entertaining, the animation was cool, the casting choices is once again great, it had a couple of scenes that I laughed a little bit and it's good how they extracted this story from an app, even if it has some issues in it.

It bored me to death since the comedy wasn't fixed well with the scripts.

I enjoyed it for being faithful to the games, as well as delivering a simple story with colourful visuals and some humour that catered to both kids and adults.

overall the angry birds 2 is a very entertaining and funny sequel which is essentially a better version of the first film.

So let's get in there and review once more as I take o:Movie: Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)Director: Thurop Van Orman Writers: Peter Ackerman (screenplay by), Eyal Podell Stars: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Leslie Jones LIKES: Voice Acting Fun Funny Stories Intertwining Good Morals Cute Good Use of Characters QuickDISLIKES: Predictable A Little too political at times Not Quite As Unique A Little Too simplified Trailers Ruined MuchSUMMARY:Like the first film, the movie's cast really shines taking the pun filled writing, simplistic dialogue, and joke filled lines and making it work.

Apart from a few jokes that were actually funny & the animation which one should expect to be good anyway, the rest of the movie was actually really boring with unnecessary plot twists and illogical scenes...

Found the storyline in general pretty boring and really drawn out.

It was for 1 year old kids and it was sooooooo boring

The animation is really good, it's fast paced and consistently really funny.

Surprisingly entertaining.

The film looked absolutely stunning you could really tell how much hard work was put into it and how much the animation has improved since the first film.

Angry Birds2 - More entertaining than I was expecting.

It may come off in promotional material as silly and juvenile, which it is but couple that with a lot of parental bonuses and you got quite the entertaining 97 minutes.

it was an enjoyable movie.

Fun, entertaining and good story .

Director Thurop Van Orman maintains the recipe that made The Angry Birds Movie(2016), so entertaining.

I really can't describe how better this movie was than the first one and how interesting the plot was, as well as those SUPER enjoyable characters it included!!!

A boring animation film!

There whole quest to retrieve the eggs was very entertaining as they could not get lucky.

There frenemy status was in full force and it was very entertaining to watch.

Anyway, this is pretty entertaining, and I think kids will love it.

This is a movie for kids, though more entertaining than I was expecting.

The movie contains funny moments all the time and the characters are enjoyable for all the family.

It's not Pixar, but it is entertaining enough