The Angry Red Planet (1959) - Adventure, Sci-Fi

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One of only two survivors from a Martian expedition is so traumatized she doesn't remember the circumstances of the trip.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Ib Melchior
Stars: Gerald Mohr, Nora Hayden
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 11 out of 87 found boring (12.64%)

One-line Reviews (40)

Campy but enjoyable early sci-fi .

This is definitely worth watching once.

In spite of it's multitude of shortcomings, (for example, in the acting department, Colonel O'Bannion's demeanor in the first half of the film seemed more like that of a gigolo than a spaceship commander), I found "The Angry Red Planet" to be a delightfully entertaining film.

As a result, the plot seems disjointed.

Both Stanley Cortez's vibrant color cinematography and Paul Dunlap's rousing score are up to par.

Hopelessly inept and dull movie in which the characters stand around in rooms or a rocket ship and talk endlessly.

It is entertaining; at least I can say that about it.

This film gives us some very entertaining and imaginative prospects.

Despite the potential for a cracking sci-fi adventure I found the majority of The Angry Red Planet quite dull, it takes ages to get to Mars & then not that much really happens, the crew walk around a bit, talk a lot & finally leave.

"It's of course terrible, but the casualness of the sexism was morbidly entertaining the same way it is on "Mad Men.

The first 15-20 minutes are pretty dull as the crew of four travel through space to reach the red planet.

Their expectedly mundane exploration of the Martian surface is intended to last just five days, interrupted by encounters with a carnivorous plant, a gigantic spider-like creature with characteristics of a rat and bat with crab claws (mouth dripping in menacing fashion), and finally a single celled amoeba that rises from a lake and holds their ship in place keeping them prisoners on the angry red planet.

Film composer Paul Dunlap's novel and engaging score which blends conventional musical instrumentation with electronic orchestrations suitably complements the varied moods and events of this most extraordinary adventure.

Mars is depicted more imaginatively (though less realistically) than in such films as `Rocketship X-M', using matte paintings of strange vegetation and weird landscapes (instead of dull desert shots in Arizona).

The effects and the matte drawings may not be perfect, but they're sure colorful and entertaining, and the movie's restrained approach (at least more restrained that the title indicates) is most welcome.

The story opens captivating and suspenseful enough, that's for sure!

Spoiler Information Inside**The Angry Red Planet(1959) has been mentioned to me in several ways from several different persons in film discussion over the years , Having just had the chance to see the full movie(I did catch several scenes on 90's late night cable, but I fell asleep)I can review.

Enjoyable 50's sci-fi outing .

It is really fascinating to see how far we have come as a civilization.

To their credit, the writers, director, producer attempted to incorporate a serious approach to science fiction, but they apparently were unable to detach themselves from the traditional Hollywood stereotypes and supposedly mandatory flourishes of what back in the 50s was considered entertaining film-making.

Much of the story is talky and tiresome.

The film employed extensive use of stock footage, such as rocket launches being run backwards to create the illusion of the rocket setting down in the desert, using its retros to slow its descent.

Cinemagic (later ripped off as Spectrum-X by director Al Adamson for "Horror of the Blood Monsters") was merely an inexpensive ploy to cover the budgetary deficiencies of the various monsters (Pink initiated the 3-D craze in 1952 with Arch Oboler's "Bwana Devil"), but the gimmick proved a financial success at the box office and remains a fascinating watch today, the basic outline later adopted by the same filmmakers for "Journey to the Seventh Planet," substituting Uranus for Earth's neighbor Mars.

The scene where Warrant Officer Jacobs is killed by the amoeba absorbing him is pretty dramatic-and imaginative.

Director Ib Melchior, who also co-wrote the engrossing and imaginative script with Sid Pink, relates the entertaining story at a steady pace and treats the neat premise with admirable restraint and seriousness.

Bad effects and all its to me is one of the funniest entertaining bad movies ever made!

The movie is a confusing story arc of crossed genres.

Overall, a very entertaining way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

There are echoes of 'Bride Of The Monster' when the heroine carefully winds the octopus like tentacle of a flesh eating plant around her before weakly thrashing about, the difference being that the Ed Wood film is a hundred times more entertaining.

Bulky, but charming nonsense with a fascinating gimmick that involved an red/orange tinge when the astronauts decided to leave the rocket ship (where they spent too much time pondering about with their stiff scientific explanations) to do some exploring of the planet that was illustrated with tidy, amusing etched matte drawings for landscapes that were surprisingly effective.

The reviews are more entertaining than the movie.

This is, in fact, the most entertaining combination possible because it means that the stern actors are citing their lines about mysterious unknown planets and deadly alien lifeforms with a straight face and a serious tone of voice, while at the same time the landscapes and monsters look preposterous, cheap and downright ludicrous!

After a rather dull flight, the group, consisting of Ryan, Col.

The dialogue is dull and sometimes illogical.

There's a very slow pace to the whole thing; the astronauts spend as much time looking out the ship's window portals (which change color from red to blue), commenting on what they see, as they do outside actually exploring.

No director could have done anything decent with such a loony storyline, so the action just plods boringly along.

If you find yourself unable to sleep one night just slip this one into the VCR and your insomnia will be cured in no time.

This was made in those grand old days before 'political correctness' was so common; the Astronauts waste no time in wasting the local flora and fauna whenever they get the chance.

Despite the low budget and some dubious special effects, the film is highly enjoyable and fun to watch.

THE ANGRY RED PLANET makes extensive use of both vintage stock footage and often long-winded, pointless discussions (this use of on screen "storytelling"- or "exposition"- is an oft-used featherbedding tradition in low budget movies; it not only eats up screen time, it also allows no-budget movies to take the cheap way out and reference some grandiose fx they can't afford to actually SHOW).