The Attic (2007) - Horror, Thriller

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Emma and her family are unhappy after moving to her house; one day she went to the attic and found someone who looked like her and began haunting her.

IMDB: 3.4
Director: Mary Lambert
Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Catherine Mary Stewart
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 30 found boring (33.33%)

One-line Reviews (20)

I just saw the movie and enjoyed it.

and now the most confusing part of all...

This was easily the worst movie I have ever seen, and I've some pretty bad movies.

" - that's how disjointed and undeveloped this whole story is.

Boring .

I was actually laughing by the end of the movie just watching the unbearable and inexplicable chain of events.

The pacing of the film at times is a bit slow thanks to director Mary Lambert, at the same time she manages to use some interesting elements adding to the mood of the film.

When her slow brother Frankie Callan (Tom Malloy) is slashed on the throat, Trevor gives a gun to Emma for her self-protection.

This Movie Is Confusing!

The entire movie was pointless, the beginning made no sense at all.

It's sort of fascinating to watch, for that reason alone.

Absolutely worthless and boring.

The acting is pitiful,the script is predictable and it took me two days to actually finish this turd.

"The Attic" is deadly dull and contains no suspense.

They show her photos she had taken around the house that show the rooms were empty.

First of all I can't believe that Mary Lambert,the director of very creepy "Pet Sematary" is responsible for this tedious piece of garbage.

But many of the people posting that "it's the worst movie I've ever seen" or "I'd rather (fill-in-the- blank) than watch this movie" probably haven't seen REALLY bad horror movies (Cheerleader Massacre and Troll 2 come to mind).

The Confusion .


This is were the entire beginning was pointless, how would the dead twin know that her twin was going to move into the house later on?