The Avengers (2012) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Earth's mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are going to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity.

Director: Joss Whedon
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans
Length: 143 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 203 out of 1000 found boring (20.3%)

One-line Reviews (955)

This is superhero movie 101, and while it works for all intensive purposes, "The Avengers" hardly innovates the genre in any way.

I just hope the sequel can deliver as much as this, and perhaps something even more unexpected.

A very entertaining comic book movie .

The way the Avengers worked together was thrilling because there were so many superheros with different powers that united and fought as one.

I'm what you call an adrenaline junkie.

If people think the Avengers standing around arguing on the ship is entertaining they can be my guest, I just disagree.

The first one suffers from very bad pacing and uninteresting character moments that could have been better.

Whedon, known for his snappy dialogue and credibility in geek culture, gives this film so much in terms of humor and epic character moments that feel like they came straight out of the comics.

Yes despite my moaning earlier about the boring scenes, the movie does have a lot of likeable characters, the main ones being our heroes.

The Avengers is entertaining, with many funny moments, one-liners, unexpected events, and even long fights between the superheroes themselves.

And it can bore.

A lot of super hero films are just by the number, dumb boring CGi fest, Green Lantern for example was a real victim of this kind of mindless stupidity in making a super hero film.

Watching it for the first time up until the fifth time (which for me was after Winter Soldier came out) was very very thrilling.

Robert Downey is a good actor but his trite portrayal of being charming grows tiresome.

Snappy dialogue?

so overall this movie is breathtaking exciting dazzling i would really recommend this movie to all ages really i give this a 8/10 good job marvel!!!

Until the end the whole system and everyone seems to be just acting to support some story which was terribly boring.

Mostly entertaining popcorn-flick with amazing action; not much else .

'Avengers Assemble' ('The Avengers') is a truly enjoyable superhero film that lives up to its hype and creates a story that allows for four of the greatest superheroes to connect in this mega-blockbuster extravaganza.

For all other occasions: Yawn.

This was deeply enjoyable!

I was rewarded with a two-and-a-half hour snooze fest of CG action.

He knows how to keep the action gripping and when to simply give the actors some room to breathe, while the visuals are injected with enough style and energy to make it work.

Story line is so miserable, one can easily say there is no story line whatsoever.

This movie has the most predictable plot ever, to sum it up it goes like this; bam boom bam boom, cheesy dialogue cheesy dialogue, bam boom bam boom, cheesy dialogue cheesy dialogue, bam boom bam boom, the end.

The story is epic, suspenseful and fun.

Even the scenes with Thor, Cap, Iron Man and Nick Fury just TALKING are fun and engaging, and no scene drags or is too fast.

The creators of this film basically just made up for what they lacked in actual movie plot with breathtaking action to keep you excited and entertained and to make you not realize that there really isn't much there.

It wasn't interesting at all, fell asleep at least 3 times while watching it.

It doesn't break any new ground, but it's still entertaining.

Just a boring kid's comedy.

After about 20 minutes of watching it you'll get bored.

Entertaining Night Out .

Dull, dull, dull.

It feels especially small now, but was a massive move for Marvel and is always an entertaining experience.

This is very "PG"I recommend this to everyone who wants to see a funny, thrilling and an amazing Marvel movie.

"The Avengers" brings together a group of extremely talented actors and epic superheroes, to create an action packed movie with hilarious banter laced into countless scenes.

It's an all around enjoyable film with great, unique characters, great dialogue, a cohesive plot, and fantastic action.

You expect this type of film to be packed with mindless action, but it had a lot of inexplicable lulls.

But even when there's no fighting, the movie remains effortlessly entertaining, thanks to its endearing combination of thrills, humor, and personality.

Somehow, Whedon is able to take something that seems stupid, cliché'd, out of place...

And so we get a lot of contrived situations where one Avenger goes up against another.

That dull bloke is that dull Captain America again.

Matter of fact, all the heroes have their portion of quiet time, which director Whedon effortlessly makes compelling, and their dissent is the most interesting element of the movie.

I can't find any flaws in this movie , it kinda has everything you need in a good movie:action, comedy, cool quotes and stunning special effects.

Worst movie of the year you mean!

it does has its funny moments which i really like because without that element of laughter it would be too serious and i thought that they did really well with that part as for the setting i felt like there wasn't a lot of setting involved which means not whole lot to remember forever but that is easily missed the last one is the antagonist Loki i think that he should be a villain in every marvel film just because he is very enjoyable to watch on screen has great talent and great acting skills.

Joss Whedon manages to merge with uniformity plenty of action, humor through dialogues fast and truly entertaining, and manages very well a huge amount of characters in the scene simultaneously.

An enjoyable, excellent and perfect comic book movie.

This trite set-up allows for countless effects filled battles during which no-one suffers anything more than a bruised ego.

i enjoyed the singular captain America movie after a second watch but this movie was mind blowing.

Anyway, someone made a Tshirt that looks identical but instead of NASCAR it says BORING.

The bad: There's no plot.

Thor brother was the prime example of this along with the childish predictable jokes you hear from them.

I had high expectations for this movie but it was a waste of time and so boring.

The director, with his influence television, planning frameworks with very many close-ups and planes closed, open but knowing the right moments with beautiful and exciting plans long sequence (especially in the final battle against the Chitauri).

Sam Jackson looks just plain bored throughout- which is saying a lot when one considers the fact that he's the most overrated actor in Hollywood.

Epic, Exciting and Well Made.

Two and a half hours of this action packed thriller will leave you wanting even more.

Overall, Avengers Assemble may not be 100% perfect or among the best ever but it is still an outstanding film with a lot to love about it, and no this is not coming from a fake account or a plant, just someone who can be hard to please who genuinely enjoyed it.

The movie was completely vapid, boring, convoluted.

I enjoyed it.

In this regard, most of "The Avengers" is slow and generically shot, though it does contain a few great visuals.

Mark Ruffalo is simply fantastic as an awkward and edgy Bruce Banner, balancing out all aspects of the character excellently and as the Hulk he manages to get some unexpected laughs.

It was a total waste of time and money.

but Iron man 2&3 are mere waste of time.

To summarize: Boring story, bad dialog, mediocre effects - this is a predictable popcorn movie, unless you are a big Marvel fan, you can skip it.

Over all, this movie was a really great action packed movie that portrayed to be a really good attention grabber.

The lighter tone works greatly in the films favour, while we also have plenty of cool fight scenes, an enjoyable villain and good performances, especially those of Downey Jr. and Ruffalo.

It is a fun exciting 2 1/2 hours and money well spent (for the 2D we did not see the 3D).

Dialogue is unfortunately the usual cliché bits of monologue between opposing teams leaving no room for artistic fluency.

No it isn't the best film of 2012, but as I found my self perched on the edge of my seat as the finale unfurls in a wave of explosive heroic energy, and I caressed my ribs from laughing out loud, I knew then that undoubtedly The Avengers is the most fun film of 2012.

The first hour is just tedious.

It is one of the few movies I was so board and disinterested at that I fell asleep while watching it that is a rarity for me since I love film so much and I usually get sucked into movies that just shows how bland and forgettable this film is.

"Marvel's The Avengers" deserves full credit for it's dynamic execution in bringing the Marvel cast together, as it was a very well-structured and firmly put-together blockbuster by the exciting character-driven filmmaker, Joss Whedon.

The Avengers in my opinion is just an enjoyable movie, actually one of the best superhero movies ever made (after The Dark Knight trilogy of course)I think this movie is incredibly overrated, and I really hate that people think is one of the best films ever made.

Epicness is what is on the table in this film and Joss Whedon surely does deliver an epic action packed film.

The ending was magnificent especially when the curtains closed on this "stunning" film and everyone started clapping in awe of the "awesomeness" that is packed into this "phenomenal" creation.

Visual effects were stunning.

They are perfectly blended which creates a fun entertaining atmosphere for the audience.

Avengers Assemble is yet another example of the great work that Marvel can produce, with a fast paced and exciting story that encompasses their best characters.

Not being a super-hero comic film devotee, for a super-hero movie to work for me has to be basically entertaining, engaging and fun.

Really boring.

Other than the slow start, The Avengers is an amazing sci-fi superhero movie with plenty of action and a plot that actually has some depth.

Hemsworth is not up to the standard he set for himself in "Thor", for example; or the contrived notion of Coulson's death pulling the team together.

Are we really that unimaginative and dull?

What a bore!

Plus the story, while good, is rather cliché and typical of a superhero style plot.

The character designs of the film are very fascinating and quiet innovative.

It is your typical action packed family movie that everyone can enjoy.

Because,Twilight is very boring.

Some might say the beginning of this movie starts out too slow and there isn't enough action - I'd say they are dead wrong.

The dialog is lame and cheesy, the characters are flat and boring.

The scene that Captain America is in a plane with Agent Coulson, the acting is horrible and the dialogue with the intended humor is bland.

This was a heavy action packed movie.

A lot of the movie had me on the edge of my seat with my Joker smile.

The movie was far too long in my opinion.

The lack of plot gives the opportunity to zoom into the different characters and how they respond to each other.

The volatile concoction of personalities is what makes the team so special; each character is given a chance to shine, and together they form a uniquely dysfunctional dynamic that makes their dialogue sharp, their drama tense, and their teamwork compelling.

I think iron man was the most exciting thing about this movie.

By the time he spews out 'Muelling quim", you're on the edge of your seat.

After all the hype, I was expecting an entertaining movie.

Final verdict - it is not groundbreaking, but it is an entertaining movie, so check it out.

Having enjoyed Thor and also the Iron Man films, I felt this combination should be mind blowing.

I'm disappointed with the IMDb rating and feel that the studios are now finding ways to game the ratings system by adding a bunch of paid propaganda.

*Kind of predictable, I guess.

Generic enemies, fights, explosions; too predictable.

All things considered then I think the really good points were dragged down by the lack of direction which resulted in a very mediocre film.

Marvel's counterpart failed to deliver the same grandiose style, riveting story, and memorable performances.

Most of all i saw it in 3D and i suggest to each and everyone of you go and surly watch it in 3D for an exciting experience.

There was also a good deal of superhero clichés (of the good kind), jingoism (both noble and sappy), comedy, snappy one-liners, oiled biceps and tight leotards.

Despite that a good chunk of the movie the cinematography can be kind of dull.

I also would have loved an intense plot with maybe a twist to surprise us in some way.

Samuel L Jackson brings his usual mysterious Nick Fury, providing many unexpected laughs from the delivery of his character's one-liners.

The 3rd act is good but the 1st and 2nd are a little slow at times.

Characterized characters, glamorous stars, endless jokes, intense and stimulating rhythm, shocking audiovisual effects and clear-cut plot arrangement, each superhero has his own personality and story, they are busy fighting each other and bullying cute girls together.

The script is just soooo formulaic.

I believe that with so many characters coming from different films, that he did a great job of introducing all the characters and keeping them entertaining through out the film.

Unbelievably boring movie .

Lots of visuals, no story.

Yes, they are popular, but for the most part extremely formulaic.

The plot was VERY predictable.

This is dumbest and most boring movie i ever seen.

) Overall, director and writer Joss Whedon seems a bit overwhelmed here, and has co-written a predictable bit of very expensive contemporary Hollywood stuff and then directed it without quite making it special.

for lack of a better word, dull.

Whedon makes a very enjoyable popcorn-movie that's true to it's comic book roots.

Set in New York this exciting action packed movie is full of tense moments and wonderful scenes.

The merge with uniformity plenty of action, humor through dialogues fast and truly entertaining, and manages very well a huge amount of characters in the scene simultaneously .

I think I fell asleep 3 times, for about 15 minutes total.

I will again mention that, once forces contrive to bring our good guys into some kind of alliance, the writing is remarkably good; even enjoyable.

This movie was just a bore, let me tell you why.

These actors really add some emotion and movie star pizazz to the movie in the same way that Liam Neeson did for The Phantom Menace (which is probably the worst movie of all time).

It is very dull hearing one ultra- warrior after the next explaining themselves.

One of the most intriguing elements of the movie is that you got combination of superheroes fighting together.

It's an entertaining film.

The actors seem to suffer as much confusion as their characters do almost like, as torn as they are to join Shield and The Avengers in the film is how torn the actors must feel from scene to scene as to why they're even in this film.

The Avengers is an epic, visually stunning, astonishing and phenomenal film.

The menu was so intriguing!

Very Boring & Disappointing .

Script: Could the script have been more plodding and obvious?

It is action packed, thrilling and full of amazing special effects!

Nothing happens in this film that makes you feel like "I care for these characters, I want them to make it out okay" nor "this villain is way too powerful for any of them to take on alone, I hope they make it out okay".

It took me almost a week to watch this because it's too boring.

The Avengers is a film worth watching at least once, as long as you have seen the other marvel movies.

the first half has lame jokes, extremely boring fights, and a whole twenty minutes dedicated to Tony fixing a over-sized fan.

(I will just add that this movie isn't as bad as Captain America or Thor both of which i walked out of)

But I can tell you that this was a thrilling experience, to see this with the additional fold of the audience, some of whom looked away from me when leaving the theater.

The Avengers is made up of an assortment of intense music, ambitious characters, fast-paced plotting, special effects, rivalry between the hero and villain, and suspense.

The movie starts slow.

It's an all-around wonderful movie and is definitely worth watching.

I thought Thor VS Hulk was entertaining, and the fight was pretty evenly matched.

All the characters were super entertaining and I'm glad they were able to bring in A list actors to do the job.

The moment Loki and his army of Aliens come along and start attacking the city that's when it gets very fun and entertaining.

The plot is utterly cliché and haphazard.

the plot is uninspired and boring, has no twists and everyone knows where it's going.

This is a no holds barred, effects driven, mass appeal blockbuster par excellence, absurdly entertaining- these 146 minutes felt like an entire summer vacation in Asgard for geeks such as me, and will sure extend its magic to the non fans.

That being said, the action sequences are enjoyable enough to sit through to the end of this long, 2.5 hour flick.

Mark Ruffalo is probably the most pleasant surprise from the cast, who provides a balanced and compelling portrayal of Bruce Banner.

Ultimately, the intention and the effect is that the Avengers is nothing exceptional or timeless, but certainly fun and exciting.

It's very highly enjoyable and a good action/adventure film.

Action Sequences are highly creative, artistic and breathtaking.

If I were 12 I would probably have enjoyed it.

--I think it also feels empty because it has a 'going through the motions' type feel to it.

I'm not much of a comic reader, but I still enjoyed it.

It's really exciting seeing an actor in a movie then seeing them again in a different movie, you get a little bit excited that you know something or someone.

It includes one of the biggest casts in cinematic history, and mind blowing visuals.

I do not believe this movie deserved an 8.7 rating because for a two and a half hour movie, it does more dull action scenes then character explanation and background that it needs to make the viewer fully understand what is even going on between all the characters.

It is very entertaining.

The actors were all amazingly casted in their respective roles and do an amazing job of creating intriguing and lovable characters.

To be honest the start is actually boring and not compelling at all.

Avengers 1 is a movie with a meh art style and sometimes it feels to slow.

I watched the movie twice now and I enjoyed it both times.

The last 40 minutes or so are filled with mind blowing action.

This movie isn't about comic book pulp or things that go "boom" but about a powerful, exciting and meaningful story.

The action scenes, particularly the fights, are exciting and spectacular.

An entertaining and satisfying film .

which is awesome to see it all leads to one of the most thrilling endings of all time!

But to be fair, it is entertaining and worth the watch, especially if you're interested in witnessing a curious film trend I've been noticing lately that's pretty much formula for The Avengers.

I was left dissatisfied in being asked to believe that there could exist a form of authentic theism AND the existence of an alien species elsewhere in the universe without any of it being explored; left perplexed at the tremendous amount of science on display, in Iron Man's suit and Bruce Banner's fascinating ability to shift into a separate molecular form – the likes of which essentially smashes the concept of creationism.

It's also consistently entertaining and fast-paced, packing in all the action and spectacle you'd expect along with the quick character moments that make it stand out.

The Tesseract contains some kind of intense energy and SHIELD employs Dr Eric Selvig to try and understand its energy.

It's just a enjoyable film to watch.

Action sequences are handled well but sometimes cam across repetitive and didn't offer anything new or exciting.

Wow, what a waste of money and time I wasted on such a worthless movie like this.

etc etc There were few things better done and more entertaining than introducing the guardians of the galaxy crew in.

Avengers is a flawed but still highly entertaining film.

By the middle of the movie it dawned on me that it was becoming more and more predictable.

The score of this massively anticipated Marvel feature should've had a magical and intense sound similar to "The Lord of the Rings" or Christopher Nolan's Batman films.

This movie's ending was very predictable and was like every other superhero movie ever created.

No worries at all, we simply witnessed an empty and meaningless catastrophe without any mind activity as we all know Iron Man will not be the sacrifice as a sequel is already set on a release date.

It is not worth it to pay extra for 3-D glasses to watch grey, ugly aliens riding grey, ugly spiny snakes while emerging from grey, ugly, bland modernistic monstrosities that pass for alien spaceships.

there is no story, just special effects - lots of them.

For an exciting, if somewhat underwhelming, superhero experience, I give "The Avengers" a solid 6/10.

I appreciate the serious side of the movie with the battle scenes but for me, what was more enjoyable was the comedic parts that kept me interested and laughing at just the right times.

His character was dull and boring.

and Iron Man who is usually quite fun and funny was a total bore with his inane one-liners.

Boring with no personnality.

He created a movie that was fun, and exciting and shaped and brought cohesion to the Marvel Movie Universe and gave each character their time to shine.

I enjoyed it, just not as much as I would have expected.

On May 4, 2012 many Marvel fans were on the edge of their seats, and I was one of those fans.

As I said, I find the beginning to be rather boring.

The script is the best part of the film and the dialogue between the characters is what makes this film so enjoyable to watch because it makes all the characters feel unique and there own personalities.

The overall story is entertaining and the film, especially the climactic battle, very well made.

no fan of the genre, but I enjoyed it .

It's use of poorly developed characters such as Loki, predictable story line and plot, overuse of CG and cliché's give it his rating.

However, it's really not worth it, given there are so many good things about the movie, and the entire experience is very enjoyable, so I'm not going to bother with an in-depth review/criticism.

boring, stupid, cliché punchline-thrower .

There are plenty of enjoyable action is this movie, helped with some slapstick humor.

*Spoilers*Just when Comic book films were truly starting to enjoy a time of true artistic relevance and seemed to be on the verge of officially casting off the shackles of stereotypes and bias that have plagued the genre for decades, along comes a film to firmly entrench it in every single hackneyed cliché and trope that have been the deservedly derided by the educated community.

They're just so much better portrayed and their parts are so much more intriguing than Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye (who in recent years has actually been one of the more interesting characters, no matter what universe we're talking!

Empty Of Content .

As superhero movies go, it's amusing, entertaining, watchable and spectacularly burns into the retinas with the best of them.

My high point, was when I fell asleep.

I have seen the avengers 3 times now and ever since the first time i watched the movie i felt that even though it was enjoyable there was something about the movie that just kept it from being a masterpiece to me.

Nothing stylish, unexpected or cinematic happens in this entire film.

The simple yet exciting story, the comedic relief, and the action sequences make this the golden standard for all super hero movies!

The rest of the superheroes are bland and undeveloped as characters.

It is worth watching to see the effects, especially Iron Man flying around.

> The last half of the movie is what I expect from a super-hero action movie to be and it has a great tempo, awesome action scenes, spectacular fights and alien creatures, and is full-on fun and engaging.


From Ed Norton's boring and dull portrayal of this green monster...

I thought it was going to be another action explosion movie with no plot.

"The Avengers" is an action packed film that was well made and has wonderful graphics and special effects.

Anyway, I cant say much more about this nonsense except if you enjoy a movie which is one long mind numbing boring action scene, aimed at a dumbed down populace - then this is for you.

The special effects here are stunning as they all look realistic and the visuals are overly authentic as there's never a look at really fake looking CGI or special effects.

entertaining to the max.

I was also initially afraid that so many hunky heroes in one movie would make my heart or brain explode from confusion as to which one to 'ship, as I had fallen in love with each one of these heroes when I watched their individual films in the years past.

One of the best aspects of the movie is that it's a roller-coaster ride: it's lighthearted, VERY intense, and then lighthearted again.

And Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow was once again incredibly entertaining!

There was no plot, no character development, and not particularly special effects that made it memorable.

Marvel's The Avengers is an action packed must see cinematic masterpiece.

The movie is kinda boring and feels 2 long if you watch it again Loki is an overated villan the movie was way 2 long..hulk was the best thing about the movie.

It's funny and very intense.

As a viewer you'll certainly have some fun, even though the movie is too long for my taste.

The plot is very bad and very predictable, this is just a regular comic book movie with a great action scenes and CGI.

It was a pointless scene if you ask me and as a villain, yes he is "paper-tiger".

Loki just is plain uninteresting to me.

The two after credits scenes are also enjoyable.

The dialogue was more cheesy and cliché then not.

The movie is entertaining in many moments.

the screenplay/storyboard work are just average, just a few stunning moment,, not epic developments, no just a basic movie for kids, that;s all I can see here.

The movie is now for sale still exciting and amazing.

) This is one impressive, action-packed, visually-thrilling, and emotion-provoking film.

A great very entertaining installment in the Marvel Universe of 21st century films.

Exciting, isn't it?

The special effects are state-of-art and instead of writing a long review, I suggest the reader to watch this highly entertaining movie.

As Clint Barton he again lends solid support and proves to be a most watchable and compelling actor.

Meanwhile, the plot is also contrived and clichéd.

What made the previous Marvel films compelling was how they managed to write a unique and realistic story that became the primary focus of the films rather than the overused hero-villain structure.

That scene goes on way too long and it was totally pointless and a waste of running time.

It is very slow to start.

I realise this is an unconventional view, but I feel that a lot of people would have enjoyed it because they felt they had to.

In fact, I was so bored and unpleased that I wanted to leave right when black widow appears cause it was so boring.

Colourful, busy, fun and generally very entertaining – it delivers everything it sets out to do and I found it very enjoyable for this.

The beginning of the movie is VERY slow and very boring in my opinion.

The story is very entertaining and truly gripping.

Lastly,you will not regret watching this movie because it is an action packed adventure.

It's the MARVEL UNIVERSE and you're just living and thrilling in it.

These inconsistencies, of tone and character both past and prophetic future, aren't major issues and are often marked by moments of clairvoyant clarity or otherwise pitch perfection pertaining to comic-book character personas and, as such, the relatively plotless piece is still a delight to behold.

The headquarters ship to aircraft sequence was breathtaking enough.

There's pacing, there are lulls in between the action, allowing you to re-acquaintance yourself with these characters and their individual story lines, all of which meet and intertwine in this colossus of a movie.

The action sequences are stunning and the final battle is awe- inspiring and humorous at the same time.

Whedon's scripts usually include clever banter, gripping action sequences and an air of mystery, and The Avengers is no exception.

The trend is this: the beginning is smart, suspenseful, and witty, with a somewhat interesting story.

Just most of the action packed parts of the movie.

The Avengers is also plain boring with the most two-dimensional characters in the history of film making!

With fun little jabs at each other, these superheroes and villain end up causing a huge raucous that is consistently stupid and entertaining.

But the execution is the most important thing and the execution for the movie is well done and entertaining most of the way through.

It was entertaining, the CGI was really good, Robert Downey Jr. had a lot funny moments and hilarious dialogues.

Something more cynical and bland.

From the very first scene the Avengers was exciting, funny, and kept viewers intrigued.

I don't know if Avengers is great art, but it does what I want to see when I go to big giant behemoth-like spectacles: provide me a host of characters who have to work together, and gives them interesting, entertaining and believable things to say.

It is just that compelling.

Good: Incredible special effects, action sequences, and just a thrilling ride throughout.

i loved this movie it is truly one of this years must see films because it had breathtaking effects with a really funny side to it also.

What a predictable "story book" finish.

Action scenes are therefore boring because you know the outcome 99/100 times.

And as a fairly non-superhero kind of guy, well I must say that "The Avengers" was one interesting and exciting ride of an action movie.

How in the world a movie with: horribly stiff acting, nearly no plot beyond "bad guy wants to destroy the world, we must put aside our differences and unite" cliché, oddly outdated CGI, terrible 'Batman & Robin (1997)' style punch-lines and puns, surprisingly really low-budget looking costumes and props, and uneven main character screen-time (aka The Avengers is 85% "The Ironman Show", 10% "The Thor Show", 5% everyone else) ever, ever received any Review Score over 5/10 absolutely blows my mind.

This is a movie; when characters speak they should be saying things that are somewhat relevant, interesting, mysterious, gripping, funny, or any combination thereof.

That stuff was super funny and entertaining.

In fact, one whole hour was spent in pointless battles and the destruction of a major city where only the ending mattered.

A little boring .

Full of impressive visuals and action in nearly every scene, this film is fast paced and exciting throughout with plenty to keep you guessing.

Avengers Assemble is a big budget summer blockbuster that's action packed & perfectly cast, it's so Awesome to see these heroes we all grew up loving on screen together in a big adventure fantasy Thriller!!!

There are so many other things that make no sense, but this reviews got to end sometime The final battle in this mess takes place in New York, and it is the most boring, least engaging battle since the battle of Chicago in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye team up in one of the best movie finales to hit our screens, New York is a playground for jaw dropping action, stunning camera shots and immersive 3D, Joss Whedon's ability to balance out this enormous cast is unlike any other, and with whip smart writing and a powerhouse story this is the ultimate Marvel adventure.

Yes, because the first hour is totally boring: i have even slept in this black night.

Seriously, unless you are the stereotypical fanboy/testosterone/drunken-viewer type, this will be 85% a waste of your time.

The climax of the movie which involves an alien invasion, was far from exciting due to minimal effort being made to compel the viewer into wondering "Oh my, whats going to happen now".

Summary - Still amazingly fun, and, by far, the best live-action comic book ensemble movie ever made and worth watching again and again.

The Avengers is an entertaining and satisfying film.

It's bland, its cliché and I don't understand how people can eat this crap up.

Although the 220 million dollar film had a plot line that will leave viewers breathless, it could also be confusing to others.

A very funny and effortlessly entertaining alternative to The Dark Knight Rises .

The visual cinematic style of the film is absorbing and the story telling is top notch.

But besides the fighting each other there were a lot of action in New York that just blows your mind, the nonstop adrenaline, anticipating what will happen next just have you on the edge of your seat, biting your finger nails.

Unlike the more acceptable and appealing television series ensemble of super people in Heroes (2006-2010) or even the more enjoyable animated feature film of super family members in The Incredibles (2004), and the funny team of disparate members including the straight man (female) Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters (1984), The Avengers awkwardly introduces its Superheroes almost in sequel form, some with even chaotic brief flashbacks, that results in an uneasy alliance that feels quite uncomfortable as if the Jess Whedon himself was having trouble with his dialogue between the superheroes.

This movie is definitely worth watching in theaters, on the big screen.

This movie was absolutely breathtaking from the opening scene and I am proud to give the Avengers my first 10/10 rating.

Fast Paced With an Incredible Cast .

The jokes are hilarious, the action is intense.

Alan Silvestri's score pulsates with power and the action sequences are exciting.

Seeing all of our favorite superheroes unite under one common enemy is an exciting thought and was inevitable from one day working its way into a movie.

It was a little longer than I expected but it was really entertaining!

The Powerhouse, the boiling bed, the grizzly, machismo and the Ultimate hammer-head, he knows how to pump up your very source of adrenaline.

I found the Avengers to be a typical clichè heroes win, predictable, static film something which really takes the sting out of a film for me.

You can always tell what is going on during the many action scenes unlike some other action films out there (Cough*Transformers 2*Cough) and they are all so intense that you don't want them to end.

I'm giving this movie a 1/10 I would give it a zero but I felt the scene at the very end of the credits when all the heroes are sitting in the diner with the bored tired looks on their faces depicted exactly how I felt after watching this movie.

Story was at best flawed, some characters i would go as far to say as boring and the Special FX were just a cover up, blinding viewers from the truth, its not a great film.

And yet, without viewing Thor, the Avengers is just as enjoyable and pleasing.

It had comedy (loki and the hulk) it had tender moments (the death of one of their own) a little mystery, but most of all it had a compelling story line.

So in my opinion, this movie was pretty predictable and lacked any kind of twists in it.

The movie really was intriguing and really snatched your attention right up.

I don't read the Marvel comics, but I have always been interested in the Marvel universe, the heroes, the foes etc. I actually like most of the movie adaptations, even if they're silly, predictable and poorly written sometimes.

the actors did an amazing job on all there scenes but i walked out of the theater satisfied and wondering where the mcu would go, with thanos and the infinity jems.

The final battle has so many wonderful character moments immersed in the action, and they really do work as a team.

The Avengers is an absolute must see movie, with the amazing storyline and action packed heroes it is a top quality movie like no other.

Adrenaline pumped thrill ride that delivers near perfection .

Action sequences are tedious, monotonous and unexciting.

It dragged more than Ru Paul and had more holes than Swiss Cheese.

Flawed but surprisingly successful and entertaining .

I enjoyed the derring-do and ironic humor that infused the comic book films preceding this one, but director/screenwriter Joss Whedon really whips together all the formula elements that made "Iron Man" (1 & 2), "The Incredible Hulk" (the 2008 version), "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" purely entertaining into something that miraculously makes the larger-than-life dimensions of the superheroes more instantly relatable.

I'm not saying the movie was terrible, it was enjoyable for the most part (Downey had some awesome one liners!

Joss Whedon understood this movie is about giving audiences what they want to see with lots of Marvel superhero's in one movie, thrilling action sequences, humor and pure entertainment.


The Marvel's movie The Avengers is an action packed comedy sci-fi movie all in one.

It's dumb, the characters are bland, the story is in consistent, and to put it bluntly I was board for the entire film.

I recommend you all take my advice and don't waste your time on such dread cause it's not worth it.

Thor was a bore, taking his old school power thing too too seriously.

Avengers is a celebrity jamboree of sorts, and yet Whedon manages to give each star his place, each character, his due Avengers weighs in at 146 minutes, but to his credit, Whedon keeps the pace snappy throughout, whenever things begin to sag, jokes, punchlines, and slam bam action sequences pop up to keep the party going strong.

But I always thought Marvel's characters were a lot more interesting than this bunch of costumed bores.

Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. were fabulous and incredibly entertaining as usual .

I just feel that the pacing is very slow when transition to the next action scene to the next.

I spent the first half of the movie dead bored and wondering how much was left.

This nerve wrecking movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and you watch hoping that everyone can get along in time to defeat the villain.

From the performances to the special effects this was once exciting, terrific movie, and may be as close to perfect as a superhero movie will ever get.

the avengers is worth watching i can say money well spent.

The tone and style of the movie is intense, gripping, futuristic and imaginative.

Predictable story, visual masterpiece .

The avengers is a classic marvel movie full of action, stunning special effects and the odd bit of funny humour.

This is definitely entertaining and delivers a solid action packed adventure, with plenty of effects, smart replies, blasting sound and great characters.

Cue lots of thrilling set pieces.

Iron Man 2 was a boring mess, and Thor was more of the same, only with Natalie Portman, so that made it worse.

With that said it is a blast to see all the heroes together at last, there squabbles are frequently very funny and seeing them fighting side by side always is exciting.

This movie is exactly what you would expect it to be, prepare for high adrenaline and the crowd laughing a lot more than they should about the decent jokes throughout the movie.

It's undeniably entertaining, and while it's not transcendent and genius, it's a great popcorn-flick.

The biggest Summer blockbuster of 2012 is a finely crafted, rousing adventure, sparkled with humor and character, a love of its protagonists, and above all fun.

I was bored and disinterested at least at 2 or 3 different times in the movie.

The threat to our heroes is pretty dull and lackluster.

The most confusing relationship between two characters is between Natasha Romanoff and Agent Barton.

I mean that just says something of how dull and dopey this film is at times.

Few ensemble movies, especially superhero movies offer the balanced, cohesive narrative that make for a well edited, rich character developed, and strongly compelling storyline.

The climactic showdown between the good guys and evil aliens might seem overdrawn and similar to the one in last year's Transformers- dark of the Moon, but is infinitely more enjoyable, each scene a joyous ode to the capabilities of this awesome fighting team, each sequence bettering the previous one.

It is enjoyable to watch and a great time if your watching it with friends.

There is nothing in this movie that can be described as funny, entertaining or eye-catching.

at times it drags out but counters with highly entertaining action and special effects.

Hot on the heels of Selvig's investigations is Loki of Asgard, a super villain and brother of Thor with breathtaking ambition.

They have great chemistry and their love/hate brother dynamic is always fascinating to watch.

no acting, no plot, no value...

At the end of the day if you want the most unexpected, ground shattering storyline with serious real-life connections tho may not be the best movie for you.

Certain points in the movie feel very long, and I assume this is because of the actors lack of talent, they are dull and have no feelings.

Each actor played their part to their best and I was gripping my seat at every turn.

I will keep this short and brief:The plot was paper thin, the characters used cheesy lines which dragged the movie out, and the special effects compensated for the former flaws.

Otherwise, don't waste your time.

The visual CGI is stunning and everything looks about as real as you can touch them.

The movie I chose to write my review on is the movie Avengers ,I chose this movie because it is an action packed ad enter that will blow the mind of any human being who watches it.

This is very predictable, six superheroes against one villain, by those odds it's obvious who will win.

He also has a slow developing scheme that becomes steadily more known and dangerous as the plot develops.

Overrated, Cliché Marvel Film .

The story bores you in between.

It was bland, predictable, and lacking in many fields, such as character depth and plot.

Despite these fall backs, though, this is still an enjoyable film to watch.

The Avengers falls nowhere short of delivering a fiery and action packed roller coaster ride of explosions.

I really liked Iron Man but his one- or two-liners in this film are not funny, but very cheesy and predictable.

There's the occasionally hammy line or ever so slightly cheesy moment, actually evocative of Whedon's style, that's only more amplified by the distance afforded by time and the fact that this flick wasn't what the MCU now is nor was it what the MCU then was, as it represented a shift in the 'universe' that was then shifted again rather quickly.

Whilst I had the great opportunity to watch this epic in the cinema in 3D, the film is equally as stunning on an average television set, with the final battle between the Avengers and Loki's army being one of the most spectacular scenes in a superhero movie.

Robert Downy Jr. is arguably too old to portray Tony Stark now, and I concur that he is better suited as Sherlock Holmes and not the so-called talisman of this franchise, but nonetheless he delivers an enjoyable portrayal.

And despite the dull NYC "big finale", there was some exciting Summer spectacle herein (mostly in the fight scenes).

A battle between some of our favorite superheroes and an army of aliens is pretty exciting to say the least.

Though unconventional, this ensures that the action is just as absorbing as the dialogue, and works well to this effect, allowing both of those aspects to support each other.

The pacing in the story was also off, and in between the intense and exciting action sequences I felt bored of the cheap, although sometimes hilarious dialogue.

What I admire about The Avengers is that it doesn't go in guns blazing from the start, it doesn't open with the Avengers themselves but with Nick Fury and Maria Hill, who are there right at the beginning of what is eventually one of the best superhero movies ever, charged with explosive action, mind blowing spectacle and big laughs.

It's only exciting if you can't see past the CGI and battle scenes.

The movie was very entertaining and well done.

It's unexpected and I never knew what was coming next.

That character too was bland beyond words and received no fleshing out or development (except maybe in the T.

Back to the cliche terrible jokes, no character development.

I wanted this film to be great more than anything, but in the end, it just let me feeling empty and unsatisfied.

The scene of the massacre in the city in the final is fascinating, although the "scene" is not called the language, because of its wide time frame.

Whedon, especially through the smartaleck banter of the self-absorbed Iron Man/Tony Stark, provides several hilarious one-liners and dialogue that keep this enterprise from sinking into ponderous self-importance.

This movie is good because it is exciting, funny, and it has some of the nicest super heroes from comic books.

The movie started slow for me, but then gets action packed and is nonstop for the rest of the movie.

Acting is a joy to watch from the whole cast; Robert Downey Jr is as enjoyable as ever as Tony Stark, while Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans provide decently commanding performances.

I would highly recommend this movie to everyone, it is entertaining, humorous, and overall a blast to watch.

These types of films are meant to be fun and exciting, even if that means reusing formulas for action films.

Me and my friends got front row seats and experienced the full gripping action this movie had to offer.

Thus, characters being fully developed there was a bad thing because it finally made the characters (in the Avengers) quite boring as they were all good and had absolutely no bad qualities.

extremely boring .

There's no story line, a terrible script, Annoying Characters and Pointless endless hoards of enemies who what to kill everyone like usual (for some reason).

The climax is as extravagant as you would expect with lots of immense action set pieces and it is thrilling to see all the characters work together, though it definitely drags on a little too much and at times feels like action overload.

I can only hope that in the upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron they can add something new or compelling.

On the flip side of this, I will say that I was very disappointed in Chris Evan's Captain America and I think his blatant lack of emotion and all times is unsettling and boring to watch.

Some films are boring, some are bluntly stupid; and, for the most part, it turns out that "entertainment" can be called only a few luxuriously shot scenes, and at other times the viewer is forced to entertain himself with popcorn and cold cola.

I really enjoyed it from start to finish, leaving you with wanting to see more.

Worth watching .

Wonderful, Amazing, Thrilling .

The fighting sequences and the choreography that was put together in that shot was impressive and entertaining.

All the snappy dialog in the whole movie MAYBE equaled two minutes.

Don't waste your time with this movie.

The Avengers is a spectacle to behold; it's thrilling, funny, and actually musters up quite a bit of unexpected character development.

The visual effects and action sequences of the last fourty minutes were sensational and thrilling, yet the long part before it was boring and useless.


Captain America was entertaining if a bit far fetched.

His performance, what he does with every moment of screen time, is much more exciting than any alien snake going through the sky.

The unexpected quality comes in the form of the Hulk.

Renner is pretty intense and interesting.

I thought the dull section of the film on the floating ship would never end.

Finally, the antagonist was hardly foreboding to ever present a sense of danger or worry against so many heroes, all equal protagonists, all dreadfully dull - especially Bruce Banner.

The Avengers delivers on being a great superhero movie with quality special effects and an entertaining plot while also making the audience laugh throughout the entire movie.

Predictable .

Despite its awkward title (I'll refer to it as Avengers), Avengers fulfils its very goal in bringing together the characters of the Marvel cinematic universe and making an incredibly entertaining action movie.

A great action packed movie with the hero's we have come to love and know.

Avengers make me sleep right now .

It was exciting, it was humorous, and it was just what 2012 needed for the Summer Movie season.

By slowly introducing each character we are better able to see each hero's personality bounce of the others in a sort of entertaining experiment that takes place right before our eyes.

Over rated mind numbing boredom .

It's a film you want to watch when you are in for some pointless fun.

and don't even get me started on the amount of fighting, yay fun, its an action, but some was just pointless, where on earth do I even need to put any thought into this movie let alone see what the heck is going on cause the explosions and gunshots are so distracting, I think I have literally put more thought into writing this review than the amount of thought running through my mind whilst watching this movie.

Odd, yet entertaining .

The Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America movies were more enjoyable on their own.

The cast performances are hugely enjoyable as they bounce off of one and other, feeding off the respective thespian energy with a knowing of the right tone to make this colourful comic book world be all that it can be.

Hulk has his moments, and captain America is one of the most boring comic book characters i have ever seen in this movie.

At least you'll have a couch to fall asleep on to get through the middle part.

Keeping the humor even in some of the more action packed parts of the movie can keep many of the non-comic fans interested in the movie.

All of the actors perform very well, especially Tom Hiddleston as Loki but with the exception of Jeremy Renner's portrayal of Hawleye, which was very dull and boring.

I made a decision, and walked out of the film half way through.

Most of the characters are full of themselves and unbearable to watch in all their unpleasantness, others are just useless ragdolls, I've never felt even the slightest sign of danger or distress, and the funny parts weren't that funny.

*A satisfying conclusion with a very surprising (and exciting) reveal after the credits.

Aside from a slightly baggy middle section, this is a very entertaining and enjoyable film (very minor spoilers) .

Just like most movies in this genre ( there are a few exceptions ) it has its own cliché's and tropes like they are coming out of a factory assembly line.

His role as the cool, calculating scientist with a touch of emotional instability, "I'm always angry," was highly engaging.

I will minus another 1 point for the confusing subplot involving Loki in the helicarrier.

The action scenes are grand, awesome, brutal, and entertaining as hell to watch.

It comes like this, the film starts, there is a lot of boring/annoying bla-bla-blah and, after Mr. Stark tells Loki that they have The Hulk, Bruce Banner reappears, someone says him that it would be good if he could get angry, to which Dr. Banner replies...

The movie does have some good action near the end during the last 45 minutes which I enjoyed, however, I was so bored with the first one hour and fifteen minutes of the movie, that the last half barely makes up for it.

Two and a half hours of stunning effects and breathtaking action, great acting and directing, interesting characters, a few witty remarks, but all together is kind of vain and pointless.

After all this sequence of predictable events where no protagonist was harmed and good guys win , what do we have ?

The film quickly ceases to be fun for me, in part because it is so empty.

It is an action packed movie with something new and unexpected going on at all times.

On an overall scale, The Avengers is an ambitious adventure for the masses containing all the right ingredients of a genuine blockbuster material and the best thing about it is that nothing gets overdone as every element is present in its right dose, be it action, humour, drama etc. An astonishingly great initiative that will satisfy the majority of its viewers with its wildly entertaining, fun-filled, roller- coaster ride, this is the perfect popcorn entertainer for all ages.

I didn't hold up much hope for Avengers Assemble but i still saw, and enjoyed it, even if Scarlett Johansen shouldn't be within 1000feet of these movies ever.

The man who plays Loki is a Great actor and his performance in the movie was very good, however even his good acting didn't stop me from being bored, and that's mainly because by this part of the movie, one hour has gone by with nothing happening.

It has no plot.

See it if you can handle 2 and a half hours of predictable, senseless and bad entertainment.

Overally the cast fit their roles well-enough to create an enjoyable, rocking atmosphere that will hold you tight in place until the very end.

this movie is the worst movie ever made, what happened to black widow make his own movie you know?

Anybody with the very least amount of self-respect, stay away from this movie, How this garbage achieved to get 8.6 on IMDb is more entertaining for me than watching that movie.

The large scale fight on the aircraft carrier is exciting as well as varied and it's nice to see all the Avengers in battle.

Alan Silvestri's score is one of the most rousing, uplifting and exciting in Hollywood blockbuster history and if anything comes close to delivering the epic feel that this movie is so obviously going for, it's his music.

Also, while the film may not have had the most introspective protagonists, they had some entertaining tiffs.

Instead I was saddened, shocked and bored to the point of irritation.

And the ones who haven't, wake up and see reality that your pointless Marvel Heroes are Zeros.

I honestly found that lame and uninteresting.

I felt bored to the core during the first half of the movie, which goes for over an hour, with boring pretentious dialogues not much happening, and scenes that don't add anything to the film.

What makes this movie an enjoyable and entertaining experience?

There were moments in The dreaming girl that were so intense that I barely breathe.

Avengers Initiative The Avengers is an action packed film that leaves one asking for more.

I thought that was one of the most boring parts of the movie, in fact, I remember watching that scene and feeling very bored and tired, I nearly fell asleep too.

We start off with an intense opening that had me on the edge of my seat until the opening logo popped up showing it's beautiful face.

It was a lame three-minute scene that went nowhere and ended in a crappy way.

This movie was very well written and was action packed the entire movie (no kidding)!!!!

Much as it might chafe adrenaline addicts impatiently waiting for the cataclysmic New York smackdown, the movie takes its time to establish the god of mischief and evil Loki's (Tom Hiddleston') nefarious partnership with the Predator-like aliens the Chitari and their unholy contract (Chitauri, in exchange for the Tesseract's (or Cosmic Cube's) improbably infinite power, send an endless horde of warriors through a space portal to help Loki conquer Earth).

He is one of the most boring characters in the movie.

Her screen presence is so intense that I kept waiting (and wanting) more from her than to just be Samuel Jackson's aide-de-camp.

If that is the kind of scenario which deserves to be acclaimed from every corner, why should directors like Christopher Nolan keep working on adding depth and substance to their movies if immature and empty scenarios such as The Avengers can earn as much praise?

Every single character in this movie is played to perfection by their actor or actress which makes you care about the characters which helps make up for the lack of plot because lets be honest, the entire movie takes place on a flying aircraft carrier with the superheroes arguing with each other just waiting for the big finale in New York.

I think Age of Ultron will be better but this is still a fun and enjoyable film.

It's totally a ride, i was on the edge of my seat as I watched it the first time.

On top of that, it's very cliché.

This was a poor movie, and how well it was received by critics shows how big corporations like Disney now control the industry with propaganda in order to create mass hysteria.

I don't usually comment on a film for which I'm completely neutral, but this film deserves a neutral comment as it's such a waste of time and money.

If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend you do because it is pure, adrenaline filled enjoyment.

Granted, the film is still better than one's average super hero film and was still enjoyable.

A waste of time.

Really boring though.

It really teaches you what some flashes and a few of your favourites can do to create a fanboy paradise full of "jaw-dropping" boredom that will leave you wondering why you ever torrented this or spent those 20 dollars on an utter pile of ****.

Fun, action-packed, stunning movie .

I was bemused - I actually got bored.

Although this film seemed to drag on at the beginning, it ended up being well developed and action packed which kept me wanting more.

The action is fantastic, with a number of exciting set pieces.

My 6 year old son loves it, my 45 year old father loves it, and even my 65 year old grandmother watched the entire thing with the family, and enjoyed it.

The action in 'Dragon Wars' and 'Transformers' was a lot more realistic and more enjoyable than this.

The plot is uninteresting and quite honestly stupid, and nothing really is driving this story along.

It has all the favorite clichés: 'the evil' that will destroy the world, we have typical jerk->hero transformation (with pseudo sacrifice) and all the others 'unpredictable' character evolutions...

His ability to stay calm and relaxed is inspiring to the viewers but when he loses the ability, it creates an intense moment that keeps the audience members on the edge of their seats.

Absolutely Breathtaking .

Whilst the action scenes were undoubtedly entertaining, it was in the film's smaller moments, in which the characters share the screen (particularly the chemistry between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner) that make the film such a success.

If you haven't seen a Hollywood movie for 4 years you might enjoy this one, otherwise you'll just be bored by the same old crap as usual.

The reputation instead should be "enjoyable superhero flick".

I was bored to proverbial tears.

The most intriguing part of the movie, aside from the fight scenes, are the character dynamics.

Action packed, incredible visual effects, unforgettable characters, great acting, amazing on screen chemistry, filled with subtle humor with impeccable comedic timing, fantastically choreographed fighting scenes...

The special effects were tremendous, as they shoul be and they brought a very significant and pleasunt quantity of humour in this movie, that was really helpful and enjoyable.

The director modulates the rousing fight scenes well enough so you don't eventually feel overwhelmed and worn out.

Incredibly thrilling, very well-acted and directed, with a witty script and heroes you can really believe in, at least for a couple of hours…The Avengers is an instant action classic.

Beyond that I had to pick and choose what I liked and what seemed to be dragged out a bit.

The Avengers was greatly entertaining.

There is some language and intense battle scenes.

Some snappy one-liners from Downey Jr., explosions, an excessive use of CGI, good guys win, bad guys lose, dot dot dot.

That movie was shot very well and everything worked perfectly for me with that movie, even the ending was better and far more entertaining.

It's sort of entertaining, but dramatically uninteresting and shallow.

It's entertaining, the production value is high, and it's just a good action flick.

) Much has been said about turning Nick Fury into Ebony Fury: personally, I think it improved the rather bland, James Bond wannabe type that the character was for several decades following his introduction in the comic-bookies...

He was a compelling villain, intimidating and funny at times.

If they kind of just sprung it on us instead of building up to it and spoon feeding us it could've been better All in all an enjoyable action movie with surprisingly funny bits mainly thanks to Downey Junior delivering his lines to aplomb Still looking forward to the sequel which should be better

Oh, and as a result, the ending is very predictable.

Whedon opted for a more light hearted and entertaining overall feel with none of the heavy handed forced philosophy, though there is a well-played theme of the need for cooperation.

That said, the special effects were about 90% fantastic with the remaining percentage devoted to the awful out-of-world and in space aliens surrounding the ho-hum and dull villain.

The humour and emotions in the film feels compelling, convincing and genuinely realistic.

We get a sense of Stark and Potts relationship, some back story for Black Widow and Hawkeye, the confusion of Rogers and so forth.

This is a film where you can only watch it once and be overjoyed, a second time will be too boring and the third is unbearable to watch.

An enjoyable movie with a great cast.

Six Marvel superheroes in one movie, same save-the-world bullshit that we have seen & been disappointed with countless number of times and yet, The Avengers works in an unexpected but very effective manner and is bigger, better & far more amusing plus enjoyable than all the previous films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe combined, and succeeds in surpassing all hype & expectations with surprising but stunning ease.

If you want an action packed movie with an all around amazing experience, I would definitely recommend The Avengers to you.

There is a scene on the ship where Captain America walks off by himself and tries to fix the ship, and I must say that scene is VERY BORING.

In terms of the action sequences, the attack on the Hellcarrier and all the associated scenes are certainly the most exciting.

The set up also took way too long and was uninteresting.

The Avengers received praise from a wealth of critics, highlighting the powerful storytelling, camaraderie between actors, special effects, and intense actions sequences that paid homage to its heavy comic book origins while remaining grounded in reality.

Black Widow and Hawkeye's vague yet uninteresting relationship bores the hell out of you.

This film is boring, uninspired, over-hyped, so badly scripted/plotted that it can't even be called "pretentious" (is that good or bad, for a film of this genre?!

All in all, the movie is very entertaining and is well worth its greater than 2 hour booty killer time.

In fact, I feel tired just writing this review because it was definitely boring at times.

"Visually, it was stunning, Phil Coulson's death was tragic, and Tony Stark's one liners were great.

I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a action packed film full of drama and chaos!

My one complaint about this movie was the predictable ending.

I really am a fan of Joss Whedon and own the entire Buffy collection, but I counted two - maybe three - snappy lines of dialogue in this.

So much flashing scenes, flat and undeveloped characters, dull conversions that after half of movie you really start think how can someone glorify this piece of c**p!

Anyways the fighting and action sequences are really entertaining and cool to watch.

Yet, Avengers Assemble has left me teetering on the edge of an existential crisis: I'm just too old for this s**t.

The slightly slow beginning.

I actually fell asleep in the cinema and when I woke up after 2/3rds of the movie I was not surprised to find that I hadn't missed anything, the plot unfolded as expected.

I'm disappointed with the IMDb rating and feel that the studios are now finding ways to game the ratings system by adding a bunch of paid propaganda.

Utterly Formulaic and Totally Predictable.

Overrated with some enjoyable moments .

Hoolywood has become so boring, it's sad.

Simple and predictable .

What was really remarkable was the script, filled with thoughtful exposition and snappy banter that stayed true to The Avengers while also with Joss Whedon's own style that was apparent in a lot of his other work.

The acting in this movie is phenomenal, the characters are amazing and full of depth, and this is absolutely stunning.

The acting is below average and all characters, except Iron Man portrayed by Robert Downey Junior are as dull as you can get.

intense action sequences-check.

Loki's motives are vague, his plan confusing at best, and at no point is his character even that menacing.

Although not much of a physical threat, his The Joker-like move to allow himself to be imprisoned gives him the fuel to be cunning and unpredictable in performance and in actuality.

not everyone is going to get an Oscar for best actor no matter how many films they make, some of the hook and line dialogue was spoken as if they were bored, perhaps they were.

And then, the Movie is so confusing and unrealistic...

Probably my favorite part of the movie was the dynamic and engaging characters.

But, man, the story was way too much cliché (a bad guy wants to take down the Earth and heroes have to save the Earth and they win...

Gets you on the edge of you seats.

Without the additional background of the prior films, The Avengers seems to be confusing.

" I don't write reviews in general, but forced to do it for this film such a a letdown and waste of time even though it's got one of the best ever ratings on IMDb.

Joss Whedon is a brilliant director and writer (I loved Firefly), and most of the actors (particularly Downey Jr., Renner, and Ruffalo) are usually enjoyable.

I really enjoyed Captain America, Thor, and the first Iron Man, but The Avengers is just a mostly boring, repetitive, excessively long mess of self-indulgence.

Joss Whedon, in his second film that he's directed, stages the most exultantly good-humored, head-on, rousing series, as well as some interesting character interactions and development between our heroes.

Marvel Universe so utterly a dull place .

OK for fans of this genre; dull for everybody else .

It's also the blockbuster I saw in my head when I imagined a movie that brought together the idols of the Marvel world in one shiny, stupendously exciting package.

Their capabilities usually fall short, but not in this case, Thor engaging the Hulk in an almost even battle is a perfect example of what this movie does right.

The characters are flat, static, uninteresting people portrayed by uninspired actors.

It also happens to be exciting, funny and self aware enough to know just how seriously to treat the material.

The plot is simple and predictable, it doesn't leave you thinking and it's certainly not surprising and intuitive.

The first Iron Man was the only good one, the character is now dull and annoying.

From the empty backstory for the 'bad guys', to a total lack of empathy for any of the main characters, I found this whole experience soul crushingly dull.

I don't mind action films, but action films with a great deal of special effects are often somewhat tiresome affairs.

However, the background of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man 2, are almost mandatory prior to watching, or The Avengers will make no sense, and possibly bore you to death.

A bit boring .

The Avengers is a truly amazing, dazzaling, and breathtaking film that I hold it even higher than The Dark Knight.

That said, it is still worth watching, and it has good scenes and is pretty to watch.

But I do believe Tony Stark delves more and more into that self-absorbing personality of his, driving me a bit nuts.

the whole concept is a great idea, and the story is really good and exciting.

The only other action scene I can think of that happened before the boring ship scene would be Loki's lame speech at the party scene.

The "Avengers" was an action packed movie from start to finish.

A movie that kept me on the edge of my seat and finding it hard to hit the pause button to go do what comes needed after several cold refreshments.

You also have a lame scene where this guy or guys, (I don't remember because it was so boring) were firing bullets at Captain America, and he hardly even puts up a fight!!

America, but I just thought it was too in the 40's (kind of boring).

Such a boring introduction and lame character revilement.

The first bit of the movie was kind of slow, although the Thor and Captain America movies were like that as well.

However, viewing this as a stand-alone film, without knowing the extended comic-book background, the events in the film, however exciting, don't make much sense.

Much of this very over-long movie consists of characters battling, flying around, running around, more fighting, etc., etc. My reaction: giant yawn!


It is very good and I really enjoyed it.

At times, to me, it grew boring, because there was nothing to get excited about besides action, big stars and comedy.

There is no plot.

Boring 1st half, great 2nd half .

The movie starts out a little slow, and the plot is very simple, bad guy wants to take over the world and will do nothing to stop until he does.

After introducing us through the characters via solo movies, this movie now teams them up in a highly enjoyable and fun movie.

This heightens the tension, so often missing from comic-book movies, and adds real weight to the story as well as the action sequences which are thrilling and often mesmerizing.

The scenes are entertaining and hilarious especially when the characters are interacting with one another during the film such as Captain America meeting Iron Man after the confrontation with Loki, Iron Man mocking Captain America and Thor, the chemistry with Bruce Banner is poetic in the S.

What is seen here — and the China market for Hollywood blockbusters is as large as the US market — is a dull-witted, good-hearted American soldier taking command.

The story was, for me at least, rather slow paced up to the point where the alien army came through the portal.

I myself am not a comic book enthusiast, so I do not personally care for superheroes and the sort, but the movie itself just seemed so bland.

) that Whedon has managed to make this work, let alone being as entertaining as it is.

While sometimes overlong, it's entertaining, and the action scenes are amazing.

Second, all the science and techno talk throughout makes little sense and is very difficult to follow.

A Stunning Visual Effects-Driven Spectacle .

If the characters were more developed and explained in the rising action of the movie, I believe I would have enjoyed it much more.

Though, the action was incredible – and it prevented the viewer from becoming bored.

After an unexpected enemy begins to threaten the security of the world, Nick Fury, played by Samuel L.

In terms of the story, it's nothing groundbreaking or original, but it's still entertaining.

The only superhero movie better than this one before its release was definitely The Dark Knight, but this is a film that is much more fun and exciting.

Once things were explained to me and I understood the role each character played it was a very good and entertaining movie.

The main flaw is the dull, generic and cliché ridden story which is just really poorly written.

The CGI was used really well and found the right balance with making the dangers threatening and not overcrowding the whole scene with explosions, in every street corner until the audience get bored, the fireworks if overused to the point of having the same affects as sparklers on the big screen as the novelty wears off.

Although I can hardly imagine an audience that would disapprove of this film, I must give a warning out to movie-go'ers who are not keen to special-effects action sequences, and some intense scenes, as these are largely found in "The Avengers.

Just got back from seeing the Avengers and have to say that I enjoyed it.

The Avengers is hardly a masterpiece, but is one of the most effortlessly entertaining films I've ever seen, with a witty script, an extremely talented cast, and Scarlett Johansson's arse back in spandex.

After watching the film today, I decided to review this film because I am literally on the edge of my seat for the sequel and every time I wake up for university or for work, I view all three trailers and get even more excited and emotional for the film!

The expensive cast does well enough, but the film's length and one-dimensional plot grows tiresome and the noisy soundtrack seems designed to prevent dozing.

Delivering an action packed film isn't all that hard to do though.

I was hoping to be blown away with the action packed story line the trailers promised.

That said, while the visual effects and stunts keep up viewer engagement, imagination does tend to lag behind - the fighting is repetitive.

The first 1 and a half hours of the movie is really boring, and I actually considered leaving the cinema, but then the movie catch up with some really cool and visually stunning scenes.

A heated battle with flickers of comedy and adrenaline pumping fight scenes could not have been made any more awesome.

What was really enjoyable especially was the toe-to-toe with Thor and Iron Man and Hulk.

My favorite part is when Thor fought with Captain America (due to Captain America being chosen as the leader) because it was so unexpected.

With superb acting, intense battle scenes, and a surprisingly enjoyable story line and script, this movie differs from many others in the movie industry today.

To say that "Avengers" is a typical entertaining movie would be fundamentally wrong - in fact Marvel was removed practically by the standard representative of the genre, which uses every minute of its timing as effectively as possible.

From the terrible 'Fantastic Four' films to the ridiculously awful 'Thor' film, there was no doubt in my mind that the film would lack any real substance, but instead focus on immature, repetitive, one- liners.

What these people did was create a movie that was just perfect for the American public, clever but not smart, shallow, and just the right amount of repetitive one-liners to get my fellow movie-goers going.

By 1/3 the way into the film, none of the characters draw one in, the story is uncompelling and I find myself only waiting in boredom for the next fight scenes which turn out to be formulaic and insufficient to warrant further viewing.

I am not one to rush to see a film the day of release, as I'd rather watch it alone in an empty cinema.

Unlike anything ever done before, The Avengers blends dozens of famous actors into an engaging plot full of action that is contrasted by the subtle points of human reflection and punctuated by brilliant special effects and superb acting.

Overall this is an extremely funny, enjoyable and well produced movie and is fun for all the family especially the younger generation.

Boring, unnecessary complicated story and almost no action.

Highest no story rating ever.

From that point on, every conversation of confusion between the characters and talk of what the next step will be to take seems pointless.

It was defiantly worth watching and is one of the best superhero films.

Just cant understand why people are soooo hyped over it, very cliché, bad acting (apart from Jr) dialogue was atrocious, and the story has been done time and time before.. Yawn!

Still, it's pretty amazing what bundling seven or so of the most beloved comic characters of all time into one package can do when it comes to creating an entertaining diversion.

A thoroughly entertaining action-packed thrill ride with a good sense of humour and a superb cast.

For edge of the seat action, intriguing plot and to have a good laugh from time to time.

I adore a lot of the other MCU films but for me, this one just feels empty.

But the first hour is unbearable, and all the banter and big speeches in the world can't make up for the corporate hollowness at the centre of the movie.

How the camera panned across each hero who was doing something that effected the next person was stunning.

The action sequences are painfully long and predictable.

It is exactly what a superhero movie should be: Exciting, fun, and funny.

Every single one of these characters (Loki included) is entirely one-dimensional and frankly, boring to watch.

Overall cheesy, completely devoid of any novelties and shamelessly formulaic.

I'm talking wowed along the lines of what I was having left the theater the first time I saw The Dark Knight.

Horrible scripts, least menacing villain ever, no chemistry between the actors, and mundane story line.

The action sequences of Hulk were worth watching again and again, just to note the expressions and daredevil stunts.

It's not a perfect film though, it does have quite a large block in the middle, between the capture of Loki and Barton's attack that feels a little draggy, again there's a lot of good character work here but compared to the later films it's a little slow.

All of the cast are great, the score by Alan Silvestri is epic, and the script is full of witty dialogue that elevates the entertaining action sequences.

Although it offers some witty dialogue every now and then, along with the occasionally exciting action sequence, it is bogged down by clichéd storytelling and a remarkably weak villain.

this cliché drivel extravaganza was more than painful to sit through, also the explosions were too loud, i had to occasionally turn the volume up when i cant hear them speaking and then BOOOM!

Same old cliché stuff .

Yawn .

The plot is a cliché, nothing interesting in that; the screenplay is not very good, either, and the acting isn't academy award material (screenplay didn't help here; when there's no realism in the story, the field for the actor gets really small: performances couldn't have been much better than that).

All the superheros got a fair amount of spot light, unpredictable plot, tones of actions, over 2 hours, and excellent visual effects.

The storyline is so tedious (I don't even care if it's based on a popular comic series) that i wouldn't be surprised if a 5 year old wrote this movie.

really boring movie .

This is a quintessential Joss Whedon Scooby gang, and he's great at the snappy dialog and friend-hate comradry.

The amounts of an exciting action in "The Avengers" are vast, and the density of the movie stars would make any blockbuster jealous.

Whilst there is a real lack of tension as you know, none of the main heroes will actually die, it's still an entertaining movie that hits almost all of the spots.

This is action and effects for every buck, there is a story, but the plot can be hard to follow and you tend to concentrate on all the eye-candy most of the time.

In the final telling, THE AVENGERS will thrill with its stunning action, thoughtful characterization, and the simple fact that Marvel managed to cram all these colorful icons onto one bombastic piece of celluloid.


Marvel's The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble, as it's known in the UK and other markets) is everything we've been hoping for an exciting superhero team-up film packed with memorable moments.

Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, in particular, were very unwatchable even though like Lost in Translation and The Hurt Locker.

Every single facet of this farce is totally predictable from start to finish.

The heroes first beat each other up, then they make peace, then they beat up bland Loki and his alien invaders - that's the story.

A couple of chuckles from the one liners, action scenes that went on too long, and a predictable and inevitable ending.

Highly enjoyable movie experience ensues.

"The Avengers" promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with adrenaline and laughter flowing through your body.

The film is so predictable I knew even before It actually started what was gonna happen.

I pretty much became bored due to feeling no connection with the characters and nothing unexpected happening...

Still, I found it strangely empty.

So their actions are thus uninteresting.

I can't say that that alone would be worth the price of admission, but it surely put a smile on my bored face.

General Zod is back :DBut it was still entertaining and i will see it a third and 4th time!

The Avengers is entertaining, with many funny moments, one-liners, unexpected events, and even long fights between the superheroes themselves.

The numerous fights and shootouts are excellently choreographed and filmed, and the climactic alien invasion is stunning in its size and complexity.

When we finally get to the fight scene with Thor VS the Hulk, about an hour had gone by which is way too long.

If you don't believe me, check out the thrilling alien-bashing finale on the streets of Manhattan - it is a pure fan boy wet-dream.

The episode with Loki is actually how he tricks the Hulk to destroy train tracks, however, with the more action packed society today this story wouldn't have gone over as well.

SO: This movie is entertaining, if you like lots of CGIs and action; there is NO Original/Surprising story.

This is a very entertaining movie.

Two and a half hours of thrilling action, stunts, huge floating ships, creatures from another world, and more.

After giving a long-winded and boring speech about wanting to rule the humans, he gets into a lame scuffle with Captain America which was nothing special either.

The film has a simple storyline, but it's very well-paced filled with adrenaline and streams very nicely.

It is just a series of predictable, naive events without any kind of surprise or suspense.

It just felt a bit contrived and isn't very involving.

Action, great acting, a fantastic cast, mind blowing effects, humour, suspense, in short...

Take Stark, witty fellow who cracks jokes every now and then; add Rogers,law- abiding soldier; Thor, the god of thunder who is thorn between his will to protect the Earth and his affection to brother Loki, who is plotting more than ever a way to enslave our planet; take also a new version of Banner/Hulk, brilliantly played by Mark Ruffalo,and two characters- Black Widow and Hawkeye-who, although only superficially introduced in the previous chapters of the franchise, manage to add freshness and continuity at the same time to the original group: the result is an absorbing and entertaining piece of work.

Old superheroes' formula, boring story.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is entertaining as ever.

It isn't the best Marvel film, but it represented a big leap for the studio, and the genre as a whole, and is an enjoyable ride throughout.

It made no sense, was utterly talky and boring for a huge chunk of it.

The story was sub-par and very predictable.

Mister Blonde, Mister Angry, Mister Smug, Mister Boring, Mister Forgettable and Little Miss Lycra gang up to punch CGI aliens repeatedly in the face whilst Tom Hiddlestone does his best Shere Khan impersonation.

As far as the plot is concerned it is equally absurd and predictable, there's no big twists and a lot of it does stick to some already well-worn clichés.

The Avengers movie is a classic good defeats evil, action adventure, adrenaline-rush feel good movie.

I also suggest sitting near the wall, because during the intense action scenes, the walls vibrate and it gives you a feeling of actually being in the movie.

This film is is an empty shell covered with dazzling lights.

I don't like this film for the same reasons that I don't like the 2009 Star Trek movie: it just ends up being one big battle scene and you don't know what is happening or with whom, becoming extremely hard to follow.

I found myself on the verge of falling asleep during this entire film.

Even with amazing special effects and compelling characters, I believe he could have made a better storyline with more surprises.

Vibrant, fun and overwhelmingly entertaining, Avengers fulfills all prerequisites of a quintessential summer blockbuster.

Black Widow is good lookingLoki is a boring villainDC probably see this movie and can make it better with Justice Leauge.

There is lots of action throughout this is all pretty exciting and the technology they use looks great; I particularly liked the Helicarrier, a flying aircraft character reminiscent of the 'Cloud Base' in 'Captain Scarlet' only this one is introduced to us when it is in the water.

They added humor in all the right places that kept the movie from becoming too slow.

There are so many characters, yet it never felt too many, production values are solid, the script engaging, with loads and loads of nonstop action.

Jeremy Renner is simply okay as expert archer Hawkeye and he does look the part, but he is given little development and comes off as a bit boring.


It has a B-movie feel to it, but is extremely entertaining.

Thor fight was breathtaking, Hulk vs.

So,if you are unsure about whether to see the Avenger or not, I highly recommend it!

Action: The action sequences are all very entertaining in a larger than life kind of way.

Probably one of the worst movies ever made !

The script is not good, by adding some over-dramatic, cheesy and boring dialogue doesn't make a movie good.

Overall, the movie is halfway decent, it's smart, and it's entertaining, and, unlike many junk films like Michael Bay's, it actually allows for sufficient blockbuster emotional involvement, and it has a good, wise balance between story and action/effects.

Alerted by the general opinion of "if you can survive the boring first 60 minutes, the latter part will blow you away", maybe "boring" is a lesser word, the inter-conversations among these superheroes are way too tedious to arouse any interest, and in light of my last encounter with THOR (2011), I know he is a boredom, then here comes his worsen twin, Captain America, so it is dumb and dumber situation.

The CGI sequences are stunning, and the various locations in the film are visually pleasing.

The story and dialog was created with full blown Hollywood style treatment, but enjoyable and sometimes very funny.

Instead Joss Whedon has introduced dollops of solid stand-up comic one-liners and humor that seems pretentious clever cover-ups even as they hit home.

The film's finale provides a amazingly deafening crescendo of action that is beyond breathtaking.

All of their contributions come together in that thrilling "Avengers Assemble" scene during the final action sequence, when our heroes are standing together in a circle, facing their enemies, a team at last.

She sucks man, she's some pretentious fighter bitch, her ass is not that great, she's too short.

Every scene and plot twist is utterly predictable, the special effects are boring and the only thing to admire is Samuel L.

It was amazing to see the team fight, either in tandem or by themselves, for 20ish action packed minutes.

the main battle was great but lasted such a long time without anything but plain violence; I wanted to leave, predictable ending Loki's defeated,hooray.

Did you see "The Ledge" it is so drab they could have saved money and filmed it in black and white.

Is Avengers worth watching?

The first hour and a half was just a torture with mindless talk and few fights fought in dark.

) The Queen in Yellow: 7 out of 10 (Still tired of Comic Book movies but this one is very exciting.

Essentially, the major problem with this film is that it plays way too safely and its predictable.

Containing, mild feel good humour, riviting story line, well played roles by well loved actors, absolutely mind blowing special effects, and a jaw dropping goosebump inducing sense of nostalgia that links you directly to your youth irregardless of age or interest in the comic books themselves!

They are all there in an action packed adventure that challenges the eye and the ear.

The action sequences are also very well choreographed and edited, with none of the mindless, fast cut editing or excessive slow-motion cliché that is so common in many of today's films.

Usually I'm able to see superhero movies over and over again but I've only seen this movie once and a half, that's how boring it really is.

It's totally predictable and not funny, it contains so many lame jokes that it makes you feel a bit nauseated at some points.

Bad writing- the whole story puts boredom and annoyance on your head taking place in that big obvious CGI plane thing and at last 15 minutes- "YES ENJOY CGI GLORY WITH FIGHT" 5.

The story line is excellent and the movie has you on the edge of your see throughout.

I dragged my heels when it came to Avengers Assemble.

The most intriguing aspect of his character, an emotional detachment from modern culture, is barely even mentioned.

The action sequences, especially during the climax, were breathtaking and exciting, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained.

Anyway, flash forward to me falling asleep in the movie, butt numb, and I keep picturing that Tshirt.

It consists of every cliché you can imagine and there is absolutely nothing that could recommend it for more than a super-hero movie.

V Enjoyable the hate is silly .

IT includes many awesome scenes such as fighting,immense action scenes transforming of tony stark and hulk other themes of the movie are the attitude of tony,huge star cast,action packed scenes and many more.

One of the most entertaining blockbusters of all time, The Avengers may not have the perfection of the holy grail of comic-book adaptations, i.

I booked tickets for this as my boyfriend wanted to catch it before it left the cinemas, and from the trailer it looked like great fun, but after a very achy backside from sitting and squirming through 2 an half hours of this tripe, bored out of my brain, just wasn't worth it!

I find this movie dull, tedious and boring.

Subjective, but I enjoyed it more than a lot of the other stuff around.

The avengers is a very exciting movie with really good fighting scenes in it.

I am still excited for the sequel, there's no doubt about that, it will most likely be more of the same, and enjoyable.

While I wouldn't say it is the worst movie of all time it is just the fact that it is so bland and forgettable makes me hate it more than hilariously bad movies like the room or samurai cop.

All the elements that make up a crowd-pleasing blockbuster are here: There are the lovable characters played by charming movie stars, the snappy rat-tat-tat dialogue, the truly breathtaking special effects, and the sheer size of the entire project.

Why when Thor slammed his shield did he get up and then do a slow robot turn?

Joss Whedon did it again,made the most entertaining superhero movie with sheer awesomeness.


The initial set-up shows us being introduced to the characters, but the introductions are generally met with either frantic fight sequences or cheeky banter - sometimes superhero films can introduce characters in a lengthy and dull way, but it doesn't play out in this manner here and for the most part the film is often exciting, fun and enjoyable.

So, while I don't think this movie is great, it's definitely entertaining and worth seeing, and it's a very good theater experience.

Boring .

The Avengers has great entertainment value, though at the same time some of it feels quite bland and uninteresting.

If you watched ALL of the Marvel movies, the first hour is rather pointless simply because all it does is establish the background of the characters.

The action sequences are thrilling and well done with great cg integrated with live action.

And again, it's boring.

The Avengers is a blast, even if it is too long.

Unfortunately, Whedon, like the rest of us, is slave to RDJ's ego so he's left to give just dull exposition dialog to the boring and largely obsolete Captain America ("there's only one God and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that") and one-note Samuel L.

But the whole movie is rather predictable.

I have already said that the story has zero innovation and is totally formulaic.

As gripping as the story line starts off, the special effects are just as spectacular.

Getting back to this movie which is the weaker movie, it's a very slow one that did not impress me that much.

Avengers is a fun ride with enjoyable characters, a great villain, good action, and it manages to do what no film of its time was able to.

Besides, with the lack of character explanation, the film has a rushed feeling, and can become rather confusing.

And Groot (Vin Diesel) hugged the phone boringly throughout the movie just to make a hammer for the audience to shout and forget that the storyline (or even this character) is no problem.

Don't waste your time on this one.

This movie was simply 6 letter's in 1 word, "Boring".

I like looking at movies a lot and can enjoy very different genres and qualities, but falling asleep while watching is something I usually don't or cannot do.

Until the CGI battle at the end, I was a kind of bored.

i mean Mark Ruffalo was OK, but seeing Edward Norton was the most exciting thing about the avengers, and then he's not even in it.

A dull and predictable movie .

Do they really expect us to be on the edge of our seats?

I would like to know why they would bring back Loki as the main villain, he is boring, he ain't menacing and overall doesn't offer any thing intriguing.

Unbearable US simplicity and shallowness.

There are movies that surprise the audience and get a smashing success so unexpected even up to its makers, especially the budget not so generous studio and names in the cast who supposedly would not be able to attract a large audience.

When appreciated for what it is, Avengers is an entertaining ride, not taking itself too seriously whilst focusing on thrills and fun, incorporating emotion and character development into the mix.

I didn't fall asleep because I was tired, but because everything in this movie is so unbelievably boring.

The movie is so bland and predictable and none of the characters are interesting or memorable the dialog in the movie is laughably bad.

Over all the film was incredible and I enjoyed it!

It is worth watching to see the effects, especially Iron Man flying around.

Nearly every insufferable and boring cliche I've found in them can be traced back to this one.

The plot is getting quite confusing too, as things have to get in progress in order for the final battle to happen.

Pathetic dialogs and mimicry is so disgusting I wanted to leave cinema in the mid of the show...

Terrible, awful and just plain boring .

The story is boring and flimsy - Loki wants to subvert earth (why?

This is sort of confusing because it tells the story of numerous characters teaming up and forming an alliance.

A waste of some decent actors and lots and lots of money.

He keeps the audience on the edge of the seat with intense action ranging from 'in your face' hand to hand combat and 'zipping around Manhattan' flying exploits.

But besides that the movie itself was so incredible boring and very unoriginal, don't forget it was predictable too.

Firstly, there is a major lack of plot twists or changes to the story that might keep you on the edge of your seat; everything about the plot is insultingly linear and predictable and follows the most basic structure of 'goods versus evil' with a predictable injection of basic virtue and morals - in this case 'unity' and 'teamwork.

Sci-fi battle/actions and latest special effects (and equipment) having no real stand-out personality (you can see from the talk) amount to not much for one to remember the movie about in the line of many other movies that fall in the same footsteps; that is, this action intense extravaganza will be forgotten very quick; even with its attempt to insert some (kid-level) comic events along the way.

Meanwhile, Loki is an uninteresting villain and doesn't hold a candle to Heath Ledger's disturbing, brilliant portrayal of The Joker (who, on the other hand, actually seems like a villain even when he's just not doing anything).

Still, very exciting, highly entertaining, and one great ride.

After you leave the theater, and talk about some of the scenes people might have enjoyed, it goes into utter oblivion - I'm sure I won't be looking forward to buying this for my DVD/BR collection.

Not only are there big stupid CGI things and Pretty Orange Explosions aplenty, there is heart and poignancy and humor, uncertain alliances between heroes, petty arguments, snappy dialog, human frailty and godlike wrath.

If you're looking for a really fun and exciting blockbuster, The Avengers might just be that film.

The Hulk had enormous strength, Captain America in bravery, Iron Man's had ability to fly, Thor's unbearable hammer, Black Widow in sexiness, and Hawkeye's unbeatable arrows.

It's a movie that is fun for everyone, the acting is spot on and the visuals look stunning.

From beginning to end, this feels like an event unfolding, and its hard to accomplish that kind of exciting, bombastic tone and extend even to non-devotees like myself.

I have seen this movie multiple times and it has me on the edge of my seat every time.

The avengers is just a super flat super cliché super boring super hero movie...

Every moment of this film is quite enjoyable.

For me I was disappointed after seeing The Avengers however I can largely attribute that to my backgrounds in reading, understanding and writing about complex ideas, something Christopher Nolan's films have drawn out of me.

My main issue with this movie is the first hour and fifteen minutes being boring and slow!

Recently, the film industry has been criticized for the abundance of projects of a purely entertaining nature, including the "Avengers".

It was never slow, but it was often a bit uninteresting.

To summarize Avengers was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

and enjoying Havana cigars and pee his shoe are you gonna tell me about that marvel is enjoying his worst movies ever made, just like superman 4 and batman and robin?

If not, you will be thinking of the 143 boring minutes you just wasted or what other movies were playing next door you could have seen .

Most of the lines in the entire film I have completely forgotten already except ones like the above that I remembered just to point out how uninteresting they are.

Let alone, the whole plot is too predictable and boring.

In terms of the characters, though, what strikes most is out of all of them the one who ends up being the most emotionally engaging, charismatic and sympathetic is the one who is a complete CGI render - The Hulk.

Among all the triumphs of Whedon, his biggest is combining these behemoth figures and weave out a compelling conversation that is worth ten times any battle shown.

Apparently it was that easy… Overall the movie has no real plot.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

A Waste of Time .

This film was not even fun to watch the villains tearing apart the world because they look so silly in their costumes, their character building moments are horribly predictable and shallow, and what is up with the designs for Loki?

While I enjoyed the graphics and action in this movie, it was very hard to follow and understand.

It gets a bit boring in the middle part.

Some scenes are like superhero smackdown battles so those scenes were entertaining as well, despite it all happening over arrogance and pride.

I don't hate this film I just don't like it, it is a bit boring even when the heroes are fighting in the last 30 minutes of the film where they fought those giant worms and aliens and do superhero stuff that we've seen a billion times in the past, the best part about this movie is easily the villain, Loki was amazing in this film and if he wasn't great the film would have failed.

I'm one of the few people who didn't add this to their all-time-favorite list, but actually the movie doesn't have much more then an amazing visual effects job, that does the movie pretty entertaining.

Avengers comes close to being the end-all-be-all superhero film: one epic experience that brings together multiple heroes for one grand fight, in a manner that feels so naturally entertaining and harmonic.

The opening scene is confusing and pointless, and just has a DC Universe like final fight scene.

The first hour is moderately tedious and draggy and takes it's own sweet time about re-introducing characters, thumbnail sketching them, and setting up the story.

I felt like there were too many scenes that were impossible and not clearly laid out, and it dragged down the movie's quality.

Exactly as intended: an imperfect but entertaining film .

If you like your typical action packed superhero movie, The Avengers is the perfect movie.

The plot and many of the sub-plots were difficult to follow, as the primary purpose of this movie was to show cars, buildings, and people being blown up.

Do watch it - it's thrilling and exciting.

Marvels The Avengers, or commonly known as The Avengers is an action packed film based on a combination of a series of superhero movies that were all produced by Marvels.

I think one will find the movie more enjoyable if one has read some of the comics or know more about the Marvel universe than I.

If people are going to complain about this movie being cliché, guess what - it's based on comic books.

The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, is the very first movie from Marvel that unites all the heroes into one great action packed movie.

This felt like an overdose of flashy sh*t everywhere and the story is rather dull.

When you've waited for so long to see so many icon heroes all on screen together and when you have such an entertaining cast pulling the strings it's hard not to get carried away with enjoyment.

The point of this review is just an opinionated rant to quarrel with the repetitive plots and average performances that people seem to just eat up and refuse to expand fantastic cinema experience because they're long and to them 'boring' I can state what's boring, A hero is at the height of their average power, suddenly they encounter an ability or change that makes them more powerful and nearly worshiped (Iron Man, Thor, Cpt America, Batman, Spiderman) Now a girl or love interest that comes along and makes them vulnerable or around the time where they become vulnerable because typically, these films have to take their powers away.

As a result, I fell asleep.

I expected just a bunch of special effects and no story.

Consistently enjoyable effects and noise with the right amount of fun mixed in .

All that waiting felt like it was just a waste of time.

The story starts off with you on the edge of your seat, when a previous villain returns threating the world with his brand new army.

With 6 future films announced and well under-way, this optimistic yet fascinating story is no where near ending and being a comic book fan, I'm hugely proud to be a part of it.

This is the movie's most confusing subplot-- The movie's plot has Loki and Hawkeye trying to prevent the Avengers from stopping their plan.

Boring .

The action scenes are just boring.

The humor, action, plot and characters were all enjoyable and was a worthwhile experience.

D Carrier was intense and amazing + The Final Fight Scene is truly breathtaking and heartwarming too (psstt you know what the Iron Man does) Almost the rest of it was quite Formulic, bad guy tries to take over the world, brings the army, Avengers are assembled and huge intense action scenes.

Knowing a little bit about comic books, and knowing some about Avengers Assemble it made this film The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, even more enjoyable for me.

And I know a lot of people have claimed that the film don't need a good script or story because it's so entertaining.

The lack of cooperation between the hero's purposefully adds to a more intense build up to the turning point in the film with the movie poster shot of all the hero's standing together.

As the movie began things jumped around a lot, which made the storyline hard to follow.

But I will tell you that the movie is definitely worth watching.

Now I watched this film in South Korea when it came out in 4-D (yes, 4-D, the chairs moved and everything), so perhaps the movie may have been more enjoyable for me than someone watching it on their phone on the subway, or whatever.

Bland forgettable garbage .

While the special effects and great cast of characters bring this movie to life, it suffers with a dull plot that can leave you dozing off at a few points.

Makes for a contrived mess.

The movie was predictable right from the start, and in spite of the abundance of action-sequences, failed to really catch my attention.

OK it's entertaining, it's a blockbuster with a lot of budget and special effect and action, but the story is casual and predictable, same thing for the characters !

If you don't want to watch this film (if I hadn't, I wouldn't, believe me, it's really that boring), go to a search engine site and look for "The Avengers Hulk angry secret" and watch a clip of the scene, because it's THE ONLY piece of all of it that is worth watching.

An unsurprising, mind-numbing interminable bore .

breathtaking and awesome !

But I do believe Tony Stark delves more and more into that self absorbing personality of his, driving me a bit nuts.

I saw this with my youngest in 3-D, the next night I went back with both my kids and saw it again in 3-D and enjoyed it just as much.

The first part of the movie is just too slow, it takes too much time to start.

Altogether, if you're looking for one of those visually striking, entertaining movies, go see this one.

The storyline is so poorly constructed that it lets you instead "gaze in wonder" at a cliché alien invasion, a cliché bad guy and a cliché wonder device (Tesseract).

Apart from this, the movie just follows a PAINFULLY formulaic story line.

Damn that was so fake and pretentious and weak.

There lies a profound poetry between these moments where you can see 8 year old Whedon playing with his toys in his room, creating banal engaging scenarios between Captain and Tony.

And while the plot is predictable and could have been a lot more innovative, the way the characters are brought together is handled masterfully.

In this film, the only one that dies is someone who is brought back to life later so not only did that rule out the thought of "there's something at stake" but it made the motivation for the team to band together, eventually, entirely pointless.

His first interaction with Iron Man and Captain America is breath taking and visibly stunning, because you know, every superhero has to fight one another.

What makes The Avengers so Engaging and Intriguing is the dialogue between the superheroes.

also, that would make the movie cliché and boring too if you ask me.

It had a great plot, and I enjoyed it incredibly!

Second of all, the story flow and the story itself is pretty standard and boring.

It is simple-minded, predictable, boiling over with clichés, ugly to look at, lacking character development, and overblown in just about every way.

Even with the action packed fighting scenes of numerous superheroes and very clever humor, The Avengers fails to live up to its expectations as being the best superhero movie ever made.

Though this movie was slow to develop and seemed to drag on at parts through the introduction, the action picks up as the movie proceeds with a well-developed cohesion of parts by the conclusion of the film.

The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, whilst laughing your head off at the silly little one liners from the cast.

I watched all of the characters in this movie in their previous solo's: enjoyed Iron Man the most (Robert Downy Jr. is one of the best actors ever); thought that Thor was very entertaining and funny (and definitely a pleasure to look at...

It may be mildly entertaining, but it's still just other very long and slow mix of tired battle scenes and some wooden, masturbatory, borderline cringe-worthy dialogue, all leading to a predictable ending.

The banter between the various heroes as they slowly—and painfully—learn to work together is nearly as exciting as the inevitable showdown between the forces of good and evil.

It was action packed and the film had a great climax.

In the midst of the film, I thought I was watching an intense WWA match from the future.

It was just very bland to me, there were some very funny moments and some moments that were very good action scenes.

The ending of the movie seemed to be too far fetched and far too drawn out to be enjoyable.

While Firefly relied on character motivations to dictate their actions in a more or less simplistic and wandering plot line, the Avengers relies on a contrived, high-stakes, and stereotypical plot to dictate the actions of the characters while relying on previously earned knowledge of what made these characters tick, rather than demonstrating their cares.

A well made and entertaining blockbuster .

It is fast paced and contains interesting toys and gadgets.

But otherwise, it was fun, clever, and exciting.

The first half of the film (after the pointless prologue) is a joy to watch -- it reminds me of the fun I had with the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.

and now it's spiraling right back to bland, dull, blatant cash grabs; with this movie the king of them all.

it really can have be seen this movie costs a lot but it's kind of boring one and it has a long duration.

I am glad that you got your live action clip but for the rest %99 of us living on this planet who do not know know or familiar with resource material The Avengers was badly edited , predictable (and sometimes cringe worthy) movie.

helicarrier are just as entertaining as when they are on the streets of New York fighting Loki and the Chitauri.

He looked bored or in pain for every other mediocre line.

It's filled with a suspenseful story line, eye pleasing graphics,an excellent cast of actors, and lives up to its hype.

The final battle is epic in every sense: impressive CGI mixes with the New York skyline as the Avengers lead the fight against evil in a thrilling chase across the city.

The ease that the Avengers had in defeating Loki made the film boring and regrettable to watch.

The villain is so cliché, it is hysterical.

Notwithstanding the distracting CGI, the action scenes, as stand- alone pieces, are engaging and entertaining to watch.

Though at first one is quick to point out that this tactic would lengthen the movie and draw things out in a bore, it is another credit to the directing/writing of Whedon.

However, instead of being painful to watch like Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor, "The Avengers" is really entertaining as a whole.

In my opinion, The Avengers is a pretty good and entertaining movie, and it's a good theatrical experience.

Each one of these heroes (Thor, captain America, Iron man, Black widow, Hawk eye, The hulk) can helm and deliver their own action packed titular vehicle in their own right, so taming the egos (which did flare up during the course of the film) long enough to get the job done was also a commendable task that was accomplished here as was the amazing chemistry shared among all the cast members.

The MacGuffin has been stolen in a darkly-lit and confusing sequence, and now the military-industrial complex has to rally its choice second-tier intellectual properties to its defence.

Hype was filled in the air as this star-filled, action packed, superhero movie was about to come to U.

What it does achieve is simply amazing and very exciting for the future of superhero films.

From the opening scene to the final seconds, Marvel's "The Avengers" is an action packed thrill ride that'll leave you begging for more.

It's well written, has character and plot development, stunning visual effects, fantastic action sequences, and most importantly, the avengers themselves.

The characters interact with each other like annoying small children, and the same dialogue constantly put on repeat made me so bored.

The story is clever but predictable.

Whilst I get that this section of the story ultimately served a purpose it does feel like it has been tortuously stretched out and feels out of place with what was otherwise a fast-paced and exciting film.

Another clever moment sees Loki imprisoned in a glass cage at the heart of our heroes' stronghold (yes, that cliché again), no one realising that Loki has designed his own capture, the God of Mischief attempting to live up to his namesake and sow discord within his enemy's own home.

Thor's fight with Captain America was certainly unexpected.

To my delight though, I spent those two cinematic hours laughing out loud to an unexpected, incredibly well-written script, combined with an aesthetically intoxicating action, sci-fi, adventure and the magic of comics.

Inadvertently Hilarious, Entertaining Movie .

When an unexpected enemy emerges and threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, the director of the peacekeeping organization S.

It was fun and entertaining to watch.

When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster.

Then there's the villain Loki played by Tom Hiddleston who is so cheesy and predictable it is unreal and there's nothing threatening about him at all and with some saying the best villain ever, must be joking, he's a joke.

No story.

The Avengers is one of the most likable, enjoyable, fun action/superhero movies that's ever been released and redefined a genre.

Overall, this movie is very entertaining.

While the state-of-the-art action scenes are everything you want them to be, it's really the film's unexpected sense of humor that consistently buoys the story.

The attention span of the audience, when not being bombarded by yet another special effect, shifts quickly to their cell phone when things slow down even a bit.

Thank you for all who worked so hard to make such a great entertaining move!

Some people argue that the character development is great, and although I will agree that it's much better in The Avengers than any of the other Marvel films - because it had to be - it still doesn't reach compelling to me, just entertaining.

what a joke this is so mad boring.

The Avengers (2012) a movie nearly a decade in the assembling, (yes pun intended…f**k you if you don't think it's funny) is a kick ass movie, through and through, what all the fan boys have been waiting for and showing average audiences why comic-book story arch's are so entertaining and can make exciting movies.

Renner and Johansson did the best they could with uninteresting characters.

Whedon molds the good and bad that he had to work with from the past stories and made an entertaining film.

An overall boring, average Superhero movie.

It's an action film with more than the factor of blood-pumping adrenaline in mind.

In case you're interested in the new "Avengers" movie, don't waste your time or money.

The special effects in this film looked and felt so real to the audience, which makes this film more enjoyable because it showed something that we could imagine being real.

This film was enjoyable for the most part and all the Avengers did as they were expected to.

Most of the lines were very uninteresting and without character.

An exciting new adventure in the Marval Universe.

It's funny, action packed, and the characters played there roles perfectly

It lacks drama and the ability to get you lost in the plot; it is terribly predictable and never once has the viewer worried or wondering what will happen next.

Overall, "The Avengers" offers an exciting, albeit predictable, superhero experience.