The Beach Bum (2019) - Comedy

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A rebellious stoner named Moondog lives life by his own rules.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Harmony Korine
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 46 out of 156 found boring (29.48%)

One-line Reviews (82)

The feeling similar to the boozy slow living Jimmy Buffet concert (he's in the film).

He and Flicker stealing from the handicap guy is the first intriguing moment and then it quickly fades away.

This one supplied neither as it depicted a world of white privilege empowerment, utterly formulaic and seen before many times as the hero spins in and out of his delusions of grandeur and "joy" that really mask his attempts at self destruction.

I had high expectations given the caste but was stunned by the lack of anything - no depth of character, no humor, repetitive and annoying one dimensional (or more accurately, nondimensional) characters.

Save your money, this is junk.

Self indulgence boring rubbish .. unless you are a stoner .

What makes this film special, at least in my opinion, is that there is no message or solid story per say.

Entire film full of boring conversation!

As a legend in the art of off-kilter framing and pitying, self-indulgence, Korine puts his muse (Matthew McConaughey as Moondog) in nearly every frame.

The result is a movie that feels like it's going nowhere for me, with pacing that feels slow as molasses with the minutes dragging by.

There is literally no plot to this movie and I cant believe Matthew took on a role like this.

Without Matthew it would be a C movie, with no story and bad acting, incoherent screenplay and bad edits...

I understand what he was attempting here, but the bottom line is the movie got stuck in neutral and just became predictable, instead of giving us an insight to a character that is very comfortable in his skin Moondog became a caricature.

While apparently a lot of people have taken issue with an alleged lack of plot for Harmony Korine's latest, my viewing experience didn't coincide with that point of criticism at all.

I enjoyed it.

) there was no plot.....

Scientists have been using this movie to treat insomnia with startling success.

It's such a boring heap of ....

worst movie I've ever seen .

Just boring.

In the end this is a very enjoyable movie the features McConaughey at his most McConaughey, waxing poetic while consuming substances, making love, and even playing some bongos.

Don't waste your time or money on this "movie"!

Bad directing, writing, acting, everything.. This is the worst movie I've ever seen Matthew McConaughey, Snoop, Isla, or even Jonah in.

The story and the characters were dull and the recurring theme in the film of "no matter what, just have fun" got incredibly old incredibly fast.

A lot of gratuitous sex and drug use, yet somehow still boring.

Waste of time .

Stupid movie, waste of time .

dull charmless trash .

Pointless vulgarity .

My girlfriend dragged me to this; she found out the hard way.

total waste of time...

Super boring movie with flat characters that show absolutely no developments.

Don't waste your time.

A waste of time.

Worst movie ever!

Waste of time .

Just a poor, boring waste of time .

Beach Bum (2019) 6.4 Act 1 - 6.3 Act 2 - 6.1 Act 3 - 6.7Good McConaughey was born to play this character Fun film Watch Moon dog go on a journey with interesting character Funny at times Martin Lawrence was best part of film Good costume designBad No real plot Overindulgent at times Needed stronger driving force for charter to add real stakes

Through tragedy and trauma of a stoner in a wild world it kept me captured, funny and well worth watching, I'll be watching it again if it's not just for Isla fisher in a bikini.

The characters then become annoying and boring, the plot holes more obvious, and the movie excruciatingly boring.

Don't waste your time in watching this movie please

Really enjoyed it

Even if you are bored like I was .. watch something else .. unless you are high

Spoiler, nothing happens.

Second half is so boring .

He has everything, then he has nothing, then everything again, and so on.. - pointless.

Ranks near the top of worst movies I've ever seen.

A total waste of money if you go to cinema&pay for it.

He has a wife that has a lover and a daughter that settled into marrying a man so dull he makes a Mormon seem exciting.

One of the worst movies ever made .

Boring and useless.

I just watched this completely pointless movie...

If you're a fan of the oddity that is Harmony Korine, this will make you laugh out loud when it gets bizarre, other than that, waiting for those moments can bore you and make your mind wonder.

Don't waste your money .

It is strange, disjointed and like trying to recollect the events after a 10 day binged on the beach.

DISLIKESAimless wandering Very Slow Very Ridiculous Horrible Means Lazy Writing Cameos are okay Graphic displays of life Not as Witty as I was hoping Too Artistic OverallSUMMARY:Taking artistic approaches is a gamble and sometimes it will only hit the target audience, and that is the case for me for this film.

The film had no plot to speak of and rambled on and on repeating the message: take drugs and ignore your responsibilities.

This movie is just a whole new level of failure, no story, no script, nothing funny at all and it's utterly boring, I had to live the movie theater after 30 mins after trying to convince myslef that I drove all the way there and paid the money .

THE WORST movie I've seen in a long time .

There is basically no story at all.

good grief, what a waste of time.

Even if I was in the movie, I would have walked out and asked for my money back.

Very enjoyable film.

For all the bizarre and nearly metaphysical films that have been directed by Harmony Korine, it really seems like his style is seriously devolving from stunning 8mm film/Dogme 95 style to neon soaked, nudity filled mediocrity.

This movie is only good if you're planning to have some sound for falling asleep.

Turns out I enjoyed it quite a lot, and it made me laugh a fair bit which movies rarely do these days.

Worst movie seen so far...

Similar to Steven Knight's Serenity- McConaughey's previous film- the film is jarringly fascinating enough to lure you in for a deep dive, no matter how banal things turn out to be later, for a brief period it will show you something that not ordinarily films does.

And the Flicker episode is the most engaging of the film.

The movie is also entertaining and not boring, which is more to say than some movies.

Boring and pointless.

At times, his ramblings, drunken stupors, and facial expressions were entertaining, some well-timed jokes matching perfectly with the theme.

There are a couple good passages where I laughed out loud but overall it's a bit weak and pointless.

What a waste of time.

even jonah hill looked like a bad comedian..pointless garbage made for ????

In addition, watching Moon dog do horrible things to people, wasn't even that fun for me, with the carefree debauchery more revolting that thrilling to watch as the sad story continued to progress.

It veers into mania and real darkness and terror, and it is legitimately shocking because he's got his chops as a provocateur (in part because Debie, for all his filters, has a sense of naturalism alongside his director), but the whole experience is riveting.

As such, the bottom line comes down to the movie being a little too free spirited itself to make for an engaging story or adventure to tell.

What we are seeing cannot have literally taken place, but we're given an idea of the feeling of it - and it's more entertaining as a result.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

However, when the film's pace begins to slow, it's like the lights coming on in a club.

Bored to freaking death.