The Bible (2013) - Action, Drama, War

Hohum Score



A religious dramatic miniseries about God's creation and physical landmark events leading up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

IMDB: 7.5
Stars: Keith David, Robert Powell
Length: 440 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 10 out of 91 found boring (10.98%)

One-line Reviews (31)

The Bible TV series, for the most part, is a very enjoyable experience that should be seen whether you believe in God and the Bible or not.

I couldn't even finish watching the series, found it a waste of my time.

The story of how Israel was founded and the many hardships the people had to endure in those times was fascinating and kept my interest.

This sort of religious fantasy TV-shows are just boring me out, which is why I cannot give more than a bad review.

I enjoyed it.

it is not a documentary - drama, it is not an artistic film, it is not bad or good, inspired or boring.

Don't waste your time with this show.

However, as a standalone piece it is a very enjoyable watch.

I for one enjoyed it and will continue to watch and see how God's story unfolds.

If you are looking for accuracy, don't waste your time.

I do commend the writers for keeping the story going in an engaging, entertaining, and meaningful way.

" This wasn't just a waste of budget, it's a waste of time.

The episodes have been well thought and are very entertaining.

While it was definitely an enjoyable series, it seems that too much creative licence was involved in its production.

But overall,I still find this mini-series great to watch and entertaining inspite of the negatives I have stated above.

"Critics won't like it because the editing is horribly disjointed and condensed without giving any time for character development, and the acting is over-done to the point of making viewers uncomfortable.

Worth watching though.

" That although literal word for word and nothing more and honest, nevertheless are completely dull boring and without emotion whatsoever.

Overall, it's worth watching.

As such, I kind of dragged myself into those early episodes.

Watching it has been a fascinating experience.

The narrative style and visual effect on the first couple of episodes was stunning enough to draw me into the age of Genesis and Exodus.

just bland.

Overall, I enjoyed it and would happily watch Season 2.

-The narrative structure is compelling.

Unexpected from the history channel .

Totally absorbing their portrayals of what happened could very well give people a totally wrong idea especially since they're adding bits here and there and putting words in Jesus's and other people's mouths at times adding their little bits for the show's sake.

But most of all,the stories were told with a lot of energy and in an engaging fashion.

I found it good drama and it was worth watching.

I WOULD have given it 10 stars because it was super entertaining...

The only thing that I find to be confusing or highly inaccurate is the fact that mostly every cast member or Jew is very poor looking and darker skinned.