The Big Kahuna (1999) - Drama, Comedy

Hohum Score



Two veteran salesmen dissect a sales pitch to a particular client, through their young protégé.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: John Swanbeck
Stars: Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 156 found boring (12.82%)

One-line Reviews (87)

I can't understand why someone would make themselves that blind to life and, most of all, that boring.

Easily the worst movie I ever saw.

The movie has a problem, it's boring.

This is a talky, pretentious film that actors love and audiences ignore.

This movie has a brilliant script and is definitely worth watching if you like intellectually stimulating movies.

Each actor turns in a stunning performance, with Spacey basically reprising the role he played in Glengarry Glen Ross.

For that reason alone, I would have enjoyed it.

It's really intense to watch the ideals of Spacey and Facinelli clash.

It's the kind of play that would probably be absorbing if you saw it in a small community theater, but on screen, it's boring.

a big waste of time...

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The end is stunning with Bob, the religious young man outmanoeuvring the experienced Larry (Kevin Spacey) and Phil (Danny de Vito).

I found the movie to be very entertaining, funny, and full of thought provoking words.

:) This movie is really low rated; it deserves a 7,5 even if you find it boring..

The serious and soft tone of DiVito, Facinelli's kind and naive portrayal of "Bob" and Spacey's dead pan delivery's throughout make the dialog powerful and riveting.

It's also based on a play in fact and it features the type of dialog and slow progressing story you could expect from it.

I found his character to be very engaging and interesting.

But he had a great road map in trying to create a dull film: the script.

Religious people are the most boring people of all.

That might tell you something about the pace and direction of this dreary film.

Worst movie ever .

It compensates itself by the acting and the intense dialog that never seems to even pause.

Good, but boring movie .

The location for the film was exactingly placed in a bland hotel in bland Wichita, Kansas, a worthy stand-in metaphor for the nothingness of existence where the great things of life are in very short supply for these two good friends who are impatiently waiting for the fabled company president Dick Fuller to arrive to provide that life saving big sale that would give them new purpose and reason to feel good about themselves again.

This movie is supposed to be some kind of Bly Workshop, but instead is kind of dull, and a good way to kill an hour and a half.

or perhaps engage in some entertaining pyrotechnics.

If you are looking for engaging human interaction see "The Big Kahuna".

But this is a little too slow.

The script lifts this film into several intense confrontations.

The characters were easily forgettable and the whole movie moves at a snail's pace.

" But anyone else, anyone that has spent more than ten minutes in the real world merely yawns at.

For some, this movie might seem quite boring.

I have never before experienced this kind of atmosphere and interesting development in a seemingly slow, or even boring, movie.

The dialogue unabashedly strips the characters naked to show the ironies and hypocrisies inherent in their strategies for establishing meaning in the machinations of mundane lives.

The irony and sarcasm oozing in the dialogue between Spacey and the other two makes this film very much worth watching.

my boyfriend & i both kept falling asleep.

we fell asleep .

But it was riveting storytelling that made sure I stuck it through to the end to find out.

The story of salesmen trying to make the big sale, is engrossing and entertaining.

Liking it means you're going to be able to find Spacey's ironic patter to be more than empty flourish, the greenhorn not to be unbelievable and annoying as a character (a religious idealist in sales must be like finding a puritan call-girl), while preferably getting something out of the philosophical discussion pitched to us as deep.

The performances by Kevin Spacey and Danny Devito were excellent and the characters very intriguing.

Some highlights, but in the long run a boring movie.

Despite the fact that most scenes occur in one room, and there are only three main actors, the film is gripping and never bores.

Danny DeVito, Kevin Spacey and Peter Facinelli deliver stunning performances, with nary a glitch.

' Sounds exciting, huh?

wonderful, unexpected movie .

The Big Kahuna is compelling, as long as you don't mind talky comedy-dramas.

This movie is a good date movie, because when you fall asleep your date can shake you and say "Hey, wake up, the show's not over!

The result of these colliding ideologies is a more exciting, edge-of-your-seat experience than a thriller or action movie.

This is a very ideologically riveting concept that the film "The Big Kahuna" purveys!!

"Kahuna" ends up being an entertaining film while "Andre" was astounding.

) several times-- and felt like I had been drugged, this movie was so stupefyingly, butt-numbingly DULL.

I fell asleep (in an afternoon matinee!!!

The intense emotions in this movie are extremely realistic!!

it was so unbelievably boring!

the end result however really isn't as good, due to its very uninteresting writing.

In addition, Kevin Spacey with his wonderful performance and entertaining sense of humor and wit made this movie a must-see.

Boring, you say?

It starts out like a funny Glengary Glen Ross, but quickly turns into a fascinating discourse on faith and vocation.

This is the best piece of acting that I've seen in a long while, with some really snappy dialogue that just doesn't let up.

Spacey's performance is stunning...

The Big Kahuna is a pretentious, preachy, overblown film.

Even though it was an enjoyable little film, I did think that it could have used a better story line.

But then, add in the snappy and interesting dialogue and (despite the monotony of location) the variety of camera angles and the expertise of the actors and this movie was a masterpiece.

I can also see how many could find this whole thing tiresome and boring.

Beyond this the script -- based on the play The Hospitality Suite -- is simply engrossing as well as psychologically and even spiritually, very deep.

Pretentious, DULL, overblown claptrap .

The Big Bore .

It consisted of unmeaningful speeches that were irrelevant and out and out boring.

The acting skill and technique of Danny deVito and Kevin Spacey stand out loud and clear in every frame and word of the puzzling dull character study of people no one cares about.

The importance to acknowledge the errors committed in order to improve the character and just listening to other people's points of view, the difference between a real dialog and just propaganda.

Still, if you're in mood for a talky but entertaining film, Big Kahuna is worth a rental.

Such is the composition of "Kahuna", a claustrophobic and shallow dialogue-intensive flick which even the combined talents of DeVito and Spacey can't salvage.

"The Big Kahuna" is a compelling character piece, the lion's share of which takes place within the confines of a hotel suite; three salesman stressing over a potential client.

All three of them give quality performances, but the movie is incapable, by its very nature, of engaging an audience at all.

What makes the story intriguing is the cutting dialogue lobbed with perfection by its players that manage to raise it above a watered down David Mamet parable about men bonding (and unbonding as the case remains) and the cunning skill it takes to be a businessman and shirking one's individuality for the almighty buck.

It's entertaining to see a film about a contest of ideas.

In "Other People's Money and "Ruthless People," he played a well-to-do man, either married or involved with women significantly taller than he - but never, for even a moment, did you notice his height, and he was as believable, realistic and engaging in his characterizations, as would have been Michael Douglas, Kevin Kostner, Kevin Kline or even Pitt or Clooney.

" I'd rather see an unsuccessful thinking person's movie than a successful empty-headed one.

Action junkies will be bored to tears.

A pompous and empty film.

The dialog was bland.

98 percent of the movie takes place in the terribly boring hotel room, which makes you want to sleep, the overall pace of the film does so even more.

In short, this film was captivating, engrossing and of supreme quality.

It is an intriguing look into the lives of cooperate pitchmen with interesting discussions about religion, God and what friendship truly is.

The only fun you might have out of this movie is the conversations for there is no storyline in the usual meaning of this term.

Combined with an outstanding script, this makes for one of the most intellectually engaging and brilliantly acted performances in this genre.