The Black Stallion (1979) - Adventure, Family, Sport

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While traveling with his father, young Alec becomes fascinated by a mysterious Arabian stallion who is brought on board and stabled in the ship he is sailing on. When it tragically sinks ...

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Carroll Ballard
Stars: Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 7 out of 100 found boring (7%)

One-line Reviews (64)

Stunning masterpiece .

Beautiful scenes and stunning visuals overwhelm this movie.

I liked it in the theater, but since having now seen this movie for the second time (31 years later), I find it boring.

With great writing, the boy could have delivered a compelling performance like 'Cast Away'.

The story is riveting, the acting is superb, and each frame is smashingly, achingly, beautiful.

It takes a little too long to get going with a very slow start.

Stunning photography and music.

Listen for The Black's breath as he snuffles at the sugar, the tap of the first raindrops falling during the night run, and again, The Black's breath during that magnificent, thrilling, spellbinding, race.

As I watched the film as an adult I found that I really enjoyed it in a way I hadn't as a child.

A calm non threatening setup, leading to intense conflict.

Lush landscapes, true friends, thrilling escapades, horse races and ageless wisdom.

And I can't write this review without mentioning the visuals, they were simply stunning and that isn't a strong enough word to describe how blown away I was by the.

The ending is unfortunately rather predictable.

The final burst of joy from the island sequence's soundtrack is so magnificent, so full and compelling, it is odd to listen, carefully, to its hesitant introduction as the horse finally permits the boy to mount: small flicks at the harp joined by a reed or two before the tympani knock insistently to tell us something miraculous has happened.

The scenes that establish the emotional relationship between the 10 year old protagonist and his equestrian soul-mate not only move the story along, but provide us with some of the most stunning visuals I have ever seen on film.

Time has perhaps taken a tiny tick off the perfection of this for me (the ending is a bit abrupt, etc.), but this is still one of the best, most beautiful, most emotional, and most entertaining 'family' films ever made.

This movie is a feast for the eyes with an ending that has you on the edge of your seat.

The storyline will strike the average viewer as unexpected.

first, it's extremely slow.

I found this movie enjoyable, even though there were some "unlikelihoods" in it.

Visually this movie is stunning.

Of course, the production values and technical credits are first-rate and you have to admire the pics lean, unharried narrative, but the humans are constantly overshadowed and remain bland, while the episodic and formulaic story too often depends on easy solutions, culminating in an unexciting horse race.

Visually, the movie is stunning, and I think that it is the lack of dialog in the movie that makes it so special.

This film takes a story that was your average boy-and-horse book (and to give credit where it's due, *The Black Stallion* was written while Walter Farley was in high school) and transforms it into a brilliant visually and emotionally stunning work of art.

Caleb Deschanel's cinematography is simply breathtaking.

Overall, a true delight, a must see if you love visually stunning movies, I certainly do.

Undiscerning young kids may perhaps unconditionally enjoy the film, but many thinking youngsters will find it a bore, not to mention adults.

Ballard's tendency for lingering shots makes this extremely slow-moving.

A stunning visual banquet.

We a torn away from a world of magical sunsets, turquoise seas and white sand beaches and are cast down into the mundane and the ordinary.

Because it is just a really nicely made film, entertaining and fulfilling.

The visuals we're breathtaking.

It's an absolutely stunning thing to watch, without exceptions.

The Black Stallion is a lyrical, rhapsodic experience of breathtaking beauty.

The first half of The Black Stallion probably has the most beautiful combination of stunning photography and music of any movie of any time.

I hate to say it but this movie was very slow and boring.

This film is simply & utterly brilliant & stunning on every level.

The images of the boy riding on the island and the peace and sense of freedom that the viewer feels transcends this otherwise predictable horse movie and makes this an exceptional and timeless experience.

Stunning .

Want a good horse movie, that combines stunning visuals with an excellent plot and beautiful characters?

Alec meets the Black -figure of death, wild and unpredictable- the night of his father's passing away and the world falls apart -the boat sinks into flames and cold water.

This may seem a completely bizarre comparison but one of the films that has a compelling similarity is the original "Alien" film.

The ship sinking is exciting and the island is beautiful.

Mysterious, exciting and exotic.

Adapted from Walter Farley's beloved novel, and exquisitely filmed by legendary cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, The Black Stallion is a lyrical, rhapsodic experience of breathtaking beauty.

This is an intense watch.

The second half is an against the odds drama with a thrilling night scene on a racetrack with the sound track blaring the breathing of the stallion and the pounding of hooves against pouring rain.

He makes the last half of the film enjoyable and makes this a solid recommendation.

Carroll Ballard's direction, Caleb Deschanel's photography, and Carmine Coppola's music merge for some truly stunning cinematic moments.

Yes, film is a visual medium, but looking at pretty pictures can become boring after a while.

That scene is brilliant and the sound is compelling.

Absolutely stunning film, a wonderful animal story .

and turning the entire match race from the most exciting, well-written chapter in the book to a comedy (what was it with that helmet and "Batman" mask that Kelly Reno was wearing in the race anyway?!?

For direction, Coppola handed over the director's chair to Carroll Ballard, whose very capable hand made this film absolutely stunning.

It's an exciting, heartwarming, beautiful, and moving tale...

Fast Horse, Slow Movie .

It feels tired and formulaic.

Capricious, unknowable, unexpected and impossible to control, 'The Black' is all of these things - as is Life.

beautiful but slow .

However, some of the gripes are I feel that the film's narrative is a little disjointed, the film goes from a Cast Away-type movie which is the part of the film I really enjoyed, to a horse racing movie.

And from then on the film becomes predictable, because we know the outcome.

Anyway, I thought the film moved a little slow and while sticking fairly close to the book failed to capture my interest like the books did.

I have to regard the sequence of Kelly Reno riding The Black for the first time right up there with the chariot race sequence of Ben-Hur as the two most beautifully evocative scenes involving horses that have ever been filmed, and I think that is reason enough to recommend this movie.

A large part of the first half of the film is taken up by vividly colored and picturesque sunsets, with the boy trying to befriend the horse, but after a while it just gets boring.