The Bling Ring (2013) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the internet to track celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Sofia Coppola
Stars: Katie Chang, Israel Broussard
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 81 out of 184 found boring (44.02%)

One-line Reviews (224)

The Social Network is a perfect example of how to make a real story interesting and intriguing.

Still there is nothing happening you wouldn't expect (even if you are not aware of the story this is based on).

Overall, "The Bling Ring" is a solid movie that is entertaining.

The music here is not typically 'bling', its varied and exciting and is utilised well to underscore the moments.

But anyhow, they were set in the wrong places; occasionally, the Asian girl is the one who resembles most to Alexis Neiers, which led me into confusion.

" Rebecca (Katie Chang) The clichés of privileged Beverly Hills teens provide director Sofia Coppola in the sometimes boring Bling Ring another chance to satirize celebrity (my fav is Lost in Translation) and its obsessions, a subset of pop cult that thrives on Internet reports about celeb activity and social media's strategic position as the connector among these fame-hungry young slackers.

It was the searching and slow creeping of Coppola's camera that allowed this.

One of the worst movie ever .

It's a waste of your time, if you ask me.

Though everyone in the cast played there role perfectly (maybe because they all are also in real part of the Hollywood celebrity circuit) but credit should go to Miss Coppola who brings her usual piercing slow look of lives of these teenagers unraveling in the face of hardcore celebrity worshiping culture.

boring .

Almost every single scene that isn't a montage considerably exceeds its needed length, and as the dialogue strictly (bar Leslie Mann) consists out of teenagers' gossip and prattle and only is worth listening to, to find out that Emma Watson can sport a West Coast accent rather well, there's boredom arising quite frequently.

Knowing that Coppola has gone on to create a masterful work of reinterpretation with THE BEGUILED (2017), only makes the relative failures of THE BLING RING all the more intriguing.

Don't waste your time .

It truly shows you how self indulgent fame whores view the world in their little bubble.

Catty and empty itself .

Not worth a watch, even if you're bored .

However, Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Claire Julien, and Taissa Farmiga hold their own with all the Hollywood veterans and provide a breath of fresh air to all the summer action blockbusters that, while enjoyable, can become predictable, tiresome, and forgettable in a sea of similar films.

Most of the movie itself is lackluster and boring.

Their acting is so average and their interactions are so boring that it is hard to care for them at all.

The actors acting was so bland and hard to watch, Emma Watson's American accent was quite frankly, horrible.

This film is incredibly boring, the dialog,the script, basically everything in this movie was incredibly boring.

The movie tends to get indulgent at times, repetitive at others.

Its duration ends up at 90 minutes, which is quite terse in this day and age, but fascinatingly enough, The Bling Ring's pace suffers throughout; for instance, many scenes in the film are pointlessly dragged out, requiring the audience to witness a character dancing for about two or three minutes without much else transpiring in the meantime.

How freaking exciting!

But the substance is just so dull.

Tedious and repetitive .

Compared with the people who go out to shoot and kill people just because they are bored, the protagonists in TBR are close to being angels, if you ask me.

Well-made and surprisingly enjoyable .

Boring repetition .

Acting is uninspired but the actors couldn't really make their characters any more interesting because of the boring script.

There are countless scenes of the teenagers partying, robbing houses, trying on clothes etc. The story is just too shallow to be interesting and ends up being repetitive and boring.

pointless .

The Bling Ring is Sofia Coppola's way of putting a mirror in front of today's youth and letting them see how empty and shallow they've become.

Some will no doubt say that this latest film from Coppola is vapid, contrary to some of her previous films such as Lost in Translation or Somewhere - and even at first glance it really does seem this way with the film's combination of bored consumerist-driven teens and the glamorous L.

But it was, and the end result is exactly what you would expect - a bland, boring and uneventful film.

By portraying pointlessness, might the movie feel pointless, too?

The story is shocking but somehow manages to be predictable and boring at times.

So, seriously, the whole burglary and drugs part is just boring.

nothing happens .

It's mind-numbingly boring.

Overall, the film is entertaining, at times scary for it's a slice of reality, and a sign of the times because it reflects what now captures the attention of many and gives us an opportunity to feed that contemporary need to peek into someone else's real world.

In this sense it is not very dissimilar to Sofia Coppola's earlier film Lost in Translation (2003), but at least in that film, there are engaging and interesting protagonists.

Well done and exciting, elegant, sexy look at some real life pretty little robbers!

These scenes felt boring and unimaginative apart from the first one and the one I mentioned.

It has many great moments, but also many flaws, still the Bling Ring would probably be worth the watch if you ever see it on television and have some time to kill.

Interesting Concept, Boring Execution .

and then back down" kind of slow.

This becomes quite repetitious but nonetheless entertaining with Sophia Coppola producing her best film since Lost in Translation.

However, though the cinematography feels gripping and immersive at first, it leads to unnecessarily prolonged and insipid shots/scenes later on, which leads me to the film's overall length.

Sofia Coppola directing not on her best moment, the pointless of the plot gets too much repetitive, slow and boring.

"They're supposed to be vacuous empty vessels driven by idolization and greed!

The Bling Ring perhaps like the youth depicted here feels disconnected from reality and the story unfolds at a fast yet somehow slow moving pace where not once does the audience feel in any way connected to the group or have any real interest in there criminal exploits.

This is a dull, flat and tedious film.

The fact is that this film is a kind of metaphor of the empty lives of young wannabe rich Americans and the choices they made to come closer to the people they look up and what they where willing to do for it.

But without something positive to replace what it's clearing out of the way, "The Bling Ring" feels kind of empty, and even (inadvertently) invites us to fill in its absence with our own conjecture.

He immediately falls in love with her as she introduces him to a life of living on the edge (by stealing things).

The level of boredom it conjures is mind-numbing at best.

We mustn't also forget that the director – Ms Coppola has a bag line – yes, a bag line with Louis Vuitton…erm… just be weary of this when you next go to see her many films about empty lives.

Pulled me in, but honestly went nowhere.

Speaking of Emma, she is the only reason this film is worth watching.

In fact, my friend fell asleep.

Not much happens, but they manage to be extremely engaging.

Right till the very end, she sticks to playing it as it is, offering little comfort to those who indulge in the same materialism as her characters or those who decry it; yet this chronicle of American culture gone wrong is magnetic all the way through, a riveting watch that we enjoyed immensely.

As a social commentary the movie might, and I repeat MIGHT be passable but as piece of fun movie entertainment it's downright boring, bleak and far too obvious for it's own good.

While intriguing at first, the movie quickly becomes oppressive in its portrayal of burglary, partying and excessive drug use.

The movie was very slow and boring and the soundtrack was awful.

Fascinating even if you've already seen the TV version .

I imagine there are plenty of indie-loving, artsy types that loved it but I found it very dull.

The Bling Ring is a movie that was bland and lacked depth.

No 'Bling' here, just a dull, dull movie.

Superficial vapid kids are actually kind of boring .

Only Katie Chang seemed to have a sense of acting in this boring movie.

Based on actual events, much of it is lackluster and boring.

This is entertaining to some.

I saw this in the theater for free, with friends, and we were so bored I think maybe everyone fell asleep.

I got a free ticket and still worst movie ever .

Instead, the film captures a sense of realism that reflects the characters own attitudes by depicting the initial excitement, eventual banality, and growing need to 'up the ante' while attempting to emulate the Hollywood "good life".

Confounding expectations of satire or critique, Sofia Coppola's beautifully observed chronicle of fame and materialism gone haywire is sexy, magnetic and evocative .

This movie is really boring.

We don't really know why they do what they do, they just might be bored.

I do understand her style and what she did, but that slow pace and the lingering visuals just didn't fit the given subject matter because a film with this premise could have been very upbeat and intense, yet it was drawn out just too much.

nearly boring.

'The Bling Ring' is definitely a film where I would say don't even bother watching it, it is just incredibly dull and boring.

To boot, the plot is repetitive as Hell - teenagers break into house, teenagers steal baubles, teenagers drive away like idiots singing along with rap songs, teenagers do drugs, teenagers go out dancing.

"The Bling Ring" is exquisitely-crafted and wonderfully atmospheric, a pretentious artsy film that's actually not about anything in particular.

Niente valor, nine assignment, nine Passion per IL properer mistier, story sci alba e banal, Esta è la nu ova cacao del cinema Hollywood's.

Main problem is the deliberate detachment of the movie, like it's a sort of looking glass where you have a pseudo-documentary view of events where the audience is left to pass their own judgment; but much like Michael Moore's documentaries we are actually manipulated into obvious loathing of the "lost and wasted internet youth" to the point of banality.

This had some promise and I kept thinking as the movie dragged on that I would find some sort of redeeming quality or that the plot would present itself and I would suddenly understand why people could have like the movie.

The Bling Ring is a stunningly shot, visually entertaining film that strives to make a statement about materialism and young teens' fame obsessions.

Even Emma Watson's Nicki, the easy symbol of wasted talent and a fountain of bland teen cliché's, whatever!

Beautiful picture, extremely boring story .

(And their lack of interest in intellectual activities) The scenes, in which the kids are not robbing someones house, are filled with boring and bold smalltalk and unbelievably bad performances by both, the kids and their parents.

Overall, the movie is repetitive, boring and some of the scenes made me wonder what the director was even thinking.

tl;dr: Nothing happens.

It actually made me bored – then angry – hence why I am venting through IMDb.

Although Coppola plumbed deeply for insight into celebrity and its worshipers in Somewhere and Lost in Translation, in The Bling Ring she seems satisfied just to listen to dreary conversation and spy on inane crime.

Sofia Coppola's movies used to deal with main characters fighting off boredom.

Particularly, Nicki's (who portrays Alexis) statement, who blames her family background and other members of the Bling Ring for her involvement in the burglaries, is so pretentious that it's nearly unbearable to watch.

I understand what the film was trying to do but it did it in an exceptionally boring way.

It's incredibly boring.

Incredibly Boring .

Intrigue, romance, snappy dialogue, edge- of-your- seat narrow escapes from police.

Well done and exciting, elegant, sexy look at some real life pretty little robbers.

It was an empty shell of a good film.

In fact, she just seemed bored and self-obsessed.

The acting is dull and the dialogs are annoying, I'm not sure if this was intended to portray the bland L.

"The Bling Ring" is an odd, funny, somewhat artsy film from Sofia Coppolla based on a fascinating Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales titled "The Suspects Wore Louboutins.

such a waste of time.

Based on actual events and from the Vanity Fair article "The Suspect Wore Louboutins" (and later a book) by Nancy Jo Sales, this is a ridiculously stylish, fantastic and quirky film about five teens (4 girls and 1 boy) who are so bored with their normal high-school lives and decides to steal everything from the houses of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson and yes, even Lindsay Lohan in order to get their 15 minutes of fame.

My complaint about this movie was that the robbery scenes were basically very repetitive.

Instead, I was met with the same dull story over-and-over again: a group of teenage high schoolers robbing celebrity homes, all of which had no security (except for one).

Its a boring and forgettable film that lacks creativity and suspense.

I found the movie entertaining and enjoyable.

It was a disappointment, there is no real plot, there is no character development.

I think its a real shame how little they used Leslie Mann who is a complete bore as Watson's mother.

An empty film, that was exactly the point.

It's just so poorly written, poorly acted, and repetitive.

Coppola mixes the excitement of drugs, clubs, guns and car crashes with scenes that some might describe as downright slow and boring.

What we are talking about is a group of shallow, empty-headed, coke-sniffing teens who, literally, waltzed in through the front door of Paris Hilton's mansion and cleaned her out without a single care in the world, even lingering around and leaving tell-tale fingerprints, here, there, and everywhere.

Korine's approach had quite a similar storyline but because probably because of the boldness of his film it was much more engaging.

The characters are all just carbon copy's of each other, cliché teenage girls and boys who don't have a brain cell in their heads, that would be okay if we got a little more development because all we get is their reactions at all the pretty possessions the celebrity's own, that's not going to make me care what happens to the characters, If you want me to hate them, make me hate them, if you want me to root for them, then make me root for them.

Slow .

Does that make for compelling storytelling in the stereotypical sense?

Only one word can describe this movie: boring.

The movie ends with a cheesy, confusing, and pointless anecdote from Emma Watson.

wannabe lifestyle or just poor writing and acting, either way, it's boring to watch.

Neither entertaining nor profound .

MAYBE if the movie had been with Emma Watson's character as the protagonist, as opposed to the Rebecca character and the boy Sam, who are as acted and written just dull as dishwater, and then you have the 'Secret' church with Leslie Mann, then we'd have a pitch-black satire.

But for me it was a stylish and entertaining drama that is made interesting primarily by the way it's held together by Coppola.

Neither entertaining nor profound.

Though Emma Watson's might have been just a touch over the top, Katie Chang was stunning as the unstoppable, sociopathic ringleader Rebecca Anh.

Watson delivers the most compelling performance of the group as a girl so devoid of social scruples, hints of intelligence and sense of consequence it's both hilarious and frightfully disturbing.

And the movie is so boring, the actors are boring, you just want to kill them, they're spoiled stupid rich kids.

Sure the characters loved to see Paris Hilton's house but in real life they just wanted money for heroin -which is more compelling in that it is less compelling if you know what I mean.

That someone "else" they're trying to be is what makes these people so one-note and boring.

And the spoiled title character in "Marie Antoinette" gave her at least a fascinating subject, which she layered up in really compelling ways.

Rebecca, the ringleader, who is fearless, desires what these "icons" have, and is determined to get what she wants, introducing Marc, her willingly passive partner into an exciting, seemingly benign world of "trespass.

This movie contains about one hour and fifteen minutes of repetitive burglaries and drug use plus fifteen minutes of aftermath.

But her use of artsy and dull shots that linger...

A complete waste of everybody's time .

She adopts a catty and empty look because in her eyes they are merely catty and empty people.

It predictable at most.

I wasn't bored because the real life events are sensationally entertaining so I was interested the whole time.

Unfortunately, the burglary scenes become tiresome and after awhile, one realizes that there's not much to this 'mini-documentary' of sorts, at all!

The movie is just boring, there is nothing interesting about it.

I've decided that I hate lackluster filmmakers and the pretentious people who wannabe film critics.

The problem is that they're actually very boring with their self-indulgent celebrity-obsessed lives.

), it's really slow pacing ( do we really have to go to Paris Hilton's hose with them each time???

It's a fascinating story, not least because it tempts us to make sweeping generalizations about "kids these days.


I consider Spring Breakers to be unwatchable, and at least The Bling Ring isn't one of the worst films of the year.

After Rebecca (Chang) breaks into an empty house and takes clothes and purses she ups the ante.

I personally enjoyed it very much, and the more I think about it, the more I like it and would maybe even see it again.

The movie gets boring quite quickly and after an hour, it seems two have passed.

okay i was just trying to give a piece of advice so people don't waste your time on this movie .

Empty and bland .

The soundtrack is filled with energy and enhances the movie to a good enjoyable time.

Possibly the worst movie I have ever watched in my life.

Bland and movie with no depth .

The film's major strong point to me is that it felt incredibly entertaining.

However, with the following ones breaking into Megan Fox's, or Rachel Bilson's or Orlando Bloom's, all the time exclaiming at the various treasures they see, then celebrating their caper at the clubs with their selfies, drugs and alcohol, it just became tedious already.

Fairly dull and pointless drama from Sofia Coppola.

The movie is extremely repetitive which made it tedious and boring to watch.

The film as a whole took you into a world of celebrity obsessed, money and fame hungry teens whose actions in reality and film were shocking but so intriguing.

Another problem I had with this film, is that the burglaries felt incredibly repetitive, apart from one particular steady shot where we can only see the outside of the house being burglarized and the teens ransacking it through the windows.

Borrowing from previous attempts by Sofia of portraying that desperation of contemporary adolescence and post-pubescent fear and confusion, but changing the backdrop from dreary to dolcé, The Bling Ring shimmers in style.

But it's still fascinating to see how reckless they were with no attempt to hide from security cameras.

Her previous four films are generally about ennui-filled lives, and I can see what attracted her to this story about these vapid social media- and celebrity-obsessed kids feeding off the even more vapid celebrities (they even pick the most awful celebrities imaginable to victimize, like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox), but, in all honesty, this story just has no conflict whatsoever, and the little jackass teenagers who are at its center are so painfully uninteresting that, after spending half an hour with them, I really wanted to walk out of the theater.

It had no plot or story-line whatsoever.

Whereas that film is knowingly repetitive in its dialogue and images and very violent and exploitative to get its point across, Coppola goes for a more restrained and almost documentary type of style.

Coppola's filmmaking is also admirably attentive to the details of their lives - including Nicki (Emma Watson) and adopted sister Sam's (Taissa Farmiga) home-schooling by the former's mother (Leslie Mann), shy new kid Mark's (Israel Broussard) desire for acceptance from the exciting and beautiful Rebecca (Katie Chang), and most significantly the innate fear and hunger in every teenager to stand out from their peers.


waste of 90 minutes of your life .

There was no plot, no lessons learned, even the getting arrested part seemed no worse than being scolded by a primary school teacher for drawing on the desk.

Quite Decent Take On Bored Juvenile Delinquents .

'The Bling Ring' is a waste of time and one of the least rewarding true story films I've ever seen.

Somewhere in these factual events, there's an entertaining story, and maybe even a compelling one.

There is no story, no development, and almost no likable character.

I ended up taking a 20 minute break towards the end simply because of how boring and uninteresting it was, then later regretting that break as I realized that I could've been done the movie sooner than when I had actually finished it.

But what else is here is just the most empty tale ever - yes, it's empty people in real life, probably, but it's a movie, give us just something more to chew on than the abyss of partying, trying on shoes and clothes, bragging, more trying and breaking in, etc etc etc. When you stare too long at the vapidness of the rich, the vapidness stares back at you.

I was thinking of writing a nasty review of this since it seemed so contrived; There's nothing I hate more than a movie that is supposed to be in our real-world (as opposed to in the future or in some alternative universe: Star Trek and The Inception), and be so unrealistic.

"The Bling Ring" is one feel good escape film that's provocative, exciting, entertaining, and sexy.

Sofia Coppola gives us an array of intriguing characters in this modern-day story of youth obsession with celebrities and luxury brands.

The filming is so lazy and simple that these scenes are as exciting as watching your neighbor unlock his front door and go inside after coming home from work.

It is a fascinating story and one that sounds like a terrific setup for a film but the execution is terribly bland.

The Bling Ring (2013): Dir: Sophia Coppola / Cast: Emma Watson, Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Claire Julien, Leslie Mann: Fascinating true life caper about one's obsession with a lifestyle that feels superior to their own.

We (yes it was a group of us) found your film to be lazy, boring and superficial.

The movie is pointless, slow and boring.

The movie is a surprisingly poignant and entertaining examination of the current obsession with celebrity as well as a the non direction of todays youth and a somewhat in depth look at classes from the view of a struggling, somewhat privileged youth.

It sounds repetitive, and well, technically it is.

I read some reviews before seeing it, the ones i saw were stating that it was boringly presented such as how they got into the homes so easily.

I left the theater wondering why it was so easy for these characters to get away with what they did and how the adults in the film could possibly be so clueless.

I've always appreciated Sofia's slow moving dolly shots and they work stunningly in this film.

It's a cold, deadpan film, but there's several fascinating moments of insight and darkly funny commentary that make it interesting.

There were so many pointless scenes in the movie and the movie did not make sense.

That is until he becomes friends with Rebecca (stunning Katie Chang), a girl who dreams of becoming a big fashion designer.

Stylish and entertaining teen-drama .

She gets some interesting shots and really cool slow pans that let us absorb the ambiance.

as an advice watch the trailer and go to watch another movie don't waste your time with this one.

But this film is too artsy for most people of this group to like.

Careless superficial movies shall be funny and entertaining.

There's several poignant and moving moments between the two characters that cut through the film like a knife and let you into the ultimately empty and sad feelings the two characters have.

'The Bling Ring' is a boring, repetitive and ultimately pointless movie based on a true story that, in itself, isn't particularly interesting.

These vapid, empty kids, needless to say, became celebrities with fan pages on Facebook and an article in Vanity Fair (on which this film is based).

The first break-into Paris Hilton's house was very interesting and exciting for many of us in the audience who, tough as it may to admit, are also curious about what this heiress got in her walk- in closets.

The Bling Ring - Shallow, repetitious, boring .

Only one character changes throughout and it's a slow uninteresting transformation.

It all comes across as vapid, boring and disposable.

Unfortunately in this version, it is plain, slow, predictable and bored.

It might not be the best, but definitely worth watching .

My initial reaction after watching the film was somewhat nondescript – a little disappointed, but overall unsure if I enjoyed it or not.

Also the characters in The Bling Ring stayed one-dimensional: super-confident and defining themselves through sex, clothes, looks, tattoos etc. The problem with such a one dimensional characterisation is that that they all become too predictable and the story becomes boring.

The characters are uninteresting and one- dimensional.

He is a very boring character overall.

Well-made and surprisingly enjoyable???

The break-in scene of Audrina Patridge's glass home captured entirely from an external view with a ultra slow zoom throughout is amazing.

It simply takes a bunch of uninteresting, vain, shallow and most often times even annoying characters and builds around a fairly thin real-life-heist-story to mirror a society that's obsessed with celebrities, fame, earthly possessions...

The only thing this movie transformed in me was the development of a real ho-hum attitude towards the director and pity for Emma Watson and the rest of the cast.. They must have been as stoned as the characters during the initial screening.

Soulless and trite .

Even the teenage girls in the front were bored.

This is one of THE WORST movies I've ever seen.

There is no meaning in the movie, so to show meaning the director makes certain (haphazardly chosen) moments really slow.

It's both interesting and entertaining (as a society and character study).