The Boondock Saints (1999) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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Two Irish Catholic brothers become vigilantes and wipe out Boston's criminal underworld in the name of God.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Troy Duffy
Stars: Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 108 out of 904 found boring (11.94%)

One-line Reviews (431)

This movie has it all, it's funny, suspenseful, original...

I could spend time critiquing this film's dubious and infantile morality, the hokum posited as philosophy, the poor writing, the self-indulgent, careless and flabby directing, the 'by-the-numbers' acting, the terrible Irish accents ('to be sure, to be sure ...

I've seen it many times and highly recommend it.

Duffy thinks he's John Woo in his prime, and decided to shot every single shooting sequence in this mess in SLOOOOOOOOW MOTION, making it a complete bore to watch the same gimmick over and over.

What an unexpected joy it was to watch this iconoclastic film.

I will add a point on for Willem Dafoe in drag, but I have to deduct a few for being a little hard to follow.

But if you are looking for something entertaining, don't watch this.

A thoroughly enjoyable, albeit, violent and slightly silly film.

This film combines awe inspiring visuals with a unique philosophy to keep you entertained all of the way through.

Don't waste your time or efforts with this trash unless you're curious to see how poor and terrible one movie can be.

The most under-rated actor in Hollywood, Sean Patrick Flanery, rises to the occasion in this very entertaining action film.

Connolly is there for the money and his character is superficial at best and a cameo from pornstar Ron Jeremy is just a pointless and obvious bit of casting.

It mixes a terrific story, well developed characters, and comedy to entertain the viewer and keep them on the edge of their seats.

I wouldn't go so far as to say this movie is one of the best ever, but it's definitely entertaining and worth watching at least once.

Worst Movie of all time.

In fact I like watching you're average B-movie trash more than the boring mainstream crap put out by the big studios.

Uneven and derivative but still entertaining .

A brilliant waste of time .

Even Dafoe's character moves from a serious undertaking to becoming a cliché.

The twist also was unexpected.

What started out as an interesting premise turned into a rather plodding hike to its somewhat clichéd conclusion.

" It's a fascinating account of Troy Duffy's self-destruction.

The moral tone of the movie, well, obviously justice is a bit more complex than that, but it's a MOVIE, and the perspective of it is engrossing.

I was encouraged by several people to see this film, telling me it was smart, action packed, funny, and well-written.

I think the director is pretty religious and has thought much about these things, because otherwise he wouldn't have included these religious elements in his film and he probably would've done totally pointless gun fight filled actioner!

well, I can honestly say that "The Boondock Saints" was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and had it not been for Willem Dafoe, it would have easily been the worst movie of all time.

If the good guys kill the bad guys, we will have no more bad guys," then uses that simple notion as a frame on which to drape a whole lot of boring shooting and cursing.

I highly recommend it to anyone.

Embarrassingly predictable twists and cheesy Hollywood clichés turn the film into a stew of triteness.

a) Adrenaline.

Sure, some people could say that that makes them unrealistic, but I think it makes them more intriguing.

This is by far and away the worst movie I've seen since Mo' Money.

overrated and boring .

dick dick dick flick, inconsistent, kinda shoddy, but enjoyable.

It is however a very unique and exciting - read feverishly good - film that I would advise anybody to see.

The plot is predictable most of the time.

this movie is great ..even that i`m a muslim and it`s all about saints and christianity etc.but i really love it ..i enjoyed Dafoe`s performance and the brothersas well ..and man ..that italian guy was really funny ..specially in that scenewhen he breaks into the apartment with a six bullets pistol..LOL a really enjoyable film ..i give it 9/10

It's incredibly repetitive.

The end result in this case is a light-hearted, entertaining movie, that is professionally made.

Despite this, we're expected to find these two intriguing simply because the odds are against them.

Not as outrageous as Bobby Peru in David Lynch's WILD AT HEART (1990), but far more enjoyable.

And have to admit that the movie get's better in the end, the last 10-15 minutes are somewhat enjoyable.

The comedy bits are cliché, as are the characters themselves.

I am not a prude, but this was so repetitive as to be abusive to the audience.

Don't waste you time or money renting it, just get it over with and buy it right away.

As soon as possible We´ll show this and sell an entertaining movie to our guests.

Its biggest problem is it exists in a no-man's land of style that's both too unique and too cliched, making any of interesting aspect (non-linear storytelling, everything Dafoe is doing) feel more pretentious than earned.

That makes for some giddy action sets early on, sure, but when the story is finally ready to slow down and say something, it's left without anything to lean on.

Nevertheless, the film is still very enjoyable.

At least, quite a BAD right-party propaganda movie.

Such an intense actor, who just shoots off amazing vibes as Connor.

The camera work done is superb, and the timing of the scenes is intriguing.

However, this movie has a huge list of other problems that make it virtually unwatchable to the knowledgeable movie-watcher.

And, when it comes to down it, I'd have to admit that it's entertaining, despite its flaws.

The action and the intense drama makes this a must see film for anyone over the age of 13.

The acting was absolutely awful, the characters weren't even close to developed, and the plot was so trite that it hurt to watch.

I also thought this film was hilarious as well as intense, the way Dafoe plays against his stereotype as being gay is pure class.

I found the film exciting and thought provoking.

I heard somewhere that they meant truth and justice, but that seems to be too cliché.

Many have already compared The Boondock Saints to films like Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels, Pulp fiction and even Kubrick's The Killing, and they arent entirely wrong; this movie has got plenty of blood, bounty hunters working for bad guys, guns, more guns, snappy dialogue and unpredictable twists...

Even Quintin movies have predictable themes and moments...

"The Boondock Saints" is a rather enjoyable movie, with some bright moments- as well as some setbacks.

Seriously bland effort .

Its a fun movie to watch when you're bored.

I could predict almost every scene in the movie and when you can predict a film, it tend to get quite boring.

"The Boondock Saints" is one of the most enjoyable films I have ever seen.

The moral or theme has been done before- and done better- but the story and characters are compelling enough to make it interesting.

My recommendation is to buy or rent this film and watch it on an empty stomach with plenty of beer and Irish whiskey and several of your best buds.

Tight, entertaining "pulp movie.

This, quite simply, is one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen-too bad that it was highly underrated.

After watching it, well, it's obvious to me now that the coworker is nuts, certainly if he watches this seriously derivative, over-directed bland effort once a week.

old concept, new twist..and worth watching .

That's original, nifty, and highly entertaining.

Hell, even "Cobra" with Stallone was more entertaining.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I went into it expecting some fresh exciting crime film with good acting and directing.

Cons: Utter cr*p for a script; very bad acting overall with only few exceptions; laughable, pathetic characters; illogical, predictable, stupid.

Another Bad Cliche (Spoiler A Little Bit) .

It was good, it was entertaining, and I thought it was smart.

this movie was remarkably unintelligent, and a waste of time.

This film is fascinating in it's way of glamorizing these killings that these two men go on.

Worst Movie Ever .

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and thought his character was a brilliant prodigy for the genre.

Now to sound a bit cliché, if you liked Pulp Fiction, Desperado or Once Upon a time in Mexico, you will love Boondock Saints.

Nobody did Troy Duffy any favors letting him bring this pretentious, laughable piece of crap to the screen.

If you are ever so incredibly bored one day and decide to watch this, take my word for it...

Totally unbelievable and trite Hollywood movie with little to redeem itself.

That being said, some of the acting is excellent, especially from Sean Patrick Flannery whose Irish accent seems flawless and whose performance is intense and likeable.

All in all, it sounds terrible - and could well be to many other people - but I'm giving it a seven out of ten for being an entertaining one of a kind, although I suspect it to be a fluke.

Everything else - yawn.

Pretty good, a little hard to follow .

Unlike "Pulp Fiction" and previous attempts at a good "gun movie" with snappy jokes, this movie actually succeeds without alienating the common man, and includes the bonus of a poignant message.

This is one of the most god awful, pretentious pieces of garbage ever put on film.

The film is a total bore and its blatant attempt to rip off films of Quentin Tarantino, Luc Besson and Guy Ritchie come off as pitiful more than flattering.

If you think that playing Grand Theft Auto while Grandma visits on Mother's Day is entertaining, you'll certainly consider this wonderful fun.

Don't waste your time.

Well, now that I think of it, there might be one good thing to come out of this vomit-inducing bore-fest.

An engrossing vigilante movie.

sure, it's corny and somewhat predictable...

And amid the script that goes nowhere, there's one or two well-written lines but ultimately, this is a complete waste of time.

The movie is enjoyable for watchers of every age.

What you should expect is a very fun and highly entertaining movie that challenges your personal moral debates on the lesser of two evils and vigilante justice.

Don't waste yr time .

It was a good idea, as the film is very enjoyable.

The action scenes are probably the only real thing this film has going for it, but even they are rather cliché'd shoot outs in a style so reminiscent of Woo that you almost want to turn off the DVD in the middle of the film and watch some Hong Kong cinema.

7 out of a 10, maybe with some better action, and some more focus on some more story it would be closer to a 9, its entertaining, its fun, its worth seeing, so see it.

Loud leads, dull pace and overacting ruined this one for me.

And him rippin' on the "rookie cop" cliché?

If not for a few interestingly conceived and staged action sequences, I would have walked out of the theater before intermission (that's why there are no more intermissions in movies: too many people would just leave most films).

The only thing that makes you continue watching until the end is the fact that it is a unpredictable story.

The only thing that the film is trying to do is create a violent, bloody adrenaline cocktail.

No one ever said movies had to be believable, and this movie definately isn't, but the characters are intriguing, as are their motives.

And the plot is on top of all that both intriguing, exciting and provoking.

Every character in the movie from the unrealistically intelligent-cross dressing-over the top FBI agent to the dull charaictures that are the protagonist is ridiculously ill thought out.

Definitely entertaining .

Simply Breathtaking .

The movie is filled with exciting killings that have a comic twist to them.

The plot is compelling, well paced, and keeps it in the DVD player.

Can you think of a more cliché sequel name, please?

From the shoddy acting to the pretentious tacked on biblical aspect of the plot everything about this film displays a writer and director with far more ambition than talent.

The is truly an exciting film with a bit of controversy in taking law into your own hands.

As an added bonus, it has twists, turns, distinct and well-acted characters, a constant stream of funny lines and very solid action, as well as gripping story telling.

What's even more fascinating than this post-burrito-diarrhea ejection is the documentary Overnight, which observes in painful detail a fool and his ego.

I definitely don't think that it's the highest quality film of all time, but to me, it was definitely the most entertaining.

Boondock Saints is one of the most most entertaining films i have ever seen.

Yet there is such a kind of formula to it as well, even in the more unexpected scenes.

The filming techniques, too, with the style of flashbacks, creates a thrilling movie experience overall.

A definite Pulp Fiction influence can be seen in Boondock Saints, and it is equally entertaining.

Short comings: The plot is some what typical or unoriginal, but highly entertaining still, thanks to a few creative spins they threw into the runofthemill story - The violence, language and mild nudity may offend some - Some events of the film feel rather far fetched at times, and less than believable - VERY male dominated (they even punch a violent feminist at one point) If you loved this film, the sequel 'All Saints Day' has been announced.

This is undoubtedly one of the worst movies of all time!

Either way it's sure to be entertaining, although not fully realized.

The music is one horrible cliché after another, and makes you wonder if it is a comedy.

The blood-soaked action sequences are entertaining enough and the film has a certain sense of humor, and even gets hilarious in some parts.

Willem Dafoe plays the detective trying to figure out the killings, but the closer he was to catching the Irish brothers, the more he thinks the brothers are doing the right thing I was bored senseless by this "supposed" cult classic.

It is funny, original, unpredictable and thought-provoking.

It's a by the numbers B movie vigilante flick with a pretentious and underdeveloped religious aspect tacked on.

Movie is a bit slow - not action packed as people describe it.

This movie has intense action and a perfectly chosen sound track- The Boondock Saints is so stylish and cool, it's not worth missing.

Definitely entertaining.


I even found Guy Ritchie's "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" to be a more enjoyable and accomplished film.

The only way this film can be used is as a torture device if we capture Saddam.

To make things worse, the action was mild and boring.

Really entertaining, with some flaws .

The movie is intense.

The story really makes you think, the characters are very likable and intriguing, and the direction was superb.

It's just a very good movie, brilliantly directed and very enjoyable for anyone who likes a good action/crime movie.

Highly recommend it to anybody that enjoys cult movies.

This movie is a terrible waste of time.

No mater how you answer it, this movie definitely makes you think while, at the same time being extremely entertaining.

My verdict: `The Worst Movie Of All Time' just seems to be right for this one.

Worst movie I have seen in a while .

Boondock saints i would rate as one of the more entertaining.

This film is overwrought with religious iconography (seemly only to add some depth to the shallow characters), pretentious without shame, amateurish, obvious, predictable, confusing and dull.

It's a reasonably good, entertaining movie packed with plenty of action.

They are pretentious and sanctimonious serial murderers who use religion to justify their crimes.

Willem Defoe puts forth a breathtaking performance.

The premise is simple, yet wildly entertaining: two Irish-American brothers are 'given' the task to eliminate the local Russian mob after a bar fight turned into a personal vendetta.

From the get go, the plot is slightly confusing.

Characters are varied and surprisingly unpredictable.

In a picture encyclopaedia, a still from this movie appears next to the word 'cliche' .

So bad it's unwatchable.

Ok, the idea of it might be a bit cheesie, but overall, it's really enjoyable.

To someone who looks a little deeper, its a great movie with a unique, entertaining way of telling its story.

The brothers could be appealing characters and Dafoe is a compelling actor.

I've seen a number of gay characters done well in movies, but Willem Dafoe's character Paul Smecker was the only part of the movie that wasn't excellent, the only flaw in an otherwise perfect movie and Dafoe's worst movie.

By Hollywood standards, this would constitute a real head-scratcher, but instead you get the some old cliché explanations and the movies marches forward looking for another opportunity to drop the F-bomb.

Don't waste your time.

While watching the movie I was secretly wishing for someone to kill off the 2 bland brothers so the movie could end.

While this film is brutal, it is quite entertaining and brings to light the following question: Is it intrinsically evil to slaughter those who are evil, for the purposes of good?

I was terribly bored.

It actually is entertaining, and that's all we can ask.

I have finally found the worst movie of all time!

All in all, The Boondock Saints is an interesting idea written and filmed with disappointing and predictable Hollywood cookie cutter styles.

Tip to Duffy: Tarantino excelled in ripping-off dozens of films by twisting them into new, more exciting cinema - you, on the other hand, have ripped-off Tarantino, "The Professional" and "Things to do in Denver When You're Dead"...

It's entertaining and exhilarating at the same time.

It is filled with pointless scenes.

The plot is fast paced, the characters are exciting, and the ideas produced by the characters just like anyone elses "secret life of crime" dreams.

) are engaging as Connor and Murphy McManus, the "Boondock Saints" themselves.

One could suspect that that was the point of the film, but while I see no problem in a film raising such questions, The Boondock Saints hardly does that very well, with its imbecile jokes, and lack of plot and believable characters.

The movie was at its best when it immersed itself in this weird postmodern hyper-reality.

The action scenes are beautifully done, and the slow-motion increases the adrenaline.

and damn was it worth the watch.

The next hour and fifteen minutes were a waste of film, time (mine included), and money.

I'm most definitely among the lovers out there and the reason for this is simple : out of all action films I've ever seen, "The Boondock Saints" seemed the most entertaining, the most visually appealing, the most original and the funniest to me.

Being a big fan of the 'genre' (if you can call it that), I was expecting Boon Dock Saints to be a lot more entertaining.

If you somehow manage to make it completely through this crap from start to finish, then you have seen the worst movie ever made.

Mind you, "The Boondocks Saints" is not remotely believable, but it is a terrific, entertaining, action-packed opus with colorful character, blue dialogue, and Duffy's imaginative staging.

The movie expects you to be on the side of these terribly boring, uncharismatic characters.

The characters are interesting and quirky, while the main theme behind the movie, the boundaries of right and wrong, is intriguing and original.

I'd have to say I really enjoyed it due to all of the different languages and cultures incorporated.

Quick, fast paced camera work and excellent photography helps to move the story along.

A perfectly entertaining movie to watch.

If you are looking for an underground movie that is entertaining and not intellectually insulting (as some independent films can be), then try the Boondock Saints.

okay enoughAs for the movie I say I enjoyed it at parts.

Waste of time .

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes action.

Despite the quite stupid unrealistic image that: yes again a couple of passionate, street smart, multi-talented, religious, super hero saints will save and bring happiness and joy to a community, The Boondock Saints is an enjoyable flick to watch.

First off let me say that the trailer for this movie is one of the more intriguing ones I have seen.

passionate and breathtaking by far my most favorite movie that was ever created.

However, instead of it being entertaining, it has strange details littered throughout that push the film into a strange field.

This is a unique and exciting action film presenting a clever moral dilemma for the viewer.

Having read some of the other comments by people who have both taken this film seriously, and enjoyed it, I'm very afraid for the future of the human race

" I also thought Duffy's was well suited to the tone of the movie, and created several fascinating shots that I love as a film student.

This goes up near the top of my list of all-time worst movies.

I really like it because Troy Duffy found a very fascinating way to show a movie.

A Very Enjoyable Movie .

They all fell asleep within the first 30 minutes...

The prayers is breathtaking.

Really thrilling.

I am stunned at the cult status and high score this flick has obtained on IMDb- It is an empty exercise- and I am sort of shocked more people don't think so.

Sean Patrick Flanery is breathtaking.

I thought it was just me, but the other three people I watched this with also found it a little hard to follow.

Far from the great streetsmart action film that it is praised to be, Boondock Saints is a severely banal and contradictory film that contains poor acting, poor accents and even poorer performances.

The shootouts and crimes were thrilling and interesting.

if you're looking for a funny and generally all around entertaining movie...

From the two brothers who are flawed, contradicted and pathetic characters, who are in the movie to tote guns and sport bible lines all to a hip soundtrack and Troy DUffy's pathetically uninteresting vision.

A must see action packed unique writing and editing style that is not like most movies.

I think this film is worth watching.

Other than those story flaws, I thought it was an immensely entertaining movie with good performances all around.

The Saints don't benefit from the comparison, either, considering Fiction is an ambitious, label-defying, scene chewing mega-monster, while they're just suitably entertaining bullet spitters with an accent.

Its cheesy, dull and anticlimactic...

Big waste of time boring and weird .

worst movie I've seen in a while.

The only point I agree on with the television guide is the fact that the story is absolutely unpredictable!

Intense, insane, unstoppable action-movie, with good performances and a delicious rhythm.

They do this in an entertaining and violent manner.

However, one character I found the least compelling was Il Duce played by Billy Connolly.

Psychopathic reactionaries like Troy Duffy seem to have hit the "hip jackpot" of blood, guns, snuff & torture scenes, heavily choreographed "slow mo" shootouts and fake, "snappy" dialog replete with obscure pop culture references ...

Pretentious, vapid crap and an absolute waste of resources that could have been spent far more wisely elsewhere.

He does carry the movie and if not for his presence, the movie may have been a yawner.

After a self-defense killing, which triggered a shot of adrenaline against heavy odds to be victorious, they begin to believe they have a purpose on this earth.

its just a great concept of movie very original , very entertaining and good action scenes.

Don't waste yr time with The Boondock Saints.

Extremely entertaining, violent, with a great sense of humor .

I read in another persons review that this movie kept them on the edge of their seat.

There's the pointless confessional booth scene, the cat scene (see `Pulp Fiction'), Willem Dafoe's dancing (and seduction of men), basically everything is awkward and mindless in this crapfest.

Overall, the film has a great mood, great setting, entertaining characters, etc. Some of the criticisms i read bother me.

The action is dull and nothing we haven't seen before.

Both those directors have a style that's entertaining and grabs your attention.

With all the movies out there though, it doesn't bother me at all, and I'm sure the directors and producers knew of it anyways, so I don't waste too much time thinking about that one.

No Real Plot.

The action scenes felt gripping and somewhat intense.

It doesn't FEEL like an action flick, because it is so simply enjoyable.

i've encouraged quite a few people to watch it & more than a few of them have enjoyed it about as much as you possibly could enjoy a movie.

The dialogue was also over the top, unmotivated talk, yells, screams, and unmotivated usage of the f-word in some scenes just made me yawn...

Who sees this convoluted, simple minded exercise in right wing propaganda and actually buys into its half-assed morality lecture?

One thing I noticed this time was that it is fairly detail-oriented, and the way that the plot unfolds differently from the way that the events proceeded can be confusing.

This is by far one of the WORST movies I have ever seen.

Overall, this lowly pion thinks that Boondock Saints is original, well made, funny, entertaining and most importantly sparks a discussion on morality few films can claim to.

I would recommend Boondock Saints to anyone who enjoys exciting killings and Violence.

" The result is something similar to these movies; an exciting, technically proficient popcorn movie.

Unexpected delight.

It has a nice little twist near the end and is thoroughly entertaining.

A strange and fascinating film about two evil brothers .


); then the next day, we have a few 10th rate actor wanna-be's doing riffs on every Tarantino/Boyle/Ritchie cliché in the book (all unmotivated swearing and tough guy antics); then we have the DVD ejecting from my player.

I was on the edge of my seat watching every second of it.

Its one of those little gems which is far more entertaining than nearly any one of those Hollywood block-busters.

OK, the film is awesome but I think its fair to also say it is excellent: its highly entertaining and it makes us, the audience, think (and argue about ad nauseum on IMDb).

It's so bland and badly directed that I couldn't differentiate the actors from the sets.

However, I do find the movie entertaining for the most part, particularly the scene where Willem Dafoe's character is "there" while he recounts the poker game murders.

The acting is dull and uninspired, and a lot of the lines of the actors sound like they are reading cue-cards or something.

Duffy's commentary track on the DVD is interesting and entertaining, too, though part of its appeal for me was listening to Duffy's tone of voice: it's the tone of a man who knows he's been a jerk and is trying to atone for his sins.

Very entertaining and funny, right up there with Snatch :P

Wildly entertaining with some outlandish performances by Willem Dafoe, Billy Connelly and newcomer David Della Rocco.

De Foe's character is supposed to be witty and brilliant but comes across as just weird and boring.

Though I felt so-so aout the ending, I found this film both exciting and humorous.

Action Packed, Violently Beautiful, Masterpiece, A Classic .

One of the worst movies I've EVER watched.

Recommended for a boring sat / sun afternoon when u really don't want to go to a multiplex to see CGI created super heroes fighting 'science gone wrong' supervillians.

Kickin' Crime Comedy-Drama, Contrite Commentary Make DVD Well Worth Watching .

The conventional use of flashbacks and slow motion become rather mundane.

The construction of this film was comprised very well to to keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense.

An empty void.

*spoilers My biggest complaint is the campy use of eye prosthetics in the hotel scene, somewhat repetitive crime scene shots and....

Not quite as good as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but still entertaining .

The editing leaves the story a bit disjointed.

), this movie is still an excellent example of a lower budget movie that really kicks ass, and offers a fast paced, action packed joy ride.

So enjoyable seeing a gay character that does not fall into the handiest cliché.

Ultimately, it's just a violent, pretentious, idiotic rip-off of a movie.

It kept me on the edge of my seat and was one of the few films I can think of that gave me chills...

It is funny and action packed.

Another cliche was the old Irish bartender with Tourette's Syndrome.

I found the movie to be both entertaining and moving.

the whole movie has its funny scenes, and its very action packed scenes.

Its not something high dollar with fancy smancy CGI stuntmen, a high profile director or producer, or a big A-list star, but it is entertaining.

The dialoge was crap, the acting wasn't very good, this "Rocco" was the most annoying caracter I ever saw in a movie, the story and the gay cop were so cliché,...

It has such an array of amazing film effects used throughout years, ranging from brilliant camera angles and suspenseful slow motion to lighthearted comedy to break the tough moods.

It turns out the making of "Boondock Saints" was far more entertaining that the movie itself.

Nevertheless, they are quite entertaining.

The opening sequences start with all the potential for a story line that could draw in the viewers, provide connectable characters, and entice with suspenseful action.

it was an amazing movie with a plot line like I've never seen before, action packed and it hits you right in the nuts with morality issues, do you agree with what they are doing?

It kept him on the edge of his seat and he actually laughed out loud several times.

While the film is very stylised and sometimes may lose itself in this, but does provide a thoroughly entertaining experience and makes for quite an engaging film.

The style of the movie was intriguing.

That being said, this is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, definitely worth watching at least twice, just to catch everything it throws at you.

What a perfectly quintessential and thoroughly enjoyable action flick.

If someone ever told me to name the top 5 absolute WORST movies ever made, the first one I would think of is this worthless piece of amateurish filth.

Incredibly Fun and Entertaining .

The action sequences are very well done and entertaining and really keep the film going.

Don't waste your time.

Boondock Saints is original and entertaining from beginning to end.

This humour backed up with a very strange supporting cast that includes Comedian Billy Connolly, Ron Jeremy and the excellent Davis Della Rocco which adds up to one of the most entertaining films I've seen in ages.

After watching the riveting documentary OVERNIGHT, I just had to rent THE BOONDOCK SAINTS to see what all the fuss was about.

Entertaining and blunt movie .

The dialogue was bland, the directing uninspired, and the acting simply poor.

Simply amazing and stunning.

Very original and exciting plot.. DEFINITE MUST SEE!!!.

William Defoe was horrible in this and his character was unpredictable and lacked any depth.

It's an impressive debut for Director Troy Duffy, it's original, entertaining and well developed.

Allowing yourself to be immersed in the story takes some huge suspension of belief.

A refreshingly entertaining story is complimented by a great cast and superb soundtrack.

Any objections to what this movie is saying about how "murder" is right must have been written by someone who either fell asleep during the movie or is just a bit slow, the movie doesn't say that at all(the movie simply has good people doing what they feel is right and if we all did what we actually thought was right wouldn't this world be a better place?

Every character completely contrived and unrealized.

Jeff Danna has composed an incredible soundtrack that complements the flow of the film and when combined with the brilliance of the director eliminates the lulls you find in most movies.


If you are an immature male teenager you probably going to like this movie, non-ethic plot, lots of heroic violence, boring f-word dialogs, unrealistic acting.

After i downloaded this movie, the beginning was so blah, but as i watched through it, i was on the edge of my chair waiting for what was going to happen next..I gave this movie a 10, loved it, in fact I had to go and get it again when i couldnt find my copy :Þ.

A bonefied cult classic of a film there's so much on offer here be that the cast which comprised of: Sean Patrick Flanery, Willem Dafoe, Billy Connolly or the now "A lister" Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame, or even the fantastically stylish and well executed plot of the film it's highly enjoyable.

I was on the edge of my seat with laughing and suspense.

For me this is one of the worst movies I saw this year and I wonder how it could get that high score on IMDb.

It's exciting, it's funny, it's entertaining.

Fun, action packed, with a great story.

William Dafoe was creative, entertaining, and ended up be coming an inspiration to the detectives that worked under him.

The character stereotypes and film clichés are stacked on top of each other and just mashed together to make a unforgettable impact - boredom!

Downright Entertaining .

The Boondock Saints is an enjoyable parody of modern society for anyone with a sense of humor, style and irony.

if its a little confusing, watch it twice and it will all come together.

They enjoyed it more than I did!

It makes the movie very exciting and keeps you entertained throughout the movie because you see the brilliance of the detective and wonder about the saints' fate as the movie moves closer to the climax.

However, it is quite formulaic with some social dialogue that makes people happy.

This is definitely one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

What a waste of time.

However, the director's abuse of power ruins any merit providing a few ridiculously melodramatic "detective-recreation" scenes by Willem DaFoe coupled with a Cliché'd depiction of our "Hero's" in Church and surrounded by G-dlike figures.

The whole movie is so disjointed, the dialog so inane, you have to figure the scriptwriters were severely intoxicated fraternity boys; 3) The directing was, we'll here I go again, an abortion.

Did I unknowingly fall asleep after the opening credits and dream a really bad movie?

) David Della Rocco was just as pointless as his character, Rocco.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Don't Waste Your Time.

The Boondock Saints poses some very intriguing questions, and not in a pathetic and obvious way.

Boondock Saints is a very enjoyable movie.

I found myself completely immersed within 5 minutes.

I have to say this is one of the worst movies I have ever finished.

While the first 45 minutes still seem to deserve the benefit of the doubt, and there are some nice things about the film (Willem Dafoe's flamboyant character, specially), it is clear after the confessional booth scene that the plot is going nowhere.

I must say, I enjoyed it and will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection.


I liked this movie but it was sort of hard to follow.

For instance, the scene in which Willam Dafoe attempts to reenact the shootout between the Saints and the Duke doesn't pack the emotional punch that Duffy intends, it only comes off as silly and cliché.

Troy Duffy's writing and directing style sports enough freshness, snappy dialogue, and inventive violence that it's easy to see why an impressed Harvey Weinstein called the script "PULP FICTION with soul.

It is sure to be action packed and suspenseful.

It practically lulled me to sleep.

While each of these sequences is breathtaking to say the least, at points the lack of a "big picture" becomes all too apparent.

If I took extraordinary acting and mixed it in with perfect direction, flawless cinematography, and the worlds most diversely entertaining script.

I found it to be entertaining though and recommend it to viewers who are not too squeamish.

An absolute waste of time action movie with pious pretenses of being a thought provoking play of morality.

For those reasons I found I quite enjoyed it.

The visuals are stunning and the gunfights are choreographed extremely well.

Thus it becomes boring.

) movie that anyone over thirty will cause confusion.

It fails, but is nevertheless entertaining.

Dull and humorless Tarantino-rip off .

After a while it just becomes tiresome.

Exciting, Hilarious, Subversive, but Worth Watching Twice Or More.

It has clever dialog and an engaging storyline.

Resevoir Dogs)it can't be good, but how does that matter when the bottom line is that the movie was immensely entertaining.

This could be the worst movie I've ever seen.

The film was action packed, they had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.

An entertaining movie without any real substance.

Naturally I dislike such a genre, but this film was enjoyable.

Totally Contrived .

It is unoriginal, predictable, and not half as good as most made for TV movies.

And some scenes are genuinely funny, others genuinely exciting.

but beyond that it's pretty intense in its awesomeness.

Definitely makes you think and extremely entertaining .

I felt the movie was forced and very pretentious in almost every way.

It is quite bloody, which makes it more entertaining in my book.

Entertaining, Ultra-violent Film .

Ten minutes into the movie, I was so disappointed I wanted to turn it off.

An intense movie .

When this film first was released I had NO interest in seeing it, however after hearing from four consecutive people how incredible and entertaining this film was I changed my mind quickly and grabbed a copy to enjoy.

So in the end this movie is worth watching, and don't forget to watch the "The Boondock Saints 2:All Saints Day" Also.

This was a unexpected, delightful movie .

Don't waste your time.

enjoyed it a few times...

you don't really know the actors from other movies (except william dafoe, of course) so everything is completely unexpected.

"The Boondock Saints" is a hipster, cult-classic that will keep you engaged throughout with its intriguing non-linear storyline and fitting soundtrack.

It's worth watching and might get your brain working.

sometimes sharp and well done, sometimes completely silly and shoddy, hi-testosterone without equal intelligence or craft, engaging, interesting, fun.

Please don't waste your time.

Actually quite entertaining and worthy of its cult status .

I actually think that the story surrounding the making of this movie with it's director's rapid rise and fall in Hollywood is much more entertaining.

The cinematography is nothing too new but is quite interesting and highly stylised, which adds a new depth to the film which makes it much more interesting and so entertaining to watch.

Rented this movie on the recommendation of my son's friend, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Intriguing setting; the Irish-Catholicism is a cool theme.

That's one of the main reasons why I think this is one of the worst movies ever made.

As written and directed by novice auteur Troy Duffy, "The Boondock Saints" is pretentious, would-be crime thriller dreck that carries a pungent aftertaste of arrogance on the filmmaker's behalf.

the movie had a good plot but it just seemed it dragged through and never really picked up the pace.

Currently, the day after seeing it, I can think of very few qualities that made this film worth watching.

It is the worst movie I have ever seen.

The story is entertaining and will make you laugh and feel at the same time.

The action along with the snappy dialog, Irish accent, humor and the nice filming made it so much more then ordinary.

This is one of the worst movies EVER.

This movie is so flawed, so cheesy, and so boring I was shocked after I watched it.

Some of the looks that pass between the two of them are intense; you can feel what they are saying.

This film presents a variety of interesting characters, charismatic and intriguing in their own way, from the brothers with a mission from God to the detective with a moral dilemma.

Acting isn't exactly the best, but it actually makes the movie and the plot was surreal and exciting.

After a while the flashbacks becomes so repetitive it's neither shocking nor refreshing when any blood is shed.

everyone who i have let borrow this movie has really enjoyed it.

A fantastic movie; intriguing plot crazy dialogue, diverse characters, all out fun.

Directed and written by a sped who knows less than nothing about directing and writing, the cinematography is dull and ugly, acting is some of the most awful I have ever seen (and yes, I did see Cyber Tracker 2), etc. Not to mention that this movie is not funny at all, not even by accident.

Still, the unconventional scenes it does have make the whole thing worth watching.

nothing huge, but unexpected all the same.

The other problem with this movie is its rather predictable story.

To add insult to injury, it is incoherently directed which makes an uninteresting story and characters even more difficult to care about.

The director, Troy Duffy, was able to show that movies can still be engaging and fulfilling to watch even if it is not what we find to be traditional in the action genre today.

Twisted, Hard to understand but enjoyable nonetheless.

I thought the movie was a silly waste of time.

I love the constant mix of intense chant music.

Duffy masks the contrived plot and silly, inexplicable motives for characters with violence.

Unfortunately the plot is so weak and predictable that not even an actor of the quality of Willem Dafoe could save it.

While some parts may be predictable, there are few movies that aren't so.

Boondock Saints gets to the point and keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats; the viewer has no idea where the movie is going to go next.

"Cult movie" or not, this is ridiculous and a total waste of time.

Or, you'll get stuck wasting hours on boring, played out garbage like The Hateful Eight or The Man From U.

The editing can be sloppy, and the cinematography led to some confusion.

The flow of the movie was intense.

I thought it was well-acted, hilarious, poignant, moving, and above all else, entertaining, which is all a movie ever needs to be.

What was anticipated to be an ordinary mafia, 'good guys conquer' film unravelled as a fast paced, witty, funny, realistically violent, clever & an intense film that needed to be watched at least several times to be fully appreciated.

Overall, this film is a waste of time for anyone who has realized that there is more to life than Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto 3.

* A paediatrician, because his job title starts with the same 4 letters (3 letters in USA spelling), and uneducated confusion due to use of a slang word "paedo" for "paedophile".