The Bounty Hunter (2010) - Action, Comedy, Romance

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A bounty hunter learns that his next target is his ex-wife, a reporter working on a murder cover-up. Soon after their reunion, the always-at-odds duo find themselves on a run-for-their-lives adventure.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Andy Tennant
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 50 out of 142 found boring (35.21%)

One-line Reviews (127)

Verdict: Dull & pointless.

The cat and mouse chase, cheap humor, boring emotions and irritating nostalgia of ex couple were ingredients of this romcom concoction.

The story is so boring that I don't want to go into this.

Old hat situations and outcomes make for a predictable and yawn-inducing bore which never comes to life.

The action is cliché for the small amount of time it graces us with its presence, and most of the humor falls flat, maybe because you've already seen/heard the jokes before, from other, better movies.

Andy Tennant is brilliant with slow, historical films and is really not suitable for the genre.


Waste of time.

Far from perfect, but enjoyable .

I don't say it's an exceptionally good mix of these things, but still a really enjoyable one.

It's full of running, shooting and dull moments between the two leading characters.

The pace was much too slow for me, although I'm sure the actors did what they could with the script they were given.

However, as Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are the ones who play the main characters, the movie was enjoyable.

The plot is predictable: two couples got divorced then at the end fell in love again.

Aniston had a dead expression on her face like she would rather be elsewhere and this was just a boring routine job for her.

It's stupid, predictable, non-sense and absolutely ridiculous.

Aniston makes this movie worth watching with her grit and street smart, Butler's character is such a loser you can practically smell him from your seat.

The ending has a mix of corrupt cops and comedy which mixes two disjointed sub-plots together.

The style is as cliché as possible, it is your road trip film and it does nothing to make it interesting.

I like both Aniston and Butler, but they are stuck with a lame script and dull characters.

Waste of time .

Anniston and Butler, two very engaging and comic performers, put on a show of their admirable talents.

10/10Presentation - Funny and entertaining; worth watching; not time wasting though it completely relates on the viewer's expectations and preferences.

The plot was so predictable, the end I nearly didn't want to see it.

Certainly, its flaws can be easily extracted but most pitfalls are suffocated in such a thick smog of banality that is manages to rise to a different platform of un- watchability.

The story is quite predictable, the plot is not well developed and the rhythm although it has a quick pace, its inevitable to feel tired or bored due to its repetitiveness.

Be better than wasting money making this sort of unwatchable drivel.

With not much in the way of either romance, comedy or thrills, and with predictable plot developments, irritating characters, and a complete absence of charm or originality, the film can only be considered a disappointment.

The requisite, should-we-really-have-broken-up scenes, are boring and seem out of place.

Finally, I have to mention the soundtrack, which puts effort in convincing us we are having fun; needless to say that the only thing the use of songs gets is making the torture worse, because even though the songs are not inherently bad, they feel as weak distractions which are incompatible with the dull tone from the movie, so they end up stressing its antipathy on their intention of disguising it.

Halfway through the movie I started to do other stuff while the movie kept on playing, it became that uninteresting actually.

Not great, but still very enjoyable .

It's light, fun, funny, sweet, enjoyable and underrated!

Save yourself some boredom and don't bother watching this.

I believe that adding a side story of crime and conspiracy was boring and unnecessary.

They should have gone straight for comedy instead of trying to throw in some dull, displaced romance.

Throw in the bad guy - queue bad guy music - Peter Greene (bad dude stereotype think The Mask) and yawn through the laughingly called 'suspense' scenes.

The direction is also decidedly patchy, it just feels unfocused and uneasy, while the pace really becomes quite dull and meandering in the latter act.

Unfortunately, we have to sit through a dull subplot that is just heavily redundant.

At least some of the worst movies of all time are memorable in their own twisted way; this latest 'romantic' 'comedy' is the cinematic equivalent of a NyQuil and Lunesta slurry.

Don't waste your time.

What a waste of time and money .

Laughs and originality are left to putrefy and the plot is so wincingly predictable you could likely guess the entire story arc from the title alone.

If you want an advice, please don't waste your time watching this.

Milo didn't win the money and wasn't going to release Nicole anyways, he soon finds out his ex is more stunning than he could have ever imagined.

He should have arrested this movie because it didn't show up in the editing room, since this movie runs a mere one hour and fifty minutes and gets as uninteresting as the word uninteresting gets.

I do believe it could have had a few more "funny" jokes but it was still entertaining and that's what makes it stand out.

I need to fast forward when Aniston and Butler are talking because the lines are predictable as i observed the development of the dialogue.

beside i like JENIFER this was the worst movie i have ever seen, not funny at all, not action at all, dialogues were boring and embarrassing...

Story line is quite boring and characters besides for Aniston and Butler have little description or background.

When Nicole's coworker was mistaken for Milo and kidnapped, he was kept in a very dull lit room.

The rest of the movie is just a waste of time.

But for once I was actually bored.

yeah maybe he spends enough time in the gym but his acting is like when the college kids training some play for Christmas party, some of his faces he did looked like he is from mental hospital well this was totally waste of money and time too

The plot was also somewhat confusing at many parts yet the ending was very predictable.

Sarah Thorp's Screenplay is brisk, though it begins on a dull note.

She's all right in most, but the stories are pretty predictable.

After those attributes, the stars are on their own with lines to blush over and set ups trite as could ever be conjured.

Butler has made so many much more entertaining and interesting films and to see him turning out stuff like this, and last year's 'THE UGLY TRUTH', is disappointing.

It's boring, unfunny, and completely tired.

This made the scene very suspenseful.

It is funny, action packed and love slowly blossoming throughout the movie.

I left the theater feeling...

Just boring.

What I can tell you is that the action is unreal, boring and silly.

Nonetheless we went in and we enjoyed it, more or less.

bland, bronzed and middle-the-road!

They do not exactly show much chemistry in their scenes together, something that might has to do with being bored by the whole experience.

It may work for half hour with some interesting chasing scenes and some funny moments but after that it just turns into a ridiculous and repetitive.

'The Bounty Hunter' is an entertaining fare.

The movie had some action and good scenes but honestly through the most part of it, it was dull, boring and clichéd.

The Bounty Hunter has its moments early on, but the story grows increasingly dull.

Predictability reigns supreme here due to the endless "romantic" scenes (notice the quotation marks) and bland dialogue.

But it just was way to predictable, with absolutely no surprises.

Moreover, this film did start off pretty enjoyable.

The usual confusion and silly situations take place which have apparently been found in films of the type since the beginning of the cinema.

In a sense this was the perfect movie for the evening because you didn't have to think too hard, you can get up to check the unexpected thunderstorm or take a phone call, and not miss to much.

The movie was intriguing at the beginning when he has her in the trunk of his car, but it gets a bit dull as the movie goes on.

'The Bounty Hunter', despite its clichés & minute flaws, is A Throughly Enjoyable Rom-Com!

Boring .

It got a good tempo, it is fun and entertaining to watch and about everything you could ask for.

On consideration, I'm surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.

Highly contrived rom-com that has a few entertaining moments.

The story is a big problem, it starts off intriguing but as the pace slackens the events become more predictable and mundane, and as an overall story the film offers nothing new.

It's just one long empty chase.


If you don't care for the couple, this film is like sitting in the waiting room at your dentist's office - long and boring with a constant sense of dread that something really awful is going to happen.

Aniston and Butler are forced to work with a script that features blaring plot holes, unbelievably stupid characters, and an extremely contrived storyline.

What an absolute waste of money.

The story of this film is really bland, it is just a simple road trip film and you have seen everything here before.

However, despite some striking production values, an intriguing concept and decent individual performances from Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, the trailer shows all the best parts.

As luck would have it (or maybe contrived script writing) his recent ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley, is hot on a story that she believes will expose corruption in law enforcement and fails to show for her court date after being charged with striking an officer, actually the officer's horse with her car, in a rush to get around traffic.

I been wishing to see this for about three months after seeing the wildly entertaining and misleading trailer.

The Bounty hunter is at least remotely enjoyable and sort of funny, unlike that movie.

All in all classic DVD bin special that will run and run on repeats; innocuous, boring, and trite - nothing in anyway offensive, expect to see it on every flight ever soon....

There's no plot, just a bunch of random jokes.

On paper, there's plenty of potential for a moderately entertaining action comedy: think Midnight Run with a rom-com twist.

The script fails in both the funny and romantic areas, the funny parts are unfunny and cringe-worthy and the romantic parts are tedious and saccharine.

The trailer was unexceptional, but it seemed at first I was in for a moderately entertaining movie.

It's not a terrible movie, as a lot of people/critics are saying, but stretching an 85 minute, already predictable concept for an additional 26 minutes is just torture.

Jenifer last all movie in one outfit, which was weird cheap and boring.............

My girlfriend rented this movie and it was probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

The film is overall a predictable and painful rip-off of Midnight Run.

Then the second half of the movie starts to move slower, loses steam, and eventually becomes a chore to sit through.

The pace of the film is terribly slow and stretched.

All in all, a waste of time and money.

The story is pretty much predictable and the dialogue sucked.

So in summation, The Bounty Hunter is partly entertaining filler that's only partially a waste of time...

Sadly this is the latter, ridiculously predictable, with two leads who have little chemistry (despite rumours of an alleged off screen romance) and few jokes, this is not the fun romp I was expecting.

For me, there are better and more compelling movies out there at the moment.

If anyone is looking for an even more boring movie similar to this one, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Can anyone say 'predictable' - Pulllleeeeassse.

"The Bounty Hunter" could be crowned as the worst movie of 2010 simply because of horrible acting from the Lead Pairs of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler and poor and predictable storyline.

The result however is quite a bland movie and it could have been so much better.

If this film were a) slightly interesting, b) somewhat novel and/or c) remotely funny, then I might have enjoyed it - a tad.

This genre has had its name dragged through the mud more than enough this past decade and if the pedigree of date night movies remains consistent with this, perhaps some day viewers will finally stand up and demand better.

The typical movies being produced, today, are a waste of my time.

A Throughly Enjoyable Rom-Com.

As a romantic comedy (ex-spouses rekindling their flame) it fell flat, as a detective story (corruption within the police department) is pathetic and totally non-thrilling.

Lame comedy with mildly entertaining plot .

The Bounty Hunter chased down every formulaic plot detail known to man and handcuffed them to the screenwriters.

It was alright, but i am getting so sick of every single movie having some long pointless graphic strip club scene, or big graphic sex scene.

Predictable and strained .

I fell asleep the first time and then gave it another shot and made it through the movie only after reminding myself I spent 10 bucks on it!


In fact I noticed the interchange of genres which makes the movie more entertaining to watch.

I hate imposing my opinion upon other people that have not watched a movie, but I really think about myself that this one is kind of refreshing and non-engaging.