The Box (2009) - Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

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A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don't know.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Richard Kelly
Stars: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 146 out of 422 found boring (34.59%)

One-line Reviews (408)

The box is a rare combination of an entertaining movie and a philosophical and ethical debate.

Other than some lopsided acting now and then, some small gaps as the story moved along, and for the most part it moved slowly (as our lives usually do), I found the story intriguing, especially once I figured out that this was not what I thought it would be (a suspense/thriller).

Dont waste your time.

I have great respect for everyone in this film, but unfortunately they were simply unwatchable in this film.

Movie starts out enticing but then becomes very confusing and you're questions every scene without getting an explanation.

This movie was one of the most boring, self-indulgent and overly-done films I have ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating.

While this may make The Box sound fascinating to some, I assure you, while those ideas may work in other science-fiction movies, they make The Box lopsided and uneven, do to the fact that all the before mentioned events only begin to happen in the last forty-five minutes or so.

worth watching though .

It is unpredictable for the most part (unless you've seen the episode of 'Twilight' that was also based on Matheson's story) and cleverly plays its cards slowly and methodically.

I wish Arthur Lewis chose his wife over his irritating and pretentious son, who I wanted dead during his first scene.

Yet the eventual justification for these all of these oddities is wrapped up in a highly contrived sci-fi revelation that many will find implausible and difficult to swallow.

It was as if the producers actually wanted to waste our time and make us hate ourselves after spending the time to watch such a p.

Suspenseful build up and then, huh.

There is not one good part about this movie, I was bored all the way through it and couldn't see why people could even give it 5/10 due to the lack of entertainment and storyline present in this film.

Aside from all that crap The Box is a difficult movie to rate, but I found the movie interesting and overall it was a movie worth watching.

long and confusing .

Worst movie I EVER saw.

It is a heart-wrenching, suspenseful thriller, told with creepy and supernatural, other-worldly experiences and illustrations.

I tried to look past the agonizingly slow pace and the overly confusing and ludicrous story line.

This left you feeling robbed for the overpriced ticket and the boring plot.

The weak plot is accompanied by an unbearably slow pace with one or two cheap scares.

The movie is a flawed undertaking, but immense, on the order of The Matrix, for instance, and well worth engaging with.

The Box is the only movie I have ever walked out of a movie theater during.

This is a slow movie which reveals itself in layers and you have to be patient and forgiving enough to enjoy it.

Well, you can think what you like, but I say The Box is still a hundred times more interesting than the regular predictable bullshit that is usually pushed from Hollywood.

It was toward the middle of the movie that it became confusing, and added supernatural references.

Good entertaining and thought-provoking movie that enters the science fiction genre.

Comments: A little peculiar but very good and suspenseful thriller with an ethical and moral dimension that is rarely seen.

it was unexpected, it reminded me of a horror movie and the way it was put together made me imagine it and how devastating and scary it would of been to be in that position.

the Box itself, in spite of its intriguing superficial appearance, is devoid of any substance inside.

The family is visited by the suspenseful and mysterious Arlington Steward.

Richard Kelly's The Box is suspenseful and challenging at the same time .

Cameron Diaz worst movie.. I'm sure she's ashamed of participating in it!

if you are thinking of watching this movie I would strongly suggest you save your money and rent a transformers movie instead.

Given that, the movie falters at the end when its otherwise intriguing concept gets bogged down by the series of ridiculous events that feel as if they were taken from a different movie.

The movie does have some intriguing and creepy scenes and an intriguing concept that was able to keep me partially interested in the movie, but these pieces never add up to anything, leaving one with a disappointing and fairly uninteresting movie.

And even as it gets progressively stranger, there is always an intense atmosphere of suspense and uncertainty to be found in this film.

It's boring.

You just get more confusion.

Intriguing Concept, Disappointing movie .

Richard Kelly's (Donnie Darko and Southland Tales) third directorial effort is an exciting and rousing psychological thriller that poses many questions worth pondering well after the credits roll.

It kept me on the edge of my seat.

Don't waste your time, or money.

The first half of the film had an engaging mystery, the second half devolves into a series of amateur, unfinished high school skits that eventually peter out into a flat, boring ending.

The only good thing I saw was the funny copy of a 80s home with this sweet wallpapers and I heard music which promised a more interesting and suspenseful story.

This story was even more to the point and the clue was extremely thrilling (see http://us.

Worst movie ever!

slow pace which doesn't engross or engage you in any way.

Don't waste your time watching it, go watch Mr Nobody or K-Pax if you expect your mind to be blown.

Because of it's originality, suspenseful story and interesting mood, even with its flaws, I really enjoyed movie.

A very strange film indeed but I really enjoyed it because it made us think.

Deep down he knows this, which is why The Box takes several elements of said film and turns them into an intriguing mystery that just couldn't quite execute its conclusion well enough.

What is the point of deciphering a story that is complex and confusing simply for the sake of being complex and confusing?

Overall, I consider it a waste of my time and maybe yours too if you decide to see it.

The story was terrible, a really bad and hard to follow science fiction wannabe.

I think its the worst movie I saw in the last decade!

It felt fresh and intriguing.

Nonsensical, Pretentious Garbage.

Ho hum .

That's the big decision for Normah and Arthur Lewis in this amazingly intense supernatural thriller.

The storyline wasn't that bad, but the manner in which it was presented was confusing...

I can honestly say this was the worst movie I've ever seen on the big screen.

Press the Button for a complete waste of time.

The director always holds back and doesn't really let you in on too much until the last possible second, which is what keeps you watching instead of just guessing exactly what will happen and getting bored.

This movie is much like the box that was opened and discovered to be completely empty inside.

Sadly, about thirty, give or take, minutes into The Box, it becomes tedious and old.

It's boring, has poor characters, a plot that descends into madness and a very very unsatisfying ending.

such a waste of money and resources on expensive actors (plenty of unconvincing wooden acting).

What a waste of time .

I like to compare pace to polars, Good slow pace = Ghost in the Shell (1995), and Bad slow pace = Tron (1982).

It's slow, unrewarding and, in parts, really silly.

It's not creepy, it's slow, dull and unless you're willing to snooze through it with a full belly and hope that you have another better film to wash down your chips, please don't bother with this.

The film is dry and sort of boring in some parts and moves very slowly, while showing there financial problems and stuff.

His latest film is The Box, and much like his previous works it is at times inaccessible, confusing, and, on further reflection, it doesn't really make much sense.

But no, not only did all the deaths take place in the US; they appeared to take place in the same neighbourhood, yet the police were mighty slow on the uptake.

In this case, Frank Langella (wasted in the role) shows up to offer a bland couple the chance to win a million dollars.

If you want an intelligent movie with good acting, good suspense and something to think about afterward, i can highly recommend it.

If I made this I would've taken an entirely different road with it, yet when it gets most confusing it comes to an end that fits most of the pieces in.

The movie is often darkly suspenseful and often beautifully put together (though scenes sometimes seems to be a collage of effects, moods, and quotes from other pictures).

As for the story, I enjoyed the gradual building of the mystery pretty much, until we lead to the ending, which is satisfactory, but at the same time, a bit predictable because of some forced elements we see before it.

I mean it's difficult to not spoil things when reviewing this movie because the twists and surprises is what makes it somewhat confusing.

Kelly proved to the world after his last movie, "Southland Tales", that he is one pretentious director.

The story is very interesting, confusing and could well become an inspiration for other films.

Waste of time :(

It has a fast paced rhythm which keeps you interested.

Some critics have complained that this film was hard to follow or didn't make any sense.

However I went with it the whole way, compelled despite my confusion.

I yawned most of the way through it and my 11-year-old daughter fell asleep if that tells you anything.

Almost didn't bother watching it because of the scores, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Box, much like Southland Tales, is slovenly and extremely confusing at times, but it's so crazy that it's somewhat enjoyable.

pointless movie...

The ending is rather dull, and any surprise or suspense is lost because the viewer stops caring about the characters long before.

if you found the film confusing, blame that on schools that rely on multiple choice test where an answer is given and one can reasonably guess when they don't know.

I enjoyed it.

It ends so abrupt and the only questions you're left with are pointless.

that was just a short episode and usually shorts are to the point and spares us any dragged on dialogue and unnecessary tidbits.

Then I got bored.

The Davis' subsequent trail by fire - which eventually implicates their son Walter (Sam Oz Stone) in ways they could never have anticipated - raises serious questions regards the effects of greed, moral ethics, altruism, self-sacrifice etc to illuminating effect, with Kelly seamlessly weaving it's religious, scientific and existential themes together to create an intriguing, entertaining and genuinely creepy tale that is just slippery enough to keep the Holy Grail (or Box) of answers that you'll (no doubt) seek, tantalisingly free from your grasp.

It is how the movie hybridizes the two themes, or rather demonstrates the symbiotic nature of the two themes that makes this movie worth watching.

It's so cliché at some moments.

its boring & mind can do much better things other than wasting your 2 hours on this bullS*** film.

Nowhere Near Predictable (which doesn't necessarily make it good) .

"The Box" is empty .

You will either care about it (and the emphasis is on it more than on them or people in general) or you will think this is boring ...

It was slow moving, confusing, stiff and drab.

Two thirds of the film seems pointless.

The film becomes hard to follow at times, and then it becomes 'I couldn't care less' as the it continues to move in a direction where there is going to be no satisfying outcome.

More like confusing…

The plot is predictable.

Compelling supernatural thriller (until it lost me) .

Very confusing and weird.

That Norma would also accept someone into her house that has almost the same scarring as Two-Face from The Dark Knight and believe this offer, seems equally contrived.

The concept was interesting for a little while, but there are just way too many holes in this box on the way to the preposterous yet predictable ending.

However Kelly has managed to imbue the movie with a mysterious and unsettling quality that makes for an oddly gripping time at the cinema, and whilst I'm sure many people will disagree, I would consider it to be the best of his three films, and one of the more interesting and even compelling movies of 2009.

The Bore .

At moments the movie is very predictable, and sometimes you are scratching you'r head about what the hell just happened.

It's just that the movie is so wrought with so many strands, details, nuances, features and attributes that even its most intriguing character is hardly as much of a highlight by comparison!

The reason I give this film a 6 is that when tension is at it's highest it plummets right down to the confusing, hard to follow sci-fi path, which is very disappointing because I thought this could be the next great thing in the thriller genre.

Here he sets a new standard for himself in delivering a movie full of clues that are too subtle , too unclear , some seem out of place and some are really confusing.

They have nothing on "The Box" though, a movie that begins painfully dull and just gravitates towards being pretentious and a misery to sit through.

This film is good and entertaining.

Based in concept on the short story Button Button by Richard Matheson which was later adapted into a Twilight Zone episode of the same name, the initial premise of The Box is centred around a fascinating moral dilemma: Norma (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur Lewis (James Marsden) are a married couple with one son and growing financial difficulties who are visited out of the blue by a hideously disfigured man named Arlington Steward (Frank Langella).

But if it's one of those movies you start late at night when you're struggling to stay awake, the plot will evaporate like drops of water thrown on a hot stove.

A Thrilling Masterpiece .

The movie gets far too convoluted and too confusing for me.

This Box was empty .

Stupid, boring, and confusing.

In reality what you get is a slow, dull, laughable (yes, half the theater was laughing at the acting and visual effects), and messy film which is neither imaginative, interesting, nor cohesive.

Personally I think Darko is tad over-rated , whilst Southland Tales can best be described as an interesting mess, probably also worth watching if only to try and deduce what Kelly was trying to say.

It is a waste of time and would not wish it upon anyone.

Dull as dishwater .

it really is a waste of time.

To watch "The Box" you must be open to watching a movie that can't be explained, won't make any sense in most interpretations of it, and is slow-moving but thrilling and suspenseful at the same time.

This by far, was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Sorry for my bad English :(Many IMDb users that loved this movie wonder why such a low rate in IMDb (5.9/10) and jump to the conclusion; morons did not understand the movie so they voted 1, well yeah that is true but also it has a low rate because is too pretentious.

As such, the couple does a lot of discussing, and the story moves at a snail's pace.

Perhaps it needed more time, perhaps I needed more time to consider it, but I left the theater feeling like 'The Box' needed at least another fifteen minutes worth of glue to aid me in making all these pieces stick together in a coherent picture.

It starts off with an explosion of flavor but as you keep on chewing the flavor is starting to go away and you end up with a dull tasteless piece of rubber in your mouth.

The build up was too slow, not believable.

Horrible acting, confusing and what happened to Norma when she got kidnapped by the men.

Every year Hollywood tries to shove their existential religions down our throats with great teasers and pointless movies.

The thing with it was, it just tried so, so terribly hard to be this cool, edgy, new, awesome suspense flick that it just got so boring, confusing and egotistical to the point where I was laughing at so many things for how utterly ridiculous and stupid they were, and it almost put me to sleep as it kept on deteriorating my life away.

My wife watched the whole movie with me (which is unusual) and at the end she just looked at me and said that was the worst movie she ever saw and that I need to pay her back for the 90 minutes of her life I stole.

The slow build, and creepy tension was very effective to the tone and theme of the entire film.

" She acting was so boring, I had to stick myself with my straw just to keep awake.

The Box starts with a very interesting premise, and then they throw in strange twists, cartoonish visual effects, an incomprehensible storyline, pointless water coffins and unnecessary accents.

This movie gets docked a point for using the insanely cliché person in the road, who's a trap to get you T boned at the intersection.

The first half of the movie is quite enjoyable but the second half is really boring and lacks of interest.

It's just that the middle, the core of this movie is just boring, uneventful, not particularity authentic and seriously ridiculous.

If you need to pay anything to view this movie, don't waste your time - you're better off watching old Howie Mandel stand-up on You Tube.

Don't waste your time on this dross, it really doesn't make any sense at all and will most likely leave you feeling that you have wasted nearly two hours of your life.

Behind "Drag Me To Hell", this was the worst movie I've seen in 2009.

this film was confusing because it had so many different bits to it.

It's full circle this examination of human nature, of our greed for immediate gratification, manifesting its result in longer term pain, confusion and further choices that we'll make based on real sacrifices.


I say sort of like it because all this is also a cliché.

Stylish suspenseful entertainment.

So while I should be on the edge of my seat all tensed up, I could only think "Is this music mocking the movie?

Consistently ominous and constantly engrossing.

Add in some bad accents by the two main characters and make them inconsistent scene to scene, throw in a bad plot, boring dialogue, scenes that simply cant keep your interest, and an ethical question that can be answered in so, so many more intelligent ways than through this "story" and you will have The Box.

What works in favor of the Box is that the three main actors are all perfectly compelling in their roles.

The pretentious director and writer Richard Kelly probably had a bad trip and believed that he could imitate David Lynch and the result is a disappointing movie that does not make any sense.

All these weird situations and people which made it very hard to follow - there didn't seem to be any logic.

They are bored with their life, bored with despair and, maybe just a little, with each other too.

If you can get past that, you find it to be an intriguing, though flawed, science-fictionesque film that is better made than it gets credit for.

However, that it is surprisingly interesting and entertaining, even without making a lick of sense at first, must be described as writer and director Richard Kelly's grandest triumph here.

Why this is considered a horror film by some people is a mystery to me, there were no scary elements, and the ones that were supposed to be scary were so confusing that they were ruined.

What a waste of time!!!

It's absolutely has no story and going absolutely nowhere.

Actually, there is no point but making a new horror to entertain you, whether that produced something "really" entertaining, or not.

Not for Everyone, but Highly Intriguing Premise and Decent Execution.

Diaz did a good job with acting,but there was no plot to show any talent.

The ending is just too confusing.

I don't want to ruin too much of what unravels later in the film, but it feels very, very contrived.

From there it was one confusing dragged out pointless scene after another.

It's quite interesting but very complex and confusing at times.

The beginning is slow and doesn't really tell us anything about the storyline except give us an introduction of the family which life we will follow.

The Box is a very unique movie, and one that I'll need to watch again to fully understand, but I enjoyed it for the most part.

The story is very confusing and not in a good way like Inception, Black Swan or Neon Demon.


I have seen the box twice now and on both occasions i nodded off that's how engaging it is.

It was so strange and slow.

The "scary stuff" that jumps into the mix is horribly cheesy and cliché.

the ending part is pretty predictable too, am sure you would have seen movies with a similar sort of ending...

But I thought that this was an enjoyable, occasionally genius, and strange sci-fi thriller.

It's intriguing that the maker of this movie chose to focus on a little remote town in the United States.

this end man is so idiotic and lame i waste so much time on this movie,,,,(poor time)Beautiful actors and acting the scenario was good(except the lame end).

If you enjoy a good intense movie and don't mind a highly unlikely plot, this one's for you.

Such a waste of money and time.

It seems the ill-will launched at it's predecessor - 'Southland Tales' - is still lingering within the minds of critics who short-sightedly wrote Kelly off as a one-hit-wonder after his stunning 'Donnie Darko' debut, and are now refusing point blank to give this one a chance.

I suppose another little plus-point is that I didn't skip anything, tho' I did feel bored a few times while watching.

The second that button was pushed it was all a mess this film was a waste of time and two hours i will never get back so if your thinking about watching this movie Don't!!!!

I thought the money would end up being cursed and when they spent it bad things would happen, but instead the film went in a totally different direction that just leads to confusion.

Now, Kelly's third film, THE BOX which I entered a bit skeptical but highly enjoyed it.

but as it progressed (and got more confusing and made little sense), I found myself wishing the movie was over.

Worst Movie of 2009 .


This movie is really pretty empty.

Moreover, the acting was awful and things got boring very quickly.

But then, as Kelly for the third time in a row proves to be his niche, the story begins to tread apocalyptic territory, spiraling around to include them, which we anticipate, but also journeying on totally unexpected trajectories, and creating various vacillating mysteries.

The movie is kind of intriguing and thought provoking.

Many people will say that the plot is very hard to follow.

It's a slow builder and sometimes it reminded me of old Cronenberg flicks and otherwise it left me with an arty-farty feeling.

its amazing and well worth the watch.

However, Frank Langella's creepy Arlington Steward who arrives on the couple's doorstep with only half a face, is an intriguing, frightening villain and steals the show from every other character.

Waste of time .

But then the movie changes gears and leaves a well built tension behind to waste away in a bunch of badly conceived CGI bubbling water and large fans churning in empty tunnels and martians and god talk, so for a half an hour, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

I eagerly awaited his second film SOUTHLAND TALES which ended up being so unbearable I couldn't even finish it.

If you like fast paced movies then don't bother with this.

Again, confusing.

It provides us with a simple yet fascinating set-up and plays out in a very dry, low-key style.

If you liked Richard Kelly's most well-known movie Donnie Darko then you probably will still find The Box confusing and uninteresting.

This is all very interesting to watch and quite engaging.

*Yawn* .

This film succeeds on the only level that matters; it was entertaining from beginning to end.

That nearly exciting fast-walk chase through the library almost woke me up.

Worst movie, ever.

Despite all its shortcomings, the movie succeeds in creating confusion all over the place with its unusual but repetitive use of the paranormal, paranoid and psychological plots (a good thing in my opinion).

Whenever someone decides to base his cinematographic 'ouvre' on something French,as in this case on dear Sartre, more precisely his overrated Behind the Closed Door , a complete cinematographic disaster is inevitable ,and to make the already horrific situation even more unbearably unwatchable,some newcomer decides to wrap this progressive modernist shtick into the sci-fi genre ,and ,presto something called The Box jumps out of itself ,and it is ,unfortunately ,not a rabbit !

Even so, the movie was far too long.

The cast is good, but not always effective, the pace is slow, and the genre is uneven.

The movie is trying to surprise you with a human nature theme that is stacked to the ceiling with pointless bizarre diversions presented as clues.

Since that great little piece of indie cinema, we have been waiting for him to put that dark, exciting, and surreal vision of his to equally good (or indeed even better ) use.

Don't waste your time!

com/ Silly, confusing, WAY overlong and just plain dumb.

If you like your movies to make sense and/or leave you feeling good, don't waste your time.

The Box has an intriguing premise.

Filmed in that subtly hazy filmstock that makes it look aged, with old fashions, hairstyles and surroundings, it takes us for an intriguing ride, surprise after surprise.

I really enjoyed it as well.

it was too confusing and needed a steady storyline.

The twists and turns are fantastic and keep you on the edge of your seat, even if Kelly starts to take one too many liberties in the final act.

By that I mean, The Box is a beautifully shot, richly textured, colorful, dense and unpredictable sci-fi thriller that nobody saw.

Much of this was just pointless nonsense disguised as spiritually poetic messages that only the proud intellictual will care to detangle and understand.

This is by far the worst movie I have seen in a while.

If I had been watching this in the theatre, I would have definitely got up and walked out.

This film was totally pointless.

Well the movie pleasantly starts out strange, curious and suspenseful....

Even though it has some creepy moments, this movie is a waste of time.

All in all, I'd say don't waste your time.

Marsden proves he can be a bona-fide leading man if given the right material; his acting in the past has sometimes been cheesy and tacky but here he is completely engrossing and believable.

If you happened to catch any of the film's trailers, you'll know that The Box is anchored by an intriguing premise.

The Box certainly is rather confusing.

It's one thing to make a plot mysterious, and another to make it confusing and to leave too many unanswered questions.

Opening night with 20 people in an empty theater.

What could have been an interesting film with an interesting end, turned out to be totally pointless.

Even Crazy Heart has a higher rating than this movie and that is the most boring uneventful piece of trash I've ever seen, so that shows people on here really love crap.

Don't waste your time.

As you might guess, they press the button after much boring deliberation: Should we?

The things I liked: James Marsden as the husband is worth watching.

Unfortunately it failed to raise this moral up above the pointless add-ons and side-orders of baffling unnecessary oddness.

I expected the pacing to be slow and dull, but to my surprise it had a consistent flow throughout and had me in my grasp due to the unpredictable nature of the story, giving us quite a hit with the ending that nailed me silly!.

I think what I liked about this movie was that it followed up with its intriguing premise rather well.

or one of the most pointless hallucinations in movie history ?!

Empty inside.

but still, i enjoyed it for what it was.

The idea is so dull and boring.. Words can not describe how pathetic this movie was.

This is one of the more intriguing movies we have seen lately, both my wife and I enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time .

From here we see Kelly's pen take over – he was also the screenwriter – as the story becomes an increasingly confusing mystery that branches into the territory of science fiction as the Lewis's attempt to uncover the true nature of Steward and his sinister "employers" before their decision catches up with them.

Richard Kelly's pretentious science fiction/thriller/horror/whatever attempts to be an icepick in the brain.

Sooooo Boring...

Don't waste your time .

Even more confusing than Donnie Darko.

It's slow and begins to hurt your head, forget about the blokes frontal lobe area.

Intriguing, thrilling, mind-altering.

Some stunning cinematography can't mask this disorganised and disorientated thriller.

"The Box" is an exceptionally suspenseful psychological thriller.

Save your money and your time.

This is partially why the film's aesthetic is labyrinthine and confusing, and wholly divorced from the cosy spaces of the 1986 Twilight Zone episode.

This movie was a waste of time.

The beginning of the movie was fascinating to me.

Please, don't waste your time!

At times pretentious and a bit melodramatic the film is ultimately effective because of it's good performances and intriguing subject matter.

To a point, the film could be called intriguing purely to see where it is going.

really boring.

If you want to waste 2 hours of your life and be confused by it, this is the film for you!

If you don't like a movie that outsmarts you or you're not in a mood of feeling like somethings missing or doesn't make sense, than don't go see it because you will find it boring and pointless.

Spare yourself, and save your money .

The bad: I thought it was annoying and kind of arrogant to portray human beings as petty, predictable and inconsiderate of others unknown to them.

In reference to my title, the moments that characters forgot they were supposed to have an accent almost ruined the movie for me..Besides that, this movie was intriguing.

Compelling, intriguing, thought provoking and bordering on brilliant.

Interesting To Begin With But Ends Up Getting Messy & Confusing .

James Marsden is not my favorite, with his roles created especially for the dandy face, but here was surprisingly enjoyable and dedicated.

Well, sadly because the movie just feels so dull after a while that those equally dull sci-fi stuff start to fit to the whole thing.

Decent acting, great creepy visuals, and looming atmosphere add to the slow chilling ride.

A few hours before the movie I read that this is one of the worst movies ever made.

The preview made it appear intriguing and suspenseful, but our experience was little but confusing and disappointing.

" explanation that destroys any and all mystery and boils the entire events of the movie into a cycle of murder, Old Testament-style morality, and pointless human suffering that ultimately teaches us nothing beyond "Don't kill, ever, even if it means you will suffer incredible hardships" What does that mean?

That mystery then smashes into a wall of dogmatic Judeo-Christian Old Testament morality in a scene in the library which is so over the top and wildly confusing, it almost doesn't fit into the movie.

Another interesting idea would have been this one : when confronted to the choice of saving his son from living in a blind and deaf bo(x)dy (by killing his wife) or to go on living together (the three of them, the son being handicapped for the rest of his life) : maybe the husband should have thought of killing his own son to spare him more sufferings and go on living with his beloved wife (and maybe have another son - the first one being so irritating and pretentious).

In fact, it is to the extent that I feel bad for Langella, as this is probably a role he accepted on the understanding it was going to be an exciting, intriguing film, based on a short by a classic sci-fi/horror author, to which he would be the linchpin.

Then the trailer came and I was disappointed, it looked boring as hell.

Its intense.

The other significant problem is the pace, which is consistently slow, even in The Box's final moments, and is stretched out for about 115 minutes.

There's far too many pointless subplots and characters, none of which help the film.

It was completely predictable.

Secondly, and I think more to the point, this was a fascinating movie that actually had a serious moral dilemma at it's core which really had me interested.

I would question the lasting appeal of The Box in comparison to 'Donnie Darko', but as a supernatural mystery it was compelling enough for me to class as good.

What they do here is take dull biblical concepts like hell, afterlife and "eternal damnation" and mix it with Jean Paul Sartre's existentialism (spelled out like for 10-year-olds), aliens from outer space, dead people resurrected, Arthur Clarke references, a love story, zombies, dumb sci-fi and some simplistic lectures on ethics.

That is pretty much the basis for The Box and while the story is interesting & quite absorbing to begin with, it soon starts to become a bit too strange and takes you on a path that you don't expect and will probably confuse you along the way with too many hidden meanings & messages.

It had many fascinating concepts, so many in fact that it wasn't able to fully realize all of them.

Plus it gets confusing once Norma and Arhur go to some library.

I think my first issue is really with everyone who posted a review saying it was confusing.

They really dragged what little plausibility this movie had way down below the critical threshold of believability, and in some instances almost imposed an unwanted comedic tone into what should have been some serious moments (you'll see what I mean if you decide to see this film!

Well, they do it and then the film becomes so incoherent and hard to follow that I don't know exactly how to summarize.

While I have not read the story, I have enough familiarity with Matheson's work to know he deals in peeling the layers of sanity and safety away from seemingly banal topics, until fear and uncertainty are the only emotions that remain; matched with Kelly's bombastic narrative complications (NASA, conspiracy theories, trans-dimensional swimming pools...

i feel every single person had been let down watching this film because of the high expectations and how slow parts of the film was.

The only positive was nobody cared we where just happy to leave the theater.

The film seemed to take for ever, because of the boring family dinners and scenes about school and job-dialogs between the action.

I, about almost half-way into the film, got bored and was hoping a box appeared for me with a button...

It proves surprisingly difficult to judge if "The Box" represents an absolute masterpiece or something familiar and formulaic ...


CONS: The first twenty minutes, before it gets going, are really quite slow.

and unbelievably scary and suspenseful.

The story is interesting and the dilemma intriguing.

What we end up with is a boring, confusing, nonsensical, terrible movie.

So if you're not a Diaz fan, don't waste your time...


When it comes down to it, there are so many themes, all of them interesting, to keep the viewer watching until the end but by that time the movie had lost almost all credibility with me because of so many seemingly pointless tangents left open for no apparent reason.

It is very slow, never plausible and I don't think it raises any interesting questions, whether metaphysical or philosophical.

Another mistake from director Richard Kellly is that is not a exciting movie, is boring, and i am not saying that because there is no action, actually there is more action than in Donnie Darko, still Donnie Darko is more exciting.

It sets up its intriguing concept and makes you wonder what's really going on.

In conclusion, The Box is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat for two hours.

sorry life is confusing.

If you want to waste two hours of your life, then watch this movie!!!

I'm not going to spoil anything, but I felt empty and cheated as this concluded.

Great movie but a little slow, and missing some classic Darko elements.

I know the short story that this movie is based on, Button, Button, literally IS a short story (only 6 pages long I think the director, Richard Kelly, said) so they had to beef out a script for a feature length film, but it just got too messy & confusing.

The music is also thrilling, it's just like we have been watching 1970s horror movie.

Waste of time, choose a different movie (not Night Train though).

As my friend just explained it, it really felt like they were purposely making us waste our life on this p.

But overall the story is well told, enjoyable to watch and philosophical enough to arise questions about our own morality and set of values.

An intense masterpiece.

Seemed like a pointless plot.

It's a shame that we live in a society that can spend all this money on making a pointless film and setting it back in 1976 to run the film bill even higher.

'The Box' adds around an hour of utterly pointless and confusing 'sub-plots' which undermine the narrative so badly that the movie falls right through the floor.

This is creative, scary, weird, eerie, mysterious, confounding, secretive, intense, suspenseful, and a great Sci Fi story.

Cameron Diaz and James Marsden are wooden and uninteresting.

From then on in the viewer is treated to a torrent of nonsense and confusion, that is only barely cleared up in the final ten minutes of the film.

Drawn out for way too long and even when you take into consideration the explanations of the movie, it is still horribly boring and awful.

The plot is full of unnecessary twists and tangents, especially the middle of the film which is so convoluted and dragged out that I found myself becoming bored as well as irritated with the constant addition of plot threads and characters that contributed little or nothing to the plot.

However the movie starts and ends like a Twilight Episode, but instead of being satisfied; you realize you just watched a fifteen minute plot line being dragged out over 115 minutes worth of eerie plot-development.

Because it has NO Plot, NO acting and NOTHING that holds your interest.

The film's structure seemed more like a sequence of events than a logical progression, which made it feel rather disjointed.

The awkwardness of the lines is unbearable.

a pile of confusing poop .

I am surprised that Cameron would get involved in this huge waste of life.

This while formulaic could have been a good movie very easily.

The pace is slow, scary at times and gradually building a mood of mystery.

The movie starts out with a stupid premise, continues with boring and disheveled events, and ends with a stupid, retarded and predictable ending that you could call from the very beginning of the movie.

I 1st encountered his name in Playboy, in a gripping short story called "Duel", about a traveling salesman and an unseen homicidal big-rig driver.

As movie for itself it's enjoyable and a good time, has suspense and it is OK.

This is one of those confusing movies that you really should almost see more than once to get the full picture.

The movie felt very slow to me.

That Kelly simply bores us and fails to move in any sort of direction to warrant the 2 hours.

worst movie i have watched in years.

It was way too long.

Donnie Darko offered a mystery which was engrossing, and the sort of psychedelic ending we don't need to understand (just enjoy the ride).

Thrilling and gripping at your seat this movie will keep you intrigued until the very end.

but it reminded me SO much of the pointless "The Haunted Airman" that I actually fell into a contemplation about how that movie was ~better~ (it was shorter).

Awful, contrived, silly nonsense.

The Box: Worst Movie Ever.

From the terrible "Southern Accent" that Cameron Diaz has for half the movie to the lack of story and plot- this is one big waste of time!

Terrible, waste of time.

I kept falling asleep and having to back the DVD up to see what I'd missed.

Pretentious nonsense around the premise of a man delivering 'the box' to a house, this box isn't your usual UPS delivery - if it's button is pressed things happen" If you want to waste your time on this film then do yourself a favour and fast forward a few minutes into the part where the box is delivered.

a dreary quagmire of sci fi nonsense .

This is the kind of one-line premise that would have ably supported an old episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE or THE OUTER LIMITS, but sadly as a feature film it's a real bore.

Intriguing from start to end, and leaving you thinking about it.

It's much more to the point and the clue is really thrilling.

Guiness Record if stay awake .

) man, Langella, posits a million dollar offer to 'struggling' couple Diaz and Marsden (both surprisingly vanilla bland to the hilt!

Stupid and boring movie.

Donnie Darko was confusing.

At the end of the day, The Box won't be for everyone, but I thought it was an absorbing, unsettling and at times very thrilling film that proved for a memorable although not entirely satisfying viewing experience.

Instead I got a movie that I was struggling to watch, falling asleep and having to "pinch" myself to stay awake!

And a little confusing.

But i recommend you to watch it because you need to see the worst movie ever made, really!

It had a dreamlike feel to it all the way, it was really fascinating, especially the visuals that Richard Kelly provided us with.

An absorbing, unsettling and at times very thrilling film, although not entirely satisfying .

It was totally off the wall and unpredictable.

This movie absolutely is one of the WORST movies I have ever seen!

The nice thing is, despite following his obsessions very doggedly, Kelly was able to craft a very entertaining and creepy film with "The Box".

Predictable, poorly written .

As the movie drags on, the story becomes increasingly dull, tepid and predictable.

So cheesy and predictable.

Overall, I really enjoyed many aspects of the film - from the many genre-crossing thematic motifs to the wonderful '70's mise en scène - but dialling down the ridiculously cheesy moments and cutting the length could have turned this Lynch-lite mess into a tighter, suspenseful little gem.

Usually I don't bother reviewing films or posting comments, but this film is a shear waste of time and my life.

Even that felt oddly layered, like a bad paint job where the old color shows through, and it kept introducing new elements that didn't add anything, created confusion for the viewer, and did not resolve any questions.

*snore* Really, we all saw the last (erm, most recent) Batman, and that had much better execution.

The middle part of the film was kind of needles and very mystical and deceptive , but also that's why it was intriguing .

Starts slow and sometimes seems scattered and confusing and hard to follow.

Also, this movie is extremely unpredictable.

Though this film might be intriguing for a little while, it is too absurd and implausible to be fully enjoyed and it would certainly not warrant multiple viewings given the film's rather illogical revelations.

The Empty Box .

Langella gave a nice performance but I would bet he was yawning.

The emptiness of The Box is disguised only by its large budget and its morbid, confusing smoke and mirrors plot which makes one wonder if Kelly could have ruined Donnie Darko in the same fashion if he was given a much larger budget to work with and paid more attention to the special effects than the story itself.

The Box is at times very confusing and weird.

The film is one of the most remarkable and thrilling films you'll ever see.

With all the unexpected ruckus everyone in the house is now awake and wondering what could be important enough that someone might interrupt their sleep.

Most of the reviews I read criticize the confusing plot and call it full of holes or loose, where I on the other hand embrace it.

I thought the story was intriguing and I thought it was well acted.

such a waste of money and resources on expensive actors (plenty of unconvincing wooden acting).

In summation, this film does what genuine sci-fi is supposed to do: it makes you think while entertaining you.

When I saw the intriguing trailer of "The Box", I was anxious to see this film.

I found the story quite fascinating and could only blame the short attention span of the generation-X and Y for the low rating this movie has received.

This new version is slow, boring and drags the old story from its hair in order to make it a movie.

It's well made and enjoyable...