The Boy (2016) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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An American nanny is shocked that her new English family's boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive.

Director: William Brent Bell
Stars: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 68 out of 297 found boring (22.89%)

One-line Reviews (235)

It just had all the similar formulaic creepy horror elements.

Other than that we do have a suspenseful story that is being told, while not overly graphic.

Then everyone left the theater with more questions than answers.

)However, the movie eventually falls into trite and predictable mechanisms.

Entertaining .

easy viewingBog standard paint by num horror with most of the clichesFor highbrow horror that raises bar of often predictable genre & its often predictable formatting see:The vvitch The Babbadook HeriditaryThe above films actually say something about our world beyond cheap bargain basement scares.

has issues but I enjoyed it for the most part.

Regarding the "horror", The Boy achieves good moments of tension, but the final twist is too predictable, something which decreases the impact of the whole story.

As far as actually horror elements the movie really provided fairly typical horror cliche moments.

Boring .

I loved this film because it was different, innovative, and unpredictable.

The ending was obviously the best part because it was really unexpected and it came out of nowhere.

I was Hoping for More but Still Enjoyable .

It's actually such an entertaining film and great for anyone who enjoys horror, and it's slightly alternative horror style is so good to watch.

You'd think it's your average cliché movie based on a possessed doll, but it's actually pretty enjoyable to watch, builds up great tension.

Certain creepy elements ended up making no sense, such as wouldn't there have been more noise in such an empty and quiet house?

At first things go smoothly, with Greta cooing over Brahms, but the unexpected arrival of her former boyfriend Cole, results in all hell breaking loose.

Some viewers may find that there is too much build up for too little action, but the gorgeous cinematography and disconcerting atmosphere prove to be very entertaining in their own rights.

Too many horror movies go on way too long with unnecessary sequels.

Boring, boring, boring.

The plot and story were fresh, the end result, is unexpected, unpredictable!

Saw it with my friends, we got bored until we made laughs off that movie, we would laugh on almost every scene.

The movie takes an unexpected twist when Brahms, the main antagonist is revealed to be a loving person after all.

If I knew the movie was going to be this boring, I would have insisted on seeing it during the day.

If you have never had any real life scares from real people, and if you need heavy duty blood and guts to be satisfied with a horror movie you likely will be one of those who finds this movie slow and uninspired.

The end of the movie with Barnipis is very very very intense and quite frightening and very very scary to watch, if young.

Visually it sets a suitably eerie and claustrophobic tone, based mainly in an old English mansion, however it too often lets go, dropping you back into rather mundane conversations that jar with what the film is trying to achieve.

Besides the jump scares it also scares you by the rising suspense and I usually don't do this in horror films but me and my friend found each other covering ourselves because of the many suspenseful, amazing, and creepy scenes!

i think they're such a waste of money and time.

I was on the edge of my seat, and then it took a sudden turn in a direction I was really hoping they wouldn't go.

Movie just switched pace from slow to super speed and it was horrible as guy kills Cole, beats to death Malcom and when Greta returns acts like he listens to her.

I do still recommend watching this film if you have little else to watch or just simply bored.

Odd, suspenseful, creepy and a bit disturbing, but thoroughly entertaining.

Enjoyable .

Quite frankly, The Boy bored me.

Great movie, suspenseful and thriller all at once .

He furthers the unease by posing the doll in unique sets and shots that stay with you (for example, who can forget the boy perched on the edge of his bed, looking out into the hallway?.

Instead, I was bored and insulted.

How was this predictable?

There are a few areas that do work rather well here, mainly in the rather intriguing atmosphere built up here about what the stunning and somewhat creepy house here where it's Gothic layout and build certainly add a great deal to the possibility of the doll being alive.

He glides the camera organically in slow, lingering shots that are a breath of fresh-air compared to the lousy "shaky cam" nonsense polluting other horror flicks.

:) Very unexpected, original, keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Sinister, Mama, Annabelle, etc. This movie was the only one that actually have me glued to the screen the entire time - and not due to any jump scares, but purely due to the cinematography, atmosphere-building and the fact that it was more intriguing than scary throughout.

But this move was super entertaining.

Also the final shot of the film is probably the most confusing shot in the entire film.

The Boy is a combination of all those variants, and even though the quality of the mixture occasionally fluctuates, I found it entertaining thanks to William Brent Bell's efficient direction and the competent performances from the whole cast, starting by Lauren Cohan in the leading role; her character isn't very well written, and she's assigned a turbulent past which will unavoidably come back in order to terrify her in the most absurd way.

There's really few "horror" scene in this movie that'll make you yawn.

**End Spoilers** My preconceived notions were challenged and by the end of the movie, I had jumped a few times and felt that general mild-adrenaline and kind of icky after-feeling that I think is indicative of a good horror flick.

That disappointing turn from truly disturbing, unexplained, bewildering revelations to formulaic, rife-with-tropes resolution left me feeling cold and unsatisfied with the film as a whole.

It becomes a boring movie with guy that obviously isn't fit to be anybody husband bullies Greta and eventually creeps out with income of destroying the doll.

While unoriginal and using many cliques, this was fun to watch and gets you on the edge of your seat.

Now, during the last thirty minutes right about the time Greta's ex-boyfriend shows up, the pace and suspense really picks up and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

A smooth suspenseful ride, then a sharp turn downhill .

★★☆☆☆ - "Second-hand genre banality.

A very rich mystery- suspense-horror with a few good jump scares, and some unpredictable moments.

Are we going to see the oh so predictable devil doll chasing her knife in hand?

Because the Film is as Lifeless as "Brahms" the Porcelain "Boy" with the Actors showing about as much Expression and Concern to what is Happening with Blank Looks and barely a Raised Eyebrow with the Dialog mostly in Monotone with Mid-Range Volume Throughout.

Acting was good, storyline was decent and kept me on the edge of my seat a bit.

If you want to watch something so stupid that it makes you laugh then this could be a fun way to pass the time but after laughing at the first hour of the film I fell asleep as it just didn't hold my attention until the end.

I will not give any spoilers in this review i just want to say this movie is a great, suspenseful, scary at times thriller.

However, the execution of the story line, which starts off with potential, became dull, never quite bringing enough fear to make it worthwhile for me.

Very suspenseful, scary and unpredictable.

It's mind blowing that the fact, we thought the boy at first, was a spirit doll.

I've gone to the movies a bunch of times late at night and seen a bunch of last call showings but this is only the second time I fell asleep during a movie.

but it was definitely worth watching, and if your on the fence about it, don't be, watch it.

Still, all things considered, for the first 75 minutes or so the movie has done an average job of presenting an, at least, entertaining (if unmemorable) thriller, then we get to the twist.

Waste of time and money.

It was entertaining because it had you guessing throughout the entire film and had you on the edge of your seat.

But the third act was pretty intense.

Even though I never heard of anyone who acted in this film, I think they did an amazing job delivering, and making the movie more intense and entertaining.

It's just a shame that the film is dragged down so badly due to its issues with the script and storyline.

It will have you thinking and saying "Ohhhh i understand now" after you walk out of the theater.

Only worth watching to admire Lauren's talent.

The beginning starts off slow as with any good horror movie to draw you in and create suspense!

Much of what ensues after this is fairly predictable.

Almost immediately, after Greta leaves the taxi driven by a perverted cab driver who has a thing for her cleavage, we are launched into this crater of predictability and genre convention: A Gothic mansion "in the middle of nowhere", many shots of creepy toys, the dull woman in danger vs.

Darkness of palace is gripping you since very first scene of the movie making you to connect very early to the story.

Then the plot finally starts to move in the second half and it gets really intense when the movie comes to it's third act.

The closer to the end the action goes, the more predictable everything is.

One has to admit that the overall thing was kind of slow which makes it kind of annoying at times and can probably bring a lot of people to quit.

, changing his clothes, listening to at least three hours of music, reading him poetry, and tucking him into bed.

I made the mistake of seeing this around 11:30pm and fell asleep about 30 or 40 minutes into it.

This is when the pace moves from slow-burning build-up to pure horror.

I'm such a sucker for these earlier year horror flicks though and find small enjoyment in the slow build.

At first it was so interesting in the first 30 minutes I was excited, but then it became a little boring and slow, and the ending was not as expected and turned out dull and silly.

The whole set up with the doll was boring and all the rules seem to be filler to make this part longer.

This movie was creepy and suspenseful and I would recommend any thrill seeker to watch this flick!

i was bored a little, still the end is kinda cool...

Cliche .

Actually it really is entertaining and not boring.

The idea seemed intriguing enough and the more the movie went on the more I was enjoying it.

The film does start off a bit slow for about the first twenty minutes or so but it picks up and runs faster and gets far more intense and entertaining.

But there was something about this one, that made me really enjoy the movie & the twist (which the way it turned out is usually not my kind of turn-around) with the way they revealed it, was vastly compelling and well done.

worth watching for fun.

Really you should save your money and time and don't waste it in watching this trash !

For me, before watching a horror film, I have a buzz: A combination between excitement and fear of the unexpected, which couple together to form a hybrid emotion, otherwise known as the buzz.

Tight, gripping, well-acted, well-written, expertly directed.

I would recommend this film for anybody looking to have an enjoyable, relaxed thriller to watch....

The problem of this movie is that it went really slow that almost became boring.

Unexpected Twist .

Good, but predictable.

Which is a shame as the scares in the movie are predictable and minimal.

HOUSEBOUND" Such a boring movie, i felt sorry for the actress and the crews.

But I guess it makes the character all the more fascinating and it would have been interesting for him to have had more screen time and more in depth scrutiny of his psychology.

Watch this film if you're really bored or something.

Thrilling, Chilling and all round brilliant .

However, my buzz deflated a few scenes into The Boy due to its lack of suspense, leaving us nothing to anticipate, instead we watch a catalogue of second-hand genre banality.

I fell asleep .

If you're a fan of the unexpected it can be a bit slow at first but the pace quickens to a thrilling climax!

I liked the end as it was quite unexpected.

with this movie it gets old and boring rather quickly.

I was very skeptical at the start I mean we've all seen the doll and ghost story MANY times in the past and yeah the jump scares got me a few times which I liked but the story was going nowhere until Cole showed up THEN THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST Brahms didn't die 20 years earlier and has been living in the walls the whole time while his parents grew fearful of him since Emily.

The worst and the most boring movie ever .

I remember when the original 'Child's Play' came out, the filmmakers wanted to leave some mystery around whether or not the doll was the one causing all the trouble or whether it was the little boy.

There is plenty of twist and turns with several jumpy parts to keep you on the edge of your seat.

While this film may not have been that horrifying, it was intriguing.

However, originality is not my principle disliking for this newest contemporary-genre trash; Bell does not understand the concept of suspense at all, which should be the load-bearing wall in this type of film, leaving the audience with an empty, jump-scare fest which focuses too much on Greta's past rather than building a tense atmosphere in the present.

The acting is above mediocre and luckily for that because it's a slow mover.

Unexpected twist.

One of the worst movies ever made.

As much as a shame that was, the film was indeed enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this.. different, good acting.. just a good entertaining movie

-1 point off because of the slow start to the show.

Scary and entertaining.

Don't waste your money to see this in cinema.

This twist though, actually suddenly dropped everything that was intriguing and scary about this film and turned right into a slasher flick.

Making scenes very suspenseful and having a good pay off.

This movie was very slow and boring.

In the 'Creepy Doll' category: nothing great, but sufficiently entertaining .

The surprising twist at the end is simply shocking and will really get you asking yourself rhetorical questions because what has happened is just so unexpected it is hard to know what to contemplate with this film.

I'd highly recommend it to others looking for something different.

This is an entertaining movie to watch cuddled up with your significant other.

Though filled to the brim with cliché galore, at the 45 minute mark a character realization takes place that seemed out of place, by that I mean out of formula.

Unable to forge a dramatic core that's truly compelling, Menear resorts to juvenile character building techniques.

All in all, it was a enjoyable and was better than I thought it would have been.

The highlight of the movie is, the mind blowing plot twist in the end.

Overall, The Boy was average but ultimately offered very few scares for me and I found the twist to be a little underwhelming, even if it was unexpected.


over all an excellent movie, with great character development, great acting, clever cinematography and stays away from the common horror cliché's, truly a film worth watching alone or with a friend.

A simple, supernatural ending would have sufficed, but instead the scripts pretentious beats overwhelmingly take over in the final act with an unconvincing twist/explanation that erases everything that held promise in the occasionally creepy outset.

Right when you think the movie couldn't make your hair jump anymore, the last 25 minutes get's even more intense than expected.

William Brent Bell (who also helmed 2012's "The Devil Inside") masters the slow build, making us wonder throughout the film who's crazy and who's not, as he gives us a few good gotcha-type scares along the way.

gotta admit, the beginning was a little slow and it's kinda predictable.

Throughout the film, you will be on the edge of your seat and it's an intense thriller/horror.

The Boy is an entertaining movie for about 3/4 of its length, presenting the viewer with an atmospheric creepiness reminiscent of 1978's MAGIC or the Annabelle/Conjuring series.

The unexpected end was really interesting and raised my rate totally

The first two thirds of the movie were consistently boring me and were full of laughable mini scares that not once produced a feeling of uneasiness.

The plot started off as intriguing, babysitting a doll instead of a regular boy.

The Boy starts off slow, allowing you to take in just how odd the situation our protagonist finds herself in is.

Around the middle of this film I found that it got a bit uninteresting, it was rather repetitive and when you are expecting something to happen it just doesn't.

but it's also pretty slow paced, meaning that it doesn't come off as awful as one would expect.

The Boy is slow paced to start but compelling enough....

Overall, this was a very enjoyable movie, better than the last couple of Horror flicks I have watched.

I would give the film 'The Boy' 8 stars, the story of the film was well presented and a sort of psychological horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

An intense thriller .

At first, it was a bit predictable.

I watched this a few nights ago and quite enjoyed it.

The beginning is slow and it annoyed me to the point that I considered shutting it off.

All aspects of this fun and exciting horror thriller are on target – from its creativity, to more technical aspects, such as its set, camera work, visuals and editing.

Bottom line it's a really slow movie with a "surprising" ending.

Once the boyfriend shows up and gets involved, the true twist of the film is revealed and sets this off on a solid, action-packed path with a solid series of chasing around the house which gives this some incredibly tense and thrilling confrontations in this section to end it on a high note.

I felt the film started fairly solid then unfortunately devolved into some horribly inconsistent,disjointed,nonsensical,and ridiculous plot twist that made absolutely no sense whatsoever .

This is a slow paced film but the Director does a great job engaging you.

Actors' performance was good but there were few characters which, I think, made the movie slow.

A suspenseful last 20 minutes.

awful , pointless and a big waste of time .

Most of these strong points are thanks to director, William Brent Bell's moderately entertaining choices.

The supporting cast does a mediocre job at supporting this small cast, while the story line slows to an uncontrollable bore fest during the middle of the film.

I wish I could say more for the other characters, as everyone just seems bland, one dimensional, and forgettable.

The idea of a posh and bratty English lad reincarnated in a large porcelain doll is unsettling, and director William Brent Bell mounts the atmosphere and tension quite professionally, through a steadily slow pacing, good use of the old house filming location, hinting at the tragic events that overcame the real boy Brahms and the wise decision never to animate the doll or make it move individually.

but then falls style with mediocre horror sequences ( slow -fast room , noise ,jump- scare ...

There is a twist near the end which I didn't see coming, but overall, I was bored and glad when it finished.

Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie in the TV-series 'The Walking Dead' handles the lead well, and the cinematography is stunning.

I went into 'The Boy' expecting a cliché, jump-scare ridden, pile of garbage horror movie.

The Boy is a really, really stupid so-called horror flick which starts off with an intriguing premise, before mining every cliché possible out of the old left-alone-in-a-spooky-house scenario and finally sputtering out with a completely formula ending.

It was thrilling and a well made film.

I enjoyed it.

Instead, this movie uses them to its advantage, and the EVENTS that happen in this film can be described in any way but predictable.

The plot is so intriguing and well put together.

The boy really fires on all cylinders, really keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

The Boy is an entertaining jump scare ride.

I give it an 9 stars because the end kind of sets it up for a sequel, but hey, the rest of "The Boy" is beautifully stylized and paced similar to the spooky, suspenseful and disturbing '60's British made thrillers like Betty Davis' "The Nanny"and Debra Kerr's "The Innocents" only with an added surprise ending and faster pace.

In THE BOY she is quite stunning and a very good actor which helps as well.

As horror fans, we cannot lie that over the past few years, horror films have become somewhat mundane, to the fact that we are immune to creepy dolls, a scary house and babysitters.


First, I immediately got bored.

The Boy keeps you on the edge of your seats and requires someone with intelligence to understand this movie.

A spooky typical "doll" thrilling film with good acting.

This movie is boring.

Well, after all the movie was very entertaining, the twist was good and it's worth a watch.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

The only thing that's massively disappointing is the uninspired, cliché ending, which is one on one exactly the same as in any other horror movie that stars a female character.

I could have been more satisfied if that twist in the end didn't happen and if producers would have come up with a better way to solve the mystery that is more appropriate and unexpected at the same time, not unexpectedly dull.. It is definitely mysterious, entertaining and worth watching.

That being said, it was still entertaining enough and I thought the director, William Brent Bell, did a decent enough job.

It's a mediocre, unoriginal and bland thriller that relies on generic jump scares to create most of its' tension.

The old boyfriend turning up was a waste of screen time.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat from at least the first 20 minutes until the end.

There were also a lot of jump scares and I really enjoyed it.

I reached the point simply waiting for the film to end bored out of my mind and rolling my eyes and laughing at what I was witnessing with my own two eyes.

If you want an entertaining evil doll horror watch Chuckie, or even Anabelle.


Overall, "The Boy" is OK horror flick for one boring evening.

Revives the horror genre with a thrilling experience.

I did not predict this one, I really enjoyed it and would totally recommend a rewatch because they did a lot of subtle things that hinted at the ending.

Don't expect to see something that you haven't seen before, the ending is predictable and the end is anticlimactic.

an incredibly boring and drawn out semi-thriller .

Finally, I'm quite happy it didn't resort to the generic, predictable jump scare for the final second shot.

No plot.

She drinks wine all day, bored and passing out.

The plot twist was unexpected, as the film built I had another theory of what was going to happen and I was way off the mark.

This is movie is a boring joke.

But the reveal, while very unexpected, lacks any defining moment of truth that some horror films make excellent use of.

Terrible waste of time .

Don't waste your time...

A few new slants in the script by Stacy Menear and able direction by William Brent Bell keeps the fairly predictable plot chugging along with some nice twists and John Willett's impeccable production design conveys the eerie atmosphere intact perfectly so.

I wouldn't say it's the best thriller in the world, but it's totally worth giving a try - the acting is good, the plot is consistent and the ending is mind blowing in my humble opinion.

Pretty dumb and predictable .

"The Boy" is an original and entertaining horror thriller.

A bit slow in parts.

First the scenes are a bit slow it's like "yes, we know the doll can move around.

This film keeps you on the edge of your seat and always make you wonder what's going to happen next.

over all an excellent movie, with great character development, great acting, clever cinematography and stays away from the common horror cliché's, truly a film worth watching alone or with friends.

While the film does have its fair share of silly moments, its a refreshingly entertaining installment for the Horror genre.

Very nice movie so interesting so entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

There is also a surprising and exciting finish.

Worth watching carefully .

I liked the beginning with the parents, who were enjoyable to watch, very good actors.

It's an entertaining enough movie of its kind, by-the-numbers up until the ridiculous twist.

Overall, a well directed thriller with a few jump scares and an intriguing premise that is utterly decimated by its third act.

From a pure logical stance, I fail to see any connection whatsoever between the porcelain dull and that grown man.

SPOILER ALERTIt has only one or two jump scares but manage to give a bit creepiness and keeps me guessing even though there are some parts were predictable.

But you'll soon find out that insanity is only one possible explanation for the unusual behavior of various characters and the many strange happenings throughout this very entertaining film.

Apart from having plot holes and the story going rapidly downhill at the end the first 1 hour of the already short runtime created a strange, but somewhat suspenseful atmosphere and it for a brief moment it looked like it was going to unfold in an awesome movie with a great plot twist or just an action packed thrilling ending, instead we got presented with the dumbest plot hole i thought of and the movie ends without much real action.

This has an intriguing premise and I was kind of surprised by the quality of the filmmaking (at least for a January movie, when in recent memory you get schlock like The Devil Inside or even boring dreck like The Forest from the start of January), and the director and cinematographer and editor all pay attention to pacing and setting the mood and not really relying too heavily on jump scares, which are the death of horror cinema.