The Boys from Brazil (1978) - Drama, Thriller

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A Nazi hunter in Paraguay discovers a sinister and bizarre plot to rekindle the Third Reich.

Director: Franklin J. Schaffner
Stars: Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 133 found boring (8.27%)

One-line Reviews (102)

I kept watching it, though, to see just how much more horrible it could become as it droned on and on to its predictable ending.

Worth watching!

The dam scene was very intense and from the Trivia notes I gather it was a real dam, not a special effect.

In addition, the film is too long for presenting the material it tries to cover.

Levin takes these ideas and builds a very suspenseful and interesting plot around them.

Laurence Olivier as Ezra Lieberman was so terrible as the cliché older Jewish Nazi Hunter that they nominated him for an academy award.

The film gets going slow and somewhat difficult to follow then turns basically into pure camp.

Gregory Peck is thrilling in his portrayal as Dr. Josef Mengele, Hitler's Death Camp architect and mastermind ordered to develop the superior Aryan Race!

Schaffner's The Boys from Brazil is a thrillingly entertaining movie with a somewhat vengeful plot adapted from an Ira Levin novel.

The compelling aspect of the movie is the sinister plan.

Olivier is a hoot as the Jewish German mit der terrible accent, Peck is ultra slimy (and no more convincing as a German than Olivier), and the always entertaining Mason makes for a great Nazi officer.

Despite the cast and the occasional nice touch, this is only average, but is worth watching.

intriguing but slow thriller .

These factors seem to trump over the thrilling nature that was waiting to break out, because what happens is cold, talky and calculative in a numbingly monotone rhythm.

Laurence Olivier is perhaps the greatest actor in the history of the screen and great fun to watch in this somewhat absurd but thoroughly entertaining movie.

Laurence Olivier, playing a Nazi-hunter on the lines of Simon Wiesenthal, feyly sniffs about like a fussy Pekingese; when his ire is up, Olivier drops his nasal tones and speaks in a slow, steely warning voice, spreading his dialogue out to the breaking point.

i mean,it is a slow paced movie.

Let's talk about that then: What makes The Boys From Brazil scream implausibility is the same feature that makes it so engaging, and that is how it isn't a war thriller, a spy thriller or a political thriller, or any certain kind of thriller, instead taking a slice from each kind of thriller.

The plot is dumb, I'll admit, but there's just something about this movie that is intriguing.

Story is not boring , neither tiring but is entertaining at any time, though it is true that turns into a picture that tends to underline its latent absurdities and entangled in his ending .

Schaffner's direction for the movie is nothing short of excellent, along with Heywood Gould's intense screenplay, and Jerry Goldsmith's suspenseful music, all go well for a fast-paced thriller of this type.

Intriguing If Implausible .

Suspenseful, violent, captivating -- the epitome of a good vs.

Unlikely but compelling .

This was a very silly film that despite everything still managed to be very entertaining in a "turn off you brain and just enjoy it" way.

Ingenious, compelling and utterly believable .

I was looking forward to what sounded like a wildly original and fascinating story with a terrific cast, set against a very serious historical backdrop.

This is a good movie that's really exciting all the way through.

Jeremy Black is amusing as the boys from Brazil, Uta Hagen is memorably intense, and Olivier in role that provided him with his final Oscar nomination is basically repeating his Marathon Man performance.

The Nazi's plot is unraveled slowly, first filling you with confusion, then disbelief, and finally, astonishment & terror.

It may be an outlandish concept, but the whole movie is quite intense once you realize what Mengele and his cronies are planning.


It /is/ worth watching, if only to see Gregory Peck insult the hideous wife of a fellow Nazi, as another reviewer mentioned.

Not as good techically as Marathon Man(in many ways similar, featuring Sir Lawrence in a Mengele-like role) but, I think, much more enjoyable.

The film is slow paced, but remains engaging throughout, and the suspense never ceases.

Based on Ira Levin (Rosemary's baby)'s readable novel , this is an exciting thriller about The Doctor "Joseph Méngüele", (Gregory Peck), known member of the Nazi party German, and cruel medic of the concentration camp of Auschwitz .

The last half hour or so is wildly exciting with one of the Top Five greatest fight scenes of all time.

What I got instead was a boring, drawn out laugher that seemed to get sillier and sillier as the thing drug on.

Exaggerated but entertaining film that proofs that film-entertainment has no limits.

The film seems a bit strange for the first half hour or so while the plot builds up around you, but the dramatic moment when total confusion is suddenly replaced by understanding is well worth the lengthy lead-in.

Still, thoughtful and intriguing, this is a thinking man's thriller.

Marginally Enjoyable, Overbearing Cheese .

There is the jingoistic and repetitive bearing and social graces of the mad Dr. Mengele character.

No matter how much Peck camps it up as a Nazi villain, this is an intriguing but slow thriller.

Intriguing thriller uncovering a diabolical Nazi conspiracy .

The whole story is based on an incredible plot device so original, so unexpected that you understand you can't take the movie seriously, and I mean this as a compliment.

A tight suspenseful thriller .

Very disturbing yet so fascinating .

I took it as it was - a seventies movie with choppy editing and mono soundtrack, but fabulous acting, intriguing plot and breathtaking locations.

While I think MARATHON MAN has the edge in terms of being an enjoyable, all-time classic, THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL is still a very good, taut thriller that just happens to have an excellent ensemble cast to boot.

I was relieved that I enjoyed it as much as I did when I was fifteen.

) humour also makes it more enjoyable than it probably should be.

It is in the fact that everyone both in frontof and behind the camera seems to have put an awful lot of effortinto getting the riveting story told in as epic a scale as possiblethat makes the film such a good movie.

Engaging mystery with impressive performances .

)Had Mengele's plan included the focus on just one boy, with the organization taking a more detailed interest in psychologically nudging the young man, perhaps Mengele feeding him quiet whispers to stir his hate, it might have been more compelling.

It's surprising how slow and prodding this movie is.

Intriguing idea that translated very well to film, with a classic cast the likes of which we'll probably never see again.

Absorbing .

It's a movie that doesn't pretend to be another thing than a movie, its purpose is to entertain and to thrill us though a complex and puzzling plot whose twist is revealed earlier enough to make the climax more enjoyable.

The idea of cloning Der Führer might seem rather implausible, even with today's scientific advances, but it sure makes for a fairly enjoyable potboiler, especially with the seasoned performers hamming it up for all they're worth.

I saw this movie when it first came out and I really enjoyed it.

and/or, at the very least, provided some compelling drama, instead of hoping to stir up excitement from a plot that seems as though it originated in a campy 50's sci-fi schlock-fest, maybe it would be acceptable.

But they save this film and make it something actually worth watching.

"The Boys from Brazil" (1978 - 123 minutes) is an intriguing and a present-day thriller about human cloning directed by Franklin J.

Sadly many of the blurbs about this movie give away the solution to this mystery and the meaning of the title, but the mystery is much more engaging if the viewer unravels it along with Lieberman.

It's quite plodding though, and never reaches a particularly satisfying conclusion.

The movie has a great and original and intriguing story about some old high Nazi's who fled to South-America, under the command of Dr. Josef Mengele, setting a plan in motion to establish a new Fourth Reich.

Old veterans Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier and James Mason team up in this well-constructed and absorbing thriller.

The first part is most entertaining and "catching" as Mengele's plan comes to life and director Franklin Schaeffner handles the clues very well so that we finally discover what the "Angel of Death" is up to (it will be easier to find out for those of us interested in Hitler's biographies).

Provides us with a nice slow burning build up in setting the story, and keeping me enthralled with it really quite ludicrous but entertaining story line.

I would recommend this, but only if you're bored and catch it on television.

It is possibly his most powerful role, especiallywhen - to me - he seems completely bland in everything else Ihave seen him in (and believe me, there is a lot!

A hugely enjoyable "Boy's Own" adventure / sci-fi thriller .

Gregory Peck's portrayal of Dr. Mengele is gripping, the work of a true master of the acting art.

While several comments regarding its overall production are arguably true, for those of us who knew that Mengele was still alive when we saw the movie, it was a most intriguing concept.

The Boys from Brazil is as much a comedy as a thriller it seems, the direction and cinematography are just plain dull and each scene is played like they are reading lines and the look of the film is very cheap, although there are some good location shots.

The Bores from Brazil .

Yes, it turns one of the most depraved monsters about whom I've ever read into an entertaining comic-book mad scientist.

The last twenty minutes or so are absolutely riveting as the story comes to a head, and it finishes in an extremely satisfying way too.

The movie is definitely worth watching.

Moderatley Enjoyable.

I highly recommend it.

Was going to give it a five or six, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, so 7/10.

A reasonably entertaining and intriguing movie.

The situations led to and the performances of Peck, Olivier, Uta Hagen as one of the widowed mothers and Mason as Peck's coldly sensible right hand are intriguing, because they are not what one would expect from a big-budget, star-studded sci-fi thriller by the director Papillon and Planet of the Apes.

When one gets past these, THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL becomes an interesting and gripping thriller with good pace and lots of action.

"The Boys from Brazil" is very entertaining on several levels if you love history and you love asking those "what if" questions.

The script takes a too long to develop and parts of it are overly predictable.

Slow moving, poorly acted and silly in the extreme, I think it can only be enjoyed as camp.

This is a gripping, highly amusing and entertaining film starring the two greatest actors of all time, Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck.

However, the entire premise of the film is intriguing (though disturbing) and makes for a suspenseful movie.

Indeed the plot brushes comic book superhero proportions, but the diabolical master plan conceived by Gregory Peck's grimacing, straight-backed Nazi death camp doctor Mengele is a refreshment of that sort: In stories of bombastic color and adventure, especially those of godlike stock characters and dictatorial genius antagonists, there are often caveats that make them silly or forgettable rather than engrossing in their suspension of disbelief.

It's so amusing that I burst out laughing when someone made the very predictable cry of " Help get a doctor " - " I am a doctor you idiot "

Fascinating acting between Olivier and Peck (who share only one lengthy scene) and the tense atmosphere leads to a sinister battle between good and evil.

Schaffner who often helmed large scale productions: Patton, Pappilion, The Planet of the Apes, Nicholas and Alexandria is a plodding director and this material needs a visionary.

OK film to watch, but more enjoyable for the personal thoughts on "what if?

The character is the real-life Nazi doctor whose crimes in concentration camps reached a level of barbarity so atrocious one could wonder how we can decently make a character enjoyable to watch, out of this man.

An exciting plot, a workmanlike script, and good performances from Peck and Olivier help overcome the complete implausibility of the premise.

An intriguing thriller about human cloning .

The atmospheric photography and use of European locations as well as the score build up a real feel of the Nazi era and its echoes, you really get a sense of the strangely compelling Teutonic evil that permeated Nazi culture.

Entertaining and suspenseful thriller about terrible experiments carried out by Joseph Menguele .

Secondly, there simply isn't enough plot to fill a two hour movie with (it can be summed up in a single sentence), resulting in a very slow movie with gives you plently of time to reflect on how utterly silly and far-fetched the story is.