The Brave One (2007) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Struggling to recover emotionally from a brutal assault that killed her fiancé and left her in a coma, a radio personality begins a quest for vengeance against the perpetrators that leaves a bloody trail across New York City.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Neil Jordan
Stars: Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 45 out of 295 found boring (15.25%)

One-line Reviews (176)

Or would it be a cliché for the movie to try and humanize these individuals?

That is how gripping this story is.

To me, that felt contrived, unnecessary, and distracting.

Undistinguished, formulaic fare .

movies are just getting more and more sad and banal week by week....

" and clapped my hands as I bent forward on the edge of my seat and cried.

What happens next is a thrilling roller coaster ride of a vigilante getting even and bringing those responsible to death on her own.

But, it's still a riveting film nonetheless, with a satisfying "good guy vs.

Many scenes have her face fill out the complete screen which makes it even more intense.

This movie is as predictable as it is unbelievable and ultimately questionable in its message.

They are either full of special effects or action or are completely toned down and boring.

Despite a dreamy, somewhat disconnected narrative which gives the proceedings almost a surreal feeling, this violent urban thriller is absorbing and intriguing, if familiar.

This leaves the piece as distinctly watchable - and undoubtedly worth watching - for those up to the task.

what a stellar cast, great acting, great story line, very gripping.

One of the most riveting aspects of the film was the believability of scenes that conveyed both Jodie and Terance's characters.

Jodi Foster elevates what might have been another run-of-the-mill vigilante yarn to an engaging psychological portrayal .

The Dull One .

The acting was stilted; Ms. Foster's facial expressions were stone-like, if even that; the dialogue was boring, what there was of it; and other than the dog's performance, the movie was too predictable.

Regardless of what taste you have in movies, this movie is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to know what happens next.

A thoroughly gripping and suspenseful drama, one of the best films of the year

Worth watching!

So many movies today would lean on big action and blistering pace to hold viewers in the story, but this movie keeps you fully involved the old fashioned way - by creating a compelling character, and taking you on a journey with them.

This leads to unexpected events, when Erica kills a man whilst trying to protect her own life.

The depth of the story itself is evocative and at times emotional.

The climax is not entirely plausible given the nature of one of the characters, but at least it avoids the easy, pro-law-and-order cliché it appears at first glance to be on its way to embracing.

As Erica Bain, Jodie plays the host of an incredibly dull and pretentious radio show in New York.

I would like to see her do a movie with Fred Schepsi ("Plenty" "A Cry In The Dark") because the characters in Schepsi movies are memorable, all of them, always) With Martin Donovan ("Apartment Zero" and his new stunning "K.

Definitely worth watching it!

There are a very few, may be a couple of moments that are unnecessary but overall the viewing is engaging and edge of the seat.

I guess I started to get a little bored with the whole emotional study of how all of those shootings were affecting her.

Neil Jordan does a good job with the action sequences, but the scenes in between are mostly just tiresome and dull.

"The Brave One" manages to pull off that most rare of cinematic achievements/challenges; it works as high art, profound social/political/psychological/ethical commentary AND delivers an exciting/riveting "can't take your eyes off the screen" theater/drama that elevates the experience of "entertainment" to a level far beyond mere diversion.

This is yet another one of her films that is a waste of time.

Finally, here's something worth watching.

Formulaic drivel .

I found the movie, for the most part, emotionally engaging, though a poorly edited scene directly after the attack on Erica detracts from much of the previous scene's impact.

Another thing intriguing me is the compulsive behavior.

As an exciting drama with plenty of jump in your seat moments, the film succeeds.

Yet whereas "Death Sentence" was a case of stylistic overkill for a lopsided screenplay, Jordan shows considerable skill in compositions both imposing (Erica's first sojourn down the sidewalk of her neighborhood after the attack is done in a series of skilled, on-edge edits) and beautiful (Erica falling asleep in front of David's grave as an elevated train goes by in the background); the direction is as slick enough to keep us engaged, and while "The Brave One" doesn't hit the deep notes of social commentary the screenwriters may have intended, it's still a grim, unrelenting, and entertaining ride.

There are some scenes which are predictable and comparisons with 'Death Wish' are inevitable as this movie is quite similar in a lot of ways.

Wow this movie was intense.

It is also incredibly boring with lifeless characters and some horribly misjudged moments.

So, she buys the Glock, and obstentatiously gets some lessons on how to use it: bullets, check; safety, check; melodramatic empty round trigger pulling, check.

Unfortunately the film's relaxed approach eventually gives way to much uninteresting Oedipal melodrama.

Suffice to say, if you're looking for an entertaining neo noir, one that serves up your thirst for vengeance a la "Death Wish," this is one to check out at your local rental store.

It's still enjoyable, albeit in a more "common" way than it could have been.

Compelling look at the issues of revenge .

This character is tragic and compelling and we are drawn to her from the start.

It's a compelling movie because of the many questions asked.

Low-key, atmospheric and filled with interesting sea-side locales, the film unfolds like a noirish dream, complete with stalking sequences evocative of Alfred Hitchcock's "Veritgo".

It is neither entertaining, nor meaningful enough to stand as an updated statement on the vigilante genre that DEATH WISH spawned in 1974, and TAXI DRIVER (should have) ended in 1976, although the genre continued unabated for many years after, reaching a nadir with the nauseating EXECUTIONER series, starring Robert Ginty in the early '80s.

The one weak point of the film was the contrived idea that Bain repeatedly finds herself in dangerous situations where she is threatened.

The process of her road down to becoming an avenging angel is a slow digression, and witnessing her developing resistance towards injustice is very moving to watch.

This movie was one big "yawn" for me.

The Brave One is intense, I've seen this flick a few times before, and watched it on Amazon earlier for the first time in a long time, and I can confidently say that even though it's an interesting movie, it is not the type of flick that would be good to watch on a regular basis.

Even if the film is a bit slow and meandering in parts, it never fails to hold your attention, right through to the end, where everything pays off nicely.

I highly recommend that all should see this deeply engrossing film that has such strong impact on all who experience it.

Also starring Insomnia's Nicky Katt as Detective Vitale, Carmen Ejogo as Jackie, Lenny Venito as Mortell, Zöe Kravitz as Chloe, Jane Adams as Nicole and Blaze Foster as Cash.

Without words, she communicates her pain and her intense anger as the forces of right and wrong fight for control.

" And the final scene, having been arrived at in the most hackneyed, clichéd, and formulaic way possible is redeemed by an unexpected twist.

It's a shame to see Jodi Foster bringing her thoughtfulness and sensitivity to a movie that is audience pandering of the most pretentious, self-important sort.

From the stupid lame and unbelievable script to the beyond awful acting (rest of the cast) and overacting (her) this was one of the worst movies I've ever had to sit through.

But strong acting and genuine motivations make this film more compelling and more intelligent than the standard thriller.

Finally, she gets to the point where she can and does hunt down the three thugs, but by that time, one is far more concerned with her than with her mission and that, to me, is masterful: to make an intense character drama out of a script that is, essentially, a Death Wish ripoff.

Original, uncompromising, distressing and compelling .

Speaking in a low monotone (and grieving for her slain boyfriend in much the same way), Foster doesn't shake the audience up--and she doesn't propel the film forward.

Of course, Jodie Foster plays her part very well, but her seriousness doesn't hide the fact that it's only a B-Movie, that tries to be intelligent, but only manage to be pretentious.

I had intense personal reaction to this movie and felt it a study of my self as Jodie Foster probably studied the character in this plot as I know she is wont to study.

She has had the same character archetype more than once and yet she makes each of these characters unique and fascinating every time.

And it is slow.

Together, they provide greater texture and ambiguity than what one would expect from what seems to be a formulaic, overly contrived script by the father-and-son screen writing duo of Roderick and Bruce A.

Overall, then, a quite meaningful, insightful and intriguing cinematic experience owing a very great deal to the personality of the star.

The depth of her character's despair over the loss of her boyfriend, compounded by the fact that she has no other family, is so real it's stunning (and set to music equally stunning).

Worth watching, except for those with serious problems in their lives right now.

The film has a steady honesty that rang real and Bain's internal transformation from sweet happy-go-lucky everyday gal to a hardened and vicious lone crusader was compelling enough.

When you think about it, the questions it asks aren't especially ground-breaking, but the movie is undeniably compelling.

All in all, The Brave One is a disappointing film, relying on clichés and pretension to drive a predictable and dull plot.

Clichéd, slow, unconvincing....

This film was also very suspenseful.

Apparently they missed out on the whole Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Xena the Warrior Princess thing on TV that made women kicking ass rather cliché.

The Brave OneNot your run of the mill revenge thriller due to some rather skilful direction by Neil Jordan and a gripping performance from The always brilliant Jodie Foster as Erica.

It's a valid point and worth the watch for the performances.

The script and plot are well-paced, with a dark but riveting atmosphere that is sure to keep the audience engaged.

I recall barely touching my popcorn throughout the course of this film, because I was so immersed in its world.

He has crafted a slow, absorbing tale that takes it's time to allow some depth and characterization to form.

To round up, The Brave One is a movie that provides an exciting story, great dialog, great acting and it leaves you thinking.

The story becomes a gripping narrative of one woman's reaction to the horrors of an uncontrollable world, and the psychological transformation induced by post traumatic stress.

Foster is both gritty and admirable, the violence is quite compelling, it is just a good film that places the question, what would you do if you had a gun in the certain situations?

Very predictable.

The intriguing subject of "The Brave one", added with the determination of Jodie Foster to produce and play in the movie, makes me hope of a sort of intelligent and feminine version of "The Punisher", a kind of violent reflexion on vigilantes and auto justice.

The brave one was a success for me; it was irritating at some points, exciting at others points.

He is never used enough in Hollywood, but it's nice that he can be successful in even the most mundane of films.

Foster and Howard both do fine jobs and when they're on screen together, they're very entertaining.

The acting was great, the story was great and the overall movie was entertaining throughout.

Terrence Howard is solid as Mercer, but the contrived, purposefully ambiguous nature of his character undermines his credibility.

Worth watching .

It's at this stage of the film that Jordan treads precariously between an intriguing examination of the corrupting power of violence and a series of visceral thrills that has Erica feeling bracingly empowered by her actions.

Apparently, Jodie being the executive producer blinded her to what a joke and waste of her money this would be.

An apartment, temporarily empty, might as well have a sign hung on the door -- "Welcome, Vandals.

Helas, this movie is just a ridiculous plagiary of Bronson's "Death Wish" series, that hides its emptiness and B-Movie style under a boring psychological study.

Intense .

Overall well made and very entertaining .

Pretty much every proceeding sequence is predictable.

The movie plot was thought provoking, action packed, she did justice to the female version of Charles Bronson's "Death Wish.

If you don’t figure out all the propositions, possibilities and results long before they happen, and then find yourself choosing the predictable, well maybe you’re just more adventuresome.

A variable and certainly exciting screenplay is heftily completed by skillful developing, some nice action scenes and explicit violence.

Engaging and well paced with a question at its centre: Do we like this character and their actions or not.

Performances wise, in the lead role, Foster is steely and solid, reliable as ever in this dramatic, intense kind of role.

It is not how many times you make the movie, it is the total package that you deliver in the end – that should be entertaining, and Brave One is entertaining.

The process of her road down to becoming an avenging angel is a slow digression, and witnessing her developing resistance towards injustice is very moving to watch.


Watching a "fragile" woman like Foster becoming Charles Bronson in skirts is both entertaining and (questionably) gratifying.

If you find TV movies boring then, chances are, you'll find this unbearable.

Boring feminist rubbish .

What an adrenaline rush !!.

Instead I encountered a sensitive, riveting, slow/fast moving experience that was almost perfectly executed.

The Brave One unraveled much like an awful, long drawn out CSI-like episode guest starring Jodie Foster.

She eventually seeks for revenge and on her way, unexpected things will happen, and you'll find out what the first sentence above means.

This aspect of the film is original and compelling.

The Brave One is entertaining largely because of another bravura performance from Jodie Foster, who has to be one of the finest actresses of her generation.

Along with her grim and compelling performance, the film captures the theme of vengeance very well as well as crossing the line between what is right and what is wrong.

This film was OK, I sort of quite enjoyed it I think.

The Brave One has an intriguing premise, true this isn't Deathwish or Taxi Driver again, it’s a disappointment it could have risen above what it actually finished as.

The fact that it was some tiny, (too old to be an lead actress) blonde lady kicking the butt, just made it more enjoyable and riveting.

Clichéd and surprisingly dull.

Here is a radio journalist of erudition and strong determination who virtually caresses the mike as she takes up her "bully pulpit", at times coaxing and at times cajoling her audience into accepting her eloquent and compelling and emotionally-charged take on the changing nature of the city she quite tangibly loves - New York.

FINAL VERDICT: Entertaining.

Instead she focuses on "looking intense" most of the time, perhaps hoping that in itself this will suffice (it doesn't).

Well there isn't, so don't waste our time.

This was entertaining.

This film is fascinating and does not need a long commentary, though a decent review has to deal with a certain number of problems the film evokes and even invokes.

For some reason, it really was entertaining every single minute, despite having only about 3 or 4 action scenes.

The Boring One .

I'm on the edge of my seat.

The action scenes were fine, but the story line was a little too predictable.

After this brief incident she starts walking the streets at night to fight her insomnia and deal with the terrifying nightmares she has.

Overall, The Brave One is one of the year's most engaging films, and I suspect Oscar will come knocking for at least one of these knockout performances.

Riveting Thriller .

The film has some tedious parts in which the main character reminisces on moments with her loved one.

Derivative, predictable, repetitive, and slow are all words that can be used to describe it.

The Vigilante is a strange and intriguing person.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone who is not afraid of challenging themselves.

Definitely worth watching.

The storyline takes some improbable courses and is pretty formulaic (in the beginning).

Though this relationship feels contrived and implausible, Howard's gentleness, his almost feminine sensitivity, together with his height and his natural elegance (which also Foster would possess if she were not intentionally so badly dressed in the film) makes these sexually repressed dialogues watchable and interesting.

Predictable to the last shot, I will say that this movie hits the mark and will have everybody talking.

It tries very hard to follow a wannabe thriller.

Pretentious garbage .

I just hope that Foster is suitably ashamed of this farcical waste of time, energy, resources and pixels...

This movie is a great adrenaline rush.

"The Brave One" is actually an entertaining crowd-pleaser flick that focuses on a determined woman seeking revenge on the perpetrators who killed her fiancé and left her comatose for a few months.

Contrived bullshit happens once a robbery and murder occur right after Bain purchases a gun.

One fateful night the couple runs into some unexpected trouble in the park.

At least Nicky Katt (of TV's Boston Public) was a nice surprise as a comic foil because he came off as the least pretentious of the cast.

But it uses pretentious waffling about identity to cover up a lack of real moral arguments.

Jodie Foster(Taxi Driver and Silence of the Lambs) stars in this thrilling movie about crime, revenge, hatred, and sacrifice.

Jodie Foster is so powerful and compelling as hero Erica.

I admire the film for two reasons: one, the way it flips a seemingly straightforward revenge-drama into an articulate exploration of EXTREME pain, and INTENSE grief, and how it refuses to judge the main character, letting the story speak for itself and its viewers decide if what Foster does- and what she receives for what she does- is in fact justice or a cop-out.

Parallels with 'Taxi Driver' could well be made; both star Jodie Foster, both are about characters living right on the edge and in New York (although we don't see Bickle's past tragedy as 'it' was Vietnam as a whole), both have justified shoot outs in corner shops and both have something to do with child prostitution at one point: Bain attempts to rescue a girl from the back of a car just as Bickle does (ironically a character played by Foster) from a brothel in one of Taxi Driver's memorable scenes.

This is mind boggling.

This movie is chilling, I would highly recommend it to anyone who actually has the pluck and the maturity not to be "offended" by realistic themes.

This just went off in a direction that was a little boring to me.

The problem is that the movie itself is very slow and at times drags so miserably that the whole plot is lost somewhere in drabness.

A Stunning Masterwork of Transcendent Quality .

His photography and color-schemes are bland and muted instead of being naturalised and realistic, which would have been much more involving.

Slightly hokey in parts, but overall quite entertaining.

I also really enjoyed Terence Howard's detective character, the cat and mouse game between him and Foster is well done and suspenseful.

He is stunning.

It was still quite entertaining and to an extent I did enjoy the film.

The boring stuff is due to us having seen this story so many times before.

Her relationship with Terrence Howard, also an actor of consummate skill, is gripping.

With few exceptions, Jodie Foster makes smart movies and The Brave One is especially smart because Foster is able to show us the layers of conflict and confusion that lead her into the role of vigilante.

This is pathetic, originality is completely dead, instead of trying to formulate a new idea what we receive is a bland re-do of an old plot line and to "switch it up" we just change the gender or race of the original character it's moronic and everyone should be sick and tired of seeing it ...

But the wick point of the movie is its over-cliché script.

The Boring One is more like it...

Overall a very well done film that may be hard for some too stomach, but for others it may be more than just an action revenge film, but instead a thought provoking character study that is truly compelling to watch.