The Break-Up (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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In a bid to keep their luxurious condo from their significant other, a couple's break-up proceeds to get uglier and nastier by the moment.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Peyton Reed
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 136 out of 509 found boring (26.71%)

One-line Reviews (297)

THE BREAK UP is one of those tiresome 'comedies' that Hollywood grinds out on the basis of star power.

Waste of money.

At the end of the day, this kind of thing has been done better, but it is reasonably entertaining.

There is a solid supporting cast including Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman, Justin Long, Joey Lauren Adams, and the divine Judy Davis, but even their presence fails to make this film entertaining.

Don't bother watching this monotonous, tedious drivel - better have a night in watching a good old ant documentary.

*SPOILER ALERT* it's the new Hollywood standard--the "unexpected expected" ending.

In fact, by the end of the film, Gary has grown while Brooke enters into a somewhat self-indulgent lifestyle.

But i would save your money.

Very dull, at times helplessly sad, and an odd ending which awards you more questions than answers.

The introduction of the side kicks is a bit confusing if you ask me and everything seems to be thrown together.

We thoroughly enjoyed it.

But I do remember that it generally went "fault of his…fault of hers… she's a bitch… he's a bastard" only dragged out for an excruciating hour and 45 minutes.

Once again, we have another movie where everyone is a cliché.

Left the theater very disappointed and a little sad at having taken teens with me to see what we thought was a comedy.

All in all a movie worth watching, no loss in waiting for the DVD unless your looking for a 1st date movie!

Romantic comedies follow the same old plot cliché of two people trying to form a relationship with hilarious happenings along the way (usually in the form of slap stick and cheesy jokes).

The storyline was overly cliché'd, and had far too many big coincidences.

"The Break Up" is fun and entertaining.

They not only have chemistry together with their perky/gabby demeanors but they also have biology with their charming appearance, and physics with their garrulous entertaining motion mouths.

Dreadful Bore!.

And so they begin a slow, painful decent into unhappiness.

According to her state of confusion, insisting that she feels cut flowers are a waste so that means that she really wants her man to buy her flowers.

After getting bored for 1 hour and a half, you would at least expect something extraordinary to happen when he finally gets to his office (i don't know, something like shooting his boss or a tsunami destroying his work place), anything that would just make you say: "okay, i got bored the whole movie, but at least the end was worth.

Tedious, drawn out, not funny, lame, uninspiring.

Even supporting characters such as Jon Favreau and Judy Davis add to make it worth watching.

It's a complete waste of time.

With little knowledge of the film expect remembering hearing about its success years ago, one was cautious of watching as many romantic comedies tend to be overly try-hard funny, or too emotional and romantic, and predictable.

Sure Vaughn has some funny, sarcastic moments (majority can be seen in the trailer) and then he has some intense moments of sincere dramatic dialog that literally almost made my jaw drop.

I got so bored i turned it off.

It should more appropriately be titled "The annoying, unrealistically long, drawn-out fall-out of a break-up between two rather unsympathetic characters.

The role played by Vince Vaughn was a shallow, waste of time and the role played by Jennifer Aniston started to reciprocate in kind...

Average and very predictable .

This move was one of the most childish and predictable movies I've ever seen.

This is only the second time I think I've wanted to leave a cinema during the movie, and I started feeling like that only 1/4 of the way through this.

Break Up was thoroughly enjoyable.

Boring .

The way he delivers his character to his one liners are absolutey fascinating.

the ending however was so predictable it was stupid - he ( Vince Vaughan) accidentally pops out of a shop and they then decide on when to meet up - it should have been that they get back together.

The movie hits a lull during the middle stanza and rather than become comic genius, just ends up falling into the paint-by-numbers romantic comedy we see Hollywood churn out every week.

Co-star Aniston (a remarkable friend of the camera) who in 2005, failed to track as a femme fatale in the dull thriller Derailed, acted astray playing a black sheep in Rob Weiner's unsound Rumor Has It, is faring better in 2006.

- It was pretty cool how the dull and ridiculous bald guy actually turns out to be the one telling his friend Gary the truth.

If it wouldn't have been for Judy Davis's campy performance and the always interesting Vincent D'Onofrio, I would have walked out of the screening I attended.

The film is a generally entertaining film and one of the things I liked about the movie was that it was believable and not just a cliché divorce style romance movie like we have seen before.

I highly recommend it.

Along comes Peyton Reed with writers Jeremy Garelick, Jay Lavender, and Vince Vaughn with a movie that really is fresh, with compelling, believable characters – played expertly by every member of this cast – and it is lambasted for not being a romantic comedy!

This Movie Was Awfully Boring.

Boring .

Hollywood has sunk to new lows when they manage to turn even a "romantic comedy" into a huge dreadful waste of time.

Hers is an intriguing character study; but while compelling, this woman is ultimately disparaged: her big heart overwhelmed by a distasteful measure of eccentricity.

I left the theater thinking i'd been through all that before and it was not entertaining to pay to watch some other couple (even if they were made up) go through the same thing.

My husband and I enjoyed it because it wasn't the usual "Hollywood" movie.

Vaughn, but overall a waste of my money on what was billed as a romantic comedy in the trailers.

I mean you spend 70 mins of the movie watching something so predictable and in the very end you watch something that is a complete turnaround, which is illogical all so that some producer or director can say that the movie "is not cliché".

One of the worst movies ever .

People can really take something away from what happened to Vaughn's character, but the entire plot was just dull.

Dull, Dull, Dull .

Unexpected .

An Unexpected Pleasure .

The behavior of friends is where most of the comedy comes from and though enjoyable are not the main reasons to see this movie.

A complete waste of time, a vote of 1 is too good for it.

They are flat, undimensional and tiresome.

This movie is definitely worth the watch.

They try to be anti-cliché, yet the movie is so trite and cliché throughout that instead of coming off as bold and daring, it comes off as horribly out of order.

And this doesn't happen, which is rare, unexpected and totally adult.

The beginning argument was cliché in the fact that it is the same old argument between most married couples.

The rest of the time I was soooooooooooo bored with the cliché-ridden drivel, the sit-com camera-work, the predictable set-pieces.

By the time the movie was halfway towards its predictable ending, I was ready to leave.

This movie was definitely more along the lines of a dramedy because it really lulled and got serious at times.

I really fell asleep.

I see why a lot of people didn't like it and gave it such low ratings, but I enjoyed it.

I found that this movie was just boring and tiring and it's one hour and a half I will never get back.

Contrary to what a lot of others on this board are saying, I highly recommend it.

Intense realism .

I had actually grown bored with the film probably about twenty minutes before the actual ending.

This film is more than it seems, with a deeper point than the cliché "Love Conquers All" theme.

It's hard to associate with any of the main characters - the characters don't have depth, it's hard to like them, or hate them, or feel anything about them other than boredom or confusion.

Does Jennifer Aniston ever get bored of playing the same sort of role over and over again.

The first half of this movie was downright boring.

I got so bored during the movie I started playing rock-paper-scissors with myself.

Super boring movie!

I left the theater saying, "What?

Vaughn is the only bright spot in this plodding comedy .

It was slow and didn't catch me straight away.

Simply put, it was a horrible waste of time.

Whether it was the impact of the movie on his conscience or the sudden exciting appeal of the dishes after watching a boring movie, I don't know.

I will tell you what I thought of 'Break Up', though: a true and real BORE.

I thought it was truthful, well acted, well scripted and, though a little slow, it kept my interest throughout.

The constant shifts in tone are especially awkward toward the end as the characters' mutual disappointments in one another grow tiresome and repetitive.

I recommend that you save your money.

The movie is tedious, boring, and not amusing.

This movie promised a similar scenario, and then just when we were all readying for the warm and fuzzy predictable ending, slapped us in the face with Aniston's sudden realization that she didn't want Vaughn after all!!

In fact, this is one of the least entertaining and joyless movies I have seen this year.

The pace was also a tad slow in places.

All though a few recognizing laughs this movie made me feel bored and a lot of times wishing it would do, just for once, show something else than Vaughn and Aniston fighting and/or trying to upset each other.

Vaughn is abrasive and Aniston is trite.

As enjoyable as a kidney stone .

Otherwise, skip this overly long, pointless movie that makes poor use of some interesting cast members.

I find them predictable and identical (and rarely are any of them worthy of the 'comedy' half of their labelled genre).

Thats why at the end when she mentioned she was going on a trip I went "uh-oh" because every bad Kate Hudson/Adam Sandler rom-com would have had the cliché scene where the guy rushes to the airport to stop her from going.

This movie was repetitive.

Adams gives her advice and her wisdom but is mostly a rather empty character.

Predictable ending, needed some more effort.

You assume from the marketing and stuff that this movie is a formulaic Hollywood romantic comedy.

One of the worst movies I've seen in years.

Pointless .

NOT a comedy, a really great depiction of a waste of money.

Bad edition, some continuity mistakes, boring shots.. visually, it had nothing special, not that I would expect it in this kind of movie.

It did have the funny lines and cheesy parts and a most pointless part for Jon Favreau, but all in all I really enjoyed it and recommend it to those who seek something with a little bit more depth to it than the average Hollywood movie.

However the many redemption's of this movie; the un-clichéd ending and the decent plot, followed by outstanding acting makes the Break-Up a very enjoyable experience.

This is a decently entertaining movie, specifically for couples obviously, that is both fun, observant, and slightly introspective of the male/female dichotomy, while still presenting itself as a popcorn flick.

I was dragged to it by my partner on a tit-for-tat basis, as a punishment for having sat us through a number of CGI specials like X-Men Three, which for all their limitations stand as artistic monuments compared to The Break-Up.

And the entire movie turns out more irritating than entertaining, especially the first half.

Complete Waste of Time .

But the biggest reason to give this utterly boring movie 5 stars is: My partner spontaneously started doing the dishes after watching it.

I actually enjoy most all of the cast in this movie, but what a waste of time.

tiresome, and sometimes it even feels like it is designed to antagonize its audience.

A waste of my time and money.

The best scenes in this "comedy" are when the stars are not sharing the screen together, and their supporting characters are much more entertaining than the leads.

The ending is fairly unexpected, and faintly poignant in the way in which it shows that these two people really had nothing in common other than the time they spent together and the misguided belief that they could make their relationship last.

The end was confusing, not quiet determined as happy or sad ending.

The writing needs a little work and the ending needs improving but the overall story was fun and laughable and enjoyable and not a waste of summer afternoon on my vacation.

predictable, some parts funny though .

Total waste of time.

The pace of the film is slow and pointless.

This movie is just to real, you expect it to turn around, but just like real life relationships often work out, you come up empty handed.

Obviously they can now, at the very least, be very good friends, something that is very worthy in itself, but it is equally obvious that there is more behind their eyes than friendship and we leave the theater knowing that this might just work out.

Quality actors like Davis, D'Onofrio and Bateman (actually all better than the leads) are wasted for pointless supporting characters that add nothing to the story, perhaps in a desperate attempt by the filmmakers to prove to us that Aniston and Vaughn are on a higher level.

There were actually moderately intriguing dramatic scenes in the movie towards the end where the two actually talked about their problems.

These people are generally pretty boring and the lead characters leave us with one rather "discount-bin" message: "Watch this movie because we're both cute and popular stars.

Usually a fan of Vince Vaughn's work, I found this movie very dry, long, and boring.

What a ridiculous waste of my time!

The main features of the break-up process are OK, but between them is just empty space.

Now imagine that every word you say is over-pronunciated and completely cliché.

i enjoyed it.. .

I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

Fall asleep watching the rushes??

Funny but intense view on breaking up.

The ending was very smart and pleasing, I enjoyed it, it's an ending that not a lot in this genre take.

They move slower than anything, and just drag the film out as far as they can.

I was dragged along to this movie by my wife and I have to admit it was not what I expected.

he audience left the theater wanting to see more which only means that the story line was a success.

I didn't think they would really end it the way they did until the credits started rolling and everyone walked out mumbling about how awful it was.

The ending was also great and unpredictable.

Don't let my vote of 2 stars fool you, this is easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I have never walked out of a movie in my life, especially a romantic comedy.


Not only is the Vaughn-Aniston chemistry nonexistent, there is no unifying plot, and scenes seem to have just been thrown into the mix for an extra dose of confusion.


So boring...

I might now be hesitant to see any more of his movies, lest I spend those hours as bored as I was while watching this film.

It is, however, an enjoyable (that's perhaps not the right word) take on the part of a relationship we rarely see in an otherwise romantic comedy.

After this unrealistic intro we are supposed to believe that they have lived happily for some years or something until the predictable break-up leads into and updated version of "the war of the roses" which isn't really funny - just tragic.

Still, I enjoyed it overall and I'm not quite sure why.

The characters gave conflicting advice from one scene to the next and the whole thing seemed so pointless.

It is as tedious and boring as the actor himself, though legions of fans of potty mouth slapstick over-the-top loud-mouthed 'humor' will doubtless disagree.

Jennifer Aniston fights, Vincent Vaughn looks bored, tired and somewhat uninterested of the whole affair.

It was far too long and boring.

I thought it was good but it had a lot of pointless scenes that made the story drag.

This was truly one of the very worst movies I ever saw.

Worst Movie .

Though Vince does an amazing job adding the needed humor, I felt empty afterwards.

This disjointed and odd film chronicles the end of the relationship of Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Aniston).

This film is a collection of some well-delivered funny jokes surrounded in a quagmire of contrived fights, dreary supporting characters, and a series of unrealistic decisions.

Rather than being a vehicle to spotlight the charms of the two leads, this movie surrounds them with enough wonderful actors and interesting subplots to make another dozen equally entertaining movies.

It really defies it's ascribed genre, and that makes it confusing.

The Break-Up was an enjoyable Saturday's evening watch.

I would say the movie is worth watching, just be prepared for a few laughs, smiles, and a few parts of sadness.

It would have refreshing if this itself , ironically ,hadnt been turning into a cliché.

Add to this that the minor characters often did not come across very well (and could be irritating when they did, like Brooke's brother and Gary's younger brother), that we have quite a long scene with Johnny O talking of having something done to Gary's supposed rival that is pointless, because there is has no sequel at all, and other things, the result is a film that only really entertains occasionally.

Vince Vaughn's character is plain unlikable, Aniston looks like she would rather be in another picture, the Christopher character is ridiculous, Judy Davis' character is a cliché......

The film starts off okay, but starts to get tedious and drawn out.

If you were to believe trailers and TV spots, it looks like an entertaining romantic comedy.

If you want to watch a enjoyable break-up go rent The War of the Roses.

The script was poorly written, the direction was bad, the casting was OK, and frankly, the supporting actors were more entertaining than the entire film taken as a whole.

This is a good movie, not the best comedy drama, but it is worth watching.

The synopsis for Universal's nicely-packaged DVD sleeve explains, "Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston star in the charming and unpredictable comedy 'The Break-Up'.

My husband thought it dragged from the middle on a little, although I didn't.

A movie in three movements, its a slow dirge revealing slowly the unhappy moments.

First of all, it wasn't comic or romantic, it was a dull drama wannabe with some weak comic reliefs (by the supporting characters).

I am glad that at least the end of this movie is a little more original and the city they filmed is not New York or Los Angeles, two very predictable cities in American movies.

But, by the end of The Break Up I wanted money back for the waste of time.

And it's made all the more intense when they both recognize this, and very briefly, attempt to wrestle their way through their impasse.

This movie is pretty unbearable .

Some parts were really very hilarious but the ending was totally unexpected and left me thinking "What?

So aldow the ending this movie surtenly is worth watching !

'The Break-Up' is an extremely dull film, with very little entertaining values.

While it funny for a little while, it gets boring quickly.

The performances by all were entertaining and had some depth.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen.

Still, in the end, without the misleading theatrical trailer and real life romance (and prior break-ups) of the two leads, the film is convincing and entertaining.

Shame Aniston insists on being in such terrible movies really, and a shame she chooses to play such a boring, idiotic, spineless and generally tedious woman as Brooke.

but over all extremely enjoyable.

I loved you in friends and Bruce Almighty but this movie was one of the worst movies that i have ever seen.

So the first half of the movie made me feel awkward and bored.

I felt when we left the theater that Aniston and Vaughn had so little chemistry it's hard to believe they developed a romance off the set.

At many points the movie dragged and the jokes got repetitive (how many times can Richard, who is Brooke(Anistons) brother, be poked at because he is a man who sings?

She plays the same type of bland character in all of her movies.

"The Break-Up" is an intriguing antithesis to Hollywood's dumbing down of the genre.

The gimmick of both of them staying in the condo after the break-up was unrealistic and seemed fake or contrived.

he was the only thing worth watching

I thought the point was made early on and dragged out a bit.

The movie just dragged on and on.

The movie dragged.

Rarely I find excuses to walk out of films because I consider film-making an art, and most people involved in movies do a decent job, failing to achieve perfection in most cases, but at least something entertaining usually happens.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

The plot is predictable until the end, which is simply disappointing, not necessarily clever or poignant.

With a title like "The Break-Up" one cannot enter the movie theater, or plop on the couch, and watch this movie anticipating a mushy cliché romantic love story.

The result of this is a bafflingly bland performance.

I went to see it as a break from everyday life, and found myself surprised at how enjoyable and realistic the conflict comes from breaking up.

But unlike other movies such as Old School and The Wedding Crashers, where Vaughn's sense of humor becomes an entertaining substitute for character development, The Break Up makes him convey sincere sorrow and accept the repercussions.

Jen has her best girl-girl moments with her imposing boss, with Judy Davis doing a fine impersonation of a dominant New York City art gallery owner, an absurdly imperious witch with an unexpected maternal instinct.

The film is worth watching.

As movies go, it was pretty entertaining.

Some scenes are actually pretty intense in the fighting.

The ending was a little confusing.

That had to be the most tedious film ever created and should be shown non stop to the prisoners in Guantanomo Bay.

But nevertheless,it manages to be entertaining one way or the other especially with the presence of Jennifer Aniston.

A very slow, painful crash.

I'd expected a fun romantic comedy and left feeling empty.

Its fascinating.

starts out boring, confusing and the finish finished off the movie.

They deliver great performances and the chemistry shows throughout which is the main reason as to why this film worked as it does, as they both make it more enjoyable than need be.

It's predictable, and I'm the type of person who actually likes formulaic movies.

When I left the theater, I hated this movie.

Vaughn is blessed with superb comedic timing, as well as Aniston, but the script itself was tedious.

oh man this film was so boring.

Entertaining, Memorable, and somehow Disapointingly Realistic .

For each of these actors, this was by far their worst movies that they have ever done.

Fun and entertaining despite the negativity.

Good to fall asleep .

It's not easy to write realistic and interesting dialogue, at least it would appear that way based on the formulaic and banal stuff Hollywood often subjects audiences too.

Unexpected Downer .

If I was by myself I would have walked out.

Funny and interesting romantic comedy but ends on a dull note with no answers.

But while the movie dwells on the confusion of the situation made worse by a common living space and mortgage (money has to do with everything, no doubt), it's some same old grounds that many romance movies had already tread upon, exploring the pain of breaking up and losing someone you had taken for granted, except that because of the premise of this movie, it had to be played out in a more extensive manner.

Overall, this movie was a waste of my time, which is rather hard for me to say because I am usually a big Vince Vaughn fan.

Manages To Be Entertaining With Jennifer Aniston .

I even gave the movie a second chance when it was on the TV a while ago,but it bored me even more than the first time.

A movie worth watching .

The film is peopled with dull and/or typical characters.

No, not because we can somehow relate as perpetrators, but because it is so ridiculously sappy, boring, vapid and long...

Would it be an alright watch for a boring afternoon?

They actually bought light to this yawn-worthy movie.

The story wanders a little at times and seems to drag at times, but it really is a compelling character study as the two leads break apart and their relationship spirals with it.

It was terribly slow at first, the second act somewhat funny, only Bateman and Brooks' brother.

In this case, I will say I think one might be pleasantly surprised if they go in thinking this is the worst movie ever made which I did.

The movie was a cliché-ridden stench.

The constant yelling and bickering in this movie are about as enjoyable as the average joe's life in a broken home.

The emotional states of the main characters are authentic, creating resonance in the viewers while entertaining in the meantime.

All in all, the mostly sub-par acting and the yawn-worthy script left much to be desired by this over-hyped summer film.

An alternate ending has been included with separate commentary tracks by and Vaughn, all of which comes across as quite contrived.

The ending turns out to be the now standard for all cliché movies, a complete twist or turn around.

This isn't a terrible movie, it just felt a little disjointed .

The Break-Up starts out as very funny, and remains in the range of funny until the long drawn-out final 30 minutes which are dare I say almost unbearable.

Boring .

Don't waste your time watching it.

its just boring.

Only for the very very bored .

If there is a sequel I wouldn't waste the money to rent it, let alone watch it.

In the end, "The Break Up" is a huge waste of time and talent.

It does however, come off contrived.

It all happens at 1 place, becomes a bit boring.

the worst movie iv seen a a long long time, and i watch alot of movies.., if you want to see Vince Vaughn yell for and hour and 47 mins, watch this....

If your looking for a slow, cliché filled story then watch this.

I waited on the edge of my seat for Vince (Gary) to say the magic words that would make her understand how much he loved her so I could use them.

Quite enjoyable .

Previous film's such as Wedding Crashers and Old School have shown this lead actor's rising comedic abilities, which has apparently ended up giving him a certain carte blanch when delivering his lines, that can definitely seem a bit overbearing and trying too hard at certain moments, but ultimately redeems the characters and situations from being just another uninspired, predictable Hollywood execution.

Add to that the fact that I thought the ending to the film really didn't fit well with the rest of the events in the film and the score is there: 4 out of 10, only to be watched when thoroughly bored and having no single other option.

So, the laughs were contrived.

I really enjoyed it, what are the critics talking about??!?.

The show had some funny moments and dialog, and Jennifer Anniston was beautiful and fun to watch for 2 hours, but as far as a story line, I was left empty and even angry.

^ that scene is about 20 minutes- the rest is boring and not funny.

And would have had a very predictable ending.

Worst Movie Ever Made .

There wasn't enough comedy between Vaughn and Aniston and too little commentary from Favreau whose remarks, though few, were clever and entertaining.

What "The Break Up" is is a TV-quality, reasonably accurate portrayal of two badly mismatched people going through a dismal, depressing, all too drawn out break up.

It is a much needed twist to what has become somewhat of a cliché' in those type of films.

predictable ending .

The film is pretty entertaining, despite the main characters are constantly arguing and fighting.

and also very unexpected.

She is the former Park Avenueish girl, who has a good education, is a bit controlling and boring (I loved Friends, but I always found Rachel the dullest character and never understood why she was the most popular).

In some parts, the films flies by and can actually be quite enjoyable to view.

Nonetheless Jennifer acting was superb, really enjoyable, so you can see how some females may think and how they want from us men more appreciaton.

This is one of the aspects which make viewing films entertaining and sometimes a little controversial.

I left the theater with my wife feeling a little guilty about all the things us guys do and needless to say these similarities did not go unnoticed by my wife as she brought up a few up on the ride home.

This romcom is actually a drama with comedic elements in it but it tries to be something a bit more without being something a bit more, hampered by shoddy characterization, ending up a bit empty.

It is just about 1 thing and all too predictable, nothing funny and/or unsuspected happens.

When the ending came, which tries to be different but just ends up being a cliché, you see it coming a mile away.

Brooke, however, likes entertaining her family and having evenings in, and thinks a pool table would disturb the apartment's feng shui.

It was just back and forth, the two characters trying to make each other jealous, and it just dragged.

However, I sat there at the end of the movie very bored and felt as though I had wasted the last 2-3 hours of my life.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Generic, slightly clichéd, overly used, nothing special, nothing new, and lazily put together, The Break-Up is a forgettable waste of time.

This movie supposed to get rid of the Hollywood's cliché of happy-ending stories.

I watched as PPV on home cable after reading some reviews and taking in the marketing several months ago, and only because I like Jennifer Anniston and I was bored with X-Mass shopping and am not very familiar w/Vaughn.

Still, don't waste your time or money.

The Break-Up is a very enjoyable movie, which basically follows the lives of Brooke and Gary, a couple whose relationship is breaking apart because of Gary's poor efforts to appreciate his partner.