The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954) - Drama, Romance, War

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Set during the Korean War, a Navy fighter pilot must come to terms with with his own ambivalence towards the war and the fear of having to bomb a set of highly defended bridges. The ending of this grim war drama is all tension.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Mark Robson
Stars: William Holden, Grace Kelly
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 13 out of 61 found boring (21.31%)

One-line Reviews (50)

Up until that point it has been so plodding.

As might be expected from this unusual rejection of what seemed on paper to be a box office goldmine, the movie is lousy – even though Miss Kelly looks absolutely stunning in her Edith Head wardrobe.

Well, that and it's just plain dull.

Rousing as well as touching war epic about a lieutenant assigned a dangerous mission during the Korean War .

All of this serves to lull the viewer into a false sense of security; once back at sea the tone changes.

This is a strangely dull story about a Naval Reserve pilot (William Holden) called reluctantly back to service during the Korean War.

The family story and other background stories get a little tedious.

She arrives after an exciting opening gambit when Brubaker has to ditch his jet in the drink on the way back to the ship.

The aerial footage are the most compelling of scenes though some of the humor concerning Holden, Ms. Kelly, their pre-teen daughters and a Japanese family at a hotel pool was also welcome.

This is largely (and the movie admits it in its opening tagline) a Cold War propaganda piece intended to make the U.

The ending is especially exciting, albeit getting there is rather dull.

As for being inspiring ,this movie really is totally uninspiring and all the viewer gets from this is that a whole number of excellent men were wasted for no reason.

Mr Holden and Grace Kelly give fine portrayals of the young married couple, who must overcome the obstacles of a dangerous mission--A certain bombing Raid ( mentioned in the title) As the left behind wife, Kelly does a wonderful job, showing empathy for her husband, concern for herself, etc, and Holden is equally compelling as a troubled aviator in a difficult situation--All in all a fine Movie--good performances all around.

The film starts with Holden a flyer being pulled out of the sea after he has ditched his plane hes so obviously over aged for the part so instead of the cutting edged perspective of a young flyer we have this middle aged bored man slowing the film periodically down.

There are some very exciting moments and some striking air fights throughout the film, as well as good acting.

However the real ships and planes make the action very compelling.

Overall I'd say this is well worth watching if you want a decent war film that isn't full of over the top gung-ho action.

See this for Holden and March and, especially, for the truly stunning scenes of aircraft carriers and jets in action.

It's a very dry beginning to a film which so often gets bogged down in the details of what exactly happens on that aircraft carrier.

It becomes boring.

Overall, I found this movie both uninspired and uninspiring.

He's human enough and is meant to be sympathetic, but what a bore.

I thought that the plot lacked any real excitement or drama, and found the acting to be plodding for the most part (and I must say that Mickey Rooney seemed to be to be totally miscast as a brawling, hero helicopter pilot.

Uninspired and Uninspiring .

The direction by Mark Robson is uncommonly dull.

March wants to meet the couple but with his dour look and his over the top self pity he chucks in stuff like 'i cant have a drink the doctor told me i cant' spending the rest of the film looking silent film bored.

His fellow pilots fly several strafing runs to slow the advance of the communist soldiers.

A Bit Tedious Until Final Half Hour .

Mickey Rooney annoys us as a rescue helicopter pilot waisting time fighting, women chasing more fighting come on will this film ever get going of course its all packing and so it all builds up as all war films of this type do to the finale mission this is were the film excels the bombing of the bridges which gives the film its name only plays a small part the last part off the film is really quiet riveting it makes you wonder if these films are made from the end to the beginning....

Unfortunately, most of the movie - especially the first half of it, is somewhat boring.

A thunding bore...

It wasn't awful, it was just awfully boring!

Altogether, "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" is a compelling, unforgettable opus.

There is a finality to the climax of this film that underscores the intense personal aspects of the larger conflict, and of the price demanded by certain individuals chosen to fulfill a seemingly random destiny.

But so much time is spent on the technical goings-on aboard the ship and that makes for a rather bland, dull film.

The final part of the movie is well filmed and intense as Brubaker comes to terms with his fate, the fact that he is fighting 'the wrong war in the wrong place'.

The film exposes a close observation of the men's minds, their attitudes, their families, the tragedy of war, and the fascinating danger of the Jet-Bombers take-off and landing...

At the beginning of every war, the industry at the behest of government propaganda promotes the death and utter destruction of the inhuman enemy.

The risked mission is tied up with an enjoyable and handkerchief love story about a marriage formed by Harry Brubaker (William Holden) and Nancy (Grace Kelly) .

The movie is disjointed.

Her performance struck me as uninspiring especially when she turns to him one night in bed and says `You've got to tell me about those bridges'!

A painfully slow build .

The film meanders a little early on but it picks up with an intense and highly realistic climax that doesn't skimp on the drama and pathos.

They'd fly back early next morning and play golf again that morning as though nothing happened during those missions.

And that's really the #1 problem here: this film wants to be more about the characters than about the war, but the characters are cliché and contrived.

The US and Soviet Union, in drawing divisional lines in 1945, placed a scar on Korea that's been slow to heal.

Rooney helps to keep it from getting too boring; and, he helps mend fences with the Japanese.

Makes for entertaining and edifying viewing.

Gripping aerial, sea, and terrain war footage; somewhat flat otherwise .

Exciting war film including an agreeable love story , emotion , thrills , impressive flying scenes , and final of this is all tension .