The Brothers Bloom (2008) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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The Brothers Bloom are the best con men in the world, swindling millionaires with complex scenarios of lust and intrigue. Now they've decided to take on one last job - showing a beautiful and eccentric heiress the time of her life with a romantic adventure that takes them around the world.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Rian Johnson
Stars: Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 20 out of 116 found boring (17.24%)

One-line Reviews (100)

something I considered impossible after SO many films about cons where the final twist is horribly predictable (like for example The Score or Heist).

Adrien Brody is a bore, pulling a slightly saddened, somewhat mysterious face for the majority of the picture, an emotion i call 'vacant', and Rachel Weisz while delightful and gorgeous is simply underused in a very poorly sketched role.

The first thing I asked myself when I walked out of the theater was: "What's with the silly hats?

Johnson takes us to the breathtaking locales of Prague, Montengro, Greece, New Jersey, Belgrade and more exotic locations.

Very entertaining con-man caper with good actors.

Rian Johnson has written a non-traditional con flick, one that acts like a quirky modern comedy but is dressed in '30s period garb and filmed where the world's architecture and backdrops are most classically stunning: Greece, Prague and Montenegro.

Except those are much better and exciting as it is difficult to predict anything in the movie...

Weisz remarks that through certain lenses even the most mundane of objects can look obscure and interesting.

Henry with unexpected twist, I would highly recommend you to devote some time to reading them and entertaining/educating yourself).

The plot is so convoluted and contrived and full of so many holes that you end up wanting the 'good' guys to meet a horrible end.

An Exciting Caper Story with Eccentric Characters and Snappy Dialogue .

A pile of pompous, pretentious c**p.

I'm not judging the fact, that this is more a thinking movie, than an entertaining one.

"Brick" has no mood, it's all surface, all words and cinematography, a truly empty film.

TBB is not only a thoroughly enjoyable con-man movie, but I'd go so far as to say it's the most purely entertaining film Adrien Brody has been in so far (yes, even more so than Peter Jackson's lollapalooza KING KONG remake).

As a con movie it is too slow and winding, as a romantic comedy it lacks the uplifting factor.

Enjoyable time with the Brothers Bloom .

Some people found the film Brick to be pretentious and impenetrable, because its combination of juvenile comedy and "noir" thriller seemed obtuse and incompatible to them.

How cliché.

Perhaps the international scenery was meant to add glamor or intrigue,but it just made it seem more contrived and precious.

A dull and boring mess .

A surprisingly entertaining caper film starring Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo as con-artist brothers.

The opening ten minutes of this film is done in such a way that I was instantly taken in – it looks at the brothers as children and introduces their dynamic as well as their activity to us in a really fun and engaging way (it helps that Ricky Jay's narration is as good as ever).

Very occasionally a movie comes out that proves the stereotype that Hollywood just can't handle quality and would rather waste time on crap (a stereotype that I don't like because Hollywood is perfectly capable of creating good, entertaining movies for everyone).

This is one entertaining odd comedy.

Clever, engaging, with great characters, exotic locales, beautifully done on all levels.

It's just far too long, with so many uninteresting and unimportant scenes in between the useful scenes.

Penelope has lived at home her whole life, and is bored out of her mind.

Told with style and set in a multitude of exotic locations, this movie keeps you entertained and brings new life to predictable themes.

It's boring as hell, if you take apart the ever changing locations.

In short, "The Brothers Bloom" is a dull mess.

That said, I found the film to be so enjoyable and so original that it earns a 10/10 despite its flaws -- like a brief hint of a plot with a supposed nemesis that goes absolutely nowhere (save in the deleted scenes).

Producing By Ram Bergman(Under The Moon) Amazing Score By Nathan Johnson(Blue State), Cinematography By Steve Yedlin(Conversations With Other Women) and Writing & Direction By Rian Johnson(Brick) An Exciting Caper Story with Eccentric Characters and Snappy Dialogue 8/10

But when I was done watching the movie, I felt like I had wasted my time and just watched one of the most boring films I've ever seen.

In fact I enjoyed it so much, that it ranks amongst my favourites of the year.

But then it wouldn't be so predictable.

Apart from the pleasure of Brody's outfits and how well he wears them there is further eye candy in the film's intense color, especially its rich reds and blacks.

:-) Still, the film was so entertaining otherwise, it seems churlish to nit-pick.

Right until the end, the confusion carries on.

As the plot line unfolds, light and entertaining, it is entirely predictable that Bloom will fall in love with Penelope.

The film is very funny and enjoyable through most of it.

A rich but seemingly bored heiress is their target, and the theft of mysterious book in Prague their tale.

But overall quite simply an enjoyable con man story.

" The rest of it is silly hats, quirks, and pointless explosions.

In combination with the fact that it was often unclear which parts were real and which were part of the con, this became really confusing.

Those painfully boring 10 min are supposed to be intro to the story, and to set suspense into character building...

However, it's much more entertaining than any of Anderson's films.

The answer to that question is The Brothers Bloom, and although it is not a marvel, it tells a very entertaining story which is aided by excellent performances and Johnson's solid direction, who confirms us he is a very interesting filmmaker with a promising future.

The first five minutes of the movie were actually entertaining, which is why I voted "3".

Not as good as Brick, but very entertaining .

"Bloom" leaves clever in the dust and heads for self-important and pretentious.

Best thing is to watch the trailer and just keep that thought - don't explode it by actually watching the movie, which is rather slow and monotonous, with numerous unfunny 'gags' and a one-dimensional leading character with only one expression (miserable).

It may not be an excellent movie, and it has fails, but The Brothers Bloom is a very entertaining film thanks to its performances, its screenplay and its direction, so I recommend it with confidence.

Quite a intriguing concept.

asking "what's reality" is entertaining and serious at the same time .

The film sucks you, and traps you - it leaves you in a state of confusion as to what is real and what is just another perfectly constructed con.

Mastermind Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) lures back disenchanted younger brother Bloom (Adrien Brody) for an absolutely final, this-is-it caper involving ransom to be paid by a lonely, bored, very rich young woman called Penelope Stamp (Rachel Weisz).

However intricate -- perhaps contrived -- the action was in Brick there was a constant sense of something being discovered that was already "there.

But despite this, The Brothers Bloom is still a very enjoyable movie.

Not since the 2000 Argentine hit 'Nine Queens' (Nueve reinas) or the better-known 1973 film 'The Sting,' has there been a more entertaining, who's running this con, screenplay than 'The Brothers Bloom'.

Disappointing, waste of time.

Mark Ruffalo's character is flat and uninteresting, and Adrien Brody's is just plane pathetic.

This film is a self-indulgent bore.

Original, quirky and very entertaining .

There is no story as such, just some lame, shallow claim that two brothers are con-men.

And ultimately dragged the movie down from an 8.5 to an unremarkable 7.

Brody feels guilty about ripping off innocent people, while Ruffalo is a 2 dimensional cliché character that we don't really care about.

But, almost from the start, Penelope and Bloom have eyes for each other, complicating things, and the heiress proves to be unpredictable as well.

Bad actors, bad script and no story and no real trick.

He delivers characters we want to watch and situations that unfold with diverting, entertaining results, even as one might never fully believe what will happen next.

Tracking him down in Montenegro, Stephen explains an elaborate scheme involving a wealthy but bored heiress that he hopes will bring the brothers wealth and Bloom the love he needs.

The Film was excellent also Amazing performances from Ruffalo,Brody,Kikuchi and Wiesz I also enjoyed The Brother Dynamic between Brody's Bloom and Ruffalo's Stephen also it had so many twist and it was an unexpected it was Johnson is an Actors Director.

The compelling dialogues and other jokes work wonderfully.

Like Brick, much of Rian Johnson's new film The Brothers Bloom is filled with crackerjack storytelling, snappy dialogue, and extraordinary visual panache.

Plus I sort of cared what happens to the characters since they are mostly likable and has charisma, and found the scenario especially the visual style of this movie to be intriguing.

TBB is not only a thoroughly enjoyable con-man movie, but I'd go so far as to say it's the most purely entertaining film Adrien Brody has been in so far (yes, even more so than Peter Jackson's lollapalooza KING KONG remake).

A very entertaining, who's running this con screenplay.

Hard to watch, hard to follow, hard to understand the dialogue: simply horrible.

The pacing is so slow, that I felt so bored after the first twenty minutes.

Adrien Brody's character was a little too tortured by morality and self-angst to be believable or enjoyable, considering the life he has chosen for himself.

What makes this film work is that it's full of bizarre, suspenseful, clever twists which we realize are all carefully planned by Steven.

The trailer manages to take all the cinematic highlights and reorder them into a cogent, lively, flowing narrative - looks like the movie will be a quirky and entertaining jaunt.

Stephen, the more inventive one of the duo (or rather, the one that will whip up a plan with a quirk or two not unlike Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket), devises the first con to be that of intriguing the hell out of a group of kids- first part introducing Bloom to a girl, which he likes right away- and then leading to a cave that tricks them all into believing something is there which, of course, is not.

Wildly entertaining, very smart, with a nice performance from Mark Ruffalo, Adrian Brody at his least irritating and Rachel Weisz on perfect form.

It was very retro, yet very much in the present -Rachel Weicz was such a fascinating character.

Not as dreadful as Brick, but still a waste of your time .

However, in spite of those complaints, I enjoyed this film pretty much because of the performances and the very good screenplay, which on some way follows the structure of the "big hit" but with a fresh and unpredictable taste...

My granddaughter thought it was about little children because of the children in the beginning of the film, and the contrived "artful" dialog and camera work.

and even worse, boring.

Good movie, entertaining all the way.

One of the worst movies of 2008 .

Of course, there are also some good things, cause otherwise there wouldn't be so many people writing how the movie is the best - nice humor, every now and then, but never from dialog, which is really sad, and the amazing Rachel Weisz, she could act perfectly in the worst movie, I start to think.

The plot is dull, and it fails to engage me at all.

The beginning of the movie was stunning.

In the same way as the detective noir genre had conventions that he stuck in but yet twisted cleverly in Brick, so too does the con-man genre of films have certain standards and clichés that seem to go through the majority of them whether they are serious or just entertaining puff.

Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) is still constructing elaborate cons that also function as great literature (pretentious, no?

It's funny, intelligent, thrilling and even sad at points.

Now I enjoyed Rian Johnson's past film "Brick" and I enjoyed this one as well, not as cool as "Brick" is, but still enjoyable.

Boring, boring, boring .

Ruffalo, Brody, Weisz and Kikuchi are all unique in their roles yet they are perfectly cast for this easy to follow and unpredictable plot.