The Bucket List (2007) - Comedy, Drama

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Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Rob Reiner
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 55 out of 349 found boring (15.75%)

One-line Reviews (158)

This is an entertaining film for adults, who can understand this is a movie & not real life,.

From there I found the film extremely boring.

Todd's role, by the way, is very difficult, being such an unrelenting cliché that it is almost a cruelty to the actress.

And it is only and only because of these two men that the movie is worth watching, otherwise the direction by Rob Reiner lacks depth.

It's not sappy as most movies about terminal patients, and it's entertaining enough.

What follows is as entirely predictable as what has gone before, and the film's mediocrity is countered only by the usual likable performance from Nicholson and the pleasant lilt of Freeman's voice.

Overall the movie is fairly enjoyable and the only thing that someone can argue is the missed opportunity for something really great.

If you wanna see an excellent movie about someone with cancer,I totally recommend you Le Temps Qui Reste,which does not have cheap sentimentalism,but a very intense realism.

Talk about predictable flick!

This is a highly emotional film that can leave you shedding a tear or two and it is generally a good movie that leaves you feeling good when you walk out of the theater.

The premise of the ultra-wealthy businessman befriending the mechanic was a little too contrived for me.

After a number of completely uninteresting films over the last decade or so, Rob Reiner came back with "The Bucket List" which I had the opportunity to watch last night.

what i got was, to its credit, was quite an enjoyable, funny and quite well told film.

Even if at the beginning we don't really appreciate one of the two characters, we finally fasten for them because they had a complicate life and nevertheless they want to enjoy and have fun before to leave.

This is really just your traditional, getting close to cliché, old-timer, getting close to death, recognizing you've missed out and been caught up in the trivial film.

Other than the predictable storyline and the sometimes cheesy dialog, the movie is great.

Entertaining, upbeat and worth a watch .

and that's just a sample of the dialogue in this (yes, predictable...

I didn't think they could make a movie about two men confronted with cancer, so entertaining.

However, I think "The Bucket List" isn't about a life-changing experience (even if many people saw it that way, and whether the viewer is convinced of the change); all of its dramatic moments are weak, predictable and seem to be buying time.

Its just rushed, boring, done it all before and totally predictable.

enjoyable .

That is why this movie is simply amazing, it takes the most cliché plot line, most overused characters and makes them human again, and make them relatable to its audience.

Don't waste your time with this numbnuts of a film.

Yadda Yadda Yadda contrived subplot estranged daughter solved without a fuss blah blah blah Then it seems all this excitement has reminded Freeman's character that he has cancer and whoops, he's back in hospital!

Although a bit saccharine at times, especially between Carter and his wife, it is intriguing how the story unfolds and Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman work well together - their collective charm and chemistry making up for an, at times, over-sentimental story.

*In all seriousness, it was really fascinating and Morgan Freeman only made it even more so with his distinctive voice and concise manner...

I only laughed a few times, and I didn't even cry at the end, so I have to say that it was only moderately entertaining!

There are so many emotions portrayed by the two leading roles ( as well as supporting actors )it's like a roller-coaster ride in slow mo ...

Despite the optimism and energy shown by the actors, the film is at times dull and slow to sit through.

Directed by Rob Reiner (Misery, The Princess Bride, Stand by Me) made an entertaining comedy that mixes drama quite well with a little bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Surprisingly Enjoyable.

rockus and sometimes predictably unpredictable.

The first half of the film, spent mostly on Edward and Carter's days at their hospital beds are pretty slow, despite a few wits cracked by Nicholson.

Both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman both did good jobs in these roles and shared the screen for an enjoyable performance.

The movie itself is alright and interesting and I must say it's worth watching.

This is definitely one of the movies that may be even more enjoyable at home...

The story told in "The Bucket List" is a very compelling and heartfelt one.

Familiar premise, but the fine cast makes it entertaining .

The Unplanned Waste of The Last Moments Of my Life .

Enjoyable melodrama that it could have been a masterpiece...

Incredibly predictable – I was 4 steps ahead of every scene in this movie – Carter fawns over the tiny red race car his wife gives him and you know he'll be racing later in the movie.

Get Director Rob Reiner a silver star for his solid direction of an entertaining and somewhat touching film about two dying men who make a pact to go on a global adventure on living their life to the apex before they depart to the heavens or the hells;.

And those lighter moments made the movie even more enjoyable.

Rich man returns from adventures, finds his life empty; check.

Although, to be fair, it does have car-chases, blood and gore, death, seduction, and some of the most stunning locations the world has to offer.

Now for some it might be about death, our last wishes, the humble thought of a man on the edge of his own grave.

It seemed a little sappy and contrived ("can those two old goats really carry a film these days?

The story is fascinating.

Freeman is similarly at the top of his game, essaying the stoic, world-weary wisdom of working class mechanic Carter Chambers to perfection, once again proving his uncanny ability to instil even the most banal lines with the calm dignity of classic literature.

Both Freeman and Nicholson give away ample performances but the real chemistry between them I hoped to see fails to emerge due to the often slightly ponderous script.

'The Bucket List' has a fabulous first-hour, but a slightly dull second.

The acting carries the movie – Aside from the comments above, the Nicholson/Freeman chemistry was expectedly absorbing.

But Zackham, at the end of it all, does give enough fun lines and dialog exchanges and things for Nicholson and Freeman to do that one is distracted by the fact that Reiner as a director provides typical and dull imagery to the proceedings, only wisely enough giving the breathing room for the actors in some scenes.

"The Bucket List" has a wonderful screenplay, two fantastic actors and a predictable story about the journey of two terminal patients with cancer that find friendship, discoveries and redemption.

strong performances rescue a predictable script .

Though the pacing may be a little slow for some, it is still a great film with expert production, acting and script.

This word now seems synomymous with trite or sickening.

However, there is a lack of good story development as it starts off too slow and then moves on too fast.

Sure it was predictable.

Yep who knew an idea about two men about to die can be so enjoyable and uplifting?

Once again we are treated for the umpteenth time to listen to another sappy narrative from Morgan Freeman who seems more in love with his voice than life itself and the elevator music in the background seems repetitive to the point of being grating.

Put two huge actors together and you get a funny, thrilling and heart-felt film with non-stop action!

From the outset, it's pretty obvious where the story is going, but the strength of the film's journey getting there makes Bucket List entertaining and worth while.

The Bucket List (2007): Dir: Rob Reiner / Cast: Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes, Beverly Todd, Rob Morrow: Endearing yet predictable film about making the most out of life.

Lovely, thoroughly enjoyable movie with lots of nice words and thoughts exchanged, some to make you laugh, some pretty profound to make you ponder on.

People often argue over the value of a movie and say it must be unpredictable, unique, exciting and whatever adjectives they like to characterize films by.

"The Bucket List" provides that, as these two giants laugh together and make us laugh in some of the film's little good moments (Sean Hayes provides some of these too, in an unexpected supporting role), or as they try to make us cry, fighting with the corniness of the script.

Apparently I need more lines of text: Both Nicholson and Freeman make this a touching, entertaining, and believable story that most could easily relate to.

It's charming, thought-provoking, emotional, at times tear-jerkingly funny and, above all else, entertaining.

Worth watching if you feel lazy.

Hmmmm……became sort of dull.

The script and characters are flat, predictable and plastic.

You want to like it so bad but it just feels empty.

The light-heartedness of the film makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone.

But it was such a heart warming movie; two unexpected friends come together due to illness and the mutual want to experience life and find their joy.

Make sure it's worth watching'' this single quote from this movie summarizes the entire story.

Its all about the story, which as we know can make big budgets look dull and help petty cash produce epic films.

They decide to make a list of exciting things to do before they die.

I found it bland and flat with only one real moment of laughter when I thought, "Wow, that was a great line.

All I can say is that the Bucket List was thoroughly entertaining in all respects.

I found this movie to be beautiful, enjoyable, and heart warming.

The round the world trip was a bit of a let down - it was predictable and not very well directed - it seemed like JN & MF were having a bit of a holiday at the producers expense.

I, too was scratching; on the surface who looks so plain and bland.

I mean the story is good, it's decent and fun and touching at times but it's a very predictable, simple, straight forward script with no surprises really and just doesn't give Nicholson and Freeman a lot to work with and that's kind of like not giving a bee any flowers.

FINAL VERDICT: Jack Nicholoson has a few good one liners in this, but the film starts off rather slow.

Kind of boring, isn't it, and you can pretty much tell how the movie will end just by watching its first fifteen minutes.

Everything is entertaining, also due to Morgan Freeman's and Jack Nicholson's class and capacity to display emotions.

In the run our two buddies learn from each other and an exciting feel-good-drama unfurls.

The conversations about the existence, about god, beliefs and morals, in all those historically beautiful places like Taj Mahal or The Pyramids are some side stories added by director to fill up the empty space. The Bucket List is a quick grab – Morgan Freeman, the master of voice-over that he is, soothes us into what is one of the more offbeat, yet curiously enjoyable titles of 2007.

Edward owns the hospital they are staying in, and Carter has been working as a mechanic for years since he had to give up his dream of being a historian because of an unexpected child.

The story is quite predictable, but I still enjoyed it.

Cant help but re-iterate that cliché - they hardly make movies like this.

His Edward as fun as he is, is so encouraging and engaging to the eye.

command the screen and carrying a rather pedestrian story to a more entertaining level than Justin Zackham's screenplay offers.

A very enjoyable movie .

It begins slightly slow with introducing the characters and them getting to know each other as you get to know all of them.

Sure, Nicholson isn't in the best of shapes (and I mean HIS weight and voice, not the illness of his character) and Freeman has been better in his early work, but as I said: These are mere details that shouldn't stop anyone from laughing and crying with this highly entertaining flick.

before we proceed to look at a slide-show of some terribly photo-shopped pictures of various predictable landmarks showing on a projector screen while Freeman and Nicholson stand around in front of it saying literally nothing profound or deep.

Anticipating Mortality in a Pile of Clichés Driven by a Couple of Predictable Star Turns .

I was't bored.

Don't get me wrong there were a lot of funny parts, but as mentioned above I was HeartwarmedThis isn't a movie Just for women, I would recommend this to couples looking for an Entertaining evening.

On the paper it looks kind of bland, even silly.

" The two philosophies, fate and love, caress in a slow dance to recognition of life's true value.

Unfortunately, this warm fuzzy frolic about two terminally-ill old-times that tear off for one final fling is predictable, preposterous, and ultimately pathetic.

Their interactions add substance and humour into what was otherwise a fairly dull movie.

Outside the leads, other roles tend to vary from standard to boring.

Freeman and Nicholson seems to be bored by themselves and regrets to sign for this.

So it gets really boring, really fast.

Nice to take your significant other to see but somewhat predictable.

They decide, instead of having people feel sorry for them, they will do all the exciting things they want to.

engaging examination of two men .

Unfortunately, I think the Bucket List represents perhaps the worst movie that either Nicholson or Freeman has starred in.

The Bucket List is certainly not Rob Reiner's best work, but it is far from his worst, and as a feel-good holiday film (even with its dreary undertones), it succeeds.

My best friend and I went to see The Bucket List on our day off from work (actually, this friend of mine is unemployed right now) and we both enjoyed it.

Morgan Freeman is a superb actor and so is Nicholson, but their age has reduced them to these predictable roles.

Contrived and artificial confection like a Twinkie that is completely enjoyable if you go with it.

The music was dull.

If you like mindless theistic propaganda then this is for you.

It sure was one of the good movie released recently but to be frank in my opinion i would rather pass this movie as it was a real waste of talent of the 2 all time best actors Jack Nicholson and Morgan freeman as the story is about two totally different person who has opposite lifestyle coincidently meet in one ward of the hospital where they came to know they are going to die in few months and they decided to live their life in that time.

However, that's only a minuscule sampling of the of one-liners that make this quite enjoyable and (without-question) worth watching...

This movie is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Well executed but predictable dramedy about two strangers who become friends after discovering their one thing in common: both are dying from cancer.

I loved that the horribly serious moments were spotted with humor and vice versa, but what I loved more was the messages behind the movie, a lesson believe we have all forgotten to learn, but its the moments of its simplest innocence that make it so profound, whether it be when Jack Nicholson is discussing his daughter, or finally knocking on her door, to the moment of Morgan Freeman's family dinner, to when he's nervously fidgeting in his room while waiting for his wife to come, the innocence and the simplicity of these characters shows through making them that much more endearing, for though we may not know what its like to be dying of some illness, most of us can relate in some way to one of those moments.

Other than that, the film is a formulaic Hollywood piece of garbage with a terrible script.

The DVD case may guarantee 'lashings of comedy' but, unsurprisingly given the subject matter, that proves an empty promise.

I can agree with the critics that this is filled with quite a lot of predictable moments, and the sentimental element is one of the most common things to expect, but with Nicholson and Freeman on screen together playing very engaging characters you can't go wrong.

sounds like a really heartwarming tale, if a bit formulaic.

What we realize is that in Hollywood, a film can be extremely successful and enjoyable even when then lead actors are not very young.

Sky diving and other exciting things are on their agenda.

A bucket full of cliché's.

Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, Beverly Todd, and Sean Hayes created something believable and compelling...

Despite the film lapsing into formula and cliché at times, this is scarcely enough to distract from what is without question one of the most mature, affecting, and mercifully witty tales of friendship, aging and affirmation of life the cinema has beheld in years.

As the plot sounds and the story goes the movie is quite entertaining.

The film's inspired script (despite being more formulaic than one would hope for) presents a truly poignant and wryly funny rumination on unfulfilled lives drawing to a close.

The bucket list itself is boring and the car driving scene is unbelievable.

Some scenes are stunning while some of them can be boring and if you really don't like this type of movies, I think you'll regret going to watch this movie.

Then life kicked them up the backside giving them an urgent and unexpected wake up call.

But aside from that and a happy ending (it was really) the film was shocking, corny and predictable.

Despite the above mentioned flaws, the movie is enjoyable, if more than a little corny.

You'll leave the theater feeling good for having seen this movie.

Enjoyable movie that makes you think about the joy of life.

Visually stunning, this film is a trip around the globe and through the senses, ending in the heart.

Funny, enjoyable, inspiring and touching.

When all is said and done it was an enjoyable film, and the humour was probably just about right and not too overbearing.

With the Bucket List he's made a film that's respectable, entertaining for its time being, and about as deep as a kiddie pool.

Having a "bucket list" or as I say a "to-do list before dying" can be very exciting.

Worth watching.

Idea is memeriffic but execution is ho-hum .

Unfortunately, the plot is thin and too predictable.

Then,create 1-2-3-4 predictable scenes,and use one-dimensional characters,in order not to confuse the audience(God forbid)with "too much" human complexity.

The story is very gripping and moving because it is a mixture of three genres: comedy, drama and adventure.

while the bonding isn't that present in the film, the comedy between these two is enjoyable, working off of each other quite well.

If you're looking for an action film with car-chases, blood and gore, death, seduction, stunning locations, then maybe The Bucket List isn't for you.

Don't waste your valuable time - see something else!

In a world were every movie has to be about smart-arse, boring 20-somethings, here's one about old people that doesn't patronise or denigrate the passing of years.

" Sort of a "feel-good" movie about death, Rob Reiner's "The Bucket List" pretty much plays out as one would expect it to, with a predictable and episodic script (by Justin Zackham) that wobbles uncomfortably between whistling-past-the-graveyard humor and courage-in-the-face-of-death sentimental uplift (the latter being particularly evident in Morgan Freeman's stentorian voice-over narration and Marc Shaiman's tinkling-piano score).