The Cabin in the Woods (2011) - Horror

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Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin, where they get more than they bargained for, discovering the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

Director: Drew Goddard
Stars: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 285 out of 1000 found boring (28.5%)

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The real casting delight comes in the form of a 'surprise' character late on and, particularly, the ever-brilliant Richard Jenkins (Burn After Reading, The Rum Diary, Eat Pray Love) and Bradley Whitford (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, West Wing) who are both effortlessly entertaining and add the weight of real talent and experience to the humour and panic they inject into the control room.

The cheap sex shots deserved a yawning and the whole plot was more convoluted than all the Matrix movies put together.

Sorry, i don't know what else to write, damn thing is making me write 10 lines worth, but i just wanted to get to the point, since there is not much to say about this movie other than it being awful, and a waste of time to watch.

This movie is quite enjoyable if you really read deep into what the characters are saying and what they mean.

Drew Goddard knows how to take cliché characters, and make them interesting.

Furthermore the storyline seems slightly confusing and by the end of the film you are still asking yourself simple questions that should have been answered in the film.

However, I will say that it is still a very entertaining movie.

Thought it was a clever spin on the quite predictable horror genre and that kept my attention throughout the whole film.

So, they take some funny cliché stuff and infuse it with some deep, intriguing horror plot.

It's revolutionary and is probably the king of all slashers because it manages to explain them so well, with it being also marvellously entertaining.

Worst thing from my point of view in this movie is that all this is connected into the very boring melting pot where no real plot and no movie dynamics leads you until the end of the movie which I couldn't wait to come.

what a waste of time!

Sure the acting wasn't great and the story was lacking at times, but I would say this movie is definitely worth watching at least once.

Joss Whedon writes the best dialogue and knows how to play off of cliché's and those corny predictable monologues and speeches.

"Cabin" sets up a scenario in which it can offer intriguing and clever explanations for why characters in horror films do and say the dumb things they sometimes do and say, and in doing so makes a case that audiences need to demand better.

to all IMDb USERS for the rating and for making me loose 1 hour and such minutes of my life with the WORST MOVIE EVER in HISTORY.

I'll not spoil any more effort typing here, then by stating the following: I'd have left after 15 minutes, if my friend didn't want to stay.

The writing duo takes the quintessential horror film ensemble of characters, and slaps on some fictional yet logical rationale, though keeping it thoroughly entertaining, and with the usual bag of tricks up the sleeves that every horror filmmaker out there would have dipped into from time to time, packing it with plenty of strong irony that drips in every scene.

Very entertaining just don't take it too seriously.

The imagination that went into this film is what kept me on the edge of my seat.

The movie gets progressively more intense and creative the longer it plays on.

Every horror in the past twenty years has been predictable.

If that can be done, it should be an enjoyable romp.

The story is a bit slow in reaching the point of action.

These "gods" must be huge couch potatoes watching TV (the rituals) and the idea is to just keep entertaining them so that they never get motivated to get up and do something else which would be destroying their own property for some reason?

I'm sure you will all watch it because of all the hype but I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.

Ashland So absurd, it works; with maybe the most shocking aspect of "The Cabin in the Woods", the new Independent Slasher film from director/co-writer Drew Goddard (Cloverfield), being how this intriguing film had been shelved for almost three years.

I honestly think "The Devil Inside" was better than this and I was even bored to death through that!

¨If something is chasing you…split up, ¨ is one of the taglines that is so cliché about these movies and it's addressed in this film as well.

" The movie was pretty boring and you don't get the weird twist until the end, when, SURPRISE!

Perhaps the worst movie i have ever seen .

Very entertaining vision of hell on earth.

This is one of the worst movie ever.

It's original, intriguing and aside from a few obvious foreshadowing techniques I loved it and wish there was more like it.

Overall, "Cabin in The Woods" was generally entertaining with wasted potential and a disappointing chain of events in the end.

The movie was better off a classic cabin cliché than this s***...

My mother was so bored that she fell asleep looking at it several times.

So watch this as a fun, entertaining homage with all the cliches of those movies we all know.

The interesting thing about The Cabin in the Woods is that it is surprisingly predictable.

I mean the movie is so bad I was one of many people who walked out of the theater and actually got a re-admit ticket from AMC.

From the ground up, it wants to include every possible cliché of horror movies possible.

Waste of time and money ...

It's gritty, thrilling, entertaining, a little creepy.

There are plenty of moments where you're kept on the edge of your seat, with surprising twists and turns popping up every now and then, even when the film established its own ground rules early on that will probably give you a whiff of what's to come later in the narrative.

Although I really despise horror films and this particular one had so many jump-scares to even count, I found it quite gripping and found myself wanting to watch until the end (even though I'd managed to identify another terribly predictable cliché - that they'd all die one by one).

Don't waste your time with this one.

The boring ones…

I was very much on the edge of my seat at times, wanting to watch the movie through my fingers (I didn't though).

The characters are believable and entertaining.

I found the last act to be mildly entertaining solely because of all the monster appearances and the carnage that came with them.

I tried but with 10 mins or so to go..I was bored and a bit confused.

new age propaganda movie .

I am still rating it highly, because I have to grant that it was very well done and an unexpected twist on conventional horror movies, and I can't quite say I regret watching it.

The movie expressly acknowledges the stereotypes of horror flicks, and there are few times in the movie that were genuinely interesting/intimidating/entertaining.

It is a commentary on how predictable horror movies can be - and what would happen if they didn't stick to this format i.

At first it was slow and confusing.

There is something new every second and you wouldn't get bored at all.

It is fast paced, unexpected and completely new.

In the end, "The Cabin in the Woods" makes an argument that we need to blow up the horror genre and start again, yet it does so in a way that appreciates and emulates what makes a good horror movie so compelling to begin with.

But, I enjoyed it, it was a cute ride.

It falls into the same category (fake-horror-cliché- throwaway-trash).

The Cabin in the Woods, if you are bored and want something to stick on, i advise this.

Cabin in the Woods is an enjoyable horror film with an unlikely twist.

I would rate this movie with Lady in the Water which was voted as one of the worst movies of all time.

It's entertaining, smart, thought provoking, funny, original, and most importantly, memorable, things that are hard to say about most other mainstream movies, not just horror.

It's a good ride and worth the watch if you're not feeling up for a soul touching film and you're annoyed at horror films' predictability.

This is not a perfect film by any means, but its's exciting because it ventures so far off the map for your typical horror film.

"The Cabin In The Woods" is an extremely intelligent horror film as well as being "Breathlessly entertaining" as a quote on the poster promises.

I actually felt like I was going to fall asleep watching this film, that was until they went to the underground facility.

I'm not a big horror fan, so I'm not sure if this is post-Scream or post-post-Scream post-found-footage, but it's an entertaining enough film with a twist at the start that runs through it.

I give credit to the authors being creative with plot and script but overall the movie was one big walking cliché.

i have not seen many but i saw this one because it is such a unique film and i'm getting bored of seeing films that are obviously made to be like a film that has already been made.

Original cliché .

The casting of the film is dubious, but the special effects more than make up for the dull cast.

Movie was entertaining.

Incredibly ridiculous and made me bored.

It's a total waste of money.

The suspense is contrived.

it's predictable right from the start, except for this strange parts were they bet money on how they gonna die, and celebrate.

Witty, crafty, sneaky and good production values (30 million in budget helps) make this horror movie with a "social message" engaging and intriguing.

From the very beginning, it gave off a very cliché horror film scenario which was expected.

Overall enjoyable.

t was predictable from the start (why did that eagle have to hit the invisible boundary to the cabin?

There is much to this film, and one has to stick it out, because it begins with as big a cliché of horror as one can get, and that's intentional because of the story here, which is actually many symbolic stories rolled into one.

Beyond Cliché .

The scare factor has already long gone after watching for a few times, but this movie is a blend of many things, which make it so memorable and entertaining to watch again.

The Cabin in the Woods was one of the most mind blowing movies I've ever seen, the twists around every corner provided thorough entertainment and you screaming at the TV.

Intriguing, engaging and, most surprising, funny.

However the cabin in the woods takes all the clichés of a horror and I mean every cliché possible and serves it on a plate for you.

The otherwise mundane title nicely hides the fact that moviegoers are in for an experience so unorthodox—and, at times, so downright bizarre—that they'll likely stagger out of the theater scratching their heads in an attempt to make sense of what essentially boils down to one hour and thirty-five minutes of unadulterated chaos.

It is an entertaining ride for both comedy and horror fans, or perhaps anyone who can buy into the absurd premise.

Meanwhile those kids are terrified and running away from all the pointless killing.

It basically starts off as a typical horror movie, with a bunch of cliché characters.

Also confusing about this film is the script: there are many parts which do not seem to fit or make sense?

Yawn, another crap splatter movie .

2) Don't waste your time.

Fun and entertaining deconstruction of horror film tropes.

The writers just decided to stick to the boring cliché where girls are expected to be virgins.

It is a funny-scary movie with great visuals and even better dialogues and one-liners, and its pace and twists (even the predictable ones) will not let you get bored even for a minute.

The plot "twist", in that humanity depended on these sacrifices, was not interesting, entertaining or anything.

there it was 30 minutes into the movie some cliché looking zombie comes out of the ground like the freak she is only one arm and even more ugly then your girlfriend, she really reminds me why i'm scared of the Chewpacabra.

The Storyline is boring, makes no sense and takes itself not serious, in my opinion that makes every movie not even worth a watch, and the Final is massively exaggerated, if you see the movie as a whole from how it started as when 5 teens startet a trip into the woods, and now the world will end.

It's definitely one of the worst movies I have EVER seen!

The Cabin in the Woods is a film of the unexpected.

So the movie starts with a office or facility with normal office types engaging in normal general chit chat, which puts us the viewer at unease as we think hey this is a Horror movie whats going on here ?

This movie is the worst movie EVER.

It then gets lame, and, consequently, boring.

I was expecting nothing more than the average horror movie with all the regular horror movie clichés, but instead it took all those clichés and pokes fun at them and turned them into something new and exciting!

This was one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

People who try to see some mind-thrilling movie that gives you cold shivers down your spine, turn around and watch something else.

It was a lovely time, when even the crap could at least be considered fascinating.

In the first half an hour I started to yawn and was finding it really hard to stay awake.

But, that's when you realize as the movie puts you on the edge of your seat, you are brought on the roller-coaster.

Once the situation of the film is set up within the first 30 mins all the rest is fairly predictable.

The point is, The Cabin in the Woods is fiendishly unpredictable and completely unlike any horror film you've ever seen.

was just confusing...

The reason I gave two stars is for: an intriguing third act and a modern thriller soundtrack for a horror movie.

A rare and unpredictable horror film .

It boggles my mind how crap like That's My Boy is granted a major theatrical run in Australia, yet a horror-comedy as inventive and entertaining as Cabin gets relegated to small, art house cinemas who thankfully save it from a straight-to-DVD release.

It seems that there is an orchestrated reality show going on in which the teens are entrapped and then slowly killed off, but how they got there, why, the reasons for their demise and the background of why this program exists are extremely blurry, confusing and hard to follow.

Even though most of the plot came back to me while watching it, I still enjoyed it the second time around.

OK, here it goes..I was bored one night and my friend suggested my this movie.

But the writers offer not not a peep of explanation for why the sacrifice has to take the form of a clichéd, glacially slow, horror movie; which makes the movie convoluted, and the entire premise quite costly.

It becomes a non-stop exciting fight for survival and that's all I'll say about it.

Everything in this movie was predictable and had absolutely no originality.

But anyways On the whole, the movie is really twisted and entertaining.

Thank you everyone involved in the making of the Cabin in the Woods for giving me a thoroughly entertaining evening!

Well, there definitely are surprises, but the central premise is predictable, specially because co-screenwriters Drew Goddard (who was also the director) and Joss Whedon offer us various clues from the beginning.

Whereas Jason was slow walking, and Leatherface was so one-dimensional about his killing, all the villains you'll meet in The Cabin in the Woods are faster, deadlier, in amazing 3D/CGI, and unfortunately for horror film purists, a whole generation removed from visceral terror.

This made it more enjoyable to watch in my opinion as they were basically mocking the stupid decisions made by characters in normal horror films by forcing it upon the main characters in this film, that otherwise were acting rather like any real person would in the situations given.

Stereotypes soon turn into something else, minor characters begin to resonate in unexpected ways, and the jolts are genuine, as we see them in a refreshing perspective.

The only partially intriguing part is the attitude and mood of the people in the facility being completely out of sync with the horrors going on on their TV screens.

An entertaining, thrilling and titillating bloodbath.

Terrible effects, poor acting and overall just a terrible and boring film.

The plot was extremely predictable up until nearing the end, when things became utterly bizarre and downright silly.

It even gets too predictable at many points.

She is the one to explain how things works and believe me it is so ordinary and boring like the story is from the first fantasy movies.

That's why from the very beginning, Cabin in the Woods jams in every horror cliché in existence, dials them up to eleven, slathers on the comic relief, and turns the whole thing on its head.

Without spoiling anything (because I wouldn't want to pass on those preconceived notions I mentioned) the movie is excellently written, the cast performs gamely, and the dialogue is sharp and enjoyable throughout.

I really applaud the film crew for their creativity in assembling so many impressive monstrosities under one roof, making it a free for all killing spree that was truly entertaining and satisfying to watch.

I was really bored.

Just reading the title, I thought this was going to be so cliché just like all the other films in the same genre.

I really enjoyed it!

It was very boring and predictable until the very end.

If this flick is anything it's unpredictable and that's a good thing cause originality these days in ole Hollyweird is extremely rare!

These are genuinely endearing scenes and the script sparkles with wit and intelligence, then we get back to the dull teens.

Drew Goddard pumps out cliché after cliché, only to slap us in the face with outrageousness.

Innovative and entertaining .

I found the ending rather predictable, and pretty reminiscent of another of Joss's shows.

There's something to be said about people who gives the movie one star and proclaim it as the "worst movie ever".

Innovative and intriguing horror .

It was not what we were expecting when we picked out a "scary" movie, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

It's a big waste of time.

It was a big waste of time and money I feel sorry for anyone who rented this movie or went to the theater to watch it.

If you thought it was funny, then I would suspect that you are entertained by even the most mundane things.

To close: at least 4-Stars-Worthy, "The Cabin in the Woods" is a love letter to horror, sci-fi, comedy, and probably every other genre in the celluloid spectrum; one of the most enjoyable gore-fests attainable (even to those who hate bloody films).

It was unpredictable, witty, funny, scary and most importantly super FUN.

Still, the twists, when they happen, are more intriguing than draining, especially by the climax, which manages to be nihilistic and liberating at the same time.

It's a waste of money to produce and a waste of money to watch it.

This is one of the worst movies ever.

Worst Movie Ever in your lives.

When the movie ended I heard everyone in the theater say to each other "that was TERRIBLE" and sighs.. DO NOT GO TO SEE THIS, I WOULD RATHER WATCH PAINT DRY.

The actual premise of the film, the stuff that could make it interesting, is compressed into the quite short ending and was mostly predictable from the start.

you have a bunch of Cliché characters with Cliché situations and Characters that are too stupid to save themselves.

First and foremost, this was one of the least predictable movies I have ever seen.

For example, 5 city kids going to a remote cabin in the countryside out of their comfort zone, the GPS not recognising their location, not having any mobile phone signal, etc. Although this film is part of the Thriller/Horror genre, I don't feel that it lives up to being a Thriller/Horror film as the narrative is average, the characters are too stereotypical as there is the 'whore', the alpha- male, the geek, the drug-addict and the virgin so it is predictable as to who dies/survives Also, another cliché that I found was that they die one by one, just like most other horror movies.

I was bored watching this and didn't understand it.


A cliche-twisting more-comedy-than-horror take on the stock 'teens got to the woods and die' horror trope.

There are some flaws in the movie, but if you can look past them, you have yourself a great and enjoyable movie.

Original and entertaining .

" The direction is spot-on, the cast is perfect, the writing couldn't be better, I laughed at the superb comedy parts that worked so fantastically well, it's just such an entertaining movie with so much going for it.

Mind Blowing.

A mess of overly contrived nonsense .

Overall i would give this a 7/10 as there were a few aspects that could have been cleaner, but still a very enjoyable, fresh thinking film.

You can tell that certain characters that are fleshed out are going to survive and that the simplistic and "boring" characters will die.

The Cabin in the Woods is not as good as you have heard – it is one of those films that catches a lot of people by pleasant surprise, and as such it probably got a bit more hype than it could support; however it is an enjoyable film which cleverly plays with the horror genre while also delivering a good genre film at the same time.

Most seem to peg "The Cabin in the Woods" as either a traditional horror film with a neat twist or a predictable horror film that becomes increasingly ridiculous.

there is no story to understand.

list is very long.

The acting wasn't bad at all, all of the characters did what they were supposed to, to be casual cliché adolescents.

Like they have studied what is predictable and what isn't so they could write a script around it with a so called horror genre beneath it.

The writers of the film took the cliché genre and made into something very clever and unique, taking many viewers by surprise and giving me hope for the future of the horror genre.

What it is mostly is a self-examination of the moronic desire for formulaic satisfaction of a certain kind of ur-human cretin - referred to in the film as the "Ancient Ones".

Truly enjoyable .

Although the film is argued to be clich e, Chris, Kristen, Fran, Anna and Jesse all keep us on the edge of our seats despite their stereotypical characters, and make sure the scenes never carry a dull moment.

I was on the edge of my seat hungry for more.

The result was an interesting and entertaining ride with unexpected results.

That, and it's all spectacularly delivered via brilliant script and enjoyable performances (particularly by Jenkins and Whitford).

"THE CABIN IN THE WOODS" (2012, Goddard) satirises the horror industry by portraying studio executives as soulless, by-the-book engineers of predictable horror cliches.

I finally got around to seeing this, and it was an enjoyable experience.

Smart, Interesting, and Entertaining -- A Breakthrough in Horror Films .

But I was bored, because you know how horror movie's always are, the whore dies first, the jock dies second, etc. It would have been better if the people at the end would have said, 'We've already won the fight, because our souls are filled with the spirit of Jesus, so live or die, we win.

I enjoyed it in any event, with the caveat I'm an enthusiastic horror fan.

Absolute worst movie that has come out in a long time.

It is camera en camera as well as a dark humor style I absolutely found intriguing.

waste of time .

Everything goes as expected and it gets quite boring.

somewhat entertaining .

This movie was a waste of my time and I'm so glad I didn't spend money to watch this in the cinema.

I bored actually.

This is a must see movie - thoroughly entertaining.

It certainly kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Very, very entertaining old hokum which is more than a touch better than most .

The good stuff is the scattered snippets of Whedon's snappy dialog, and the concept.

Starts off with the usual horror cliché of five young people, who will be killed off first, characters going to the cabin by the lake.


It's a bit like watching the utterly boring Titanic (1997) and waiting an absolute age for anything to happen, only for the iceberg to hit and finally the film comes to life.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

It made the later scene with the motor bike jump totally predictable.

Well,first of all i found it boring , stupid and pointless.

Don't waste your time and money on this outrageously stupid and awful movie.

I for one really enjoyed it, and as many reviewers have already stated this is a comedy, which uses the horror genre as its source material.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and would definitely watch it again.

"Cabin" features five college-aged protagonists, each fitting a certain stock cliché to be found in assorted horror films.

Very little scare, but very enjoyable.

The appearance of an unexpected cast member adds a further surprise element to this 'visual feast'...

The deliberately formulaic description hides a very strange and entertaining movie.

10/10 i mean some people must be crazythe film was so predictable especially with the dipsy blonde girl you know was going to get killeda very cliché horror film and very boring.

what a waste of time.

In any event, it's an entertaining romp with a few smart twists that serves as an incisive commentary on the genre at large, particularly the more recent convention of introducing a cast full of unlikable characters as fodder for the primary antagonist(s).

Even the title "Cabin in the Woods" is a cliché ribbing of generic horror films.

It was entertaining and the usual horror movie formula was applied, but that was there to help the movie along and let you feel comfortable and lull you into a false sense of security and make you think you knew what was coming next.

What was with all the boring monsters?

Too predictable at times .

This is where the fun of the film comes in: the cliché nature of the scenario is treated as a fun homage to the typical horror setup, while we eagerly await to see how the scientists will create another cliché.

Sure the movie is not meant to be serious, but it is extremely entertaining.

The plot is pointless and the film was obvious created by a group of potheads, You have to be high on something to sit through this film and give it good reviews.

An unpredictable comedy of horror tropes .

There are plenty of moments where you're kept on the edge of your seat, with surprising twists and turns popping up every now and then.

I'm a movie buff I watch movies all the time and I have to say that this movie is my #1 pick for worst movie ever!

While Goddard and Whedon don't quite pull off the tricky balancing act of dark humor and horror that The Cabin in the Woods requires, the film still makes for a deliriously entertaining time as it simultaneously pays homage to horror films while critiquing everything from their characters to their story lines.

It is an absolute waste of time.

And the award of the most predictable horror movie goes to...

Very well directed by Goddard in what's his directional debut, superbly written, finely photographed, brilliantly edited, nicely performed & elegantly presented, The Cabin in the Woods is both a homage & satire of its genre that offers a far more enjoyable & entertaining ride than expected.

I have to admit that it had a good premise which undoubtedly reminded me of the series "Cube" but as in the latter, they focused much more on the gruesome part, leaving the story predictable, linear and unexploited.

Boring and not horror .

I can understand why many people loved this film, because it's a parody of the classic horror film etc.., but there was no suspense at all, the film was very predictable, maybe a little bit of suspense could have helped.

The ending is pretty predictable.

If I had walked out as I was inclined in the middle of the tiresome set-up, I'd have missed nothing.

To be fair, there are movies out there that play up horror clichés and still manage to be plenty entertaining.

Quite frankly, after the lengthy slow beginning and awkward mid section, it got to the point where after the elevator scene,my girlfriend and I had a small discussion and agreed.

A pretty insanely entertaining horror comedy that is far more interested in deconstructing the genre than it is in providing its audience with any legitimate scares.

Everything was predictable throughout the entire movie and just made it so boring.

Overall, Cabin In The Woods is an entertaining film, but slightly cliché.

A piece of garbage, don't waste your time .

"The plot was weak( n actually i must say there was no plot).

This is a movie that, like "Scream" did in the 90's, deconstructs horror movies in an entertaining and rather original way.

In spite of my strong criticism it STILL is an enjoyable movie.

The massive selection of movie monster is very impressive, and the sequence at the end was immensely thrilling.

while this is happening you see two colleges on the way to the secret operation what is apparently in competition with Japan later you find out what there real intentions are, which all leads up to the thrilling 20 minute finale which is an absolute bloodbath.

This moving is entertaining enough to watch once.

Suspenseless, tedious, tiring .

It's beyond cliché.

Don't waste your time.

The performances overall are really good; the five victims all perform really well, the only one who was a bit pointless was that of Jesse Williams who plays the intellectual one.

It was predictable from the starting scene what was going to happen.

Total waste of 90 minutes of my time.

Throw into the mix a smattering of enjoyable violence, a neat A-lister cameo and a bonkers climax worth the admission price alone, and you've got the biggest film-distribution fail in Oz for 2012.

It was so original, it was funny, gory, conspiracies, clever and exciting.

Worst movie ever .

Especially boring the first 50 minutes.

Something completely unexpected.

Enjoyable and different.

Meaningless movie full with Violence, Murdering, Bloodshed .

As a person who has spent the majority of his childhood watching horror movies, I am aware that the genre can get a little plodding at times.

If you are into the horror genre, I think you will appreciate this movie and it's unexpected originality.

It was a waste of money and time.

I'm not going to go into details because it's not worth that; but really, don't waste your time.

Remember that phrase coined by Hannah Arendt, "the banality of evil"?

The movie started out like another cliché horror-film and was averagely interesting for the first 20 minutes, then it turned boring.

I just hope they don't waste any money on making a sequel.

This movie is quite original but what for me was a great but predictable opening 30 minutes turned into another gorefest horror movie.

Instead it became somewhat predictable and the "shock" at the end was just ridiculous.

It's funny, subversive, unpredictable.

good watchable entertaining movie.

I was told to avoid spoilers like the plague, and I'd strongly advise you to do the same - it's not a premise that translates well to explanation, and half the fun lies in the viewer's slow internal realization of where it's headed.

A Dour Cliché Breaking Sci-Fi/Horror Movie .

I enjoyed it so much in fact, that I feel compelled to write this somewhat love letter to a film that is well...

It's predictable, the plot is quite cliche and the acting seems off.

This movie is no more than gore blood, the way people dead just so plain boring.

I saw it, and I enjoyed it.

This film is truly great because it takes every tired, played out genre cliché and breathes new life into it, making for an entirely original and thrilling movie.

Horror films today have been very predictable and and often a little too concentrated on making people jump than having a unique storyline.

But if you were a fan of horror movies and you've lately gotten bored of the recent lame and predictable horror movie, then this is the movie for you!

It seems too trite to be true, and it most certainly is.

I'll admit this really isn't for everyone, but I enjoyed it a lot and recommend everyone to give it a shot.

It is certainly entertaining, albeit never engrossing.

If anything then the creature effects would make it worth watching the movie, or the less than 5 minutes that Sigourney Weaver is in it.


Don't waste your time on this movie.

Predictable, definitely not scary, and just plain dumb.

Fun entertaining flick...

From a deliberately predictable start, it rattles through to the suspenseful arrival at the cabin and then, shall we say 'when the doors open', all hell breaks loose in a mess of… Nope.

I cannot even write 10 lines of review due to the frustration So don't waste your time

Worst movie EVER .

The Cabin in the Woods is definitely an entertaining movie for horror movie fans and it has some clever ideas.

A great story and terrific suspense, Cabin in the Woods has its flaws, but it's worth the watch if you are looking for a good horror, just do not go out of your way to see it.

I was very bored by this and waited for it to be over with so we could get to the part where the characters inevitably find out what's going on and get behind the scenes...

A waste of money and time.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

This also rates as being classified at background noise, a movie to watch while your doing something monotonous to break up the tedious nature of whatever your doing with something to distract your eyes.

It's a welcome change of pace from the boring mob of pointless sequel bait.

waste of time and money..don't get yourself fooled by the rating.

He was entertaining even more that it was intended, and he raised his character a little out of the boundaries, which was more than entertaining and fun to watch.

The Cabin in the Woods successfully combines plenty of elements/references from other horror movies into something new and unexpected.

I thought Cabin in the Woods was an enjoyable movie with some creative twists on horror movie clichés wrapped around a decent horror movie.

Overall an enjoyable horror film with scares and humour that has plenty of interesting twists.

It's a sort of tribute to all types of horror films, a semi-parody, and a wild, imaginative, unpredictable ride, all rolled into one.

Worst movie in years .

I probably enjoyed it more than I didn't hence a 6/10 taking it just over a neutral score, plus an extra 1 mark for originality.

Worst movie ever seen !!.

End result this film is a very good and enjoyable watch!

This was a total waste of time......

AND PREDICTABLE, there is no big wow-moment-twist.

This movie is incredibly entertaining.

It's actually really well thought out and entertaining!

i just get bored and offended by that kind of movies.

The film initially draws you in with its formulaic narrative and reference to other contemporary horrors such as Cabin Fever (2002), The Grudge (2004) and The Haunting in Connecticut (2009).

Summing this all up: if you're a horror-comedy fan, a (typically 1980s) "cabin in the woods" horror buff, you will love this fresh, exciting and bright approach…despite how dark it can be.

I had an idea in my head during the first half of the movie for what was going on, and I like that predictable idea better than what really happened!

I know this is supposed to be a satire but I'm not laughing, I am rather bored at how the character interaction seems to develop awkwardly and none of the characters can really relate to each other unless manipulated.

Yawn .

So, it's 1 of the most fascinating, interesting, attaching horror of past decade and highly recommended to watch

Quite entertaining .

One of the most smartly entertaining, inquisitively unique, and surprisingly humorous horror films ever made.

Screenwriters Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard take the quintessential horror film ensemble of characters, and ridiculous scenarios and then inject a dose logical rationale, keeping it thoroughly entertaining.

i have not seen many but i saw this one because it is such a unique film and i'm getting bored of seeing films that are obviously made to be like a film that has already been made.

And it was actually a rather boring and dull experience to sit through.

This was by far the worst movie ever shot and filmed...

this is astonishingly well-paced, it never slows down and yet it doesn't overwhelm) beat changes, plot twists and unexpected situations, right up to the excellent ending, this satirizes(with plenty of meta) modern horror, as in, from the 70's and to today(and thus, it fits in a lot of strong language, bloody, gory, disturbing violence, a little eye-candy, sexuality and topless female nudity), a genre that it's unmistakably clear that Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon despise.

From a point, however, it degenerates into your usual humans-vs- ghouls/zombies schlock, and from then on it is incredibly formulaic and tiresome.

It was very disjointed, which made the movie hard to really get into.

Another element I found to be confusing was the switching between two scenes as it didn't quite make sense to me.

As for the story, it is interesting and entertaining.

Scary, hilarious, unpredictable and unique.

Overall, the film is certainly different from other horror films, and is quite entertaining.

The film is to predictable.

One of the worst movies .

If it was free I would have walked out.

The plot is a hotch-potch of familiar (sci-fi, horror and such) movie elements, and it was only just about entertaining enough the whole way through.

And let me tell you, Fran Kranz's stoner-shtick gets quite tiresome.

i found boring in the first 30minutes.

It gets tiresome.

The curveball, ho-hum office banter beginning that only makes sense later.

Those days are- alas- over, and in its place has sprung up an era of dull, gray, un-creative horror films.

Very disappointing and confusing .

The characters are all incredibly bland and unlikeable,the fact that they are actually impressed by the Cabin itself,which is the ugliest thing ever,makes them look like idiots who need to be culled!

The acting is atrocious, the storyline is predictable not to mention very odd and the only "horror" I got out of this was spooky situations followed by sharp shrieking music or someone getting impaled.

A waste of your time.

The worst movie in existence.

All in all this is the second worst movie I have ever wasted time on.

Later, I was shattered with those unpredictable twists and freaking climax turn :p Intense direction from Goddard and pretty good token of acting also.

I have no idea who to recommend this to because the last 15 minutes are pure mayhem, and you will either be fully onboard with this Disneyland ride gone bad, or you will have wanted to leave for the past hour.

I'm bored by so many genre films trying to do the same thing, so love it when people have the balls to try something different.

I highly recommend it.

And this self awareness (or continuous winks at the audience) are so well constructed, that when the violence and overt sexual references do occur, and the film becomes cluttered with satirical references that may be lost on many, the supremely clever sidebars constantly keep "The Cabin in the Woods" engaging.

In the cliché of horror clichés a group of five friends decide to take a vacation in a forest hideout supposedly belonging to the cousin of sociology major / burly athlete Curt (Chris Hemsworth).

Boring cabin in the woods .

The addition of comedy to this film makes it that much more enjoyable as I found myself laughing at some of the dialogue.

The story line is just so predictable and weak, and lets not forget the wooden acting.

The mainstream audience would've flocked to this Joss Whedon-produced flick like seagulls to hot chips; it's scary, extremely amusing and, best of all, intriguingly unpredictable.

I completely understand that some may hate this film, finding it pretentious, silly and not even remotely scary.

The dialogue and situations are frequently funny and the performances are engaging.

Horror fans are going to enjoy the references of other horror genres like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Cabin Fever, Evil Dead, Hellraiser, etc.Overall The Cabin in the Woods is enjoyable.

Cabin in the woods is by far the most unpredictable movie I've seen in a while...

Maybe the movie was made for fun but it kind of felt like an utter waste of my time at the end of the day.

It's very difficult to write a review for a film like The Cabin in the Woods, when discussing the best, and most exciting aspects of the film would ruin it for those who haven't seen it.

It was very cliché and you could expect when the scary parts were going to happen.

A twisting, pretentious, house.

It's an intellectual, postmodern homage intertwining every horror cliché and monster into the narrative.

The ending to this movie was far-fetched and definitely entertaining.

This is where the audience gets together to hedge bets before the big screen playing our film, it's also the writers' level where plot and effects are decided, where all the clichés of the previous level are contrived to happen; the slutty behavior, the illogical decisions, the panic, the voices dictating action.

All it does is create confusion and it shows no original thought which is not grounded in history or today's reality.

i really enjoyed it.

In fact, when i first watched this i fell asleep...

Entertaining romp with smart twists and incisive genre commentary .

You could do worse, but I've already heard this joke a few times and it was better told and more entertaining when Kevin Williamson called it Scream.

By the second half, however, the film takes some very unexpected twists and turns.

Overall, I would say it's a little over-rated, and not quite all that, but to horror aficionados it will be very entertaining.

The monsters eventually escape and flood the cold, stale, boring industry with its own blood and eventually everything is destroyed.

Highly enjoyable, though possibly not for everyone .

This made the movies plot confusing and it made the build up of tension boring.

On top of that the story with the ancient gods is dull and the concept of being held by a sacrifice even sillier.

The storyline is ridiculous and the characters are so cliché...

Intriguing at first, excitement in the the middle and a total mess and let down at the end...

and a waste of time.

Badass gore, but too typical and confusing.

watching the second part was like a torture for all of us.

Although this twist was something different, putting it at the start of the Film spoilt the sense of anticipation of what was going to happen, because it was all fairly predictable.

Way too long too, a mostly wasted hour and three quarters.

worst movie i've seen so far this year...

An enjoyable tongue-in-cheek analysis of the horror genre .

It is creative, because except a few times, it won't give you a single clue of what could happen next, and that is what makes it enjoyable to watch from beginning till the end.

This movie seeks to suck out all the fun of a real horror movie and replace it with bland non-comedy and dull dialogue.

IMDb should introduce a new genre for worst movies and place it on top .

I would rather watch paint dry.

Very fresh and vastly enjoyable horror flick with surprising deconstruction of horror clichés.

But then the formula is slowly shot to pieces, exposing several unexpected subplots that turn a very conventional horror movie into something very unique indeed.

The last time I had this much fun was with GRINDHOUSE, which was just as off the wall and entertaining as this one.

In a time where horror is so poorly executed so frequently, perhaps unparalleled by any other genre for sheer number of replicate movies with all the same beats and all the same scares and all the same characters; this film tries to poke fun at how mundane it's all become.

some say the comedy and the horror stuff seems too nonsensical; others mentioned it was the worst movie they ever saw (I'll bet I could point them into really bad stuff :D); someone even mentioned this was a movie for Scream lovers...

Then the titles flash up on the screen, which I loved because it was unexpected and also not really fitting, which is really what describes the film.

Don't watch any trailers, or go to the IMDb page and you'll walk out of the theater surprised, shocked, and wanting more.

Great last twenty minutes, great in the underground office, dull, dull, dull with the kids.

and it is very entertaining to see!

Two third of the movie is almost like another slasher movies, but with more entertaining humor, I have some LOL moments at the time.

So the bits right up to the zombies were quite enjoyable, my trouble is i can't get my head around films that are both realistic and fantasy all at the same time.

The entire movie was a complete confusing mess, it has all clichés you need for a movie such as a slut, a dumba**, a guy so high he cant tell left from right, a virgin, and of course the creepy guy you don't let your kids talk to.

When the guy who looks like shaggy from scooby doo gets dragged by the zombie, you can clearly see his blood squirting like those mortal kombat fatalities, clearly indicating that he's being killed.

There were parts that gave a scare and parts that were truly inventive and unexpected.

This is in fact Drew Goddard's (Writter of Lost and Cloverfield)first ever directed film and I for one really enjoyed it.

We are conditioned to believe that when we see the title for a film called "The Cabin In the Woods" that we would get a cliché slasher flick where the main anti hero, that is "smarter" than everyone else, teams up with the typical hot blonde, who ends up leaving the stereotypical jock for thus anti hero and survive after being chased around the woods for 90 minutes or so.

I found the story intriguing and was curious throughout of just what was going on.

The most intriguing aspect of the film is that the entire plot of the movie was based inside another plot of a movie.

I'm always to the point please don't waste your time one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen...

Absolutely pointless.

"The Cabin in the Woods", in my review, "a thrilling and entertaining heart-stopper, terrifying and deserving".

Don't waste your time on this crappy movie!

Worst movie in a very long time .

Their is nothing new here, no plot twist of any kind.

They're normal, mundane, run-of-the-mill.

A very anti-climatic movie, and once you are let in on what is going on there, the movie just goes from being boring to being downright ridiculous.

I am not surprised she is among the first to go, cliché there and this kinda lame death too.

It was a waste of time.

The Twist Was Very Entertaining.

For the first 15 or 20 minutes, I really was starting to worry it was going to be a lame film as we're introduced to some cliché characters.

In addition, I found the plot line, especially the beginning very stereotypical and cliché.

The inclusion of fantasy elements made this very enjoyable, and adding the horror elements as a means for storytelling simply added to the overall appeal (for me).

The film doesn't completely fail as some moments genuinely raise a brief chuckle or two (as they intend to) and the finale, if utterly ridiculous - is engaging and there is good use of CGI in the build up to it.

A waste of time.

With its entertaining slapstick comedy on both cabin and the other parallel track and a crisp screenplay and runtime ensures there is plenty of entertainment to be had throughout.

In our age of instant gratification, it's probably pointless to try to keep movie secrets secret.

It's cynical and boring.

which made the rest of the film seem completely pointless!

Don't waste your time!

At the same time it's an interesting send up of formulaic horror films and pokes our culture of reality television and faux drama in the eye.

Don't waste your time with this one!!!.

The entire movie is pretty predictable from the beginning, which weakens the plot and ruins the movie.

It's thrilling from beginning to end; full of ideas - sometimes too many to handle - you keep guessing what way the movie will turn and - unlike so many movies these days - you're not going to be right, not even in the last minute.

worst movie i have ever seen .

Problem is I wondered if this was the same creepy man who popped up in the enjoyable Wrong Turn.

There is a whole lot of confusion about this movie.

It's a constantly surprising, constantly thrilling and constantly exciting roller coaster of jokes, hidden meanings, lampshade hangings and parodies.

A cleverly written, very entertaining, and hilarious twist on the standard slasher-type movie, "The Cabin in the Woods" is a must watch for anyone who needs a good popcorn movie that packs something extra.

The rest of the movie is just a waste of time and effort.

I strongly recommend movie to all people young and old who are looking for a chilling, intriguing movie.

It's not to say it didn't start out good, i mean it really did start out as that cliché movie so i decided to give it a shot at least.

The motif is real simple - it is well crafted work, using different recipes, each giving its best in a fascinating embroidery.

Basically every horror cliché is knowingly implemented in order to cause the inevitable demise of our beloved teenage protagonists (or so we are led to think).

I found it to be neither thrilling, nor horrifying.

Chris Hemsworth is very entertaining reprising his Thor role as a teenager.

Better off a cliché...

This movie is a very well made gory dark humor filled horror comedy with amazing acting great special effects and amazing story and this movie is basically a love letter to people like horror films which is me and thats why i enjoyed the movie so much as it makes fun of and explains every single horror cliche we have come to know and love in an interesting way and is able to make it funny as well as put a few jump scares in there to keep it nice and suspenseful

The film is very entertaining and had some great bloody moments.

It's entertaining alright; just full of absurdities and rather flimsy at the finale.

This was one of the worst movies I have watched.

As an unbiased viewer, I can sum it up in one short sentence: this movie was a ridiculous, laughable and shameful waste of time.

In general, the movie until the end part is either boring and repetitive formula for some while others may find that same formula satisfying to the umpteenth time.

waste of time .

And no, that writing isn't clever because it's "making fun of contrived Horror movies.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012) A Review by JP February 5, 2015GGGEEK-GGGASM I've been a devout fan of this genre-bending orgy of shrewd, cliché-exposing (& utilizing) elements since its release just under 3 years ago.

Pretty formulaic no?

The scenes with the cabin and the teens are just too predictable, and whether this was the intention of the writers, i'm sure they didn't intend to bore the audience.

I found the most entertaining parts of the film to be the technicians behind the scenes, as the main characters were all quite boring.

You cant really say to much without spoiling it but I will just say, if you like horror movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, by the end of this movie you will have discovered how many 'edges' your seat can actually have!

I guess if you get angry at pretentious people rather than understanding them (you can dislike them later), then again, you won't like this movie.

If you've already seen "the hunger games" - which i also didn't appreciate - or many others sci-fi class b movies, you will find this one boring and absolutely unoriginal.

It works as an intriguing puzzle for us to solve for the most part.

The novel concept in the plot line was unexpected and genius!!!

Predictable throughout, I was more entertained by the constant stream of gas from my wife's arse and yes the movie stunk far worse and my wife has really foul smelling gas.

This is the worst movie i have ever seen.

It was boring...

Yes, but it's boring anyway.

If you love some adrenaline rush,then this is the ride.

A completely waste of time and money..During it, i fell asleep twice and i almost thought i was dying.

Very predictable and pointless almost from the beginning of the movie.

Waste of Time .

While I wasn't blown away by it as the hype was suggesting I should be, it was one of the more entertaining and original takes on the teen horror movie genre.

This house is supposed to be of one of actor's relatives.. bah....!! Are they so nut-cases and empty heads.. not to have checked the surroundings and the house itself.

So basically, if you are out there looking for a super well crafted and suspenseful horror film, this isn't the go to for you.

The movie ends up sounding patronizing and honestly a little pretentious.

Worst movie .

The biggest issue for me was that the whole film was completely predictable.

This is the absolute worst movie that I have ever seen in my life.

This was trite, cinematic trash, polished, packaged and mislabeled by Hollywood as horror.

They miss a plot and most of the times too predictable.

A film so dull, so ridiculous I kept dozing off through it.

After REC 3 and this unexciting plunge into boredom, I think I have developed a prejudice towards my favorite genre.

Wow, by far above and beyond the worst movie I've seen since 'Hard Candy.

Surprisingly awesome :p At length after so many years I found a thrilling horror flick with such firm story.

I do, and I enjoyed it a great deal, even though I don't like slasher movies, find that a great deal of sci-fi falls flat at the end of the day and haven't seen an original horror film for quite a few years.

Don't waste your precious time on this one.

It is slow starting and then becomes absolutely ridiculous.

I have to say, it was entertaining watching all the bad guys get killed by the creatures.

Entertaining and funny yes!

And did I mention that this is pretty funny, in addition to being occasionally gripping and scary?

The film is good, and has some really innovative parts (the last twenty minutes could be the craziest thing i've seen on the screen in a long time, but when every scene featuring the titular place becomes boring compared to what is happening with two old men in an office, things are not right.

Of course I will not reveal the denouement here, but you can rest assured it's something entirely innovative and unpredictable (and this comment comes from someone who has seen more than 3.000 horror movies).

This movie does it without flopping into silly mindless spoof territory, instead entertaining us exactly as a traditional horror riff would.

I found this film so boring, lifeless and cheap really.

Slow start and no build up at all for any type of story and no growth of character or anything like that.

If you have sat through 30 mins of this and you are bored don't make the mistake I did and keep watching in case something interesting happens, it won't.

I have never reviewed any movies on IMDb before, but this movie, rated 7.3 is just the WORST movie I have ever seen!!

It all got too predictable and there was not one decent jumpy scene, the only time I sat up in my chair was the purge part and then that ended before it began, and before you knew it we were at a part where the most famous actress in the movie was on screen then killed straight off.

Just about entertaining enough.

Intelligent, exciting, funny, this film is excellent.

As I said in my summary, the most frightening aspect about this film is its current IMDb rating of 7.5. It is a mystery to me why so many people liked this film so much - it has every horror cliché in the book, zero scares, dreadful dialogue.

The first part was entertaining enough, and the second part very creative and original.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

Happy ending somewhat, this movie takes that cliché and burns it in the fire.

This is the worst movie in the decade, IMDb rating FAIL .

It starts with a couple of old guys in an unspecified company talking about their mundane lives.

Beginning as a horror film 101 story and then progressively becoming odder and odder, Goddard seems to have found a new angle in the genre, simply by making a film which is entirely predicated on keeping the audience in a state of confusion, all the while keeping the entertainment level high throughout.

The Cabin In The Woods is such a torture that you just want it to finish because the plot thrives so hard to give you more as time passes by.

But those who seek a thrilling, horrific, blood fest which will make you tremble, i suggest you to keep on searching.

The movie has no storyline, no terrifying moment.

I am very sorry but it was the worst movie I have seen 2013.

Bad CGI effects, bad acting, a complete waste of money and time!

This movie is the most pointless thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Quite slow.

I have to say after watching this I enjoyed it.

I loved the movie, not for the social commentary but just because it was different and entertaining and creative.

It starts of like all the rest of the stupid boring thrash monster movies of the past few decades, the story is predictable, nothing is scary just gallons of blood...

There is something timelessly entertaining about watching teenagers mess around in a log cabin, unaware that they are about to be ripped to pieces by zombies.

The movie doesn't really break any new ground, and for a while it's a cliché bonanza.

The Cabin in the Woods is full of CGI, cliché horror predators, comedy, and plenty of jump scares.

This movie won't make you sleep, because you will either leave the theater within 15 minutes or stay in your seat crying and vomiting.

No offense meant, but this is probably the worst movie I 've ever seen in my life..may be because I had expectations about this movie after going through the IMDb reviews....

A complete waste of time, talent, and technology .

It is plain boring especially for a horror fan like me this movie is the biggest disappointment ever.

My god this is one of the the refreshing entertaining movies I have ever seen.

Enjoyable movie.

Minute by minute I got more and more bored, and when finally reaching the credits I really felt I'd wasted about 90 minutes of my life.

It has a very unpredictable story, meandering in many different directions, and its characters, while nodding to typical horror stereotypes, are sympathetic, easy to relate to, fun to watch and occasionally even believable.

As the film went on the outcome became more and more predictable, until the end when there was a twist which was so unrealistic that it made the film look stupid.

Now the collapse is the direct result of something really contrived happening which the writers in control of the film either overlooked or could not solve; an ordinary plot point goes awry, the most predictable victim has made it through, and in the most outrageous manner, by single-handedly tearing to pieces an all-powerful redneck zombie.

Entertaining and smartly written and delivered .

I just wanted to point out that this movie is a waste of time.

The old horror elements are well done despite the fact that some of the intense scenes (the fights with the zombies, for instance) are a bit too shaky (read here : we don't see clearly and the sound is in a «patchingwork» use).

This is easily one of the worst movies one can watch.

Once again, 17 pages saying this is the worst movie ever.

one of the worst movies ive seen in a while

to round up, a bad movie with many predictable scenes and things we've seen in other movies over the past.

However the start was intriguing as you thought of the predictable story, there was a twist.

Worst movie iv seen in a while.

Since the motivation for this "game" with human sacrifices is to appease some divinities, preventing them from destroying earth, and due to the awful way the movie depicts the characters (teens and "controllers" alike) from there on I struggled to keep watching this boring mess of a story.

This style of Horror is very entertaining and I would like to see similar films like this as it adds a new flavour to the genre.

What appears to be a cliche' plot of five young people vacationing in a jungle house is actually something way different than one would expect.

I enjoyed it immensely.


It'll be more entertaining without it, as in my opinion they gave too much away.

) The storyline took a quick turn into an end of the world scenario with a need to appease gods with sacrifices in some sort of formulaic sequence.

It's a tricky thing to do because the film itself, by weaving a magnificently entertaining and reverential example of horror at its finest, seems to undercut its own message.

The movie starts out as your average teenager-slashing movie does - quite boringly.

I was pretty much bored throughout the whole entire movie.

They added a druggie in an attempt to add some humor, but sadly the humor was quite cheesy, very predictable and I rarely broke a smile.

so i guess you can enjoy this movie if you like pointless horror-movies that forget about the plot and just try to impress with images and violence.

Waste of time.

People who say the movie was predictable can't POSSIBLY have guessed that the whole plot was centered around keeping ancient gods asleep by sacrificing the stereotypical young adults from movies in a computerized and biological fashion by using props to call upon monsters from a vast assortment of creatures stashed in an underground facility and that every culture has to do this so that humans don't fail and that the ancients don't wake up to destroy Earth.

To have a total chaos with a variety of creatures below the house next to the end of the world scenario is just plain uninspiring.

All in all, a very enjoyable film.

The guy who's constantly stoned (Marty) is unbearable.

If you like horror movies or just fun and entertaining movies, you'll dig this Cabin in the Woods.

*Sigh*The 3rd WORST movie I've ever seen...

This movie was very entertaining.

All will be revealed but what is very evident early on is that money and technology are absolutely no object when it comes to providing an entertaining, thrilling and titillating bloodbath in the cabin that is not quite the simple, decrepit wooden structure it appears.

What a waste of time!

Cabin in the Woods is about the formulaic nature of bad Horror movies and how they'll never change because audiences demand more of the same.

It is a ground-breaking horror movie that splendidly fuses horror, humor and science fiction in a thoroughly entertaining and intelligent package.

Much like Hitchcock owes an immense wealth of gratitude to legendary "Psycho" (1960) composer Bernard Herrmann for the success of that film, the 5-Gs should bow to an intense, booming score by David Julyan (Memento, The Descent).

This film kept me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time.

This however completely ignores his later phone conversation which clearly points out that he was playing a part to appease the old Gods, and again this level of attention to detail easily gets missed by those hoping to have to switch their brains off while they watch another 90 mins of gore and predictable, even iconic characters.

"After the initial confusion tapers, the standard horror routine plays out: a group of college-age supermodels descends on a rickety cabin in the middle of nowhere.

This movie was supposed to be surprising and different with a mind blowing concept.

Great film, Entertaining on many different levels .

As cliché as it is, Whedon and writer/director Drew Goddard turn the horror genre on its head in its early head start on why various horrific things happen.

Total nonsense and waste of time.

Seeing the previews for this film I went in expecting an entertaining horror movie and nothing more.

It's a worst movie that came up with the "Awful mixture of the best horrors and thrillers" in Hollywood.

Its like a coming of age movie for horror lovers.

don't waste your time or money on this movie, no wonder why it was a straight to DVD movie.

To begin with, I found the film's concept quite confusing and, before realising what the writers had done, found it rather far-fetched.

Instead it was annoying, boring and fairly cringeworthy.

With this movie the expect the unexpected, as the usual horror/comedy cliché is flipped on its head with seriously jaw dropping events.

A proper waste of time.

I found it very difficult to stay awake.

I enjoyed it and I recommend it to those who enjoy horror movies and want a new twist.

While it's smart, it suddenly tries to be some sort of sci-fi-zombie- conspiracy-Armageddon-comedy which makes it feel horribly disjointed as it tries to hit too many territories.

The central plot device is too contrived and fantastic to be really frightening, and the movie is too self-aware to allow us to forget it's just a movie.

It is however one of the most well thought out, entertaining and different films I've seen in a while.

This film can be summed up as Hunger Games meets a zombie movie meets any cliché teen horror film ever made.

As they start to slowly get picked off 1 by 1 I thought it was just going to be a boring cliché horror film but when the two characters descend into the grave and discover the lifts full of "nightmare creatures" it put me on the edge of my seat!

This film is an absolute adrenaline rush.

) pages of reviews saying this is the worst movie ever.

Somehow, going from just 5 normal millennials on their way to an enjoyable getaway from the city, to gods, magic, zombies and the world ending, felt as seamless as a jump like that can be, I suppose.

If somebody paid me to watch this, I would've walked out and demanded they get a refund.

oh and the twist is totally unexpected.

Rewatched it a second time around after several years and still enjoyed it.

Very good movie for "kill" some boring afternoon if you like horror's and mystery.

Worst movie ive ever seen in my life .

What's supposed to make this movie clever is that the low-budget stock plot elements are inter cut with these scenes of guys in short sleeve shirts with ties, pocket protectors and nerdy glasses in an underground lab with instrument panels viewing it all on monitors - the Horror Movie Cliché Control Room.

A predictable horror plot, with your stereotype horror characters behaving in the exact way we would expect them to, runs parallel to a brilliant 'explanation' behind these behaviours - the idea that horror films are essentially snuff films which are manipulated by 'puppeteers'.

I enjoy the horror genre and have seen many good and entertaining movies on Hulu.

" I thought to myself "you already have a film with a trite, uninspired title and now you release a plot that doesn't even try?

Actually, I need to say this, the movie was entertaining.

Much more enjoyable if you keep your head straight and see it a a Action/Horror with unintended humor.

This movie is a total joke, especially when it gets to the end, you will be like "wtf that is the worst movie ending i have literally just seen" this movie was just a total let-down and I hated that it was such a let down because I had huge exceptions for this movie.

The basic idea is actually very uninteresting.

A predictable cast, the 'Whore', the sporty guy, the clever guy, the druggy and the girl who understand what's going on and will probably survive.

It uses the typical people, a boyfriend and girlfriend, a stoner, a virgin and a boy who start to have a romance, just like every movie they throw in a pointless romance.

Don't waste your time watching it, anyone with a 1/4 decent brain, shouldn't even think of wasting your time with this ridiculous piece of $#!

Don't waste your time .

So if you don't pass the above criteria, don't waste your time.

Overall this is a good film, with a fascinating story line, well worth the watch and i would recommend it.

I just watched this movie and i can best describe it as follows:-unexpected -hilarious -original -goreNow for the reviews:I don't mind people finding this movie a piece of crap and rating it badly.

This is probably one of the worst movies I have seen by far.

stupid and pointless .

Honestly this is the worst movie in years I hope it never made it to theaters.

Even about halfway through I was getting bored.

The acting is no more than average, and even though the movie strains to tear apart clichés, the characters are - in essence - predictable (with the exception of Marty, whom I have a soft spot for.

The script appears formulaic, what with scantily-clad college gals, the jocks, the token black guy and the stoner.

Quite entertaining.

Stupid and Pointless .

As I sat through this, it's exactly what I thought, this is Evil Dead combined with Resident Evil, and that's what made this enjoyable to watch.

Untalented hacks like Whedon, Goddard and Bresson think that discriminating moviegoers enjoy this kind of cheap, pretentious semi-artistic excrement.

Great movie that was definitely a horror film but had some twist that really made it stand out from the cliche horror films.

Worst movie ever.

I totally fell for the techy-residentevilish music and after all, the cabin itself, and was willing to deal with the cliché friends-in-a-remote-place-get-in-a-life- threatening-situation-from-which-only-one-couple-manages-to-get-out- alive thing.


Some will say it's generic but it's actually intriguing.

The main idea of this film is that it has the normal 'scare tactic' horror feel to it, however what the writers are getting at is that this scenario is starting to get very boring.

I watched the trailer for this film and wrote it off as another cliché slasher flick meant for 16 year old kids to make out to on a Friday night.

Its a bizar movy and sometimes its close to becoming boring .

Weirdly Entertaining .

A fresh, entertaining thrill ride of a film.

This was quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen in my life!

*END SPOILER*Overall, I would recommend the movie, don't expect it to be scary, because it's not, but expect the unexpected, laughs, and surprises.

was it entertaining?

The plot takes the characters into the haunted cabin and them throws them down, down, down, down revealing layer after layer, leading to a third act that is as gory as it is entertaining.

No, it is confusing.

But it IS the most entertaining, risky mainstream horror in recent years.

I thought the gore, violence, acting/actors, and the strangeness of switching from the cabin to the control room all combined to make this riveting viewing.

The horror moments are perfectly executed, and they leave you on the edge of your seat, and they leave you wondering throughout, "what the hell is going on?

They head to the cabin (Clover's "Terrible Place"), where they settle in for an evening of seemingly transgressive and completely predictable behavior: they smoke dope, play Truth or Dare (which leads to Sexy Girl's display of her gumption when it comes to sex), and wander into the cellar when the door slams open on cue.

very enjoyable, stuffed with everything you could want to see in a horror-movie plus lots of extras...

An all matter of carnage ensues creating the most entertaining sequence of the film.

The film also has a sort of conspiracy theory to it, which makes the film intriguing and makes you want to find out what happens in the end.

This film started in a predictable manner, struck something partly interesting along the way (by accident??

Don't waste your time!

"The Cabin in the Woods" was funny and some times exciting.

Overall the acting is horrible the story confusing and pointless and the ending horrible.

Not many film's released over the years are able to successfully combined an almost 'chick flick' feel shown at the start of the film to a brain teaser ending making myself and I'm sure every other person who has watched the film still trying to make sense of the true ending, whilst still laughing about the humorous characters entertaining us along the way of the violent deaths that go on as the film progresses.

Worst horror movie ever, quite possibly worst movie period.

Easily the worst movie I have ever seen.

Cabin in the woods was probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

Lemmings see the high score and are scared to say they don't like it, for fear of being told they are mentally slow.

Any of the reviewers here that claim that it's the worst movie they've ever seen don't know what they're talking about.

much more complete and enjoyable anti-hacker sort of film.

Waited for the story to begin, sometimes they can be slow to start, it didn't!

Ginger Geek God Joss Whedon, creator of "TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1996-2003) & director of "Marvel's The Avengers" (2012) collaborated with Drew Goddard (TV's Lost Producer, World War Z Screenwriter, & this film's director), an unknown (& apparent horror aficionado) at the time – and under the veil of a simple slasher flick brought serenity (geek puns intended of course) to a basic concept, turned it on its ear, flipped it over, dashed it with a touch of nearly every category of film, and pumped-out one insane, intense, hilarious, grotesque, maddening, silly, intentionally-ridiculous social satire.

The beginning ---> trip to the cabin is basically horrible being way too slow without establishing any kind of recognizable plot line and poorish character dialogue.

Its Boring and uninteresting.

Ever hated how predictable most horror films are and why it seems that the only way the plot works is because all the characters seem to be making an effort to get killed?

America churn out movies like McDonalds churn out burgers and both are as bland and unoriginal - you know what you're going to get right from the start.

It all feels pointless.

It's funny, it's thrilling, it's eerie, it's original.

The film progresses in this same style; giving you creepy pretences for the rest of the plot, then adding 'dorky' cliché's.

' It was fun, scary, I screamed a bunch of times, I was on the edge of my seat, it was original, wasn't predictable at all, and I had an all around good time.

This is the most funny and entertaining horror movie i have ever seen and its one of my personal favorites.

It was very predictable.

All the performances are brilliant, the story (even if it is a little predictable) was good and the documentary style a nice change from most other Horror flicks.


The characters would you believe it or not are exactly the same as in every other horror film, boring to watch.

It's like the movie makers deliberately wanted to make the movie unpredictable.

Plenty of dodgy American humour, cheap and predictable.

Our two survivors' final moment is needlessly contrived and without meaning because of this and the fact that the characterizations simply were not there.

horrible horror movie or absurd boring comedy.

Really this is a very boring film.

As a horror movie veteran, I found this to be a beautiful experience filled with homage's to other horror movies such as "Evil Dead", "Scarecrows" etc. Movie criticizes how horror movies have become stale and predictable.

I was not shocked to see myself jump at false scares, and cover my eyes at intense music.

That said, it's still entertaining right up to the really lousy ending.

Don't waste your time.

If you're into the boring, predicable horrors when you always know what's going on, then the Cabin in the Woods is probably not for you.

The fact that the actors are good, the script is amazing, the dialogue is sharp and fresh and that the idea is so imaginative and fascinating....

What a waste of money.!! Please do not recommend this movie to anybody unless they are mental.. then it might be good.

This movie is an absolute waste of time.

Sexy teens go to a remote location, get drunk, have sex, get killed in a predictable order, etc. There's the jock, the bookworm, the promiscuous blonde, the innocent girl, and the smartass stoner (the latter portrayed by Dollhouse veteran Fran Kranz).

It comes off as pretentious, and as an excuse that a fan uses to explains what may be valid observations against the film.

But that's a little flaw in an intriguing, well-delivered film.

It was as if someone had a 3d effect app on their mobile phone and recorded an empty room.

I hoped that towards the end, something might change, and it did--there was an interesting twist for close to 15 seconds before it, too, became boring and predictable.

What made this film worse than all the others is the fact that it concentrated so hard on having a terrible, cliché story line.

But from there, the much awaited premier was a poorly acted, poorly lit festival of boredom and clichés.

Such a waste of time.

Anyway, it was a waste of time.

I am tired of all this New Age pagan propaganda!

It was thrilling in parts and scary!

The ones that are so comical that it takes away from the fact its a horror get boring after a while it definitely isn't like the title suggests "the cabin in the woods".

I don't know how many films I have seen with this same plot: a group of young people decides to spend some days in a remote cabin in the woods, and the only thing they find is their violent deaths in hands of some unknown threat (it can be mundane or supernatural).

While it's a real mishmash of films gone by, The Cabin In The Woods certainly one of the most entertaining horror films of the last decade, and well worth a look for horror fans who appreciate a fast-paced action-packed film, with some WTF moments and plenty of laughs along the way.

This movie goes from the obvious seen it all before, to a breathtaking jaw dropping second half.

Sometimes these clichés weren't incorporated well unfortunately, as in they ended up actually feeling cliché.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

If you look for a decent thriller/horror movie rent something else, save your money and time.

My other big complaint about this film is that by far the most enjoyable section of it is the part before the twist really comes in, even though it seems to be a blatant rip-off of The Evil Dead.

By far the worst movie I have ever seen hands down!!!.

And Of course the world ends up ending, which I don't Really like it when a movie ends with the destruction of the entire earth, I feel empty about it, since the world ended, although thus film was entertaining and very original.

Worst Movie .

Don't waste your time, let alone any money on this pathetic drivel!

Mediocre acting, silly concepts, awful special effects, a pretty awful ending, a slow start, an underwhelming middle, I struggle to say anything positive about this movie.

On the upside, the CGI was good enough, it has unexpected twists, comedy, tension, and gore; mostly in the last act.

I gave this movie a six because while it is very confusing, it is also entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

What it is though, to the best of my knowledge ability, is simply entertaining with a terrifyingly twisted ending.

Good film, but too cliché .

And the "twist" was somewhat predictable, stupid, and full of plot holes.

It is a waste of time - time you will never get back!

I found this movie very boring and amateurish.

Shocking and Thrilling Cabin in the Woods is like no other horror film I will ever watch again I believe in my life.

An earlier review mentioned that it was worth watching for the last 30 minutes.

1996 was the year of the movie "Scream" to use a cliché, "Halloween" and the most overrated horror film in the history of the "Friday the 13th.

This is just boring; adds nothing new.

Instead it just became a good watchable entertaining movie.

i thought it was Boring.

It certainly has its creepy moments, but it's more entertaining than anything.

Brilliantly paced, unrelentingly funny, thoroughly unpredictable and boldly written, (with an ending so ballsy and appropriate, I wanted to stand up and cheer) this is one of the most bright, daring, original efforts I've seen in years.

I found the film to be quite confusing and hard to follow at times, especially during the ending as it was quite difficult to keep up with what was happening as it all seemed too busy.

The WORST movie I have ever watched!

It's contrived.

The entire horror genre is built on the foundation of what we think will happen, so when "The Cabin in the Woods" comes along and utilizes these expectations while also blowing the roof completely off them, it makes for a wildly entertaining success.

This blonde girl acted from the beginning very confusing; saying this and meaning that thinking it is funny.

All this happens in the first half of the film, and while the execution of the idea is interesting and entertaining, the telescoping of the normal 90 or 120 min horror narrative into this much shorter time, coupled with the fact that every clichéd move is intentionally telegraphed, tends to rob it of any jump-out-of-your-seat moments that were potentially there.

The Cabin in the Woods is an unexpected thrill ride .

From Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fame, Josh Whedon, comes this cliché aversion thriller that begins as a college prat party and transforms into a hard science fiction movie devolving into a horror drenched movie into a fusion of sci-fi and horror without the redeeming values of Buffy.

very entertaining, intense and funny (2 viewings)

Worst movie of all time .

I found the plot line very confusing (constant cuts to a laboratory of some sort for reasons not explained till the end).

It had no story until the end of the it, then made zero sense.

Rounding up, this is yet another average and boring horror movie with the exception that it could have been a lot better if the accent was put where it should have been.

Earlier, the allusion of typical American teenager, led most to think: "cliché".

With this particular horror film it takes the risks of unexpected turns that be shocked by what was happening.

I found the start to be a little too cliché.

Also, the mediocre CGI effects and drab set design couldn't really hold my attention, which is something of a turn-off for me.

What is it with the year 2012, so many flicks are hyped and most of them I just couldn't care, we had The Hunger Games which I found boring.

It's far-fetched, and I don't mean it in the way that it features supernatural beings, no, but in the way that its unpredictability is so predictable.


An intriguing, perplexing roller-coaster ride with vats of gore and a cracking conclusion.

The storyline is a genuinely good idea, but the way it is presented is hard to follow and at times doesn't make sense.

I have enjoyed "The Others", "The Ring" and etc. But this one was so boring.

There was some blood and I enjoyed it...

Worst movie ever .

Most movies with an effects / gore budget lower than this one are also way better movies - because they do what a horror movie is supposed to do; That is, keep you on your toes, feel unpredictable, feel scary, feel tense.

Funny, intense and gory.

This was one of the most original and entertaining movies I have seen in a very long time.

Pointless entertainment, okay to watch once .

Please save your money and your time and rent Titanic 2 instead because even that stinking turd of a film is several times better than this.

This shocked me and was very unpredictable for a horror film.

An entertaining Cabin in some original Woods .

I think it's normal since the whole film worth the watch just for those elements.

This movie got me starting to doubt this "democratic open voting system"… Man, what a waste of time!

The plot is easy to follow and everything comes together in the end in an unexpected way.

Though not a perfect film, it is slow in its build up and the zombies are uninspiring and a little boring as the teen stalkers.

Every character was completely memorable and every line of dialog or shot had me on the edge of my seat.

Thought it was going to be a really great horror film, and it turned out to be a piece of crap predictable.

Boring movie leave it be =) ...............

But Its worth watching just for the madness of the whole film.

The movie is funny, scary, and unbelievably entertaining.

In conclusion, The Cabin In the Wood is a very entertaining movie that is worth to watch, if you're not looking for something to really get scared with, and it's a good movie to own, as its originality gives you the option of bragging for your friend: "I have a funny horror movie, do you wanna watch?

This was a very enjoyable film to watch, certainly not worth 1 star.

The movie is very predictable except for the reason they unleashed all that torment and misery on those kids which I guess was something new.

otherwise it's just confusing.

Worst movie I have ever watched !

Had more of them made it into the "downstairs" of the cabin and died there it might be more compelling.

In other words Don't Waste Your Time!

This movie was supposed to be an addition to the satire's by attacking every horror movie cliché in the book for a modern audience.

Still, I thought it was an enjoyable movie with an interesting mix of comedy, drama and innovation; worth your time if you're into horror movies.

Don't waste your money.

But the whole idea is very good and suspenseful.

Eventually the tables get turned on them however, with thrilling CGI results.

This was a good movie, engaging and interesting!

You see both sides of the coin and it makes for a very entertaining watch.

This was quite a fun and enjoyable entry that has a lot of really fun things about it.

Drew Goddard, writer of "Cloverfield" and on TV's "Lost," and Joss Whedon, one of the most revered names in geek culture, team up on a script that delivers a great deal of wit and at the same time a strong mystery, a combination that makes for an irrepressibly exciting movie.

It did cram an awful lot into one movie and the old school ending may definitely come across as hokey to some but the movie is simply fun and thrilling and extremely entertaining.

The scariest part of this movie was the high rating it received, given it's banal, hackneyed script, which was nothing short of embarrassing.

Horror has become very predictable and playing on all this predictability has resulted in something that is utterly unpredictable.

First, it creates a narrative dimension which establishes a series of clichés as a matrix that pretends to be a mythology ( "the cabin in the woods" itself, a "murderer clown", a "zombie family" or the " killer Tooth fairy ballerina ", they are not some kind of modern mythology, they are just ridiculous standard forms); Second, all this narrative stodgy soup is placed over another layer - a high-tech management firm(American style), controlling these clichés - with all the "monster squad" being very real, not an induced hallucination, (which would be better), with an hilarious "release all monsters inside the premises" button included; Third, revealing a third layer - and the third act -, in the form of an "altar ambiance" with a travesty vibe and Lovecraft's style pretensions, with (literally) a basement of "old demons" from another dimension, where the lambs are - the greatest of all the idiotic clichés - a bunch of stupid people - nihilistic by nature, flat as the script commands, and tossed into a scenario with label terms engraved in stone as "slut" or "athlete" and a famous didactic narrator included; The result of this mess is a film that can only be conceived in terms of funding, thanks to the questionable reputation of the producer, who enriched with such kind of pasteurized, silly and sad banality.

I've read that it's a "hateful love letter to the horror genre" but most of that is bullshit when you're engaging the fantasy of a pothead director.

When you see it closely, it's an intriguing high concept satirical horror film.

Originality can carry a film quite a distance but when you couple it with good actors and non-stop action, it becomes quite an enjoyable viewing experience.

Even the old trashy movies were more compelling.