The Car (1977) - Action, Horror, Mystery

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A small desert town is terrorized by a powerful, seemingly possessed car, and the local sheriff may be the only one who can stop it.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Elliot Silverstein
Stars: James Brolin, Kathleen Lloyd
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 13 out of 137 found boring (9.48%)

One-line Reviews (85)

I mean, having two actors scream at each other (in one scene) does not create tension, it creates confusion.

I found the movie very boring and very uneventful and forgettable I think the acting was decent from the whole cast.

But would the movie had been just as entertaining then as it is now?

And though the ending is predictable, it's not quite as predictable as you'd think.

Several sequences are literally oozing with legitimate suspense and I guarantee you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat.

But the film does a fine job of entertaining, even if you want to say it's schlock, you can't deny it's much elevated above the other B-horror efforts of the time.

All in all even though it gets somewhat slow in the middle & there is a totally unnecessary subplot about one of the characters hiding a supposedly conquered drinking problem there is enough action to keep you interested in the TRUE star of the movie.

The entertaining story is visibly inspired in "Duel" and is inconclusive, and the viewer never knows for sure whether the car is driven by a demoniac being or by a wicked skilled driver.

It all makes a fun, entertaining combination to watch on a Friday night or in the month of October.

There are times when it enters the unintentionally funny zone but its firm grip on viewers' attention & apt application of the element of suspense makes it a cinematic ride that's thrilling enough to be worthy of your time.

The whole scenario plays out against some awe inspiring desert vistas, and Leonard Rosenmans' music score is excellent.

Here's another to join the market of combining elements of other influential horror films, and this occasion it's "Jaws", "Duel" and "The Omen" finding their way into this clunky, but truly suspenseful and eerie midnight b-grade, drive-in feature.

It's never outright boring, but the melodramatic elements do slow down the plot, compromising the previous minimalist elements.

Don't waste any money buying it that's for sure.

The Car is visually stunning, the desert location is used in a very scenic way instead of vast empty spaces that usually are obvious for film economics.

But still it's worth watching.

Instead, we're left with a JAWS rip-off, so dull it's nearly sleep-inducing.

It's probably C-grade trash elevated slightly by the cast, but somehow "The Car" remains compelling enough to watch again.

The beginning is full of promise, the first half is mindless fun, and the last act gets dragged down by the requisite climactic battle.

I still enjoyed it.

A very solid & suspenseful 70's vehicular horror film .

Selective amnesia prevents me from recounting what could laughingly be referred to as a plot, but I did find this entertaining in that "what-the-hell-nothing-else-is-on" kind of way.

The founder of the Razzies considers this to be one of the most enjoyable bad movies.

The typically terrific Anchor Bay DVD for this genuinely scary and gripping 70's vehicular horror outing offers a gorgeous'n'gleaming letter-boxed presentation along with the theatrical trailer and a couple of nifty thumbnail bios.

The no-nonsense, destroy first and ask questions later attitude of the cop characters is probably why this movie remains enjoyable from start to finish without ever featuring a single dull moment.

This movie is interesting and somewhat suspenseful.

No over-the-top special effects that take away from the action, The Car moves along at a nice pace ending with a rousing old fashion movie chase.

There isn't much happening at any point really, with a series of shoddy, repetitive car attack scenes done on the cheap substituting for suspense.

Thrilling Enough To Be Worthy Of Your Time & Money .

Brolin is engaging as just the kind of hero we all need in a situation such as this, and Lloyd is endearing as the lady who has the temerity to taunt the car.

I am a big fan of horror movies and while this is not exactly a "classic" by any means, I still enjoyed it.

The car is a really good movie and i recommend it to people who like suspenseful and mysterious movies.

Moreover, this movie even catered to the list under the sonorous title of "Top 100 worst movies that can give pleasure", which in itself is interesting and worthy of respect.

A group of uninteresting dirt town residents and James Brolin as the local law, and "The Car" quickly runs out of petrol.

I didn't get nightmares (sorry, horror movies don't do that to me), but I enjoyed it for what it was: A movie about a mysterious, murderous car.

The movie kept my attention straight through and some scenes had me on the edge of my seat the first time I saw it, when I was ten or so.

A car shows up, kills people, has some thrilling and shocking scenes, and then is blown up.

I finally saw it some 33 years after it came out and was surprised at just how engaging the film actually is.

For a cheesy, devil-driven thriller about a murderous car that runs down its victims, one may be unprepared for director Elliot Silverstein's surprisingly intense prologue (with two kids on bicycles meeting their grisly fate on a mountain road).

Two cyclists stupidly try to out-pedal it in a straight forward line rather than slow down or veer off.

A very entertaining film without the porno & graphic violence of most modern movies.

The movie has a US rating of PG but would more accurately be rated as a US "PG-13" due to bad language and the intense scenes of implied violence that include the car disrupting an entire marching band.

While the plot seems rather silly, I think it has too many pluses in it's favor including the great..cast, great use of Utah locations, and intense scenes where the car chases after innocents.

The movie is a significant cut above many films of its kind, like "Killdozer", due to some spurts of intense action, emotional discharge (telling the car off in front of frightened kids in a cemetery), some surprises (check out the garage scene near the end), and some style (watch for the fire-shaped howling devil in the smoke cloud).

My favorite is the slow zoom-in shot of The Car ominously off-roading in the desert.

But when "The Car" is all revved up, it's very suspenseful and effective.

Anytime it shows up, the scenes are energized, tense and quite exciting.

Taking a leaflet out of Steven Spielberg's Duel, The Car creates its own aura of suspense & terror, and is a smartly crafted & skilfully executed horror that makes excellent use of genre elements to retain its tense vibe and, despite a few hiccups, manages to be consistently gripping from start to finish.

Not great, but entertaining.

While "The Car" is rather ludicrous and occasionally boring when it deals superficially with its characters, it does have some truly frightening visuals as the car spins angrily around in the red dirt of Southern Utah and screams through a woman's house.

I found the climactic battle to be stretched out, boring, and not very thrilling.

I guess when I was watching this film back then my friend Dwight fell asleep.

This fast paced, dumb as dirt, thriller has become a cult favorite thanks to its absurd premise (and its willingness to run with it) and some surprising drama.

The sequence involving the school teacher standing on hallowed ground with her students taunting the evil car as it revs and roars on the edge of the property has to stand as some bizarro masterpiece and the way she meets her ultimate end is a true horror classic.

James Brolin is on fine form as the mundane deputy just living a normal life with his two kids and school teacher girlfriend, when he and the town are thrown into chaos when the matt black menace begins its hunt for victims.

I saw the car in the early 80's and I enjoyed it.

I guess you should rent this, but only if you have people to share the pain with, or pills to pop or something to somehow alter your perception of the dull 70's trash unfolding on the screen.

Then the final outcome is even more suspenseful as we watch the car track the parade to a small graveyard that it can't enter, and the desperate effort to get help.

The way the movie is layed out, it can leave you on the edge of your seat at times, which is rare with this kind of film usually.

Belonging to the "Duel" / "You Drive" / "Christine" school of driverless car TV and cinema, it is a testament to its makers that the film manages to be suspenseful and unnerving for most of its ninety minutes.

The ending, for me, was both a bit confusing, and very eye opening.

"The Car" guarantees thrills, suspense and excitement for an hour and a half straight, the cast is terrific, the filming locations are atmospheric & breathtaking and the demonic titular vehicle is one massively engaging depiction of pure evil!

Although it's a little too long, it's enjoyable for most of the time.

Some highlights include the shocking first deaths during the pre-credits intro, an extended scene taking place in an old graveyard, a macho man versus car showdown inside a garage, the unpredictable living room attack and much more.

After a genuinely scary opening with The Car sending a pair of bikers off the road and a bridge to their respective deaths, the movie sort of slackens off and even gets a bit predictable - when The Car stops just short of entering a cemetery where a mass of characters have gathered to get away from it and are surprised it didn't follow them, you can see 1977 audiences shouting "IT CAN'T GO ONTO THAT GROUND, STUPID!

I enjoyed it then as much as now.

I finally have this film on videotape to keep and I must say that satisfies me greatly, as this film is a very suspenseful and action-packed feature.

"The Car" (1977) is an enjoyable horror flick, although its tone is somewhat tiresome when it would have benefited from a subtle sarcasm.

Rent this movie if you must, but only if you think it's worthwhile to get little laughs out of things like the fattest slowest cop never biting the dust, or the total number of cops never seeming to go down despite attrition in ranks.

Once one gets past the preposterous main premise (of a driverless, demon-possessed motor vehicle terrorizing a small-town community) and the formulaic approach, this is quite a nicely done thriller which passes the time enjoyably enough for hardened horror fans.

Six years after Spielberg's "Duel," this "The Car" resumes the theme and manages to make an equally dramatic and engaging film.

I do know that the car chases in this film are tremendously exciting.

But, a really entertaining ride.

Well even though the movie is dated squarely in the 70's, it does provide a riveting plot and decent entertainment, if you can get past the idea that a driverless, demon-possessed, indestructible car runs people down in a desert town.

" was thrilling.

It's 5.2 rating on the IMDb is fairly Indicative of how enjoyable this movie can be.

I was bored for well 97% of the movie, 3% some decent happens, I can not even remembered how it ended, only saw it two day ago.

For some, this will bring frustration, for others, it makes the movie that much more fascinating.

The big action climax is very exciting; director Elliot Silverstein ("Cat Ballou") keeps this tale racing along just as the antagonist does.

I think there was only enough material for about 45-60 minutes, but they dragged everything out for as long as they could.

(The viewer is left wondering about the cars motives)All in all an enjoyable piece of 70s horror that is definitely worth a watch today!

I gave this movie a perfect 10 score and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to watch some great science fiction.

The script also throws in some very unexpected twists and I found myself pretty much on the edge of my seat with what I originally thought was going to be a laugh riot.

Some effects are worth watching, just see how the car takes out two police cars.

Okay, okay the premise is terribly asinine and illogical, but writers Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack and Lane Slate storm up a rather stimulating and intense screenplay with a no-bull attitude and plenty of ambiguity to boot surrounding the car.