The Cell (2000) - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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An F.B.I. Agent persuades a social worker, who is adept with a new experimental technology, to enter the mind of a comatose serial killer in order to learn where he has hidden his latest kidnap victim.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Tarsem Singh
Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 144 out of 685 found boring (21.02%)

One-line Reviews (605)

It is the journey through this sick mind that makes this film more than worth watching.

It's a film that rolls around in its own waste; the cinematic equivalent of a pretentious artist who splatters a canvas with feces and then expects you to embrace it as art.

Jennifer Lopez shows her acting skills are minimal, and Vince Vaughn, whom I had confidence might become better as he went along in his craft, here looks hung-over, disinterested, and generally tired and bored.

The story wasn't as complete as it could have been, especially in parts of characters' lives which were briefly mentioned and then as quickly forgotten, but overall, the film was enjoyable.

What is also boring is the fact that the plot couldn't have been any simpler but the screenwriter was trying to make it somehow confuse so it would sound deep, smart and thrilling, the final product was rather different and contradictory, so was the directing which should have been left to someone more competent

The makers of this movie saw fit to speed through all the important aspects of the movie and slow down at the parts that didn't really matter.

The plot has little substance and it's really just another cliché ridden serial killer movie.

The performances in the Cell were probably the most formulaic and unbelievable performances I have seen all year.

Prior to this, I only saw a couple of his more recent efforts: MIRROR MIRROR, which I liked well enough, and IMMORTALS, which felt like Zack Snyder-lite and was a bit boring.

Beautifully Disturbing…Edgy and Stunning Serial Killer Art Film .

the whole plot is just an excuse to let tarsem fool around and take you into the minds of a serial killer, bringing the audience some shocking, pleasing, breath-taking and mind blowing images.

But you'll need to watch or do something light-hearted after the film, to cleanse yourself from the experience of swimming through a psychological sewer, regardless of its stunning visuals.

Even so, hats off to them for creating some truly stunning (and entirely bonkers) work!

) so it just dragged along until the ending.

Visually stunning.

It's the talkative bore at the party.

This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time, it was basically a fancy music video on mute.

It's fairly banal though, since it seems like a combination of the visual imagery one would find in Silence of Lambs, Seven, and some 80's fantasy movies.

There are scenes of violence and terror in this film which are evocative and get under your skin...

) In spite of this intriguing premise, The Cell benefits most from the magnificent visualizations of Carl's subconscious fantasy world.

I personally believe it was well done but in other ways it was contrived and with more with the character development less visual effect's it could have been a winner, remember this is a horror/suspense thriller and if you are shocked then the directors goal was achieved.

Probably one of the most strange, breathtaking film ever seen.

Artistic stunning cinematography .

Overrated, boring wannabe thriller .

All the talk is about the visions inside the serial killer's head, but we get the visions in the director's head instead -- laborious art pieces and nonsequitors that are tedious instead of meaningful, script be damned.

Audacious shocker with stunning visuals .

Visually nice, but after it wears off the boring plot emerges.

Beautifully made with some truly stunning scenes, particularly during the 'dream' sequences.

I read somewhere that someone thought all the visuals were 'pretentious'.

Like Greenaway's Prospero's Books, this one is worth watching just to look at it.

i found this movie to be intriguing.

Maybe I just expected too much based on the very intriguing trailers.

" This film is such a vapid mess of style sans substance, flat characters, insipid dialog, exposition ad nauseam and predictable hackneyed plot points, that any allure the imagery might have provided was lost in the mire.

The idea of how they dive into the human mind at a subconscious level is indeed intriguing.

However the crazy, bizarre and yet stunning imageries made this movie a somewhat worthwhile watch.

The sight of a horse being sliced into separate segments is truly a shocking, yet strangely compelling sight.

Agent Novak & crew use some unexpected clues to pinpoint their man.

While the imagery in the movie might be a little too intense for some people (such as my best friend ...

Now, I have a tendency to be hypercritical when it comes to movies, however this is one of those instances where I really enjoyed this movie and was thoroughly entertained, even with the Lopez mistake, I've seen this movie more than once but it's been nearly 20 years since I watched it, so I'm fuzzy on it other than I know I really enjoyed it.

Disturbing, tacky, and an utter waste of time and money.

Lopez can be thanked for that) but all in all the plot moves quickly and is intriguing, not too dissimilar to a taut episode CSI .

As far as dazzling eye candy is concerned, The Cell is a real winner: packed with arresting cinematography, surrealist effects, striking set design, and incredibly creative costumes, the film is simply stunning to look at and, for this reason alone, is well worth checking out.

The Cell is a weird movie with absolutely stunning special effects and scenes.

A Tedious High Concept Thriller .

Still, a very entertaining film with nice ideas that looks terrific.

However, as far as movies go, this is just another cliched, and ultimately dull, serial killer film.

And though the ending was good, and character based, the journey could've been much more compelling.

Pointless .

This movie is a classic, because it is a visually stunning examination of the depths of the human subconscious.

The plot appears to be the main concern, and while it is not revolutionary and borrows heavily from The Silence of the Lambs, it was never intended to be the most important aspect of the film; the plot itself is a vehicle through which Tarsem's vision--simultaneously horrifying and wondrous--is presented to the audience, much in the same way that the plot of The Silence of the Lambs is secondary to the fascinating study of its two lead characters, Lecter and Starling.

Contrived enough?

Tarsem Singh's The Cell is the kind of revelatory, mind blowing, breathtaking, once in a decade kind of fantasy film that is utterly unique, truly memorable and pure artistic creation.

Predictable and uneffective script is only worsened by the flat delivery of the dialogue.

Jennifer lopez' performance was average if that, and the story was a very predictable one.

This is an original and intriguing horror movie.

The film is pretty formulaic to the showdown and rescue.

The best thing to do is look at the box and don't waste your money.

But the ride is intriguing nonetheless.

Without going into the story all i will say is that it has a great beginning ,middle and end that keeps you on the edge of your seat while being transfixed with the amazing special affects.

I was a bit surprised about that fact, because the story of that movie is absolutely boring.

If, however, you are looking for a gripping plot and well-defined characters, look elsewhere.

Since the setup gave a lot of maneuverability in a very intriguing thriller setting.

The plot was way too predictable and was lacking in the substance required for a good thriller.

) So, I dragged my best friend to see it on opening night.

Stylish but pretentious and empty .

All we have to do is close our eyes and fall asleep.

Kudos to Jennifer Lopez, Vincent D'Onofrio, Vince Vaughn and Tarsem Singh for an intense experience.

Twisted and grotesque, The Cell proves to be most entertaining.

The movie was kinda cool, but I say save your money and watch Twin Peaks on Bravo, or rent it at blockbuster or something.

If it had no story, the film would be better.

Thus, a film can justify the things that are typically deemed inappropriate with a compelling story or an interesting statement.

Though there were some cool environments, the cliché plot line made it all just stupid.

It isn't very original as it has stolen much of the ideas from The Silence of the Lambs (a serial killer kidnaps young women, kills them and does something weird with them), but thanks to the many special scenes, it was quite enjoyable.

It seemed liked it dragged on longer than it had to.

it's worth seeing on the big screen ONLY for the set design, wardrobe and mind-blowing effects which are undoubtedly some of the most visually stunning effects ever to be seen in film.

Vince Vaughn and the lovely Jennifer Lopez invest quite well into their roles,but the story is actually pretty pointless,and just seems to show hollywood scraping at the bottom of the barrel in a desperate,last ditch attempt to get a new and interesting storyline (in this case,enter the mind of a serial killer,via the use of modern technological equiptment).

There are a few story lulls.

Second, the movie is just plain boring.

First of all, the pacing is a little slow.

This could have been a great movie - as it is, it's still worth the price of admission for the stunning imagery.

However, despite some inspired moments and stunning, raw visual imagery, The Cell often remains mostly detained.

I won't give anything away, but it is well worth the watch.

The dialogue, while not anything bad in a cringing sort of manner, is sometimes uninteresting, which often results in a lack of interest to the events on screen.

It was visually stunning, as I had expected.

In reality, it was very intense and immensely disturbing.

The costume design and the visuals are both so stunning and they are so meticulously done so that the audience really gets the full effect of the atmosphere.

If there was a 0 on the IMDB rating scale, I'd give this film a 0, as I consider it a complete waste of time with absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever except to those who made it and who need to earn back the millions it cost to make and market as the blockbuster it became.

The special effects look digital, bland and quite cheap to me and they'd have worked better with different kind of lighting.

If amazing art direction to flesh out an over-wrought premise is OK with you, the flick is definitely worth watching.

The worst movie I've seen in years .

The plot line is, well, more predictable.

If you want eye candy, save your money and sit at home and watch a decent OpenGL screen saver instead.

Dull Story with CGI Graphics .

Seeing "The Cell" it's like seeing a very long Nine Inch Nails/ Marilyn Manson music video with a shoehorned serial killer story : While I have to admit that some of the images displayed in this movie are actually impressive or fascinating to look at (Some scenes depicting the mental world of the serial killer are both beautiful and disturbing) the truth is that the main plot of the film is not interesting at all, being mostly shallow and filled with many clichés and stereotypes that have been done too many times before.

It´s also fascinating to see, in the end, that many of the events hang together and actually makes sense.

Although the plot may be a tad weak, there are many many parts to this movie that are totally unexpected like the horse scene which was just one of several very unique parts of the movie.

sometimes strange, but imaginative and gripping .

The intense violence portrayed against a child serves to remind us of it's eventual cost on the human soul.

I think it's one of the year's most engrossing films.

Another point in its favour is the avoidance of any Hollywood cliche endings, although the subplot that provides the opening also provides a neat bracketting epilogue.

Intense, creepy, and good despite Jennifer Lopez- quite a testament to any movie's quality.

Vincent D'Onofrio is one of the most talented actors out there, but all the time we spent "in the mind" of this serial killer, I walked out hardly knowing anything about the character.

Pretentious Attempt .

The plot and dialog are contrived, intrusive, absurd.

As a thriller, it rises above most of its peers, with competent editing and a chilling score effectively providing an exceptionally suspenseful atmosphere.

Suggestions and images of child abuse, mutilated bodies (live or dead), other gruesome scenes, plot holes, boring acting made this a regretable experience, The basic idea of entering another person's mind is not even new to the movies or TV (An Outer Limits episode was better at exploring this idea).

Stunning visuals, terrible script .

I just finished watching through this and I have to say that I found it to be pretty enjoyable.

Needlessly gratuitous carnage; insipid pointless dialogue; banal method-less acting; in other words, utter tripe.

Don't waste your time, unless you're an art student, looking for ideas.

Her experience in this method takes an unexpected turn when an FBI agent comes to ask for a desperate favor.

Stunning Visual Effects....

The storyline was adequate and some of the time I was on the edge of my seat.

Visually Surreal but ultimately empty.

Stunning Visual!.

(from 5 of us) Don't waste your time.

What you will find is an intriguing debut film from a distinctive visual stylist.

I found this movie very tedious, since they used special effects and bright colors to distract everyone from the lack of a sound storyline, and to top it all off they couldn't even come up with a decent ending.

This well directed film with high impact images is centered in a serial killer who is based in an industrial area with water tanks like aquarium and the victims are left into an empty tub which is filled in up to the final drowning.

More importantly, it's my opinion that we shouldn't shy away from the worst that we are capable of and, instead, should focus our most intense light on it.

The mind can be a stunning thing to exhibit...

The Cell is a pretentious piece of crap that pretends to know the right from wrong.

However I stayed, just so I could endure the (predictable) ending, and of course, write my review!

From my point of view the movie had absolutely NO story line besides the very simplistic "enter the mind of a killer" plot.

It's filled with fascinating dream sequences and an exploration of a disturbed mind which makes it ever more intriguing to watch.

And, given Lopez's kick ass performance in those hard-hitting scenes, the most entertaining, too !

Most critics, even people who liked THE CELL, complain about the thin, predictable, sometimes klunky story.

Bunuels "Un chien andalou" comes to my mind- a film without story, but also with fascinating and sometimes disturbing images.

This was actually very enjoyable; there's a solid serial killer plot, beautiful art direction, and a very good performance by Vincent D'Onofrio in various guises.

This also makes the film very fascinating.

It makes serial killing boring .

The scenes of violence are brutal but boring.

I really enjoy this genre but The Cell was one of the worst movies I've ever been unfortunate enough to watch.

), it is exciting and the best things are the very skillfully done beautiful, colorful images which really succeed in describing human mind: to wander inside someone´s mind or just in your own mind could be exactly like that.

Watching the cell was an entertaining couple of hours indeed.

The dream/inner world sequences will either do it for you or strike you as totally pretentious.

Insufferable, insipid, pretentious, garbage.

predictable .

Visually Stunning.

However, if you don't mind that, you will find a movie with a great, original plot, and absolutely stunning special effects.

Vacuous, stereotypical characters, a contrived, linear plot composed of predictable situations, dubious scientific principles and gratuitous sexual violence against women, complemented by lots of mindless computer generated effects.

That being said, The Cell is thoroughly entertaining, terrifying, and breathtaking in both its pacing and design.

But I did count more plus points than negative points for this film, so I enjoyed it.

This movie is an empty, pretentious piece of garbage.

It's actually not a film for anyone (in my opinion), and is especially dangerous since there will certainly be some people out there in the masses with sick, dangerous personal agendas who will get off in some manner on the pain and slow suffering of pretty, everyday women.

The visuals in this movie were stunning as well were the sets and costumes.

Avoid it, it's so confusing, so annoying.

Visually stunning .

But in general this was an entertaining movie for the most part and I rate it as slightly above average.

ya da ya da.. How could Roger Ebert, a guy whose reviews I find the most to my taste [and enjoyable to read], give this movie 4 stars out of 4??

Made in great stunning manner.

Vince Vaughn is also pretty bland in his role as the detective.

the cinematography is harrowing, the music haunting & the costumes just stunning.

The acting is average and the plot is predictable.

The plot is so plain and uninteresting that all the eye-popping and colorful artsy visuals cannot save it.

Engaging serial killer drama with sci-fi twist .

Tarsem Singh's audacious film crosses FANTASTIC VOYAGE with THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS to stunning visual effect, and while the concept is too outrageous to be entirely believable, the execution is often breathtaking.

One of the worst movies ever created....

The Cell, awesome sets, costumes and makeup, No story.

But it's not just the lack of commitment to a scene, it's also to bland characters(I don't deny that they were colorful, and nicely costumed) but boring, superficial, card board cut outs.

When I say no plot, I really mean it.

It can be very suspensful and tense in some scenes and it does take it's time to slow down to catch it's breath.

Of course the only good thing was the visual effects,but i am not that stupid,i can see right through the producer,he thought if he was to make a dull,lifeless movie and add some great special effects it would be great.

A dream-like introspective to the mind's stairways and passages take the viewer of this movie on a wild and intense ride!

) It was *such* a waste of time.

It is just so intense, I must give Singh credit for that.

I think this is one of the worst movies I`ve seen in 2000.

Utterly pointless, boring, and unbelievable .

trivial, dismal, dull .

That's pretty much the level of discussion on the movie right now in the chat rooms, but it indicates we may have an innovative newcomer who is not afraid to use startling images to reinvigorate a stale, formulaic industry.

Everything seems so contrived and unnatural.

many of the visuals were spectacularly designed and very intriguing.

Many of the so called disturbing sequences are bland to the point where they would put the Marquis de Sade to sleep if he were alive.

Great pacing, editing, photography lend to a serious and gripping movie about mental science fiction entering into another mind that is both grotesque and almost spiritual.

However, watching it again recently, I do realise how much this film conveys beauty and darkness into one, thus making it a really fascinating, if at times slow, ride.

If you see this, you'll be bored to death.

One day, I hope we can put a moratorium on these exercises in banality.

boring .

Jennifer Lopez proved she could act and the visuals were simply stunning.

As I was leaving the theater I heard a number of grumbled comments including, "Now I have seen the worst movie of the summer, It was even worse than the Replacements".

Visually stunning, candy for the eye.

Some of the images are still with me hours after I left the theater.

The dream/reality transitions are just amazing and the world inside Stargher's head is just as fascinating (if a little strange)like watching a surreal painting.

Imaginative and worth watching.

Stunning .

"The Cell" is pretty much the apex of pretentious window-dressing of a C-grade story.

Over all it is a stunning film, gaining merit by it's technical qualities alone, it's fusion of emotion into computer artistry makes it a unique master peace.

Rather boring movie .

I was falling asleep bc it was so slow and boring.


Graphic violence of a twisted, erotic nature in a surreal landscape--even if beautiful--is highly unpredictable.

The acting requires a bit of suspension of logic, but Lopez does well, looks stunning, and if you can ignore the performance of Vince Vaughn as detective you will enjoy this film.

I guess living in Bakersfield gets boring.

The "thriller" was rather formulaic in my opinion.

It so thrilling...

Stunning Visuals + Lame Plot + Short Run Time = Frustration .

Vince Vaughn adds his usual rock-steady cool, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste is always exciting to watch - though I would have loved to see her venture into the killer's mind for a minute.

worth watching, score 6.5/10

This is a movie one could watch perhaps once, if one is bored and has nothing else to do.

While the plot outline seems to promise a lot the movie is extremely predictable and full of blood.

This movie was extraordinarily boring.

There are a lot of visual similarities in this very enjoyable film.

Yeah the script isn't the greatest and the story isn't that good, but it's original, fasinating, and visually stunning.

D'Onofrio's performance was especially compelling.

It is haphazardly constructed, inconsistent and at times confusing.

The irrelevant dream sequences are absolutely stunning, giving The Cell its well deserved label of "eye candy.

The rest of it (the inexcusable, pathetically boring stale bread surrounding the delectable delicatessen choice meats) is completely avoidable and too predictable to be taken seriously.

Visually Stunning, yet utterly boring...

Although the story never really seemed to come together, the movie is worth watching just for the visual effects.

I found watching The Cell to be a passable way to spend two hours, but there was nothing remarkable about the cliched plot, the two-dimensional characters, or the frankly dull special effects.

People called it disturbing and claustrophobic, I found it to be dull and slow.

The sounds, visuals, and overall atmosphere of the internal-mind sequences are abstract, stunning, and haunting.

Not special effects...! If you want to see a real movie, with interesting characters, and unpredictable story, AND great visuals, save your money and buy the 'Fight Club' DVD.

The trip when Vaugn goes to save Lopez was a complete rip off from the one in '2001' and most of the other set-pieces were just boring.

Music application is also unconventionally bold: Middle Eastern sounds and instruments complement and enhance the film's exciting energy.

The dream sequences alone make the film worth watching, which is good because other than that there isn't much there.

The plot whilst today may seem far fetched, was intriguing.

is there a Hollywood cliché serial killer trait he doesn't have?

Without him, you basically have a movie that moves in the present tense only, which is a shame since the movie is so visually stunning and genuinely scary.

Some good visuals, no story.

A bit ho hum, and it dragged on.

This movie is so pointless it hurts.

Well some of the scenes are more out of a photography shoot and some are even quite stunning.

Whilst I think that the concept of the film - taking a look inside a disturbed mind - could have been a fabulous one if placed in the right hands, the makers of this film made it cheap, dull, and lifeless.

Visually Stunning.

" Where the Lawnmower Man was visually pleasing and Face Off had no plot!

The confusion that others complain about came to exist much in the editing process.

Then of course it has to follow that STUPID cliche of the cop having to go in and save her, even though he is of course not a doctor.. GROAN...

It's not a film for everyone; some think of it as pretentious, overly-ambitious, and even boring.

I've heard Lawnmower Man 2 also went nowhere.

The movie on the other hand is so predictable and also completely visually disgusting.

Even if you don't suspend disbelief, however, the visual enticement provides an engaging setting to enjoy.

But The Matrix - that other movie she really wanted me to see - was also visually stunning while stretching your suspension of disbelief - but only scratched at surfaces where this movie just pulled you to it and dragged you right down, to the murkiest depths.

With a story as intriguing as this one, I want all that can be offered and then some.

etc. Painfully boring and frustrating to watch1/2 out of **** stars

Considering the great intensive plot (third among thrillers so far, after SAW I/II) this film definitely gets 10/10.

There also need to be believable characters and a compelling story.

But when you take the time to sort out what the movie is made up of, and what any given element of the movie amounts to, it's very empty indeed.

spoilers alert -The movie is well done, but so highly predictable.. we all knew when they talked about the 3rd chair that Vince Vaughn would jump in somehow, we all knew they would find the girl when the level was right at the top..There is NOTHING you can't predict in that movie.

The serial killer himself (Vincent D'Onofrio) is rather scary, and we do get some very striking visuals, but I just got bored with it after a while.

Indeed these scenes, together with the suspense of the woman who is about to be tortured, keeps the adrenaline running.

Many people will tell you this film is visually stunning.

Then we have the contrived plot (which is more of an excuse to make this film) which embodies all the cliches and stereotypes of a serial killer film in one two-hour motion picture.

I enjoyed his intense show here, and he was the main reason that kept me watching, and I'm no Vince Vaughn fan.

It had an intriguing premise and the trailer looked promising.

Visually Stunning, Not Much More .

If your cravings lean toward plot-driven drama or compelling dialogue, keep looking for films in which the tail is not wagging the dog.

Visually stunning, creatively bold, imaginative imageries abound.

The concept is intriguing, with the exploration of the human mind, more specifically a serial killer's, is a fascinating idea that would most definitely make an interesting film.

It seemed liked it dragged on longer than necessary.

The fact that I laughing rather than was shocked should give a nice indication of how far this movies misses its mark: the supposedly scare parts are funny, the supposedly exciting parts are predictable and the supposedly entertaining parts are boring in the extreme.

Even the visuals which are honesty the only thing going for this film, grow boring and generic.

The editors, like the director, went crazy and jumped around, splicing in many different shots in a short amount of time, made the film jumpy so that the mind really does appear confusing.

This movie had an interesting idea and then killed it through it's pointless cruelty.

" The heart of the movie is the pure visual appeal and the stunning assault on the senses it creates.

From almost the moment it started I was sitting on the edge of my seat, in one of the most anxious and intense movie experiences I've had.

Besides the drawn out and complex plot, the ending to "The Cell" was so tedious it was laughable.

Add to their performances a suspenseful story, then make art direction, make-up, costume design and cinematography integral characters of the story, and you have a mesmerising horror thriller that disturbs as much as it moves.

The mind sequences are very stunning and disturbing.

D'Onofrio steals the show whereas Lopez demonstrates once again that with a good screenplay she can give efficient performances (I've always liked her tough cop roles in The Money Train and Out of Sight), and Vaughn was quite a surprise in an intense dramatic role.

It seemed liked it dragged on longer than it had to.

He's got to be one of the most original directors around at the moment, and his visions are stunning, colourful and definitely not your standard fare.

The result is complete confusion and you can never be sure to talk about the same movie (unless you live in Argentina where the movie runs 115 minutes which sounds quite complete).

While the plot twists are predictable (one wishes the imagination shown in the visual effects had been carried into the script, as well), the story will keep your attention, and Lopez proves that she can move from erotic goddess to religious Madonna in the same film, convincingly.

Complete waste of time watching this!

Somewhere in "The Cell" among the cut-and-paste MTV visuals, the cure-for-insomnia storyline, and the wooden acting from the leads there are some disturbing, offensive and just plain dumb ideas.

It's pathetic pretentious and rotten movies like The Cell become box office hits because of moviegoers' inability to distinguish good movies from garbage, so expect Hollywood to churn out more formulaic serial killer thriller movies in the future.

However, I found the cinematography breathtaking.

No story line.

This is definitely one of the most intense, disgusting, intriguing, disturbing, beautiful and truly scary films I've ever seen.

A visual treat with a strong and intriguing story, that would be the best way to describe The Cell.

Visually stunning, this film was also emotionally captivating.

The director is very boring and most of the time it is hard to understand him.

The Effects crew worked overtime and the results are stunning.

" The imagery in this movie is very similar to that of the REM video, and is absolutely stunning, and often disturbing.

All I can tell you is that I enjoyed it very much.

Stunning visuals AND a plot...

worst movie.

There is no plot, no characters, it is nothing more than gore porn.

--spoiler--And while the dream sequences were visually stunning, they didn't seem to make much sense.

I thought this was the absolute worst movie I can remember seeing.

The costumes and make-up are also absolutely stunning.

Save your money -- and that goes for any Hollywood exec wanting to hire the director, too.

High art which is also entertaining, psychotherapy which is accessible .

as an experience, it's fascinating and can be mind-altering.

Better fill your movie with repetitive special effects instead.

It's a fascinating interpretation, with impressive cinematography and visuals.

This basically makes the entire part in the criminal's mind rather pointless, if you ask me.

Stunning Cinematic Sequences; very creative .

Nobody complains about a lack of plot when they see a John Woo movie, where the story is only necessary to link gunfight and martial arts sequences together.

Worth watching!

A real waste of time.

Even the DVD "extra" material like the behind the scenes stuff was DULL DUll dull.

I left the theater totally satisfied with what I saw and I was touched by the images that were displayed on the wide screen.

I can say only the final half an hour is exciting.

The movie was predictable and I left asking why anyone would rate this as a decent picture.

As already mentioned by just about everyone else who has ever seen The Cell some of the visuals are stunning from the sets to the special effects & the costumes which are lavish, extravagant & a joy to see.

Thoroughly unpleasant, highly predictable and not the least bit shocking (if you knew what to expect) .

In my opinion diving into the mind of a serial killer the old fashioned way, good ol' conversation, was much more entertaining.

For weeks afterwards, my stomach hurt every time I recalled the extraneous, agonizingly drawn-out torture scene.

Of course the cliché handbook is going to make the killer have a childish side inside his head that is tortured by a mental dark past.

A MUST AVOID, unless you're a masochist, suffering from insomnia or are taking a class on "how to make a dull film".

Breathtaking, Brilliant, ...

A young Vince Vaughn is also very good in his role as the FBI agent with an intriguing past the film doesn't delve too deep into.

It's well put together, reasonably gripping, and even made me squirm.

Vince Vaughn is the man but his character is tired and cliche'd.

Intense .

Stunning visuals, maybe even enough to make it a good movie.

The Cell (2000): Dir: Tarsem Singn / Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D'Onofrio, Dylan Baker, Jake Weber: Intriguing view of the depths of a disturbed mind symbolizing brain cells with a prison.

This movie is nothing more than a typical televised cop TV show, with visual imagery that seems not to add to the story, but to cover up how ordinary and boring this film really is.

What I got was a visually stunning motion picture with a plot that never truly builds or climaxes.

pretty boring, can easily be beaten .

And that's when this film gets intense, seriously intense.

Disturbing and well-made, but also suspenseless and plodding.

They are all bland and cold, we don't know a thing about them, and frankly we don't care (at least I didn't).

This is the only flick that I know of that Tarsem Singh has directed but boy was it intense.

This was, however, one of the most visually stunning films that has ever been made.

visually stunning, a bold new step in movie making .

) Somewhere soon though I realized this was just a piece of self-indulgent crap.

If you're looking for characters, plot, any form of depth, please don't waste your money.

Not as good as The Silence of the Lambs, but enjoyable.

Visually Stunning And Very Intense .

The mind sequences are fascinating, your eyes are glued to the screen while you sit in awe.

Sick, perverse, pointless...

The characters aren't fully developed, and some intriguing questions the film asks aren't properly addressed.

The visions are scary, but intriguing.

Visually stunning psychological sci-fi thriller with research psychologist Lopez enlisted by FBI agent Vaughn to penetrate the warped mind of serial killer D'Onofrio via state-of-the-art techniques by literally getting into the psyche of the murderer to locate the latest potential victim from her torturous imprisonment with the clock ticking.

A very disjointed movie.

It's just the idea of Jennifer Lopez as a caring, daring, and powerful psychologist that makes this movie so boring and worthless.

8/10 overall, entertaining well made film.

Don't waste your time (or money).

The things that she later sees in the mind of Vincent Stargher (Vincent D'Onofrio) are amazingly imaginative and fascinating, most of this stuff has never been seen in film before.

What unfolds is a compelling story of a race against time to save a killer's last victim...

The twisted visuals that Singh creates of the world in the murderer's head are absolutely breathtaking.

Stunning visuals, uninspiring plot .

The imagery is intense because of its honesty.

Don't waste your money .

in "the cell", each new idea is compelling, each new scene is intense, each performance is better than expected.

The visual effects are stunning to the core and Jennifer Lopez's ass actually doesn't star in this movie.

For me, it was thrilling to find out how much the hundreds of people, all artists in their own fields, working on the film got to stretch and grow in the experience.

This film is a waste of your time.

Bizarre, but enjoyable.

It's an intense movie that keeps you interested, and doesn't rely on the visuals, those come as sweet extras.

The "real" story, that is a boring and lame stereotype serial-killer-story and the "dreamworld" part, with astonishing pictures, strange atmosphere and high thrill.

Unfortunately, because progress is slow, the boy's father, a billionaire, believes the procedure is useless and wishes for the experiments to come to a halt.

The makers of this movie tried really hard to hide that this is basically a pointless piece about nothing.

If you want a really fascinating double feature, watch 'Dreamscape' AND 'The Cell', and compare the two films!

Overall, dazzling imagery and a creative story help turn this ordinary procedural into an entertaining ride that is as enjoyable as it is creep-tastic.

the opening alone makes it intriguing.

If you must see this film, save your money and wait for the video.

Well worth watching.

It starts to get confusing when the trapped Jennifer Lopez character starts looking like Carmen Miranda or the menacing killer seems to resemble Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

No characterisation, no plot, bad acting,horrendous music and an array of over-done special effects.

Interspersed throughout this bland Law & Order murder mystery are several journeys through the psyche of this schizophrenic madman.

It's a shame, however, that The Cell's intriguing storyline isn't quite as polished as the visuals.

The cast strong, writing well realised and the cinematography is stunning throughout.

However, I found the premise of going into a serial killer's mind singularly fascinating.

Pretty much predictable (you could see things coming a mile away).

) drab sets, uninteresting characters, and about one cliche every second, interspersed with the kind of ugly visuals one gets in pretentious-artist rock videos.

Silly but somewhat entertaining .

Go see it, because it IS entertaining.

I am sure that a lot of people walked away from The Cell lauding it as an intense thriller.

The structure of the film is rather predictable, and there's a gritty vibe running through it the same as in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

This film is boring, I gave it a 3.

The Cell is one of the most unique thrillers out there and I admire the film for it's intriguing premise and unique visuals.

From the opening sequence, the viewer is immersed in an amazing visual spectacle that fluctuates between stunning beauty, frightening decay and utter confusion.

Besides the drawn out and complex plot, the ending to "The Cell" was so tedious it was laughable.

The images is this thing are intense, and the closest I've ever seen to what a schizophrenic's demons are really like.

Stunning visuals and sets make up for the bland plot that echoes the feel of "Silence of the Lambs".

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Besides the drawn out and complex plot, the ending to "The Cell" was so tedious it was laughable.

It is creative, suspenseful, and stunning.

If you're looking for a horror movie with good acting and nice visual's, "The Cell", is worth watching.

Part of this is due to Lopez's characterization -- her character is nowhere near as intriguing as "The Matrix"'s Neo nor as appealingly vulnerable as "Lambs" Clarice Starling.

Singh utilizes so many visual elements and ideas that you get the notion that you are truly immersed in a human being's subconscious inner realm, and not merely watching a film.

It has a sense of urgency: a life is at stake, the clock is ticking, and the tension keeps us on the edge of our seats anxious to see how they're going to beat Stargher's omnipotent god personality and find out what they came looking for.

It's sad that now-a-days, when a movie doesn't make any sense, it is considered deep, and when there are a lot of flashy visual effects, people are lulled into thinking they are watching an "artistic" film.

Here we have a movie with some of the most incredible and surreal scenes I've ever seen on film, yet it is marred by a very cliche plot and cheesy sci-fi techy crap that doesn't seem to fit in.

When it was grounded (held back) by taking place in reality, the movie was predictable and uninspired.

but none of this matters, for, director tarsem singh has given us one of the most visually stunning movies ever.

amazing visuals, dull plot, bad acting .

The painterly imagery is stunning, often relying on contrast to serve the underlying message.

The Cell tries to create a suspenseful story around a cop's efforts to capture the murderer and to save the next victim, and establishes the psychologist's interest in understanding the criminal's motives and in forgiving his actions.

Stunning visuals .

First of all, the story is as boring as predictable and even sometimes really stupid (J-Lo as Xena look alike at the end).

The lack of CGI effects made the directors of Silence focus on a compelling movie and script.

The visual imagery is simply stunning, beyond compare.

True, the graphics are impressive and Eiko Ishioka's costume designs are fantastic, but all the head trip scenes are rooted in so little that they are rendered completely useless, plus the forty-five minutes of waiting for the money shots to start are excruciatingly boring.

Stunning surrealist art in a film, and a story too .

It's so boring.

Having said all that, this film is visually stunning.

The plot is relatively mundane in its entirety.

Well worth watching .

Wonderful, twisted environments, good acting and a compelling story makes this one of the best films I have seen in a long time!

Though it does feel that this is sometimes more for show than heart, and I did feel that the scenes in the serial killer's mind did go a bit slow sometimes.

Seeing Jennifer Lopez's character helping the FBI by going into the mind of a killer to find out where his last victim might be and seeing this killer's deranged view of himself and the world around him made for an intense storyline and great special effects.

Costumes and decors are pretty special and worth watching out the movie.

I know the parents dragged small children to see the movie, only to scream and cry because the movie is nightmarish and frightening.

there are some beautiful scenes too,so don't let this put you off of seeing the movie because it is a stunning piece of work!

I would classify this as a visually stunning, slow paced horror, which tries to be somewhat psychological.

The gripping dialogue of Silence of the Lambs and Seven isn't really present.

Sadly, despite its suspenseful finale to save Stargher's last victim, "The Cell" collapses long before Novak discovers the damsel-in-distress' location.

Interesting mixture of culture makes this movie an entertaining piece to watch.

Ok, uninteresting stuff first: serial dement killer kidnaps and murders young women, goes comatose after being arrested by FBI and his last victim is trapped somewhere where she's doomed to die within hours.

Visually Stunning, Standard Plot .

Disjointed, surreal, and scary.

Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but be prepared to be bored most of the time.

He delivers a mysterious, disturbing, and engaging performance.

It was stunning.

The most intriguing idea of the film is never overdone or incomplete.

The visual effects were quite stunning with many colorful, computer-generated, dream like sequences.

The Cell shows the complete opposites of life - the police and victims in dull, mundane, daily processes, where everyone is doing a job without real satisfaction, and then Ms Lopez' character, and that of the killer, both having the ability to have gone and done what they wanted in an alternative existence of colour,and uniqueness.

Style over substance in a extremely bland and disinteresting way.

There is a fantasy aspect within the sub-conscious minds that is stunning, with lavish visuals and incredible mind-tripping scenarios.

It was like watching paint dry.

The film is fast paced when it needs to be and it takes its time when it needs to.

It is the most visually stunning film that I have ever seen and each scene is an art in its own way and of course it helps if the director takes inspirations from famous paintings.

Well, regarding the second one it turns out he already did, with his 2000 debut The Cell, a movie that is hard to categorise because it mixes horror, science fiction, mystery, fantasy and drama in one single coherent and fascinating story.

I enjoyed it.

This proves to be a very entertaining and uncomfortable picture, capturing the mind of our killer quite beautifully, in all its captivating and miserable honesty.

The story itself is uncomplicated, but what sets it apart are the stunning visuals.

The stunning and the stupid .

I tried listening to it and about fell asleep.

It's worth watching just for that.

Great looking and slow .

Director Tarsem Singh has created some of the most impressive and breathtaking visuals ever seen on the big screen.

Those images, borrowed or no, were stunning and that alone made it worth the viewing.

There is no plot or character development.

I am waiting to get my hands on his more recent Movie "The Fall" which I also hear is visually stunning.

Lo looks stunning enough to add to the rest of tarsem's work.

I highly recommend it.

Tarsem Singh obviously has some directing talent, and there are a number of interesting and engaging visual moments.

This impression is further strenghtened by the fact that the "mind" scenes are little more than a series of loosely tacked together sequences of Jennifer running around in increasingly bombastic dresses, with some unexpected pieces of gore thrown in for good (?

Predictable and empty of substance .

Good Photography and SFX Predictable storyline .

Good start, decent middle, weak ending, still visually entertaining .

The brilliance of the cinematography, direction, musical score, and acting is that, as beautiful and riveting as they all are, they take a back seat to telling the story.

The movie starts like a perfume commercial with stunning pictures of a dessert with pink trees, and turns into a nightmare come true.

The visual and audio effects were astounding as they manipulated my mind and kept me on the edge of the realization that I was watching somebody's inner sanctum.

That said, I would invite you to see this stunning, incredibly visual rendering of another nightmare, as in Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart.

The Cell is the best, worst movie I've ever seen.

(They talked slow, had the same vocabulary, etc.) At least in Silence of the Lambs, you had a complex psychological plot and complex characters.

Ms. Lopez proves herself to be one of films most exciting risk-takers by starring in this film.

I didn't hate The Cell but I didn't love it either, it looks fantastic but it's also rather shallow & somewhat empty on the inside.

But better than many other movies and worth watching.

It is a great mix of 'The Silence of the Lambs', 'Spawn', 'The Lawnmower Man' and 'Matrix', only it is in every aspect more intense.

This movie was STUNNING, both visually and in content.

The imagery is absolutely stunning.

The director has taken the fantasies, dreams, thoughts and fears from the mind and manifested them on the screen in excrutiatingly evocative images.

This makes for a fascinating peek into the director's version of the mind of a serial killer.

Progress has been slow though and the project is close to being wrapped up.

Unfortunately, the real world sequence with Agent Vaughn hot on the pursuit is tame, predictable serial killer fodder.

Despite the sometimes confusing script, this is still pretty enjoyable, if you can handle all the violence and gore, that is.

All the effort Singh put in to this is such a waste of time, his and mine.

In this silly but somewhat entertaining sci-fi thriller, Jennifer Lopez plays a scientist who, using modern technology, can literally enter the mind of another person.

The depiction of the torture and slow drowning of the innocent women, no matter how this is framed in some made up story, is unbelievably repulsive and totally unnecessary.

is much more entertaining, without all the shock value crap.

) To sum up: I found the suspense boring, the plot predictable, and the eye candy irritating.

Very decent and entertaining thriller, quite creative with great visuals .

Solid, emotive performances and the stunning ambiance of this film place it among my top 10 favorites.

The opening scene takes you into the seemingly innocent mind of a comatose little boy, and the things that Catherine Deane (Jennifer Lopez) sees are first fascinating and then terrifying.

Visually striking but thematically empty serial killer thriller.

If you like art or real horror/psychological films you'll be half tempted to leave after 20 minutes, guaranteed.

His performance was too predictable and uninspiring.

Another 'computer-simulated vitual-reality world' film- yet entertaining.

They look pretty enough but it felt like one long, drawn-out art film.

Of course, according to cliché Hollywood, a killer is going to think of himself as a god in his own head.

Vince Vaughn was incredible in this movie, simply because I had never heard of nor seen him before, made watching him even more enjoyable.

Instead of challenging the audience with compelling characters, an original storyline, or visuals that try to represent the subconscious without resorting to MTV clichés, The Cell proves its utter cynicism by giving us scenes directly lifted from an REM video, an avalanche of gore, and a Jennifer Lopez thong-shot.

It's one of only two movies I ever walked out on (the other being Red Planet.

Q: What do you get when you give a pretentious music video director a multi-million dollar budget and let him masturbate for 2 hours?

I was expecting stunning visual effects.

I have seen this and fell asleep.

The FX and visuals are stunning.

This is definitely mind boggling.

It seemed liked it dragged on longer than it had to.

Despite some stunning visuals, the far-fetched plot and surprisingly weak performances of Lopez and Vaughn make this a rather empty promise.

The rest of the film is graphic, hollow and terribly predictable.

This was the worst movie I've seen in a while.

I did not get into any of the characters, and was quite bored throughout the flick.

No surprise whatsoever in the story, everything that has to happen happens, in very slow time (boringly slow).

That's why dream sequences in movies tend to be so dull.

This movie is visually stunning!

True the material limits the meaning within the visual but it is hard to find the scenes dull!

I didn't bother to see the end of this stinker, because as I noted in the title of this review - this is the first film I have ever walked out of.

I found myself captivated whenever Tarsem's unique and stunning visuals were on-screen, but a little bored when they weren't.

The hard core, edgy as well as conflicted mental disorder probing into the mind of insanity bursts onto the screen as images beyond imagination etch an emotionally riveting, poignant, tense and taut film.

Save your money, win back two hours of your life, just watch the Spice Girls video instead.

Basically yet ANOTHER predictable, boring, slow paced "Silence of the Lambs" rip-off.

The suspense of the slow execution of the serial killers final victim provides a healthy amount of tension, and the film doesn't get lost in the fantasy element, enough of the story is focused on the real world.

I agree with a lot of the previous reviewers who remark on the weak acting, thin plot, and bad writing, but find it visually compelling.

Enjoyed it, great visuals .

Instead it was a huge waste of time and talent.

Save your money folks.

"The Cell" is visually stunning, suspenseful and smart.

The best-selling author Stephen King explored these questions in "The Stand" (1978) and "Insomnia" (1994).

But that film was kind of a bore, whereas "The Cell" is the real thing.

"The Cell" was a complete waste of money and time.


visually stunning and thrilling, but empty .

Every time the "dreamworld"-part ends I was bored to death and just waiting for the next "dreamworld"-part.

It also seems that, while the story started off at a good pace, toward the middle of the film, the progression sped up with insufficient development and the events became very Hollywood-predictable.

The photography is so stunning that it virtually eliminates the need for dialogue (only about half the film has discourse), and coupled with the horrifically spooky and scathing soundtrack, the film literally takes on a life of its own.

The direction by tarsem Singh is lifeless and dull.

Bizarre but boring .

All in all this is an entertaining movie.

Fascinating, right?

Well, Silence of the Lambs meets Matrix it's not, but that hype aside, it was for the most part an entertaining film that I'm glad I saw in the theater.

Visually Stunning.

The admittedly often-stunning dream visuals are annoying because their pretentiousness outstrips any actual content--for all its (huge case of) self-seriousness, the movie is just a sleazy exploitation flick art-directed to the nines.

It's just yet another empty, formulaic serial killer movie.

Unexpected, refreshing, amazing.

The things you see are stunning – unfortunately if you have seen the television commercials you have seen most of the best.

Okay, where do I start… at first The Cell is pretty engaging… you're never sure what you're going to see… it was creepy and it was freaking me out!

Other reviews that I have read here say that this movie is confusing and somewhat choppy.

And his mind is special and unpredictable.

D'Onofrio can do the weird-psycho part in his sleep, and this is Lopez' second best performance (check out Out of Sight for the best one), but it's the freaky, weird, demented, disturbing, and beautiful scenery, costumes, effects, and cinematography that makes this one worth watching.

Tarsem Singh is known for his attention to detail, stunning art direction, and highly developed abilities to tell a story.

The "dream" sequences are great, with stunning visual effects (the Horse scene alone is fascinating!

Besides the drawn out and complex plot, the ending was very tedious.

I hated it that much one of the worst movies made !

I don´t want to waste my money with something I can watch for free in MTV anymore.

It seemed as though they just threw in some 3D animation to fill in the gaps (and there were plenty) of a very boring story.

"The Cell" is the first film by the visually stunning music video director Tarsem Singh.

Jennifer Lopez is stunning in her role and is never out of character.

The best part of the film are the visually stunning images that you see once Jennifer Lopez's character enters the mind of the killer.

Everybody told me it was so great so I was interested but when I tuned in I was just bored I absolutely did not care for any of the characters especially the killer played by Vincent D'Onofrio.

All this film needed was a fruit-cart being toppled to give it the full "overused drama cliche" treatment.

ugly, intense, amazing .

If you took the really bland bits of a psychology textbook, and mixed them liberally with the most annoying visual aspects of current sneaker commercials, then lightly topped it all off with a smattering of ideas stolen from better films, you'd end up with a dead ringer for this accident of a movie.

I would've been happy to sit through a couple of hours of a plotless fashion show starring Ms. Lopez showing off gowns and negligees and body suits, the more and wilder the better.

I mean, half of the "problems" in the movie solved in about the time it takes me to yawn from boredom, and some of them are remedied from out of the blue.

A gripping movie that is intensely imaginative, with scenes taking place within the main actors' minds.

She is somewhat dull, expressionlessIt would be so much better, if a more accomplished actress like Naomi Watts have worked in it.

And this strange atmosphere gives the original point to The Cell, 'cause without it, the movie will be the same boring story of policeman, criminals and killers.

for the most part,it is a psychological drama,but it is very compelling.

Don't waste your money on this one.

An original film that I would call intensive thriller with surrealism .

The surrealistic beautiful desert imagery, with the stunning Jen Lo - was great.

The film seems to be a pointless exercise in style over content.

Despite the flack she gets, Jennifer Lopez is quite good in the film, who gives her character enough layers to be engaging.

in any case, watch the film for what it is and take a trip into a wonderfully terrifying world that is filled with suspense and mind blowing scenes.

Jennifer Lopez is certainly worth watching and the screenplay is well written.

I left the theater with a foul taste in my mouth that no amount of Bugs Bunny cartoons could cleanse.

After a while… nothing happens… and what's worse is nothing MEANINGFUL happens.

visually stunning well assembled mind trip .

The movie did nothing for me as entertainment; it was unpleasant throughout, slow-moving and dull, and the decent actors just were not sufficiently interesting or attractive to make it worth watching.

While I feel it ends up being a reasonably bizarre experience, I find it to be completely fascinating.

We are told that the villain's "schizophrenia" is due to the adult manifestation of symptoms of a childhood cerebral viral infection, yet we are shown the story of a compulsive reenactment, with role reversals, of childhood abuse -- perhaps another example of the popular confusion between schizophrenia and "split personality.

Visually this film is stunning.

I spent 1/4 of the time counting how many people walked out of the theater, and believe me, quite a few did!

Unfortunately the reality parts of THE CELL is dull and slow-moving and sadly predictable.

Stunning visuals.

A Fascinating, Captivating Psychological Thriller .

The other half is a boring episode of some FBI series.

The film works well on many different levels and is very interesting, original and entertaining.

Very suspenseful .

Mundane film disguised with a lot of CGI .

Jennifer Lopez and Vincent D'Onofrio offer up strong, exciting performances that both frighten and capture the heart.

One reviewer on this site bemoaned his past as a music video director, but compared to the crop of directors out there creating bland, non-daring films, Tarsem follows in the steps of Fincher in bringing to life bizarre stories in a fascinating and original way.

Clumsily plotted and paced, this movie drones on and on without ever really engaging the viewer.

Visually stunning and graphically amazing...

I mean, sometimes it takes a little more than stunning visuals to complete a movie.

It's painfully confusing.

First off the movie starts off slow, and then when it begins to pick up speed, it falls apart towards the end, with no real accomplishment of what they originally set out to do.

Empty calories.

I got 30 minutes into the movie and was surprised to find that the dialogue was shallow and boring, the acting was flat, and the plot line was a potentially good story gone wrong.

Which in a way makes the journey lack substance and can become pretentious from time to time.

Her experience in this method takes an unexpected turn when an FBI agent comes to ask for help.

What an amazing, adrenaline pumped ride!

"The Cell" is far and away the worst movie of the year.

It felt like a slow moving car chase...

Lopez is predictably stunning and plays the dream world scenes well.

As such the movie seems very contrived and does not deliver suspense or thrills.

It's a contrived scenario in which this self-absorbed director can spew forth his twisted visions he should have kept to himself or saved for the canvas.

The soundtrack by Howard Shore nicely complements the look of the film, providing a necessary momentum that slowly builds towards an explosive finale that is emotionally compelling as much as it is visually stunning.

It is a character drawn out of a novel by Marquis De Sade, an unspeakable evil which fantasizes about twisting human innards and organs, many of the visuals are seemingly lifted from De Sade's tales of horror.

Dear God, there has to be a better way to display these types of unbelievably stunning computer effects.

There might be some people -- latent Freudians and the like -- who find other people's dreams fascinating.

We are left with a film that despite having an interesting premise, good actors and stunning visuals, has nothing of value to say.

A vast landscape of breathtaking, mystifying, nightmarish scenes that researchers encounter when they enter the minds of not-so-average subjects.

Zzzzzzzzzzz .

The use of colour composition and camera work is simply stunning on numerous occasions - the "dream" world of the killer's mind has been incredibly realised.

It a little on the horror at the beginning, but the rest was very absorbing.

The Cell is also not style over substance like I feared it would be, the characters' motivations are believable and the characters themselves are truely more than one dimensional cardboard pawns just to get us from one stunning scene to the next.

There are only a couple parts that I would consider scary, and they are so predictable that it is ridiculous.

Jennifer Lopez's performance wasn't particularly good at all, in fact I found her character to dull and one-dimensional.

Unfortunately, they always returned to lackluster reality, which in this instance is particularly banal.

And so we have this guy, Tarsem, who is really good at packaging narrative content into creative and visually-engaging formats (that is what commercials and music videos are, after all) and he has been given more time and a bigger budget than ever before.

also, the section where Vince Vaughn's character has to go "in" to help Catherine, has some stunning visuals that look like they were designed using POV-Ray software.

Its predictable and has a clichéd Hollywood style ending.

I've had the unfortunate experience of being exposed to this contrived, wannabe twisted psychiatrists journey into a madman.

Strange, visually striking- yet empty and supremely disappointing .

visually stunning, very cool film .

One of those stories that take forever to get off the ground and try to build up way too much to justify itself that in the end, the whole complex mess finishes in a completely confusing or disastrous ending.

Stunningly intense visual cinematic experience .

Yes, it's exactly the same thing that the boring The Thirteenth Floor...

The plot was laughable cliche, the dialogues were pathetic, and the acting was in a league of its own - unfortunately.

Visually stunning horror .

It's exciting being led to such frontiers of medical science of what's seemingly possible, immediate future or not.

"The Cell" is one of those movies that pre-hyped itself so much, with claims that they had to cut scenes to meet the R rating, that the gore and the nudity, etc., were so in-your-face that the MPAA wanted to give it an NC-17 rating, etc., that you walk out of the theater asking yourself, "What was all the fuss about?

The film is suspenseful and twisted, as thrillers should be, and it kept me gripped until the very end.

Don't waste your money...

this movie was pretty and well shot during the drawn out fantasy sequences.

But it succeeded in keeping me on the edge of my seat, turning down the volume at places for fear of jumping again.