The Chase (1966) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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The escape of Bubber Reeves from prison affects the inhabitants of a small Southern town.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Arthur Penn
Stars: Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 94 found boring (20.21%)

One-line Reviews (46)

Brando mumbles and gains weight steadily throughout the production, Redford struggles to stay awake, Fonda flutters her Max Factor lashes, and Arthur Penn (apparently) takes long lunch breaks between verbal bouts with Lillian Hellman.

Bubber was wrongfully arrested for stealing money (the real robber works in a bank and he clear the things up for the Sheriff, but nothing happens either).

The plot is riveting.

That's a pity, as it's a slow-burning, powerhouse production that builds an effective picture of small town bigotry and violence, as the escape of a local convict leads to hysteria and eventual chaos.

They have no real excitement in their lives, and create aimless fun, but realize that they are trapped and bored in the end.

A Highly Recommendable Film with a Cool Dreary Atmosphere .

With an all-star cast and a perfectly eerie tone set by director Arthur Penn, you'll be kept on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Brando who sometimes is accused of mumbling his lines, does so with a vengeance and looks bored and the rest of the cast follows suit.

Exciting, well done and quite compelling.

It's really a story vigorous, violent and intriguing.

a fascinating, underrated film .

The problem with the film is in the many gyrations it takes to tell the story and the many subplots that add confusion to what is being presented.

What happens next is what's exciting.

The film also bravely tackles issues such as the greediness of finacial power control, racial tension, gun control, a bored town, the new radical generation and wife swapping(!

Definitely worth watching.

Apparently there were lots of behind the scenes problems with this movie, but despite a few flaws it's definitely worth watching.

In my opinion, the users who wrote negative comments missed the simple fact that "The Chase" was entertaining - right-on, the near-riot at the junkyard with all those fireworks.

Anything with Brando is worth watching IMHO and this highly-stylized, studio-bound drama is no exception.

(I saw this on Netflix UK - increasingly the purveyors of the most boring catalogue of films and TV programmes available anywhere.

And, really, who wants to spend over two hours in the lunatic asylum of this cheap and pointless Hollywood degradation?

I wish that the movie concentrates on fewer characters but it is fascinating to see the various great actors at work.

"Out of The Chase's total running time of 135 minutes - I'd say that its dreary, small-town, soap opera story only rose above that mediocrity for about 10 of those many minutes.

I found the movie boring...

What some critics and viewers take as a rather slow, meandering opening section of the film, I found to be an engrossing study of life in a small Southern town, somewhat low-key and slow-paced, but with a slowly emerging sense of its underlying tensions and conflicts.

The film seems disjointed with little to string together the many characters, and convoluted plots and sub-plots.

The sexual and racial themes were pretty daring for the mid-60s, and while I can see what some people are saying about its "soap" feel, it's quite compelling.

There was so much physical jostling between characters at the party that it made it boring.

An incredible cast in a fascinating, if flawed, movie.

The outstanding cast have a field day at bringing their characters to life, so while the plot maybe a little dreary the characters certainly are not.

I've watched it twice in the past 7 years and enjoyed it both times.

Super dull story overwhelms big name cast, music by the Bond musician, good cinematography.

Janice Rule is stunning and sexy as the promiscuous wife of Robert Duvall, who's also very good in a subdued role.

Painfully slow and full of over-the-top performances in irrelevant and not believable subplots.

The story line is compelling, brutal when called for, and scene after scene is well constructed.

Calder's fight at his office is probably the most riveting.

I saw this movie when it was released and left the theater feeling exhaustion as well as an inner turmoil because the movie made me so mad!

Drags in sections, but WHAT A CAST, great direction from Arthur Penn and fascinating mid-60's tale of boredom on a hot Saturday night.

The pointless talking examples are womanizers of a party flirting and thinking of cheating on each other, a group of geezer Officials having a young girl flirt with them and them shaming her for it, something about Jake and J.

The movie was boring to me.

In fact, its deliberately created dreary atmosphere is merely stemming from the world of racism, violence and alcoholism, all of whose themes Penn studies, at least to some extent.

Still, after a somewhat slow start, the flick begins chugging along, exposing a potpourri of hypocrisies in a small mid-twentieth century Texas town.

A fascinating, critically panned all-star film about the effects of a convict's(Redford) release on a small Southern town.

Jane Fonda having an affair with James Fox is completely pointless and irksome.

If you watch on DVD the wide screen cinematography is beautiful and you can forgive the shortcomings of this interesting film, which may have been made before it's time but is also an intriguing reflection of its own.

Dull mess, script is an error in judgement.

Bored housewives, trapped husbands, and an extremely rich man (E.