The Children (1980) - Horror, Sci-Fi

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A nuclear-plant leak turns a bus-load of children into murderous atomic zombies with black fingernails.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Max Kalmanowicz
Stars: Martin Shakar, Gil Rogers
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 74 found boring (14.86%)

One-line Reviews (51)

Children that walk up to their parents and give them the hug of their lives, that was worth watching.

The plot is a little goofy but enjoyable, so is the rest of the movie, I've seen worse acting.

I wonder if these characters were unusual just to add a little 'something' or if there was some kind of hidden conservative propaganda behind the story.

I can't give it just 1 star because it's too entertaining a movie to fall into the "awful" category...

This movie is fast paced, and fun.

Unfortunately the concept is totally ruined by rubbishy character's, a dumb script & a complete lack of anything exciting.

Created for the drive-in/exploitation circuit, "The Children" remains engaging enough until somewhere near its conclusion, where the director seemingly loses the movie's feeble sense of logic and goes strictly for laughs.

I always thought this was the reason it's been hard to find on video, but it's more likely because it's boring, badly shot, and not campy enough to be entertaining.

overall,an enjoyable 90 minutes or so.

Kudos to these filmmakers (Max Kalmanowicz was the director and co-producer) for entertaining and breaking that old cinematic taboo of killing off kids.

But the theory is better than the results and this film just alternates back and forth from being unintentionally funny and flat-out boring, leaning very heavily to the later.

All in all "The Children" is really creepy and effective and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, the kids were scary, the adult cast were interesting and odd, which I loved and it's rare that a horror movie really scares me.

Black Fingernails and a Hug Will Kill - Boring .

I digress, this movie was somewhat enjoyable for me when I watched it.

so I was bored with this one.

" Disappointing, dull & frankly boring.

And credit goes to the filmmakers for making a consistantly entertaining film, throwing logic to the wind and not explaining why the kid's hands must be cut off or why they are now indestructable.

Entertaining and somewhat silly low budget horror/Sci-fi flick that's got an interesting plot and some shocks.

The movie comes complete with the required shock twist ending, which is 100% predictable.

Well, it seemed like an intriguing premise: A school bus of kids gets a dose of escaped radioactive gas, turning them in to zombies that burn up everybody they touch.

Slow pacing, disgusting effects, and a mean streak are all on tap in this low budget time waster.

There are several movies handling about evil children (even some genuine classics, like "The Bad Seed" and "Village of the Damned"), but this baby is easily one of the most entertaining and memorable films I've seen about the subject.

Well, I enjoyed it, its a good fun & cheesy movie.

They're just empty creatures with no personality or feelings whatsoever and the only reason why they kill, it's because at the very beginning of the film, they are all zombified by some kind of toxic cloud (?

This B-grade horror flick has some surprising special effects, and a completely predictable twist ending.

The characters weren't interesting, the movie gets tedious and it didn't have any momentum.

As Sheriff Billy Hart (Gil Rogers) makes his rounds he notice's the school bus in the middle of the road totally empty & with the engine still running, he calls in at the nearest house that of Dr. Joyce Gould (Michelle Le Mothe) to see if she knows anything which she doesn't.

Overall the movie is a waste of time.

The ending was so very predictable, made no sense within the context of the movie and was really a huge disappointment.

The fact that the movie is about children who become toxic, zombie, killers makes it enjoyable on that level.

I've seen my decent share of this kind and I realized that even if sometimes the film itself is not very good, there's still something morbidly fascinating about a child murdering a grown up.

Shortly afterwards a school bus drives through the yellow cloud, and is discovered empty by the town's sheriff (who bears a remarkable resemblance to Craig T.

The strange plot aside, this picture actually improves as the story evolves, getting more and more fascinating.

Everything about it is low-grade schlock and it plays out generic, from the acting to its direction, slight story (with a "Night of the Living Dead" vibe), adds ghastly make-up FX, dreary photography and even parts of the writing.

I highly recommend it, as well as, the book on which it was based, "The Midwich Cuckoos", by John Wyndam.

The Children was yet another disappointment, it was boring, dull & simply didn't have the budget to expand upon it's ideas.

There are a lot of people killed in this film, but the way that most of them meet their maker is practically the same, which makes the film rather boring.

Besides the inconsistent plot The Children commits the unforgivable sin of being really dull & boring, virtually the entire film is made up of Sheriff Hart & John driving around trying to look concerned.

There's a whole 40 odd minute chunk of this crap where next to nothing happens, or at least that's how it seemed to me.

Most of the acting is pretty wretched, the characters and the script are completely uninteresting and the special effects are almost non-existent, there is really very little to recommend this movie for even the most die-hard b-movie fans like me.

It was quite a jarring, unexpected, poignant and interesting sequence.

The pacing is real, real slow.

The action scenes are both exciting and scary.

If this one would have been exciting or something sinister about the children other than those black nails then I would have like this one a little bit better - but as it is, it's just boring.

Predictable ending, cheap effects, bad taste scenes of children being hacked up.

THE CHILDREN is one of the more enjoyable "killer kid" films, featuring several bust-a-gut moments, usually involving a gushy death or samurai sword-wielding sheriff!

There's something oddly compelling about evil children in horror films, isn't there?

It's all very odd but I found the film quite enjoyable as far a b-movies go.

The weirdest part was the pregnant woman who gave birth after her 2 sons have been killed, and she and the father act as if nothing happened.

After a power plant starts leaking, an orange cloud is formed and a bus with five children drives right into it, the outcome is as unexpected as you can image.

There are a number of shocking scenes of violence, especially against children, which are pretty unexpected.