The Chumscrubber (2005) - Comedy, Drama

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A darkly satiric story about life crumbling in the midst of a seemingly idyllic suburbia.

Director: Arie Posin
Stars: Jamie Bell, Allison Janney
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 25 out of 131 found boring (19.08%)

One-line Reviews (81)

While the film as been condemned by some critics and viewers as trite, contrived, pretentious garbage, I sense there is an underlying irony to these assertions - only pretentious people take pride in convicting art as pretentious.

), a lad who seemingly is alone among the hollow shells of high school kids who live through drugs/pills to alter their perception of a boring meaningless world.

it was thoroughly entertaining.

It really can be summed up in one word: boring.

"Billy" was the most unbearable, over the top, and obnoxious character I've seen in a movie since Paulie Shore in Son in Law.

There's just a little teenage angst and a lot of adult confusion and blather.

The main problem is that the movie and its intensive climax don't give any solution or escaping for the situation as well as it doesn't give the answer for above mentioned question why such Hillsides are possible.

Also, the boy they kidnapped could have ran away about 5,000 times, the main characters were boring and inspired no real empathy, the guy was dumb for just leaving a bag full of pills around the house that his brother found, the girl's main problem was that her mom didn't want her to be thinner than her...

However, they kidnap the wrong boy, leading to a confusion of identities, and many opportunities for humor that are quickly lost in this dense film.

Contrived, unrealistic and boring .

But it fails from the get go and comes off as a contrived nervous breakdown.

That was the most entertaining part of the entire evening.

This movie was pointless.

The characters are just props moving about this cliché picturesque suburbia and completely one-dimensional to boot.

This movie was trying to convey that it had some type of deep, profound message, but it was trite and overdone.

Dark but surprisingly enjoyable .

Though I tend to shut off the TV and pick up a good book at the moment the TV begins to bore me, the title and actors of the film immediately caught my attention and convinced me that The Chumscrubber might be worthwhile to watch.

But, the unexpected event brings some changes to a monotonous life of the town.

This has a great plot, some great actors and performances, and is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that does have some things to say about adults and teenagers.

Just make every character goofy and unbelievable, throw in a handful of disjointed story lines and outrageous dialog, script in a few preposterous sexual situations, add a smattering of science fiction or hallucinations (not sure which), show "egdy" (read: absurdly excessive) drug use and dealing, include a suicide and some attempted murder, and drop f-bombs all over and there, you have a "profound" movie nobody will admit is incomprehensible.

The movie really was disjointed, uninteresting at times, with characters that seemed puppet-like.

You'd think that a movie with a name this ludicrous would at least be good enough to make up for it, but The Chumscrubber is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

It's all about confused teenagers (yawn) and clueless parents (big yawn) and all those pills they keep popping.

"The Chumscrubber" is all things a good film should be; entertaining, provocative, intelligent and insightful.

But that's what makes it so entertaining.

The plot was completely straightforward and predictable.

The main character is the most normal character in the entire movie, despite the fact that he has a drug abuse problem and his parents are so disjointed.

The story constantly surprised me and was quite intense and exciting.

Pretentious and Derivative .

I saw this on the weekend & enjoyed it very much.

When we observe the self-obsessed and self-indulgent attitudes these adults possess, we realise this sort of disconnection and emptiness can, supposedly, lead only to bullying; drug-dealing and knife play amongst kids as the one relationship between young and old family members of any note sees Dean's father exploit him and his psychological situation in drawing on example of him in his books and experimenting through him the effects of certain pills.

Excellent Satire; well worth watching.

However, the very end of the movie is quite contrived and annoying, and it does seem to grate for such a good movie.

There's finally almost nothing "realistic" about this film, but the performances are all compelling and the ending is very nearly as startling as the one in Donnie Darko.

" Arie Posin creates a true classic: an incredibly pretentious MESS of a film that tries so very hard to be original, soulful and heroic...

The Chumscrubber came out of nowhere to be in my opinion one of the most different and intriguing movies of 2005.

"The Chumscrubber" radiates an intense feeling of melancholy and anger, mixed with some comedy.

The "other" characters in the movie are so wooden and one sided it is painfully boring to watch.

Intriguing .

Then this guy basically says if you like it, then you're not as smart or as informed as he is because he can recite every artsy fartsy similar flick ever made and they are better than Chumscrubbers.

Camilla Belle is the cutest girl I have seen for a while, and probably worth the watch all by herself :)

Much more edifying, entertaining, and original.

This movie is a huge waste of time I felt like all my teachers were being casted as the adults and it felt awkward just watching it.

In the fine tradition of "Heathers", "Welcome To The Dollhouse", and "Donnie Darko", "The Chumscrubber" provides compelling and essential viewing.

The character of Billy was actually quite fascinating as the psychopath on the verge of doing something terrible.

I found this movie to be trite, boring and completely inconsistent in tone.

" Well, I suppose they're right, the third, fourth or fifth time someone tells you that your house is on fire, it gets pretty tedious doesn't it?

The upside is that the performances are very engaging, it had effective tempo, great editing and Camilla Belle is hot.

Glenn Close does well as a very pretentious woman.

I had the fortune of going to a Q and A with the director, who explained and elaborated on his vision (maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much).

This was a waste of good actors' time.

some parts of the movie seemed pointless and unnecessary the movie, like when the drugs were put in the hot dish it didn't seem relevant to the events in the movie if you ask me.

Forget my review, go read this dude's, it's like a page or two back and it's more entertaining!


If you find yourself noticing the blue eyeliner on "Crystal's" eyes so much you have to draw only one conclusion -- the story is SO boring, that I'm watching the chick's eyeliner.

It wasn't something I laughed out loud at but found easy to watch because of the displaced point of view and satisfying and entertaining because of the superb acting and directing.

And as for Jamie Bell, strike one was his dumb and useless sub plot character in King Kong, strike two, The Chumscrubber, where he plays a flat, boring and completely uninteresting Donnie Darko-esquire character with little to no explained motivation as to why he is acting so weird or so alienated.

The plot was uninteresting and shallow and many times unbelievable.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you (if you decide to see it) do too.

It was comical, dramatic, suspenseful, bizarre (in a good way) and overall well done.

Many of the performances are top drawer as are the unexpected cameos and all of these aspects culminate to a cult dark comedy.

It's easy to denounce Ralph Fiennes character as overcooked pretentious fluff, if you don't take a moment to really accept the actions of his character and learn some real and valuable lessons about observing the world in the way its meant to be observed, without fear or shame.

Jaime Bell is incredible in this film, and so so so entertaining to watch.

Or maybe I was just bored.

So I can honestly say this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Youth have become addicted to medications and drugs to live their lives, the promise of that empty happiness to keep them going.

All in all, extremely entertaining with strange overtones of Donnie Darko.

The whole Chumscrubber show thing was also pointless and had no development.

Its soundtrack music is good, though - and, director Arie Posin manages the very capable and engaging cast well.

Pretentious .

This satirical drama about suburbia talks about middle-class alienation and confusion, nihilistic kids, and stuff like that.

This movie is worth watching once, I think, if only for Glenn Close's hilarious, touching, spooky performance.

The Chumscrubber is a loathsome empty piece that ends up being a headshakingly bad movie going experience.

I first saw this movie as I was flipping through TV channels in my basement, bored out of my mind.

Don't waste your time.

The Parents are for the most part selfish & empty headed who basically ignore there teens.

The ending scene between the two of them was so enjoyable to watch, I forgot for a minute how bad the movie was.

This film is dark, and yet it is very enjoyable.

It's arty because you don't know how to react, and you don't know how to react because we've injected random, pointless contradictions.

A short, also fascinating Q&A followed with the director Arie Posin (a UCLA alumni himself) and the producer.

The film is as entertaining as it is studiable.