The Circle (2017) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A woman lands a dream job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, only to uncover an agenda that will affect the lives of all of humanity.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: James Ponsoldt
Stars: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 125 out of 469 found boring (26.65%)

One-line Reviews (301)

It's sleepy boring, it's incredibly monotone and its characters have nothing going for them.

If all else fails, watching Tom Hanks stroll around a building for two hours is entertaining enough.

but that is still entertaining nonetheless and will definitely get you thinking about the future of technology, social media and privacy.

Just a really bland presentation of what has become a real life threat, through technology...

undeveloped, disjointed, and scenes that made no sense.

Production-wise it was fine, performance-wise it was fine, just not interesting, atall, I had to stop at least 5 times because I was just bored.

a Very boring unrealistic movie like why isn't anyone concerned about the invasion of privacy with the exception her parent ,they only feel moments of lack of privacy and just move on ,Emma Watson's character is so plain and boring .

Yet what it ends up being is a dull, incredulous parody of what people outside Silicon Valley think of people in Silicon Valley.

Most probably, the book has enough material to fill a whole season or two of a well-made serial, totally worth watching...

I found all of the performances - especially John Boyega's and Karen GIllan's - enjoyable.

Things happen to her, she doesn't make them happen, which makes her dull and boring -- Something one would think could be a big decision-changer for actors like Emma Watson to accept a role in a film at this point of her career.

Watson does her best, but this is a snoozer .

The character is everywhere and overused so much it's quickly become tiresome to watch.

Maybe that's its goal, and maybe high-schoolers will respond to it as fascinatingly complex, but its onslaught of logical fallacies and unclear messaging just make it all fascinatingly confusing.

Very badly acted out, utterly unconvincing, and boring .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Everything in the plot was a well-used, worn-out cliché.

I, as an amateur, would go hoping to be "wowed" by the typical entertaining pieces - the ones that make sense to me.

If you have watched "Black Mirror" and you enjoyed it, you will definitely enjoy this movie, contrary to what the reviews might suggest.

IMO the movie was a total waste of money, talent of the actors and, last but not least, my time.

Quite literally a pointless waste of time .

And the creepiest thing about it is how easily a large percentage of humanity could be tricked by propaganda.

If anything I think it's the latter part, the ambition of this quasi-present-day dystopian world where this one big company that works a little wee bit like a cult (but like a Shinny Happy People Cult(TM) that people can sink their teeth into, lacking the cynicism and nastiness one usually or should sees on social media), where a character enters in and becomes immersed and loves it, only to find out all is not what it seems.

If that sentence seem heavy-handed, pretentious, and contradictory then prepare yourself for The Circle.

I believe that I'm saying enough about the movie by saying we walked out on it with an hour left of it.

This movie contained no real plot line.

I'd still say The Circle is worth watching, and I admire Tom Hanks and Emma Watson for doing it.

Waste of time.

Emma Watson only has two expressions, bored and confused and she overuses both the entire film.

Normally, almost every movie scares me, with this film I just felt bored.

It's worth watching.

15-20 minutes into the film everything becomes completely predictable.

Combining the thematic approach to 'Fifteen Million Merits' and 'Nosedive' from the Black Mirror anthology, The Circle uses feedback systems to monitor the progress they make at work, their customers' satisfaction, and their 'popularity', gained through engaging in almost-compulsory extra-curricular events.

This is a relevant look at a modern concern, the erosion of privacy in an increasingly social-media connected world, which is an intriguing topic for a near-future sci-fi thriller, where we see the scary side of allowing all our actions to be monitored and our data to be public.

Fascinating and enjoyable film .

This movie is predictable, the acting is awful save for Watson, Boyega, and Hanks.

Dont waste your time......

I need compelling reasons to watch the next Emma Watson movie.. .

I can not recommend you to watch this movie, it is just a waste of time and the warning of the social media that it is supposed to be is just a laughingstock.

Emma Watson plays the lead actress in this film and unfortunately I found her really bland, her character is just given nothing to make you care about her and she just comes across with a very bland performance.

It is like the script writer finished the main character and then got bored and decided to go for 2D characters instead.

It's formulaic through and through.

Skip this one: It's pointless .

THE CIRCLE is predictable, it's boring and some of the characters are annoying.

It's story is good and enjoyable, it passes the time nicely.

Nope: boring characters, circular logic and techno-phobic platitudes are all you get here.

Slow burning future look at technology .

Don't Waste Your Time .

Being predictable makes for a not perfect movie, but then again, we strive to be unique, unpredictable, go our own way, right?

Mae Holland (Watson) is a young college student that's currently bored with her life, and has to deal with a lot of family drama.

Entertaining and thoughtful .

" After about 10 minutes watching Emma walk through a boring life, I was beginning to think that tearing off my fingernails might be a bit more enjoyable than this "movie".

Found a lot of the script stilted, over-complicated (with an overload of technical jargon that confuses and alienates the viewer) and self-indulgent.

Oh a yawn fest.

The vote is a mere average between Watson and Hank's solid, terrific acting (vote: 8), an acceptable but overall trite, tedious screenplay (vote: 5) and some involuntarily laughable dystopian concepts mixed with some muddy social satire (vote: 3).

The acting by Emma Watson was.. confusing to say the least, and the repercussions of the fictional technology seemed unrealistic and just plain ridiculous.

An unexpected change of heart causes Holland to turn on her employers, Bailey and Stenton (Oswalt), by inviting them to go 'fully transparent' and leaks their emails, private emails, and company documents.

With a cast including such talent as Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Emma Watson, John Boyega, and Patton Oswalt, you'd expect one heck of a thrilling tale to unfold in this sci-fi meets current-world social media film, at least I did...

It is the characters dialogue and predictable script that I found so awful to the point that halfway through the film, I actually checked my watch and let out big sigh as I found the film had one more hour to go.

Dull .

The worst movie I've ever seen.

The movie seems to be confusing a cult / religious / dictatorship / brainwashing type scenario with Social Media and Big Data.

Feels empty .

With a strong plot in his hands,James Posoldt wasted his opportunity by making this bland film.

It plays like a a series of events put together, but it's a series of dull events.

Even casts are boring in this movie.

I hated this movie the first time I saw it- when it was called EdTV, The Net, etc. Probably meant to be a warning against Google's mission to gather all knowledge on Earth, this pretentious mess instead is a child's chalk sidewalk drawing of stick people being chased by cameras, or something.

Dull .

It's a very monotone movie since there's nothing happening, ever.

Just like everything else I've seen her in, her character was bland and sort of emotionless.

It's the Circle of Politically Dull.

Don't waste your time or your money going to see this.

This film it is worth watching and is not as dull or trite as many of the reviewers say it is.

This is slumming for Hanks and another waste of his time.

Emma Watson is a bit too charmless to carry the result alone but her more intriguing co-stars (Bill Paxton in his final movie role, Tom Hanks as the founder of the company, Patton Oswalt, Glenne Headley) are sadly delegated to sidelines and can't really help carry the weight.

Other than that, this film is a sloppy mess full of dull characters, really bad dialogue, and poor acting.

The Circle presents a fascinating premise .

The movie however is the super-cliche version of this entire affair.

This is one if the worst movies I have ever seen...

The movie did a great job of scaring me into the belief that someone is watching me through my phone (but I was already there so..)The actual message that the movie tries to deliver is a bit confusing.

but quickly failed to do so by turning into such a predictable and awful film.

Preachy, Stupid, Stodgy Nonsense .

Summarizing: "The Circle" is as empty and devoid of interesting ideas as the teen sitting next to you thumbing incessantly a smart phone.

Not 100% of the time though, the film does have some gripping moments which may still entertain once you get pass the creepiness hidden in the Circle.

confusing,, then gets predictable .. and then kinda goes nowhere .

But all in all it's just average and kinda boring.

Despite these issues, I found that The Circle was quite enjoyable.

What a colossal waste of time.

She tries far too hard with some very overwrought dialogue delivery, while seeming stiff and ill at ease in the speeches (a far cry from Hanks' delivery of his introductory scene which had me and my sister glued to the screen and on the edge of our seats), her grief doesn't ring true due to a lack of genuine emotion and she came over as too smug, aloof and self-congratulatory at the end.

Unfortunately towards the end as you are dragged along to the point of rebelling against Anti-Social Media and its intrusions the film instead goes off in a very creepy and stalker-like tangent in advocating total intrusion of anti-social media and presenting Emma Watsons character as being SO SUCCESSFUL for embracing the destruction of the private domain...

But then, it goes downhills into a new bland and uninspiring movie with very advanced scenery techniques and a tasteless story line.

The scenario and writing is still enjoyable.

Unexpected things happen when the transparency lens is turned inward on the company.

This was intriguing, inspirational, and very enjoyable to watch.

And it's pretty predictable.

Are *Millennial's* and *Snow Flakes* that dull-witted?

Yes, a bit bored at this point, but as you later discover the point of such bland, insipid, nerdy, monotonous, pabulum behavior is to set you up for … 2.

What a waste of time and money!

Certain scenes are SO contrived that it becomes wince inducing and the series of choices Mae makes are less naivety than they are blithe stupidity.

And somehow they managed to take the guy from star wars and just make him into the most boring actor on the face of the planet.

The premises of "The circle" can arguably be called "cliche".

How can some one write an anti privacy film, muddle it til its illogical and confusing - then try to say privacy is bad at the end without laying any real argument?

As such, the movie is pretty dull and lacks the entertainment quality you might have been seeking.

Anyways, All of this led me to think that this was basically CIA/NSA propaganda to show that, "Hey, Americans!

I thought it was a little boring so I would not buy it on DVD.

As for her vocal performance she might as well have the script in her hand during the movie because her dull tone makes it seem like she's reading it out from a teleprompter anyways.

The film is filled with intriguing questions about the balance of our social and professional lives and how they intermingle, and whether, with increased surveillance and the knowledge that we're being watched, our behavior would gradually improve.

Most of them are "God-Awful" suffering from Shallow Concepts, Uninspiring Followups and Resolutions, Bad-Writing, Bad-Acting, and even the Big-Budget Movies take the Concept and Fail Miserably.

the "climax" is unsatisfying and just leaves you feeling empty.

Enjoyable film, despite the FB/Podcast/Twitter Gen disliking it .

Don't waste your time .

there is just so much I could say about how much of a waste of time this movie is.

A lot of the important story line is cut from the movie, in doing this it has caused me confusion as time is just skipped and we only see a fraction of what actually goes on.

Whole accident with friend was so predictable, and weak in legal aspect.

But it sets the tone for the film in general, which despite its interesting idea, is for the most part just totally unengaging and strangely dull, with characters spouting ridiculous, wordy dialogue that doesn't feel real at all.

If you enjoyed it, I highly recommend reading the book by Dave Eggers; in some ways it is a completely different story, and certainly a different experience.

Overall a very bland and forgettable movie with some bad acting thrown in, as well as the frustration by the inclusion of some great actors.

It was boring, dull, and the direction of the story and characters were terribly put together.

While possessing a quality message and material to potentially make a gripping and mysterious film, it falls short with hollow and forgetful characters/performances, wildly off-the-wall concepts, and many plot holes and questions that can be formed with no answer to them.

But seriously, from a major production perspective, it has to be perhaps the worst movie of the year.

More Divergent franchise than Social Network, it's a slick, predictable sci-fi snooze.

The worst movie EVER.

It's Empty Blathering and Pandering to Post-Modern Concepts that are given very Little Thought, or Drama for that Matter.

Way to similar to the movie "Antitrust" so save your money and instead of going to the movie theater, just rent (or he'll buy the DVD for cheap) of "Antitrust" instead.

My usual final question, which is whether its worth the watch, is answered with an emphatic NO.

But in hindsight, it kind of makes sense because the "circle" is all about community and engaging with your community.

In the 50's and 60's you have distinctive, interesting, fascinating, beautiful, unique, daring automobiles with wonderful character and the populace looked forward to next years 'model' with anticipation and enthusiasm whether they were going to purchase one or not.

It's not even "so-bad-it's-good" bad, it's just incredibly dull.

Emma Watson plays a cliché meek SJW who gets hired by Google and then tries to tweet and blog everything without realizing she's losing privacy.

The Circle is a film that demonstrates real potential; exploring events that are relevant and engaging in an increasingly technologically dependent society.

The camera spends too much time on Mae's bland, wondering stare and meaningless conversations that would be better spent arguing the mission of the Circle.

The Circle is one of the worst movies of the year and on top of that, it tried to lie to its audience by bringing in Tom Hanks to serve as poster and trailer's bait, even though he's just on the screen for barely a few scenes.

Watching this was a waste of time.

Now, with its story being just intriguing enough, it also feels like it contains a little too much hooey for my taste.

At age 55 as of the viewing, the film's privacy invasion theme did at least make me leave the theater quite relieved that I'm as old as I am at this time, and maybe that I wouldn't mind being a little older, even.

Hoping to see a more intriguing movie,with suspense.

The movie's plot follows that same path by having a really intriguing story that is taken to so unrealistic and implausible levels, that by the end, it can only be described as too dumb and stupid to be true.

Went in with high expectations, based on the cast, but it left me feeling totally empty inside and with a total loss in faith for all humanity.

bore the hell out of you for 1 hour and 50 minutes!

I don't get the 1-star reviews, as the movie is entertaining and tells a fairly accurate story of the moment we're living now.

Subplots are introduced and those end up going nowhere.

Overall, The Circle was a complete waste of time and talent.

A vague attempt at highlighting how an organisation with too much access to personal information can bore the hell out of you.

Nice theme, but predictable storyline.

The Circle is marketed as keeping you on the edge of your seat.

A rather bland look at what everyone seems to already be doing in the world today...

Don't waste your time, and especially not your money.

Tried to watch it, but its the same slow pace throughout.

This starts well with a slow increasingly sinister build that feels like a spritzed up Hollywood version of a Black Mirror episode.

Only watched it for its two main actors the film itself is boring .

Boring and predictable .

Acting was average The plot was predictable and boring Overall the film made no real sense.

John Boyega's character had nothing to him, he went nowhere, I didn't care.

So dreadfully boring without any change in pace or excitement or great one-liners.

At one end, aged and seriously ill parents, and the other end, making an unexpected leap in the workplace lead her to be a celebrity overnight.

Interesting message or just propaganda?

There were some intense moments.

I read the book that this movie is from and enjoyed it quite a bit.

The worst movie ever, the worst movie ever, worst movie ever, worst movie ever, worst movie ever, stupid movie, dumb movie, stupid movie, don't waste your time, very very dumb movie, the worst movie ever, the worst movie ever.

When I watched the preview for The Circle, I thought I was going to be in for a Technological Psychological Thriller with a strong protagonist in Emma Watson, and an intriguing antagonist in Tom Hanks (playing a bad guy for once).

Not going to waste a minute more, so I'll keep this short: This is the worst movie I've seen in years.


The whole thing is meaningless, boring, awkward to watch, I just wanted to puke every 5 minutes.

Waste of time.

Some of 'The Circle' doesn't look too bad, it's nicely shot with some lovely locations, especially in the otherwise fairly repetitive and pointless kay-acking scenes.

Fascinating the premise that gets explored here with Emma Watson as the film's lead doing well with delivering on the purpose of The Circle and quite clever what she delivered at the denouement.

I can see why this film bombed at the Box Office as it is so boring,it drags for so long and half the time I wanted to turn it off as I was watching it on some site.

The script is just incredibly bland, the film never goes far enough with its dramatic dialogue to make you care about the characters or there situation.

The film tells the story of a young college student who gets an exciting new job at a successful internet company, but things become too intense when she later learns that the corporation is a huge threat to everyone's privacy.

And that is really compelling, because the spectator is always afraid of her next move "what is she doing ???

The script is weak and tooooo predictable.

Probably could have been condensed into a short 15 min film, but as a 90 min movie, its a waste of time.

This movie is trash, I watch tons of movies and this is one of the worst movies I have seen in awhile.

Watching this movie may have been one of the most bland, emotionless experiences of my life.

The movie where he is being chased by cranes in empty construction lots.

Anyway, even if you cannot call it the most realistic film of the year 2017, it is still damn entertaining and also brings a message that is worth sharing.

What a pointless movie.

was that a propaganda?.

Highly riveting and compelling subject.

no story-line, worst editing and very very very poor ending.

The dialogue is just cliché and awful.

That was a shame, there was a lot of potential that went nowhere.

The Circle remains nonetheless worth watching, because the issue of privacy invasion certainly deserves serious public consideration, and if it helps younger viewers to consider the privacy effect of greater connectivity, then the viewers' time is well spent--as long as one manages to see beyond the investor's lack of regard for the same back home in Abu Dhabi.

It was a hilarious jab at pointless social media activism.

Probably the worst movie I've seen in a very long time.

worst movie ever .

Just because you witnessed her rather uninteresting existence (without seeing the bathroom scene's btw).

It is worth watching ...

By the end of the movie, it became quite clear that The Circle had hoped to offer some profound social commentary on technology and human behaviour, but ultimately failed to do so by creating such a predictable and "cheesy" film.

Cliché, horrid, unbearable dreck.

Even the intentionally annoying and confusing geeks came across great.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Despite having a good cast, "The Circle" is a snoozer.

Pandering, ham-fisted, and boring.

Long, dull, boring and lame.

And I wont even begin to speak to you in regards the plot - it was so cliché that you could sleep through 3/4 of the film, wake up and not misunderstand what is going on in the film.

Spiderman: Homecoming was the only film that I can say was a bit worse but at least that was so bad it was entertaining.

Like I say this isn't an awful movie, it is just like the software in the film, uninteresting and dull.

But to my disappointment I was bored and disgusted throughout the scenes.

Watch 'Eye in the Sky,' 'We Live in Public,' 'Ex Machina' or even 'Wall-E' for entertaining critiques on technology's role in society.

What a waste of money!

No story, no acting, no reason to waste your money on this .

This film delivers an enjoyable experience for a Saturday night date night with the Mrs without being bored.

Watson does a great job of portraying the poor sap getting overwhelmed by the storm of BS and brainwashing gobbledygook she finds herself immersed in.

Perhaps the most compelling thing about seeing The Circle, is the glow of people checking their phones as soon as the credits rolled.

Parts of this movie were mildly entertaining, and if you still want to go see it, by all means do so.


When (Bailey) Tom Hanks goes on stage and talk about sticking surveillance camera in the tree, you would expect even the most unthinking crowd to bring up the privacy cliché, not to mention an elite company filled with intellectuals.

It's often incredibly dull and repetitive with a fairly incoherent beginning before Hanks shows up.


Shallow, Empty, Pandering and Platitudes...

Don't waste your time.

The trailer sold this movie as a fast paced, suspenseful thriller, which this movie is not.

Simply very boring .

Contrary to some reviews it does have 'a story' and some great characters - it just progresses naturally at its own linear pace rather than rely on formulaic 'escalation' moments.

Waste of my time .

Only, flesh and bone human being standing in front of me breathing in and out while i listen to the dance of tone, movement and gesture is real, unique, beautiful, fascinating and wonderful.

This movie has earned its spot along with the very worst movies I have ever seen.

Pandering, ham-fisted, and just plain boring .

The problem is that the plot is just bland.

In this case, I must confess to being a bit surprised at our divergence of views: a lot of people clearly hated this movie whereas I confess that I found it very entertaining.

Two of the worst movies in recent history for sure.

The problem is that it does so while dragging an invisible anchor around with it, zzzzzz.

You would literally think they edited out huge portions of his character making it seem weird and disjointed.

It was a thrilling plot, until the death of Mae's friend.

Sorry, this film doesn't have that either, with the "exciting climax" not showing up until the last twenty minutes of the movie.

Instead of finishing this movie with a heart wrenching "oh my gosh" moment of awakening, like it seems you're are supposed to feel, I instead finished it feeling empty.

The idea that Watson's character has this stunning brainstorm at the end, which the co-founder of the Circle company never would have thought of, is so idiotically unbelievable, as to leave any audience in fits of laughter.

It's so predictable, the writing was cringe-worthy, mediocre acting, and it was so so unrealistic.

This was by far the most disappointing and just utterly boring movie I have ever sat through.

complete waste of time .

On this boring movie.

Some people have said the movie is predictable.

The script is so incredibly ponderous, pontificating endlessly on the dire consequences of a world where everything is known.

It is so boring and cliche that you don't want to continue watching after 15 minutes.

Even during those rare moments when she was supposed to be displaying some sort of emotion, it felt forced, contrived.

If not, then The Circle will only be famous for being Tom Hanks' worst movie, given his lukewarm presence--a rare event in his career--in a role that begs for a strong performance.

The beginning was as enumerable as the mundane features that capitulated the audience; as least for the preliminary hour.

Absolute waste of time to watch.

Watch with a grain of salt, this movie has been moved from being entertainment to propaganda.

The worst movie EVER Don't waste your time.

Literally the worst movie I have ever seen .

Save yourselves, save your money, save your time and DON'T WATCH IT!

don't waste your time.

Please just go read the book by Dave Eggers if you're looking for something a lot more engaging story.

Technically it is enjoyable to watch.

The film is an attention-getting, absorbing object lesson in neglecting critical thinking.

It's giving voice to an idea that has already been heard widely, letting it fester and stink of cliché.

Bad, Boring, Slow movie .

Pretty weighty stuff which, unfortunately, comes off plain silly more often than upsetting and compelling.

As and avid movie watcher I can easily say this is the worst movie I have seen in years.

Then the masses shared every minute, mundane aspect of their lives and the world didn't stop turning.

I couldn't carry on watching the movie, so I exited the theater looking for something more interesting and intriguing to watch.

Honestly the film itself was extremely predictable, its completely focused on these silly cameras, the death of someone or an embarrassing scene was obviously going to happen, and of course there's cameras to see it.

Emma Watson makes a very dull and unrelatable hero.

Despite being slow paced, somewhat clumsy and at times boring, I do believe that this is a movie worth watching.

Based off Dave Eggers novel, the Circle is full of potential with its intriguing narrative reflecting the current society values of technology, and social media and where this will take us in the future.

Much like Frozen plays off like two different movies crudely sewn together, The Circle appears to be one movie for the first two acts, but takes an unexpected and unfulfilling turn in the third.

Predictable plot, poor acting and clumsy attempts at making profound statements.

A total waste of time.

If you want to talk a bit about your story; A college graduate girl named May looks at the phone in a boring call center and she starts working at a technology company called The Circle through her close friend Annie.

I haven't read the book this one is based on, but judging merely the movie I enjoyed it for the most part.

We are so immersed in this technology-based world now where we ourselves even wonder about some of the scenarios the film portrays, and that's the biggest praise I can give this film.

The pacing was slow and there were way too many plot holes.

And then you have John Boyega (you know the latest star of Star Wars) in an utterly pointless bizarre role where he stands in the back of rooms and looks broody.

Absolutely worth watching.


Waste of time .

Shallow, predictable, and patronising .

There was no story to follow.

This film won't set your world on fire or win an Oscar for best actress etc, but the message is compelling.

This is the least suspenseful thriller since thrillers were first made.

While it's entertaining enough to spend the time watching in the end THE CIRCLE will most likely be a movie long forgotten in a short period of time.


Hanks does a great job of portraying the megalomaniacal hypocrite employing every propaganda technique and piece of modern 'toy-tech' at his disposal to enlarge his empire.

The sound-design, editing, and cinematography are bland.

Egger's tale of how 1984 has arrived and we are Big Brother is a compelling and eminent warning that we have already gone too far in our use of social media.

This film, for me, without being a "critic", is enjoyable.

Watson's performance is more than worthy, but the camera fails to capture it in an engaging way.

But the other characters were uniformly one-dimensional: the cliché-ridden parents, the brooding Ty Lafitte lurking around the facility, the soft-male boyfriend Mercer, and the ever-smiling employees who have been deprived of any individuality.

Horrible, boring, and a waste of a good talent.

Everything is so dry, stale and boring.

Too boring.. .

However, despite this, the Circle is an intriguing look at how in business, ruthless acts hide behind a kind smile.

The beginning was as enticing as the mundane features that capitulated the audience; at least for the preliminary hour.

This movie is a perfect, perhaps extreme, example of the BS going in the world today, I found it to be very entertaining, foreshadowing, and victorious at the end.

It's pretentious in the worst way, portending serious societal issues, then shirking away from addressing them in realistic, useful ways in order to manipulate the audience.

The few interesting ideas - the emergency response enabled by technology, the problems with work-life balance, the fragility of social bonds - are totally and completely ruined by a boring and predictable narrative chock full of unrealistic scenarios and horrible writing.

The Circle, with its overextended foothold on the aspects of social media, is fascinating.

This movie is a waste of time unless you have super paranoid delusions of grandeur about where technology is headed.

Billed as a futuristic thriller, 'The Circle' comes off as being very formulaic and unlike the innovative products that are at the center of the film.

And the premise was absolutely fascinating, touching on themes that are relevant today and important.

Such a dull delivery, leaves me recommending this one for renting at home, or at least recommending you read the book (or books) it is based on.

The plot was grossly under developed and the ending was weak and predictable.

Overall, The Circle tries to make a name for itself amongst the many "dangers of technology" movies, but as always, lazy writing and a poor and predictable plot can only lead to the disappointing result it ends up being.

Ellar Coltrane is dull, there is no chemistry between any of the characters, you don't even get to understand what they are supposed to be one to the other and Tom Hanks is not enough to save the whole production making you wonder what the heck is he doing in it.

It's slow and without any real tension.

My main complaint was that the last quarter seemed rushed, where the first 3/4 of the film was slowly paced.

The movie also left me feeling like I attended a boring and biased argument based presentation.

Dull, Flat, and Poorly Executed at almost Every Level.

waste of time .