The Conspirator (2010) - Crime, Drama, History

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Mary Surratt is the lone female charged as a co-conspirator in the assassination trial of Abraham Lincoln. As the whole nation turns against her, she is forced to rely on her reluctant lawyer to uncover the truth and save her life.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Robert Redford
Stars: Robin Wright, James McAvoy
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 13 out of 145 found boring (8.96%)

One-line Reviews (99)

Overall I think that this film was very compelling and sparks a greater interest toward the Civil War and Lincoln's assassination.

Some odd casting choices and a midsection slump mar an otherwise compelling and entirely relevant courtroom thriller .

Many modern historians consider real history to be close to literature and that requires getting everything right to make it engrossing for the reader.

There were corrupt politicians, comedy relief generals, worried girlfriends and family members, and lawyers of intense justice.

Overall the film brings in an enjoyable experience to fans of historical accuracy and to fans of emotional presence that is displayed on screen.

This was a suspenseful film containing an emotional influence .

The Conspirator does drag at times, but if you are into the story it is good and worth watching.

If you are interested in an accurate representation of the motives to kill President Abraham Lincoln, or if you are curious of who committed or planned to murder Lincoln, I highly recommend watching this thrilling and shocking drama.

A suspenseful drama that impacts the audience.

Otherwise, the beginning of the film can be a bit confusing.

This movie fills a Hollywood cliché of being an over the top drama that happened to be based on a true story.

With Aiken defending Mary Surratt, played by Robin Wright, we see the heavily emotional and unpredictable events transpire between the two of them and practically all the people of Washington D.

This movie was intriguing and the setting, costumes, and actors were wonderful.

The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat as it purposefully builds to its intense conclusion.

My only objection is that it's a bit too long - particularly the hanging scene was drawn out way too long in my opinion, so much so that I left the room - didn't need that much unpleasantness.

Intense at many moments.

Political conspiracy trials that become more big and engrossing as it progresses .

We highly recommend it as one of the best films we have seen this year.

Gripping In Parts.. .

Somewhat slow paced at times, I think it could have been told in less than the allotted 123 minute run time, and some scenes that are too drawn out, I do recommend this movie.

Some odd casting choices and a midsection slump mar an otherwise compelling and entirely relevant courtroom thriller.

Robert Redford's 'The Conspirator' is Gripping In Parts, not in totality.

Really enjoyed it.

Authentic and intriguing .

"The Conspirator" combines ultra-realistic setting, with excellent acting and a gripping story.

The main reason being with the entertaining and compelling plot that was somewhat realistic and really portrayed a great storyline with arguments on both sides within the film.

Robert Redford's heavy-handed historical drama about the assassination of Lincoln and its aftermath –namely putting swift justice to appease a grieving nation in spite of its costs – with McAvoy as the reluctant defense attorney, Frederick Aiken, attempting to save his main client, Mary Surratt (a stoic Wright) from the hoosegow –is for the most part rather dull and repetitive (most courtroom dramas tend to spill into melodrama such as this one) however the production design overall – particularly Newton Thomas Sigal's evocative cinematography – is first-rate with fine acting ensemble (i.

Chiniquy made the stunning allegation that his former Church was ultimately behind President Lincoln's murder.

The second time I watched from the perspective of believing Mary was guilty and was surprised that I enjoyed it even more that time.

A Gripping, Timely Movie .

While it was intense and slightly uneasy to watch, the decisions made to capture it in that way was spot on.

The inaccuracies that were present however did not make much difference; such as the room the trial was held in during the movie was on he first floor while in reality it was on the third, etc. The actors were very convincing as well, they took on the passion of the individuals they were portraying and made it believable as well as suspenseful.

Unfortunately, the way in which director Robert Redford translated that screenplay is so dry and parsimonious that I was occasionally a bit bored.

Robert Redford has directed a stunning film, "The Conspirator," about one of the lawyers who defended Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), the woman who owned the boarding house where John Wilkes Booth and his cronies conspired to assassinate the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State.

A suspenseful film that keeps watchers interested.

He definitely plays the young and very green lawyer very well but the problem is he always seems so incredibly green, and looks so naive, and often just seems so dull compared to what is going on around him.

Gradually he comes to question that view even though he comes under intense pressure.

Solomon play it out pretty well, giving us important facts and remaining historically accurate while still making it quite exciting at times.

The movie is also hampered by some slow spots in its two hour running time.

This movie was anything but cliché and the ending was unexpected.

Even Justin Long, as one of Aiken's buddies, isn't terrible (as he was in, say, Drag Me to Hell, which he dragged to the ground).

To wrap up this review, again I did find this movie enjoyable, but at some points did find it slow.

For one who's followed James McAvoy, from a lowly police officer in Channel 4's 'Shameless' to these dizzy heights, it's fascinating that he joins another British regular Tom Wilkinson to head a sober and worthy drama about a very American real life event.

Not just factually inaccurate and sadly incomplete in its story line, this film was laboriously boring.

It's a fascinating lesser known history.


I kept thinking about Guantanamo Bay and the slow erosion of individual freedom post September 11th.

I found this historical and emotional movie to be intriguing because it gave me a new perspective on history.

The cast is riveting, with breathtakingly well-done small and large parts.

Robert Redfords 9th Directed film is compelling drama to watch.

An entertaining look at the trial of the conspirators of the assassination of President Lincoln.

This is a fascinating through provoking story and a worthwhile watch.

The two of them should have carried this movie and could have given Award worthy performances but you're left feeling empty by them.

It was enjoyable for being a school break assignment.

Even though the story is riveting, the needless drama is distracting from the true plot.

But the greatest gift is the wonderful way the acting is understated to deliver a reality which is often stunning.

The political, full of drama film, known as The Conspirator (2010), directed by Robert Redford, was a well-constructed film with a plot that was at first hard to follow and focus on what exactly was going on but soon became easier and more entertaining as the movie went on.

As I have mentioned many times, I have been a fan of the conspiracy literature since I started using the Internet in mid-90s, and I discovered the fascinating universe of forums and websites in which serious and lunatic investigators proposed their crazy theories.

This suspenseful, historical drama contained an addicting plot that drew ones eyes to the screen in attention.

When professional opinion-makers criticize a film for asking intellectual interest from its audience, reinforcing the conventional mainstream notion that historical minutiae and civic questions are boring to us or that we're necessarily being lectured rather than entertained, it undercuts the potential a film like The Conspirator has for being engaged by mainstream audiences, which is considerable.

The whole ending was very dramatic and suspenseful and emotional all at the same time and the whole film is great.

It left my emotions flowing in many different directions (anger, sadness, confusion..etc.). Typically if I enjoy a historical movie I tend to drift off into many different thoughts and even take time to research the historical accuracy of the film.

As a history buff, I find books about such memorable historical events as the Lincoln assassination quite fascinating.

I found the film interesting and provocative, and well worth watching.

Next the filter they used on the camera had a grey aspect to it, which again added to the movie feeling slow and boring.

Despite that, the screenplay kept me generally interested, and the excellent performances from James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Evan Rachel Wood and Colm Meaney helped me to overcome the moments of the film I found a bit boring.

Discarding the Constitution When It Becomes Tiresome?

Finally, if you find the film to be slow or boring, than I believe you are not in search of the fantastic arrangement of displaying honor, emotions, and faith that is similar to other films involving the idea of President Lincoln and the Civil War.

What is made clear in this movie is the confusion that immediately followed Lincoln's assassination and the paranoia that still hung in the air in the fragile time between the end of the military conflict and the beginning of Reconstruction.

If you enjoy a well acted, thought provoking film, I highly recommend it.

I must admit, Wright, Kline, McAvoy and others did a stammeringly great acting jobs there but that did not help save a very ploddy, slow, viscous, boring, unexciting, bloodless, soulless, painfully slow film.

In addition, much of the movie is padding, making it fairly dull.

The plot is suspenseful, leaving ones eyes glued to the screen trying to anticipate what's going to occur next.

Wait for the endlessly repeated Lincoln/Booth episodes on the History Channel and save your money for something enlightening and exciting.

I enjoyed it and it got me thinking.

For those who aren't, such as myself, it's an interesting and intriguing story that unfolds pretty much as we expect it too.

Overall, because of these reasons and many intriguing facts and discoveries within the well constructed and organized movie, I enjoyed the movie and would rank it among one of the better Lincoln films, beating the outdated and hard to follow Lincoln films, including D.

If you are looking just for pure entertainment, it will probably bore you.

The whole film is suspenseful and captivating, making two hours pass like a breeze.

The film itself is riveting and the performances are Oscar worthy.

ts that took place after Lincoln's assassination, so it was fascinating to learn about this little-known (to me, anyway) historical event.

Pretentious self-annointed nobility.

The first is that I found some of this movie to be slow, which had me dozing off.

in the 1860s was a mix of the mundane, the great, and the shameful.

It is gripping and shows just about every human emotion good and bad.

The film has quite an exciting opening showing us the murder of President Lincoln and the aftermath.

Rated PG-13 for some violent content, this is a compelling drama which should be included in the American history portion of any high school curriculum.

This dramatic and intriguing movie surrounded the grief, pain, and anger of Lincoln's assassination.

But, it is still definitely worth watching and entertaining.

Still it is an interesting movie and worth seeing for history buffs but others might be bored.

Worth watching even if your not a Civil War buff .

Overall, an extremely enjoyable movie that will keep you watching even if, like me, you know the ending going in.

With fine performances, direction, and cinematography, The Conspirator is a gripping and important movie well worth seeing in theaters.

The development of the plot started out confusing and the viewer may not be able to comprehend all the characters introduced and their roles.

Disappointing, boring film .

The film starts off slow, with the build-up to Lincoln's assassination and is very well executed.

The movie sure as hell makes a compelling case for the injustice committed then and paints an ugly picture of the irresistible strength of the political power in the hands of men determined to apply expediency forsaking justice, the mark of tyrannical rule by any other description.

fascinating history B-side .

Amazing film that portrays events after Lincoln's passing in an intriguing way .