The Constant Gardener (2005) - Drama, Mystery, Romance

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A widower is determined to get to the bottom of a potentially explosive secret involving his wife's murder, big business, and corporate corruption.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Fernando Meirelles
Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 136 out of 581 found boring (23.4%)

One-line Reviews (468)

The development of their romantic relationship is given short shrift for the sake of the movie's time-bouncing structure, but this is not due to the lead actors who are quite compelling.

I should have known what I was in for when I saw that it was "critically acclaimed" - translation - boring....

This movie tells a story much in the manner of many of his great novels (exotic places, interesting people, backstabbing etc.). Its no "The spy that came out of the cold", but as entertaining as "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and as twisty as "A small town in Germany".

Another thing is that the film is too long.

This leaves the details providing the only dramatic tension, which were slowly and painfully dragged out of the characters in a way which left the audience gasping for events to complete themselves.

However, the saving graces of the film were the astounding performances and the stunning photography.

Very suspenseful and well-acted.

The director gave equal camera-time to the native people and their true-to-life environments as he did to the sprawling, breathtaking landscape.

There were to many slow scenes and I found myself almost falling asleep in some parts of the film.


What a waste of time...

Simply stunning.

At the beginning of the film, Tessa weeps and rants about the decision to go to war with Iraq; we have the cliché of the "over-emotional" woman whose excess of feeling is supposed to chasten the buttoned-down conformity of the people around her.

Fiennes' subtle but intense projection of Justin's unfolding understanding of his wife's love, loyalty and compassion was believable and heartfelt.

Instead, the movie oddly throws out red herrings regarding Tessa's motives in the beginning , then lets the mystery fall down like a house of cards in the second half when man after man comes forward with vital exposition in comic-book banality.

It was dull, bland, very very confusing and above all, lifeless.

Overall Grade: Aa touching, exciting film shot with such beautiful creativity that it'd be a shame if people ignored it.

Just when the plot starts to build and you think something exciting is going to happen, it doesn't.

I enjoyed the movie, as a movie, but the leftist, anti Western, anti capitalist, contrived plot line is even extreme by Hollywood standards.

Passionate, Intense and moving political thriller that not only fulfills it duties perfectly as a great and passionate film.

The Constant Gardener is a complex and gripping adaptation of John Le Carre's novel of the same name, and it manages to keep you drawn in throughout its running time because of the phenomenal acting, beautiful cinematography, and brilliant direction.

There is a point where Justin receives some unexpected help in his quest and you may well look at the guy doing the helping and and find yourself asking, "Who are you again?

An intriguing character ends up saying he is changing his ways as he's about to die of cancer.

Dull, dull, super-dull!

Boring mess.

Though the story progresses on an impressive pace, the thrilling moments are lacking here.

The images of Africa are stunning.

The characters were all fairly one dimensional and the plot twists were predictable and uninspiring.

yawn yawn yawn .

Although heavily criticized in the media for its wordy pretentiousness and erroneous liberal agenda, The Constant Gardener is, in my opinion, one of the best and most gripping human dramas in recent years.

And on top of it all, the movie is visually stunning due to both its incredible shots of the African landscape which at times is haunting and unearthly and the gorgeous cinematography.

While Quayle was a bit of a bore, he was hardly an idiot.

If anyone's life actually occurs in such an obscure and disjointed manner, then the anti-depressants aren't doing their job (I mean the directors').

Classic example of good production, good concept, good ratings based on these two things, and utterly boring, uninspiring, pretentious execution.

it is predictable and it is broken...


The movie should be renamed "The Constantly Boring".

But of course, this is one of those "really gets good at the end" sort of movies where boring the audience to death is justified trying to build up suspense for a story that I found no redeeming value to.

Superb, entertaining and brilliantly well-made, The Constant Gardener is a piece of cinematic genius and should not be missed.

The wheels of the mechanism show and the audience gets impatient and bored.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a great romantic movie with great characters, or just an interesting and thrilling movie, or just to see great performances by actors at the top of their game.

The only award this film should win is an award for the most boring plot line dragged out over the longest period of time possible award

A thoroughly enjoyable film – 8/10.

It was slow, disjointed and wasn't sure exactly what it wanted to be.

THE CONSTANT GARDENER follows mundane, green-thumbed, low level diplomat Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes) from his move from Britain to Kenya.

Though the film stars two powerful actors in Fiennes and Weisz, it moves very slowly and is somewhat confusing particularly in the beginning.

And the confusion factor isn't helped by Meirelles's jittery, busy camera, that at times induces headaches with its refusal to slow down.

Despite the great acting performances by all, and the cinematography was excellent, I thought the editing and continuity was somewhat confusing in parts.

Steering a fine line between being a very sophisticated entertainment, in equal parts love story and gripping thriller, and political-cum-problem picture, Fernando Meirelles' quite superb "The Constant Gardener" is already chalking up as one of the ones to beat for this year's Best Picture Oscar.

She is quite an engaging actress; reminds me a lot of Kate Winslet .

Yes, it is as confusing as the new Medicare Part D program.

Very very slow, no action, no emotion and a story that just wasn't compelling at all.

It has a plot that becomes more dense by the moment, a couple whose relationship produces neither heat nor light, a self-indulgent director who feels compelled to strut his visual acumen every 5 minutes or so, and a maddening need to constantly show the leads happily walking among the African children just to make sure we don't, you know, miss the point that These People Are Being Exploited, For God's Sake!

Its just a collective shots of various events undergone through the main line of characters and some boring scenes which are only good for Novel.

A taut and gripping thriller.

I do realize that the film is a majority of dialogue in which I do fully respect, but it should of backed up those words and make some parts of the film entertaining.

We get a mystery that depends on so many people, the film has so many small characters we have to try and keep track of, and the conspiracy that is involved in the film is so convoluted and in the end it so mundane.

Passionate, great performances by the leads, stunning cinematography and abject poverty laid at your feet.

" This movie is BORING!!!!!

The most emotionally engaging moments are those where the camera focuses on the faces and the eyes of the local people, above all children, it seems impossible to help them, because too many and because there are such powerful interests in exploiting them that we feel powerless spectators of a daily, terrifying injustice.

Engaging .

Riveting .

This is a boring movie that I was looking forward to end.

An old uninteresting story with a new scene.

While not quite as powerful and engaging as its predecessor, Gardener nevertheless emerges as one of this year's very best films,Ralph Fiennes plays timid British diplomat Justin Quale, a man who spends his time tending his garden and delivering dull lectures, one of which is usurped by a lovely young spitfire named Tessa (Rachel Weisz).

The acting was good, especially by the two main leads, the cinematography was excellent just like in City of God, the barely any scenes that had excitement were entertaining, and the score was pretty well played.

This is a beautifully filmed picture but ever so boring!

The film has a great supporting cast and stunning views of Kenya.

The contrived art of this film proceeds throughout as the director does everything he can to fill time except tell us an interesting tale.

The story begins slowly but turns more and more interesting, intriguing and especially dramatic.

This was a horribly confusing script, compounded by the fact that half the actors mumbled their lines in heavy accents.

Meirelles captures Africa with cameras that a re quick; intelligent, stunning.

I couldn't/wouldn't reach the end, too predictable to bother.

It seemed such a waste of money to employ good, expensive actors, travel around the world to film to fabulous locations and then film several important scenes using a hand-held camera in the hands of a tipsy trainee cameraman who had set the camera on 'zoom in' and didn't know how to zoom out.

I really wanted to find out more about what motivated these characters but the cinematography and plodding script took over to sink it.

It dragged on.

This movie was extremely boring with hardly any plot.

One example where the movie is more enjoyable than the book ( Or is it I have lost interest in fictions?


Well worth watching .

Are those irrelevant lenghtening & boring scenes deliberately planted to mold a better quality movie ?

Certain sequences could be much more suspenseful (it feels like we learn what the bad guys are up to much too early), and other moments that are meant to be suspenseful just feel contrived (such as when nomads decide to raid an obscure African village at the very moment Justin goes there in search of information).

Maybe it was the often verbose dialog, maybe it was the ridiculously slow pacing.

At the risk of sounding like a boring old fogey, I would say that The Constant Gardener is the best movie seen so far in 2005.

Of some interest but generally rather confusing .

Screenplay writer Jeffrey Caine does a terrific job as firmly establishing their relationship, how they met, their quick marriage and their love and respect for each other to truly understand Quayle's intense mission to finish his wife's wishes.

But this one truly was touching, memorable and thoroughly absorbing.

A Slow Paced Documentary .

That is really worth the watch...

pretentious Greenpeace/UNICEF propaganda .

A British diplomat, who, as the beginning suggests has spend his life giving boring lectures suddenly is able to elude the government and make trips from kenya to London to europe to again some place in Africa.

I already feel like I need to see it again before I completely form my opinion, but only because I thought it was confusing and distracting the first time through, not because I feel like a second viewing will reveal it to be a richer film.

Most Every Aspect is Fantastic, yet it Manages to be Boring .

However, it does drag a little bit at times and can get a tad boring, and if you don't pay full attention, you might miss something.

Effective and probing,if perhaps a tad confusing .

Propaganda Film .

The movie is well worth the watch and is more contemporary and hard-hitting than another great movie that deals with "whistle-blowing" The Insider.

It's one of the most exciting and colorful on-location movies I've ever seen.

The film apart from the bad story is just plain slow.

Boring,ultra boring boring boring boring In the end it was boring

Movies done in flashbacks have to really hold your interest, because when you're not watching a story develop, and you're subconsciously putting the pieces together, it's got to be engaging.

This leads to an insufferably boring and overlong second half.

Their combination of compelling characters and stories with courageous dissent makes for quality films and much needed activism.

" It's also relatively dull - despite Weisz' performance being amazing and electric, Fiennes is a gray blob of blah.

No anti-western and anti-business cliché is omitted, and they are trotted out in a monotonously predictable fashion.

The Constant Gardener, is boring and I didn't care about any of the characters, the film has a really bad pace which starts off really slow and tries to build up steam near the end but it never really works, the film often felt flat and like it had no emotions, the direction is blurry and muddled, the film is also confusing and frustrating and the movie runs on for way too long.

But after you found out what the story is all about they really try to make you bored.

Most of this is attributed to the awe inspiring scenery shots of the African countryside and the shots of decrepit villages.

Stunning .

One "Constant Gardener" is a ham-handed propaganda flick that wants you to believe that Africa's biggest problem is Mafia-like pharmaceutical companies.

The film makes gripping, if rather uncomfortable viewing, not least because it leaves a rather queasy feeling caused by a ring of truth in the narrative.

Fiennes is a career British diplomat who marries a clichéd Noble Radical (Rachel Weisz, doing her best in a pretty uninteresting role).

Fiennes carries Le Carré's spirit with a slow-burning performance that operates on two fronts: As a powerful indictment of third-world abuses by pharmaceutical companies, and as a widower's moving investigation into his shattered relationship.

then suddenly formulaic "african" music pops up in the score (so they think we don't know we're in Africa?

The story moves along slower than slow and watching paint dry on the wall is more interesting.

As someone who is not familiar with the novel upon which the film was based, THE CONSTANT GARDENER was an entertaining, sublime journey, a magnificent film in both production value (great cinematography) as well as brilliant performances by Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz (in a pregnant/fat suit no less!

Instead it is one of the most thought-provoking, gripping and convincing films of the year.

Both of my friends fell asleep and during one of the thirteen million times I decided to look around the theater because I was so bored, I noticed everyone pretty much felt the same way.

Even his scene of intense emotion where he begins to break down and cry seems false and forced.

I left the theater saying to myself "Who cares?

However, I felt the continuity (and editing) sometimes added to my confusion over the time frame from Tessa's murder and the ending.

[*Very minor spoiler warning*] Oh and I remember this: when we follow Tessa in Africa, we are shown glimpses of some very intriguing African stage play, nice cinematic thing...

You feel his confusion and pain as he goes against difficult odds.

While the panoramic scenes of the African landscape were breathtaking, there was a starkly contrasting approach to the close-ups in the scenes in the city.

If you wait for it to come out on DVD, you will probably end up falling asleep on the sofa.

The director delivers a stunning sophomore attempt.

Weitz also does very well, but her character changes less in the screenplay than it does in the book, where her perseverance is gripping – in the film the evidence appears on a plate, not wrung out drop by drop from a corrupt and all-enveloping net of corporations and governments.

After awhile I just wanted this movie to end so I could leave the theater.

The photography and on-location filming in Kenya and elsewhere is absolutely stunning in and of itself.

The characterization is nicely done by the actors, but by golly it didn't take the two leads long to get into the sack, and really the whole interpersonal setup is rather glib and formulaic.

Fiennes' love for Weisz is drawn in so many clichés, and is so poorly sketched by the repetitive flashbacks, that we are left wondering why they were so interested in each other in the first place.

Despite all the praise, this is a very boring movie.

The story comes from the 2001 novel by reputed thriller writer John le Carre; direction is the work of the Brazilian Fernando Meirelles who gave us the stunning "City Of God"; the main roles are filled by Ralph Fiennes as Justine Quayle, the restrained, quintissentially British civil servant who would rather tend to his beloved plants than become too involved in political intrigue, and Rachel Weisz as Tessa, the passionate and mercurial political activist whom he marries almost without knowing her, both giving naturalistic performances that involve an element of improvisation; and then we have first rate support performances from Danny Huston as Justin's colleague who is also mesmerised by Tessa and Bill Nighy as the reptilian senior mandarin who wants to keep his garden free of weeds.


Conclusion: a very good movie, albeit a little boring near the end, and a very thought provoking political thriller.

The stunning direction of Fernando Meirelles and the cinematography of Cesar Charlone make brilliant use of the various locations and Alberto Iglesias's haunting music complements it perfectly.

Very uninteresting subject.

this movie is a prime example of Hollywood taking a movie with a great premise and top notch actors, and turning it into a formulaic money making machine, completely devoid of any substance.

The LeCarre story was always very slow moving, and not the stuff of adventureware.

Meirelles captures both the suffocating stifle of British politics and the breathtaking majesty and poverty of Kenya with uncanny skill.

The approach and work with which the truth of the companies in the film was brought forward in the end, also seemed dull because the protagonist every 10 minutes was emotionally disturbed.

The script, again, is intelligent, but more confusing than it needs to be.

The gripping story, adapted by Jeffrey Caine from John Le Carre's novel, takes the viewer through several areas of Africa and Europe, spectacularly filmed (particularly the final scenes).

The starkly beautiful African landscape provides a breathtaking backdrop for much of the film's action, and César Charlone's exquisite cinematography captures this perfectly.

The relationship between Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz (a deserving Oscar contender) is credibly developed, the double investigation undeniably gripping, but the socio-political emphasis is a matter of taste as it all felt rather dreary to me.

The landscape scenes are great and even more stunning are the local township scenes with lots of presumably local extras.

Granted, the plot slowly gathers steam but you'll have to stay awake long enough for that to eventually pay dividends.

The outstanding performances alone of go-to epic film protagonist Fiennes and the stunning Weisz license the film to address these complex issues.

I expected a suspenseful, "gritty" (another word I don't like), violent British drama, replete with interesting multifaceted characters… something like Layer Cake or The Lime or something by Guy Ritchie.

There are no plot twists, no startling denouements, nothing even mildly surprising.

Don't get me wrong, I do like complex plots and movies but this movie was deliberately confusing.

It's a great and compelling screenplay, based on one of John Le Carrés bestsellers.

Ralph Fiennes captures the exterior cool and interior fire of Quayle that motivates his intense politicization toward his wife's causes, the primary one being the purported abuses by multinational pharmaceutical companies testing radical experimental drug on unsuspecting Africans who are willing to receive free treatments.

The music seemed to make this movie drag on and on, it was slow even in the very few action scenes.

Those Left-Wing Anti-Capitalist, Attacking Big-Pharma, using Film as Propaganda to Support Their Socialistic Agenda.

I'm sure the teen crowd would say its slow and boring since there are no explosions and girls in bikinis.


I do like Ralph Fiennes as an actor but really found the story too confusing to be able to appreciate in one go.

The screenplay was utterly disjointed, lacking in cohesion, and, at times, sense.

Fernando Meirelles proves what a fine director he is by telling a compelling story that works on numerous levels.

The subject matter here begs to be heard, and Meirelles has provided it with a compelling venue.

This was, by far THE WORST movie my friend and i have ever seen, i expect you are thinking what happened in it?

Unfortunately, the journey was just as boring as the actors chosen to play the lead roles.

Though I'm ambivalent about the film's Shakespearean ending, it doesn't detract from what is, overall, an exciting dramatic-thriller that importantly draws attention to a global crisis we must confront.

As a result, you are constantly reminded that you are watching a movie, which removes you from the thrilling experience this story is intended to evoke.

Wow, Rachel is awesome in the movie simply breathtaking .

Even though I am in to confusing stories such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I thought that "The Constant Gardener" did not explain much and made me thinking "What?!

It is also visually stunning with breathtaking shots.

Too bad the message is stuck in such a dull movie.

Saw it, and was bored.

Politics aside, this movie is gripping in all aspects.

Powerful and gripping film about Big Pharma in Africa .

Unfortunately, this movie, besides being boring, boring, boring, predictable, predictable, predictable, didactic, didactic, didactic made me not only wanting to throw up, but also throw my seat at the screen.

The characters were bland.

There are intense, "you-are-there" scenes inside crowded, crazed African cities.

But we also are swept into a maelstrom of feelings structurally, with warm flashbacks as an almost stream of consciousness memories, and through the colorful cinematography, with intense images of Africa as a crowded palette of brightly colored clothes, dark skin, parched land, bleached horizons contrasted with the lush British backyard gardens (an international symbol of imperial-era colonialism so the title is particularly layered).

The cinematography is stunning, the music evocative and the pace of the film perfect.

While it was slow, I think that was more because of my own mood than anything.

Extremely boring and predictable!!

The movie was cliché, even in death far worse things happen to the poor black Africans and the African actors.

The Bore .


Each character spoke in a continuous monotone, in a language which I assume was the screen writers idea of how diplomats and aid workers speak to each other.

The film seems to labour under the delusion that it's characters are essentially interesting, and that we may enjoy this tedious romance.

It was definitely the most boring film I have seen this year and I watch a lot of films...

Starting off ahead of where it eventually takes you was very confusing - I usually can keep up with plots (even with flashbacks and such).

and I thought it made the experience of seeing the movie so much more enjoyable.

Very disappointed with it and probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

Very personal film; open to receive the viewer and calm him with sad images, with riveting stories, with the human flare.

The political propaganda scenes are an embarrassment.

Overall this was a perfect film all-around, very entertaining.

Riveting, entertaining, and thought-provoking .

Preachy bore .

So finally, a small plot is stretched too much that the out come is a boring life less flick which was trying to attempt itself to be an Epic Saga.

Maybe it's just me and my cold-hearted, isolationist self, but I struggled to empathize until the more intense and quicker paced end scenes, and therefore my interest was lukewarm for most of the film.

I also felt that certain parts of the movie were contrived.

Slow paced and Boring .

boring .

The characters are all rather predictable and two dimensional and flashbacks steal most of the chemistry that might have been developed.

A good dramatic flow through the film kept the plot going despite the slight confusion.

Meirelles takes full advantage of the bustling city and the near-empty desert, not to mention the flamingos.

To have a good thriller you need to have it be thrilling and suspenseful plus to make you think.

Instead I was preached to and bombarded with a dull story line and boring characters.

I can get better thrills watching the evening news - actually this was kind of like watching a long, drawn out, boring newscast.

The movie The Constant Gardener is truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Great performances and a fine script make this film engrossing and believable.

Cinematography: Awhy: Meirelles and Cesar Charlone combine a thrilling adventure with one of the most phenomenal displays of cinematography I've ever seen.

All in all, this is one of the best films I've seen in a long time, and I would highly recommend it.

This incredibly slow paced and never go anywhere movie was one of those unpalatable, get-me-out-of-this-theater-I'm-falling-asleep productions that my wife drags me to every now and then.

The director has done a superb job keeping the very complex storyline flowing and entertaining and at the same time slowly unfolding  the emotional diagram of the protagonist's state of mind.

It fashions a story that although is complex and refuses to be straightforward about what it's trying to say, contains essential beats and stunning performances from its actors.

The Constant Gardener was well worth watching.

Fiennes is well cast in the lead role, his distinctive 'bloody-swine' English monotone working well in the role, and he has a good support cast including Weiz and Bill Nighy.

Its flat and uninteresting story line, though, is what makes this film nothing special.

Sloppy, sloppy writing, badly contrived root conflict, extremely poor plot desperately trying to justify some cliché ridden feel-good leftist rants.

It was as self-indulgent as the worst of student films.

Meirelles has once again hired cinematographer Cesar Charlone and while their collaboration on "City of God" ended up with a film that was visually exciting to watch the same cannot be said here.

The cinematography was excellent, the scenery intriguing.

"The Constant Gardener" is a feast for those who are hungry for something more than typical cinematic monotone.

The Constant Gardener is a fine movie, sophisticated, but it turns a little bit confusing sometimes and a little bit obvious in others.

Fernando Meirelles, the director, stresses old-fashioned storytelling and takes full advantage of his cast's brilliance particularly Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz,who show great chemistry they skillfully capture the engaging romance between Justin and Tessa as shifting back and forth in time.

The cinematography is stunning and well thought-out.

The story is deep and engaging, and the dialogue is expertly written.

The Constant Gardener, however, is a breathtaking story that I've enjoyed very much since I saw it in theatres at probably too young an age.

As soon One plays the Movie, he or she shall struck immediately by a Deja Vu effect, a reminiscent of "The English Patient" which in turn was a massive boredom.

Fairly enjoyable movie .

Similarly, the pace may seem to lag at times, but this is merely because we are being drawn slowly into an absorbing thriller.

Forget about the pretentious narration (OK, we got He loved Her SOOOO MUCH after the second flashback...

I'm not too big on mysteries or thrillers myself, and I often find movies with this much plot entirely boring.

Expect a very non-linear and slow-moving story, one that takes you in one direction and yanks you 180 to the next.

The acting is lethargic and the ending is Small, disjointed and depressing.

Several hours of absolutely nothing, with a little medical tension thrown in to keep you from falling asleep.

In the tradition of films like "Silkwood", "Z" and" The Insider", the director of "City of God" takes the audience on a tense, suspenseful ride with characters who dare tell truth to power.

Uncomfortable viewing, but gripping .

This movie is definitely boring.

Yet, this subtly operatic premise is done in a rather bland and pedestrian way that fails to make us truly believe that Justin would be willing to go to such lengths for love.

Though the subject was enlightening, the movie was long and dull.

It's paced slower then the average Grisham or Ludlum (Jason Bourne) movies I've come to love.

The politics here are engaging and bound to stir up even the most complacent viewer.

The plot holds together, like an old-fashioned thriller should, but the tempo is slow.

Rather than offering the same contrived review that most people simply skim through, I am going to evaluate the movie based on several categories.

Still, the message about corporate corruption is an important one, and the skilled actors and interesting direction make "The Constant Gardener" well worth watching.

This movie is the kind of thriller that hasn't been seen since the 1970s: Smart, politically complex, cinematically adventurous, genuinely thrilling and even heartbreaking.

(A better film than this one-- at least it was entertaining).

Assuming the initial conspiracy and cover-up depicted in this film succeeded, the absolutely inevitable, intense, in-depth investigation of this literally fatally-flawed product that would have followed after it's widespread distribution and concomitant deaths would inevitably have brought the entire shaky house of cards down.

This was ridiculous, unbelievable and completely contrived Hollywood ending crap.

She is stunning as Tessa, who would change the world, one baby at a time.

The movie is very slow, with small amount of anti-climatic action.

I wanted a slow day and made a good choice of film.

Which if they did, the story could get real confusing and loosing focus of the point of the film which is the drug companies corruption.

What is her character (an outspoken, earth-mama activist) doing with Fiennes (a mild mannered, jobs-worth, puppet of the state bore)?

This is the worst movie I have seen in a long, long time.

Putting aside the breathtaking location shots and concentrating on the plot lines which kept me so enthralled - I wish I'd read the book before going to see it as everyone here is saying how it's better.

Bleeding Heart Propaganda Nonsense .

This is a mildly entertaining piece of fiction which takes some above average mental focus to keep up with the twisting plot and names and faces of the characters.

The slow peeling away of Weisz' obfuscations after she is murdered, the nagging suspicions of Fiennes about her fidelity, the deeper secrets she carried -- all these plot elements develop several meaty themes about intimate relationships.

The cinematography and photography are at times stark, other times breathtaking.

A word of warning however: If you're like many people I know, and dismiss movies simply for being "boring", this is not for you.

I was very bored with this movie and it did not keep my curiosity or interest at all.

It is lifeless and so drawn out and at times tedious.

I put it in and followed the boring plot easily.

The novel is politically aware, balanced, suspenseful.

Engrossing .

The rich metaphors and symbolism are extras that only add to the overall enjoyment of the compelling and very realistic, if sometimes sombre storyline.

Instead it was a dull shell over some very worth while points about the irresponsibility of corporate power.

Evocative,sensible music for nominated Alberto Iglesias(Pedro Almodovar's usual musician) and appropriately cinematography by Cesar Charlone(Merielles' habitual cameraman).

Stunning to say the least.

I felt that a lot of scenes of the movie were intentionally presented in a manner confusing to the viewer, as seen from Justin's point of view, unclear of Tessa's nature and motivations.

It's really pretty clear from the beginning of the movie that the pace was a lot slower than I was expecting, and there was bags of style as well as some superbly natural acting.

It's worth watching too.

The Constant Gardener is entertaining and intelligent thriller cum love story.

The Constant Gardener, however, manages to be thought-provoking - without resorting to propaganda - in what is a very controversial area for debate (especially in light of the impending avian 'flu pandemic), and still maintains an outwardly entertaining backdrop for the themes it seeks to explore.

One of the most intriguing things about "The Constant Gardener" is the relationship between Tessa and Justin, or rather Justin's love for Tessa.


I truly laughed at how boring it really was.

With it's African setting, (stunning photography by Cesar Charlone) and Ralph Fiennes heading the cast, comparisons are already being made with "The English Patient", though the film's closest antecedents remain the films of Costa-Gavras, in particular "Missing" and "Z".

Sure, there's a lot of suspense in this gripping adaptation of John Le Carré's bestseller, as we follow English diplomat Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes) on his quest: to uncover the truth behind his wife's (Rachel Weisz) death.

Although I was a bit put off by the large-scale project of Tessa, it was still rather thrilling to see just how much one person could do (theoretically).

In summary, this film has a lot to say and spans several genres but manages to compact it all into a coherent and compelling two hours.

It is so slow and i found the characters unbelievable.

To sum up - a plodding attempt to tug the heart-strings that doesn't really work, spoilt by dodgy camera work and so-so performances from the leading actors.

What I was expecting was a "first rate spy game" and "Riveting!

"The Constant Gardener" is a remarkable achievement, a film that sets out to achieve some goals and ends up succeeding by meeting unexpected ones.

I thought this movie was pointless and cheap.

The plot is muddled, and it's hard to follow.

I found the last half of the movie far more interesting than the first but it still unfolds at a very slow speed and although beautifully filmed in Kenya the setting doesn't change much so it makes for a little less interesting.

Constant Gardener was a relatively smart movie, but it's probably one of the slowest movies you will ever see - from now until the day you die.

In that film, no one dies, yet it is compelling and fascinating despite being about a fairly idiosyncratic topic.

Well I was wrong this was a long tedious study of an incredibly artificial Ralph Fiennes (I usually think the world of him, not here)...

Tedious and smug.

The direction was way too artsy, too much camera shaking and swinging, and why, why, why do filmmakers think showing a computer screen on the film screen works?

And he has mixed in some really banal shots.

And I was fairly bored during most of The Constant Gardener.

An intriguing premise, surely; a thriller that, underneath the surface, is really a romance.

All of seven people were in the theater with me on the night after the movie opened, and four of them fell asleep.

So there exists Documentation of the Type of Thing found in this "Left-Wing Propaganda".

Despite these gripes, though, the film was ultimately worth watching.

This stunning film is filmed on location in Kenya and London, England.

Worth Watching ...

Otherwise, I highly recommend it.

I just had to watch this film for the cast and overall I enjoyed it.

The love story was so uneventful that I would rather have cut out the first half hour, opened the movie up with her funeral and moved forward from there.

This movie is nothing exceptional in my book anyway, but it was fairly entertaining.

Both of these films feature British diplomats who are serious, somewhat stodgy characters, attracted to and subsequently winning their conquests; both have radical heroines (in one case a lover, in the next, a wife); both diplomats end up having their careers greatly affected by the leftist activities of their partners; both feature Bill Nighy as a diplomat--in the primary role of in The Girl in the Café and in a supporting role in The Constant Gardener; both are about social injustice and extreme poverty; both are movies coming out of Britain at approximately the same time period (the British film industry does not create so great a number of films each year that the closeness in plot outline will go unnoticed.

As Confusing as Medicare Part D Describes "Constant Gardener" .

Everybody talked so inaudibly it made everything worse and more confusing.

Every time it felt as though it would get interesting, it suddenly became really boring again.

Preacy, dull, boring character.

The truly haunting music is matched by the compelling story in Jeffrey Caine's powerful adaptation of the Le Carré novel.

An awful, unoriginal, pretentious waste of 3 hours.

The cinematography is abhorrent; grainy, with color tones hybridized from Salvador Dali and leftovers from a food fight, and the now familiar tedious, trendy jerky camera movements of a palsy victim.

A beautiful young woman, Tessa Quayle, with a scintillating and irresistible personality, dazzling intellect, unflinching courage, and undaunted dedication to fighting a vast conspiracy between cross-national governments and a collusion of pharmaceutical companies to exploit impoverished Africans for multi-billion-dollar profits sets the stage for an absolutely compelling cinematic drama.

This movie was stunning.

So be prepared to waste two hours of your life if you rent this.

The scene was uncalled for, and unnecessary, in my opinion, like the two scenes where the hero gets help from 2 unexpected sources.

in my opinion this film is only worth watching due to Ralph Fiennes who gives an outstanding performance as a betrayed, hurt and trapped man who gives everything for the woman he loves.

In the tradition of "Z," "All the President's Men" and "The Quiet American," "The Constant Gardener" is a political message movie that comes packaged as a taut, gripping whodunit.

Fernando Mereilles, the Brazilian filmmaker behind 2002's breathtaking City of God, returns to theaters with a brilliant adaptation of John Le Carre's novel, The Constant Gardener.

The direction of THE CONSTANT GARDNER by Fernando Meirelles is fascinating.

It was long, boring and had such a fizzle of a payoff that I would have felt cheated if I hadn't given up hope for this mess long before the ending.

What a boring, stupid, awful mess.

She brazenly interrogates industry allies at diplomatic functions, keeps company with a rabble-rousing African doctor/activist, and generally sticks her uppity bleeding heart where it is definitely not wanted.

One of the most boring movies the planet earth has ever witnessed.

but enjoyable?

The plot, for lack of a better word, was tedious and specious at best.

I enjoy interesting camera effects which move the story along,and at first, I thought it was an creative way to handle the beginning of the film involving the flashback sequences, but this style of camera work took over all aspects of the film making it ultimately for me unwatchable.

But they do, and they both give riveting performances.

To try and pick the pace up, a few car/horse chases are thrown in to make up for the previous hour and a bit's plodding.

Also, some of the movie was confusing because there was no obvious demarcation between past and present.

Ralph Fiennes fits perfectly in the role of the calm Justin Quayle; the evolution of the versatile Rachel Weisz in her career is amazing and she has a stunning performance in the role of a passionate activist; and the Brazilian Fernando Meirelles, in his first work after "Cidade de Deus", uses the same style, with a work of camera that looks like a documentary.

Constantly Riveting .

WELL, this movie is just as long and it's more boring than Andy's movie!!

the flashbacks alternating with the present were confusing.

The drug trials in fact were killing an unexpected large number of subjects, and that fact was being hidden.

Ralph Fiennes owns the role of Justin and he takes you into the center this thrilling journey and into the center of his soul as well.

An absorbing story of loyalty and corruption, with flashbacks and memories featuring prominently in the film's structure, "The Constant Gardener" is a solid political thriller.

Gardener a great, big yawn .

Well written and suspenseful.

A boring movie that was split between being a romance and a mystery.

The Constantly Boring Gardener .

This film is worth watching, worth owning, and should be discussed with those who have seen it before.

While the love scenes themselves were dull and uninspired the performances of Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weiscz were incredible and were the only reasons why those scenes were watchable.

gripping and heartbreaking .

From here the story speeds along with twists and turns and the ending is unexpected.

The use hand held cameras, is overdone to the point of nausea ( it makes me feel sick) He presumable did it to create a "Fly on the wall docu" style to many scenes however for me it detracts and makes it hard to follow.

Confusing and poorly done...

Another reviewer described the film as predictable, but what I find most predictable about it is the indignant response it provoked from the brownshirts of the far right, with their tough, swaggering, manly Limbaugh-isms ("liberal crap," "left-wing propaganda," "smelly hippie").

I rate it as one of the worst waste of time movies I have ever seen.

Let the rich, uptight Brits work out their first world guilt on their own time and give us a compelling story about real folks.

I would like to thank you for this very dull afternoon of another horrible and boring movie.

Unluckily, the action results too much slow, which can make it sometimes boring, a greater rhythm would have made it more interesting, so it could have sent its message to more people.

Over-rated, cliché, downbeat, depressing, politically correct dud.

Maybe it's just not my cup of tea but I remember having the same feeling reading one of le Carre's novels (Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy): too much tedious detail.

Still wondering what was 'riveting' or 'thrilling' about the movie.

Terribly pretentious film .

Why go through the trouble of crafting such an intricate mystery, only to bungle it with a half hearted and empty ending.

I'm no fan of Rambo action crap, but if I had a choice between watching this slow movie or watching an action version I would clearly chose the action.

This is not my favourite movie genre, mainly because I don't like the sometimes dangerous mix between documentary intention and fiction, which may lead the entertaining element prevail over the documentary one.

It got boring and boring continuously.

That being said, I found this movie quite confusing and at times hard to follow.

At least I think that might be what it was about, as it was so boring I found myself nodding off to sleep more than once.

Dreamlike and compelling, the performances are dead-on.

As thrilling as gardening .

This movie is boring, boring, boring.

I did my part and walked out of the theater.

Don't waste the time .

Visually, the film is compelling, with many scenes of local deprivation contrasted with the comfortable lives of the diplomatic corps.

The views of the African landscape are stunning and I also fear that the shots of the slums in Nairobi are true to life.

At its heart this movie works best as a drama with thrilling elements.

The pacing is so slow I use it instead of a sleeping pill now.

In the latter case though, it was disappointing that the dialogue during this intense scene did not explain the nature of these attacks (who and why) to the audience.

To say that she dies is not to spoil the ending as this happens in the film's first scene: the story of their idyllic relationship, and the suspicious events leading up to her death, are then replayed for us, which is dull, as we already know where the story leads and the other details are all transparent clues for Fiennes' subsequent investigation.

It contains the ingredients for an epic tale like the English Patient, but is concentrated more towards the machinations and movement of a fast paced thriller like the Bourne Identity.

Incredibly boring and can only appeal to the most naive female audience.

A compelling love story, very original… and an intriguing drama with a flavor of reality… .

I was yawning too much to care.


A great and very entertaining film.

It is in fact extremely boring.

My only complaint, which others feel made the film edgy or exciting, was the hand-held camera shots, especially when Rachel and Ralph were at home, having sex, talking about Rachel's pregnancy, bath time, etc. I got this slightly irritating home video feeling, which bothered me.

There's something empty to his filmic style.

but all in all, THE CONSTANT GARDENER is worth watching.

The lady next to me was nodding off, and my partner and I yawning.

Boring and obvious .

It's completely contrived and embarrassing.

"The Constant Gardener" is a slow film, and it could have been very boring if Meirelles hadn't thought of the right cast members.

Rachel and Ralph deserve Oscar nominations at the very least for their brave, stunning, and subtle performances.

The movie is what you'd expect from Le Carré--gripping, powerful, and hard to predict.

Intriguing movie accompanied by great performances .

There was a stunned silence among the audience that left the theater.

This is movie is incredibly boring and illpercieved and I'll tell you why.

This concept is now a cliché sadly.

The cinematography and editing made the story more intense.

The confusing story made this Oscar nominated film as boring as can be .

A bit disjointed the movie "The Constant Gardener" jumps from the present to the past in a number of flashbacks that seem to come without warning.

Look how much work went into boring me.

Believe me, The Constant Gardener is a waste of time and money.

Fernando Meirelles has produced a compelling slow-burning film.

Boring piece of political crap.

The colours of Africa are what they are but their beauty cannot compensate for the artsy-fartsy cinematography, the jerky camera movements intended to create a documentary like atmosphere.

Slow to start, by the time "The Constant Gardener" begins to get going, you find yourself instantly hooked.

Thrilling adaptation of LeCarré's novel, and excellent performances from Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes.

This is what makes this film more exciting and thrilling to watch.

Slow, boring, predicable and preachy .

In a movie landscape inhabited by over rated "stars" and over priced special effects, how wonderful to sit through a gripping drama, based in reality, and one that assumes that the audience has an attention span longer than a nanosecond.

Her character develops and becomes even more compelling after she dies and we learn her secrets through expertly paced flashbacks.

Like "Hotel Rwanda," it takes a personal story and adds universal meaning to it, but in such a flat and formulaic way.

i found the story tedious and difficult to follow.

I thought it was dull and boring.

The footage of Africa is stunning and heartbreaking, and the plot twists will leave everyone on the edge of their seats.

It is not the type of film I usually watch, I am not too keen on overly political films, but the reviews of it had been so good I thought it must be worth watching.

He took a commercial screenplay and transformed it in a nervous and breathtaking trip through Africa.

It was very boring and obvious even before I came to the conclusion that it was a familiar plot and then once I did I had to strain to pay attention.

"Constant Gardener" is a moderately skillful, utterly predictable piece of left-wing propaganda, masquerading as "powerful drama".

The genre is a mixture between an exciting engaging political thriller and a tragic love story.

The film is slow and plodding.

While the diplomat keeps himself busy with the mundane government functions, his humanitarian wife uncovers a conspiracy of global proportions.

The concept may have been a good one to start with but I will never know because the film as delivered was predictable and just poor.

This movie is fascinating and intriguing!

A very intriguing first class mystery/thriller for the twenty first century, one of the year's best films.

Everything before that feels like a Law and Order episode mixed with cliché.

More like constant boredom...

The ending is pathetic and pointless.

the constant (bore of a) gardener .

In fact, I wonder if this is the new brainwashing for people to become politically bored and apathetic.

Her husband, Justin (Ralph Fiennes), of the British High Commission, is largely oblivious to Tessa's research, but her unexpected death incites him to follow her clues and uncover the truth.

Fiennes seemed dull and dumb to a fault.

This is a liberal propaganda movie, one of their worst.

Also, the camera work is at times a bit too artsy and jumpy.

One of the most boring movies the planet earth has ever witnessed.

You're left feeling empty every time and it's painful because you don't know how much more you can take.

This is a long, dull movie loaded with stereotypes and liberal propaganda.

They should have called it "Lost In Translation"; at least then bewildered viewers could leave the theater saying: "Well, at least it had an honest title.

This movie is heart wrenching and the soundtrack breathtaking.

"The Constant Gardener" is one of the most overrated films of the year, but it is still worth watching, to see how originality can be felt through the camera-work of a talented director.

) The story is told incrementally, as repetitive flashbacks and recollections add pieces to the puzzle.

Weisz was stunning, from her delivery of lines, her facial expressions right through to the scene where she was drying herself from a bath.

But Meirelles not only narrates a relevant issue in a morally faultless way without being preachy, he also does it in an entertaining and most skillful cinematographic manner.

Weak predictable liberal crap .

Engrossing story.....

Justin follows the trail and find out just how empty his life is without Tessa.

Even if a plot is predictable, if it's told in an entertaining manner, who cares?

If Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall were in The Constant Gardener, it would have undoubtedly be more exciting for the younger age demographic.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

"Constant Gardner" is a half-hearted attempt at leftist propaganda; you walk away with the feeling that they're not even trying anymore.

Don't waste you money on this one.

This is underlined by the presence of another man, Arnold Bluhm, the local medical doctor (Hubert Kounde) whose passion for serving his people translates into an intense relationship with Tess.

London seems very drab and rigid by comparison.

After some interesting plot twists and good suspenseful scenes, I was left with a hollow feeling at the end when the entire underpinning of the movie just falls apart.

Boring .

My personal favourite is the computer wiz kid (really a kid), impressive but surprisingly free of tedious exaggerations that you often see in similar roles.

The directing is also very good,and the scenery breathtaking.

Artsy-fartsy to the extreme and sure to be a huge hit with the Brie cheese and caviar club, nonetheless The Constant Gardener left this steak and potatoes man numb.

THis is boring boring boring bore.

Justin Quayle (Fiennes), is the stiff, seemingly predictable Ambassador to the British High Commission and Tess (Weisz), is a passionate investigative journalist.

Had a difficult time staying awake....

Simply stunning!.

Still, most of the film appears realistic, and the plot is fascinating.

both are a waste of time.

it can be a bit hard to follow,so you have to pay attention.

This is one of the most didactic, pretentious films I have seen in recent years.

Directed by Fernando Meirelles, the man behind the stunning visual drama "City of God," "Gardener" is a mixture of passion and mystery that is brought to life in only a way Meirelles can.

I am not saying this because Fernando Meirelles is Brazilian, but this is a truly breathtaking piece of work.

Tessa does her best outraged activist and rails on his boring speech to the point of driving out the rest of the audience.

I suppose The Constant Gardener could serve best of all as a piece of Scientology propaganda, promoting an evil side to the drugs companies.

these politically motivated movie directors waste good talent trying to score points with a microscopic segment of society, abandoning hope of appealing to the remainder (those that might actually fork over some money to see the film).

This film has nothing to do with Gardening, don't be mislead, (Two Words) BORING, UNFORTUNATE .

The Constant Gardener was very well acted, interesting, while the scenery was both realistic and, at times, breathtaking.