The Contract (2006) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A father and his son attempt to bring in an assassin to the authorities, but his dangerous associates have other plans.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Bruce Beresford
Stars: John Cusack, Morgan Freeman
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 38 out of 116 found boring (32.75%)

One-line Reviews (98)

The father and son troubled relationship cliché.

The thing is, few points disappoint this movie as solid enjoyable thriller.

to bore u to death .

Father and son on a cliff edge with the assassin bad guy behind them and NOTHING happens!

Let me count the ways: - That stupid cliché where the local cops and the FBI feud.

If you're looking to be entertained by a suspenseful and exciting plot, with manageable action, this is for you.

Then again their names were the only reason I picked this up, so maybe the studio's ploy worked, and it's actually their performances that saved it from being unwatchable.

The plot has more holes than Swiss cheese, the supporting cast makes a cigar store Indian look more lively (especially Freeman's cohorts, who are completely lame), and the ending was completely trite.

The acting in this movie is atrocious, the plot lame, and the actual filming style bland with a little sparkle once in a while.

I saw a lot of boring woodlands.

Every line can be guessed before it is spoken, and every characters' motivation comes into question at every predictable plot twist.

A dark twist of your trite Pleasantville family camping trip, into an thrilling adventure which includes grappling down a rainy cliff, hiking across a fickle moraine, and sharing a donut with FBI snobs from D.

)” There it is concisely; a predictable by the numbers thriller that went straight to DVD despite starring Morgan Freeman and John Cusack.

Clearly makes the film pointless from this stage on, if he shoots the prisoner the other villains will here it and then kill him.

The actual assassin/contract killer business is represented very limply indeed and is hardly the cut throat, excited world one might think it to be (Go check out 'Wanted' instead, which is also about assassins and stars Morgan Freeman, but unlike this film is actually good) - very uninspiring.

Absolutely uneventful.

Sequences that should be thrilling plod along at an almost leisurely pace.

A terribly pointless affair .

The word "bland" comes to mind when thinking about the majority of the film (including the music).

I barely understood he was a former cop until half way through the film, and it should have been better established that could kick butt too because through most of the film he just seemed like a school teacher holding a gun on a mobster and it was boring.

The contract is an entertaining film.

But it's more than fair to complain about the plodding predictability of a by-the-numbers scenario that, 30 years ago, might have served as the blueprint for a routine TV movie.

I've seen this sort of film and it is within the genre of what I call entertaining films.

Unfortunately the story was too cliché and predictable.

As I said, if you actually like movies, it might be worth watching just for that reason alone: to see how NOT to do this sort of thing.

The script is cliché ridden as well as unbelievable.

This is poorly written, cliché, and just more of the same rubbish we see all too often.

Well-cast, well-acted and more or less competently directed, but the plot and story are familiar and obvious; characters are poorly fleshed and illogically behaved; dialog is borderline acceptable; third act contains convenient, ludicrous, unsatisfying, and ultimately unwatchable developments.

"The Contract" is an entertaining flick whose plot is set up in the first 20 minutes and doesn't stray from it thereafter.

While the car careens into a remote, fast-moving stream, Carden struggles with the remaining marshal for possession of a firearm.

The Contract – once again bringing Morgan Freeman and Beresford together – is a formulaic, wooden (no pun intended, although the story is set largely in the forests of Washington state) and predictable action thriller.

This movie gets what it tries to achieves which is just being a 96 minutes entertaining action film nothing else.

This turkey is a total waste of time.


In short, a complete waste of time and talent.

And I will say that the movie is quite good and entertaining.

The Contract presents itself as an engaging action thriller with lots of twists.

Other than that, the plot is confusing or non-existent.

Zzzzzzzzz .

A cliché, I agree.

I expected more from Freeman, Cusack and Bruce Beresford, who directed the far more entertaining thriller Double Jeopardy.

I found a used copy of this film for $2 and I enjoyed it so much that I plan to upgrade to a Blu Ray version.

Seriously boring, uneventful and *definitely* unimaginative.

Adding to this some painfully weak crosses and double-crosses, the formulaic and contrived romance further on and some truly horrible acting by the support cast, one is truly left to wonder why this movie ever saw the green light in the first place.

Pic takes a familiar route with characters tainted by family strife or harbouring good hearts beneath bad exteriors, while the script tosses in mundane exchanges at frequent intervals.

The valleys and waterfalls are breathtaking.

There's hardly an empty calorie in sight in this old-fashioned, well-made thriller set against the backdrop of the stunning wilderness of Washinton state.

And then again, it was so predictable that she would wind up at the end of the movie the way she did, which make it kind of cheesy too.

It is so immensely boring to watch, over and over again in Hollywood productions, the hero pull it through against a superior force only because they cant think, shoot straight, finish their job etc./Simon

The cliché where the sniper misses and accidentally hits someone else.

This movie offered a mediocre plot line at best, bad attempts at humor delivered poorly, non-engaging characters and non-engaging character stories.

The dialog is so cliché it's bordering on cheesy; the little bit of nudity is so over the top gratuitous it annoyed me and added nothing to this film.

There are plenty of plot holes in this movie (such as cellphones not working, but the bad guy with a laptop can get wireless), and plenty of stupidity (John Cusack knocks over a bridge to slow down the bad guys, but there are easily-traversable rocks 10 feet below the bridge, so it's just a waste of time).

Considering this is a thriller, very few exciting things happen.

Cusack seemed bored too and didn't have his usual spark that he always has.

The filters/cgi were fairly bad too - making things look so surreal at times, one ended up wondering if they were in a studio or out in the woods - completely negating anything engaging as one's concentration was elsewhere.

Waste of Time.

Weak sub actors and their portrayals, the cliché donut eating cops, dumb security officers, the back packing stock broker who will loose his license for breaking a wooden bridge, having him shot in the flick to satisfy the audiences annoyance of this nerd, give me a break, saw that coming from a mile away.

Take a great cast that clearly took the roles since they are atypical then undercut them with an unremarkable script and unimaginative direction and you have this forgettable snoozer.

Yes, true, but also: The Contract..While adding new dimensions to the term predictable, and not without some hilarious unintentional comedy (the choppercrash), Contract sends the viewer on a journey following a trail filled with all the standard chase story- checklist items (Let's sabotage a bridge, lets almost die hanging from a steep cliff in a nasty storm, lets get rescued from this situation by the bad guy, lets portrayal the local police as a bunch of hicks).

" was a pretty entertaining line.

Cliché and poorly written .

Total waste of time - not entertaining at all.

And they make it well-worth watching the movie.

Bland .

nothing happens!

If Cliché = C than this film is C x 100 .

Very poorly written dialogue makes it unbearable...

"The Contract" is worth watching.

I found the first two-thirds of The Contract pretty enjoyable.

Good action, confusing plot, some interesting roles .

What I found most fascinating about this movie is that it was filmed in Bulgaria.

As cliché as they come .

The film is ultimately generic, bland, unengaging, and a waste of considerable talent.

Although I agree that this movie isn't anything new, it still fulfills its goal as an entertaining piece

To the viewer: Don't waste your time.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in over 5 years!

There's a car crash or two that'll really get your heart pumping, and there's a mishap with a helicopter that was stunning to watch, especially on Blu-ray (even better on a $1 Blu-ray).

After you buy it you can come back here & decide whether it's worth watching or just selling on ebay.

I loved it, enjoyed it, and gave it a solid 8.

When I saw the rating of this movie of 5.6 stars I thought that this had to be a very bad and boring film to have such a rate despite having very good actors (Freeman and Cusack), but after watching it I liked this film which I found entertaining.

An Enjoyable Film.

The plot is also very predictable and nothing much happens.

A plodding no thrills wilderness hunt type drama without a sense of purpose or suspense.

A facial injury indicates jeopardy, but does not really add to the characters' obstacle, and so it's kind of an empty gesture.

An obvious scenario from the moment you meet the characters, a really weak attempt at making the characters likable, a thin and predictable love interest, unbelievable situations (a cop tunred gym teacher can take out army trained pros?

A waste of time and money!

It all stays very predictable and leaves the audience somewhat indifferent.

The film is enjoyable for the fact it is centered on a recently captured man who is in charge of putting teams together to carry out high profile contract killings.

Really just very very boring the whole way through.

Entertaining .

Story is predictable.

And although, there are a few bumps in the thrill ride, they obtain the high adrenaline level almost every single time.

After 10 minutes (I'm already looking at the time on the DVD player) and some characters establishing their presence I was bored, thoughts started crossing my mind, thinking maybe I should wash those dinner dishes in the sink, wow when that happens you know you have a stinker of a movie.

This movie was a 96 minute cliché.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Including the always enjoyable performances of John Cusack and Morgen Freeman one should be in for a great ride.

The whole film feels drawn-out, actually, even with all of the helpful coincidences that facilitate the bad guys' search.