The Craft (1996) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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A newcomer to a Catholic prep high school falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft, and they all soon conjure up various spells and curses against those who anger them.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Andrew Fleming
Stars: Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 207 found boring (7.72%)

One-line Reviews (143)

It is a predictable cliché of a witch movie that fails to make a good impression.

They're deep, violent, and thrilling.

It's a crafty and magical film, which keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

through a series of exciting events that take place they realize that together as a foursome they are very powerful and possess great magical powers.

This predictable teen horror was made literally just before the genre became hot again with the success of SCREAM.

Highly enjoyable teen horror movie, with a morality play at it's core.

Very entertaining film, and has been good at putting a brighter light to all things Wicca.

It's a shame that this entertaining, likable thriller is held back from greatness by Robin Tunney's weak central performance.

A good, entertaining, intriguing movie with a punchy wrap-up, "The Craft" provides a fine showcase for its attractive young actresses and is overall worth a look.

It's a real intense piece of work, all four actresses did an excellent job.

The Craft is a visually stunning movie, with many hidden sub-plots.

Neve Cambpell was blooming back then, and her carreer certainly took her to some interesting film making which were all enjoyable.

Ah teen thriller movies: cliché-filled stories, pretty boys and girls casts and a thin plot.

The four attractive leads are the best thing about this movie, followed closely by the intriguing and interesting script and the fitting Special Effects.

I thought everything was handled very well and as I have hinted at already the performances are what make this film truly enjoyable, regardless of whether or not they're Oscar worthy portrayals.

but lead actress Robin Tunney is a bit too bland, and her character development from ordinary girl to reasonable witch to pathetic crybaby to super-tough power-wicca seems forced.

Excellent & highly original special effects, a good edgy performance by Balk compliments this smart fast paced film.

Entertaining .

Its only at the end she forgets that and ruins what was a fascinating piece of character development.

the movie is flawed but still enjoyable in a b-movie way.

It is one of the most dark, entertaining, and fun movies ever!

The Craft is a great and exciting movie nonetheless though, and of course after I saw it I had to get a hold of some other movies I looked up that had these actresses in it, because it was such a surprisingly wonderful film which had people who knew what they were working with and what kind of film they were making and just went with the flow.

The dialogue was flat, bland & totally forgettable.

Very entertaining .

I found it very entertaining.

It's too bad the story is so mundane.

Predictable cliché .

Otherwise, it's a waste of time.

What I can say is I have seen it several times and found it to be a good movie, both fascinating and enjoyable-also a bit scary at times-great special effects-also a great movie to watch in a group-anybody who hasn't seen this and is thinking of renting it should go for it-you will not be bored!

Making the hero so comparatively uninteresting is "The Craft's" biggest problem.

That element together with the fact that it offers a different (and at the time fresh) view on witchcraft and nature-oriented religions makes "The Craft" an interesting and entertaining movie.

The plot is highly entertaining; I really enjoyed the whole movie, since it shows that it's very bad to get into witchcraft.

i know that this does not stay truthful the occult, but for entertaining purposes this movie gets two thumbs up.

This is one of the main reasons why I like this movie so much, it features alternative beliefs rather than mainstream, boring spiritualities.

It's entertaining, no doubt.

I didn't like 'The Witches of Eastwick' very much, but thought 'The Craft' was surprisingly entertaining.

I remember trying to levitate people when I had my grade 6 sleep overs, and that just made it more exciting for me.

This movie really could go a lot further than it does, but it's still entertaining.

The movie, as far as horror movies go, was quite enjoyable and entertaining while maintaining a level of tension which was not relieved by the few spots of well-placed humor.

On the whole, 8 out of 10, and worth watching.

However, when Nancy starts using her power for evil and self-indulgence, it's up to Sarah to stop her.

The story and acting are engaging throughout, and the special effects are very good.

The main thing about this movie is that it is very entertaining and fun to watch.

"The Craft"- A cult-classic 90's horror flick that still entertains for the most part despite some major faults and a disjointed narrative.

I saw this and watched tonight because I missed it when I was younger and suffer from insomnia.

It's only a means of escapism but entertaining non the less.

However, when the original three abuse this power it is up to the new girl to stop them in a battle of magic which will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat!

Generally a fairly ordinary but entertaining film if you are in the mood and know what to expect.

Rather uninspired, but still entertaining witchcraft affair .

While this movie is relatively entertaining, is falls short of delivering a solid witch flick.

Is this movie anti-Wiccan propaganda?

The main merits are the pretty locations and some interesting lines about the nature and intended purpose of witchcraft, before it descends into predictable mayhem.

I'd recommend the film - it's deeper and less 'black and white, good and bad' than many films, but remains amusing, at times exciting and very pretty.

Faruiza Balk plays the genuinely creepy Nancy perfectly, while Neve Campbell is great as the shy and quiet Bonnie, and Rachel True is equally enjoyable as the tormented Rochelle.

Decent little story idea, but with a very bland leading actress that brings the movie down .

Conflict doesn't arise until the last twenty minutes, and it does so, it feels sloppy and contrived, (although I'll give a tad of credit for some genuine creepiness.

) This is still a reasonably entertaining film with some effective scenes, memorable imagery and good performances.

With the combination of memorable performances, intriguing special effects, an interesting story, and some very catchy and cool spells, The Craft is a must-see for anyone who's up for teens messing with the supernatural!

Entertaining enough .

Rather a waste, especially since the cast is so strong and the technical aspects so gripping.

Die hard fans of teen films and witchcraft films will like it, everyone else will be rather bored.

With THE CRAFT, Fleming and Peter Filardi managed to come up with a pretty fun pop-corn film and dug up a beautiful and fascinating cast of actresses.

i found it entertaining,creepy and amusing,for all the right reasons.

there's many other movies to see about that; but this is pretentious claptrap.

Deeper and more entertaining than it seems at first.

Don't waste your precious time on this one; there are many better movies out there.

Intense and tight.

It's a strange movie, it's entertaining to watch and the acting is pretty decent.

Its well worth the watch.

The morality play was predictable and shallow.

The other two just want their bad circumstances to be gone, and in one situation that results in unexpected and unwished for death.

How it's still entertaining; the effects don't dominate the story, the fact that Sarah has real telekinetic powers and the others are just wannabes is handled right, it never takes itself too seriously, and Robin Tunney and Fairuza Balk are both quite good.

The first half is enjoyable as a teen drama and the second half is OK in regards a dark occult thriller of sorts.

Yes, the film is a story of girls coming of age (despite being written and directed by men) and having magical abilities.

The story line is compelling and and does not get stale or overrated.

It's scary, suspenseful and fun.

A Suspenseful and Creepy Movie .

This movie is entertaining in many aspects and it has grown to be my favorite.

Slight but entertaining .

This is a very entertaining blend of supernatural thriller and teen movie.

It is a thrilling movie to watch.

Interesting and Entertaining Film .

Still its entertaining and, I think, one of the best films of its kind.

And for a use of CG that was kept to a minimum, exploiting special effects in a subtle, yet intriguing way, never turning the scenes into the ridiculousness that it could have been if it ended up looking like an annoying cartoon, I think it deserves one viewing.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Quite entertaining and the two main characters are well done though the other two are just there.

The cast was excellent and very entertaining and the story was fine...

'The Craft' knows it is not a masterpiece, but it is an entertaining film and handles the material even with some intelligence form time to time.

Enjoyable with great special effects .

Highly entertaining.


The special effects were seamless and overall I found myself, holding my breath waiting to see what would happen next, and a little laughter now and again makes the film worth watching.

I was a little disappointed by Robbin Tunney's role because she made the character seem a little bland and too ordinary.

The Craft is a creepy, suspenseful blend of the supernatural and teen drama that will captivate you.

This movie is magical, mystical and thrilling with a truckload of attitude.

And yet, it suffers a disjointed narrative and contrived scares that don't always hit home.

" It's also fun and entertaining, and lovely to look at in places.

Enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for an hour and a half.

For an enjoyable night in, rent this movie about the strange foursome you find in every high school the world over.

And that is precisely what will happen next, providing the audience with some of the most intense scenes.

Very entertaining flick about three young witches and how they make a pretty, innocent girl turn into the Occultism.

Crafty but predictable .

I enjoyed it back when it premiered on theaters.

It is never able to transport us into another world, but remains firmly stuck in the real world of a banal American high school, which just happens to be a high school where four girls have magical powers.

It is essentially a teen drama with a touch of supernatural horror that, while predictable in its storyline, feels fresh and original thanks to the interesting plot that Filardi creatively develops.

Hers was the most entertaining performance.

Things come down to a battle between her and nice girl Robin Tunney (who also appeared in the much more entertaining END OF DAYS), here sporting a silly-looking blonde wig.

I mean maybe its that The Craft is a predictable, tame movie that makes the movie so dull.

The comedy parts of the film are also well-done, and really lift an otherwise fairly dark and somewhat mildly depressing film to a more enjoyable level.

I found the film to be fairly tedious, even at a reasonably tight 97 minutes running time (although I perked up a bit when Neve Campbell entered the classroom in a tight white top!

I digress, The Craft is entertaining and obviously had some money on the spfx.

This kind of story could easily descend into a cheese fest but in this instance it's actually very well done, with a decidedly dark tone in its later parts, so it can definitely be taken seriously, with a final act full of creepy crawlies - snakes, scorpions, spiders, rats, etc. - and some genuinely effective atmosphere, leading to a reasonably intense confrontation between protagonist and antagonist.

All in all, a pretty good horror-comedy, with some solid lead characters and a thoroughly entertaining film experience.

The big action scene here, the final confrontation with the coven-members inside a large mansion, is quite entertaining and does offer up some big excitement along with the extraordinarily creepy sequence where almost everything in the house is covered with thousands of snakes or insects that must be crossed before heading to the final destination, is creepy, ingenious and really comes the closest to out-and-out horror.

Otherwise, it's an empty and shallow experience.

Tunney is fairly bland and doesn't have a great deal of character (or little ability to bring one out), making a rather empty lead.

It's fun to see if you like a-little-scary movies, and if you like witch-craft (in my opinion witch-craft is very cool, so I really enjoyed it!

This movie was dramatic, exciting, thrilling.

The pacing also becomes noticeably slower toward the end, and I have to say, although I've seen this several times and always enjoyed it, I lose a lot of my enjoyment when it starts really getting into thriller territory.

Not only that, it is entertaining and the cast is well chosen.

overall,the movie is a fun and thrilling 90 plus minutes.

To try to be impartial, this was actually quite enjoyable as far as occult films go, given that most of them are nonsense.

flawed but still enjoyable .

This movie did have it's low points (Like in the beginning with the whole snake thing), but it is well worth watching.

The effects are stunning and breath taking.

But it IS quite original and entertaining.

Neve Campbell (Wild Things, Scream 1,2,3) is always worth watching and "Hot" is just not good enough to describe her.

Her portrayal of the outsider/out of towner is compelling.

Forget your knowledge of magic if you have any, and your preconceptions about teen movies, because this one is cool, dark, entertaining stuff.

Enjoyable with a botched ending .

Can I also say any film with Skeet Ulrich in it must be worth watching!!!

Pretty entertaining flick for a younger audience.

Enjoyable .

Co- screenwriter and director Andrew Fleming ("Bad Dreams", "Threesome", "Dick") gets engaging performances out of his star quartet, with Balk very much dominating the proceedings as a girl desperate to put her trailer trash existence behind her, and who ultimately becomes completely unhinged.

I think this film is enjoyable.

The thing I found most fascinating about the movie is the fact it does really hold your attention even when the film is plagued with some consistent and noticeable issues.

The movie is -at least in the first half- a good combination between a thriller and a comedy, in the end, all the comedy disappears, the atmosphere darkens and we get a fairly exciting thriller.

It's dry, plodding and silly, and it needs to be rethought.

Interesting also how you had the popular cliche, who were bad, against the gothic clique, who were also bad.

I saw it twice on TV, and it was just as enjoyable the second time, although a bit less scary, because I knew what's going to happen.

But the biggest problem with the Craft is that is has no story to work with.

so far, so predictable.

A fun and suspenseful witch flick .