The Crawling Hand (1963) - Horror, Sci-Fi

Hohum Score



The hand of a dead astronaut comes crawling back from the grave to strangle the living

Director: Herbert L. Strock
Stars: Peter Breck, Kent Taylor
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 7 out of 31 found boring (22.58%)

One-line Reviews (17)

We have what could easily be 30 or 60 minutes stretched out to 90 minutes, which only does one thing: causes intense boredom.

Once again we have a movie where victims seem to be so slow, they can be captured by something that takes a week to go across a room.

There are some long, slow scenes, and then some weird bit with some cats who attack the crawling astronaut hand and eat it or something.

As cool as that sounds the movie is rather dull.

Very entertaining in that regard.

It's got enough absurdity at times to make it diverting, but the whole premise is boringly handled by director Herbert L.

The surprising thing about the film is that as bad as it obviously is, it is totally entertaining!

Getting back to the dull movie, two teenagers are out ofr a walk on the beach and find what's left of the astronaut.

Despite the inherent goofiness of the story, the presence of Alan Hale, jr, and the typical trappings of the mid-fifties teen sci-fi horror movie, this manages to inject some nice moments into the otherwise dull tale.

That tongue-in-cheek commentary goes perfect with this wonderfully dreadful science fiction/horror turkey that really goes arm in arm with some of the worst movies ever made.

Today it can't be helped that it's all very tacky, and despite an attempt at a shocking climax at a junkyard, where cats are the ones who really can get the most credit in doing the most damage, its a tacky sci-fi B movie in a mostly dull kind of way.

It's a wonder if this could be made entertaining at all...

Also, cats munching on human flesh really made this film more enjoyable.

Strock, extremely variable acting, shoddy (far from) special effects, leaden pacing, talky script, meandering narrative, static cinematography, and a numbing surplus of tedious filler all confirm this honey's shabby status as a real four star stinkeroonie.

The lame "The Crawling Hand" is so awful that becomes very entertaining and even a cult movie.

it is a snoozer.

A: You get "The Crawling Hand", and what an enjoyable mess it is.