The Cruise (1998) - Documentary

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Affectionate portrait of Tim "Speed" Levitch, a tour guide for Manhattan's Gray Line double-decker buses. He talks fast, is in love with the city, and dispenses historical facts, ...

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Bennett Miller
Stars: Timothy 'Speed' Levitch, undefined
Length: 76 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 6 out of 28 found boring (21.42%)

One-line Reviews (21)

Not only is he quite extraordinarily intelligent, but he has a very unusual perspective and form of delivery that is extremely engaging and fun to listen to.

Terrible, Worst movie ever .

Levitch is absolutely fascinating, and the filmmakers have brought this to the surface.

The footage is breathtaking, hysterical, and sad all at the same time.

An exhilarating portrait of a fascinating man.

Overall, "The Cruise" is an exhilarating portrait of one of the most fascinating men to ever walk the Earth that's both hysterical and poignant.

Instead what you get is a pretentious, annoying, self-indulgent, non-sensical, faggy monologue by the tour guide.

I guess I am getting bored with unambitious schlubs whining about the world and how much it sucks.

He mentions famous names and apartments in rapid fire succession, fascinating quotes, and interesting bizarre stories that hurl at you so fast that the tour must seem like a trip into another universe.

The only interesting element of this documentary is to see if he can come up with something even more pretentious in the next scene - and he always does.

This is probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

It just seems trite to me at this point.

relentlessly pretentious .

There were several moments that were amusing and artistic (several comments on the tour bus; spinning in between the Twin Towers), but overall I found it to be annoying and pretentious.

This film gives a breathtaking look into the life and insights (these terms seem bland when referring to speed levitch) of a person who seems at peace and in turmoil all at once - and absolutely reveling in it.

Is he boring?

The world's worst movie.

Levitch is just as fascinating on his bus tour, speaking with a vast knowledge of NYC at a pace that demonstrates his nickname, "speed," perfectly.

Very entertaining with enough "truth" and quirkiness to generate like from most any crowd.

This movie is just fascinating to me.

Still, I got a bit restless and bored by the not-so-brilliant after all chatter.