The Crush (1993) - Drama, Thriller

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A journalist becomes the unwanted center of attention for a 14-year-old girl, who proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Alan Shapiro
Stars: Cary Elwes, Alicia Silverstone
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 83 found boring (14.45%)

One-line Reviews (58)

Silverstone, in her first major film vehicle, proves sensitively capable for her young age in this uninteresting thriller that inheritedly reverses the gender frame when it comes to natural suspense.

The story might not be the most unpredictable you've come across, but it's engaging enough to keep you interested.

The Direction of the film is steady and fast paced.

Nick soon makes the acquaintance of the Forrester's 14-year-old daughter Adrian, a precocious gifted girl who develops an intense attraction to him.

The film's plot, while suspenseful, is full of contrivances.

His eyes tell he sort of expects permanent proof for his self-confidence, yet almost everything he experiences turns out so overwhelmingly unbelievable that he can't even decide if it's frightening, exciting, or just terribly puzzling.

Alicia Silverstone is amazing as always and is incredible here, she is incredibly gorgeous, extremely sexy, creepy was unpredictable, and really did some things in this movie that shocked me, this is her best performance in my opinion, as I would love to see her do a sequel to this!

I thought this thriller was very exciting and cool.

Again, the story is pretty formulaic but even so I thought it was still enjoyable.

The film has you on the edge of your seat as the plot unravels,and truths are discovered about sweet little Darian Forrester who is crazier than anyone thought.

This is every teenage girls dream come true, and every 30-something man's worst nightmare, maybeImagine an incredibly attractive, intriguing, intelligent man moves in partially in your lap.

As for the acting, well, and I'm not being biased, but Silverstone does give a good performance, whereas Rubin is pretty wooden and her character a tad confusing- she devolves from a Sharon Stone-esque vixen ("You new here?

This fine, enjoyable suspense thriller will be too violent for kiddies.

In Clueless of course she was a sweet, adorable and slightly empty-headed Valley Girl.

He actually goes into her home when it is empty to look for a photo he thinks she has taken.

The film itself is pretty bad but it's entertaining and well worth the 1hr 20mins it takes up.

The movie's not a masterpiece or anything, but it is a very entertaining movie, that you can watch if there's nothing better to do.

All the talking about "Wuthering Heights" is really boring and the only few action sequences are very tame.

Silverstone makes stunning debut.

job here with very good camera work, solid angles and keeping the film suspenseful and at a very fast pace!.

The plot is pretty much a rehash of Lolita, with the tables turned to provide mainstream cliché thriller, in the vein of films like The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

Overall, it's entertaining, not bad to check out, especially if you are a major Alicia Silverstone fan.

There weren't any plot twists, which kept the film from being truly suspenseful beyond the whole "WTF???

Admittedly, this character as written, has little depth beyond that of the victim, and although he played the role very well ,(his delivery was what kept the character from being TOTALLY boring)the plot line was simply too obvious...

The writing, story and characters at the most cliché I've ever seen them.

An awesome underrated thriller, that's really suspenseful in my opinion, with a solid story and a knockout performance from Alicia Silverstone.

A very thrilling movie with Alicia Silverstone playing a very smart girl.

Thrillers like "The Crush", in which a devilish individual destroys the life of anyone who gets in his/her way to achieving what he/she wants, were a dime a dozen in the early 90s ("The Hand That Rocks The Cradle", "The Temp", "Mother's Boys"), and this just more of the same, a very predictable affair.

Sexy and suspenseful...

Alicia Sliverstone was just stunning in her first performance.

This is yet another fancy-looking thriller that combines the success of Stanley Kubrick's "Lolita" with the typical 'lethal-beauty' premise of "Fatal Attraction", and the result is a very routine and forgettable chiller with depthless characters and predictable situations.

This is an awesome underrated thriller, that's really suspenseful in my opinion, with a solid story and a knockout performance from Alicia Silverstone!.

This sexy thriller is very much entertaining for the *wrong* reasons.

I can't bring myself to bring the word "good" out in front of those words in this sense, this movie was bad bad bad :(The characters in this movie were at times stupid, dull and drab (Cary Elwes) and at other times, other characters like Alicia Silverstone were absoulty fab.

The actors at least keep you glued into what's going on even though everything is pretty predictable unless you've never seen this type of film before.

This is one film which is guarenteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

He then walks into her bedroom -- will it be empty for long?

My adrenaline was rushing when Amy got stung by wasps.

This wacky movie is so bad, it is actually somewhat entertaining.

The Crush was one of those movies that I absolutely admired as a kid, I thought this movie was so awesome and intense… well, I was a kid, give me a little credit.

Nonetheless, this is quite an enjoyable flick if for no other reason than to analyze Nick's character and watch Cary Elwes' interesting delivery....

The film is cliche and predictable.

The story moves very slow and doesn't dare to go controversial.

" The first half is strong as a coming-of-age drama before transforming into the latter in the second half with its contrived thriller/horror mechanics.

To me "The Crush" would've worked better as a bittersweet coming of age drama, like the subplot of "Lifeguard," rather than a drama that morphs into thriller bordering on horror, like "Fatal Attraction.

She's gripping, believable and absolutely devilish in the role of little rich witch.

All in all, "The Crush" is entertaining if exploitative trash, and should never ever be taken too seriously.

It's slow at first.

Hmmm.. now I am bored.

This is an awesome underrated thriller, that's really suspenseful in my opinion, with a solid story and a knockout performance from Alicia Silverstone, and I say it's a must see!.

The compelling premise that tries to aim for Hitchcock discouragingly wears thin after the first run-through, and a shallow distinction is all that's left.

Entertaining in a bad way.

It has some many thrilling moments.

I don't want a crush on me if that's what it's like,Alicia Silverstone is a mind boggling delight to watch in this movie.

Decent enough, but very predictable .

It's very well written and made, and the finale is incredibly suspenseful and quite shocking in my opinion, plus Alicia's obsession with Elwe's character Nick was just plain creepy (especially when dedicated her whole room to him).

Predictable story that is generally delivered without anything original to say or do .

Sexy And Thrilling .