The Crying Game (1992) - Crime, Drama, Romance

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A British soldier kidnapped by IRA terrorists soon befriends one of his captors, who then becomes drawn into the soldier's world.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Neil Jordan
Stars: Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 161 found boring (10.55%)

One-line Reviews (115)

From the opening scene, the film blesses viewers with a dark, but gripping story and it moves at a very steady pace.

The screenplay, performances , and the overall direction by Neil Jordan earn solid praise, and make an awe inspiring film that stands above many films of its decade.

The calm and slow way of telling that's significant for the film, makes it perfect for Michael Rea as the sensitive reluctant IRA-volunteer.

The ease in which Neil Jordan lures us into contemporary London is fascinating and flawless.

Every time you think it should go one way, it goes the other, and the plot is just wildly unpredictable and twisted.

The Crying Game is a very powerful and unpredictable film that deserves the attention of many, and an intense thriller that delivers more than what moviegoers may bargain for.

Considering the monumental reputation this film had, it is surprisingly average, a very slow moving plot and with rather clunky and, at times, amateurish direction.

The film begins to start building at a good pace towards the last 10 minutes from here, and the last 10 minutes are great, tense, meaningful, and quite impressive in terms of editing and such, but so much of the middle of the film feels unnecessary and outdated, such as the music, humor, and the predictable "twist".

This gripping drama boasts some of powerhouse performances by a surprising cast and awe- spectacular writing that fuels it into one of the most inspiring and captivating romance flick that greatly defies expectations from the opening moments to the shocking twist that defines the final act.

Rea's performance alone makes this worth watching.

The plot is complex and engaging.

A slow building multi-layered original drama with beautiful moments and unexpected twists .

Every scene is repetitive in the second half and leads to a weird ending.

It was a remarkable experience because each time I became convinced I knew what the film was about I was wrong: the story, the characters, the dialogue, the cinematography took an unexpected turn and proceeded down a completely unanticipated path.

And the he/she/it character behaved like such a predictable bitch and this person's acting was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

This film is gloriously cast and directed to create a stunning environment of tension and mystery between the characters which is hardly dispelled even by the shocking plot twist, though some may refuse to look further.

It was entertaining.

It's worth watching.

Though the story is intriguing, the characters don't end up doing things that are strictly plot-driven.

So it gets off suddenly and it's pretty intriguing, before one man (who we soon learn is actually our main character) explains the situation directly to us.

Neil Jordan's Oscar-Winning Screenplay is Hard-Hitting & Engrossing.

The unfolding of the story is riveting.

Despite the strange and wandering nature of the film it remains strangely compelling throughout, supported by believable performances in all the major roles.

The Crying Game has incredibly poor pacing, with characters being given little back story, confusing, abrupt cuts between scenes, and important plot points being thrown in with little introduction.

The movie takes a ridged, unexpected turn, and the next time we see Fergus, he is living as a construction worker in London under a new name.

It is the compelling and quite different coupling that works the best and the other part seems to belong in another Film with another agenda.

The film goes from a political thriller to an intense character study.

This well known Film and its equally well known and at the time unexpected, explicit, and shocking scene, tries to be a dual Drama.

A Hard-Hitting, Engrossing Film, that also offers marvelous Direction, top-class Cinematography & flawless Performances!

Too bad the third act is so convoluted, and the final scene so banal, that a slight dissatisfaction clouds the overall result.

And along the way, there are great performances (Stephen Rea and Jaye Davidson, in particular), striking cinematography and engaging direction to its credit.

A gripping romantic tale with tests your expectations .

The emotional depth is stunning, despite the...

have created an utterly absorbing and memorable tale.

It may be a thriller, but the overall narrative construction defies cliché.

I found it engaging and sympathetic.

The dialogue was stilted and full of cliché after cliché.

A well-acted, slow-burning, suspenseful and original film .

While it is famously known for its unexpected twist (though something doesn't feel right all along, one wouldn't expect it happen and with such graphic display), there are a lot more interesting elements to keep the audience invested throughout its runtime.

The film again, is quite slow, and not very well written.

From here, the film gets rather predictable and unnecessarily slow for a little while.

Engrossing, from start to finish.

Suffice it to say that it has an intense, dangerous element, with forces at work that are utterly overwhelming.

With there being no mercy in sight - "The Crying Game" was shamelessly "trans"-formed (hint-hint) into a less-than-satisfying soap opera, where those trite, crass words "I love you" were only to be spoken with any real sincerity at the point of a gun....

I wouldn't waste my time with this one if I were you.

These cheap, sensationalistic tactics that were meant to surprise the audience quickly brought a fairly intriguing story that initially concerned IRA hostage-taking, and whatnot, to an absolute dead-halt.

Very enjoyable and clever film .

The twist that was so shocking in 1992, but today's standard is rather predictable (I won't go into further detail for spoiler purposes) what happens after that was where the beauty of the writing comes to fruition, it was too late for me by then.

However, when it abruptly ends, the plot then drags on and on with a tedious love story, the only original element of which is its unconventional sexuality.

Despite the many twists, the rather slow pace of telling the story and the sometimes disturbing content, this is really a very interesting and original movie that should be seen by everybody.

Even with quality acting and actors -- the thing develops at a snail's pace.

The film begins as an intense political thriller: IRA terrorist Fergus (Stephen Rea) is part of a plot to kidnap a black British soldier named Jody (Forest Whitaker, sporting his best British accent ever) in exchange for the freedom of several IRA members being held captive by the British military.

For me, though, the absolutely stunning, one of the very best debuts in the movie history was Jaye Davidson who had no movie experience.

Compelling Despite Fractured Narrative .

An enjoyable flick.

Yes, the movie is rather destrurbing, however, it raises issues of gender, sexuality, and relationships in a very intriguing way.

"The Crying Game" offers the usual flavor of Jordan, but also incorporates unexpected, ninety degree twists that change the pace of his story altogether.

I can't believe I sat through this lame, predictable, awful film.

The film then drifts along from this point and has a slightly predictable ending.

(A bit like a single intense episode of The Sopranos.

Unique and fascinating .

Filmmaking: From the outset it looks like a slow building drama while the brilliance lies in its writing which brings various themes, story arcs and characters with such smoothness that it takes time to realize that the course of the story has changed from time to time.

The pace is slow and characters' motivations change after each scene.

Forest Whitaker is fascinating as the cricket-loving soldier from Tottenham because, whilst he clearly has considerable insight into the significance of an individual's nature, its never entirely clear in his exchanges with Fergus, whether there's an element of manipulation involved.

"The Crying Game" remains engaging from start to finish due to superb performances and a well-developed story.

Taking him hostage, the terrorists hold him captive in their house deep in the woods while Ferguson (played by Stephen Rea), one of the members of the group forms an unexpected bond with Jody, much to the terrorist's dismay.

The overall acting was fine and the conversations between the hostage and the capturer were engaging.

They may have taken me out of the moment sometimes during the long stretches of emotional brooding, but it's the film's thrilling moments that makes the film such a treat.

What a waste of time and money.

I couldn't imagine what would happen next, and it is exciting.

Davidson was perhaps the most wooden and un-natural actor I've ever seen on screen - his happy, sad, drunk, murderous and suicidal were all delivered with the same emotionless deadpan monotone.

And the scenes set on the building site were similarly uninspiring and very studio looking.

This HAS to be one of the most boring and pointless films I have ever seen with a poor twist (which made the film interesting for like 5 seconds) and it all went downhill from there on.......

The pacing can be frustrating to some viewers who demand for a frenetic-driven story, but as it builds up to its shocking twist and the intense aftermath that follows it grows more and more cohesive to where the slow pacing succeeds to make sense.

For me it was a little distracting, but original and entertaining this movie definitely is.

I was just soooo bored there was no way that anything could happen to improve this crap!

Also a special mention goes to the bartender who plays an entertaining role.

This is where a lesser film would fall along predictable lines and tell some formula story of deception on the part of the soldier.

"The Crying Game" is absolutely compelling to watch because it's so different, so affecting and such a human story.

The casting is spot on, and the description of Northern Ireland and the passions, stupidities, confusions and human connections that run altogether to spawn a modern "terrorist" struggle ring true even in the most unexpected scenes.

Alot of things appeal to me about this film - the true friendship with Fergus and Jody, the enchanting accents, the humor, although it is very, very dry.

A Masterpiece of the Unexpected .

Looking back at The Crying Game after a quarter of a century from its cinema release, it still is an intriguing film.

Her obvious secret once uncovered makes her quite boring.

Which, frankly was pointless.

It is a moving and thrilling film, and you will be enthralled by the characters.

The unexpected.

Miranda Richardson was stunning as the vicious female terorrist, Jude, who tricks Stephen Rea with her beauty.

Forest Whitaker is quite engaging in what is arguably the best role he's demonstrated in his career.

Unusual, intriguing film...

I first saw this film about five years ago and thought it was dull pretentious nonsense.

The story meanders for a long time (with many rather pointless shots of a Jody bowling) both before and after the not so shocking reveal which I personally did not find that interesting.

That beginning was anything but entertaining, at least to me.

With both these movies the story itself is compelling enough.

A memorable advertising campaign generated intense public curiosity by asking audiences not to reveal the film's "secret" to their friends.

Then the movie takes again to yet another level as his IRA cronies come looking for Jimmy/Fergus and the movie becomes an exciting action movie.

It's still worth watching, and even you think you know what's coming, the way it's revealed will still take you by surprise.

It's a believable yet unpredictable story of people trying to turn their backs on violence and to find out who and what they really are.

Instead he wanted to make a movie about people faced with difficult and quite unexpected personal crises and show how they evolve, or fail to evolve, to cope with these challenges.

It's quite small scale with two distinct halves, both a slow burn to big payoffs.

" If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it, as long as you can view it maturely and not waiting for the "scene" to come up.

It has enough individual flaws and problems to perhaps nark many viewers (as it did me at times) but it somehow all hangs together and overall is actually and engaging film – although the more you think back over it the more you see the weaknesses and not the overall strengths.

Filmed on a shoestring budget, it was expected to go nowhere fast--and then became the most talked-about film of its year, alternately fascinating and outraging audiences and critics around the world, nominated for and winning numerous awards, and going on to become one of the top grossing films of its year.

Unlike most of the cinematic world, the real world is unpredictable, as is this movie.

Gentle but powerful in its handling, the acting is compelling, the direction is impeccable and the script is vivid.

I watched the film again tonight after so many years and enjoyed it just as much, the storyline is tight and the characters draw you in, as Jordan takes you down levels and levels into peoples' lives.

It lacked quite a bit, and the first forty minutes of the movie, are unbelievably slow.

Intriguing and Compelling.

I thought the film was ok, but a little boring and really about nothing.

It's a great story, full of unexpected twists and surprises and it has two outstanding performances by Stephen Rea and Jaye Davidson.

A slow building multi-layered original drama with beautiful moments and unexpected twists

This is the WORST movie I have ever seen!

Great writing, superb acting (all the actors are doing a great job: Forest Whitaker, the IRA terrorists, the barman, Dave the crazy guy, etc), engaging soundtrack and with something of a moral twist behind it.

Boring, pointless and on the whole a waste of time.

Whether the accent was good or bad, he still immersed himself fully into character and gave a tour-de-force like always.