The Curse of La Llorona (2019) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker and her own small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Michael Chaves
Stars: Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 64 out of 230 found boring (27.82%)

One-line Reviews (154)

Boring, unscary, worse than the nun, James just come back and write these movies, your universe is going stale without you.

That's only possible because the movie is, by and large, an utter bore.

Flat, boring and filled with clichés .

It was a waste of time and money

In addition, in all these different situations, the evil spirit always seems to have the right powers to get hold of its victims, which often also simply ends with a predictable jump scare.

It's not near as horrible as The Nun, and honestly, that's a good compliment for such a typical and cliche horror flick.

But, a few times, I was annoyed by the predictable script, especially this strange appetite for a sadistic play with her prey like a cat with a dying mouse, while La Llorona could easily get rid of these kids.

I enjoyed it.

Boring, predictable and even full of bad taste.

I enjoyed it, decent horror movie and would recommend it.

It does make up for it with a dark thrilling climax.

In summary, the films feels reductive, boring and silly, and cannot remember a single scary part on it.

Every single jumpscare is predictable.

Don't waste your money.

Dull .

Cliche bonanza in a boring snooze .

Enjoyed it very much!

No story at all.

Don't waste your time...!!!

This is what this great horror film does, it put you in the shoes of the family with a mother trying everything in her power to protect her children from an evil spirit, it gets intense and frightening and the tension builds up.

This horror movie not making me jump scare at all, very predictable and i'm get to used with the same evil makeup.

The jump scares are super predictable.

predictable and boring, if you like substance then stay away from this film!!

Its fine I guess, I never really was a fan of the conjuring series, but it was entertaining, I never got scared of it though, I really wish the movie was about the actual legend than about a forgettable family suffering from the legend, I laughed Amit in the movie theatre though, so it was worth it...

Another boring horror movie .

There's also a brief, entirely unnecessary flashback to explain these arbitrary connections to uninitiated audience members that's so ham-fisted, it's probably the most entertaining moment of the flick.

Even though every character in this movie makes questionable decisions that lead to avoidable events (something inevitable in horror films), Anna is a compelling and courageous woman, who only wants to do what's best for any children, not only their own.

It is creepy and formulaic.

Worth watching once.

Plot was boring the story didn't have a lot of sense.

what a boring movie - what a shame .

Really enjoyed it .

There are several long shots which are meant to build tension but just end up being dull.

Tears of boredom.

Don't waste your money on this like I did.

Rather than creating a generic and predictable story of an American family and their struggle with La Llorona, the screenwriters should have considered investing more time in proper research and creative writing.

There are a few nice shots, but on a whole the cinematography is uninteresting, not to mention the lighting.

Worst movie of 2019 so far .

Having scenes set up for a predictable jump scare which doesn't make it jump scare when you notice it coming.

Lack of plot.

Most predictable , unbelievable garbage!

Save your money .

Boring .

Playing out like an extended Supernatural episode-the film even makes use of "salt" lines-this an utterly predictable ghost story that misappropriates a Mexican folktale for popcorn fun.

As a Mexican, I know a lot of better versions to the legend and this movie felt a lot more like a bad cliche and following the stereotype of Mexican characters.

However, I still find this movie entertaining and a lot of fun to watch.

A create of Conjuring filmaker, but the curse still adapted equal with horror type even unexpected scene makes the film

The ending is predictable, just like EVERY other horror movie.

Bullet points, Nice fast paced, decent enough movie with alot of jump scares, Easter egg tie ins to The Conjuring universe, aswell as the production style.

The actual setup to this film is drawn out so much that the story gets dull.

Boring 😴 .

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

The set pieces felt repetitive.

I'm happy that as a horror film this was at least more entertaining than the utter disappointment that was Pet Sematary.

The route that the story goes is predictable.

Not scary, very dull and boring at even 95 minutes.

Only thing worth watching/ mentioning is the little girl in the movie.

Boring .

No originality, no plot and no fear for that matter.

It follows the same cliché in almost every supernatural horror movie.

Scared came off predictable and then wasn't I like that balance.

Personally the last few movies based in the conjuring universe have been really boring and I feel like there is a lack of substance.

I went into this movie with no background or trailer references l, so for myself it was entertaining and funny moments of laughter.

These are still heavy on the cliche of "character turning her head, big ugly monster face screams and the score goes from silence to screeching volume.

Some good scary scenes which will make you jump and also drawn out horror.

Worst Movie Ever.

We had rain and thunder outside, which was part of why I went in to see this movie, but I now understand that was only God feeding me boring "entertainment" to teach me a lesson about bringing an umbrella with at all times.

Even at running time 1 h 29 min it dragged and was a bit funny in a moments when it shouldn't have been.

Also I'm going on record to say this isn't apart of the Conjuring Universe, the only thing connected this movie to the conjuring is a throw away scene where the priest talks about Annabelle, which makes this more of a movie that happens to have a pointless advertisement for the Conjuring movie

Nevertheless, it's enjoyable.

A bland predictable horror movie that gets predictable and uninteresting.


No plot twists.

But the plot is an easy, predictable play with some cheapass jumpscares.

Don't waste your time .

because this was more of horror rather making a 2 hour slow as drama less horror Annabelle films i am tried of horror movies getting 2 hour slow pacing films just like Annabelle films witch i rather watch Conjuring movies and Nun and this more.

The Curse Of LloronaThis was just another formulaic "one-trick-pony" horror movie.

A classic and enjoyable horror flick for the fans.

) releases a relentless amount of jump scares that were both predictable and tamer than a domestic cat.

Not only the worst of the "Conjuring universe" movies, but also a really bland, tv-production variety effort.

I thought La Llorona was just okay but its about as cliche and predictable as you would expect.

He also delivers some effective and innovative jump scares, even though most of them still follow an annoyingly predictable timing.

Predictable scenarios.

Run-of-the-mill cliche horror with jump scares you see coming a mile off.

This was boring and predictable.

Cringe comedic-like acting, big background story with no significance to the climax/whole plot, and the mechanism of La Llorona in haunting, confusing me while been scared by many one-shot jumpscares that unable to increase the horror.

A dreadfully predictable film.

It was way too predictable .

There were two moments where a certain character trying to make a Joke in an intense moment, they joke kind of fell flat and didn't work.

The first half hour of the film is slow and boring.

Predictable scare scenes, the stupid action the kid does to mess it up, the curandero that fights the ghost outside the church.

There was so much opportunity to dig deeper into Mexican catholic superstitions but, they chose to settle on cheap cliche arms stretched out apparition.

Suspenseful from beginning to end.

Worst movie of the franchise.

This is boring, and I cannot recommend.

just like pointless franchise of Annabelle films no point of making franchise and first film was nothing it wasn't that scary, it wasn't full on horror, with Nun and La Llorona was full on horror a real horror movie.

Don't waste your time or money.

I have really enjoyed the conjuring series of films, but this film kept me on the edge of my seat.

but their is a lot of scary scenes in movie that was well made i liked it, it looked scary more intense of terrifying their is.

Predictable music, the window rolls down, the girl in the bath tub is targeted because they're all down stairs and she just wanders off to take a bath?!?

The children, terrified out of their minds, tell their mother that nothing happened after being attacked.

But it is definitely cliché.

I went here with my parents, they really liked it, it was very entertaining for us, very nice sfx, funny moments, the kids acting is amazing, the story is very well said, maybe its only problem was being linked to the conjuring universe, because everyone relates it to the nun, but this is way better than the nun which was veeeery boring, this had very nice shots with lots of tension.

Every cliché we have seen in all those films were combined in La Llorona.

Lackluster script by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis is only hindered by cliche-riddled direction by Michael Chaves.

It's uninteresting, boring and the plot is so thin.

The story development was very dull with expected jumpscares.


Boring & not scary at all.

A bit scary, a bit formulaic.

The script was also bland and cliche.

The story was also boring.. also la llorona could have been designed better to make it at least look more realistic :) .. one of the worst horror movies I've seen..

This is how much I was bored, I was noticing color gradients.

I literally walked out of this mess after 24 minutes.

Don't waste your time watching this trash.

There was one moment that was a little too predictable, which I think the audience will see coming.

In conclusion, this movie is a total failure, super boring and very predictable.

Formulaic rubbish .

Anyway, it is a nice one time watch movie with lots of thrilling & horror moments.

This film did a brilliant job with keeping you on the edge of your seat due to the long dragged out scenes with no sound at all, this made you nervous about what was going to happen as you dont know whats going to attack the family.

Downfalls for me were, The scares were very predictable As typical in most horror movies the responses from the actors to events going on around them was somewhat dumbfounding.

The characters (minus the fallen priest) were dull and uninteresting despite good performances, and the scares were scarce rather than scary.

The film does drag for the first half hour of the movie which can be a little boring.

It has a boring atmosphere and it doesn't scare you.

I highly recommended if you hated Nun or Annabelle boring or slow as those films if you didn't like them give this a try if your massive horror person it's totally worth it to check it out if you love full on horror this is it, watch it with your lights out if you ever watch it with your lights on it won't make sense at all because you will end up like chicken.

Frights are predictable and often uninteresting.

It might feel a little bit repetitive at times and plays out like a short film stretched out to a feature length film (best comparison I can give you is Lights Out, directed by David F.

And kind of boring.

The main issue is that it's boring, though.

Acting wasn't anything special to say the least, yet i liked Linda Cardellini's performance - she is the best thing about this boring and not scary flick.

Just bad, no suspense, no mystery, bad story and even predictable.

The film does lack in trying to be scary with a direction that is cliché like any other supernatural horror film.

Things that were just illogical and predictable.

Not a silly one but kind of scary and entertaining at the same time, do not listen to the bad reviews, got all of what you need to be on the edge of your seat.

Don't loss your money, don't waste your time.

One of the worst horrors i've ever watched It's very predictable and not scary at all.

This way the film also comes across as predictable, because you have seen most of the situations in the film better in other horror films.

This continues for quite a lot of the movie and it really made it hard to stay in the suspenseful mood the film was trying to achieve.

I enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable and very funny.

I felt as though I was sitting there for about 2 hours and half of that time I was fairly bored.

Well it served it's purpose, it was entertaining for an hour and a half.

These details just added greater understanding into why La llorona does what she does and the aftermath of this led for a very entertaining movie.

I found the setting of 1970s LA quite bland even though it shouldn't have been and the characters generally uninteresting including the monster.

I'd give it another chance if my Hispanic culture was given justice for this slow boring film.

The Curse of La Llorona cries itself to sleep with ineffective jump scares and a repetitive plot.

Predictable right from the bloody start.

I was falling asleep during the movie buy the dang Gritona kept waking me lol.

Yet, still manages to be the more entertaining entry into this prolonged franchise.

I found this intriguing though, because Anna is Caucasian.

Very Thrilling and Creepy .

Creepy Llorona but dragged down by a slow direction.

Though it picks up in the last act, this movie is rather dull.

boring and not compact plot make me sleepy .