The Curse of Oak Island (2014) - Documentary, Reality-TV

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Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers from Michigan with a life-long interest in the mystery of Oak Island, renew efforts to discover the legendary treasure with sophisticated machinery.

Stars: Robert Clotworthy, Marty Lagina
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 48 out of 170 found boring (28.23%)

One-line Reviews (91)

Maybe another producer will make a feature documentary and cut out all the excess, because it is a bit of a slow burner for a television show.

I have a feeling that the team actually already has figured the entire thing out, but simply wants to add another season for commercial purpose, only to come up empty handed.

What can be more intriguing than a possible mystery treasure buried under an intelligent construction on an island hundreds of years ago?

The concepts discussed in this show could be interesting, but they have managed to produce a show that is unbearable to watch.

Horribly slow, extremely repetitive, and so much speculation....

The story and possibilities are intriguing and cause you to wonder what could actually be found.

The guys on the show make it compelling to keep watching!

The show is great, the main people are entertaining, likeable and fun to watch.

How they could take this show from in the begining to being a terrific mystery must watch show to being unwatchable with the repetitive and going 4 steps backwards and 1 step forward not to mention the annoying speaker that makes me stop watching.

waste of time .

It is more boring than anything.

The characters on the show are likable and enjoyable to watch.

This show is insulting to my intelligence, annoying to the point of distraction and so repetitive that if you turned it into a drinking game, you'd be dead in the first 10 minutes!

The narration has gotten so outrageously predictable -- with its question-marked endings and constant hyped references to treasure, gold, Knights of the Templar (none of which even close to finding) -- that the show is now a burlesque.

The show is repetitive, and it drags on too much from episode to episode.

Totally feel robbed..what a waste of my time...

Nice entertainment but too slow and repetitive narrative .

My roommate watched this with wide eyes fascination and it bores me to no end.

In lieu of this over dramatic garbage, there must be something more mentally channeling than this waste of time and insult to ones intelligence.

Moonshiners is at least entertaining and it is on at the same time.

It's a plodding show at best with lots of talk and not a lot of action, great for say a man cave during a brake job since you're not likely to miss anything should you have to get up for a drink or crawl under the car.

What a waste of time.

the extremely repetitive and boring narrative kills what could be an amazing show.

Painfully slow, uninteresting, staged drivel.

Waste of time.

I've been watching this show since the very first episode of season one and it's been a very intriguing ride.

Please don't waste your time unless you failed science in high school and believe in pseudo-intellectual nonsense about "curses".

Watch the last episode of each season to save yourself from hours of long drawn out scene's with a lot of maybe, plenty of possibilities and even more 'could be' comments on lumps of wood and objects that might be nothing.


Great story, great characters, repetitive, irritating narriatuon .

But the repetitive curse, and over replayed graphics and story's grow so old I found myself fast forwarded so much just to try and get a nugget of excitement.....

I shall start off with the negative aspects of COOI: the show is slow and has obvious pacing issues as many others have said here.

This show is slow and develops nothing from start to finish, except sponsors' money.

Enduring endless repetitive nonsense, the insult of the endless commercials just make we think I'm being used and fooled.

Don't waste your time watching unless you enjoy disappointment.

Don't waste your time watching this show .

The story about the Brothers is also intriguing.

The story is that there was no story, historical research shows it is made up of nothing.

But it's gotten tedious.

A waste of time to write about this waste of time....

I used to like the show, but the brothers have made it so boring that nobody else has time to "meet in the war room".

I use to be intrigued but now getting bored after seeing the same clips week after week.

Great Mystery, really slow drawn out show .

Total waste of viewing time repeat Total waste of viewing time Commercial break and repeat Total waste of viewing time.

The answer is obvious; because nothing happened there to begin with.

I believe the people involved with the excavations are true believers in the potential, however the show itself is unwatchable.

Okay, some things are pretty hokey about this series -- the slow pace, the constant use of creepy music, the repetition of the theories about the way the Oak Island treasure came to be.

I would only recommend watching this show in bed if you are having trouble falling asleep!

" Contrived is the word I would use.

Interesting story destroyed by repetitive canned narration.

Just checked in on episode 1, season 2, and it is still moving along at a snail's pace.

It's An absolute waste of time.

Waste of Time .

Show is shameful waste of time .

A total waste of time.

If you can filter that out and can handle the slow pace, I think you'll really enjoy this show, because, again, this is a groundbreaking story.

Don't waste your time on this sorry excuse for a show, it spreads pseudo history, peddles conspiracy theories, flogs fake artifacts and is exactly the kind of disgraceful garbage that the history channel spews out today!

The history of Oak Island is so fascinating and I wish you all the luck in the world to find some of the treasure.

Mind you, It is fascinating to see the characters try to flesh out hours of TV with nothing at all.

But lets say you ignore reality, you are still only left with a dragged out, scripted reality show that will numb your brain since no real engineering or science takes place.

It is a slow pace discovery adventure, so is the show.

It is instead the mind-numbing, intellectual death-by-a-thousand-pauses "art form" of slow, slow, slow, slow, slow...

I also agree that the two seasons could be captured in an entertaining 2 hour documentary.

We need more of this mystery in life, makes it exciting.

In other words, the "quest" has gotten a bit tiresome and is only fun to watch because it's become so bad.

The rest of it is over-egged with unnecessary dramatic music, what ifs and over-enthusiastic hypothetical narration to make it appear more interesting than watching paint dry.

Complete Waste Of Time & History Marketing Scams .

*spoiler* The curse of oak island is boredom cleverly edited to seem like excitement.

But History channel is ruining all thing with this repetitive narration.

Still, I can be patient since the show is entertaining even if highly repetitive and largely still more smoke than substance.

Hideously slow, repetitive garbage built around some possibly interesting history.

A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY & TIME, Theirs and mine...

To describe this show as boring insults the precept of bordom.

Despite the problems I have with this show, like the slow progress of the show I'll probably keep tuning in just in case they actually find something.

So much repetitive, stuff.

They take a compelling story and fill it with redundant material.

Being a history major in college I can tell you there are so many real fascinating stories History can do shows on.

This series is fascinating and I am happy that they are showing all the trials and tribulations that the men are going through on their journey to find the rumored 'treasures' buried on the island.

Repetitive .

The History channel has dragged one show over 20.

Showing the same intermittent clips over and over and over takes a great story and makes it boring.

So they bore down, pulled out man made timbers and stopped.

Boil each season into 6 episodes, and it is at least an entertaining watch.

This show is a pretty bad comedy - you'll spend 40 minutes each week watching the unbearably boring Lagina brothers rushing all over the island like idiots and wasting the History Channel's money, along with repetitive flashbacks and explanations.

STOP boring us with the same no forward movement, and focus on why the show is popular in the first place....

The poor critical thinking skills of the treasure hunters, the dishonesty of the documentary makers are entertaining.

Strangely kind of fascinating .

There had better be something there to waste all this time, I'm surprised they still have sponsors.


I found it intriguing.

I agree wholeheartedly with the other review - it is far far far too repetitive.