The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001) - Comedy, Crime, Mystery

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An insurance investigator and an efficency expert who hate each other are both hypnotized by a crooked hypnotist with a jade scorpion into stealing jewels.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Woody Allen
Stars: Greg Stebner, Woody Allen
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 23 out of 177 found boring (12.99%)

One-line Reviews (121)

But, overlooking that minor problem, the movie was entertaining, clever and had me laughing out loud quite a few times.

It's quite enjoyable to watch Allen every time he hears Constantinople.

While it would have certainly made an entertaining movie, there would have been something lost.

"Curse of the Jade Scorpion" is a very enjoyable film.

So save your money and time....

By keeping the look of the film warm and almost retro, the director succeeds in creating a film that is visually as enjoyable as the story itself.

I found the movie to be hilarious, my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My partner and I went to see this when we were bored on a Sunday night.

However, I think that it turned out to be quite memorable and elatedly fun and suspenseful because of the very intelligently written, beautifully acted and incredibly riveting relationship between Woody Allen's insurance investigator and Helen Hunt's quality control woman.

He does have a unique style of writing and his love for New York and troubled relationships, do work in some of his earlier projects, but I personally find his movies more entertaining when he isn't rambling on.

Indeed, even a filmmaker like Woody Allen is not committed to perfection, and "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion" remains enjoyable from beginning to start.

The punch lines were bad and the storyline was boring and predictable.

This movie was entertaining, no more no less.

Professor Irwin Corey is also quite enjoyable as Charlie the blind beggar.

Nevertheless, the film is very enjoyable and I would implore you not to fear the bite of the Scorpion.

For at least the last twenty years the standard critical idée recue about Woody Allen has been to say "He's not as funny as he used to be", but in the case of "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion" critics of this type have had an unexpected ally, Woody himself, who has said that it is perhaps his worst movie.

It's another "light" offering from the woodster, which got nasty reviews when it came out, but it's enjoyable and fun.

This movie was enjoyable from beginning to end.

Hunt managed to salvage her role for the second half, and was actually quite enjoyable.

It is entertaining and goes fast.

I don't not think, however, it has much to do with his personal life and intriguing and bizarre as it may be...

In spite of the wonders of computer animation, robotics, amazing visual effects, incredible sound, and all the other newer conventions of today's films, it is still very difficult to find really enjoyable movies.

They were more entertaining than your film.

is made very clear from the beginning on, leaving no surprises, but the wind up and resolution of the movie are entertaining and complete; I didn't feel at all pushed by the story or trying to make ends meet.

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion is an enjoyable, if light, comedy which delivers entertainment value to rival most successful contemporary releases.

The writing was so tedious, the acting so stilted (Woody Allen and Helen Hunt?

Quite funny and entertaining .

My problem is that this attractive film with a fun premise is caught inside a dull and almost (this is painful to say) sophmoric script.

He repeats all of his signature moves again and again in a very boring way, and in a very fake performance, with all the theatrical hands' moves and else.

Dan Akroyd's acting was excellent as a rather dull office manager.

The Plot: Extremely predictable.

Enjoyable, better than expected - ignore the bad reviews .

If so, show me another director who, on autopilot, can use long takes so gracefully that their boldness only hits us later, who can retain such a sense of pace (Alisa Lepselter's editing is very nimble, and has a nice use of dissolves), and who can spin such an engaging feature-length yarn from the resolutely short-story idea of a hypnotist's act.

A bit confusing, because all thought that both spells had been broken, so we the audience aren't sure if Hunt was going willingly or not.

Entertaining and hopeful...

) The movie is also far too long.

This movie, however, dragged on and on, rehashing every cliche within it's grasp along the way.

Because of this tendency, Allen can sometimes hit his mark with precision and make immensely enjoyable films like Annie Hall (1977) and my favourite, Manhattan Murder Mystery (1988).

With this in mind, I thought I might be in for another evening of Woody Allen-style neurotic mental masturbation, but alas, I was treated to a an evening of an entertaining, if at times topical, movie.

This formulaic Allen comedy has more vintage standup lines than three of his last offerings.

I thought "Jade Scorpion" was a very funny film and quite entertaining.

He just plays himself, and that's a little boring.

And yet, despite this miscasting, I cannot agree with Woody that this is his worst movie.

Charlize Theron is also excellent as the bored rich socialite.

Don't watch it and think of how great some of Allen's other movies are, just look at it what it is; an entertaining crime caper with a neurotic central character.

Really, I believe that all of Woody's films are worth watching, and I think you either have that attitude or you don't.

The flavorful dialogue between Briggs and Fitzgerald as well as between Briggs and two private eyes is the best thing about this tame but entertaining comedy.

A different Allen (TIM ALLEN) would have made this a more entertaining movie, IF he wasn't stuck with Woody's trite and predictable script.

Entertaining .

the chemistry between Allen and Hunt is believable, with witty, snappy dialog, and Woody is back as the underdog comedic hero again.

Nice to look at, but actually pretty boring.

) Next we'll see the thrilling escapades of a career counselor.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

The direction is slow and the music, while appropriate for a Woody Allen film, did not seem right at all for a film of this 1940's genre.

Throw all that in with great production design and some fabulous 30's and 40's era jazz and you've got another swiftly entertaining film.

Just a funny piece of fluff, but quite engaging.

He can always be counted on to make us laugh with his neurotic persona and his snappy writing.

Even "lesser Allen" is enjoyable and memorable.

What's more exciting than the life of an insurance investigator?

The jokes are weak and predictable.

These range from last year's "Curse of the Vampire" to the posthumously produced "Curse of the Pink Panther", the unfunny "Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen" and any number of shlocky horror films like "Curse of King Tut's Tomb" (with Raymond Burr), "Curse of Frankenstein" (A Cushing-Lee snorefest) or "Curse of the Fly", the sequel to the sequel "Return of the Fly".

The worse thing is how boring the movie is at times.

But it's relentlessly entertaining and there's a rather sweet love story at the bottom - I think it actually owes more to Billy Wilder's 'The Apartment' than to the classic screwball comedies.

enjoyable Woody Allen film .

A timid but enjoyable come-back to Woody Allen's roots ...

Ingenious and Entertaining .

By the end of the film, I grew horribly bored of Allen and Helen Hunt constantly bantering back and forth with unfunny lines such as, "You're a near-sighted cockroach" among others.

This leads to a totally contrived ending.

People cheat on each other and even when they judge the act of infidelity we have two characters, Fitzgerald and Magruder engaging in a heated affair.

Throw in some very funny lines (there should have been a few more), and you get an immensely enjoyable movie.

That's what my husband called it after we enjoyed it together and I can't agree more.

Add to this potent mixture the usual highly complimentary music score, and you have a film which is entertaining, beautifully shot.

As for the rest of the picture, it is slow and uneven at best.

This movie was enjoyable and funny...

It was worth watching once.

This story that steals ideas combines that stolen ideas into a pretty entertaining, sometimes very funny movie.

It may not be the funniest, a few chuckles here and there, but it's fascinating.

This formulaic Allen comedy has more vintage standup lines than three of his last offerings.

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion falls under the entertaining types.

The plot is well written, and is refreshingly entertaining.

The use of warm colour and mundane shapes make this film easy to watch, and almost sooths you as you go along for the ride.

Here's an entertaining crime story set in 1939 with nice atmosphere and colors and the normal Woody Allen wacky humor.

It is the well written dialog that fits each person delivering the lines; the meticulous attention to detail of a period movie that works like a time machine transporting the audience on a trip to sixty years in the past; the unpredictable humor that fills each predictable twist.

Third, unlike some Allen films, this actually has an exciting plot that kept us going right up until the end.

The DVD picture is fine, the mono sound is boring, the extras are small and relatively unimportant.

Clever Entertaining Film, just recast the leads .

What's more exciting than the life of an insurance investigator?

While I am not here to give lessons on beginning-middle-and-end, the film is strangely TV-like in going out on a long drawn out time-filling we-are-all-friends-again and the real-bad-guys-are-in-jail style whimper.

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion was a very fun movie to watch and although it was not probably what you would consider a masterpiece it was nevertheless a fun film, and in effect cured a night of potentially absolute boredom.

Some are pretty enjoyable.

If you don't, this won't be one that makes you a fan, but I do think it will pass a couple of hours in an entertaining fashion.

The ending is over too soon and is a cop-out, a lot of chemistry between the actors is quite bland- non existent between Hunt and Aykroyd- and Dan Aykroyd is completely wasted in an underwritten role.

Is this really your worst movie, Woody?

Woody's character is familiar, and extremely entertaining.

Hunt was especially dull...

It's worth watching for something a little different.

We also see a slow and steady love story that makes us realize that maybe the one you were meant to be with was right under your nose, because even when their feelings for each other don't come out until the end, Briggs and Fitzgerald behave as if they are an old married couple.

Great cast, but everyone seemed bored and restless.

The dialogue is snappy and clever-- some of Allen's best ever-- and he presents it all in a way that sustains interest and makes it thoroughly involving and entertaining.

Plus, the camera work by Zhao Fei and the production design by Santo Luqasto is fascinating to look at for a second.

Woody Allen brings laughs and an enjoyable and good movie .

Frivilous Woody Allen Potboiler with Snappy Dialogue .

The storyline was simply dull, and the dialogue was just not funny.

The chemistry between Helen Hunt and Allen was watchable and it was good to see Dan Akroyd as the head of the company, but the whole movie seemed to drag after a while and I must admit, I did struggle to stay awake.

It wraps up in a predictable way?

This film was dull.

From Woody Allen's disjointed imagination comes a real funny detective story, with more wisecracks than a Bob Hope routine.

I've seen better films by Mr Allen, but there are few which come across as enjoyable.

It's enjoyable to see the man himself.

But this one I will never sit through a second time because it is absolute TORTURE.

Dan Aykroyd is miscast as Hunt's sleazy boss who is all too predictable.

" is highly enjoyable.

Uncharacteristic of Allen's usually witty film dialogue, this film had an unusually dull script.

Even in its reshot version that must count as your worst movie.

This film is stupid, boring, with a bad script, the acting was so bad, and the film's ending was quite predictable.

Like many of us, I used to laugh to the point of tears at a Woody Allen film, but his material has become just too drab and recycled to elicit anything more than an occasional chuckle at best.

Sharp sense of style and enjoyable bouncy music add to the entertainment as well, with another expertly chosen cast ( a trademark element to all his movies) rounding out the goofy story.

It became absolutely unbearable, especially this time, since the role isn't for him at all.

The plot moves at a good pace, and watching things develop is enjoyable.

) Next we'll see the thrilling escapades of a career counselor.

After all, "Jade Scorpion" was well written and shot - I thought the plot was very entertaining.