The Dark Crystal (1982) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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On another planet in the distant past, a Gelfling embarks on a quest to find the missing shard of a magical crystal, and so restore order to his world.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Jim Henson
Stars: Jim Henson, Kathryn Mullen
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 34 out of 247 found boring (13.76%)

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Here is another prime example of incredible storytelling through fantasy, this time by the mastermind Jim Henson himself who also created the absorbing and wonderful Labyrinth.

The first thing I noticed about this movie was that all of the visuals were stunning and beautifully done.

But rewatching it recently, I was struck with how static and slow the damn thing is.

An Exciting Adventure on an Alien World .

I thought it's an amazing planet/world with such fascinating creatures and places too.

The story is predictable, the good guys aren't terribly interesting or engaging and the visuals (the best part of the movie) are occasionally off-kilter and a bit jarring.

Unfortunately, Henson's direction, although helped out by Frank Oz, is rather flat-footed, and the pace is undeniably slow.

As a fantasy film Henson creates a compelling world with its array of creatures.

As is, it is still worth watching, just not as memorable as it should have been.

Slow, familiar, and much too dense, I found myself having to reference the Henson-Wiki to keep up.

The dialogue and voice acting are cheesy at best, and in the case of the seer woman, downright unbearable.

The whole story was pointless as a result of this.

So overall three words to sum up the experience; Rubbish,enjoyable and nostalgia.

The good breed are a bunch of lame and uninteresting tortoises that only open their mouth and say ` AAAAAAAAAA' … A small ‘Galfling' is send out on a quest to find the missing piece of the Crystal and this has to be done before the three suns are lined next to each other.

I think this film should be looked at carefully and with good reason because this film is worth watching.

The story is nice and basic, a quest to restore a fractured magical crystal and save the world, full of swords and sorcery, light humour and dark thrills, and many imaginative and enchanting puppet creatures, a most enjoyable family fantasy adventure.

It should be said that the storyline is rather generic and predictable, which might not be the best of selling points.

There's just such a palpable and complex feeling of raw emotion behind each and every frame presented, and the stunning design work on display.

The voice characterizations are truly annoying (especially the Skeksis and their blurting out 'MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' all the time), the characters completely flat and seriously unappealing and the story amazingly uninvolving and dull.

The scenario is evocative, the soundtrack by Trevor jones involving.

Other characters include Jen and Kira (Kira kinda reminds me of myself alot at times, or whatever), the weird hag-geinius Augura (who isn't that bad), the cute Podlings, the annoying Fizzgig and whom I think are the worst characters are the boring and depressing Ur-Ru.

" Very boring villains.

it's likely to be a bore.

Credit to Billie Whitelaw, the voice actor, for bringing an entertaining personality to Aughra despite the bland script.

Looking for original and entertaining fantasy suitable for young and old, this is one of the best.

With its stunning production design, wild imagination, and a clutch of frankly barking performances (several of which are from the directors themselves), Dark Crystal is the quintessential Henson movie from a sadly bygone era.

Children older than 14 might find it boring again.

This Unique, entertaining and brilliant Fantasy movie is about a Gelfling ( Elf-like creature) that must return a Crystal shard to the castle of the Dark Crystal ( all powerful force of life) that is guarded by the terrible Lizard Creatures " The Skeckis".

The story is basic, and the visuals are exciting.

Trevor Jones' breathtaking, beautiful score is among his best work (tying with Merlin in 1998) and is surely some of the best film music you are ever likely to hear.

but it's also as ponderous in its pace as the eternally plodding Mystics themselves.

The voices,lighting,sounds and attention to details is breathtaking,and really the only drawback is the length,instead of too long,this one is much too short...

Though this one does have some compelling undertones and mythology, mainly focusing on the nature of good and evil.

Congratulations to all concerned for a film that is thoroughly engrossing, thoughtful, visually stunning and uplifting, especially since the film starts in a very dark place emotionally.

I felt annoyed at times, also bored, and only my expectations made me sit through it.

The plot is laden with symbolism which is supposed to be philosophical and transcendent, but it seems as though the makers of "The Dark Crystal" have been trying so hard to make a "deep" movie that the end result seems contrived and cumbersome - a dreary movie which takes itself far too seriously.

It's obviously a good looking film, but it's bland.

The plot is also quite simplistic, and the acting leaves something to be desired, but the stunning visuals and imaginative design make up for much of this.

The story does not do much to keep our attention; it was never Henson's priority, and it is as pat, predictable, and derivative as his creatures are fresh and innovative.

I watched it in my twenties and fell asleep again.

So, sorry fans, but though this COULD have been a masterpiece in every way, it is just visually stunning and interesting to watch.

The main characters are particularly dull and without nuance.

The visual beauty of the breathtaking scenarios give the movie a real sense of wonder and surprise .

The final third as a whole is overall somewhat disappointing because it's so predictable.

Anyway 6 year later i got to finaly see it, on a forgotten childrens matinee, and i loved every minute of it, altough i felt even then that it had some dull parts in it.

But damn, if they had done a little more work on making the story more original and rewarding to follow - and made the lead character more than an empty shell with which to stitch together the plot - it could have been the masterpiece it sometimes appears to be.

The movie's main character is horribly boring, and very wooden...

The plot is thin, the characters are dull, and the script is weak and awkward.

The story is a good thrilling and rather basic quest fantasy.

It's a bit weird to be honest but if you can get your head around it then it's actually a stunning motion picture.

This entertaining film was well directed by Jim Henson , appointing the accent on the fantastic adventures and weird world .

I found this suprislingly enjoyable to watch.

Adding in to the majority of weak characters, the pacing is surprisingly slow for what is only a 90 minute long film.

Also, I give them a lot of props for having a torture chamber that sucks the souls out of innocent creatures.

and dull .

They just came off as uninteresting and flat in terms of personality for me, thus making them rather dull leads for this epic tale.

I mean for an entertaining watch this will deliver if you're into fantasy/sci-fi stuff.

fascinating and old fashion using technology.

The characters bring a lot of heart to the story and I really enjoyed it.

And although I thought the outside landscapes (actually done with blue screen special effects) we very good, the inside settings were too drab, and blended too well with the characters.


It's kind of hard to describe what makes the movie enjoyable.

I enjoyed it as a kid, I still enjoy it as an adult.

I know this is aimed at kids rather than thirtysomething year olds - but believe me, I tried watching this as a kid and fell asleep.

It's definitely worth watching for fantasy fans of all ages.

It's incredible how much effort went into this movie, all starting with Brian Froud's stunning creature designs.

It is truly breathtaking.

Although "The Dark Crystal" does not possess the poetic somnambulance of another overlooked children's film with dark undertones, "Babe: Pig in the City", this film would mark an extraordinary opportunity to try something new when bored by the generic harmonics of such recent Disney fare as "Pocahontas" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".

Albeit, the visuals are truly visual, and the story is bland enough to pass the grade.

I actually found the villains known as the Skeksis to be far more interesting and entertaining; at least there's some intriguing power conflicts through their divisive ranks.

The first thing that struck me was the film's dark, heavy atmosphere, but it is deceptive and even pretentious because the narrative to match is simplistic and shallow, betraying the fact that this is a children's movie, and a boring one at that.

far to be perfect, it is really fascinating.

The bland lead characters, called Gelfings, have a wooden feel in more ways than one.

Directors Jim Henson and Frank Oz relate the simple, yet gripping story with a tremendous sense of awe and splendor while maintaining a generally serious tone that's further spiced up with a fine line in morbidly amusing black humor.

A predictable story is bad enough, but a bland star makes it difficult to sit through.

Twenty-four years later, it is still as imaginative and entertaining as ever.

But "The Dark Crystal" is like watching paint dry.

It is engaging and exciting throughout.

Rousing and sensitive musical score by Trevor Jones .

It allows him to fashion a story not just aimed at the little kids, but kids of all ages, telling an intelligent and absorbing story, featuring amazingly elaborate characters, often with strikingly, creatively ugly designs, and taking place in a magical world that it's created.

It all seemed very cliché and obvious.

While the villainous Chamberlain is entertaining, everyone else is a bit on the dull side, especially our heroes, Jen and Kira.

Of the two, Dark Crystal has the weaker story, only because its theme is so formulaic.

But for me, the most fascinating aspect of the movie was the Skeksis and their relationship with the Mystics.

The voice tones of the leads are sombre, whispery and slow, adding to its hazy dreamlike quality in contrast to the harshness of Aughra and the various Skeksis characters.

Breathtaking and completely unique production design, and both uplifting and in parts genuinely disturbing.

But I felt like the pace was much too slow.

Still, when making a fairy tale that is an hour and a half long, you need characters who are compelling and able to connect with the audience.

The story is very banal and derivative of the common language of fantasy: prophecies, meek young men who become saviors of entire worlds, good vs.

The Ur-Ru barely do anything, all sound alike, so slow and are so emotionless, unlike their dark-spirited counterparts that I think are interesting!

"The Dark Crystal" is in my mind pretentious, boring and poorly made.

he is the heart of this touching fantasy who reminds old truths, who redefine old values, who remains fascinating for the lovely manner to reinvent the laws of fairy tale in inspired manner.

The problem with fantasy is that a monster or something like that can pop up anytime the movie becomes a little boring.

"The Dark Crystal" has a derivative story that is somewhat predictable, a sometimes stale lead, and iffy special effects work.

The film looks dazzling,with fabulous visuals and very well staged sequences, and Jen and Kira are very engaging as title characters.

Helmed by Puppeteer legends Jim Henson and Frank Oz ("The Muppets Show"), the film takes its viewer on a visually stunning and enthralling adventure to the land of Thra where we meet the elf-like Geiflings, gentle beings known as Mystics and lizard-like bird monsters called Skeksis.

Both Oswald Morris' breathtaking, expansive cinematography and Trevor Jones' soaring, stirring, majestic score are on the money terrific.

Before you waste TWO HOURS OF YOUR LIFE, Consider the things you could do with those hours such as: Watch a better movie, pick your nose, or a friends',clip your mom's toe nails, do your homework or even someone elses.

It's fairly slowly paced despite the short running time and it's a bit hard to care about what happens to puppets.

The hero role is really just a placeholder, the political intrigue that is laid out in the film is overall pretty empty, and the final confrontation is pretty slow and hampered.

The story, while simple, is entertaining.

I understand that the movie is mainly about its visuals, but that does not justify the obvious lack of story and dialogue, which, when happening, is often very very flat and boring.

I suppose that the very uninspired dialogue did nothing to help this fact and, except for a few quirky characters like Aughra, the characters seemed very ordinary and uninteresting.

One coincidence after another passes the screen and since all this leads up to a predictable ending I was not able to forget those simple choices.

Better still, the incredibly lifelike and engaging creatures that populate this world possess remarkable conviction and personality: Among the colorful beings to be savored are the vicious crab-like soldiers the Garthim, cranky one-eyed hag oracle Aughra (marvelously voiced with testy brio by Billie Whitelaw), the sweet and hearty Podlings, the tall, lanky, super-fast Landstriders, and cuddly fuzzball Fizzgig.

Only Henson and his team could make puppets "eat" so convincingly, and make it entertaining.

Well, I'm pleased to say that it still was an entertaining and fresh looking fable to me.

There's some fascinating workprint footage (the film was originally two hours) including the highly-regarded funeral scenes and Frank Oz voicing Aughra.

Later, creatures with four stilt-like legs run at speed on their way to a battle with the beetles in the most exciting action sequence of the movie.

I highly recommend it for any lover of the cinema.

And the special effects end up being pretty spectacular, especially during the chaotic literally earthshattering climax, while the finale is rather predictable, it is no less awe-inspiring for that.

When I saw it again as an adult I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I enjoyed it even more, and appreciated it in more ways.

They're all visually distinct, evocative designs that are sure to stick with you after you've seen this film.

The puppets are beautiful, the sets are breath-taking and the storyline is incredibly gripping.

Very enjoyable.

As much as a i loved "Labyrinth" I hate this one, it is a boring mess without any redeeming values.

Contrary to my expectations, I found it tedious and unduly pretentious.

A Visually Stunning Fantasy Adventure .

What may have been pretty neat special effects and cool puppet tricks back in 1982 are decidedly ho-hum now in this age of CGI wonders.

I think it would if anything bore some more than anything else.

As story it can teach a lesson in morality to children but the visuals and tone appear for the most part geared for entertaining adults.

Besides the stirring musical score and fascinating characters, the story has a truly remarkable magic to it that I can't explain.

Centred around Jen, a young Gefling (an odd human like creature) whose thrown into a dangerous mission to track down a part of a powerful crystal that is currently under the control of the evil birdlike nasties known as the Skeksis, who have taken over the land and plot to destroy any good thing left, Crystal is your typical everyday hero on a mission type set-up with a very 80's dark tone that would've been enough to scare its fair share of children back in the day but thanks to the imaginative world the story takes place in and the painstakingly detailed puppets at its core, Henson and Oz's feature is worth watching for this aspect alone.

It's such a shame the characters themselves are uninteresting.

After watching the movie years ago, I thought it was boring.

The film is eternally impressive on a number of levels, including the excellent camera work that captures this thrilling world.

Jim Henson and Frank Oz honestly loved this project, and it shows in all aspects of the film, including the breathtaking craftsmanship of the puppets, the complicated backgrounds, the complex script,the fascinating characters, and the delightful soundtrack.

Heck, it's a lot more involving than, say, The Phantom Menace's (another fantastical "children's film" - albeit a self-proclaimed one) endless dreary political wrangling.

The color palette seems borrowed from Star Trek The Motion Picture: bland pastels and khakis as far as the eye can see except for the bad guys who are all black from top to bottom so as to be indistinct and muddy looking.

Everything in the movie is entertaining, exciting and wondrous as Henson had envisioned.

This is a beautiful, darkling, compelling, and sinister tale, so professionally executed that it is, without question, the most creative and lovely fantasy I have ever seen.

The story is short and a bit empty, it almost feels like the heroes just wander around, just about suriving untill they stumble across their victory.

In my recent viewing, I was very aware of the contrived nature of the story and script.

Too less interesting is the main character, too less is told about the connection between the good ones and the bad ones, too predictable is the whole plot.

I do not love the Dark Crystal - sorry, but I'd rather watch paint dry or grass grow.

I love the gripping ending!

I watched it in my teens and got bored and turned it off.