The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019) - Adventure, Drama, Family

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Returns to the world of Thra, where three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis' power, and set out to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world.

IMDB: 8.8
Stars: Neil Sterenberg, Beccy Henderson
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 18 out of 334 found boring (5.38%)

One-line Reviews (95)

I love the puppetry movies and I love fantasy stuff so if you put both in one package for me is the formula to spend the 8-9 hours on weekends, and as matter of fact this series is quite entertaining and worth watching so I have to send my gratitude and respect for the efforts that these guys put into creating such a great work.

If you're looking for an old school reboot, Lost in Space has high production value, is fast-paced and intense, and good writing and acting.

While the character and world designs were amazing, the story was on the dull side and the immovable faces of the various characters were quite disappointing.

Yawn .

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance offers visually stunning practical effects that is just substantive in a way CGI still isn't.

With a somewhat vague memory of the original Dark Crystal movie being darker and perhaps less enthralling that the other Jim Henson Company later offering: Labyrinth, it's intriguing to see this resurrection of a niche '80s classic.

acting from darker characters was interesting and engaging.

Some of the creatures and animatronics were very impressive, and I think the Skeksis characters were very enjoyable to watch.

The series are engaging and you will stay watching it from beginning to end.

What a refreshing and fascinating dark fantasy addition to Netflix's library, and an almost-instant favorite of mine!

Amazing puppetry and visually stunning.

Scenes are allowed to breathe, which makes them more compelling.

Overall this series puts so much intense creativity into every frame.

My family and I enjoyed it very much.

And I was bored.

Typical Sunday Bore .

It's a bit slow around 60-80% of the season.

These hand-crafted characters, performed live by amazing puppeteers, feel every bit as real and emotionally engaging as any live-action human actor.

There is nothing happening.

This is just a pleasure for the eyes to watch such detailed creatures and scenes, with a near perfect cinematography, the lights and colors are fascinating.

A very admirable fable - well worth watching, more than once.

Good, different and entertaining .

What a god damn boring snoozefest of eco propaganda.

But most characters are so cliché it hurts.

Breathtaking Visuals .

A short and unique series with a beautiful story and exciting events

Way too long an episode for the target demographic.

So now, 37 years later, we have the same problems; I found the story un-engaging, and even with the advances in technology for puppetry, the faces are still immovable and unemotional.

Something to watch on a boring day when nothing else is on.

Of course, we are not talking about the most original script ever made, and there are some deja-vu elements, but in general is very entertaining.

The first two episodes are a bit slow stick with it.

I highly recommend it for any fantasy fan, beautiful rendition of Jim Hensen's vision.

Costumes are stunning and I love all the Froud-designs that are seen through-out the series.

The puppets are enchanting and although it took me the first episode to get used to some of the new characters and voices it was definitely worth it as we are both, once again, totally immersed in the world of Thra.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is one of the most beautiful, creative, thrilling, and most unique show I've seen in a very long time.

Despite the increased violence, the Skeksis were still enjoyable to watch.

Amazing cast, stunning production and captivating story.

On the whole, I've enjoyed it and will watch it again, I'm sure of that.

This, however, is also one of the more confusing aspects of the series.

Caveat: I was able to watch about 15 minutes of the first episode before becoming too bored to continue.

It's simply magical, the voice acting superb, each episode adding to and building on the fascinating world that Jim Henson created.

I don't remember the last time, I got so immersed into a Tv show, that I almost started sinking into the couch.

Mind numbingly boring muppet style animation.

The storyline is unpredictable, it's actually pretty brutal like game of thrones with character kills, violent, dreamlike and enthralling.

Engaging plot.

), but by the second one in I was completely immersed.

The voice work is COMPLETELY stunning.

After so many dissapointing movies in recent history we finally got something that is truly breathtaking, inspiring, and special.

This stuck true to its roots, the puppetry, the landscapes, the plot, all of it is riveting and enjoyable through every second.

Breathtaking beautiful.

Boring and inappropriate work in any case is very bad I do not recommend

The sets are breathtaking and the amount of intricate detail put into everything is extraordinary.

So many plot twists and unpredictable things happen that you can't just assume that any one thing is going to happen.

The story is engrossing and the characters are deep enough to become emotionally invested in.

20 minutes into the first episode I was bored out of my skull (and that's not easy to do, as I love cerebral fiction and artistic fantasy / scifi).

Simply stunning, nostalgic, beautiful, rollicking, good old fashioned storytelling and design.

Age of Resistance is a compelling and powerful story packed with relatable characters.

It's thrilling!

Regardless, Brian Henson has been riding his dad's coat tales for far too long, and much like Disney, has no original thought.

There is enough detail in every scene to keep you fully immersed in the experience.

I saw the first episode and thought "Man, this is slow!

I enjoyed it.

It is definitely worth watching.

If this pointless tripe entertains you, I fear for your inner monologue.

Uninspired, Empty Garbage .

This show is stunning and so true to the original Dark Crystal, the characters are enchanting and the set design is superb.

With great attention to detail the puppetry and the fantastic set design create a complete new and mind blowing universe.

The script is far beyond stunning, the environmental buildups, the puppets, voices..Brilliance at its purest!

Some might prefer the faster pace and action, compared to the slower original.

Very slow moving.

they manage to combine the two type to creat a whimsical, fantasy world that (combined with an intriguing story) has you immersed from start to finish.

It was kind of a dreary movie with scary looking puppets for both the heroes and villains.

It's funny, action packed and I can't get enough of it!

c) those who are now bored with CGI.

Absolutely stunning in every aspect and detail...

Overall its a breathtaking masterpiece which surpasses its original.

The sweat Deet, The vile Hunter, The disturbed Heretic & The slow Wanderer.

The story is another problem; it goes through a repetitive cycle.

I lasted about 30 minutes into Episode 1 before I fell asleep -- which hardly ever happens.

The 7 clans of the gelflings and the differences in their cultures as well as the many environments they evolved to live in was truly fascinating.

I have to confess a bit shamefacedly that I was simply bored by this show.

I can appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into this, but this is really so horrific - why would you waste all that time on CGI just to make it look like it's not supposed to be CGI.

I am fully immersed in this world and its characters.

Anyone who has watched the film and enjoyed it as much as i have.

These well directed episodes have the same intense feel only with more action and deep colours.

As the show goes on, the scenery becomes more magical, more fascinating.

The art is breathtaking.

But no, it all played out in a boring moody drama not even worthy of day time soaps.

The characters are incredibly well designed, the use of both traditional puppetry and CGI was spectacular and the storyline is poignant and intriguing.

Boring and lifeless.

My niece liked the episode we watched but my nephews were bored and so was I.

Don listen to the negative reviews on here.. it's amazingly done.. the puppets are breathtaking.. OMG the music is pure magic.

It all gels into a fascinating wonderful world that draws you in to experience an amazing story.

The set and character design is stunning.

To see how they were with each other, the division and how they had to come together was an exciting journey.