The Darkest Minds (2018) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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Imprisoned by an adult world that now fears everyone under 18, a group of teens form a resistance group to fight back and reclaim control of their future.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Stars: Amandla Stenberg, Mandy Moore
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 66 out of 443 found boring (14.89%)

One-line Reviews (195)

The ending exposition felt a little dragged out with Liam and Ruby.

I walked out of the theater laughing with my buddy...

Also, the cliche quiet Asian girl was cringe.

So, I can't say if this one is a memorable movie, but it was enjoyable and entertaining enough.

Don't waste your money.

Don't waste your time .

It's somewhat strong characters and good young actor's(they are probably the best part) can't save a formulaic, boring and unoriginal film.

probably one of the worst movie released in 2018.

Old same plot, same story, nothing new, just boring .....

It is fun, it is sweet, it is entertaining and I'm guessing by the ending it was meant to have a sequel and probably won't because of the ratings (that again I really don't get).

Yawn .

Which was probably because the film cut any of the slower moments between the main cast of characters and didn't add in a collage where they actually all learned to approach and like each other.

It's predictable and formulaic and you just know it will end on a cliffhanger leading to another film.

A decent movie that'll unfortunately never lead to a franchise but that's ok, because on its own it stands strong as a teen-driven coming of age sci-fi thriller film.

Even though the movie may be fast paced, and may leave out parts that were in the book...

When I first saw the trailer for The Darkest Minds, I thought it looked interesting and maybe worth the watch...

Entertaining movie .

It is entertaining.

It was kind of different that the book, but really enjoyable.

This was a waste of time and money and one snooze fest.

This film has an unexpected jolt of similar proportions.

Further, when the 'reds' come in action she did find it stunning.

To summarize, predictable, cliched and downright boring.

This dull mess will stand the test of time as the epitome of failure, consisting of everything a film should not be, and one that should not have a sequel or any upcoming projects even remotely related to it.

Any added details just made it better and more enjoyable!

An engaging struggle to survive .

Entertaining unto a point .

Credits to the actors for making a bad script at least mildly entertaining.

Too cliche.

The moment Ruby escapes from this concentration camp and joins a group of teenagers, you can get ready for the most sugar-coated and predictable storyline ever.

Instead, I witnessed a movie with a very dry plot and an anticlimactic experience.

And cliché.

It's actually pretty fun, even if some of the bits slow things down.

Super abilities are everywhere now so you need to have a good story and some compelling characters along with the superpower stuff.

The group stop at a motel overnight, and the outside of the van is changed, they leave and find a seemingly empty shopping mall where they collect supplies of food, clothes and other amenities.

In the Darkest Minds, there is plenty that is confusing and therefore poorly set up.

The story is easy to follow and is adequately engaging.

But overall I enjoyed it.

Great film - worth watching .

Token characters, bland script, good idea but overall just a complete mess with every cliché subplot in the book.

The amazing cast, led by a rising star like Amandla Stenberg, and their genuine chemistry is not enough to overwhelm a generic story, filled with plot inconsistencies, cliche characters, and tedious pacing.

Overall: 4/10 Pointless dribble of a movie.

Worst movie by far .

The story is strong, the characters are enjoyable and overall a good movie.

Unoriginal, boring and it does not help an already convoluted screenplay.

The only thing wrong with this movie is the pace at which it moves - glacially slow.

It was one of the worst movies I have seen.

Watching this film I've got to honestly say it was confusing as it wasn't clear who it was intended for and towards the end what could have been an excellent film taking it in one direction was ignored and by the end it turned out to be a simple love story.

The idea's good but how it's executed is boring.

I thought Amandla Stenberg and Harris Dickinson acted phenomenally and the story was engaging and fun.

Overall I enjoyed it very much.

This, for me was really boring.

Extremely entertaining.

This one is different enough to be entertaining and I hope there's another movie as I'd like more info about the how and why things happened.

I left the theater hoping that they make the second and third so that I can experience more and see more of my favorite characters.

The chemistry between the characters was great, decent storyline, I enjoyed it.

Most of the other characters were very predictable, I for one could sense their intentions from the start and even the ending wasn't that surprising (if you watched the trailer carefully).

Really good right until the end was really enjoying it and then it just appears that they either they ran out of money or they got bored.

After a very strong start the movie begins to slow down a bit.

Eventually, they meet more clichés, predictable characters and twists and then the movie anticlimactically and abruptly asks you to wait for a part 2 of 4(?

people came to see kids with powers and yet we ended up seeing a 2 hour long cliche of a movie.

After all the story is to straight to the line but at least I enjoyed it so I'm rating it 4* ( it's actually 3.7 )

Actually, it seemed as if the entire cinema hall was bored.

On the contrary I can even say I enjoyed it maybe because it had some romantic parts in it.

The lines and dialogues are quite predictable.

You kinda keep waiting for something exciting to happen an it barely does!

This is the reason why it not getting the critics attention, a story needs to be compelling when you doing a drama film like this which sadly this film slightly lacks that impact.

My teenage part of me took hold and I actually really enjoyed it.

This movie was awesome, funny and action packed.

Enjoyed it!

If you're like me, it's pretty enjoyable.

To sum up not as big or as much money ,effects or polishing as recent teen movies in the same vein (insurgent ,divergent, splergent hunger clone moan vampire garbage ) or whatever it may be but i enjoyed it and im 47 ?

It was so boring I couldn't even finish it.

Mostly predictable, and too similar to other movies, Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent.

One of the worst movies .

It opens up pretty good but found it to get pretty bland in the middle.

Just as you think it's going to delve into gripping political territory it quickly turns into a generic love story which feels completely out of place.

No plot no nothing, I've seen better C movies than this.

The most disappointing thing of all was my so-called friends who dragged me to this torture and how they were struggling to say something good about it.

This soulless film had zero heart put into it, the characters were bland, uninteresting and contained zero chemistry with each other and even the comic relief was a pain to watch.

Yes, in some places the story felt rushed but personally I found the characters and their arcs enjoyable and entertaining.

I really enjoyed it.

I would say "Hmmm well maybe it looked good on paper" but the dialogue was predictable and dry.

Really entertaining and with meaning .

I'm looking for a captivating good versus evil super power movie and I'm being dragged through the growth and development of a teenage love.

Very predictable, I saw it coming.

Even though it was fast paced and seemed slightly rushed at times, it kept you on the edge of your seat.

If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog :)The YA (Young-Adult) genre is filled with cliche characters and generic stories, so Jennifer Yuh Nelson's The Darkest Minds needed to be something different if it wanted to triumph.

The acting is pretty good, the rest of the film is simple, but entertaining, although the ending was unsatisfying and left more questions then answers.

Don't waste your time seeing this poorly made movie.

Cliche, elementary style of dialogue which would normally be only justifiable in animations, not reality.

The plot seems to slow, then a turn appears.

A terrific, well made and exciting movie .

A strong contender for worst movie ever made, this atrocity is an upsettingly uneventful shifting of scenes that never quite come together or amount to an actual film.

This could be dragged out.

Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring

This movie is so boring, predictable and flat ...

The Darkest Minds is basically just a blend of every YA cliché under the sun.

It was predictable, she erased herself and she let him go, instead of finding a way to fight back together.

overall I enjoyed it and I would probably watch a part 2 or a series if it's ever made.

Underated, enjoyable .

As such, the movie is a little boring if you aren't ready for nearly two hours of dystopian romance.

Low rating reviews came from boring people.

In resume, "The Darkest Minds" isn´t a masterpiece, it´s not bad at all, but it´s not very good either, it´s a teen action/drama, entertaining movie.

All in all, the movie is entertaining because of the chemistry between the main charachter and the lead, as well as the great cinematic effects.

Overall an Entertaining Movie .

I found it very entertaining and well made.

Globalist propaganda, bad movie, the reviews and the ratings are fakes.

I cannot stress enough how entertaining this trainwreck is and it's not like Amandla Stenberg's in any danger of killing her reputation after the home run of The Hate U Give.

Underated, enjoyable .

Was also really impressed by the music score, which had such a beautiful grandeur, rousing energy and emotional sweep.

Underwhelming Action: Some moments shined like the eyes of the chosen, but much of the exciting battles mentioned by fans are far from the truth for me.

Just a piece of crap story with boring and empty script 60% of the movie is nothing the idea is a remake for x-men .

It has decent enogh actors and chracters to make it entertaining even though it is predictable.

The whole thing is just terrible, nonsense, boring, not interesting and again it doesn't make any sense at all.

I thought, 'Coming of Age movie with super powers, it could work.

Exciting and full of thriller ; kind of movies like maze runner ✌

It started well and then it became predictable the plot just never took off.

The acting is wooden, the characters are bland and there is no chemistry between the two leads.

You can expect the predictable love story and the good guy becoming bad as it sets itself for another movie.

The acting and script is about what you would expect, but the story is engaging enough to keep your attention, and it doesn't make you cringe.

A waste of time and money.

Since the plot is fairly predictable, the lack of action increases the boredom levels.

A 90 minute cliche .

I enjoyed it.

Stay away - dont waste your time.

Waste of time, Amandla sucks at acting.

Her character gets the most development, and she is an exceptionally compelling lead.

Anyway that was an entertaining movie, we enjoyed and waiting for its next part.

The plot is a bit boring.

The major plot twist is revealed right in the beginning, and the rest of the movie has a wrong and confusing pace, with the lack of character development and bonds between the characters.

Plot: 6 Mildly entertaining.

The young cast including Stenberg and Dickinson are charismatic, and there is reasonable support from Moore, Whitford and a short stint by Christie, this is essentially a mashup of X-Men and The Hunger Games, it is predictable at times, but you can't complain with good special effects, and exciting chase and action sequences, it's not a bad science-fiction thriller.

Poor character development.. Cliché plot, cliché dialogues which are acted very poorly.

Of course as we have seen with Maze Runner and Mocking Jay it's now the idea to make a series of films drawn from a number of books and I believe this will be another one of those but this wasn't the best start, boring in places even which won't appeal to a younger audience.

A boring and unoriginal young adult dystopian film that treads a heavily worn path.

Boring and forgettable .

I wish we had seen a better movie, I really do, because it was just so unbearable to watch.

But, as someone who's read the books, I enjoyed it.

But my advice is, wait until it's free online or something, don't waste your money watching it at the theatre.

I reccomend this movie and the book they are both enjoyable and suspenceful.

I was expecting a fun, on the edge of my seat sci-fi adventure.

It is a slow moving movie with very predictable scenes, horrible acting, and terrible lines.

I will try to address the very predictable plot-twist without spoiling anything, It was very predictable.

Cliché .

Boasting clichéd superpowers, pointless musical montages and a love triangle that dominates the majority of the story, this adaptation of the similarly named YA novel is the last vestige of the dystopian teen genre.

it's the manifestation of it that becomes a bundle of cliché's attempting to capitalize on the mostly successful Young Adult genre.

The end of film is boring also.

That was the most stupid, predictable and worst movie i watched in a years...

Filled with every cliche possible for a young adult film.

the main characters were spot on and it was easy to be immersed into their world ....

Another flaw of the film is the villain, which is predictable, not very smart, and generic.

A few had some skills that barely made an appearance, but others only tool seemed to be an intense stare and that was it.

No storyline can only mean bad scripting and a hill to high to climb for any actors.

In this movie, didn't deviate far from that formula, but in this case they were really lame and boring for the most part.

So don't waste your time,....

The plot was basic, quite predictable.

It is action packed, romantic, uplifting, hopeful, and just made me smile!

Therefore, I quite enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to know what the hell is going to happen in the sequel.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Keeping in mind that having read the book any confusing information or misinformation was blind to me.

Sadly, the intriguing premise suffers from subplots and secondary characters that have nothing to do with the main thread.

They don't even mention the rest of the World.. The funniest one was that because the kids died every street was empty.

Took some liberties with the storyline, but overall, I think it was worth watching.

The ending of that story-line is quite novel though, and one that now makes sense of the rather confusing trailer.

The plot is fine but the story is boring.

This movie had potential but it's just too boring and cliched.

The pace is slow and the audience is insulted at every turn.

I still sort of enjoyed it today.

Anyway it's worth the watch.

Worth Watching .

This is a story that has stolen its whole story from other better written and entertaining franchises.

One of the worst movies of 2018.

The whole story line has been done so many times before, so predictable.

Skip this one, save your money parents wait for redbox or just skip it all together.

It was slow .

I really enjoyed it from the first time I watched it.

An unexpected pleasure: sci-fi with heart.

This movies was incredible and everything was so intriguing.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After watching The Darkest Minds, I'm wondering how a movie can feel simultaneously way too fast-paced and way too slow.

I had already seen Amandla Stenberg last year in ''Everything, Everything'', which was also a very cheesy and cliche YA film.

Boring teenage movie .

The ending to this film had me shocked I was very upset with the fact I wasted my time to watch this movie , the characters were dull and very similar to other characters I've seen in other films .

A movie worth watching with spectacular action scenes and great acting.

Rushed and confusing .

The special effects are OK and the car chase / bonding scenes are fun, but there's little sense of threat, the villains are dull and cliché, and the romance is about as forced and predictable as it can get.

Half way through I wanted to give it an 8 out of 10, but then the grubby little fingers of the execs reached in, and it turned into a predictable, trash movie that doesn't even hold up in mediocre tv shows.

There is a wholly predictable teen romance between Ruby and Liam (Harris Dickinson) that is quite sweetly done...

It was the first time I've watched the boring movie like that.

Never mind the forced SJW nonsense, and the apparent blackwashing of the lead (I'm not familiar with the books but the people I went to see this crap were), the movie was just flat-out BORING.

Cheesy, Predictable, Boring Dialogues.

Its very exiting and suspenseful at some points, great story, only problem is the ending is not satisfying.

The plot is boring.

It was funny and cool and had a good combination of deep, intense, and sad moments.