The Darkness (2016) - Horror, Thriller

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A family unknowingly awakens an ancient supernatural entity on a Grand Canyon vacation, and must fight for survival when it follows them home.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Greg McLean
Stars: Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 47 out of 109 found boring (43.11%)

One-line Reviews (96)

Good Story, but Cliché .

I thought that the first half of the movie was unnecessarily long and tended to drag out the suspense until there really wasn't any suspense left.

Generic and formulaic piece of star powered horror that is more simpering and soapy than scary.

I say see this if your really bored or have a couple of hours to spare otherwise don't bother.

While the vast majority of this causes some light-hearted action, it does get into some really strong supernatural action at times with the dog's attack on the daughter in their bedroom while she's sleeping, the numerous communication sequences which shows them bringing their tricks out in fine order as well as the rather intriguing and enjoyable attack with the ghostly handprints emerging on the walls that are quite fun and leads into the big battle at the finale.

Daughter's anorexia (which was a needless addition to being with) is also pointless, because it is dropped after only one or two scenes, and never mentioned again.

The good news for them is that Insidious is freaking amazing so watching a similar story done nearly as well is worthy and was entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

The acting is decent, but with unlikeable characters and a disjointed and ridiculous script, who cares?

Riddled with clichés at every turn, The Darkness offers nothing remotely original or thought provoking and the story line was so unbelievably convenient, I rolled my eyes into the back of my head more often than their cliché teen daughter.

While the plot is predictable, it is still entertaining.

Pointless or Contenders for Dumbest characters ever.

Cliché Central .

It's the usual jump scares, in the usual predictable places.

I suppose that this film might be scary to anyone who hasn't seen a horror movie before, but if you have seen one, it's completely predictable.

" I did not find it scary, suspenseful, or entertaining.

Like most Kevin Bacon "movies" (and Radha Mitchell, for that matter), this indigestible tripe is a half baked mess of every horror movie cliche mixed with phoned in performances and ridiculously implausible character actions.

The pacing was awful, actually nothing happened until the very last 15 minutes, and even that went down the drain.

The story is engaging enough to make it interesting.

This movie is a total waste of time, unless you need some illustrative material about how not to do it.

Its moderately entertaining and it has a good cast, including Kevin Bacon, who I have a lot of time for.

It's high time that Hollywood stops naming "thrillers" banal horror fairy tales like this one.

There are bumps in the night, and the strange things start getting more intense and dangerous.

It will help you to break the boredom.

The whole film jumps from one cliché to another.

Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell are good value as the parents but they have little to work with here and Bacon's STIR OF ECHOES was much more entertaining.

The main mystery here, involving the mystery of the rocks and how the trip there brings them into contact with them makes, for a solid base here which gives this a rather intriguing start to it all that lets this one get rather chilling as it goes along.

Bored to death?

It's cliché, uninspired, and above all Not Scary.

I enjoyed it.

Despite the presence of some useful players here this is very much an ordinary production which I found very mundane.

It was really boring movie.

Save your money.

Literally the only thing stopping this from at least being a huge 9 is the fact that it is cliché and recycled in a lot of ways.

From the Indian folk, to taking a child to another-world, etc.If you're into thrilling scares, this movie is not worth the time.

A lazy, predictable horror flick .

The biggest issue is the fact that there's just not a whole lot of interest going on when the supernatural elements aren't in focus, going through numerous bland set-ups and set-pieces which just drag the whole section down as the focus on their extramarital affair and their sons' medical condition causing them plenty of stress doesn't make for a highly enjoyable time.

The characters aren't very interesting, not to mention very clichéd that it makes the distinct lack of originality even more obvious, making everything really predictable.

" So 862 jump scares later we realize we have discovered an entirely new depressant that can be utilized to overcome the worst insomnia one could incur.

So, if you or someone you know is planning on watching this movie, don't waste your time or money on something that is distressingly bad.

But, beyond my own personal beliefs, this movie was so A-B-C and so much like all the others: The Conjuring, Insidious, Paranormal Activities…It was kinda a bore.

It seems a desperate, highly formulaic premise that's a money grab at best.

I watched the movie on Amazon Prime (Germany) on a Saturday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Formulaic to a Fault, this Derivative Supernatural/Family Drama Stirs the Echos of Previous Pictures with No Shame and Presents Itself with Tolerating its Pedigree to the Exclusion of Artistic and Compelling Cinema.

So many uninteresting sub-plots dilute the story, and I ended up getting quickly bored.

An absolute bore of a story, with 0 logic everywhere you see.

Also, the first 85% of the movie was like slow moving molasses and the last 15% went by in a flash and then the credits rolled.

This movie was bland boring and not scary.

The kid has something wrong with him, cliché.

'The Darkness' would be a great movie if a hundred other similar movies hadn't preceded it and because of this, I found it very bland and unoriginal.

It's just a rather painfully slow movie with the movie mostly consisting of mysterious knocks and the occasional shadow-figure in the background.

As it is, The Darkness is boring as it can possibly be, without any scares, and in the final act, the introduction of the healers and their magic feather is painfully ridiculous.

Boring movie .

Moderately entertaining Poltergeist knock off with an American Indian mythology twist .

And then the last act is upon us, and it just maunders to its boring conclusion.

It was slow moving and did not reach any semblance of being good, until it was almost over.

Uneventful stuff.

This movie is a good movie, but not great; it is by no means unique or anything in that aspect, but it is worth the watch.

Yet, there were random inserts of inner family turmoil spread across the film for pointless reasons whether it had anything to do with this "darkness" that was taking hold of the family or if it truly was pointlessly inserted into the film.

See The Shining, Six Sense, etc. The teenage girl has a serious issue with any parental figure and "much needed" shower scene, cliché.

If you waste your money on this in the hopes that Bacon can make this turkey taste like filet, you deserve every moment of what you get.

These here are enough to make for an enjoyable time, although it does have a few flaws.

The plot had some promise but the execution was so lackluster it came off as boring and stupid.

Verdict: Don't waste your time or money.

If you find it entertaining, well, blessed is the simple mind.

There is a suggestion of a fascinating belief or disbelief due to Mikey's autism.

And even if we didn't know who directed it, the film keeps being lazy and tedious...

Competent But Bland .

This has to be one of his worst movies.

Someone included this film on a list called "Modern-Day Imperialist Capitalist Propaganda".

Director Greg McLean previosly made mini-masterworks like ROGUE and WOLF CREEK so it's a shame to see him wasting his time on this; try THE BELKO EXPERIMENT for a much more enjoyable time.

If that's not enough, since the idea of the pre-1980s atmospheric "slow burn" is popular again, the director attempts it here, and fails miserably.

an authentic waste of time.

Familiar yet entertaining movie.

i found it very suspenseful and eerie at times.

Otherwise, this one was rather enjoyable.

The Cliché (2016) .

It makes this all rather Boring and Drawn Out and does Nothing to Elevate this Misfire beyond Mediocrity.

So back to this straight to garbage stuff, everything is so predictable, already seen a billion times before, and good enough for silly audiences.

One of the most unoriginal, boring script.

The movie is also terribly fast paced and tries to throw way too much in one sitting that everything just seems squished together and has no emotional impact.

The set-up is actually fairly solid, but the movie gets a bit tiresome by the half-way point, and then simply boring in its grand finale, with silly cliche scenes of Latino psychics trying to ward off the evil demons.

The jump scares here are non-existent to bare-bones (ooh, the son's behind her, whoops), and by the climax it's ultimately bloodless too with a PG-13 rating so, uh, kids can sit bored too?

Slightly problematic but still rather enjoyable .

family,grand canyon,evil spirit comes home,boring..there ya go,quicker way to say plot.

This movie is about Native American spirits possessing a kid and using him to torture the viewers with boring jump scares.

That film looks really intense and way more scary than this.

The cleansing attempt on the house is highly enjoyable with the exceptionally fun over-the-top battles and rituals that occur throughout the house as they attempt to drive the spirits out which is a great deal more active and action-packed than the other scenes in here which makes for a great finish to this one by ending on a high note.


This film is worth watching if you are not going to dissect every scene from the start to the finish merely to find faults.

The climax is again too easily predictable and plays out more like a TV show than a film.

It has every cliché you've come to expect, including the insightful creepy kid, the believing mom, the skeptical dad and even an ancient Native American burial ground.

Even Kevin Bacon's acting was just ho-hum.

Nothing happens, people do scream a few times, one get's bitten by the neighbours dog, two others get a few minor cuts from flying glass shards.

But keep in mind, you have to go through over 70 minutes of boring garbage to see her for less than 10 minutes.

See Halloween, It Follows, Psycho, etc. More cliche's like birds showing up randomly, or dogs/cats getting upset.