The Dead Don't Die (2019) - Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

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The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Stars: Bill Murray, Adam Driver
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 455 out of 959 found boring (47.44%)

One-line Reviews (862)

from the slow boringness of day to day life to the unintelligent people who have never left the bubble of their own town.

Slow, boring, unfunny and just painful to watch.

Sadly, you'll likely be so bored by that point that you've stopped caring about what's going on.

Somewhat disappointing considering the pedigree involved on both sides of the camera, but fans of the director and walking dead laffers should find enough here for a modestly enjoyable experience.

Utterly slow...

I enjoyed it nonetheless.

No real plot.

There's no build up, no plot, there is literally nothing.

It's a miracle I managed to stay awake during this film.. I think it was the desperation to get something back for the time I'd all ready wasted in the first 30 mins.

Super slow, nonsense plot, and pointless ending.

Half the people watching when I saw it walked out.

And if you make it to the end, you're rewarded with a narrated statement of the social commentary in case you wisely fell asleep in the first few minutes.

(Iggy pop has a coffee craving zombie gave me life) a majority of this film left me very bored and unimpressed.

Boring and unfunny.

Even when it tried to be a bit odd it just seemed boring in the way it was executed.

Its horribly slow and boring, zombies don't show up for a good chunk, and then there was a random UFO.

After getting through one of the most boring, horrible movies of my life; as a joke of the movie or a big FU to everyone Adam Driver and Bill Murray are talking to each other:Adam Driver: this is going to end badly.

I get the humor, I get the story, and I get the euphemism.. but.. it's just cliche, and not funny at all.

Boring .

Little slow and more then a little dull .

This movie is the slowest I have ever seen.

Vert bad and dont waste your time even children.

Don't waste any time on this crap.

Waste of a good cast, time and effort.

For the first half hour or so I was trying to come to terms with the idea that It wasn't very good, but I had hopes that it might just be slow burning and that the Good would kick in " any time now" Nope.

It is slow, heartless, unfunny and shambles along looking for new victims.

The script is completely asinine, with trite and moronic dialogue often dealing with flawed reasoning and logical fallacies.

Really dull in its delivery it only adds to the feeling of wanting to just be done with the movie.

I was bored the whole time.

For a zombie film, it is pretty boring.

Slow .

And what a piece of boring movie.

The story was not interesting, the killings were slow and the whole plot?

But yeah, it's this slow paced glum attempt at a satire version of a zombie flick.

Violently boring .

Slow doesn't even begin to describe this waste-of-time!

It was slow paced, full of dry humor, and great performances by all.

It is boring.

There is an actual message I guess you could say but overall it is just an unexpected ride that I was glad I was on!

It's feigns being clever by breaking the 4th wall, but it's far too dumb and dull to be meaningful.

It was just a bland film.

The positivesActors play played their parts well, the characters are mostly likeableNegatives The pace is crazily slow the story is a little stop start and mostly dull.

It was slow for a comedy.

The plot is extremely slow and predictable.

It's a political piece mixed with bored cast .

Actors spelled their lines out in a dead, boring manner like it was a christmas show performed by 10 year olds forced into their roles.

Complete waste of my money.

Dull and lackluster...

Anytime a director breaks the fourth wall to insert himself into the movie = pretentious.

By far the worst movie from Jarmusch thus far.

Waste of talent and waste of time.

I like dark comedies and zombie movies, it this had no plot or main story almost like it was an unfinished movie.

The Dialogues are so boring, it is awkwardly funny and the easter eggs are getting shoved in your face.

It is very boring and formulaic to the point that it gets a few awkward laughs.

After seeing so many dull movies this year Dead don't die is surprisingly entertaining from the very beginning to the end.

The story is too slow and more on talking with dull moment.

This is my first review ever, this was one of the most boring movie's I've ever watched.

A boring collage of scenes stitched together for no reason at all.

It was just a boring stupid ending.

..boring. .

Boring .

It started off slow, boring and very laboured...

This is so boring and so painful to watch.

The movie is just boring...

:DSimply put don't waste your time, this movie is literally nothing, I honestly believe all these people just laughed at us and made up a hoax that they made a movie!!!

This is one of the worst movies I've seen.

Really sad to see a good cast go to waste like this, except Adam Driver hes acting is as boring to watch as this movie.

This is a slow paced ("Lost Highway" slow) movie about the lives of a few residents in a urban village.


What a waste of time .

Is he just naturally slow, or just inherently sycophantic?

This movie was very slow and not well written.

To long, to boring, to irritating, a little to weird and utterly pointless.

Ultimately this was just such a waste of time.

In fact, the film is unbearably excruciatingly slow and boring.

Very slow .

The scenes are all very long and quite dull, the script is slow like the acton and the funny odd jokes rarely work.

Yea n surely it is waste of time n money

And with the ever-entertaining Tilda in the mix (Tilda is Tilda!

So, you saw the trailer and the cast, and immediately assumed you'll be seeing an action packed comedy with fast pacing and witty jokes?

Worst movie I've ever seen.

because this movie was so slow and uneventful it was painful.

Entire film actually quite slow!

I don't know what the movie was trying to do, why there is a ufo in there, what is the purpose of zelda, where is the humor, and why is everything moving so slow?

Pointless characters and waste of film.

Slow paced commentary on real life zombies.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

If you die of boredom this movie will finish you and will make you die.

Slow and Awkward is the Point.

In both movies nothing happens.

The Friday early evening screening where I saw this at was not attended well (5 people, including myself), and the ho-hum reaction this movie has gotten leads me to think its theater run might well be over after 2 weeks.

The only engaging aspect of this movie is asking yourself "why?

The only thing worse than this movie are the pretentious reviewers .

It might be worth a watch if it comes to Netflix, otherwise save your money.

This movie is boring, slow, I actually fell asleep and won't be watching it where I left it.

The entire movie consists of blah-blah dialogue, which I guess is supposed to be "funny" but only if you're a pretentious fool like the director.

I didn't care what happened to these people, to much time was spent on pointless characters that brought nothing to the story.

Simply one of the worst movies I have ever seen it is purely only getting one star for Bill Murray and that's because I like him not for his performance.

Slow as a week in the jail!

Utterly boring and pretentious .

It was SCREAMING about how dull and slow and quiet everything is, it's neon lights on what could have been funny and entertaining and watchable.

As for the zombies, the make up is very old school, but in combination with the boring acting it's worthless.

Jim Jarmusch comes off as a pretentious fraud after seeing this movie.

The Dead Don't Die is a boring horror comedy film that has a theme message in it which makes it for a dull narrative structure.

I think, as slow as it is, that it might someday fall into that category.

(bribed) scientists and "authorities" (who are essentially the liberal elites that nearly completely control information) have been poisoning western culture with fear-propaganda for years about climate change, without even allowing a proper public debate on the issue.

Aimless, slow, rarely funny.

I give this flick a 3/10 just because of the cast, but the story and acting is so stiff, you feel like a 3 year old kid wrote this when he was bored out of his mind.

In spite of its large cast and competent director, The Dead Don't Die may be one of the most boring, woefully underutilised films of the zombie genre in quite a while.

Such a waste of time watching this movie

Thing is with undead movies, they either need to be genuinely funny or fast paced with lots of action.

So before I set out I'd just like to note that personally I felt very little was good about this particular film and was a bit of a let down compared to what I saw from trailers etc. To begin with, the tone and rules of the zombies/ghouls/"monsters" that are in a way the villains of the piece are wildly inconsistent, dashing from bland horror to comedy and then being fast and loose with the rules of its monsters which negates any and all horror that could've been.

All characters start dying , there is no moment where u actually get the feeling, yeahh go for it boyz, no thing like that, muvi starts slow and dull and somehow goes on to be even more dull as time passes on.

This film is deliberately slow within its dialogue, pace and storyline, as if offering subtle elements of Lynch's filmic style when focusing on "the" moment and its overall essence.

Jim Jarmusch made an awful borefest, snoozefest of the worst kind.

From fracking leading to Earth being knocked off its axis in the opening act to Tilda Swinton's Katana wielding Scot, it's just entertaining tomfoolery.

The pacing is so slow, the humor is dry, driver and murray trying to break the fourth wall doesn't work.

"Can a zombie film soooo boring?

I cannot recall the last movie I actually walked out of.

The director that made this has managed to make one of the worst movies of all time.

If you don't like quick witted humor and dry delivery when it comes to jokes, this film will either annoy or bore you.

One of the worst movies ever .

Next the film had no plot or character development.

Worst movie I've ever watched.

Wanted to like this but it was just boring.

The humans are the real zombiesStretches the cast too wideShould have focused on less charactersBreaks 4th wall a few times and it works in this filmTilda Swinton plays and alien which is very fitting because she is always compared to oneNo matter what we do about global warming it's still going to end badly just like the characters have been saying the whole filmDidn't need the explainer by Tom Waits at the end already got what the movie was trying to say, was overkillGot a little too predictable at the end

The film is also slow, and though it may be so, it is certainly not average or predictable and oddly enough that what is makes the film the best.

The movie was unfathomably slow paced to the point of where boredom was starting to set in and you were really to just hold out a hand and let a zombie chomp down on your flesh.

The movie is made so slow that it seems to be floating in some thivk, fat, slow treacle.

terribly boring .

What a waste of time, talent and money.

SUMMARY: Dull and lifeless.

It's painfully slow, aimless and random.

It is a boring with none of the actors being fantastic are good and the end is dumb and not funny so it should not be considered a comedy.

Starts slow and only slows down from there...


Worst Movie I've Seen in Years .

However the crawl like pace of this film and the purposely slow deliveries of the acting made me want to shut the movie off several times.

I love zombie films but this was so boring from the begining to my sleepy time.

Dont waste your time and money ...

It goes nowhere, the dialogs are slow, stupid and boring.

Total waste of time....

To me, the only entertaining part of the movie was Tilda Swinton's character, and that was just because she was so bizarre that anything she did was interesting in comparison to the rest of the cast.

It was (and I can't believe I'm writing this about a Jarmusch movie) cutesy at best, with lots of sassy little moments which clashed horribly with the very slow plot development and dialog delivery.

Complete waste of time.

I found it very slow, boring as and no longer funny.

It's so slow I got bored

Speaking of pointless we get the dead don't die song played in it's entirety 3 times during this movie once for the credit card.

One of the worst movies ever made and totally waste of time.

I was bitterly disappointed by the repetition and there was no real content.. not particularly funny, not particularly scary, not particularly sci-fi, not particularly anything really.. couldn't wait for it to end.. people actually walked out of the cinema by mid point.

Ultimately, quite a pointless performance, which is a tragedy in itself, given the high quality cast.

Sadly "The Dead Don't Die" is not a movie that I will be returning to watch a second time, because it was just horribly boring and so slow paced that even the zombies were going "hey, Jim Jarmusch, you mind picking up the pace?

Although the film is not completely lousy thanks to a few successful scenes, I was globally bored and disappointed.

Worst movie ever...

Starts off slow and never picks up.

Loads of well known actors but literally one of the most boring and pointless films I've watched.

The pace is really slow, and there is very little suspense or thrills.

Shows location, introduces characters and boom zombies come up and.. wait, nothing happens?

There's no build up, no character development, no plot, nothing.

Simple story line, some parts really made no sense, the characters were really boring, and the end was expected.

Overall boring, dull and an unoriginal zombie flick.

I dont know how I was able to stay awake during this horrific movie.

Boring.. unoriginal.. fails at being funny.. fails at being Meta.. fails to entertain on any level.. the whole movie is the joke and the joke is on you if you paid any money to see this none-sensical mundane campy film.

All in all, this is a slow dull movie with disinterested characters which is a bad look for a zombie movie.

Fans of "The Walking Dead" will be bored into zombiedom themselves.

Nothing happens.

Propaganda .

Most importantly though, it was just so boring.

Wow, totaling entertaining.


Some very funny moments, great cast, the 4th wall breaking is a little boring.


The script was unfunny and most of the conversations were poorly contrived.

There would be no heroes, every normal human who is weird or quirky, angry, or downright boring would be affected, and there would be no happy ending.

I shouldve walked out of the theatre with the other 12 people and saved some of the life I wasted sitting there.

Dreary, plodding and ultimately pointless .

So slow tempo and you wait for something but nothing happens till end of the movie.

Slow paced comedy!

But after the boredom has turned you into a mindless minion of the brain dead zombie world, try to remember a yawn will result in permanent dislocation!

Don't waste your time .

It just went nowhere.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

This movie had 2 or 3 minor laughs and other than that, was boring.

It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

Deadpan and darkly funny, a slow builder, great zombies (with a slight twist on the generic), enough zombie slaying action, in jokes and pops at the genre and a great brooding atmosphere throughout.

The twist was good but overall a big yawn.

One of the worst movie ever in life .

Worst movie ever.

Then it's wrapped up with an absurd "twist", that's done in such a boring way no one will care, and then back to one final stereotype after a little bit of exposition.

Literally the worst movie I've ever seen to date.

And incredibly slow .

But the fact is nothing happens.

Waste of time .

The irony is that he is just another stereotypical whiny liberal film-maker inundating his movies with questionable political propaganda.

Amateurish dialogue, slow pacing, emotionless acting and ultimately the braking of the fourth wall all add up to an almost perfect satire.

Just don't waste your time with this, I suffered enough so you don't have to!

Looking over others reviews I see a pattern of tons of people who call this dull and dreadfully boring.

This fell flat, was boring and in my opinion served no purpose.

There is, for instance, a scene where the police car is besieged and the scene is stunning to begin with, then a little over long and then in suspension with nothing happening.

This hands down was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Slow, vaguely promising start that just doesn't deliver .

All the ingredients were there for a hilarious parody but rather than quick paced punchy comedy the film went for very slow and droll which worked well In places but for a lot of the time was just ponderous.

Slow, dumb, not funny, script is awfull...

It's slow paced, actors gave little to no energy in it.

This is a zombie movie for pretentious arthouse house people who have never seen a zombie movie.

More propaganda than movie, stop fracking or else, Trump supporters are racists blah blah blah, just complete Gar-bahj.

Slow paced.

Agreed on so many reviews of thos one, if you are sleepy due the slowness it is possible that you will fall asleep.

If you are in the mood for a chill movie watching experience as opposed to the usual high adrenaline CGI extravaganza, then you should check this one out.

No story, no dialog, no comedy, no scary, no point.

This film is very slow, I found it to be boring at times.

Very bland performances.

A bunch of great actors summoned to play in the new and unpredictable movie created by Jim Jarmusch.

Cliché on cliché ,so boring.

It's terrible, such a waste of time.

This is so dull and rambling, with actors sleep walking through and cringe-worthy dialogue.

Otherwise, the humor dries up quick and is dull throughout.

Waste of Time .

Trying too hard and going too slow...

We have long drawn out scenes where you get to watch people share drinks.

It's as if the director wanted you to believe he was engaging in good-natured mockery when in fact, all the time he was harbouring a deep resentment towards the type of characters in this film.

Borefest .

Nothing happens.

The cast seemed bored by it all, except for Chloe Sevigny.

Honestly I think the reason the whole thing moved so dreadfully slow is because they had to find a way to fill 90 minutes.

Silly and Pointless .

But soon you'll find out that the movie has no script.

No action, no story, no acting.

I enjoyed it wasent a horror but more a comedy really worth the watch ddo, enjoy

Slow and boring .

It's filled with propaganda and it's like someones child wrote the script and handed it to their rich and influential parents to have it made.

This film nearly had me nodding off, the acting and dialogue was so dull and uninspiring.

Nothing happened.

To me, it is an entertaining little gem.

Slow and boring .

The first thing that is absolutely brillant is the slow pace and the long shots that remind me of an indie film.

It's a comedic version of all zombie films put together in a slow, drawn out manner with great acting, amazing dialogue and dead pan.

This pointless tomfoolery should have gone straight to the sewers of TUBI with all of the other low budget stinkers and pretentious arthouse nonsense.

Bored to watch not funny not scary.

It was a slow night so I thought this zombie comedy might be good even though I don't usually like zombie comedy.

The budget was so low I expected to see power extension leads being dragged across the set.

One of the very worst movies I've seen.

One of THE worst movies I've seen in a long time!

This was the most "empty" movie I every saw and maybe the worst Bill Muray character, another wasted character would be of Steve Buscemi.

Very long draw-out scenes with pointless banter.

This movie left me as bored as the leads seemed.

I was open when I went to see this, but it had no story.

If i was alone this would probably be boring af.

This movie makes an attempt to deliver offbeat comedy by following a formulaic pattern of events surrounding a zombie outbreak.

As slow, as quiet, and as disinterested with story, convention, and resolution as he usually is, if one is buckled in to watch a Jarmusch joint, this is really fun.

And others will be bored when a third person makes the same remark about the possibility that some wild animal had something to do with the victims in a diner.

Created was an advertisement/trailer then as an afterthought put in 100 odd minutes of nonsensical, boring, go nowhere dialogue and scenes, with no point or direction delivered in a dull and unenthusiastic way by a big note cast.

Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Just a typical case of a known Hollywood Writer/Director attracting a good cast for an absolute waste of time of a film.

Very boring and wasn't very funny at all.

Boring AF.

Humungous waste of time and talent .

Boring and strange kind of humor

The scenes were very disjointed and pointless.

We actually walked out, great cast, poor and pointless delivery...

Staunchingly refusing to go for tiresome tropes we follow a diverse cast of characters in a tiny town in the middle of USA as they come to realize that maybe because of strange new ways of getting natural resources halfway around the world, there might now be a full on Zombie apocalypse upon us.

If the audience look like zombies to you, Jim, it's because you've bored them to death.

With enough booze and plenty of comfy seating, and no need to be quiet, it could liven up an otherwise boring party.

Couldnt have been more wrongThe movie pace is too slow , the acting is terrible and its not funny.

Worst movie ever saw in theaters!

Pretentious, moi.

Garden shears are a good weapon vs slow zombies.

We really enjoyed it we had tons of laughs and it was fun to watch too the cinema was good

No real Stoy, actors who are bored in cars, a few effects that wear off after the second appearance, not even a real movie.

It was a waste of my time.

The meta moments were sudden, and confusing.

I think the movie works best in the first half when the tempo is slow.

It would take a seriously talented director to take some of the finest actors around like Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton and make the dullest movie ever in the history of zombie comedies.

Sad that he wasted a great cast, this was boring and pointless.

waste of time and space .

I loved this, the slow pace added to the deadpan laughs.

Paternon was the only movie I saw from Jarmusch before watching The Dead Don't Die and enjoyed it quite a bit.

The worst movie I have ever seen .

Its stupid but not in a good way, extremely boring.

What I got was very little action, excruciatingly slow pacing, an out of nowhere and ultimately inconsequential plot twist, finished off by a "woke" epilogue.

Felt the movie went nowhere and had no meaning.

The movie starts off really slow, as if it wants you to invest in the lives of the characters, and shows us the various townsfolk we know will eventually turn into zombies, because that's what happens when they try to get us interested in totally boring character.

An hour later, I was bored stupid and couldn't wait for it to end.

Z is for zzzzz .

The rest is completely dumb and boring.

Getting to the movie itself, it does have a very slow build and the conversations may seem dull to some.

Save yourself from boredom and regret over wasted time and money and skip this.


This movie has basically no plot.

Everything seemed inconsistent and annoyingly pretentious - when you repeat a joke for the 5th time it 1.

Boring .

But this wasn't very indie, the humor wasn't so much dry but more like flaccid, the visuals were fine with some gags and interesting topics, the zombies reduced to meta commentary a la "Warm Bodies", and the boring quirkiness made me wanna throw up outside a diner.

The needle is close to being on empty.

The humor was very dry and it left you hanging in some places.

The slow, ironic pace and the dry responses of lead cops Cliff (Bill Murray) and Ronnie guarantee chuckles every few seconds and a leisurely stroll through a ghoulish genre.

Who knew they could make a film with this genre so boring!

Boring, not funny, no plot...

Slow on the speaking i.

It's slow and boring, unfocussed, weird and quirky, homaging movies barely anyone (myself included) have even seen.

Tedious and boring.

If you want to waste 101 minutes of your life then go ahead.

slow and boring...

However, this has to be one of THE WORST movies i have ever seen.

Boring, no plot, no nothing.

Every aspect, be it the dialogues, idiosyncratic characters, new attributes added to zombies & even the interactions between all has an empty vibe to it, and whatever Jarmusch believes to be funny only evokes a forced chuckle out of us, that too out of respect for the filmmaker.

Really, this movie is so slow and boring I can't imagine someone thought it was a good idea to produce it.

I was looking forward to this one and it's such a shame it was so slow.

Waste of money,cast,time ,and viewers patience.

Strangely Boring in a fun way.

Very entertaining .

I had never walked out of a movie before .

So Slow and Boring .

All star cast wasted on boring zombie script .

The worst movie I have seen in years.

Watch the trailer, it contains all of the entertaining moments, and save yourself two hours.

This is just a well made story with a well built cast and a slow paced, dry humored marvel in today's market of copy and paste movies.

Only thing i could think of during the movie is 'this is probably the worst movie i have watched all year'.

There are a lot of characters, tension is building, the story seems to be going somewhere, and then it was like the writers got bored and just wanted it over and wrapped it up as quickly as possible.

However, the plot has multiple pointless subplots and unnecessary characters as well as a poorly handled message at the end.

Glad I was playing crazy golf on my phone or I might have blown my brains out it was that boring.

I read people complaining about the pace of the movie,but that slow pace (and even the dark repeating soundtrack, the small town environment, the mysterious vibe in the air, and even the slightly dumb characters and dialogs) really had a Lynch and Twin Peaks vibe.

I've seen this film twice now, and the second time I was making jokes about how Bill Murray just looks bored out of his mind.

The story is uninteresting and disjointed.

Not amusing, not funny, and quite possibly the worst movie ever made.

Lack of plot, slow, unfunny jokes, pointless sub plots that never reach completion.

Super slow and a waste of talented cast.

Slow and boring.

All the people giving this movie such low scores must either be pretentious, or have watched a different movie than I did.

Very disappointing, and just boring...

Pretentious, dull-witted "film buffs" trying desperately to gain (self-)respect by over-intellectualizing everything.

For those who complain about the slow pace and lack of real plot, I have only one question - have you ever watched anything from Jarmusch?

Dead pan comedy is fine but this is dull.

I LITERALLY had never walked out of a movie before - I hope none of the actors had the chance to read the script and decided to have fun with the director telling him they loved making the movie - otherwise nothing makes sense.

Worst Movie I have ever seen!.

This was probably one of most boring, bland and wasteful ends to a film I think I've ever seen.

It was as if even the sleepy deadpan delivery of lines was hard to pull off in this ultra snooze fest.

Utter snorefest...

Wont recommend to watch this slow movie, except for die hard Jim Jarmush fans like myself...

Mediocre, boring and irritating.

I'm wondering if any of these actors and actresses were either in financial troubled or just plain bored.

But even for that it's dull and boring.


But this movie is just so painfully bland.

One of the worst movies ever made.

There is nothing original here, nothing happens for almost 1 hour and the movie is 1h&40min.

But the satirical humor was awfully dull as was the story, action, and pace.

Yeah I get that this is a big satirical commentary on zombie movie tropes, blended in with a big metaphorical commentary on society, and capped with a little diatribe from Tom Waits as the "outward observer", but the entire thing is just SO slow that it's utterly boring.

Terrible waste of time .

The entire ensemble is wasted, and play their roles as if they were bored to death.

A waste of time.

A quite entertaining horror film!

This movie runs at a snail's pace.

The result is moderately entertaining and I almost think they are going for a "so bad it's good" type of credential.

"There are a few, inventive jokes, but they only highlight what an entertaining movie this could have been, instead of the anti-climatic, boring drag it turns out to be.

The writing and dialogue are so bad, and for such big name actors their performances were wooden, and they seemed as bored to be on screen as i was in the theatre.

With this many stars, so much collected experience and such an easy canvas (everybody instantly knows what to expect of the zombie apocalypse), I was very disappointed with the overall bland result.

Dull , dull and even more dull, .

Funny and thoroughly entertaining.

and ill bed you you will be bored to.

Of course part of the amusement is watching talented actors play such contrived and silly scenes where they have a lackadaisical reaction to a terrifying zombie outbreak and instead obsess about mundane matters such as hipsters and the title song in the movie.

Its simply worst movie i have ever seen.

Watching paint dry would be more rewarding then another viewing of this movie.

Looked interesting in trailer but is actually just a slow stupid movie .


The acting was terrible (not one character showed emotion of any kind), the movie dragged, and not one line was remotely funny.

If I had to describe this movie, I'd say it's a pseudo-intellectual attempt to make a zombie movie with a Fargo-style slow pace and dark humor, BUT, it's a complete failure and it ends up being obnoxious, boring, painfully unfunny and leaves me with a sense that the people behind this movie are either mentally challenged, or they've stolen the script from some kids elementary school locker, OR are simply trolling the audience and made the movie this bad on purpose, because it's almost hard to imagine a movie turning out this bad by accident.

Worst movie I've seen in years!!

I like Bill Murray, hes always been a funny man, but this movie is too slow to get to the point.

To add insult to injury it also has a pretentious vibe to it and you get the feeling the movie thinks it's way better than it actually is.

This movie was terrible don't waste your time watching it.

I'd say about 70% of this movie was just padding and slow, slow protracted scenes of talking about nothing.

I am surprised that so many people live such action pack and exciting lives that a real, albeit emotionless, pace of conversation is too dull to be entertaining.

"The Dead Don't Die" is the single worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

It's a bland town with a bland name filled with bland people whose bland conversations focus on doughnuts and pie from the town's only diner.

A Very Boring And A Slow Movie .

One huge yawn from start to - well, I didn't finish it.

Stupid and empty .

A pointless, non credible story line.

Dire, boring, waste of time.....

Main characters talk really slow without any enthusiasm, and they're good actors normally.

Aimless, pointless, unfunny, not scary.

I'm shocked, it's probably the worst movie I've seen and I'm convinced I could write better dialogue than this.

like many reviews also say acting is wooden boring and no depth in them.

I enjoyed it for what it was,a small town hic-zombie retro tribute to Romero's masterpiece Hang your heads in shame.

The plot was dull and not explained leaving me bored.

I enjoyed the slow pace and witty humor.

Daylight hours are becoming strangely unpredictable with scary reports on the news become a big cause for concern.

A LOT of people hated it, but I loved it, it had that slow, undertow of humor and serious commentary of life.

I used to like bill Murray but now I hate him for making this dull vegan dump of a film.

Pointless waste of time.

Entertaining .

Was actually quite boring and nothing really happened.

Still, this movie cant get more than a 1 from me, it is simply so boring and horribly written that I cant even compare it to anything.

It is an absolutely pointless, meandering vanity project that attempts to trick you into thinking it's cleverer than it is.

This was literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

No story, no acting, no fun, no scares, no nothing.

just totally bland and forgettable, action-heads look elsewhere.

very slow, very dumb, and not funny .

Major let down, and just plain pretentious, on something that could have been a great movie, with a magnificent cast.

Throughly enjoyed it.

There is no story.

If you are talking about find art and joy in anything, watching my dog pooping on the backyard could also be entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

What it doesnt have are action, blood/gore, adrenaline-heart-pumping climax.

Pace of the film is beyond slow there is no comedy I certainly struggled to muster a laugh and the script made no sense in places.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

Don't waste your time on this one.

The stilted, banal dialogue suggested considerable improvisation (I was right).

But alas, it was slow going and not too much really happened.

So entertaining .

An enjoyable one.

This is a pathetic excuse for a horror spoof, a pathetic excuse for social commentary, and an embarrassing waste of some decent performers' time.

I would normally be fine with this, but they spend so much of the movie telling us this and it gets to the point making this movie really slow.

The Dead Don't Die is a waste of everyone's talent and all of your time.

I was really disappointed, words cannot describe how dull this film was !

Pretentious dreck, and a complete waste of time .

Boring version of "Shaun of the dead" .

Dull and goes nowhere .

The writing is lazy, the jokes are bland, the acting is something like you would get in a high school drama class.

You'll either be bored to death or somewhat offended by the end of this film, I don't recommend it.

I'll probably end up with it on iMovies or whatever but it'll be an insomnia type movie rather than a I MUST see again, movie.

Just plain boring.

It's contrived and unearned.

Don't waste your time.

It started very slow before any action.

nothing happens during the first40 min.

Trying to make fun of all the zombie movies, Jarmusch made a typical boring zombie movie.

It's a trite message that has been grossly overused and loses considerable impact when delivered by actors with net worths in the multi-million dollar range.

I found it hard to follow along.

If you're having trouble falling asleep, as a last resort I'd suggest watching this movie.

Honestly how did the cast really feel about acting in this slow boring movie!

Long drawn out scenes where nothing happens very little dialogue and characters that go no where .

But that's not the worst part, after they finished with this information, nothing happens, the protagonists just drive along in their car looking at stuff and this just drags out the ending so much.

Pretentious Zombie Movie .

Maybe it's because Zombie movies are usually pretty fast paced and this was a slow burn.

A dull chronic pain that they were all tired of fighting, and not just because that was what they were apparently supposed to be doing.

To bad, lots of star power just a pointless mishmash of nothing good...

The zombie apocalypse is initially depicted as slow and distant, not something about which to be overly concerned, until suddenly there's no escape.

Trite, Contrived, and Incredibly Boring.....

its a comedy en masse, an ironic view of the superstitious with rednecked caracters and extremely slow paced.

Iggy Pop's coffee zombie was slightly entertaining.

Honestly, the worst crime a film can commit, even with mistakes, is to be boring.

It was so slow, it fell too much on hipster "comedy" There is an awful song that is played repeatedly that is mean to be a theme song but its too country and boring to be a theme song to a zombie show.

Just boring, not even Bill Murray could save this mess.

It's a very slow movie not worth the money you spent to see the movie!

People left the theater halfway through.

Nothing happens .

Still all in all a really entertaining and bizarre watch that is an.........

Can be slow at times but is still entertaining .

The boring don't get more boring .

Totally waste of time .

Everyone talks and moves slower then a turtle and it takes forever for literally anything to happen and when anything does happen it not exciting and still the slowest most boring zombie move ever created!

Imagine the worst movie you ever saw in your life; now multiply it by 10x - Tada!

I literally fell asleep in the middle of it and had to start it over again.

This was one of the worst movies i ever had the displeasure of watching.

A total waste of time despite a great cast .

Who knew a comedy zombie film could be so astoundingly dull.

Absolutely nothing happens during the first 50 minutes of the movie except bland, dry, empty character interactions.

A complete and utter waste of everyone's time...

I think it aimed for quirky but it ran smack dab into dull and stupid.

Slow, Meta, Few Actual Jokes; Not for Everyone .

It was boring, not funny, definitely not scary or horrifying and as already stated, utter crap!

The only thing it was is slow to get to the point.

Looked promising with a decent cast but soooo slow and the movie never really gets going.

The trailer made it look hilarious, but it's bland with no personality ...

Humble advice, don't waste your time on this

Even Bill Murray looked bored.

Tilda Swinton also provides a oddly amusing role, and is honestly the only shining light in this dim tale of boring and careless work.

Utterly pointless .

Very slow, little action.

")The problem is this - although many of the characters are engaging, they populate a subdued, disconnected movie that is frequently quite slow.

There really is no plot since they keep throwing in everything they could.

" The characters are dull, like they don't really like living in that town, as everybody's dead inside already (maybe done purposefully).

It is clear that everyone had fun making this and it is enjoyable to watch.

Fern recognizes propaganda when she hears it.

But the pacing, I can understand, can be slow.

His navigation through the zombie genre is an uneven film, with at least a good surprise like the flying saucer scene and many boring and unfunny moments.

Fans of auteur Jim Jarmusch are often fanatic, loving everything and anything he offers, from artsy "Broken Flowers" (2005) to brilliantly "dull" "Paterson" (2016).

The movie plods along at a snail's pace with no variation from beginning to end.

Enjoyable, if you have nothing else to watch.

Excruciatingly long and boring.

Waste of my life.

Due that fact it makes it slow.

Bored .

One of the most hilarious and entertaining films I've seen in ages.

The humor is not funny, it's pointless.

Smart viewers will find this cliche and dull, daft viewers will resent the slow pace and drowsy characters.

Just don't waste your time.

I enjoyed it.

Boring, slow and not funny.

Pretty slow and only chuckled a handful of times.

Everything is sooo slow.

Slow as zombie .

The characters are beyond bland and hallow.

If you want to watch a good zombie comedy go to zombieland or Shaun of the dead, they are far better this is so slow burning and not funny.

I started to fall asleep halfway through, which is very rare, especially during zombie movies.

There is no plot, few characters badly designed, some things happen without any logical reason...

But this was just way, way too boring.

I personally love The Dead Don't Die and highly recommend it knowing full well it is one long agonizing deadpan joke (pun intended) that will make many squirm in their seat, and not for the reason you'd expect.

One can challenge the pre-established norms of cinema and, specifically, genre while still delivering a smart, enjoyable and cohesive experience.

If you didn't like it, you probably fell asleep .

The pace of the movie is sluggish, there's too much time spent on trivial conversations, the fourth wall breaks aren't very funny, there's no plot to speak of, and the ending is weird.

I tried to watch it once but fell asleep within the first 30mins.

I think it's an acquired taste, but I personally enjoyed it.

It has a Stella cast in it with Danny Glover, Bill Murray and the rest but it was the most boring film I have ever watched.

The worst movie I've seen in a long time.

And for most of the film, I enjoyed it!

It is a really nice, witty, but slow movie .

save your money and time...

Don't waste your money.

Made zero sense, goes absolutely nowhere, definitely one of the worst movies I have endured in a long time.

Side plots are pointless.

Best advice, don't waste 100 mins of your time on this.

Maybe a 'comedy',but I look at it as a 'meta-comedy', that tries to be funny by using typical cliché scenes from other movies.

There is no plot.

I actually fell asleep twice while watching this in the theater and that never happens.

It's just a pointless movie.

Predictable from fade-in to fadeout, "The Dead Don't Die" qualifies as a dry, deadpan exercise in supernatural horror.

Slowpaced and boring .

No story.. No dialogue.

This movie is a waste of time - do yourself a favor and dont watch it.

Boring, slow, unfunny and stupid.

Boring even as i watched large portions at double speed to make it end faster.

Borefest .

Life is too short for banal crap like this, everything about this film screams out "trying too hard to be cool / quirky.

A slow and uneventful letdown .

This was by far the slowest and worst movie i have ever paid for in my life in the theaters.

Whimsical, boring, strange, funny.

Final Say -With little heart or soul this dead filled horror/comedy hybrid is a massive miss-step for a usually solid filmmaker with Jarmusch failing to maximise his talented cast in an outing that feels like a big waste of time, instead of fun and engaging trip into the bizarre.

A few people with like it (everything appeals to someone), other more pretentious people with "like it" and claim if you don't your not intellectual or sophisticated enough for it.

Don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time by waiting this movie guys.

It's boring, monotonous and so lame that if it were a horse it would of been put down after 10 minutes.

This whole movie is boring garbage.

It would seem Jarmusch has little love for the genre, essentially offering banal zombie tropes with no new insights or perspective, so one might ask why he went this route.

I even laughed a bit at the repetitive jokes and LOL'd at the part when Driver pulls up in his little Smart car to the crime scene.

This was just a watchable film and rated 6 as the slow subtle humor was dished out by an all star cast that seemed to miss the mark on every strike.

from boredom.

But the many scenes where they aren't, indicate with a heavy hand that we're in pondering (and ponderous) philosophical black humour territory.

Worth the watch.

Sure, it can move at a snail's pace at times.

Plain boring...

Don't waste your time.

First 40 minutes nothing happened.

I enjoyed it, and I think if you enjoyed DOWN BY LAW, or GHOST DOG, you would enjoy this, too.

Boring bait and switch .

Too slow and dull.

Yes, it does move slow.

Tedious .

It is a slow burning storyline.

A lot of potential with some very funny moments but sadly just a bit slow .

Jarmusch should just pack up his stuff and move into his new SSJW office, where he can be a nuisance to society in a NORMAL way that we're all (sort of) used to, rather than bore us with bad movies.

Watching paint dry would be a better use of your time.

One of the worst movies ever made .

I did chuckle again towards the end when Mr. Driver said " I read the script, that's how i know it's going to end badly" And the UFO part was completely off the wall and unexpected.

Big Waste of time and talent .

Boring and not funny .

Every actor talks like they're slow.

The front-runner's of the cast are Bill Murray along with Adam Driver and their chemistry really works and makes the movie more enjoyable to watch.

The most uneventful Zombie movie ever .

Nothing happens, straightforward situations without a joke and clichés.

This is a waste of an hour and a half of your life you won't get back.

Really enjoyed it .

Way rubbish one of the worst movies this year How it got made is beyond me Ur be better watching paint dry

With the market completely saturated with zombie films you wanna come out swinging and all this is is a borefest, what a dud.

It was everything I wanted it to be and a little more, a new fresh take on the cliche zombie film that was really enjoyable.


Jarmusch stays between 1 and 3 for the whole film, constantly repeating jokes (at first it seemed really fun but then it became so tiresome).

Surely it was an effort in trying to make the most boring zombie movie ever made and it succeeded.

Slow being the point here.

I did have a couple of problems though, the film is a little to slow in some parts it can get a bit stagnant.

I get what they were trying to do, but they needed to cut the dumb slow town folk thing and hurry up with the zombies.

The repetitive use of the theme song did get annoying.

The attempt at running "jokes" was equally heavy-handed and contrived, being so unfunny that having to hear them more than once was actively painful.

No plot, no character development, bad dialogues.

dont even waste your time with "The Dead Don't Die "except in the BOXoffice""Glad I didnt pay money (even a cent) to see this all of its 1 or 2 days total in theaters.

It was boring and choppy.

Mix one part pointless, with one part boredom, an ounce of a good cast and add a pinch of zombies....

I really enjoyed it!.

Complete with throw-away ending, this movie feels like a complete waste of everyone's life - ironic, for a zombie movie.

It runs for 105 minutes and you could say despite the pretty shocking (and sometimes also surprisingly graphic) key plot point that has zombies kill humans in a small town, it is a fairly slow film.

A dull movie with awesome actors with crappy roles.

Movie is just slow...

"The Dead Don't Die" is the slow development of this storyline following several dwellers of this town.

This is definitely not you're everyday zombie film like Zombieland or World War Z, just the top of my head, it is a much more slow and methodical film about characters and their interactions.

No story, nothing happens, except some zombies kill some people.

the story is so slow and poor , there is no base for the movie or rules ...

But main story arc is so so slow.

I'm going to start off by saying that I honestly had no desire to see this movie, but my mom dragged me to seeing it with her anyway.

Really quick: this is boring as hell.

This can be boring for many people.

Odd but immensely entertaining.

Utter waste of time.

A total waste of time.

The script is so bad it's excellent, funnily serious, full of idiosyncratic characters with plenty of forhead-slappingl one liners and unexpected twists and the all-star cast really pulls it off.

It's a very, very slow burn of a movie, to the point where it's almost boring.

Still, I thought it was hilarious, and I'm going to go watch it again, because I have some nagging questions about it, but also because I enjoyed it.

Still, no plot at all, nothing explained (maybe the earth itself) and going nowhere it is one for the geeks itself.

Bill Murray and Adam driver were bland and boring there script was terrible and made them seem like dumb characters and poor actors when i know they are not.

I found it long, boring, and nearly humorless.

Its the kind of movie that nobody really enjoys but you will come across morons who will act like they enjoyed it to act sophisticated.

But it seemed like the running gag of Deputy Sheriff Ronnie Peterson (Adam Driver) and his repetitious 'going to end badly' mantra did get a little tiresome after a while.

Uninteresting, unfunny borefest .

When doing just that, I was bored nearly to death; no pun intended.

It's just making fun of zombie movies, but in the most boring, least clever and least funny way possible.

It's somehow both wry and mundane, and not meant to be traditionally scary or laugh out loud funny.

What an enormous waste of talent, money and time.

But my bet is that you won't, because the fact is that's really pointless and a waste of time.

So Im going to say it right now so that we are clear:Most of Jim's films seem like a boring exhibition to me and with the last few years, I think it has only gotten worse.

A bit slow but the action surprisingly funny and intense!

Don't waste your time on this crap.

I thought both the stars interviewed (Driver, Murray) and the director came across as diffident and defensive, and I can see why after sitting through their dull, uninspired movie.

The whole film, the characters live very mundane and unemotional, despite what is happening around the apocalypse invented on the idea.

Boring, bland and pretentous .

Pure trash, slow moving and littered lazy writing.

That all may be right, but mostly the movie is just very slow and won't satisfy neither the horror nor the comedy audience.

Such a bore .

Don't waste your time.

Quite possibly the worst movie I have seen i in years.

Boring, routine, ordinary, ends with you going to bed.

It's point is obvious and simple, but it's way is smart and entertaining.

It's pure, unmitigated in personal self-indulgence for the writer/director.

This movie introduces interesting characters only for them to have absolutely no story arch.

All in all, an easily forget offering and a waste of my precious time.

Total waste of money and talent - and your time .

Super slow paced and a real pain to watch.

Nothing happens in this film...

Had all the ingredients to be good, but ended up as a total waste of time.

In my 50 years of life, i have never walked out of a movie...

It was just boring.

Really enjoyed it.

Fell asleep .

Scene after scene of bland unfunny dialogue and not so special effects.

I fell asleep four times and wondered why I kept waking myself up.

Don't waste your time, complete trash.

Films by Jim Jarmusch are usually cult and slow paced.

Don't waste your time.

So the cast: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Danny Glover and etc. Basically an all star cast so I thought this movie was a no-brainer, but I have never seen a more boring, uneventful, absolutely foolish film.

Plot-free film that spends 100 minutes going nowhere .

Don't waste your time, seriously .

A sort of dull, apathetic acceptance to the horrific and odd world events happening around them.

Such a borefest.

There's also Tilda Swinton, Selena Gomez and a multitude of other characters who either feel really underused or straight up undeveloped or pointless.

No story Every scene is just stuipedEverything's just disconnected from everything's Biggest time wasting movie And you will regret yourself for the time you waste

With a strong cast and zombies, I thought it be right up my street.. However.. Just boring from the get go...

The vast majority of the movie is of the cop car visiting the same places over and over in a slow drawn out process.

The movie was very boring.

First of all there is no plot.

Don't Waste Your Time .

The movie was so boring I fell asleep.

The suggested humor from the trailer is constantly missfiring, dull and repetitive.

On an overall scale, The Dead Don't Die is an incessantly dull, bland & flavourless zom-com that's lazily directed, poorly scripted, tediously edited & sluggishly acted.

They don't use the common 2 to 5 seconds camera angles, there isn't a lot of music, a scene can take up to a few minutes, and conversations are slow.

Waste of time .

It's all so banal.

So slow and boring it will turn you into a zombie .

That's no excuse; that we as an audience have to sit there & eventually nod out for close to an hour - wasting these extraordinary talented actors in a battle of vanilla, bland sarcasm.

It's just stupid, no story, no script, no proper dialogue.

For the love of good movies, please, don't waste your time or money.

The film was creepy, quirky, weird, scary and unexpected throughout, and I loved it.

Huge waste of time.

This movie was a snooze fest.

Don't waste your time Don't waste your time

However, for all that, I enjoyed it.

Just don't waste your time or money on this one!

The comedic bits are uninteresting, unexciting & unstimulating, and the horror bits aren't even there.

This slowness is frequently linked closely to the comedy.

What a disappointment, it was weird and not in a good way, no storyline to speak of.

It was just Boring !

I really enjoyed it!

Selena Gomez and her friends are equally as pointless.

I can honestly say it was one of the worst movie's I've ever seen.

I highly recommend it.

The most boring Zombie movie ever!!.

In the town of Centerville, USA (population 768), everything moves a little slower, even the apocalypse.

definitely below average boring film...

Much like the other reviews, i found this movie boring and uninteresting.

Sad storytelling, lack of plot and character developments.

If I wanted a long boring pointless story that went nowhere, I have my life 🙄 I guess that was the point....

That mentality and the movie being rather boring and poorly written made this such a disappointing movie.

But it is a complete waste of time.

This trailer it's intriguing and the cast is awesome - I need to see this movie.

There's no doubt that Dead could've been great, the trailer we first glimpsed of the film showed off its potential and there are moments throughout the film where the likes of Driver and Murray show a great chemistry together that's barely explored and some characters appear at first to be far more intriguing that they're ever allowed to be thanks to minimal screen time and even more minimal moments that matter.

No storyline or whatsoever.

absolutely boring.

Such a repetitive, bone-dry, absurd Monty Python-like humor.

Totally unexpected.

A total waste of money...

We are watching events in the small town where two policeman just walk around extremely slowly, talk extremely slowly and act even slower.

Waste of time and resources.

The opening act is solid enough and the deadpan style humour is immensely promising, but about halfway through it just shows all of its cards - it's half-baked nonsense leading nowhere that appears to think it's far, far more amusing, smart and entertaining than it actually is.

Dreadful and boring!

The plot is all over and boring.

Waste of money and time.

Waste of time waste of talent.

These are slow-moving, George Romero type zombies, except that there are just a few of them and you could literally avoid them if you walked quickly and smartly.

Total boredom.....

Next the film had the most slowest pacing i think i have ever scene in any film.

Now that was unexpected.

Usually I'm a fan of weird sci fi where just random unexplained things happen like UFOs out of nowhere, random unexplained 4th wall breaks, Justin Bieber, Tilda swinton, they're good fun, mindbending they give you something to dissect but this does this in such a boring mundane way, has such a dull sense of humor and a pointless message and the "theme song" as Adam driver calls it is just a bad piece of music and finally why did they put so much talent in this movie when only bill Murray and Adam driver really do anything

The pace was slow and the movie was just to long.

The pace of the film is extremely slow and all of the characters interact with each other as though they are either slow or just bored.

Actors are sleepy, and it feels they are yawning in utter languidity.

After a whole time of trying not sleep during the movie, i could see that this is the worst movie ever

Every body in these just seemed monotone, as if they reading the script off cue cards.

watching a slow very slow movie .

Working In film and TV myself I always try to see things from a perspective of how it was made but this movie could've easily been on Netflix or Amazon but because of the high profile stars that were cast it has gotten a lot of buzz and it was underwhelming, dull and a very pointless movie.

It has a slow and relaxing story telling combined with dry/ absurdist humor, like a trashy B-movie.

This is a boring remake of about 10 different films, and it fails at all of them.

They do throw very basic social commentary at you throughout the movie and in the end, but at that point, you are so bored and angry you just want to give the movie a finger.

If you are writing a comedy, instead of those boring lines, put enough jokes please.

Boring and quite disappointing, i gotta say.

Most (if not, all) of the jokes are either repetitive or fall completely flat (mostly because the characters continually state the obvious) and most of the subplots go absolutely nowhere; there's also a supposed plot-twist involving a certain character apparently being an alien, which, yes, is as utterly pointless as it sounds.

The movie is pretty slow paced, no one will ever confuse it with a Avengers movie.


If this movie moved any slower, I'd slip into a coma!

Pointless, boring, just not good .

Dull, lifeless and incoherent.

Left the theater feeling dooped out of time and money.

but all in all, I enjoyed it for what it is.


There were side 'plots' that went nowhere, and several characters that did not need to exist.

It's really a shame because all the actors are excellent (especially Swinton and Muray), but it's so drab even their performances can't save the film.

At first, I thought that this is going to be something like Ready Player One with zombies, cause the movie had lots of references (pop culture, film, zombie sub-genre ones), zombie ambiance etc.But no, they just bore you to death with slow scenes in the first like 50 minutes (literally nothing happens) and then they just give up.

Pretty damn boring.

Easily among the worst movies I've ever seen.

It is a slow movie full of underused characters - almost none of whom we grow to like.

Waste of time,top 5 worst movies i ever watched....

Sadly it was a complete waste of time and this movie left you asking yourself WTF?

What a waste of time and effort by all involved.

Wasnt funny, wasnt well written, wasnt entertaining.

I was bored from start to finish.

Watched for bill Murray, however everything else was just plain dull.

Super slow with stupid ending.

Don't waste your time!!!!!!

Bad story, bad makeup, stupid ending, confusing diologs.

The humor is flat, deadpanned, predictable and makes you roll your eyes rather than offer even a snort.

But it was slow, disjointed, and a major disappointment.

Everything in the movie is slow, dull, and seems to just be meandering its way through scenes.

Unfunny, slow and pointless.

But then it doesn't matter, because this isn't a zombie movie, it's pretentious, boring garbage.

Worst movie I've seen all year.

The pacing of this movie is very slow and boring.

There is very little fun, mostly strange conversations and drawn out awkward scenes.

Don't waste your time watching.

First movie with Murray in it I thought was a waste of my time.

Nothing happens.

I like many Indie films but this is really a waste of time.

It's a rather slow paced film that deserves attention and has its own flavor and place.

The movie is as boring as watching paint dry.

Dont waste your time.

But I stuck with it to the end, to the boring, prolonged and boring end.

Was very slow and ponderous and for a comedy just lacked any laughs.

or watch paint dry.

This once innovative director has been reduced to making boring pictures.


Within 30 min of the movie, I began to realise that it was traveling at a VERY slow pace.

Boring terrible script typical Hollywood message crap.

Slow, predictable, cliched garbage.

This "zombie" movie, with it's breaks the 4th wall wastes of time, and a cast that seems to be sleepwalking through their roles is dull and lifeless to the point where it makes Burial Ground, one of the worst of the Italian zombie films of the 80's, look action packed.

Hell, yeah: great cast, entertaining, funny, a bit of gore, and truly peculiar.

I wanted to leave in the middle of it.

It was about as boring as you can imagine and the comedy was completely flat.

Nothing happens for the first 30 minutes, get ready for another 1 hour of nothing horrifying or funny

The slow dull juxtaposition during an otherwise chaotic event is vintage deadpan comedy.

You could cut them out and the movie wouldn't be any different, which can feel like a bit of a waste as they could have used that screen time for other gags, and focus on the main set of characters, who were engaging and hilarious.

This film was a waste of money and time.

Worst movie ever made.

But overall, I still enjoyed it because zombie genre coupled with names like swinton and murray is just too hard to pass up.

A few funny things but overall boring.

A boring, bland, and disappointing attempt at a great zombie comedy .

Dead-pan humor & a slow burn.

However as a film this movie is quite bland, very slow and overall lifeless.

I wouldn't waste my time with it.

In my opinion, don't waste your time or money!

The movie is a mellow, slow burn from start to end.

It's like watching an idea of a film, like the very first ideas you get and haven't yet worked on the story even for a day, horrible story horrible movie just a waste of time and talent they threw away so many things

In the 1hr40 there were maybe 2/3 jokes (very dry humour), both of which could have been hit or miss depending on your sense of humour.

The couple next to me left the theater.

Even as far as deadpan comedy goes, the movie is duller than a drug induced coma, it's pedantic and takes itself very seriously.

Sure, Pointless ?

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, unless you have a thing for pretentious, wooden, repetitive scenes and screaming "I know that actor from somewhere!

This could possibly be the worst movie ever made and the actors seem to acting ironically as though they are embarrassed to be part of it and are purposefully acting very badly so that folks think- oh it is just a lark they did it purposefully.

Really awful, save your money!

While we've seen Bill Murray in a funnier, more engaging zombie film (i.

Unfunny, boring, and simply uninspired, The Dead Don't Die feels less alive than its zombies within it.

The Selena Gomez character and her friends are kind of pointless.

Apart from a few rare moments, the jokes are not funny, the film is so slow and pointless, the dialogue is listless and without emotion, like everyone has really low IQ.

First the movie pace was very slow.

Holy crap, what a waste of time.

Just don't waste your time.

Story was pointless and made absolutely no sense.

The film just dragged on and did not have a lot of zombie action.

Worse than all of this, than everything I've mentioned thus far, is the fact that it's cripplingly boring.

Good lord, this movie was SO BORING!

The story i found slow and boring with a plot getting more like swiss cheese the longer this car crash of a film went on.

It's really slow, predictable and just generally crap.

I see that some reviewers are finding the movie slow and boring.

The movie is a slog with no plot to speak off and characters who have no reason to be there.

The show is a slow paced commentary on the zombie existence we presently suffer.

It is slow, and the story makes no sense whatsoever.

Simply boring .

Terrible, unfunny, boring...

Dreadfully Boring Mess .

I found this to be enjoyable from beginning to end, especially as I was expecting a boring snooze-fest based on the reviews I had read.

So excited to see, so boring to watch .

Familiar settings: rural town, colorful people, slow pace.

Don't waste your time and pick another movie.

Maybe next up for an unexpected horror comedy could be Wes Anderson...

Boring, slow, stupid, and...

Slow and boring.

The cast ensemble are talented but the script and direction delivers a dull and boring film.

However, some parts were so slow, like the opening.

Don't waste your time or money.

It's slow with a stupid plot that goes nowhere.

It would end the way the film does, exactly the way you would expect it to: immediate, bloody, and uneventful.

I really enjoyed it, brought me back to the days watching those old cult classics, the same feel, humour, acting and pacing.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

A unique take on a dull genre .

The whole thing was painfully slow, albeit with the odd few laughs (Saying that I was the only one laughing in the cinema).

The Dead Don't Die, but viewers might of boredom.

A movie about a boring dystopia.

Plotline is predictable and boring.

This is way too slow and has far too little to make it enjoyable.

Waste of time and money...

I would liken it to a film school project that received a ridiculous budget, but film school work is seldom this self-indulgent.

The failed attempts at humor are so heavy-handed and contrived that they're irritating, not amusing.

The movie gets 2/10 for camerawork, and effort, but the story and acting is just soooo boring.

Trash, garbage, awful, dull and pointless .

Romero in this funky yet somewhat disappointing zombie comedy about a small-town facing end of the world changes - the earth is off its axis and the dead are returning to life with predictable tropes embedded and underscored (Driver's deadpan police officer's refrain of "This won't end well" and his well-known use of horror lore are key throughout the carnage involved).

Probably the worst movie to ever hit the big screen!

This movie is so confusing.

The viewers have got to be as bored as the actors appear to be by this point, so why not make conversation with them directly?

I can handle slow zombies, fast zombies, even these zombies.

Without doubt the most pointless, dull, blaring movie ever made.

Weird, watchable, and entertaining .

This entire movie was written as a way to mock people who love the genre and it does it in the most boring, droll, dry, and uninspired way imaginable.

It has the slow pace and the 'insider' references of an arty-farty film, but even in that department it comes across as flat and uninspiring.

But unfortunately after the half way mark nothing happens and the plot goes nowhere, the characters get boring, do random clueless things, break the forth wall.

+1 for a nice cast of actors, but later all this stars are lost due to: the movie is very slow and boring, nothing happens for almost 1 hour (-2)it's leftist biased (again the evil fracking corporations, if you see someone in a red MAGA style hat, you can be sure he will be an evil guy, etc) (-1)for heroes that appear and die without any reason and sense (-1)for not bringing anything usefull to the zombie movies genre: no survival, no character or social drama (-1).

I would even go so far as to say even the cast seemed bored.

Overall there's not really much more to it than a roster of A listers from Bill Murray to Selena Gomez for you to play "cameo bingo" whilst watching along, total waste of time

Unbearably boring .

The most boring and uneventful film ever.

I watched this because of the cast , but I found it a very strange film, I cannot understand Tilda Swintons role it seemed to have no bearing on the film, what happened to those three kids they seemed irrelevant to the film, the ending was silly, rather a confusing and pointless film, some funny bits.

I mean come on they're slow zombies like in Night of the Living Dead not fast like in Dawn of the Dead!!!

The regular viewer is bored.

In a weird way, this feels like Jim Jarmusch fan service - a slow, aimless collage of short conversations between interesting people, with a scrap of plot for everyone to hold onto, such that they all stay around the same place.

Bored into oblivion .

Again very very disappointed in this film but it was so boring and as I watched I kept wondering what the hell was going on.

It really has no plot, or even a consistent tone, and has the pedantic, unoriginal "consumerism makes us zombies" commentary laid out for the audience in unnecessary detail.

Just felt like watching actors reading a script on a boring movie set.

The zombies are slow and stiff not reincarnated MMA fighters that too many other movies use.

It might be one of my top 3 most boring movies ever.

Complete waste of time.

Characters enter the story for no reason, for instance 3, 20somethings drive into town and end up dead, we don't see them attacked or anything, pointless characters that brought nothing to the story.

Pretty boring for a zombie film .

Boring, uninteresting, pointless and pretentious.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life!!.

Deadly dull .

It may not be one of the best Jim Jarmusch films, but the film is well directed, it is entertaining and fun.

On the other hand the movie is slow, and that will be a turn-off for so many geeks.