The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007) - Horror, Thriller

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Deaths tells the story of an all-American guy who is murdered each day by horrifying pursuers, only to wake up in slightly different lives to experience the terror of being murdered again.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Dario Piana
Stars: Mike Vogel, Jaime Murray
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 87 found boring (32.18%)

One-line Reviews (77)

Interesting at first but quickly becomes drawn out and repetitive.

But The Deaths of Ian Stone wasted the premise, and became a very boring movie despite the tense build up.

Interesting premise but no story to tie it together.

Though, very rarely, repetitive works in film, the line delivery and overall acting was no where near strong enough to carry the plot the distance, so to speak.

It works well with the confusion and discovery his character is going through.

(3 out of 10 stars)The boring death of Ian Stone.

A ill special effects, bad actions, in short a complete and total waste of my time.

This was all good stuff up to a point, but when things start being explained, it all becomes a bit ho-hum.

The first half, with the demises and the hinted-at explanations, is intriguing and I found the conclusion, where Stone prevails, oddly gratifying.

For the first half I was genuinely excited, on the edge of my seat, thinking, "This movie rocks!

i thought the story was intriguing.

It doesn't come close to Dark City, though, and large portions of it are just boring.

It's dreadfully boring, unimaginative, absolutely one-dimensional and utterly devastating to your movie morning/afternoon/night/dawn (pick your choice).

They were all predictable and unavoidable.

Also the music was generic and dull.

That's how TEDIOUS it is.

The plot, at first, is vastly confusing and cryptic, as plots often are, and you begin to wonder how this whole thing will end.

Fascinating to the end.

I also loved the design of the creatures, and the scenes where Ian and his girlfriend are chased are both scary and exciting.

Overall this one was quite the enjoyable if confusing entry.

Any way, it is still good fun that eventually turns boring!

Worth Watching .

"The Deaths of Ian Stone" has a promising and intriguing beginning that recalls "Groundhog Day", "12:01" and "The Matrix", with the lead character awaking every day in a different reality after dying.

Ideas are cribbed from the likes of "Groundhog Day" and "The Matrix" (to name just two examples) for this deliberately repetitive horror film.

Tedious waste of time if you have a brain .

The visual quality of the movie is good and the effects aren't bad, acting decent, but the action itself is boring.

Although the concept is not completely unheard of, it's executed pretty well, and Vogel (POSEIDON, CLOVERFIELD) makes an engaging lead as Ian.

Maybe it would lift and a compelling tale would unravel.

there are no words to describe how bad this film is , a senseless argument, there isn't a clear history of where we are or where we go, never clearly explained who the hell is Ian Stone, or why it happens what it happens to his miserable and pointless life.

As well, this sets up the really fun and thrilling finale which has a ton going for it as their torture methods are quiet fun from the pocking and prodding with needles to the gizmo strapped to his head and finally to the harvesting attempt on the young boy before finally getting the true measure needed to stop them and launches an attack on the others which is filled with great brawling and stalking throughout the hospital to give this some fine action and plenty of thrilling times.

) The central characters are hardly given any development, cliché themes pop out of nowhere, and the villains wearing shiny shiny plastic clothes and makeup that gives them the "spacemen" suit image and "I'm a scrunched-up scary monster"...

The thing is the acting which was not very good and some characters were very bad actors , the expressions were dull and not related to the situation ,the lead actor (Mike Vogel) was the only one that i think has done a good job.

Lets put it like this: the matrix meets the predator meets Alien meets T-1000 meets your average everyday love movie meets hostel meets the saw meets lots of crap.. i don't know why I watched the whole movie, it started off quite interesting but turned pretty boring after about ten minutes which didn't change anymore throughout the movie.

bad don't waste ur time .

Promising and Intriguing Beginning, Weak and Very Disappointing Explanation .

Repetitive, Boring.

However, with all the possible avenues available to explore, this movie remained simple, dull, and ultimately predictable.

It's a complete waste of your time and your money.

This is my second time watching the movie, and I liked it a lot more this time as I would have given it a 7/10 for my first viewing, but am now giving it a 9.5/10. It had a great fun script that switched a lot of things up within the plot making it enjoyable and keeping me on edge trying to figure out where it was going to go next.

I think it would've gotten rather boring if they kept the storyline of the first half going throughout the whole movie.

What starts out as a decently promising horror-thriller quickly succumbs to tedious stalling in The Deaths Of Ian Stone.

I hate my boring office job.

There's a few things wrong with this one, starting with the film's central plot of the beings coming after him repeatedly and killing him, which is a thoroughly confusing call here that's never fully explained in here.

Jaime Murray, who plays Medea, does an okay job for what her character demands, which is being calm, charismatic and very monotone.

The first half contained many genuinely scary sequences, and although the second portion of the movie seemed to get away from the horror genre a bit, it was still engrossing and exciting.

Besides not being very original, it's actually quite enjoyable.

It makes for an interesting first half, but when it should become even more intriguing, it suddenly turns into this rather trite message piece about using the positive power of love to defeat fear.

My favorite bit was the end, (spoiler) where he still has the ability of the Harvesters (spoiler end), and my least favorite was the end as well, because it would've been lovely to see something else than that predictable ending.

That's not to say Deaths doesn't have it's scary moments, including several scenes of intense gore and a rather short torture-porn sequence.

I, for one, enjoyed it greatly.

Overall, this movie had such great promise, thoroughly engaging the audience as Stone tries to uncover the reason behind his resurrections.

don't waste your time on this, its really not worth it at all.. Gave it 3 stars for the rather "uncommon" idea and some of the effects, as I wrote before...

For that reason I would not call it a rip-off--more like a very creative collage of material, from an entirely unexpected mix of sources.

The second half of the film feels a little more formulaic with some action thrown in as if to try and expand the 'climax.

As mentioned, the movie had promise and an explanation for the strange, but the delivery is suspect, and unfortunately, quite boring.

The screen looked good, obviously a reasonable budget and they must have had some $$$ for those liverpool street locations but why waste all that if you haven't got your story together, if you've got major plot holes and a yarn that the actors can't deliver convincingly (I'm avoiding saying the actors were bad, but they were)Anyway I wish I hadn't wasted my time watching this, and my advice to you is don't do likewise.

Just when I was feeling like horrorfest was borefest .

Engaging Characters and Good Pace .

I (like many, judging from a trawl of the reviews on here), had some high hopes for this film on the back of a rather intriguing blurb and a personal soft spot for (even mediocre) psychological thrillers.

I believe it is completely worth watching.

Her acting technique seems to reflect study of cartoon baddies, or a fourth grader in a school play, every line was said with a cliché "I'm a sexy villain" purr, with a simpering smile on her face the whole time.

It almost got interesting in some parts but not really, it just bored and disappointed me like the rest of the after-dark films.

Some of the talkier sections are that boring.

Overall i thought it was a Very good film and I Highly recommend it.

The last 25 minutes or so seemed that they ran out of ideas on how to tie up a thought out start with a decent ending, so they just went for a typical and somewhat predictable end.

That was kind of confusing.

this film on the other hand DID scare me and it was very intense and creepy and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The movie does get a wee bit on the cheesy side towards the end and I fee like there was some missed potential with this concept but it was definitely well worth the watch.

' The 'new lives' for Ian were both creative and intriguing.

Jacob's Ladder is moving, smart, and incredibly intense, while Ian Stone is dull, not scary, and a huge time waster.

An entertaining tale of redemption...

I saw the movie today and i really enjoyed it .

The first half-hour sets up a terrific, confusing mystery, reminding of movies such as "Dark City", "Matrix", and even "Possible Worlds".

Since the first few attacks are based on his sheer confusion over the situation while they taunt him for not being able to remember the truth which just causes even more confusion, while the later attempts to fill in the gaps are of little help in really understanding this.

Don't waste your time.

The movie starts out very tedious and is confusing with its incessant repetitiveness, watching the main character die over and over again without any idea about what's going on.

And here was when i started getting bored...