The Departed (2006) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston.

IMDB: 8.5
Director: Martin Scorsese
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon
Length: 151 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 142 out of 1000 found boring (14.2%)

One-line Reviews (718)

He is simply gripping as Billy Costigan, and any time he is on screen, you are concerned for his well being, and empathetic towards the mental and physical price Billy is paying for his duplicity.

The storyline is positively riveting in its intensity and uncompromising vision of the dark underworld of crime.

This absorbing crime drama set in Boston focuses on the dynamics of a situation where a mob informant joins the police force and an undercover cop infiltrates the mob.

Did I mention that it's formulaic and way too long?

There are many reasons to like "The Departed", as I've discussed, but I think the most important thing is that ultimately this film is just a purely enjoyable crime/gangster drama.

On the contrary, it added fakeness, bore and nervousness !

Consider the female characters; their presence was a convenient plot device, using their sexy tight skirts as a foil for the whole male dominant cliché.

" It's worth watching on a Friday night with some friends and a large pizza (with extra cheese), just don't expect a masterpiece.

Yet another grossly inflated piece of directorial and actors' self-indulgence .

I had no idea the two films had anything to do with each other, and the disappointment and boredom grew as scene after scene seemed like an American copy of a Chinese quality product (how is that for a change).

A Pointless Police-Gangster Movie .

It has a great cast, and an intriguing story.

Not to mention F bombs average every sentence and it's more than annoying, its unbearable.

By comparison, The Departed takes far too long to set up all the pieces at the start of the film and does it in a rather clunky manner, making the opening a little muddled and long-winded.

All in all I would recommend this movie as it is entertaining, there is good characterisation and yes it is well directed.

However, this is a dignified effort by Scorsese and his production team and welcome return to form on the back of the monumentally long-winded Gangs of New York (2002) and Aviator (2004) which was decent but slow in parts, lacked authentic characterisation and was similar to Gangs of New York in the sense that it was unnecessarily long.

IA had always been my favorite movie due to the intriguing plot, the convincing role plays by actors, the subtle meaning behind the movie,and the artistically molded scenes.

It's smart as it is intense, it has great shoot-outs, it maintains an incredible level of suspense, and it keeps you guessing with unexpected twists.

Despite its many characters and plot avenues, it's so very well written that it is always compelling and involving.


The difference is that where that film took a genre formula and twisted it from pulp melodrama into real drama, via the writing and performances, as well as ending the film with a satisfying twist that was unexpected in the small, even if expected in the large (the good guys won), The Departed does the inverse, never rising above melodrama (even if good), and ending the film with a bad twist, of the worst deus ex machina sort.

) and the plot was entertaining.

The characters are believable and engaging.

Thanks,"Raging" bore

They provided a stunning edge to an already sharp blade of a film.

"The departed", a Martin Scorsese movie that has been awarded with 4 Oscars, among others, is a highly entertaining movie with excellent acting, especially by Leonardo Di Caprio, in my opinion.

The Departed is scatty and detached, it's an alienating and frustrating film book-ended by individual bits and pieces that resonate; but if there's a reason they do, it's because droll story-telling is being momentarily interrupted by a moment which just 'happens', not because the film itself is especially engaging.

But in the end you just ask yourself are you the wiser for watching the movie or did you just waste 150 minutes of your life?

First half was slow and slippery.

My only real criticism for the film would be that it focuses on Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio's characters too much, I understand that they are the main characters, but there were many other terrific characters that were left feeling underdeveloped, particularly Frank Costello and Dignam, they were both the most engrossing characters, mainly because of their outstanding portrayals from Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg, and I would have loved to have seen more from them.

The characters, though generally well played, are therefore not exactly "deep", so the film basically focuses on the twists of the story line, which had to be adapted to American tastes: there had to be a bit of romance (which might as well have been left out, as it is not essential to the film), a few references to growing up in tough neighbourhoods, a lot more violence than is absolutely necessary, a scene where Chinese criminals try to buy technology to develop a nuclear bomb (the "Iranian" and "Korean" scare), etc. These new, extra elements make the film much longer than the original version, and the last hour is painfully long as viewers are treated to a succession of boring scenes that only delay the conclusion everyone is hoping for.

Taxi Driver (1976), Raging Bull (1980) and Goodfellas (1990) are probably the most intoxicating and wildly entertaining hat-trick of films your ever likely to see!

So while the film is still probably the most entertaining I've ever seen and is stylish, fun and completely enthralling my original belief that it was hollow was quite incorrect.

The acting is stunning, performances from high profile actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio,Matt Damon and the legendary actor Jack Nicholson are just a part of what makes this film a must see.

The result is some tremendously smart and snappy dialogue interplays mixed with scenes which give the actors room to breathe and add their own style.

The story was solid, actors nailed their parts and the development was entertaining.

The movie is full of pointless subplots (such as the love triangle between Madolyn, Billy and Colin) and re-imagined scenes which can't hold a candle to the originals.

The Departed is *easily* the worst Scorscese movie ever made, and one of the worst movies of the millennium.

Scorsese outdoes himself with 'The Departed' which is as stylish as 'Raging Bull' and as entertaining and engrossing as 'GoodFellas'.

I watched it with my girlfriend and best buddy, and both of them fell asleep about a third of the way through, leaving me to yell at the TV screen and point out all the obvious flaws to the rare New England air.

The film provides deep suspenseful elements and a fast paced, clever plot.

) Anyway, the entertaining main story line twists around and around like a caduceus to the point of seeming overly contrived, especially as regards the psychologist character who winds up getting involved with both of the lead characters, one of whom is a patient - a professional no-no, and highly unlikely anyway even if he is Leo Dicaprio.

The "confusion" over the address where Di Caprio and sheen "renedevous clandestinely"(144 being quoted over a phone as 114)IS DELIBERATE...

It's hilarious, suspenseful and at times, disturbing, just like any other crime movie.

The premise was impressive, put Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen and other top stars together with a dramatic and thrilling plot.

He portrays how big messages or clues can be right under our nose and how unpredictable the world of crime is.

Amid the first-rate cast, DiCaprio is the unexpected standout.

And then Martin Scorcese wins some Oscars in all the confusion.

It is an intriguing plot, directed with a abundance of flair.

I can honestly say that The Departed is a perfect film in every level, and while some viewers may find the plot confusing and the whole who is back-stabbing who hard to follow, this film is still worth watching.

This film is absolutely stunning, this movie is a rare case of a movie remake that surpasses its original in most ways.

tough guys shouting profanities with an intriguing plot .

In the film The Departed directed by Martin Scorsese audience viewers will get to experience an action packed film, filled with internal character turmoil, played by some of the best "A" list actors Hollywood has ever seen.

For the rest of the cast, they frown harder and harder as this extremely tedious film lurches to its anticlimactic conclusion, as if that would make a viewer any more interested in it.

Don't waste your time on watching this illogical movie.

The mole within the police department is not a straight-up antagonist, as Damon was – but instead operated in a gray zone that provided some stunning scenarios and plot developments that transcend any crime thriller ever made.

Still marginally entertaining as I was not expecting a serious cinema and paying more attention to the visuals and Jack Nicholson's familiar antics.

Scorsese and William Monahan, who so adapts this film so vividly, combine for one of the most thrilling and psychologically explosive movies in ages as the film so perfectly illustrates nothing is as it seems as well as a chain is only as strong as strong as its weakest link.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

My own time spent living in working-class neighborhoods of the old parts of NYC and Chicago shows this film has taking a boring scenario and spiced it up by showing the seamy background.

It's dreary, it's ham-acted, the dialogue is forced, it's half an hour too long, and its ending is one of the silliest I've ever seen in a film that expects itself to be taken seriously.

Here is a breakdown of the other "characters" in The Departed: Matt & Leo - Generic pretty boys, with no character development at all, and bland generic dialogue throughout the whole movie.

***SPOILERS*** Long-151 minutes-and confusing movie about police corruption as well as stupidity in the Boston Police Department that has two pretty boy cops William "Billy" Constigan, Leonardo DeCapiro, and Staff Sgt.

The film plot renders any meaning pointless to try to discern.

Despite such compelling material, Scorsese only skims the surface, opting for gloss instead of substance, adding confusing sub-plots that serve mainly to hook the audience.

If I hadn't been watching this at home on my wasted DVD purchase, I would have walked out on it and I was almost tempted to, regardless.

Tedium and confusion set in at times.

Scorsese gives brilliant direction that enables the powerful drama and thrilling action.

Very thrilling and entertaining crime drama.

Don't waste your time or money on this F-ing flick.

Given the sheer mass of acting talent in this movie I think Scorsese has completely out done himself to create something thats for the most part boring.

Similarly, the score felt contrived and pedantic.

It is an intense movie that kept me on the edge of my seat.

It's got an amazing cast, a fantastic director, a great location, and most importantly a gripping story.

The feel in the beginning of the movie started off slow and it felt as if some of the scenes should have been deleted because it didn't tie into the real plot of the movie.

Instead of wasting too much more of my time on this film I will only comment that there was no story arc to be identified at all in the film.

What makes this very pretentious movie really bad, are the "holes".

Martin Scorsese has made an extremely intense and well made film since his Goodfellas epic and Casino.

And unlike the riveting Goodfellas, it took me three separate viewings to get through this.

Jack Nicholson as Frank displays unrecognizable restraint in a compelling performance.

Raging bore .

However, it is entertaining.

I found myself wondering whether some scenes were meant to be thrilling or comedic.

Yet the Departed remains an enjoyable film.

Of course, Scorcese is in familiar territory, but his cast give the film an unexpected freshness and vitality.

The movie is exciting, tense and spectacular regardless of that it hasn't a lot of action in it.

His Boston dialog and aura, diverse characters, and quick twists will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Scorsese is very interested in the psyche of alienated loners on the edge and he also likes to explore the notion of 'betrayal'.

Thrilling and exciting with great twists !!

Some characters have confrontations that are very intense.

That's when the story becomes exciting.

This could seem confusing to some who don't follow it closely because of the two different characters it follows almost an equal amount of time.

I'm sorry to say that this movie was too f***ing over-rated(excuse my language) but this movie was really realllllllyyy bad & boring.

Even through about ten viewings, The Departed manages to be a highly engaging, suspenseful and thrilling film that's easily one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen.

The X's all over the movie give snobs something to think over while the movie is engaging and interesting enough for anyone to enjoy.

Pointless really!

) The cast is indeed stunning.

This movie is too long, and it has too many twists which made it less intense than the original movie.

And Mob Chief Frank Costello executes two people on the edge of major airport runway in broad daylight where everyone on airplanes landing or taking off can see him.

An hour into the marathon that was this Guantanamo torture, I realized that I had been so pounded into boredom and apathy that the only thing that would have aroused me was if the entire oh-so-manly cast were, suddenly, to don black net hose and stilettos, and sing the rest of their lines in Gilbert and Sullivan musical style.

The Departed creates a cast with incredible chemistry and turns the real life story into a fun and engaging movie.

In the end you might realize that you have just seen an empty and bad cop thriller.

A lot about the movie felt contrived to me and I left the theater feeling deflated.

The alliterative names are also confusing.

Like most of Scorsese's film The Departed is very bloody and very violent but very entertaining in the process.

I've seen, The beach that was a ruin, Gangs of New York that was awful, The Aviator that was a torture to watch it until the end, and...

But people who like action packed movies such as The Matrix or The Bourne Series are gonna get bored and hate this movie.

The idea of two sides both having a mole each is most thrilling and I am sure viewers will be most impressed, especially with the line-up of stars in the cast.

"The Departed" starts off great and has a stunning Act 2.

****This movie was like a fine dinner, real enjoyable, parts of it delicious and just long enough.

It's a movie that provides the movie with some thrills, unexpected twists (especially toward the ending) and some great confrontations between different characters.

Anyway the whole thing seemed overdone,forced & disjointed compared to the IA it's based on & nowhere near Goofellas etc..The only really convincing one in the whole thing was Ray Winstone,as usual,everyone else seemed either too forced & stereotypical or just pointlessly bickering.

Always worth watching.

This is one of the most entertaining and suspenseful crime/drama's I have seen in a while.

Tedious where it should be crackling and dull when it should be suspenseful, Marty and crew have made a nasty cinematic mess that really does not deserve the all-too-predictable praise that's been heaped on it.

Martin Scorsese did a phenomenal job with the various editing techniques in order to give this film an upbeat and intense tempo.

I must say that I felt that the original movie was thoroughly engaging with (for me) regular-looking actors and the 2006 remake seemed a bit of a tour de force for several highly paid actors to "earn their chops" (i.

Okay, I knew, this wasn't the kind of police dramas where the good guys would win … I even knew about the elevator scene, but just because something is unexpected and shocking, doesn't make it acceptable.

Not one character in it is believable, engaging or sympathetic, not one word of dialog in it bears any relation to actual human speech patterns, and any semblance of plot is absolutely smothered in unnecessary, bloated, self-indulgent pretentiousness, disguised with profanity as the 'honest' language of the good old Oirish Boston Police Department.

A great movie with an all-star cast and an intriguing plot line, The Departed has very few flaws.

The overall premise is clever, the action is gripping, production values solid all around.

If you're in the mood for a film with a fast-paced, thrilling story, fleshed-out characters and superb acting, then 'The Departed' is a must-see.

20 minutes in and i was on the edge my seat.

and that was maybe why I found the Departed to be a bit of a bore...

Acting was excellent and made the movie enjoyable.

I guess watching paint dry can be Oscar material .

If only Martin Scorcese could make a movie where his female characters were as cool, as fascinating as the men.

A promise is a promise so I sat through the entire movie even though I wanted to leave many times.

A DiCaprio film will continue to be a film worth watching.

A very suspenseful, highly entertaining piece of work.

The man is at his best throughout the movie and some brilliant editing gives the viewers a mouthful of breathtaking action sequences.

It can be a bit overwhelming the first time watching it, but that's just because it's so good at bringing all the elements together to create such a compelling storyline.

Its Scorsese ,so the plot has to be ridiculously complicated yet enjoyable.

It has everything from great cast, through thrilling plot, to great filming.

I found it to be highly suspenseful and there seems to be little to no characteristics that separate the so-called good guys from the bad.

Here comes the second most confusing part of the film (Yes it will get more confusing).

It IS that disjointed.

Rendering the film we just spent two hours watching a pointless waste of time!

It's not easy to write scripts, but this film has an engrossing one.

Any hopes that this might be one those roles that allow him to recall his acting skills are swiftly ditched by the scenery-chomping on display here, as if Nicholson were bored and decided he could only get through it by making it as surreal as possible, meanwhile coming across as neither Irish nor Bostonian.

Technically compelling view of undercover law enforcement that no one will wish to depart to.

It's Entertaining and the constant intensity makes it an instant Classic.

Despite that, the movie is definitely worth watching and I'm recommending it to everyone.

The cinematography and film editing are astounding, but the real secret to the success of 'The Departed' is Martin Scorsese's breathtaking directing abilities.

This film kept me on the edge of my seat.

But if you are into good story, nice messages and thrilling ends or twists...

This is the case with Martin Scorsese who finally won the Best Director Academy Award for this boring and sanitized re-telling of "Infernal Affairs", a 2002 Chinese violence film.

It is thoroughly entertaining, and you will probably love every minute of it.

Best editing and direction powered by the camera and music makes the movie very rapid and entertaining.

Alec Baldwin does one of his most fitting roles ever, being surprisingly enjoyable and Martin Sheen is the legend who's the last touch for the movie.

Intense and Gripping Throughout .

But as the film wears on and the body count piles up, the twisty plot becomes formulaic and predictable and the Southie accents ("fahk you ya queeah!

This movie is purely enjoyable.

The most exciting scene for me was when Matt Damon found out that Leonardo DiCaprio was the one who was bringing down the mob and when Leo found out that Matt was the mole.

The story is humdrum and boring.

Over-hyped, yet an intelligent and an entertaining movie.

The story is excellent and involving, and while it is a long film at nearly 2hours 30min, it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

The first half is relatively gripping (7.5/10). The second half is absolute tripe (2/10).

Anyway, this film is too entertaining to let a couple of plot holes (including a ludicrously violent last five minutes) bog it down.

The movie was indeed exciting & thrilling, and I couldn't stop watching the DVD rental once I started...

He alone makes this film worth watching, and I've watched it 4-5 times and intend to do so again.

Way too confusing.

Perfect fare for an audience so saturated with decades of Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis garbage that no one bothers to ask for logic any more, and starts to fall asleep if denied a hemorrhage for ten minutes at a stretch.

Damon seems more calm and collected, DiCaprio more edgy and intense and those emotions work perfectly for the two characters.

I cannot emphasise enough how patchy this movie is - any scene thats enjoyable is followed by some amateurish gibberish that just makes you want to run up to Scorsese and hit him with a bread stick.

This Scorcese piece is an astounding cinematic effort that not only transcends the gangster genre, but marks a powerfully stunning masterpiece that is more than likely to stand the test of time in many years to come.

Suspenseful, superbly acted .

Unfortunately this leads to a self indulgent two and a half hour (felt like four hours) film and convoluted story telling The whole plot with the girl psychiatrist.

This might be the worst movie I ever saw.

The acting is superb, the editing is so sharp and jolting so as to keep the tension and suspense alive, the cinematography greatly captures the tender living conditions in Boston, and of course Scorsese's Oscar-winning direction corrals everything together to create one gloriously entertaining film.

thrilling and indulging movie with a weak ending.

Fiercely entertaining!

From the start to end, the film is entertaining enough to keep on going.

Really unexpected ending .

Now, admittedly this is largely a function of my own stupidity (or ignorance) but I still found it hard to follow the significance of what was happening.

Bad things about The Departed are (1) the pathetic macho dialog (you can illustrate a masculine culture without lame sexist jokes all the time), (2)the Keanu Reeves-like "acting" of Mark Wahlberg, (3) the female main character (one-dimensional and boring), (4) the fact that the basic plot is stolen from the Hong Kong-film "Infernal Affairs", (5) the scene where Jack Nicholson is singing and of course (6) the dialect (what is that?

There was no hint or indication the main character wouldn't survive the movie and it happened in an instant, which I felt was great and broke out of the cliché.

11/10 best writing best script best film most memorable and nostalgic and fantastic and this is truly the most extraordinary, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvellous, wonderful, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious; striking, outstanding, momentous, impressive, singular, signal, pre-eminent, memorable film out there for A TRUE MASTERPIECE AND MUST WATCH PLEASE WATCH THIS WONDERFUL AND MOST IMPACTFUL FILM.

The above quote is spoken by Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), the ruthless, unpredictable leader of the Irish mob that terrorizes South Boston.

Jack Nicholson's performance is one of the best of his career; his sinister portrayal of Frank Costello is certainly worth watching.

Don't get me wrong, this movie is good, entertaining and the actors play well.

Matt Damon's face and voice are too boring to play a villain, Martin Sheen's character is pretty thankless and dies easily, and Marky Mark's character is just a rod for the sake of being a rod - hardly enough meat to develop an Oscar- worthy performance.

It is a long, drawn out familiar territory type of film which takes a brilliant plot, that of divided loyalties in a police department and runs with it.

While the story is thoroughly engrossing, great actors are required to bring that story to life.

But it's a hell of an entertaining ride.

Martin Scorsese, you directed a tiresome, overlong, overcomplicated mess.

Jack Nicholson was so compelling to watch making me believe he's actually the head guy for real.

Intense and Epic Crime Drama .

Moving on to the very end of the film, we now find the most confusing part.

For the dramatic dialogue, it creates a more intense atmosphere.

As the film proceeds at its surprisingly fast pace, the film gets more and more exciting and us, the viewers, get more immersed and fascinated in the story.

In his worst movies, Scorsese is interesting.

The Departed has a good balance between a likable "good guy" and a sympathetic "bad guy," and that is what makes the movie entertaining to watch.

The rat symbolism was contrived, and definitely not compensation for a muddy ending.

This is a good film, the direction is great, the acting is great, the script is great and the plot is gripping all the way through.

The music was excellent and Tony Leung's performance was spellbinding, but the movie was hard to follow.

Mark Wahlberg was very entertaining as Dignam, as was Alec Baldwin as capt Ellerby.

The film also have layers upon layers of tension in every scene making it truly unpredictable right up until the very end.

Then along came "The Departed", perhaps the most riveting cop thriller I've ever seen.

It had so many stars and famous director, yet it was boring and annoying with too many F words.

He managed to enthrall audiences with his witty and fascinating dialogue and tales of star-crossed lovers and brave Moors, among others.

Was it really that slow a year in Hollywood?

i was bored throughout the first 1/3 of the movie.

The setup in the beginning was really a bore.

Even if it is a way too long for such a genre, more than 2 hours, still, it holds together well and never gets boring.

predictable it is...

The whole plot is well thought out, it is absolutely mind blowing!

The film also has a brilliant supporting cast as well, led by the always intense Ray Winstone, Vera Farmiga, and come on, Alec Baldwin was awesome here.

Costigan's and Sullivan's own conflict, while intense and well acted, were not enough to give such a high review and award.

It might enjoyable for everybody.

Boston makes for a fascinating location for a movie such as this--a rich subtext to each character, the possibility for interesting supporting players, and a gritty street life that makes it a poor man's version of New York City, without having thousands of movies made about it already.

So, after a very exciting movie, they both almost unmask each other a few times.

This movie is a good one, worth watching and all.

Add to that a twist in the tale and you have a absolutely compelling drama.

Leonardo as usual is so intense & complete in the character of Costigan that u simply forgets u r watching a Hollywood superstar...

It had suspense, characters (that I care about and ones I hate), unpredictable, twists and a great ending.

This is by far the worst movie from Scorsese ever.

Unbelievably gripping and a perfect cast.

The film is fiercely entertaining and features superb acting.

Bland, boring, a true flatliner.

I think this is worth watching more then one time.

And whereas the original movie dared start with the setup complete, leaving questions about how the plot got to this situation unanswered (at least until the sequel), Scorcese lacks the courage to do the same, walking us through the complete story in broadly chronological order, then adding some random, pointless minor time-shifting (the occasional scene shown out of sequence) as if in homage to his predecessor, while failing to understand the rationale of the device.

Long and hard-hitting police thriller-drama by Scorsese is not without its share of flaws, but remains an immensely enjoyable film.

It can be confusing and less than engaging as its myriad of mobsters and cops parade in and out of frame with varying results of believability.

Now i'm confusing myself,i suppose the purpose of this web site is too recommend a movie and avoid anyone watching the dross they produce nowadays ,so that in itself ,i will conclude that The Departed is a very well recommended movie which we enjoyed immensely.........

As intense as it is, THE DEPARTED goes way beyond the level of a standard good guy cops versus bad guy criminals shoot-'em-up fest.

The love story was predictable, a little weird, and definitely inappropriate considering the characters positions.

But movie surprised me especially end is very unexpected.

The preview is at times confusing, especially because in the quick shots Damon and Dicaprio almost look like the same person.

Lately, all he seems capable of is generating yawns.

Scorsese manages to develop intriguing and unpredictable history of movies.

"All in all, in (The Departed) Martin Scorsese pulled off making uninteresting package of nervousness and adolescence, which has no relation whatsoever to his previous, and true, mafia epics like (Goodfellas) and (Casino).

It is very tense, exciting, edge-of-your-seat stuff.

The Departed is flawless, riveting, and has lots and lots of style to go with it.

The continuing deception on all sides can make the sturdiest brain ache, making it a film well worth watching a couple more times to understand it better.

The dialogue is amazingly realistic, the story is gripping, and the message of the film is very powerful.

" What we have is a re-cycling of Scorsese's aptitudes, in function of a tiresome and mean story for the macho man who ask his macho woman for a beer while he watches a football game (or this movie.

Other then that The Departed is a terrific film with some twists, turns, and surprises that make for an enjoyable film to watch.

His character is satisfyingly complex, and DiCaprio breathes utterly gripping life into all of his scenes.

I thought I wouldn't be able to cope with all the adrenaline making me sit on the edge of my seat throughout that movie.

I could of done without a lot of the ending scenes and the murders and all that but the dialogue, story and acting were all compelling.

It's a tour de force with some great sequences and plenty of intrigue, and Scorsese is predictably adept at infusing the piece with lashings of slow burning tension.

The story is basically totally unbelievable and would work much better with a camper approach - John Woo achieved this with "Face/Off", a much more entertaining film, mostly due to inspired casting of Travolta and Cage, two actors who can make the best of ridiculousness.

) A passable no-brainer action film, and an entertaining exercise in loopy film-making from a director who should know better, praised by fans and critics who should also know better.

Cinematography: was amazing at points, but by the 100th "zoom-in-really-quick-on-a- character-when-they're-talking" I was bored of it.

)I was attracted to the movie because of my GREAT admiration for "Goodfellas" and "Casino", which in my opinion are the best of the gangster films - sweeping, thrilling, detailed, multi-layered, open-eyed pictures of organized crime to which romanticized pap like "The Godfather", for all of its virtues, can't be compared.

Writing seemed sloppy and contrived.

Very nerve-racking and thrilling ride.

So ridiculously bad, it's hilarious, but still a waste of time.

Even in ten viewings it still manages to be completely suspenseful (Damon and DiCaprio sitting silently on the phone with each other, both knowing that the person on the other side is the rat, still had me holding my breath) and wildly entertaining.

This movie entertains you through its entirety until it comes to an unexpected and satisfying conclusion.

What a breathtaking twist and turn tale of betrayal and goodness.

Don't waste your time on this one.....

Emotionally gripping, thematic, and elegantly cinematic, it's one of Scorsese's best films and it's one of the best pieces of cinematic art.

don't waste your time.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

This movie was unwatchable and I had to turn it off after 45 minutes.

It was so repetitive it almost became comical.

Martin Scorsese is also one of the few directors to tackle a theme that by now would have run its course: the Mafia movie because there can be only so much you can do with this type of film; however, Scorsese proves that there's still a lot of material that can be molded into compelling, edge-of-your-seat tales like the one he weaves here.

This is not a point on which I am willing to argue, because while Babel was well-acted, Little Miss Sunshine was hysterical and Letters From Iwo Jima was fascinating, no movie that year came close to being the cinematic masterpiece that "The Departed" is.

In his film 'The Departed' we have an intense story with genius characters and superb acting.

Intriguing and unpredictable.

i watched the original and i must confess that movie is really a tense and thrilling film.

If you're a fan of movies with unpredictable movies, this is a must see.

Exciting and very good.

However, I never did find the movie that compelling, the film does move in a somewhat mannered manner and there are parts that are either rushed, underdeveloped or even predictable- the sex scene was laughable.

"The Departed" isn't particularly shrewd, and it is not Scorsese's best work, but the linear structure of the complicated plot is nearly free of static and has many gripping scenes.

(I'm very surprised but he really saves this movie), (2) Matt Damon is a bad actor but he pulls it off, perfect as a slimy bad guy, (3) it was exciting and (4) the unsuspected ending.

Entertaining Remake and Impassioned Acting .

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon work together to create a truly brilliant contrast between protagonists that escalates into an unprecedented and unexpected climax that will leave the viewer stunned and speechless.

Usually a Scorsese movie is intense but worth the watch.

Thirteen years after my first review which resulted in a mediocre seven out of ten, this is a rare movie that has grown tremendously with a renewed sense of dramatic excitement as the riveting script and performances grip the audience.

A brilliant, engrossing crime drama .

The dark streets and the sound of footsteps splashing through rain puddles, gives us a suspenseful feeling that one of the characters will be found out and caught.

From here it's an all out suspenseful thrill ride.

On the other hand, the love triangle subplot involving Vera Farmiga's character was totally unnecessary and just a waste of time; likewise, the Costello twist also served little to no purpose other than confuse the slower viewer.

I'm serious – while watching a Scorsese mob & cops film I was actually checking to see how long was left because I was so bored.

The movie opens up laboriously slow trying to give you a background and history of the main characters, but what it fails to do is make you feel connected to the characters - it comes off slow and trite.

As the story progresses, the pressure on the two becomes unbearable as they have to do things completely against their true nature ...

First, the characters are empty.

Technically, the film is stylishly brilliant, with some pinpoint sharp editing and excellent cinematography highlighting some superbly suspenseful set-pieces.

Self-indulgent, Overrated & Bloated .

The finish will drop your jaw not once, not twice, but three times with it's unexpected turns, and will make you retrace your steps to reassemble the characters and their alliances.

Am I the only one who started to yawn when people were getting pounded over a loud soundtrack in "Casino"?

Appalling waste of time and money.

Entertaining Gangster Movie .

An absorbing, cat and mouse tale of loyalty and betrayal, duty and devotion, crime and punishment, with terrific performances, crisp dialogue, and sure-handed direction, though the finale feels padded-out.

The lives of the main characters will overlap creating an intriguing work of art.

OK, now go ahead and waste your time watching it.

"Little Miss Sunshine" should have waxed this puppy Oscar night, as it was a far more enjoyable viewing experience.

The testosterone-fueled screenplay is boringly predictable, the hollow dialog is just a bunch of rants strung together, and the plot is treated so superficially as to be an insult to our intelligence.

This was a compelling introduction to the characters that Mou gaan dou left out, and went very far to explaining their motivations.

The integration of dated yet actual footage of the Boston race riots with the commanding, satisfied voice of Jack Nicholson's Costello creates one of the most engaging opening scenes in recent film history.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays his character brilliantly; he is compelling and warm and from the moment we meet him it's impossible not to root for him.

A brilliant and compelling film from start-to-finish.

good movie spoiled by unexplained/confusing events .

Very intense action and violence, twisting plot, lot's of misdirection.

He oozes charm and likeability, even when he's clubbing people to death, or generally engaging in high-level criminal activities.

The film, while long, manages to keeps you on the edge of your seat as DiCaprio and Damon attempt to expose each other.

Compelling from beginning to end .

The Departed is one of those rarely found films that continually stays on the move, barely allowing you time to stop and take a moments respite as DiCaprio's undercover cop Billy Costigan, Damon's undercover mob mole Colin Sullivan and Nicholson's purple adorned crime boss Frank Costello go about their respective lives, with Scorsese's film becoming a thriller that genuinely keeps you on the edge of your seat, culminating in one of the most unforgettable and at the times unexpected endings, that recalls many a wide jawed reaction for those that caught this classic in cinemas (myself included).

Or at the very least some really intense making out.

The movie is way too long, poorly edited, dialogue ugh, I just don't get the hype.

Also the pace of the film is a little slow at the beginning and it could have easily done without a few sequences.

Wracked with an intense atmosphere of paranoia and unapologetically gritty realism, Scorsese's brilliantly adapted remake is a cunning game of cat and mouse while the mouse also plots to destroy the cat and the audience is left unsure of who to root for.

It's a bland film, that could have been made by almost any TV director.

This movie was so good, so compelling up until the last 4th of the film.

This film is extremely entertaining and I love the characters.

But this viewing helped me see that what I originally thought was a thrilling story of undercover deception is really an intricate study of the loneliness and mental breakdown that occurs when you decide to live a lie.

My only complaints here are that the movie is too long--it has one climax too many and some lousy acting lessens it.

I think I enjoyed it more than Goodfellas.

Very gripping plot .

The Departed was definitely an action packed, edge-of-your-seat, exciting film to watch.

Most of The Departed is engaging and taut, with undercover characters always teetering on the edge of having their true identities discovered by either the cops or the crooks, and those parts of the film make for good cinema.

Overall Good, Long and Confusing at Times .

Alec Baldwin, Martin, Sheen, Ray Winstone, and Anthony Anderson also register in strong supporting roles, but it is primarily the compelling story, masterful direction by Scorcese and the three electrifying lead performances that make this film an instant classic not to be missed.

On the negative side, because one expects more with a Scorsese movie and one that cost 80 million dollars and is a remake, the script felt a little contrived, especially the romantic triangle, and also Matt Damon's character acts really stupid and was so dumb near the end.

Nonetheless, it puts paid once and for all to the argument that remakes are a waste of time and is a very worthy version of the Hong Kong original.

What is fascinating is how both Costigan and Sullivan have to pretend to be exact opposites of who they are as they play their undercover roles.

Dignam has the most quotable lines in the film, but his character is so foul-mouthed and antagonistic that he soon becomes tiresome.

The plot and acting in the original film are both brilliant and unpredictable.

So if your looking for an entertaining movie then go out to the movie store nearest and rent this classic today!

Nicholson's games with hookers were pointless and just distracting.

It was another of those boring attempts by some pseudo-intellects to present who knows what.

Although the film feels somewhat restless at times and can't seem to keep still, it is undeniably entertaining.

I mean there ARE moles but this was just gratuitous violence and a pointless depicting,very wrongly made.

As for the story - it starts off as extremely intriguing, a brick here, a brick there, great acting, and still, in the end, which is blatant and potty, you feel there has been much ado about nothing.

In any event, I still thought The Departed was a very entertaining film, and it certainly holds the viewers' attention for its full two and a half hours.

However, I found it really hard to follow the plot some times and this is a serious disadvantage of the movie.

This being said, I got kind of bored watching it.

The movie was predictable, even the ending.

Martin Scorsese drew stunning performances out of already incredible actors.

Wahlberg might be the single most enjoyable aspect of the film, which is saying a lot.

The good guys were cliché good guys, and the bad guys were cliché bad guys.

i was completely immersed in the film.

Suspenseful and intense?

In The Departed, Martin Scorsese makes his return to the mob underworld, and he does it with a thrilling intensity that overshadows his previous films.

It was pointless and gratuitous and gave a false impression of the police.

THis movie is so exciting.

Possibly the worst movie to come out in years.

A real good suspenseful soundtrack would improve it at no end.

Still very worth the watch if you love Scorcese.

The only drawback to this movie is that I think there was a bit of boring dialog that didn't serve much of a point, but otherwise, entertaining film!

The wits were cool and enjoyable though, throughout the movie.

This complex doublecross story was difficult to follow.

No film buffs or Scorsese fans are going to take my word for it, but here goes a warning I need to get off my chest: THE DEPARTED is a wretched way to slowly waste 2.5 hours of your life.

Dicaprio and Damon go different directions Costigan really good and Sullivan goes bad working with Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello The movie was very long but action packed.

The film is filled with twist and turns also is suspenseful also it is intriguing its not your typical crime drama which makes it great also Amazing Performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson, Amazing Screenplay by William Monahon(Kingdom Of Heaven), Costume Designs By Sandy Powell(Shakespeare In Love) and Direction By Martin Scorsese(Goodfellas) Defenitley This Is His Best Work 9/10

What's the point of engaging the viewer if it must end in such an abrupt way.

A fantastic cast in a brilliant instant CLASSIC, gritty,brutal,intense Cop Thriller.

the stunning Jack Nicholson is all over back again.

About the Departed: if you're turned off by profanity, sudden explicit violence and aggression, don't waste your time by watching this movie.

THE DEPARTED is a long and intriguing film where opposite rival bands infiltrate each other to gain inside scoop info.

The score by Howard Shore is fantastic and intense matching the mood and tone of the film.

Martin Scorcese has directed some fine movies, but his remake of 'Cape Fear' was amongst his weakest, a near-identical (and thus pointless) remake of the original.

Sheens character seems promising but is another empty shell who is never explored.

But Scorsese's handling of the subject and the script(Monahan truly does a great job) is mind blowing.

Overall, I would definitely consider this one of the worst movies I have ever seen and would not recommend this movie even if you were bored out of your mind.

With its big name talent, long running time, and compelling (if somewhat hard to swallow) story it sends many wannabe film critics off to their pc to rave about using words like "classic", "brilliant", and even (gulp) "masterpiece".

Brilliant screen writing together with intense direction and acting clubbed with tight editing makes it top class.

The lines are blurred so much that the film is unbelievably hard to follow, and the plot certainly has holes.

Cinematography is spot on and the ensemble cast fantastic – headlined by DiCaprio, playing it on the edge as the undercover cop, and Damon as the hateful cool cucumber, a con on the inside.

In IA, the fact that his character had to live a lie despite the fact that he tried to make things right was so much more powerful than the bland ending of TD.

Even with this encyclopedic information at hand, I still found the movie very very confusing and I think it was because they tried to make it an amalgam of all the Infernal Affairs movies and also incorporate the real stories into one coherent story.

I find them, almost always, tedious and unsettling, the exception being movies like the Godfather series which were able to transcend the genre.

boring dialog, old stereotypes, dumb story .

From the lingo on both sides, drenched in black humor and voiced by local accents of the area to the suspenseful uncertainty that develops throughout the film, the viewer feels as if they belong IN THE FILM.

Most of them are, in two words, boring and pointless.

Despite their lukewarm characters, Leonardo DiCaprio (who I normally hate) and Jack Nicholson give outstanding performances - and watching them is what makes this movie worth watching at all.

Anthony Anderson: You know him, the black dude from Scary Movie, the boring one.

Don't get me wrong I thought it was a good, solid movie but it all just felt a bit pointless.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon's on-screen 'battle' is suspenseful.

, the film lasted far too long for the story told.

Save your money, rent Goodfellas again!

Great opening, slow middle and a poor ending .

No invention, no risk taking, 100% formulaic story, storytelling and movie-making.


The film storyline is gripping to watch and can't help to see how it ends.

very exciting, very unexpected ending.

Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" is a terrific entertaining film despite the violence, profanity and some sexuality.

That is how intricate and intense this movie is - it keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the very end.

Confusing yet thrilling plot .

Nevertheless, it's still a good movie, entertaining and with an excellent plot.

Sure, the remake has to adopt to a different background and fit the time and space, but the unexpected twists and turns in the original film felt forced and made up in this remake.

here what we get is banal dialogue,(goodfellas again) implausible plot turns, (i'm trying to remember if infernal affairs plot was as ludicrous, take the fact that di caprio goes to see the police shrink, in the police building, what no ones sees him.

Characters die who you don't expect to die, meaning no one is safe, which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Way too trite and poorly acted.

" But life, Scorsese, seems to be saying, is far more unpredictable and ludicrous, far more messy than this: none of us is ever ready (Nicholson's line to the effect that "we're all dying" suggests as much), and DiCaprio's character seems the least ready of all.

The going in premise is an intriguing look into intertwined cultures from the perspective of cultural moles.

The setup in the beginning was really a bore.

Each of them features a gripping story, complex characters, and a memorable tale of intricate passion and power.

Familiar And Overlong But Exciting Undercover Cop Thriller With Fantastic Ensemble .

This is a brilliant and thrilling movie till its very end, full of suspense, violence and you will not be bored in this picture.

Its dramatic scenes bring out intense sequels.

The entire cast is enjoyable to watch even though it gets pretty shallow in the end, just like the original.

I enjoyed it, didn't have any expectations when i saw it.

long drawn out scenes made the whole film slow and dry...

The symmetry and interdependence of the two adversaries makes for a very intriguing story and nail-biting situations.

Just check the web for More Confusing Celebrity Pairs lie these two.

Apart from this movie works great and very thrilling as well and i would rather just a "must watch".

The film is perfectly set up with intense, suspense scenes while adding in amounts humor at times.

Still, the movie's enjoyable from the beginning till the end, just to say that as I don't want to sound too harsh.

By and large, the women are never as vital, as supercharged, as fascinating and charismatic as the men.

The ambling and dreary nature of the movie might have been elevated by some decent acting.

I was getting the feeling that it was just going to be a star studded routine film about cops and the bad guys, only with a heapload of actors and violence to keep me entertained, I turned out to be wrong though…A fair few one liners lightened the mood in the dingy and slow moving areas…the rapid changes between characters to different conversations with no transition was rather mind boggling at times.

Very confusing plot, but somehow still somewhat entertaining...

Brilliant: intense, clever and action-filled .

The movie seems hammy, over the top, vain and self-indulgent, implausible, and simply boring.

It kept me on the edge of my seat, the performances were really good, even Jack was good at being Jack as we all know, the soundtrack pulsated with a couple of cool Oirish tunes (thank goodness no U2!

For films like this I find it helpful to keep a scorecard, because after a while things start to get a little confusing regarding alliances, and every new revelation becomes a 'whoa' moment.

So go to your local Blockbuster and rent the true classic that "inspired" a juvenile, pretentious knockoff.

Out of the cameos, Ray Winstone's comes off best, while Matt Damon is the real weak link being very blank faced and monotone throughout.

The only sour note for me was the closing scene, and I mean the very last shot, as the camera pans across the balcony of an empty apartment to show...

Just as a start, the environment and the characters feel so authentic and real, and each actor delivers a awe inspiring performance, some of their best.

Don't miss this stellar movie .. Superlative performances of Jack Nicholson ,de caprio , mark whalberg ,sheen ,baldwin , matt damon ..Perfect & gripping direction of scorsese .

His emotions leading up to the attacks are rather intriguing, Wahlberg doesn't overact at all instead he responds to the situation how everyday people would.

And yet, the romantic subplot is contrived.

And, in a way, this is a shame when you compare it to the other somewhat bland performances by the other cast.

It's fantastic, wickedly suspenseful, compelling storytelling that draws you in from its opening scenes, and its style indicates that somewhere within the folds of narrative, Sullivan and Costigan, opposites in every sense of the word (Sullivan has led a life of privilege under the aegis of Costello and is now the poster boy of success, rising fast within the police department; Costigan comes from a broken family and is trying to make amends with himself even when he will never become an official law enforcement entity -- he is "no man") will have to meet.

It is intense, gripping and full of top-notch performance from a roll-call of Hollywood's finest past and present.

It goes for the standard Hamlet ending, but in an unexpected way and the final shot of the rat is an amusing metaphor.

The story is as intriguing as it gets, and the acting is superb on all corners, including the terrific Alec Baldwin.

All in all, a superb and riveting movie.

The film is long but gripping.

Even Scorsese is bored with depicting violence; he does it because it's expected of him, not because he really gives a damn anymore.

Academy Award nominee, Mark Wahlberg does a great job as the fast talking, always ready for anything, humorous cop that will make you think this is a comedy at certain points in the film instead of a thrilling drama.

Otherwise it's not your average blow everything up movie, but still very intense.

The film editing is superbly superior, adding intense violence and great directorial shots to complete this masterpiece.

This film came out 2 years ago, so sharing my thoughts on such a popular yet relatively old release is purely an exercise in boredom.

But once your into the movie, you find the real taste and thrilling experience of the movie.

fantastic, terrific, tremendous, stupendous, awesome, amazeballs, out of this world, unreal; the most gripping and tense and thrilling film I have ever watched to date no one would ever guess as the end will leave you completely speechless take it from me.

Too slow and boring .

The revelation of the whole story was just very entertaining.

The police psychiatrist played by Vera Farmiga adds the DiCaprio box office love tryst but obliterated a gripping suspension of disbelief (unprofessional relationship and distributing prescription drugs without being an MD?

waste of time.

These guys look too much alike in the opening sequences - waaay to confusing.

There's not actually much else to say without giving something away other than a recommendation to go and see it if you want a well paced, thoroughly entertaining crime thriller.

Enjoyable .

Their deaths at the end are also very similar and unexpected with a quick headshot from someone unsuspected.

The dialog & plot are quite contrived, the acting is always over the top (everyone has to use expletives all the time).

In The Departed every actor plays to his strengths and it's a film that's worth watching just for the performances.

Good story but very hard to follow .

I fell asleep after half of the film.

The story is compelling, the acting is superb.

& honestly i found this to be so pointless.

My advise is to go see Infernal Affairs and realize that the original film is smart, original, very intense and at least you did not want the film to end!

Thrilling Ride .

So for me this is first predictable and then formulaic.

This REMAKE is enjoyable and i am glad Scorcese has finally his Oscar although he was far more deserving for his original work.

Some scenes really bored me too and i didn't really need to know about it.

Martin Scorsese has finally won his Oscar for the brilliant, intense and powerfully, courageously acted film, "The Departed".

If you're willing to overlook all these (and more) inconsistencies, the story line is entertaining.

Better someone hand out awards to the Iraqi terrorists for entertaining the world so well.

Striding through the film like an old pro, he naturally swipes the screen from under the other actors noses like a seasoned professional, and it is tremendously enjoyable to watch him apply great intelligence and unrivalled, bloody charm to his character.

It includes great characters who are performed by amazing actors, a top notch direction, a story with a very entertaining flow and music that just gives that last touch of a great guaranteed movie experience.

Way too long and boring.

gripping story with a superb cast .

A Thrilling Crime Drama .

First of, the editing in this movie is snappy and makes this 2,5 hour movie interesting at all times.

Extremely Intense .

Jack Nicholson's acting as a madman boss is very entertaining and the plot is great.

Self-Parody, Empty Bluster .

Johnny Depp is a fascinating explorer.

The theme of "The Departed" is pointless nihilism: anything goes.

Keeping the high stakes high and the story engaging, Scorcese places a nasty twist on the mobster genre with this crime-drama where almost none of the characters are who they say they are or make out to be.

From the start, to the closing credits, The Departed is an incredibly exciting film, and there is rarely a slow moment.

This cat & mouse thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as one mole in the mob circles another mole in the police, and Scorsese and scenarist William Monahan patiently construct this elaborate complex thriller without wearing out their welcome.

This was the most pretentious truckload of tripe I've sat through in a long time.

The ending of this movie takes many by surprise just because it is unexpected of how all the events takes place.

The addition of Dignam, while entertaining, cause a problem for me as it was hard to believe that after Capt Queenan's death that Dignam would just leave the case without giving up who the mole was.

Simply, a very entertaining and intelligent crime movie, partly ruined by an unbelievable, almost ridiculous, shoot-out ending.

the end was stunning and rather unexpected...

You get the year's most pretentious feat of idiocy – The Departed.

The cast is on point through-out all the movie, with the performances by Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg being particularly fascinating.

All in all, The Departed was a riveting film, and one that does a great job portraying mob culture as well as the humanity and morality involved in pretending to be somebody you are not.

Colin and Billy give stunning performances in this film and left me hoping for a sequel.

Stunning 10/10.

To me this movie was boring, complicated, and nothing amazing.

Story is flawless except for a banal ending.

very true that like 'gangs' from scene to scene the editing and pacing was off on this one.

The story starts out simple, but quickly goes into complex situations that will have you on the edge of your seat.

These great performers, along with Alec Baldwin and Martin sheen, make the film very entertaining.

For those like me who are less convinced of his genius, it is still an entertaining gangster movie.

Somewhat confusing editing and too many characters with too little development sinks "The Departed".

I really can't think of any films he has done that weren't creative, ambitious, well acted and intriguing.

Prior to viewing The Departed, my only previous experience with Martin Scorsese was The Wolf of Wall Street, and whilst the Departed fails to supersede The Wolf as Scorsese's masterpiece, it remains a nuanced and deeply compelling crime thriller.

i went out with a group of my friends and we watched this film and it was absolutely breathtaking...

With a runtime of 2 and a half hours the movie is unable to match the brisk pacing of, say, Casino or Goodfellas and instead comes across as a dozen or so clumsily put together scenes in which characters talk tedious topics to each other, with the odd frame of unadulterated violence garnished in.

The Departed is a thoroughly thrilling, provocative gangster drama with the gritty climax and morality that has director Martin Scorceses past triumphs.

What is also great about this movie is that it stays real, while other movies stick to predictable Hollywood clichés.

In fact in a couple of scenes they looked bored in the background.

The excessive dependence on a single expletive (used more than 400 times) was boring.

Superbly done, intelligent, cleverly-crafted dialog and a genuinely simple story with underlying complexities makes The Departed an intense, intriguing thriller, coupled with a fantastic cast makes this a personal favorite and no doubt the feeling is mutual amongst many others.

I was the last to leave -- eerily watching the images continue on the screen in front of an empty room.

The dialogue is sharply written and the performances are outlandishly entertaining.

Parallels between cops and criminals are again drawn when both men are called on to test their loyalty to the other side under intense life or death situations.

The music was excellent and Tony Leung's performance was spellbinding, but the movie was hard to follow.

The flow of the movie is left somewhat disjointed and scattered, making it difficult for the audience to fully submit to the plot and the experience.

Over-directed (pointless virtuosic touches that add nothing to what's happening on screen with the plot or characters), over-scored (save me from the freakin' metal Irish jig and the Stones, both heard twice in this thing), over-edited (the movie is awkward: scenes flow neither internally or into each other) and over-acted by Jack Nicholson (so far beyond the point of self-parody that it ceases to be funny), this horrid, horrid film is filled with two dimensional characters (except for Madolyn, the worst psychiatrist who never lived, who lacks even a second dimension) and more profanity and violence than you can shake a stick at.

The best part of this movie is the intriguing story line that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

The understanding of these characters are not convincing played out in the beginning but the eventual plot development into the tight corners is tense, intriguing and very well done.

The performance of the main actors is quite interesting, particularly Nicholson, who manages to make his character truly intimidating and unpredictable.

Excellent plot, breathtaking plot-twist, stellar staff.

exciting .

Some things are terribly rushed and others are explained in painstakingly, boring detail.

His witty but dark comedy also makes the movie a lot more enjoyable.

Everything develops at a natural but very compelling pace.

This is a great, suspenseful, action movie with a great cast.

These intense and emotional moments wouldn't be possible without its star-studded cast, and each one delivers.

It was intriguing to see the gang and the cops predicting each other's moves, except this play of deception suddenly stopped making sense towards the end of the film.

A riveting classic with a top notch cast and crew .

This enthralling cop movie with Matt Damon ,Mark Wahlberg ,Martin Sheen and Jack Nicholson is a thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat for it's whole runtime

I am sure the originators in China are getting credit of crafting such an incredible story line and the producers and the writers of The Departed have done their best to warp the script and implement new intriguing characters the best way possible.

Martin Scorsese latest instalment of gripping movie making follows his art at exploring the crime genre in The Departed, a remake of the Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs.

Well entertaining cop thriller from Martin Scorsese with one of the best casts of all time.

So many things in this film come off as trite.

Because that has to be the most clever and least cliché metaphors I have ever seen (sarcasm fully implied) because they only said the word 'rat' about 100 times during the movie.

Entertaining and well-acted...

Not a single thing is wrong with this new crime classic, and Martin Scorsese adds on his legacy to crime films in cinema, adding different and similar aspects to his original style of film making to make this pure cinematic beauty entertaining and eye-opening at the same time.

The result is a classy, thrilling suspense with actors who are incredibly better than in the American version.

Had The Departed been released in, say, 1986, it would have been stylish, edgy, and intense.

A really engrossing film with just enough twists and turns to keep the audience enthralled without confusing too much.

All of his attempts are rather intriguing to watch as viewers have no idea whether Costello will fall for the ploy, or simply kill him.

It's an absolutely stunning movie.

Scorsese delivers a complicated yet intense movie, expanding the crime genre to a new level, apart from Costello's girlfriend Gwen (Kristen Dalton), you will be surprised by the lack of stereotypes apparent in The Departed.

At its worst, the film is a train wreck wherein all actors of quality intentionally subvert the director and the film with farcical performances that, though a delight to watch, must have been inspired by the sheer boredom of working with a lead actor embarrassingly limited in ability, DiCaprio, and a director too far gone to realize that his film was only his at its worst moments.

One of the Most Brilliant, Subtle and Compelling Thrillers of the Modern Era .

And way, way too long...

Flunking out of the Corleone School of Business, it appears that Frank controls every aspect of his universe with an iron fist and a silver tongue, until his own flaws come to the forefront in a denouement scene that could be seen as uncharacteristically cliché, if it weren't so masterfully acted out in front of us.

Yes sometimes such things happen, a man comes and exhibits an unexpected and excellent performance.

just kidding of course well have to wait and see how the departed compares to the likes of the godfather movies and the shawshank redempion but scorsese has truly created a masterpiece which was to me truly unexpected.

While the writing was intense, I sometimes felt that the plot had no central point, and it seemed to go on and on without resolve.

I remember little of it now, but I do remember finding it to be an ingenious idea and a gripping little movie, albeit a little overrated.

I do wish that some of today's directors and actors would immerse themselves in an intense examination of some of the Hollywood and British movies of the 1940s and 1950s to see how really to make films that are crisp and tight in direction, how the actors of those times were able to speak their lines in clear and understandable English, and that self-indulgent acts (actors) like Jack Nicholson simply were not given the time of day.

In fact, "Infernal Affairs" was a lot more interesting in terms of how the moles went about communicating with their respective boss' and in this way was a lot more thrilling.

I was so bored I started rearranging the groceries in my bag about ten minutes in.

Unfortunately, the criminally overrated Matt Damon is as boring as ever and Jack Nicholson overacts.

In fact, I have been watching Hong Kong cinema for about 10 years because I'd gotten so bored with the shallowness of American film plots.

Legendary old school actor Martin Sheen is also excellent as Queenan, the detective working with undercover Billy & he has some incredibly intense & scary moments.

The original was not that long, and way better and intense.

And to destroy it with a completely unpredictable and unrelated character, for no apparent reason other than proving the point that everyone is a rat and the world is going to hell, is weak.

A waste of time and money, you could make a better movie with your iphoneAt least it's a new genre...

Propaganda in service of oppression and hypocrisy.

Just a rotten waste of time.

The gripping, dark score does its part well in this as well.

What I got was an entertaining flick you might wanna watch with a bunch of beer loving colleagues.

Another thing 'Departed' lacked was the fascinating relationship between head cop and head criminal, a mixture of friendliness and hatred.

Scorcese does a magnificent job on propelling each scene with near-constant tension and substance, and persistently maintains absorbing character development to keep things engaging without losing track of momentum.

Amazing suspense throughout the film, even with the long running time I was on the edge of my seat!!!

The Departed is a brilliant and thrilling Crime Drama Thriller that saw Martin Scorsese return to the genre Scorsese is best known for the Gangster film after two great period dramas Gangs Of New York(2002)and The Aviator(2004).

This film is intense,entertaining, and will keep you on your feet, anything you'd want in a movie, right?

Remove the self-indulgent buffoonery by DiCaprio and his chum Damon, who especially can do so much better.

My wife felt it was a very good, intense,tension filled movie.

But what I enjoy about Departed is the fact that since most famous gangster movies, Godfather & Goodfellas, take place in the past but Scorsese makes the up to date gangster flick very enjoyable.

And by the time it was halfway through, I was bored.

The other is the creeping sexism again - the female characters are cardboard cutout plot devices and again he thinks he can 'even it out' by throwing a penis in there (that shouldn't be a spoiler if you know Scorsese), but no, it doesn't work like that, and the penis is pointless.

This movie is very intense throughout, with some twists and turns, that keeps you at the edge of the seat.

Each scene is as entertaining, thorough, and well-written as the next, and you can tell Scorsese really pushed himself here to really engage the viewer.

Fantastic movie keeps you on the edge of your seat .

And now for the pointless time wasters: Obviously Scorsese is big enough and powerful enough that he can dictate cuts (or lack thereof) to the studio at this point.

Overall, it's a very fascinating look into the meaning of what it is to be a rat within a morass of a world in which everyone is a rat of different sorts.

So, the over layering of main characters allows Scorcese to make more complex his previously quite simple (and many times uninteresting) game of Goodfellas or Casino.

Add to that a sound track that is one of the worst I have ever heard -- boring, mostly, except when a gun is fired or a body hits the ground.

The film is overly long, many scenes are rather pointless.

He finds a way to connect the story together in a way to keep everyone on the edge of their seat the entire time.

The script is excellent, providing rich dialogue to move the gripping story along, and the cinematography is just wonderful.

Confusing as Matt & Leonardo together are too similar .

Highly entertaining as this film is, it should not be Oscar worthy.

There's several twists and unexpected moments that will affect you in various ways.

As the movie goes on, every minute was thrilling.

Important parts are strangely removed while unnecessary long, boring and ridiculous scenes are added.

The Departed is a slow-burning simmering thriller, a tale steeped in deception, and gently, expertly brought to the boil - until a slightly overcooked finish leaving a slightly unsatisfying taste in the mouth.

Ridiculous dialog, predictable, and scenes that run on forever.

You are on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Around this nifty little premise Scorsese effectively proves he can structure a few tense set pieces and create a tone of uncertainty and paranoia, predominantly from Costigan's perspective which is further aided by DiCaprio's performance of a man suffering certain emotions thus rousing the material at specific points.

Martin Scorsese hits it out of the park once again in one of his most impressive movies to date, it combines all the aspects of film that he is fantastic at directing, character development, action and strong dialogue based scenes, it all comes together to make an instant classic, he may have done gangster and mob films before, but this film stands out as very original and intriguing two and a half hours.

great plot and long movie but very very entertaining.

It's got thrilling action sequences, moments of sheer suspense and a very entertaining ending with well-crafted plot twists.

I applaud him for making this movie and also applaud Damon and DiCaprio for gripping performances.

This is a fascinating tale of two men who are doing the same thing just Leo Dicaprio is on the good side pretending to be bad and Matt Damond is a bad guy pretending to be good.

What made this movie so enjoyable?

This movie was rambling, predictable, and at times reminded me of a college student film with its forced irony.

A star-studded cast, worthy direction, and 'exciting' screenplay back up as proof.

But this is a crazy ride, and one that remains gripping and surprising throughout, bolstered by a smart script and a hell of a cast.

Endless respect for Martin Scorsese - I love Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, After Hours, King of Comedy, GoodFellas, and Last Temptation of Christ - but The Departed was just plain muddled and somewhat pointless, not really deserving of inclusion in that list.

Martin Scorsese strikes again with his top notch film making, each scene, each element has meaning and it is his finest work since 'Goodfellas' , as you can see gangster films, is where he in his element, its tense, exhilarating, character driven and every second of this two and a half hour film is worth watching and you will absolutely not regret it.

By the last few minutes, as blowing a person's brains on the wall is becoming more of a cliché than you would ever think possible, I found myself hoping that some deus ex machina would descend from the sky and just kill everyone so it would just be f**king over already.

Intense, very well acted and engrossing, I would recommend the Departed to anyone looking for a good drama or crime film.

A most enjoyable film.

It's thrilling, with so much suspense.

Vulnerability of all the characters makes the movie more entertaining as well as touchy.

I found this movie to be rather boring.

Overall The Departed was a good movie, at times I was a little bored waiting for something exciting to happen, but when there was action, it did more than make up for the boring parts.

The action is well paced, which probably helps conceal the thinly written characters and predictable plot.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

The characterization is superbly executed, along with the direction in which the film is projected, with some over the top , unexpected funny moments thrown from time to time that helps us stay sane and relaxed.

But this movie was rather tedious and possibly too long for its genre, and I felt that whoever was in the cutting room (the woman who now has Oscar somewhere on her mantle)perhaps was too attached to some scenes to let go.

I liked everything about this film - the plot, the script, the acting etc. But then the last 15 minutes meant this film finished on such a depressing and dire note that simply left me feeling hollow, and made the film seem a little bit more than pointless.

However the action does heat up nicely towards the final third, with an interesting homage to the original by the use of a scene in Chinatown in Boston, creating some genuine edge-of-the-seat moments, until a rather unexpected conclusion that slightly jars against what has gone before.

A gritty, fast paced and highly impressive cops versus robbers fable that is reminiscent of his old classics and makes for a riveting cinema experience.

Never satisfied with mere excess, Scorcese continues to take original, intricate and downright terrific ideas, and bludgeon them into twisted ruins of predictable, derivative, deep-fried sleaze.

but still enjoyable .

It's intense, has plenty of action, great story and great performances.

Generally, it's fast paced, as I implied, but there are a few slow spots for me, mostly to do with Madolyn with the moles.

He also keeps a close eye on unwanted sentimentality, creating real characters in a superbly intense environment.

A few continuity errors and audio overdubs/lip-synch changes are present, however, once immersed in the entertainment, viewers will be happy to dismiss these.

It was intelligent and infinitely more entertaining than The Departed which does not even rise to the top when compared to great gangster movies like The Goodfellas, Get Shorty, Snatch, Scarface etc. If you like gangster movies you will probably enjoy The Departed, even though I doubt you will find the hype justified.

For example -Matt Damon's Colin is one dimensional and uninteresting compared to the equivalent character that Andy Lau plays in IA.

Too long, too pointless, too slow.

Why pick this name since the real life Costello was a HUGE figure in the underworld and bore little semblance to the guy in the film (who is more like Whitey Bulger, by the way)?

It is too long, the pacing is too slow, and just felt like it was missing something.

These stories have intense plots and interesting characters that make us see the world of crime in shockingly new ways.

don't waste your time on this film, not to mention your money!

The Departed was a fascinating movie chronicling the Massachusetts State Police Department's battle with a Boston mob led by Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson).

The Departed is a thoroughly engrossing gangster drama with the gritty authenticity and soupy morality we come to expect.

Pointless, other than maybe to give Matt Damon a reason to kill him, although it would have been a thousand times more interesting if Damon's reason was Nicholson's dismissive treatment of him since a teenager.

This urbanly stylistic piece is a salute to the classic gangster movies of old, brutally entertaining as it is frustratingly perplexing, a true Scorsesean crime drama classic.

Among the fast-talking characters, the bloody violence, a plethora of quick- paced, fast-cutting montages, and other of Scorsese's other filmmaking quirks, this is easily the most grounded, most clever, and most engaging of these movies rarely replicated even today.

Nevertheless from beginning to end, this hard-edged, gripping crime thriller hits the mark as one of the smartest crime movies as opposed to typical action packed, over the top thrillers.

Tsk, tsk – how banal...

The double agent setup plays out fantastically well and kept me entertained and curious throughout, and even when it is slightly predictable, it's just done so well that I didn't even mind.

All he did was obliterate a well-written and intelligent script by inserting a series of incompetent scenes with lots of explicit violence, sex talk, and 40 minutes of dead weight in the form of pointless, boring moments.

Then Dignam's two weeks leave at this crucial junction feels contrived- a device to remove any protection from Costigan for the remainder of the film.

The film quickly becomes a thrilling cat and mouse game of wits between Costigan and Sullivan, to see which of the two will come out victorious.

Midway through I was thinking the plot was a pretty predictable ordeal, only hoping for something out of the ordinary…true to Damon and Dicaprio to happen and blow me away.

There are plenty of plot-holes that I could mention but won't bother, as they are there for the purpose of telling an entertaining story.

great film- very watchable- very intriguing.

gradually gets curious as the plot get intense with unexpected though possible twists.

The last 10 minutes or so got pretty ridiculous considered how long the movie dragged on.

Strictly for Fans of Exploding Heads and Naughty Words; Otherwise, a Complete Bore .

I enjoyed it.

the story is quite weak IMO ,( as soon as I saw the envelope with ' citizen ' written on it , I knew this would play a key role in the discovery '-I call that predictable)Nicholsons character well OK , very soon you def.

If you can get past some of the more extreme manipulations of the plot, this is a richly enjoyable movie.

We always are on the edge of our seats in every scene Nicholson appears in.

If you like over-the-top violent thug movies, don't waste your time on this poor excuse for movie making and instead rent "Snatch.

In perhaps the most elementary use of symbolism since Forrest Gump's "feather" scene, Scorsese shows a rat teetering on the edge of a railing!

DiCaprio gives a riveting performance as always and forces others to truly step up there game.

It's dark, violent, suspenseful, and even mind bending at times trying to figure out who is corrupt and who isn't.

The story is pretty clear cut but at times hard to follow, which isn't a drawback per se.

I think all the big name actors in this movie delivered highly-energetic, but completely boring performances.

Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Vera Farminga all seize their screen time and run with it, creating thoroughly individual, compelling and entertaining characters.

All and all, The Departed is a very thrilling movie that will leave you satisfied.

A riveting gem.

The cat-and-mouse chase between the spooks was FAR more compelling in Mou gaan dou, and the last scene in Departed proved that not even Scorcese can avoid the demands to give 'em a happy ending.

Viewers will be on the edge of their seat from the start of the movie all the way up through the end of the movie.

Pointless, plot irrelevant and simply unnecessary.

However, the actor who gives the most enjoyable performance is Mark Wahlberg who plays a character who isn't even in the original.

The suspense reaches its height during two excellent scenes; first, an intense alley chase, and second, an equally intense phone call between the two infiltrators.

Despite this, Scorsese delivers a good film, an enjoyable watch that kept me compelled until the end.

Director Martin Scorcese generates powerful and compelling performances from Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, and Jack Nicholson.

The story was already intriguing from Infernal Affairs and the best cast imaginable was brought together.

The Departed is fast paced and easy to become immersed in, well written and directed the cast of Hollywood heavy weights carrying the film makes this film a must watch on multiple genres of film.

Brilliant, Gripping Crime Drama .

The music ("goodbye, policeman") and suddenness made that scene a real tear-jerker in IA, while the decision to film Queenan's descent in slow-motion damaged unexpected nature of the character's death.

Drawn out mob movie with a few twists .

Most of this convoluted film is a complete waste of time.

But when i watched it again i found it way too much fast paced.

Scorsese won big for this masterpiece and deservedly so: it's an entertaining and tense crime film that shows the ugly sides of both the police force and the criminal underworld; and how it can get unbelievably crazy.

Here instead we get DiCaprio seemingly taking it all very seriously and Matt Damon being as dull as he is as Jason Bourne.

Scorsese's riveting Boston crime drama also stars The War Zone's Ray Winstone as Costello's equally twisted #1 man, Mr. French, The Manchurian Candidate's Vera Farminga as a psychiatrist working for the Boston P.

The interactions are snappy and believable with a few really memorable volleys between Wahlberg and Baldwin.

There seemed to be a general theme of "confusing the viewer" throughout the film.

If you like strongly detailed and entertaining crime dramas, this is it for you.

That has been by far the most exciting experience I've had when watching the Academy Awards.

The best performance in the film belongs to Jack Nicholson, who plays an intense crime boss with a dirty mouth, eyes like a hawk, and power like that of no other man.

Leonardo DiCaprio is TRULY outstanding here as young undercover rookie Cop Billy Costigan, leo gives one of his greatest screen performances & nails the in over his head panic of his character, you really feel for Billy as he is put in some deadly situations & is constantly on the edge of thinking he could be found out any minute & get killed, it's a fantastic role & performance from leo.

They are all oh so boringly themselves.

Mark Whailberg is excellent in his role as mouthy police sergeant Dignam, he's an intense presence & a cool character.

His performance is unbelievably thrilling to watch, and cements his character as one of my favourite movie characters ever.

His lines are clever and snarky and when he acts it is entertaining.

Stunning gangster film .

What I just wanted to tell you how this movie became a masterpiece and absolutely compelling to watch.

While this is sometimes good like in godfathers, goodfellas, and blow, i think this movie sometimes drags along quite slow.

The story-line is engaging, breathtaking, and genius.

But the end was so different from what I thought it would be, so Kudos for the unexpected.

I found the central part of the movie the most enjoyable and coherent.

I watched it twice, with numerous "Replay" and "Slow" the second time.

Good performances, but the plot is unnecessarily confusing, and Nicholson looks like he is just going through the motions.

I can say that i saw very entertaining movie after a long time.

This is what upsets the movie and makes it seem disjointed, thus becoming a distracting factor in an otherwise brilliant film.

Madolyn has to be one of the most dull love interests in recent memory.

Judicious cutting of VERY expendable material that does nothing for either character development or plot would deliver a terrific, tight-packed little thriller with enjoyable performances by most cast members.

'Awful' doesn't begin to describe this insulting, puerile, stupid waste of everybody's time.

The finale, while intense to say the least, didn't fill all the holes created throughout the film, and is sure to leave many questions with viewers.

The Departed is a mind blowing thriller based on the 2004 Hong Kong movie "Wu Jian Dao".

The plot is thus a complicated mosaic complete with a love interest in the form of a beautiful and engaging police psychologist Madolyn (Vera Farmiga).

Stunning work from director Martin Scorsese.

Here we had a highly talented cast and a great (based on fact) idea to work with yet it comes off as contrived, cheesy and unfulfilling.

It is unpredictable and at times will have you on the edge of your seat.

The cast is great, the story is lean and simple yet engaging, Scorsese directs the hell out of this with his usual style, and it is all around a bloody good time!

because its rubbish, too violent when its not even needed, pointless swearing, and worse of all its stolen from a better original film!

The cast was fantastic, the direction was stunning and the script was top drawer quality.

The interview following the press screening was FAR more interesting than the film itself, which I found hard to actually sit out and squirm through For one thing, too much rapid artsy-fartsy inter-cutting between the parallel stories of how Dicaprio and Damon infiltrate the police department and The Mob, respectively.

Nevertheless, is ultra-fascinating plot has to be seen to be appreciated.

It's also noted that both men, despite being different from each other, constantly competing in a similar manner is so clear and strong that it makes for some really intense moments.

Matt Damon's character is bland and motiveless.

What a boring piece of ...

The interesting parellel between Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon's character works great for the storyline, and both actors are so compelling in this movie.

"Departed" is extremely enjoyable for those if you are a film buff.

One thing the story is good but amazing actors are waste hell climax boring action no thrill

Simply riveting crime saga set in a middle-class Boston neighborhood run by a wily Irish-American gangster who uses his reputation, authority, and invaluable connections to stay a step ahead of the police as he carries out his reprehensible schemes.

The set-pieces are tense, the visuals are as excellent as you'd expect from Scorsese, the plot is tense and twisty and it remains exciting much of the time.

The cinematography was boring as well, most of the shots seemed pretty simple and uninteresting.

Their intertwined fates and inevitable collision are engrossing, blurring the lines of identity.

Every actor does such a bang up job that it makes this movie so real and intense.

Also, the relationships between the moles and their bosses were compelling and realistic, not over-dramatic.

But still well worth watching again.

Rather than making the violence twistedly funny there are humorous moments within an intense and violent story.

If you watch the film, don't expect much of an aesthetic not intellectual rush, only some mildly entertaining moments, crafted really well.

Based off the Chinese film Infernal Affairs, Martin Scorsese's The Departed is an intense experience from start to finish.

This seemed very contrived and it didn't convince me at all.

I thought this movie was difficult to follow, and it moved way too fast.

This is one of the most engrossing films I have ever seen.

It's exciting and morally relevant, a power punch of a thriller boosted by fine performances from DiCaprio and Nicholson especially.

Most confusing picture I've ever seen .

Movie becomes damn exciting after knowing who that person is :D.

It's a must for fans of gangster movies and I totally recommend it to everyone who likes a thrilling plot and lots of action.

Besides this, Scorsese does a wonderful job portraying the South side of Boston, and makes a wonderful and thrilling movie that gets better every time you watch it.