The Descent: Part 2 (2009) - Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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Refusing to believe her story about cave-dwelling monsters, the sole survivor of a spelunking exploration gone horribly wrong is forced to follow the authorities back into the caves where something awaits.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Jon Harris
Stars: Michael J. Reynolds, Shauna Macdonald
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 30 out of 173 found boring (17.34%)

One-line Reviews (117)

A stunning environment of unbelievable claustrophobia raises the bar of horror as the characters descend into one of the most hellish environments ever depicted in a motion picture.

this movie was certainly thrilling and suspenseful.

The actress playing Sarah is dull, unappealing, unattractive and annoying.

And as a bonus there was a good unexpected twist in the very end.

so,i wouldn't say it was as good as the original,but on its own merits,it was still fairly intense and exciting and worth the 90 minutes or so spent watching it.

The British film The Descent (in my humble opinion, one of the best ones from the horror genre in the previous decade) provoked some controversy during its release in the United States, because the distributors from that country apparently felt that the North American audience was not going to accept the depressing and fatalist conclusion written by Neil Marshall (who was also the director), and they decided to omit some scenes in order to give the movie a not completely happy, but more optimistic and predictable, ending.

Therefore the movie does become a fairly predictable guess as to how --- or who will die next.

Incorperating a mental problem into the story made it more intense.

The fight scenes are ridiculously boring with lame amounts of blood attempting to make up for fight choreography.

She does not remember a thing about what happened, but is dragged back to the caves by the local sheriff when they found out that she has some of Juno's blood on her.

They even threw in a creepy old guy for cliché sake.

Equally atmospheric and claustrophobic than its predecessor, but this installment is even more suspenseful than the original due to the fact we now already know what lurks inside the caves.

This chapter was pointless, absolutely pointless.

Then there's the predictable shock/fright while awaiting the Rottweiler exiting the barn.

One of the things that still makes the creatures enjoyable is human actors in very good costumes; curse the computer-generated monsters you see in other sci-fi/horror movies.

totally underrated, very entertaining .

Where the first film was suspenseful and claustrophobic, this film displays constantly open cave dwellings and is repetitious to the point were no suspense can be truly built.


They are beyond predictable, so much so, that it's possible to literally count them down.

The Descent was suspenseful and claustrophobic.

It is a pretty pointless exercise.

Well, no, there are a few small highlights that kept me watching: the discovery of two corpses from the first movie provides a pleasantly unpleasant flashback to the first movie; David Julyan provides another great and moody musical score, as he did for the original movie; there are some nice gory scenes; two spectacular (and unexpected) character exits at the climax provide some of the few shocks, and there is a grim surprise twist at the very end, which gives some food for thought.

I think a great film school class could be made out of doing a shot-by-shot comparison and figuring out why one approach is so much more compelling than the other.

Waste of time that ruins original's premise .

The characters in this movie redeem themselves as things move on, so the ride becomes enjoyable again.

The first had some great character development, witty dialogue, an intriguing plot.

Well, really, it was an attempt to take advantage of the fact that the original had been a little bit of an unexpected hit by making a sequel.

Yes the ending is silly, yes it's ridiculous that Sarah ends up back at the cave, but it's a great fun, intense claustrophobic film with more gore and scariness than the original.

So finally got a chance to watch it on Sunday morning..i did not sleep the whole night of Saturday..i downloaded it at 12.0a1m..because of slow internet connection,,it took 3 hours to download 3.50am i started watching it and it finished at 5.00 am something..i was devastated,,heart broken and felt like breaking my LCd into small tiny pieces...

This turned out to be quite an exciting and enjoyable effort.

Of course everything else after that is predictable.

The fact that the caves are again utilized effectively, with their confusing layout, cramped spaces and sprawling design make for a chilling experience that makes for quite a terrifying setting for such a film, and when coupled with the dim light and the guides' acknowledged lack of experience navigating such areas allows that chilling factor to increase significantly.

Third, "The Descent: Part 2" is actually pretty scary and intense, and actually had me on the edge of my seat on more than a few occasions.

It is only worth watching to see how film with such great talent can go so wrong.

Mind boggling ending!

Compared to other so called horror movies with footage of a moving chair or similar boring scares this movie delivers.

Boring and predicable .

The claustrophobia and suspense from the first movie can never be reproduced, but did they have to go out of their way to make this the LEAST claustrophobic and the MOST predictable movie of all times.

Huge plot holes, impossible scenarios, expositional dialogue, and an ending that makes both films seem pointless.

The movie is gory, the plot non-existent and predictable.

But its done in such a cliche, retarded way that makes me lose braincells just by thinking about it.

No matter how competent it is, this film is pointless and unnecessary.

But the whole endeavor was getting rather dreary until Juno showed up.

Sadly though, that is not to be, which brings me to yet another part, the surprise/unexpected ending.

The whole movie was great, i really enjoyed the whole but until the ending was huge letdown, It was really boring and confusing twist, we made not sense at all, that it only bad think I can say about this movie.

Although Descent 2 is generally a rehash of the first movie, it was entertaining.

Unnecessary But Entertaining Sequel...

its very enjoyable.

If you watch this and enjoyed it, all I can do is feel sorry for you.

The ending also feels empty and pointless for the most part.

The girls were swimming in it, covered in it, and yet it took an actual Orc to s**t on their empty heads for them to realize they were rolling about in their toilet?

But besides of that, I think The Descent: Part 2 is a mediocre horror film, but it at least is moderately entertaining.

Anyway, in this one the hero who left the betraying best friend down in the cave with the creatures to die is dragged back down after she escapes, by the police to find any survivors, (she has convenient amnesia of the whole event).

Everything made sense in the first installment: the adrenaline-junky female spelunkers, the unexplored caves, the life-or-death fight they found themselves in; everything.

Watch if you're bored.

It seemed as though it were a lame attempt to add a Shyamalan twist, which itself is very tiresome and boring now.

The jump scares were pointless, in fact all of them were predictable once again.

All this is packed nice and taut with swift scripting and editing, ridding any notions of dullness which could potentially develop in the repetitive setting.

Another yawn coming...

This film is still blood thirst as the first film was with a few unpredictable jumps scene which made me jump.

Still, for what it's worth, it might work for some viewers as the film is somewhat enjoyable in bits & pieces.

Everything is predictable.

is the generic, typical cliché where you include the evil red neck ....

Unfortunately much of the second half of the story was a dragged out gory excuse to knock everyone off one by one.

Less gory than the first installment, but still stomach-churning scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat!

It's all very amusing and quite entertaining, and the final showdown at the exit/entrance of the cave seems to seal the deal as an all right movie.

The Descent was one of the finest horror movies of the 00's because a) it was scary as hell, b) it was thoroughly suspenseful, c) it didn't lose itself in an abundance of genre clichés and conventions, and d) it made excellent use of the growing psychological tension between its characters.

Let's just say Descent 2 is thrilling and a worth watching.

In short time, she is dragged down to the cave to retrace her steps and find her friends...

Resurrecting characters just for closure is pointless.

doesn't live up to the original,but still intense and satisfying .

I highly recommend it.

The Descent was, despite the fantasy elements, a gritty, unpredictable and believable movie.

Definitely worth the watch!

D+ It has a very little build-up, and most of it is predictable.

Overall: Some good gore, but fans of the original will be disappointed in this bland mix of meh and bad bad CGI.

This unnecessary but ultimately entertaining sequel to Neil Marshall's excellent subterranean shocker The Descent starts off on the wrong foot by opting to follow on from the inferior American cut, rather than the far superior UK version; matters look set to get worse as the script starts to display a tendency to totally disregard logic simply to further the story.

Many pointless deaths...

Don't waste your time on this flick.

Still worth watching.

Because of how utterly predictable they were, I was able to count them all.

Gripping .

The jump scares in this film are unexpected.

The last 30 minutes of the film was action packed and suspenseful and very well made.

His character's present solely to push the plot on with annoying stupidity while other events are fairly predictable.

It's pretty much just remaking the best parts of the first film and the results are predictable and less interesting.

I understand that this is the work of a completely different director (the editor of the first film), but it's like he completely abandoned anything and everything that mad the first movie memorable, plopped some hilariously generic new characters into the caves with the barest story to support their existence, and then just copied parts of the first movie in the most boring and amateurish ways possible.

This plot device is very reminiscent to Aliens, where an unwilling Ripley is dragged along to be asked "does this look Alien to you?

Yet, for all of those people and all of their experience in making an exciting, frightening, emotionally powerful movie, they pretty much laid an egg this time around.

One, which I might call diablo ex machina, makes no sense whatsoever (although it might get explained in a part 3), but was possibly the most unexpected occurrence in a movie ever.

Let's hope they can introduce something more exciting, I envisage ALIENS (yes, I freakin love this movie) underground with lots of guns and a hand picked team of badasses employed to wipe out the nest of cannibals lurking in them thar woods/caves.

Waste of time .

what a waste of time.

Aside from the asinine reason to get the lead back to the scene of the crime also being an issue, otherwise, this one was quite enjoyable.

The deaths were random and pointless for the most part.

non of this force scare the audience jump with sound, some area was just intense and creep which make this a good sequel.

Very entertaining isn't that why we watch.

The action scenes are thoroughly entertaining and really work well with those additional elements brought about within by tying the setting into giving this a great pace in a creepy location as efforts like stumbling upon their half-digested friends' remains, freaking out following the remembering of events from the first film or the series of fantastic encounters with the creatures as they appear far earlier here which sets this off rather well and the scenes of a swarm amassing behind the unsuspecting victims are quite creepy.

Really enjoyable and thrilling sequel effort .

After killing as many of the crawlers as possible Juno does die this time, and Sarah sacrifices herself so that Ellen can escape to the light, but in the end she is hit over the head and dragged away by some guy, I guess this means it will continue again.

In this movie the characters are near unbearable and the story is just so flimsy.

The deaths and gore are more comedy than terrifying but very entertaining all the same and provide the highlights of the film.

If the third ends up being as gory and thrilling as the first two, then it will be a worthy addition to the DVD shelf.

So one by one the people meet their grizzly ends until Sarah, Ellen and Vaines are the only ones left, and they have an unexpected appearance by still alive original Juno Kaplan (Natalie Jackson Mendoza).

basically a poor film amnesiac woman covered in blood dragged from her hospital bed to lead a team of cavers to her lost friends ( don't forget she don't remember a thing !!

And the last complain from me are few fight sequences that weren't match to the first part, but the rest was done faithfully and made me back to the cave jumping and gripping just like the first time and I loved it.

Sure enough the expected happened and all was kind of predictable.

With some unpredictable and unforgiving moments, The Descent: Part 2 is a definite hit and stands up very well to it's predecessor.

 I had to struggle just to focus on the bland, annoying new characters.

It wasn't as scary, bad acting, and out was confusing.

Complete waste of time watching it.

they always look like CGI animation like in the case of the boring mutants in "I Am Legend".

The script has some really random parts in it which still are very confusing for example Juno's comeback is never really explained.

This movie had some really good scary scenes, which made me jump and some tense scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole movie,This movie did have a little bit gore then first movie.

Worth watching!

First of all the ending is meaningless, making the whole movie plot pointless.

It had suspense, blood/gore, it had audiences biting their nails in fear while sitting on the edge of their seats, it has everything and I mean everything that makes up an washing horror movie.