The Devil Inside (2012) - Horror

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In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism.

IMDB: 4.2
Director: William Brent Bell
Stars: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 134 out of 304 found boring (44.07%)

One-line Reviews (292)

The audience is introduced to Isabella Rossi, a non-relatable, bland character who's mother is presumed to be possessed.

What I find to be necessary in slower movies like this is to let yourself become absorbed in the story rather than trying to poke holes in the story and critique it as you watch it.

VERY predictable, and Im glad they all died, because the acting was cringeworthy, and I couldn't feel sympathy for the one dimensional characters.

The ending deserves all the hatred it gets, but the rest the movie is moderately engaging.

If this were a true documentary (like this would really happen), it would be, for the most part, the most boring and amateurish looking piece of work.

Unfortunately, by this point we aren't buying the fake doc pretense, these are nothing but nice ripples on a lake of dissatisfaction and overall, despite a very brief running time, the film is actually quite boring.

However, some of the ones that stand out are the incredibly slow pacing and the dull execution.

If you are looking for a real review, don't waste your time.

"The Devil Inside" equals no story.

You say this was cliché by comparing it to other movies and neglect to see the things about it that are truly unique.

Instead the demon bounces around the characters in fairly boring fashion and kills them all...

Too many times in movies, endings are predictable and to satisfy the masses, edits are done - and with some moviegoers, they need a more simple explanation and some sort of movie closure.

Worst movie ever .

The beginning it starts out slightly creepy but than on majority of the way through is boring stuff constantly.

Very intense and disturbing imagery.

Serious waste of time and money.

With the annoying way too shaky camera, the ridiculous fast-zoom ultra close-ups, and crazy angles I got the worst headache and left the theater within 20 minutes.

Wait till it hit's RED BOX or NETFLIX to see it, don't waste your money on seeing it in the theaters.

Boring, lazy and shoddy.

This movie started out intense, straight to the point.

Word to the wise don't waste your time.

If you don't agree then you must be clear that you want realistic, found footage movies to have Hollywood style, highly predictable endings.

Then pointless filler is endured for around 40 minutes before they go to check if Isabella's mother is possessed (why not do this first, it's the point of the entire film?

It seriously encompasses every modern horror trope, from standard formulaic exorcisms to the found footage style narrative.

I fell asleep half way thru the movie, and my friend started playing around with his phone...

Exorcisms so boring they make The Tree Of Life look like a fast paced action epic.

We gained nothing from watching this movie, except empty pockets.

absolute boring rubbish .

A particularly creepy performance delivered by the womans mother locked away in an insane asylum in Rome The ending was kind of a surprise but I enjoyed it.

If you're into that, you may very well find this to be creepy and entertaining.

It was actually a pretty entertaining little movie, and I found myself actually getting scared at some points.

The two key exorcism scenes and the ending sequence were enjoyable despite its obvious shortcomings.

Horrible don't waste your money in this garbage .

if you like films where it appears as if not much thought has gone in to it, and are going just to waste some time or have free tickets then it may be worth it.

They are not all that scary, and the filmmakers seem to be cribbing from both old (The Exorcist) and the new (The Last Exorcism), but the hand-held look of the film makes these scenes somewhat riveting.

The problem is that the film is boring and not very scary, at least to me.

This film is terrible, it's far from the worst film I've ever watched, as despite all its problems, it was quite enjoyable.

I also noticed several people around me get up and leave the theater.

The movie starts out slow and stays slow for quite a while.

The devil inside is either as dull as a powerpoint presentation assembled by a fumbling old history teacher who can't get the projector to work and so has to call one of the school 'techies' to stop him from rubbing the projector with oil, or merely average.

Initially engaging characters become progressively less developed until they're reduced to stock horror movie caricatures.

Don't waste your time or money.

Not sure, but left the theater very unsatisfied and there was a lot of good scary elements, and not bad acting, what happened.

Waste of money in my opinion.

Worst movie ever.

A truly gripping and interesting film....

However the slow pace of the creeps and the scares leads into one of the worst endings in movie history.

Clichéd, predictable and can't establish its own identity .

Complete waste of time...

After about half an hour of a drawn out boring bit with a few cheap scares from a dog barking when the film has gone silent or someone jumping from behind a door, things started to pick up and get genuinely scary.

The plot was nothing new, and the characters were bland as usual in these types of films.

This is surely, undeniably one of the worst movies in a genre full of god-awful films ever.

Made for less than a million dollars by a company named Insurge films that I've never heard of "The Devil Inside" is a boring, generic rehash of horror clichés with a lot of imagination but left effectless by bad performances, confused direction and well tiresome horror clichés.

If given the right treatment an exorcism type film can be a vicious and riveting powerhouse.

I think that they gave the slower following members of the audience to many little slight suggestions as to where they were going that, for the average genre fan, it was to blatant and undermined anything they tried to accomplish.

In todays society, you can't simply just finish movies like that, it was uneventful (like most of the film).

Brent Bell's choppy directing and lifeless approach hindered the cast's performances which were dull to say the least.

waste of money and time!

Terrible and practically uneventful, but enjoyable.

The ending was totally predictable with 20 minutes left.

If you're an amateur film-goer like myself and you are keen on a simple scare, then the trailer will have dragged you into the cinema for the first viewing of this 'found-footage' first person experience!

Throughout this movie, the dialogue becomes very suspenseful.

The film starts out incredibly slow.

Otherwise I implore you, Save your money.

The cast of unknown actors is pretty dull, even leading actress Andrade as the investigative filmmaker, the plot is nothing new and the "found footage" idea is predictable and silly, I admit a couple of the exorcism scenes have freaky and interesting enough moments, but that is not enough, and the film has a terrible ending and boring scenes in-between the action, it is not scary, not original and not worth seeing at all, a terrible supernatural horror thriller.

The story was intriguing and captivating.

The movie is also a waste of money since it does not scare you at all.

"), the same rude force hurtling people around the room, and no resolution or understanding of what forces are at work here, beyond the bland "devil.

Waste of time.

This was such a poor storyline, it was boring, inconsistent and had very few scares.

I own a commercial Haunted House and this movie was entertaining.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Even the most loyal horror fan will be unimpressed by this tedious mess and it just isn't scary at all.

If you don't want to get taken, save your money and run to the hills!

However, the agile rhythm of the movie, along with some unexpected gory scenes, avoid it from being boring.

Don't waste your money watching it on DVD or BluRay.

This one, on the other hand, was just plain boring.

Worst movie I've seen in years.

Bottom line: Don't waste any money on this movie!

Anyone that has decent tastes will say the same, It was an utter waste of my life watching this film.

I try not to be too harsh when I watch horror movies, because lets be real here; I'm the lazy one that's spending nine bucks a months on netflix or shamelessly borrowing my friends DVDs to get an adrenaline rush that I'm too poor and too disinclined to go and find through recreational activities like bungee jumping.

And so the unraveling of the horror scenes and "how did they do that" (see credits) was a little pointless unless the film was trying hard to say something else and failed because so many people have marked it down.

It was Anthony Hopkins' The Rite, another film of the same nature I found long and tedious.

The final cohesive product however, was a mess of ideas stolen from better films, original ideas that go absolutely nowhere with a handful of riveting hand-held scenes.

Which brings us, after the foregoing shucking and jiving, to the subject of today's review, the unimaginative, formulaic exorcism flik The Devil Inside.

Don't waste your time or money seeing this movie.

I expected to be scared and would up trying to stay awake and stop laughing.

So, I guess I enjoyed it because my expectations weren't high considering how predictable this kind of movie has become lately.

The ending of Paranormal was more exciting and puzzling because you knew there'd be a sequel.

Any talk of people fainting the only thing I saw were people falling asleep or walking out.

Disaster stay away a real bore.

I felt like i was watching an awful, pretentious student film from the outset and most of the acting had me cringing in my seat.


Multiple people walked out of the theater during the showing and after it was over I overheard more than one person say that they wanted their money back.

I think they did a great job of incorporating claustrophobia with the completely unpredictable mother, it was very uncomfortable and I was impressed.

The movie has an interesting start but it quickly turns into a predictable mess.

Everything was quite predictable, most likely due to it's unoriginality.

Also the main character is really annoying and boring and acts in a way that would have you guess her mother went crazy yesterday, not as a young child.

However yesterday I rented it on my PS3 out of boredom and to my surprise I enjoyed it.

If you're in for a cliché film based on 'footage', and basically want to see all the typical things that always happen in these type of films where the ending is terrible.. yeah, I'd advise you watch this.

At the end it felt like a waste of money.

maybe the movie just starts slow and it gets much better I thought....

Wow, I heard some positive reviews so decided to check this movie out and for the most part it was a waste of time.

After some long and tiresome minutes of arguing we finally decided to see this movie.

It is very rare that a movie gets my adrenaline going.

Don't waste your time on this, watch something good!!!

so boring and so horrible bad.

This is among the most predictable and generic horror films I have ever seen.

This is how boring it is.

It's a slow, dull film with barely any scares at all.

Fell asleep in this nonsense at least twice.

The demons were running wild, they made significant development jumping between people and they were totally unpredictable.

A compelling horror movie marred by the final two minutes .

I wasn't really sure how to feel until I walked out and really thought about it.

Please save your money for a better movie.

Very boring and not creative at all exorcism movie .

but overall this movie is worth watching and its not bad at all.

The bottom line, this movie has so much potential, but I feel it never fully utilizes it, and in the end you leave feeling empty.

REC does just that and gives a compelling story.

It was a waste of my time and my money.

A bland news story.

) but this one wins the prize as the worst movie ever.

Pretty short coming in at about 1:25, but it was entertaining and that's the point.

Incredibly disappointing and a waste of time and money .

) The acting is somewhat compelling to watch...

With that said, many people have proclaimed this to be "the worst movie ever made" and other undeserved things.

Total waste of money.

Other than the total lack of attention to detail, this movie is short and dull.

Don't waste your time OR your money .

We get a bogus 911 call at the beginning, shaky camera footage upon arrival to the house of Maria Rossi, fake news reports, then we get about a half hour of incredibly mundane and dry dialog about religion, Christianity, the Vatican, churches, and of course, exorcisms.

This movie is a waste of your time and money.

Please don't waste your money on this pile of uninspired, unscary garbage.

If you ask me, why this movie was a complete waste of time, is because of the ending.

I was bored to death and not frightened at all!

You can certainly throw character development out the window as every actor is dull and about as lifeless as a cardboard cut-out.

Don't waste your money people.

It dragged was due to the lost of interest.

Complete waste of time.

This film was so boring I fast forwarded through most of the dialogue.

Waste of money .

About as interesting as watching paint dry!

In the end, the violent end that is, it becomes hard to decide whether it was actually a good movie at all, but after a couple days of seeing the movie I've decided that the movie is fairly good, but again, more interesting than scary or even entertaining.

This movie is a waste of money AND time .

'film' all over youtube back before it's release, when I was terrified of horror movies and I had to turn off my speakers AND my monitor until the ad had passed by and I could get to my actual content.

A waste of Time .

While some scenes seem to have been added simply for shock value, including a baptism scene that is nowhere near as intense and ludicrous as trailers and word of mouth have suggested, it does feel like the filmmakers really wanted to try and attempt to elicit some form of reaction or talking point for the film.

Violent, pointless film with a very lazy ending .

Lame and Predictable .

It's a crappy, low budget, cliché exorcism movie.

my excuse was i was falling asleep loll.

I mean when i watch a movie with zombies i expect to see dead mean walking slow with their hands in front, and when i watch a movie with vampires i expect people drinking blood to survive.

For the most part, this film is very boring and nothing interesting happens.

The scares are predictable and you can see them coming a mile away(for example, after one of the exorcisms that went horribly wrong a priest is baptizing a baby.

And lastly, this film is just so predictable.

Ticks all the cliché boxes of a 'found-footage' horror.

Just don't waste your time and money running to the theater to see this one.

Seriously people, don't waste your time and money on this.

'The Devil Inside' has such a drab look and further cheapened by the excessive and badly abused (even for this particular style of filming) shaky cam, which will make people nauseous and should come with a health warning for epileptics (speaking as one myself).

The scenes in between the "scary" moments were disjointed and awkward.

It's worth the watch.

Not just individual scenes, but the whole tone of the film was so familiar and dull.

If you don't go far enough, your flick is labeled boring.

Absolutely NOTHING happens in the movie, where is the history?

Predictable .

Save your money and wait for it on Netflix.

was only $1.29 and it was even a waste of money!!

Verdict - If your interested in Paranormal movies or a horror fan who hates all the mundane slasher movies and wants to watch something different and watch something with real substance and an actual story line then watch this.

This movie was horrible and it had a lack of storyline.

I did like The Last Exorcism better than this one I think, but if you have seen that already then this is similar, and worth watching.


I spent way too much to watch this movie as I fought falling asleep through the entire movie.

Number two, the trailer gave away nearly the entire movie with the remaining time filled with boring dialogue that led to an abrupt and unsatisfactory end which seems to be a staple of the "found footage" genre.

This was a complete waste of time and money.

There are names, there is a place, there is a time, but there's no story - no development, as pretty much all the characters die (...

As a HUGE fan of scary movies, I have to say this is one of the absolute worst movies I've ever seen.

Yes, I'm sure many people are saying "Well it was a creative and non-cliché ending".

The ending was probably the worst part, you could see what the director was trying to achieve: confusion in the audience as to what will happen next, a seriously poor cliffhanger.

No plot to follow and it just felt like it was rehashing of "real life" events.

Ending is Pointless!

So in conclusion, if you want a formulaic, shock-horror fright-fest, don't watch this.

The ending is so abrupt and leaves so many things unresolved that it makes this whole movie just a complete waste of time.

Tepid, dull exorcism film .

It was cliché, but there were some creepy moments and some of the supporting cast turned in quite compelling performances, there were also under currents to each supporting cast's character that in my opinion outshone the main lead.

Words may not be able to describe this empty, pointless void of a script, filled with plot holes, laughable dialogue and embarrassing attempts at horror.

The Devil Inside just keeps throwing too much in your face, and it becomes predictable.

I would have added another star but I left the theater feeling unfulfilled by this cinematic experience.

But all the bad acting, lazy camera-work, sloppy dialogue and the fact that the first hour of this "horror film" contains a debilitatingly slow build up, with little to no actual scares in it, can all be forgiven and considered side effects of hokey B movie productions.

And 10 seconds before the end I literally turned to the person next to me and said "If this film ends now it will be the worst movie I've ever seen".

I did find it kind of slow to get going but once it did I enjoyed it and didn't get bored.

The movie has a way of taking hold of you and not letting go with the way its shot,its yet another documentary styled film but who cares it does the job and kept me interested and on the edge constantly, least it doesn't follow the trend of most horror movies and tries something different.

On top of that, unlike in GOOD found footage horror movies where almost all of the footage is used as build up, character scenes or scenes to advance the story, "The Devil Inside" features countless scenes of pointless, boring footage thrown in for absolutely no reason other than to help the film reach feature length.

Once events did begin to occur, everything was predictable.

If a horror movie does one of both of these things it was worth watching.

And as the film gets on, it gets worse, until it ends up being just people running around and screaming instead of compelling viewing.

As a matter of fact, I believe that slow films sometimes build up the psychological "terror" and they are much more successful than "fast" horror films !

I hope that all of the people who pretended to be scared of this garbage were paid well for causing so many people, including me, unbearable, excruciating pain.

But it was all predictable, none of it scary.

I'm not saying it won't scare anyone, but it was just boring and predictable to me.

Basically it was your typical shaky cam, and poorly acted, movie with a few cliché and overused parlor tricks.

Boring, unimaginative and grossly over rated.


Well since i have to add stuff to fill all this empty space in the text i will just say again, boring, CAN make you fall asleep, and not worth the time.

"Like those other two aforementioned films, the build up of the action was very slow.

The story line dragged, as you were introduced to mundane characters whose back story you got so little of that you could hardly be interested in the possessed person's whispers of whatever the crime may have been (abortion, possibly a suicide and the attempt at murder).

The ending deserves all the lambasting it has gotten so far, but the rest of the movie is moderately engaging .

It's as if the project was something very boring for them and they couldn't wait to get the hell off of it.

A dull protagonist.

Worth watching at least once.

The elements that make it different is that it does not rely on cheap sound effects and graphics, the old lets-run-around-with-a-night-vision-camera thing and pointless off-screen noises and sounds.

The main reason why it doesn't work anymore is due to the fact that it is getting repetitive.

Please don't waste your money.

When it was over, most everyone in the theatre stood up, moaned or otherwise verbalized disappointment, and walked out.

"The Rite" bore a PG-13 rating so it had little bite.

It was too predictable.

The movie's run time of 1:23 was padded out by the slowest-moving end-credit crawl since the projector broke back in '73.

the first half of the movie was really slow and boring and at some points it was actually humorous and towards the end they twisted it and make it confusing and unrealistic.

Save your money, you would rather watch Beauty and the Beast!!

Just saw this movie on cable and I found it very predictable and loaded with many clichés from both demonic possession films and found footage films.

Worth watching, at least at home .

Wouldn't say it's the scariest but it's still enjoyable.

Waste of time!

Its so stupid I almost got up and walked out.

Structurally, it gets off to an implausible yet decent start, only to become more predictable and routine as it enters the final act.

The story sinks about 30 minutes in and veers off in twenty different ways, and the movie ultimately becomes unappealing, incredibly boring and hard to follow.

Boring trash .

Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, etc. all bored me to tears and made me wish they'd discover a tripod instead of the cause of all that strange noise late at night.

Waste of time.

They keep saying its cliché and not original.

If you want this to be the next Paranormal Activity, why did you include so many tiresome scenes of dialog that will bore your audiences?

A sleep inducing lecture on demons.

well maybe if I was was bored to tears I suppose).

the movie is very slow and boring at time.

Utterly pointless.

However the boring script and dialog coupled with the lack of scares really hindered the efforts of this film.

All I can say is, don't see movie, it is a complete waste of time!

The story is quite engaging and authors could've squeezed way more nice scenes and way better ending than they did.

Please take my advice and don't waste your money.

Rather than having you sit through boring dribble between each.

Waste of Time, Waste of Film.

Some people are separated in the idea of exorcism, even the religious people and this film did a great job in conveying this confusion and conflicting views.

I wouldn't waste your money on this one.

I LMFAO My partner is easily scared by horror films but found this just dull and lack lustre of trying hard to scare.

and go website who the hell would i give a crap this movie ends crap in the priest is talking about there life's then random girl being Possessed i think this movie is piece of crap and it's boring for 50 Mins, 1 million budget Box office $101,386,096 that much ????

The originality was sucked out of this movie with cliché exorcism motifs and the fact that apparently directors cant add anything new to an overplayed genera!

As for the movie itself, it started off slow in the beginning and slowly got more and more intense.

unoriginal, contrived and no shock factor (which was obviously intended) you know when a film is so bad its kind of entertaining?

The acting was okay so it's a shame these otherwise okay actors were hobbled by a predictable story line, shaky, shoddy camera work, glacial pacing that was nonetheless tiring to put up with since it didn't pay off, and the most low-budget of low-budget approaches to movie-making.

Isabella and the group perform a sort of unsanctioned exorcism on Maria at the mental hospital and things get pretty intense.

- of the film it proceeds to one meaningless cliché after another that throws up loose ends everywhere.

No one in Dayton, Ohio at the 9 showing seemed to like it, we all left the theater talking about how it was a complete waste.

About as interesting as watching paint dry.

Everyone in the movie theater was on the edge of their seats.

the director one day decided to make some money, so he put together some cliché scenes from several movies, and made this low budget production.

Waste of money .

If you appreciate well-made, solidly structured, gripping horror films...

I was expecting something along the lines of "The Last Exorcism" which I found to be entertaining at least.

" and then proceeded to make up one of the worst, most abrupt, and pointless endings to any film I have ever seen.

It was extremely boring.

its worth watching.

Is the movie so predictable that you all need it to end the same way?

For nearly half of its running time, the film is basically a faux documentary about a group of characters that are neither compelling nor interesting.

) with the entire plot being a predictable bore.

An old woman shows up with glazed over eyes when the crew is running and they cut back to the normal footage like nothing happened.

A waste of time, a waste of money!

There were some really dramatic and intense scenes.

Entertaining of its type .

Two out of the four had to leave the theater for a while.

Then it was boring for a half hour.

This horrendously trite slice of nothingness failed to even achieve an 85 min runtime, likely because they avoided inconveniences such as character or plot.

To say that the film was tedious to watch would be an understatement.

Instead, just a website followed by the slowest credits ever put to celluloid.

Complete waste of time .

THE DEVIL INSIDE is far from being a horrible movie but it's somewhat worse simply because it's bland.

Other than the original EXORCIST (which is an awesome FILM in addition to being a fantastic horror movie), most exorcism movies are pretty dull.

Sadly, when I left the theater, I felt robbed of the 7 or so dollars I paid to see this, which is a shame because it actually was a good movie, up until the ending which ruined all of it.

The ending is very intense and I was pleased.

The division into sections by telling us the date with white text on a blank screen became boring after about the sixth time too.

Everything's predictable, the dialogue is far and between, the characters are not believable, The ending.......

One of the worst movies i have Seen .

Overall, don't waste your time or money.

Did form my own opinion, though with a little knowledge of only a few reviews before watching, and watched with an open mind, actually wanting it to be good and be better than the slightly drab premise suggested.

this is pointless if their making millions for a poor production when they could be making more and getting positive revues.

This pathetic excuse for a horror movie offers nothing new, it's the usual "found footage" borefest that is hitting the theaters for many years, the is supposed to be scary horror movie, but it's not scary, it's lame and boring.

Anyways what i DID see, it was not all that interesting, didn't keep my attention too well, and well, BORING.


Literally, NOTHING happens for at least 3/4 of this film.

What a waste of my time and money.

As I left the theater I overheard everyone talking about how much they hated the movie.

I dragged my poor wife with me since I felt that I was armed with the ratings knowledge of the ages...

The story is sluggish, increasingly derivative and predictable, with some unintentionally silly parts too, while the atmosphere in general is just too histrionic and there is next to nothing scary in a film already rather under-populated in the scare factor.

That's literally it, with intermissions of boring characters sitting around and explaining the plot.

After, it becomes slightly irritating being dragged on through the moment.