The Devil's Advocate (1997) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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An exceptionally adept Florida lawyer is offered a job at a high-end New York City law firm with a high-end boss - the biggest opportunity of his career to date.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Taylor Hackford
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino
Length: 144 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 36 out of 443 found boring (8.12%)

One-line Reviews (256)

It was so trite, it was laughable.

Overall though The Devil's Advocate is a decent thriller thats creepy with some suspense, surprises, and exceptional performances by the cast who make this overlong movie worth watching at least once.

Being a guy, Theron was nice to look: a stunning-looking woman.

They are scenes that zone the viewer out of the legal thriller genre and into a different, unexpected realm; a realm of horror.

Pacino is awesome throughout the entire movie, and his two monologues directed at Keanu are as gripping as any others in movie history, no other actor could have pulled it off.

It's predictable and not very suspenseful.

Besides the plot twists and stunning acting, we get ingenious editing and directing.

Speaking of the finale, it is simply great, unpredictable and very satisfying.

The movie is much more of a deep drama with dark and unexpected moments, then a thriller with an optimistic, smiling and happy lawyer who saves the day for wrongfully accused innocent looking guy.

The film is worth watching.

There's actually, an extremely good and gripping part in the movie, that being the 10 minutes before our fellow advocate meets the devil after discovering his true identity.

Bland directing and writing lend no assistance to the movie.

Although the story is very similar with "The Firm", it's a very good movie, with breathtaking scenes, excellent performances (specially for Pacino) and a beautiful scenario.

boring as hell .

A pointless re-appearance of Al Pacino right at the end just adds to the incoherence.

I gave it a 9, and would highly recommend it.

Though some of the scenes were too intense, I believe it goes along with the plot.

The most entertaining part comes when Keanu and Al clash at the climax.

A touch overlong, the film however is always interesting, be it Mary-Ann's slow decent into borderline madness, or the legal and court room morality on show.

But in all a murky, trite, predictable story.

Pretty intriguing, no?

Definetly worth watching.

And then, the evil is displayed throughout the movie as intriguing force (intriguing, indeed).

The twist at the end was completely unexpected, as the events leading up to it were very plausable and well pulled off.

This movie is not worth renting on video, and barely worth watching if on tv for free.

All in all, an enjoyable couple of hours for most horror/thriller movie buffs.

However, part of this story seems a bit contrived.

the Devil's Advocate (based on the novel by Andrew Neiderman) provides rousing drama with satisfactory flair and presentation.

" Face of the unexpected defeat of Satan desperately shouting: "No!

His flamboyant overacting is perfect here and he is totally engrossing all the way – peaking in his final rant at God, the `absentee landlord', the `sadist'.

The ending was satisfying and made the film worth watching.

It's an enjoyable film to watch.

Slick writing, direction, and an array of startling scenes, breathtaking effects, and dazzling performances make this an imaginative thriller quite unlike any other.

Keanu Reeves is oh-so-convincing as Kevin Lomax, lawyer who has oh-so-realistically never lost a case who does things like "bullies" witnesses in the courtroom, the way he does to Welcome to the Dollhouse's" Heather Mattarazzo that makes her "cry" and blurt out some dull tale about sexual harassment, or something, that Kevin twists around to make her look like she's lying...

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that I thought this was an exciting movie for the most part with good performances from Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, Charlize Theron (as "Mary Ann Lomax") and Connie Nielsen ("Christabella Andreoli").

The plot itself is immensely thrilling and will keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end in trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

Gripping and tense.

Hammy but enjoyable Pacino in camp thriller .

Superb Pacino in suspenseful, well-crafted, often smart movie .

Above all else, though, The Devil's Advocate is thoroughly entertaining throughout.

Some of the vignettes and subplots surrounding the main story (like the one with Jeffrey Jones, who is attacked by demonic winos) are pretty enjoyable and the film has an expensive, glossy look to it as well.

They wanted audience to leave theatre in a good mood.

But the movie is still well worth watching.

But "Devil's Advocate" is very enjoyable.

Excellent, gripping, well written with capable acting.

Poorly paced, over and under acted this slick looking bore grows more incredulous with each reel as the characters lose steam with Hackford desperately tries to inject some shock value ( a demented Charlize Theron going topless in a church being one of his grander flourishes) into this supernatural snorer.

Most reviews appreciate the acting of Keanu Reeves but to me if I have to pick one I would definitely pick Al Pacino clearly he's such a great actor and the scene when he tells "On a scale of 1 to 10" is totally hilarious cause this scene occurs at a very intense moment.

Somewhat A Mess, But Oh So Intriguing .

heaven's boring and hell is...

This movie is very creative, intelligent and intriguing, keeps you watching until the end.

As to all those people complaining about "excessive" violence and nudity, it was actually a lot less gory than I'd anticipated, with just a few brief moments, mostly involving Charlize Theron, which were very graphic and quite harrowing, but had to be there to give a clear idea of how 'horrific' the world can be, and the nudity was important too - lust is as compelling a desire as greed, one that often involves as much cruelty and abuse of others, and can if unleashed from the conscience lead to great evil.

It was very entertaining and dramatic.

Nope, he is back into the usual emotion again, with barely any sadness under his monotone voice and facial expressions.

This movie was very sinister, very entertaining, and very intriguing, I could watch this movie at any time I want.

In the world of movies, it seems the majority are at least somewhat predictable.

As a matter of fact in the end there's an attempt at connecting the rather disjointed events by using a "vision" thing.

Hugely entertaining, Pacino at his best .

Of course, Theron's role as the attorney's wife was fascinating.

There were many thrilling and chocking scenes in the movie.

I must say that the end is (however it's an unexpected end) might be disappointing!

Thrilling and well done.

It shows the slow seduction of a talented, young, small town lawyer who never lost a case being sent to New York to help a 'big' law firm win their cases.

The mind blowing dialogues at the climax of the movie will make you give a second thought while praying to god .

The film is well made, though a bit slow at times.

But it's a thrilling and emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to end.

In fact, she nearly makes Taylor Hackford's movie worth watching by herself, until both Pacino and the special effects go WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top in the climax...

The movie is creepy occasionally with some suspense and surprises but a slow pace is what weighed the film down the most.

entertaining fluff .

This is a very enjoyable film.

Yet, it is mainly Charlize's performance which caught my eye and soul, a performance so "tormentous" it simply made the film worth the watch.

An incredible moral tale, powerful, engaging .

And very dull.

That's however the only really enjoyable part in the movie, because what's left is really just a hot mess.

Those dark eyes, the husky voice, the slow tone.

It's a movie full of suspense, tension and unexpected events which keep you attracted and eager to find how such a complicated and complex situation can end.

Movie is fast paced giving you little time to breath through and there is lot of not so required on your face adultery.

I really love this movie and highly recommend it.

The shots of the ghoulish faces are truly jumpy and you are constantly on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one to pop out of somebody's head.

They're films that make us think, that cause us to experience some sort of insight or thought that makes them worth watching.

Not for everyone, I enjoyed it for the story telling.

This Gothic fairly tale makes fun of this theory in an-over-the-top way, that is thrilling, fun, and scary.

the "plot" is contrived & useless.

However, it's probably worth watching just for Pacino's incredible monologue at the climax.

Very boring .

Basically, an actor, who possibly plays a slightly more convincing part, could definitely replace Reeves' UN-exciting persona.

Starting with an intriguing premise, it is engaging enough for the most part, but becomes increasingly ridiculous, including a contrived finale that seems to have been tacked on as an afterthought.

I love this movie except for the violence-but it is definitely fascinating to watch.

We are treated to Satan's own views on good and evil and it is fascinating.

What happens I will not reveal, but Pacino's speech near the end, which starts with the words "let me tell you about God" is great, funny and more than entertaining.

Al Pacino engaging in loud, bombastic and long-winded speeches!

If you're terribly bored one evening and there's nothing good on TV, this is a night's entertainment.

His acceptance of a fabulously well paid legal job in New York where the world is so much brighter, richer, intriguing, challenging only fuels his vain belief in his legal superiority.

James Woods is another guy who has that manic quality going on, too, and it's riveting when they're in full flow.

"Devil's Advocate" is a very entertaining film that somehow managed to interest the spectator with ease.


banal, pretentious, amateurish.....

While not really being a drama but not really being a thriller either, you truly feel for the characters but are put on the edge of your seat at the same time, the second half of this movie will hold you in constant suspense.

Mary Ann Lomax, who seems to wallow in psychosis given theopportunity, spends an afternoon engaging in the sports of Venus with The Big D as he bilocates?

There's too much uninteresting and useless dialog contained (as an attempt to build motive), and it gets straight goofy at a point where the antagonist turns from menacing evil to "let's have a party" supervillain.

Thoroughly enjoyable, striking, original film.

Riveting, stylish occult film .

But it is entertaining almost all the way.

The movie as a whole ends up being a solid supernatural lawyer film, and the script is straight forward narrative stuff —to the point that it seems banal, except you see the screen shifting its shape as you watch.

Devil as a lawyer, is worth watching.

All these fascinating elements are put together beautifully by director Taylor Hackford.

The Devil's Advocate is a really good, quality film that manages to be both highly thought provoking and tremendously entertaining at the same time.

'The Devil's Advocate' is a very entertaining story about fame and vanity and the evil places it can lead one to.

For the film it's self, not one of Pacino's best but a stylish, highly entertaining must-see.

Huge pay cheque, exclusive luxury apartment and a stunning gorgeous woman, paradise....

Al Pacino is one of my favorite male actors (with Depp, Brando and Dean) and his performance is stunning as usual.

But still (till that moment) it's a thrilling movie that deserves to be seen.

If any adrenaline junkie wanted to go for a mainstream job then a lawyer would be his cup of tea as Kevin Lomax will show you.

And the biggest boy of them all is an adrenaline-pumped Al Pacino.

A suspenseful, well written movie - until the end...

This movie is like a musical, but instead of music we have intriguing and thought-provoking script and instead of dancing we have awesome cinematography and camera-work portraying beautiful acting.

I found this film disturbing, thrilling and thought provoking.

Put Al Pacino in a movie and it's only a matter of time before he delivers a massively entertaining monologue.

There are so many admirable things in this movie, and the whole concept was very intriguing.

The visuals are stunning and I am glad that they did not spoil this to make it a commercial horror movie.

The ending is also too predictable and a wonderful plot is wasted.

The hyper modern business interiors, the stunning shots of New York, the very beautiful women as diabolic temptations inject more fuel into the rising tensions.

Even Keanu (sp), who can quite often lull into the Bill & Ted Acting Method, seemed to come through (particularly during the scene with his wife in the hospital).

Of course, Pacino is great in the movie when he works with small gestures, and the Milton part is sometimes intriguing -- a fine example of the RIGHT combination of the two is in the subway scene with the two hispanic hoodlums.

The final scenes were amazing, one of the best finishes ive seen and when he walks out onto the empty street you are given one of the best film moments ever.

It's more of a drama/thriller, but it's always engaging and never boring.

The only reason I gave this movie a 3 and not a 1 is because as bad as it is, it was entertaining.

Entertaining satanic-themed 90s mumbo-jumbo.

Treat your audience with more than big names, there are people out there with half a brain that could have walked out twenty minutes into this film and told everybody else what would happen in the end.

This movie was interesting and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

6/10 worth watching.

Sometimes it's just awful, other times it's close to entertaining.

Directed by Taylor Hackford (Against All Odds, Dolores Claiborne, Ray) made an entertaining thriller that is extremely clever and it often delivers the goods.

Hackford's film is visually eloquent and creates such intriguing build-ups that the early jump scares are efficient.

Despite that, this film is much more entertaining than rational.

When the pieces of the plot all come together and their lives reach a dramatic point, all of the reasons behind his success are made known, and the story unfolds into an unexpected turn of events.

They are so BORING and bland.

the movie is visually alluring and has many stunning scenes, a lot of the scenes though are pure humbug and get pretty grating, however the overall style is snappy.

Atrociously entertaining .

I have seen lots of movies and most of them have very predictable plot.

Only thing more offensive than the idiotic storyline, gratuitous nudity/sex, & excruciatingly slow pace was the sight of all that money up on the screen (Pacino, Reeves, monstrously luxurious sets) being wasted.

The formulaic script is written more for melodramatic impact than sense, with people wandering onto busy roads for no apparent reason only to be mowed down by cars and such like.

This is a highly enjoyable motion picture that's part character study, part supernatural thriller, and part morality play.

True, director Hackford did what he could and managed to milk some entertainment out of it, Pacino may have chewed the scenery, but at least he was entertaining at it, and Charlize Theron shows once again she's going places.

Check out my review site Rabbit-Reviews for movies that are worth watching, Rabbit out...

as a story of how the devil can be manifested in our money greedy modern age, this is worth watching.

I left the theater happy.

A devilishly enjoyable thriller .

Don't Waste Your Time .

In fact Al Pacino is what makes this movie engaging, sort of.

When I was getting bored, Al Pacino came.

In these 2 minutes, every single character has something very interesting to do, and it's fascinating to watch those energies cross fire.

Everything is very fascinating in the beginning, as Kevin and Mary-Ann are enjoying their newly acquired riches, while Kevin is speedily climbing the ladder of fame and success.

The plot is as confusing and complicated as the man who wrote it.

after all I enjoyed it.

A deep and intense film .

We hear Reeves' accent very pronounced at the beginning, then it vanishes and comes back briefly about midway through this snoozer.

Everything pulls together well and it is a real intriguing watch.

don't waste your time on predictable movie .

But a lot of the effects and some of the horror is pointless, done seemingly for the sake of slipping it in.

What it was was disjointed, overdone, and mediocre at best.

But now for some good things, All the main actors held there own, especially Charlize Theron who was really compelling as Mary Ann Lennox.

The acting was superb, the story was very compelling and it held up as a good thriller.

It's entertaining throughout.

Connie Nielsen and Tamara Tunie add their exquisite beauty to the mix and make the journey so much more enjoyable.

Xu Kaiwen court numerous times to praise the name of the Lord, in his heart, God is but a trite illusory value symbol.

The movie is very effective, following the old evil-is-something-you-do-not-something-you-are track, and all the more intriguing for setting its story not too far from reality.

Oozing unctuous charm and calm he toys with Lomax longer than a cat with a chipmunk and it's just about as entertaining.

Mr. Reeves is his normal enigmatic obtuse, emotionally bland self.

It is full of depth and intriguing story lines, that are impossible to ignore.

A very good entertaining flick, with a dark atmosphere and a powerful message on the deep root of evil in humanity.

The first half of the film is very slow, and it isn't until about half way through that it really starts to kick in.

But when we arrive in the final confrontation it gets so childish and predictable it loses a lot.

Entertaining Urban Fantasy .

Things start to get really strange, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I was slightly disappointed with the climax - but only slightly - and as others have pointed out the film just keeps you guessing throughout - despite all the advertising telling you the real biggie before it even starts - it still proves to be gripping and well-worth watching.

Nice and interesting plot, top- notch actors performing well and a stunning Charlize Theron.

A thrilling ride that pick's up pace and reaches a logical but slightly drawn out conclusion....

A good story line turns predictable and we just didn't need to see Keanu Reeve's butt.

The ending brings a new, unpredictable and great twist to the story.

Solid entertaining flick about a hot shot lawyer (Keanu Reeves) who has never lost a case.

While those few things jumped out at me, I regarded the rest of the film as a rather dry and boring procedure, bogged down by all kinds of dialogue and drama.

Another waste of time from Hollywood.

this movie touches on a lot of subjects, from greed, to religion, to human depravity, and does so with a light-hearted touch (thanks to the always "over-acting" style of Pacino) that keeps this movie fast-paced and enjoyable.

He gave us something to ponder on while entertaining and scaring us at the same time.

If you want good Al Pacino (and not heavy-handed schlock), rent "The Godfather," "Dog Day Afternoon," "Scarface," "The Godfather Part II," "Carlito's Way," "Donnie Brasco,' "The Insider" or "Insomnia.

He will forever be Ted searching for an excellent adventure in my mind, but Point Break was as entertaining as most action movies get, Speed (yes I know, it was completely ridiculous and stupid) was still pretty cool, and there's always Bill & Ted.

The other, magnificently breathtaking performance is standing out immediately and of course it is Al Pacino.

Obviously, as Pacino cannot fail to give a awe inspiring performance to his audience, the film is launched into a web of suspense and spine twisting intrigue.

All this, an intriguing storyline, intense special effects, and enough food for thought to keep The Devil's Advocate at the top of my mind for 2 days after viewing.

With the wooden Reaves in the lead Advocate is sore in need of one as he feigns confusion at the most obvious of ploys put forth by the evil Milton.

If that twist had been left as a surprise, I would have enjoyed it a bit more.

The script makes up for Keanu's predictable "acting" (what's new).

The movie rambles on far too long about nothing in particular, always thinking it's much cleverer than it actually is.


Scary and enjoyable at the same time.

The film was exciting from the beginning almost until the end.

Charlize's heartbreaker suicide scene is the scariest, most compelling in the movie.

Definitely worth watching.

Let us say that there are some subtle story twists that really make the movie worth watching.

So, here is one of the most stunning performance made by any actor in Hollywood history.

It's pleasant to look at it, yes, but I'd have settled for that courtroom drama instead of this confused and confusing mishmash.

The editing feels very choppy and rushed, like already mention the dialogue is very dull and you don't really know where this movie is going or what it wants to be.

Even though perverted, the Devil's "take" on life and God are fascinating to hear.

I highly recommend it.

Very intriguing.

the double-twist ending is so tired and contrived, it totally spoiled the film for me.

The film is thoroughly entertaining, filled to the brink with suspense and, while somewhat moralizing near the end, highly satirical as far as religion goes.

The film is perhaps a little light on scares and gore for some horror fans, but there is a genuinely creepy atmosphere to compensate, the script is gripping and imaginative enough that one soon forgets about the lack of stuff like bowel-loosening jumps and exploding heads, and to top it all, Charlize Theron and Connie Nielsen both get completely starkers.

This film adaptation of the book does, and it's very entertaining.

Judith Ivey is great as Kevin Lomax's mom, and was quite intense at times I liked her.

Excellent movie with an unpredictable ending .

I never get tired of watching this movie, it's too entertaining.

It is so easy for him to lull us into a false sense of security.

Otherwise , the whole movie is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, although it might leave the most sensible viewers a little uneasy.

The film stars Keanu Reeves as the lawyer Kevin Lomax that receives a great offer by the unpredictable John Milton (Al Pacino) to work for his big company in New York.

Somewhat overlong and pretentious, this modern Faust story is however quite gripping, and even Keanu Reeves performed fairly well in it.

I really enjoyed the film and highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed how everything kept becoming worse in every scene, and it climaxed in a very intense scene with Al Pacino and Keanu.

The story is intriguing, if just a little over the top and there are no standout performances though Charlize Theron is good despite he accent and Craig T Nelson turns in a decent performance in a minor role.

First the first totally unexpected jump scare scene in the dressing room.

This compelling story about an attorney who must win at all cost shows that man is not some puppet being controlled by an invisible force.

A pretty entertaining movie.

Very thrilling and interesting .

Is this just a cliché' about powerful lawyers selling their souls to the dEVIL.

Entertaining As Hell.

On the Whole it's Enjoyable .

The annoying bit about this is that Reeves cannot quite carry the film on his own and does not possess the necessary acting qualities required to drive the bizarre, hybrid beast that is The Devil's Advocate thus rendering it an ordinary and somewhat bland story about a possible apocalypse when it could've been an interesting and, dare I say, groundbreaking film that people might have still been talking about today for reasons other than the fact Pacino, Reeves and Theron are in it.

I do have to admit that I enjoyed it, for the most part.

This study of high-power attorney brokering, morals, pressures, their activities & romances is truly exciting and suspenseful, a real tour-de-force.

'The Devil's Advocate' works as neither a supernatural thriller nor a courtroom drama – instead it relies heavily upon excessive content and performances, silly over-the-top concepts and a genuinely unpleasing conclusion, all of which stain an otherwise fairy enjoyable modern-day parable.

The story moved horribly slow and got nowhere.


Charlize Theron is absolutely stunning in her role, and milks the role of all its dramatic possibilities.

Now, such a premise should surely set the stage for a riveting thriller filled with suspense and mystery.

The film runs well over two hours and gets pretty tedious at times.

and it is a stunning, rare experience.

Very Enjoyable: My non-spoiler comment on the film .

I find him bland and boring.

It has an interesting plot which I think is cohesive, well-paced, and exciting, UP TO A POINT.

She's absolutely stunning.

Her tirades and constant OMGs got tiresome after awhile.

The final twist saves it from being a trite "happy ending.

Pacino tries too hard to be a villain with his cliché forced evil laugh and lets be honest, what relevance does him sticking his finger in the holy water and having it boil even play to the plot or scene?

Although that ain't saying much since majority of this is mediocre, but the as the film comes close to the end it really started to become intriguing.

Pacino is perfect as an intriguing man who has it all - along with a guiltless conscious.

Nevertheless, 'Devils Ad' is worth watching twice, esp.

Vanities of the bonfires: a riveting film .

Pacino alone makes it worth watching this movie.

The first half of the film is really rather good but the second half is a little predictable, far fetched, and a bit dissapointing.

this movie might be entertaining or even extremely entertaining to some people who don't expect a lot from a film.

The film is superbly directed by Taylor Hackford with an increasingly intense atmosphere.

The story is intriguing and is thoroughly enjoyable considering it is a slight courtroom drama.

Kudos to the production team and cast and crew for making a highly entertaining morality tale.

The final half-hour of the film is the most gripping piece of film ever released.

I think each character has their own dimension, and that the overall film - (but especially the ending) - is most exciting.

" It's worth the watch.