The Dinner (2017) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Two sets of wealthy parents meet for dinner to decide what to do about a crime their sons have committed.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Oren Moverman
Stars: Michael Chernus, Taylor Rae Almonte
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 71 out of 158 found boring (44.93%)

One-line Reviews (138)

I tried to pay attention but it was so boring I tuned out.

The WORST movie of ALL TIME!!!.

Don't waste your time.

The worst movie I've ever seen !!.

Boring and disjointed.

There are intriguing ideas here that fail because of the way the film is presented.

Coogan's dramatic performance is raw, intense and honest about neurosis and depression.

Don't waste your time.

Watching paint dry is more exciting than the way these people avoid the necessary discussion at hand.

This is however a well-directed movie by Moverman that stands on its own and the whole feud is a classic case of writer dissatisfaction with the liberties a director has taken with the material, remember King for The Shining or Kundera for The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Terrible story that was hopelessly drawn out.

Secondly, this is the most unnecessarily contrived plot I've ever seen.

Absolute waste of time.

Just a lot of backstory and a really frustrating and pretentious meal.

The side track stories made were so senseless and boring.

The Dinner is a slow paced film about human relations and decision making.

What a total waste of time.

Confusing at best .

Worst movie ever, so boring that you rather be sleeping!!!!

It puts you in the emotional situation of the characters, and it is quite an intense one.

When I finally figured out what is happening (by then they were having desserts), the film becomes intense.

It also had a boring and predictable ending.

Some of the elements that did not work for me: lack of character development in three main characters; Gettysburg scene; movie's length--two hours; editing--even though the tension is palpable for most of the film, I found that the film's pace dragged.

A very disappointing movie in that seemed to have so much potential, and despite the increasingly tiresome rants by the teacher and the pretentious and uncomfortable restaurant staff interactions...

Worst movie of 2017!

The actors, they are all unbearable.

Worst movie .

"The Dinner" starts out truly boring, as the four people talk in a rather cryptic manner.

Waste of time .

awful, don't waste your time, watch something else

Confusing and disjointed does not mean cleaver and intriguing.

Terrible movie that was an absolute waste of 2 hours of my life.

If you want to be put into an irritated mood with a general desire to slap every person you see for the next several hours, by all means, subject yourself to this self-indulgent bit of nothing.

The problem with the film is that it indulges far too much in foreshadowing and backshadowing, making it hard to follow.

Slow Movie with an abrupt end .

The characters are all self-involved, self-indulgent, self-important windbags.

waste of time .

Highly disjointed mess filled with unlikeable characters and drama you won't care about because the writers seem to be intentionally obtuse, thinking that a confusing movie is inherently a sophisticated one.

And that's what makes it so exciting.

This movie started slow, then it moved to a pretty fast middle part and ended with something that I didn't like that much.

There is no story.

The ambiguous, highly disjointed approach taken for this production comes across as either an attempt to hide the moviemaker's lack of control over his subject or simply trying to unnecessarily hack-out a 'new' approach for standard storytelling.

And it is also extremely boring.

Please don't waste your precious time on earth watching this.

But this movie was so dull, so boring and non-sense, I missed TV.

How boring .

"What did I just watch, senseless a really bad and boring movie" .

The rest of the movie was well made except for a few flash back moments that dragged on way too long and for no good reason.

Avoid this movie, it is incredibly boring.

It is worth watching if you enjoy art house cinema.

But it's a gripping thriller that will generate discussion and challenge you to examine your own views about the moral boundaries of parental responsibility.

But the script begins to go by so many sites that are useless, that you get bored and never comes to the main idea.

With such a strong cast, the characters are dislikeable combined with a slow script that became truly painful to watch.

got more and more tedious as each pretentious and overwraught course was served.

Intense and well-acted drama .

That was the main thing which made this movie so exciting to watch.

Oh, and the type of ending that makes you ask yourself, "did I really just waste two hours of my life watching this crap?

Waste of time .

Seriously he drones on and on.

I agree with all the other reviews this movie is a total waste of talent and time!

The story is confused, devoid of concept, boring and more than questionable.

I found the movie compelling once I got through its boring beginning.

intense, dark and disturbing.

Distributed by Front Row Filmed Entertainment and saddled with an ending that leaves your mind sitting on the edge of a cliff, The Dinner involves these men discussing how to cover up a murder that their sons were a part of.

Drawbacks of this film include the slow pace and the sometimes persistent focus on Coogan's character.

I strongly recommend skipping this utter waste of time and reading the novel instead.

Some dark matter seems to have brought them together at an elitist restaurant boasting culinary lushness; a matter which unfolds at a slow pace, interlaced with Stan fighting to pass a bill in congress, Paul's Gettysburg obsessions, their children's suspect affairs, past personal traumas, all across several courses of an impressive sounding meal.

This one was an utter waste of time.

Such a waste of 2 hours of my life.

Waste of time and frustration.

It's by far the worst movie I've ever seen.

Very boring movie with non-sensical ending .

The film was intriguing from the very beginning.

dont waste 2 hours of your life on this .

It was confusing to me for the most part, which was a shame, because I wanted to like it.

In an unexpected American accent, he narrates with misanthropic cynicism, as preparations for a dinner event are underway.

Overall, I found this film very dull and very whiny.

Worst movie I've seen in 20 years, waste of time, 2 hours I cannot get back.

Worth watching .

I'm not sure if the book had it clearer or perhaps if the structure there lent itself more to a novelistic approach, while carried over into a movie it feels jagged and muddled and uninteresting.

Worst movie I have seen to date that had "big name" stars in it.. What were they thinking releasing this garbage...

Spend your time and money doing anything but watching this nonsensical and utterly boring garbage.

Considering the films setting, you won't find many people in the background, plus the director uses such dull and bland colours throughout the film.

It turned out to be an incredibly boring movie.

Nearly a complete waste of time .

The most boring and useless movie since house of wax....

Pretentious and hollow dialog and character writing.

A somewhat stellar cast is caught up in the quagmire of the totally vacuous lives of the extremely rich and empty-headed.

The movie goes super slow introducing characters and background story, the moment you think the story is now moving, the credit rolls.

You'll hate them even more after watching this waste of time.

The whole movie is boring and lacks actual depth.

There is occasional levity, especially the scenes in the classroom, but other moments linger far too long and some odd audio choices mean the conversation is often muffled and unintelligible, while screeching effects and constant pings and whines from the intrusive gadgets send you to the edge of madness.

A slow moving drama with a great performance by Steve Coogan.

Please, don't waste your time on this movie.

But the way-too-long film disintegrated into REAL madness and just plain boredom.

This might have been one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

A sub-optimal beginning but a thrilling end .

I'd even go as far as to say there's a few really strong, genuine dramatic moments here, but you have to wade through a swamp of pretentious garbage to get there.

As a book it was entertaining and memorable however as a movie it was weird, confusing and boring.

Trying to build up the suspense, this movie just wanders and bores.

I don't like to write bad reviews (come on, people paying and working hard to get a movie done) but I'm done seeing so much talent, money, efforts go to waste for awful (and sometimes pretentious) scripts.

A waste of time and effort and talent!

Might be the worst movie of 2017 .

The first half is so slow-paced and drawn out that I almost completely lost interest before the actual point of the dinner was revealed.

Or, let me rephrase that: I think I do see what it means, but it's heavy-handed as hell and, up until the last third when Moverman and his editor calm the hell down and get us with these characters to see them at this (not) dinner to hash out what Gere Congressman, his second wife, his sister in law and hapless brother are going to do about their s***y kids, it can get quite dull.

Its disjointed flashback structure is unsettling and emotional spikes every few minutes.

"The Dinner" has sub-optimal beginning but a thrilling end.

The notion that you can just make the movie unnecessarily confusing and that will convey some kind of deep meaning just didn't work.

Or maybe checking the corny and cliché advises of people like Doctor Phil.

After hanging in there hoping for some sort of conclusion that would bring this disjointed mess together the garbage just ended like a horse with a broken leg being put out of it's misery.

An Exciting Mess .

Infuriating slow build to nothing .

But the writing and direction is what lets him down; in one of the flashbacks he is talking at his class like a psychotic, leaves the room, the class laughs, then smash cut to him in front of an empty classroom before class rambling about this or that with history and what it means when the "a-holes" get you down or do this or that or I don't f***ing know, and...

A Waste of 2 hrs of My Life .

The arguments can be repetitive, the big reveal comes late, moral issues are left underdeveloped, and the finale interruptus will leave many viewers feeling cheated.

One of the worst films I've ever seen, absolute drivel from start to finish don't waste your time!

The Dinner was a waste of time.

If you are more into mindless entertainment or predictable over used stories then you should pass this one up

He has completely burned up a Hollywood greats like Richard Gere, because even as an old show hare you can tell him how bored he acts in part.

What follows is some of the most boring footage ever shown, where high school history teacher Paul Lohman (Steve Coogan) narrates to us his love for ancient history and to his wife his desire not to attend a planned dinner.

Far from dialogue intended to build a compelling story, The Dinner was all about giving each actor more than a moment to demonstrate their acting chops.

Far too contrived.

Waste of time .

Horrible waste of time .

It was disjointed, had no conclusion and was mostly just plain muddled.

A waste of time .

The whole preachiness of the last thirty minutes or so is borderline crass, yet engaging, in a visceral kind of way.

But its a very slow pace movie with no ending at all.

Wow what a bad movie, such a great, famous and talented actors and such a slow movie.

Entertaining acting from all the actors .

A waste of time and effort and talent!

A waste of time if you are looking to watch a decent movie.

The politician's wife looks bored, apparently ready to accept whatever her husband suggests.

A massive waste of talent and 2 hours of my time.

Go watch paint dry.

They could've turned into a Carnage-like slow burn thriller, but the movie relentlessly throws disjointed and uninteresting scenes at you with an utter irreverence for pacing, logic, or purpose.

The Gettysburg scene someone else was saying was pointless was did have a point.

Boring .